Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

Photo & Video
4.8 (227)
58 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adam Ratana
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

4.78 out of 5
227 Ratings
6 months ago, Steven Haver
So Many Uses!
I use this app all the time and for so many things. Of course it’s great for photography planning, but I use it much more for trip planning. What time will the sun be setting in Rome when I’m there next year? Great, I’ll make dinner reservations for half an hour before that. How many hours of daylight will there be for that upcoming road trip? Or what’s the difference in day lengths between solstices in that part of the world?When and where exactly will the super moon come over the horizon into view? Easy peasy. I use Sun Surveyor every time I go camping to pick the spot with the best morning shade. Or to find the best seats at an outdoor concert. Once you have the app, you will find dozens of uses for it. I use it so frequently it lives on the first page of my Home Screen. Excellent app. Enjoy!
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6 years ago, gcoghill
Amazing sun tracker
I mainly purchased this years ago for helping me visualize sun and moon paths, as well as occasional photography help. The astounding level of information and tool packed into this app have exceeded my needs and expectations, and it continues to improve over the years with regular free updates. Photographers will find this to be an essential tool, and I assume many others as well. But if like me, you're just a nerd looking to orient yourself to the motions of the solar system, this app excels at that too. The best thing about this app is the multiple perspectives it offers— first-person perspective with celestial bodies overlaid on the live camera; the "astronaut's-view" 3D compass; and for a remote-viewing experience, the Street View perspective. There is an astounding level of data about the sun and moon at your fingertips as well. But I mainly like the visualization tools. I can't imagine anything else you'd need in a sun tracker app, and would guess you'll find stuff included you didn't even know you'd want.
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7 years ago, PhotojournalistChicago
100% worth the money!!
I have used this app so many times it's not funny!! This app is spot on with what time the sun rises and sets in various locations. It's option of using a satellite view of a potential location, live view for a location at a later time, and compass view are all amazing. It gives blue hour for both am and pm, plus sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moon set and SOOO MUCH MORE!!! Plus, the app's predicted placement of the sun at specific times is SPOT ON ACCURATE!! It makes it so much easier to plan shoots when one knows where the sun is going to be!! I absolutely love this app and its 100% worth the money!!!!!
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2 years ago, Gori20
Incredibly useful, thoughtfully designed app!
Honestly, I didn’t think that I would use it as often as I do. It’s useful for so many applications! Photography, planning walking routes, planning activities to do at certain dates and locations, and a lis goes on… The app is super insightful and rich with information. It’s designed well enough for someone newly introduced to it to be able to yield some value from it. Nevertheless, I encourage ones to invest a little bit of time to fully yield all of the value it can bring to you.
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5 years ago, 4))fuydv)&&
Awesome Tool
This tool has just about everything you could ask for. Use it to plan ahead for photo/video shoots, know exactly how much time you’ll have for light, and know exactly when the moon will be in just the right spot over your nighttime subject. It even tells you when/where the Milky Way will rise and when to get the clearest shot. I love using it while planting my garden. Now I know how many hours of sun each area will get on any given day of the year. Only thing I could see them adding is a constellation overlay. That would blow me away.
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1 year ago, Gimme privacy
I almost never buy apps but I can’t believe Sun Surveyor only cost me $10. It’s accurate, educational, beautiful and fun to use. Not only that but the brilliant video tutorials are accessible right from the menu in the app itself. The free version gave me all the functionality I actually need, but the app is so gorgeous and fascinating that I only played with it for a few minutes before upgrading. I’ve been using iPhones for many years and can say unequivocally that this is the best app I’ve ever used!!!
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4 years ago, MagicHour
Best App Out There!
As a filmmaker and now solar panel capturer, this app is invaluable when it comes to tracking the sun! It is sooo accurate it’s unbelievable! Like right now I’m catching the sun coming up over my house to capture the most sunlight I can get. Using this app I was able to design my sun platform for optimum position! Also I have contacted support a few times and they have answered! You can’t go wrong with this app! Bravo!
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3 years ago, Buterflieblue
Perfect Tool for Photographers
I’ve never written a review for an app before, but this one deserves one! I am an outdoor light portrait photographer. This app is incredible for judging the best time of day for my sessions, especially when they are at a new location. I love that you can drop in the specific address and see exactly where the sun sets & the location of the sun. Incredible!
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8 months ago, THejficn
Amazing for landscape design
I’ve used this app for years when creating landscape designs. It’s extremely handy for in the field with live view to assess light conditions, or with map view from the office for getting a good idea of light conditions and shadows from existing trees. It’s incredibly impressive how accurate and useful it is. Worth every penny
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2 weeks ago, KapnKrunch
Fun and intuitive
While being fun and intuitive, this app is comprehensive and gives a great sense of our planet’s position in space and everything around us. The GUI is absolutely beautiful, and I use it for photography and just keeping more aware of our glorious universe. It is well worth the paid version. Absolutely no regrets.
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2 years ago, someCompletelyRandomGuy
Perfect for landscaping and solar panels
You can see the sun’s path over an entire year by enabling the Solstices view. Then from any spot you can see how long it’ll be in the sun or shade in each season. This is very useful for planning landscaping and solar panels. The developer also responded quickly to a question I sent via email.
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2 years ago, 6862377
One of my all-time favorite apps, for sure
I downloaded Sun Surveyor about a year ago, and it was the easiest and quickest ten usd I've ever spent. (I'm quite stingy with my spending) Worth every cent. The application is orderly, organized, visually appealing, user friendly, the whole sha~bang. 10/10 !¡ Je Vous Remercie I am writing this review to request an update or fix to the widget apparatus. I presently have the Sun/Moon rise:set feature on my homescreen, but it does not display any information. Just the words "no permission" atop. I looked up if there were any ways to fix this and was not able to find any helpful solutions. So here I am.
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4 years ago, BradMattole
Great Solar Panel Array Survey Tool
I use this app to site solar panel arrays. A great tool to find the best sun exposure on a property so that the array won’t be shaded and rob power output . It also shows me where trees might need to be removed or topped to get full power harvesting during prime hours on either side of solar noon. I use the photos to guide arborists on where to cut the shading trees. It’s amazingly precise for this kind of work.
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11 months ago, A disgruntled professor
Indispensable for the serious photographer
Brilliantly programmed and logically presented. Photography is about light, and this app provides all the information needed to plan where and when the light for a shot will be optimal. The tech support is outstanding. It paid for itself the first time that I used it.
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4 years ago, mwall7
Most helpful app I’ve purchased
I purchased this app A few years to help me plan my photo shoots of interiors. I could see in advance where the light would be later in the day thru the windows and know which rooms to shoot at certain times. It just keeps getting better as time goes on. Thanks
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5 years ago, Senior Donde
THE utility for outdoor creatives
This app is truly a staple when it comes to sunshine preparedness! As a filmmaker I use this app to save face when shooting outdoors in a location im not familiar with. You are able to input any location and it will bring the ability to see everything in a live view. Lookout golden hour, here we come!!!!
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5 years ago, SweetSolitude98
Such a great app
I’ve purchased this app long ago and have been using it for scouting photography locations and learning about our solar system. I’m amazed at the features built into this app. I can spend hours looking through this app’s window to our world. Awesome work by this developer.
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5 years ago, Taipeizin
Not working for Astronomy “history”
It works very well when reconstructing the shadow angle of independence hall at 15:22 in movie National treasure 2004. However the app does not work for eclipses in the 16th century. I checked two real astronomy events but the sun moon alignments are wrong in this app. I knew the app is not for historians but it is a pity when you can specify the dates up to centuries ago. You should only keep 21th century.
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6 years ago, Softwall
Excellent App
Ideal for solar power surveys, home buyers, arborist, farmers, sunbathers, the list is long. If you want to know and then see where the sun or moon will be on any day, at any location and time this app is what you need. Like to see it export to my google calendar some ephemeris dates. You love the sun and sky this app you should buy.
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5 years ago, So disapointed!
So disappointed !!
I bought this app a few months ago to use it for my studio project! The location I use is not the same as my current location!! Yesterday all of a sudden it started saying that there is no panorama available!!!! Right when I need to use the app for my presentation!!!! Does anybody know how I can fix this issue??! The street view in the app of my location was perfect and now I cannot view it anymore!!!!! So frustrating!!
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1 year ago, Ase review
Excellent app
One of my favorite photography related apps. Well worth the subscription for a professional photographer/videographer/drone pilot. It packs so much information into such a small screen without it being confusing or overwhelming. Well done!
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4 years ago, Young Q A689E5A335
Good but I’ve notice the live view isn’t accurate
This app is very helpful but only thing I have to say is the pictures show the moon and sun on the point but right now it isn’t for me any that’s pretty critical when planning for shots. Please help me out with that. I was hoping paying $10 from the lite version I’d have all great features
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2 years ago, tagger9
The highest quality app I have ever used
It amazes me how much functionality is built into this app. It's intuitive, useful, and always works. Even though the app is for a fairly specialized application, it's the single beat app I have ever used.
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5 years ago, This steak is good
So many uses.
Great app! Used this to determine position of solar panels and skylights up in the Pacific Northwest- very useful for determining winter and summer sun angles. I’ve also found it great for nature photography; knowing the phase of the moon and where it’s going to be for long exposure setups, it even shows where Milky Way will be.
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4 years ago, yamanote
No Brainer for photographers
The app is just an amazing tool for getting great sunset and sunrise pics. The map and live view tools are the best and make determining the best position, place, and time so easy. Also lots of data on golden time and blue time really useful for time lapse. Really great value and amazing app.
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1 year ago, OOffW
Still the best program!
Again many years later….Awesome support with this app. Hands down the best. Thanks for keeping this going over the years!
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4 years ago, AZBeaubaton
Great app for photography & videography
The latest version of this app let me add events such as full moon at sunset or sunrise into my calendar, set alarms and specify other entries. All entries are in local times at the locations I plan to shoot. Such entries in my calendar allow me to plan my shoots with high efficiency. Yes, its graphics help me visualize the lighting conditions and select my positions to take beautiful pictures. My day job sends me to locations around the world. This app is wonderful in helping enjoy my photography hobby. Great app.
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1 year ago, WestTex02
Amazing App
Purchased for planning local sunset/moonrise photos. That capability alone surpassed my expectations. I was just reviewing photo opportunities for a quick over night trip and discovered even more information in this app: The ability to enter remote locations and extensive information on Sun, Moon, Milky Way and other celestial events. Only took me two+ years to discover that this tool is even better than I thought! I love this app!
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4 years ago, wxboss
Very well done
This app is put together very well and has many useful (and fun) features. If you think this app will beneficial for you, I recommend you get it. You won’t be disappointed!
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6 years ago, Stephen2060
Brilliant app
I’d give this 6 stars if were possible. So many terrific features and tools. It is worth watching the very helpful videos to discover all it can do. Also full marks to Adam for his quick support.
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5 years ago, TheOneBruh
Amazing App! I only have one request
This app is simply amazing, and makes it so much more convenient to find all the data I could possibly want! However, I have only one request. This request is to add the time of Lunar Noon (the Moon’s highest point of the day) to the Ephemeris of the Moon.
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2 years ago, Sparky277480
Solar panel locator
I’m using this app for locating Solar panels on my property and making allowances for shadows. For this application, the app is absolutely awesome. A must for anyone doing this kind of projects. Well designed and feature packed.
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6 years ago, MacFriendly
SIX Stars
We need special ratings for apps like these. This is so robust and broad in what it does, and it does it so easily, so much good information, and it’s so useful in different ways for different needs, well, six stars!
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7 years ago, idnkw
Great for archaeology
Better than what I was looking for. The map and street view are great and worth the $. I'm using for some amateur archaeology, wanting to see what if lines align with a solstice etc. Thanks from Charlottesville, Virginia!
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2 years ago, John Dookie
Love this app…but
I love this app. One feature that used to work, but lately hasn’t, is location searching. I copy/paste a location coordinates from google maps and normally it takes me to the spot. However lately, it just gives me a black screen. Please fix!
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4 years ago, 83 nickname attempts
Best photographer outdoor lighting logistics planner I’ve found
It’s feature rich with loots of information about sun/moon and light conditions and orientation throughout the day which is incredibly handy for preparing for photography/film production shoots
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2 years ago, Prophotog10000
Needs Apple Watch app
Would be a lot more complete if there was an Apple Watch companion app so we can have a complication with golden hour or whatever else we want for the local area.
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5 years ago, J Winterlight
An impressive helper in all things astronomical
I started with locating ideal garden locations for new fruit tree plantings, using AR view. Now it’s my reference for longitude & latitude determinations and sunrise & sunset timings at all times of year. Truly a wonderful app.
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6 months ago, billyTheDude
Farming and gardening
I use this all the time to help people pick a good spot for a garden. Get used to the controls and you will love it.
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4 years ago, JCAlabama
I am a drone photographer/videographer, and I use this app when I am planning the right time of day to shoot a particular subject. It’s accurate and fun to use!
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6 years ago, T3chnicolor
This app is awesome
I use it for film shoots all the time. Well developed and easy to use. Quite accurate and great options to calibrate. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Saga121
Great app
In a previous review, I mentioned that the google icon 360 view wasn’t accurate. It now is. The app is great and I use it all the time.
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6 years ago, matt_wilson
Great app!
This app is awesome for planning video shoots! If it wasn’t for this app we would be guessing on times and spend so much extra time scouting. Great app!
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3 months ago, tokean
Great app. use it all the time and highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Super sharks
Must Have
It is a fantastic app, the information provided helps with photography, garden, solar installation. Very accurate and great updates.
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1 year ago, milkyway chaser
Love it!
My favorite app when using my solar scope. Lots of other great features.
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5 years ago, Frustrated@Foxnews
Awesome app!
This app has helped me tremendously finding the perfect time to photograph the Moon and Milky Way. Unbelievable amount of detailed information.
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4 years ago, JimBobPrime
Worthwhile Upgrade
This is a great app. In photography light is everything, and with this you always know where the source of light will be from.
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6 years ago, Markjohnsonii
Best app on the market for what it does.
I use this all the time. It’s very accurate and an amazing tool.
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4 years ago, MrT1063
It does what it says.
Live view is my favorite feature.
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