Sun Tan City

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User Reviews for Sun Tan City

1.56 out of 5
439 Ratings
6 years ago, themollyadams
OK when it works... but... why?
The app works about 60% of the time I try to use it. Which is an issue on its own. (Tip: Completely close the app and log in again. Annoying, but SOMETIMES this will work.) Also, I have an inclusive membership to use any bed or spray. I still have to select to use rewards dollars or my membership. And I have to sift through all of the upgrade promotions to check in, even though I don’t have to use upgrade dollars. So frustrating! But my main complaint is WHY use the app? It’s helpful to see if the salon is busy. You don’t have to scan your card when you arrive. Those are the only benefits I have experienced. It doesn’t hold a spot for you; you still get put in the same queue as everyone else when you arrive. If you’re getting a spray tan, the consultant still asks you about all of the details - darkness level, extra legs, moisturizer, etc. having worked at a tanning salon, I can see how check ins are helpful to the employees regarding projections for busy times. But there are no immediate benefits to the consumer that I can see. I am giving two stars because WHEN it works I can see and avoid a rush. But that’s about it. I do want to state that I enjoy the consultants at the salon and my overall experience with Sun Tan City. This review is for the app only.. which is garbage and provides no benefits.
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6 years ago, Citygirl123
Can’t check in
I have an iPhone so Idk if that’s the problem or what but the only way I can check in with the app is to delete the app, then download it again. Every single time. It keeps my log in so at least that saves a little bit of time. But even if it’s the next day, I have to delete and re-download. My guess is it’s not made for all the updates phones get these days? No idea. Once I can get into the app tho, things work okay. Considering so many people are complaining about it, you would think the company would look into it more. After all, apps are part of business and sales these days. And when you get to the salon, you still have to wait in line to tell them you checked in and by that time all the beds could be filled. There should be a kiosk to check in at, and they can simply announce your name when it’s your turn.
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5 years ago, CharlotteQuinn25
Bad service
Go to planet fitness. It’s cheaper, you get more for your money and the business actually cares about you. No big deal, on the first of the month my charge did not go through. I called the salon the girl told me my card declined I wouldn’t be charged again until I brought in a card that worked. That was fine because I couldn’t afford it that month. On the 7th I was charged. No big deal right? They can just give me a refund. Absolutely not. They did everything in their power not to give it to me and we’re rude all the way. I spoke to three girls, two of the three were horrible. I spoke to upper management and I was told they were gonna track my call and call me back with an answer. The next day a rude lady calls me back saying that she checked for a call that I had made on the first and the girl hadn’t said that. I told her I had not called on the first as they weren’t open I called on the second or third could she check that call... all of a sudden actually she couldn’t track those calls to the salon and there was nothing else she could do for me I would have to pay. Surely a big company like that can give a $32 refund when someone gives out false information. Not only that I spent so much of my time on the phone being belittled and made to feel like an idiot for suggesting I might get my money back. Awful. Go elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Bill Layman
New App, but better?
The new app is slicker, but lacks some of the basic and helpful features of the old one. Namely, you could review a comprehensive history of the times, dates, and how long one tanned. The new app only shows the past two sessions, no longer shows how long one tanned, and neglects to show you the time in which one tanned. So you can’t use it to plan when you want to go the following day unless you try to check in using the app. If it’s too early, it won’t allow it.
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4 years ago, Storybrook1
Hasn’t worked for me in months
I’ve had this App on my phone since it came out. It used to be easy to navigate, that is, after you opened it, closed it and then opened it again. For a week now it won’t even let me past the sign in. The circle just goes around and around until you give up. I was told my package that I have been paying for for years was discontinued and wanted to see exactly what I was charged for if it no longer exists. I also wanted to check in online which is actually a waste of time. The wait times are always wrong. Half the salons get furious if you didn’t check in online first and the others tell you it doesn’t matter, because people walk in and snag your spot. This App is a complete waste of time!
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5 years ago, b l g f
Unfriendly staff
I have been tanning here for years in the past couple months the staff have gotten less and less friendly. The past 5 times I’ve gone in the girls do not smile do not offer any assistance and are just rude I even said something to one of them one day she just rolled her eyes and walked away.I went in last night with my daughter the girl that has worked there for quite sometime acted like she didn’t know ours names my daughter was asking about a certain bed she didn’t respond I had to explain. The bathroom was dirty I’ve never seen that before. I’m not sure what’s happening but the Sango express tan needs different workers. I pay 49$ a month and don’t like going bc the way the workers act. Please do something I’m ready to take my business somewhere else!
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4 months ago, Sam casual tanner
Canceling your subscription
The people that work there are great. Beds are good. They charge a premium for services. Can not call the facility and speak with someone. Everything is done online. If you sign up for a plan it’s extremely hard to Cancel unless you sign up for the App. So for the casual tanner that needs to get a little color before going to the beach, this is a Very Expensive way to do it. Be careful of the Specials. If I had another choice for tanning I would explore other options before returning to Sun Tan City. Pleased with service but not with how you have it to cancel service and not being able to speak with a representative. I hate that you make it so difficult to service your customers.
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6 years ago, maraneve
Can’t even log in
If there was a negative star this app would get it. I have designed apps. I’m not not tech savvy but I wonder if this one doesn’t work on purpose because the “deals” can only be had via the app and employees tell me they “...aren’t trained on it, don’t know how it works and everyone complains it doesn’t work”. I spent 20 min just trying to log in and getting unrelated pop up blocks saying my “security question is incorrect” when i was only entering an email hoping that if I reset the password I’d be able to log in for this special offer. The two support numbers the store gave me we’re both disconnected. This app took time from my life which ultimately cost $. So yeah. Negative stars until they can get the log in fixed
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2 years ago, tehorn03
Updated and so much better!
I uninstalled the app a year or so ago because it had some significant issues and never seemed to work when I needed it to. There’s been a total overhaul since then, and I have been using this app now every time I want to tan! It’s perfect for when I don’t have my scan card on me or I want to check in online before heading to the salon. Plus they have special deals now that are only available on the app, which is a HUGE plus!
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6 years ago, AzaleaAmelia
Never Works
This app never works, which is a shame because it would be beneficial for customers. When I open it on my iPhone, the screen is always black. Without a functioning app, I have to use the website for online check-ins, which is inefficient - most of the time I have to tell the staff exactly what bed type and services (e.g., sunless tan color, hydration, etc.) I opted for online. It’s great that the check-in feature holds your place in line, but it doesn’t save any time when you have to explain to the customer service rep exactly what you want and already paid for online. Nonetheless, Sun Tan City is the best tanning salon I’ve experienced, so this review is by no means a reflection on its staff, equipment, or services!
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4 years ago, MadisynMM
Whose Job Was This?
This may actually be the worst app I’ve ever used. When I set up my online account, the barcode scan feature for the scan card didn’t work. I entered my info in manually, which wasn’t a big deal. But, I’ve tried to log in probably 20 times over the past two days, and it hasn’t worked a. Single. Time. Tried deleting and redownloading a couple of times as well... still nothing. This is the first time I’ve left a negative review for an app, but it’s bad enough to warrant that. A company that makes this much money should at the very least have a functional app, especially during a time when social distancing is so prevalent. Get it together, STC.
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7 years ago, Xtinafication
Every time I walk into Sun Tan City, an employee asks, “Did you check-in online?”, and my response is ALWAYS the same.....”I attempted to use the app to schedule my services, but it doesn’t respond.” This has been my experience for the past year and a half (possibly even 2 years), so I am going to delete the app off of my phone, to open up storage for apps that DO work. I’m not sure why the development is so behind for this type of app, as it seems pretty straightforward to me. I’m not an app developer, but I’m tempted to become one bc of this 😝!! Because if it worked, I think it would be an excellent asset to the company, and all of their customers.
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6 years ago, Asholeio
Why Even Have An App?
I’ve installed this app twice- once last year and again a month ago. Both times gave me the same ridiculous problem. I try to open the app and it goes to a black page of nothing. Won’t load, won’t open. You can go on-line (via the net) to check into a bed, but you’ll spend an eternity waiting for this app to EVER work! You’d think with 99.9% negative (1 star) reviews, they would put something together that actually works for once. It’s been going on for years like this. 🤯 I’d definitely say don’t even try to waste a minute of your life on getting this app. It doesn’t work for anyone! 😷
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5 years ago, olivia32790
Must confirm email address
I have solved some of your problems lol.. once I reset my password with someone from the Live Chat on the website, I was sent another email to confirm the email address and realized this is what the problem had been with logging on every time. After confirming my email address, I downloaded the app and voila!!! No problems at all. It’s as user friendly as you can get for a tanning app I suppose :)
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7 years ago, shan.hallmark
The update ruined it
Whatever update took place about 1-2 months ago ruined the app. Now it tells me my location must be ALWAYS on, but the iPhone only allows either NEVER or WHILE IN USE. I have ‘while in use’ selected and the location icon shows up, but it still says it isn’t within the app. If I AM able to select a store (after restarting app about 3 times) it then does not provide the buttons to Confirm Check-in. WAS a great app but unfortunately all good things come to an end.
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3 years ago, MTC10
Don’t waste your time!
This app is the worst app I’ve ever TRIED to use. I was having a hard time using and navigating the app. A salon employee said they have a lot of problems with the app and suggested I delete and load again. I’m unable to complete reinstalling the new app. Don’t waste your time until they spend time fixing the severely flawed app. I’ve read all the other reviews so they know the app is worthless and it looks like they don’t care. They should remove the app because the reviews make them look bad. Again, they don’t care. Shame.
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1 year ago, Trace1512
Horrible app!
I’d give this app 0 stars if I could! Absolutely useless! I thought when it got updated it would be better but it got worse! Now you can’t even see all of the options to complete the check-in. And if you just try the option of “repeat last tan” it still makes you walk through the steps, which you can NOT complete. Therefore you must get on the desktop or just go on to the salon without checking in first which will be super duper fun when all the spring breakers start going for their FREE tanning they get. 🤬
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5 years ago, Alisha2414
App not working
Had the app since it was released and it seemed to work just fine. There is not much you can do on the app without clicking and clicking. Seems like every time there is an update the app crashes. I love that it can check you in to save time when you get to the salon but it doesn’t work half the time so what’s the point. Told the salon about the app not working and they just said we can’t do anything about it. If I have a membership I also shouldn’t have to scroll through a list of options on what I am checking in for. Fix your app ASAP!!!
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6 years ago, Tanbutnothappy
What’s the point of this app again?
I don’t understand why bother with checking in online if someone who walked in the door right in front of you gets the bed first still. The website says it’s like “call ahead seating” which it’s not call ahead seating means even if a table isn’t reserved for you, when you walk in you have first dibs. Also I get the same error as everyone else when I check in online where it says “whoops you weren’t checked in” but in reality i am checked in.
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11 months ago, ROME PHOENIX
Disappointing to say the least
The fact that this is a franchise business is no excuse. Owners should be taking responsibility and spending (really small amounts by comparison) to have an app developer (they are a dime a dozen online, desperate to get work and often offer really affordable app management solutions afterwards) create a working app that’s useful to the customers who pay for the premium membership and services…. To me this is a no brainer and with the income versus expended labor of Tanning Salons…. Cmon…. It’s rediculous that this app isn’t 5 out of 5 quality
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5 years ago, ItinerantTara
Unintuitive, non-functioning, pointless. In the 2 years I’ve had it on my phone, it has worked once. ONE TIME. This app is a waste of space on my phone and should be considered a complete failure and embarrassment by the creator and Sun Tan City. It gives no benefit, sends random, blank banner notifications, does not connect to your “favorite salon”, does not actually check you in. The menu button is completely functionless. Save the memory space and download flappy bird. At least you’ll be entertained while wasting your time.
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3 months ago, emanning99
I purchased a package on the app and received the confirmation email/receipt. A week later and the purchased package still doesn’t show on the app, which means I can’t check in. My husband bought visits and they show on his app, while mine do not. He checked in to a bed that said “no wait.” He walked in to the salon 30 seconds later and the employee told him three people were waiting for that bed and one person was still in it. Totally worthless app.
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6 years ago, Cracherjax
Stupidest app ever
You can't even login. I am a member, scanned my ID card it recognized me but then wouldn't log me in because they don't have an email address on file. So I asked at the location and they were all ready to add it till I said I don't want a bunch of junk mail So no email address. They replied the need it to log me in, so I asked who they never ask for it, they scan my card. (Which the app did, and recognized) Ridiculous. Apparently they don't care about customer service because 90% of these reviews are ONE STAR!!
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2 years ago, DonDEENGah
So Awesome!
This app has such a great feel to it. I love how user-friendly it is and I’m so excited to be able to check-in online. There’s so many benefits to this app, like managing my account online and exclusive deals. This is definitely the future of tanning!
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3 months ago, good morning best
Terrible all the way Around
The app did work more than the actual employees 🤣 No but seriously the app would not let me check in half the time and wouldn’t show my packages that I paid for between the app and the horrible salon I lost a couple hundred dollars. Let me warn you the salon in London KY has the rudest , racist, laziest most incompetent employees I have ever encountered and the company as a whole is the same I wish another company would just put them out of business.
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6 years ago, Jturn2
Worst app ever made
This thing NEVER works EVER. Can’t even log in most of the time. Always crashes. total waste of time to even download it and type in your info. Whoever created this app for them needs to be shut down because they are quite possibly the worst developer ever. That or it’s a get what you pay for type deal and sun tan city did not invest near enough to make this app run for all of their users. Either way this app is terrible and I hope they fix the issue someday soon.
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6 years ago, hdmac101
I have downloaded this app before, it will work for a few hours and then go to a black screen and never work again, and I’ve had to uninstall it, when I said something to my local store I’m told to uninstall and reinstall and of course I’m the only customer that has complained according to them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still the same results, hopefully this will be fixed very soon. All my other apps work on my iPhone except this one.
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2 years ago, Aaaaayyyyyyyymjijiju
Terrible- don’t waste your time!
Went in to my local Sun Tan City to purchase a new membership and start off with the $7 any bed promo. I was told I needed to get the $7 offer through the app. After multiple attempts to purchase the $7 bed (app crashed every time I tried to hit purchase) and the associates unable to take my purchase on their registers, I left extremely frustrated and disappointed. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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5 years ago, Amf44f
Does this app ever actually work?
This app works maybe 1/10 times. I have been getting the same error for over a year and no one knows how to fix it at any location. Checking in online would really be helpful for members if you could actually do it. What is the point of having an app that’s doesn’t work. You would think they would do something about the 1 star rating. Clearly people are having the same issue. Do something about it!
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3 weeks ago, shelbsteph
App NEVER works yet they force you to use it
A little tip for Sun Tan City… if you’re going to make it policy that your stores require customers to log in through the app, then you need to be prepared to invest in proper app development. I have only been a member for about a month and this is hands down one of the buggiest apps I have ever used. It never works as it should. Please start working on this, it makes the user experience very frustrating.
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3 weeks ago, Frog from 21st Street
Zero functionality No help.
There is no real functionality on this application and you cannot actually do anything other than talk to bots pretending to be people who will only give you the run around before finally telling you to physically go into a salon. Sun Tan City has zero customer service above the salon level, and if the corporation screws something up, the salon cannot help you even when they try.
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6 years ago, suntancitylover
Wow, Sun Tan City on Kansas is the best salon I’ve ever went to! All the girls are super sweet and always welcoming! I like to use the app to save time searching through my purse trying to find my scan card. Plus I always have my phone so the app is always with me to keep me updated on the great sales they run.
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2 years ago, S.O,
Default payment to your purchased package
App does what it is supposed to do. An enhancement to make it more user friendly would be to default the payment/confirmation drop down selection to the users purchased yearly or monthly tanning package.
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6 years ago, Kimberlyst
App is useless
I have the exact problem EVERYONE else is having. It won’t let me check in... it says “whoops something went wrong”.... which it has been doing for the past year. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. It still doesn’t work. I have noticed that the employees have stopped asking me if I “checked in”. It’s not their fault but I’m sure they have received a mouthful from others over it. It’s like a loaded question!!!!
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2 years ago, anonymous 317537
Unable to log in
I never do reviews but seeing how other ppl have the same issues I might as well jump in. Most of these reviews are from 4 years ago and this app is STILL having these problems?? Don’t advertise that you can get deals cheaper from the app when it doesn’t even work. Sun tan city—you should fix your IT department if this has been an issue for YEARS.
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7 years ago, scottconso
Can’t checkin
I have the same problem many others are having - no submit button/way to continue once reviewing your online check-in. They told me to try uninstalling the app and reinstalling, which I did, and now there is no location services for the app, so I don’t see any locations on the map. I’m done with this app until a significant update it released that fixes these issues once and for all.
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5 years ago, LalaMcFalala
Doesn’t work well
Every time I open the app there seems to be an error message. For some reason it tells me I’ve “tanned too recently” when I try to check in even when it’s been 24+ hours. Usually says it can’t find my account details when I open it. Total garbage. I’m lucky that I go right away when they open in the morning and don’t have to wait for a bed or i would be extra annoyed
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2 years ago, jennannel
I would not even give this app 1 star, but you can’t give less. It is the worst app ever. It does not work. You can’t even sign up. What is worse is that they read these reviews and do nothing to correct it. Guess they make more money though because you can’t get the app deals when you can’t actually use the app. I’ll go elsewhere to tan.
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6 years ago, BNW56
Log in issues
EVERY single time I attempt to log into my app it tells me my login information is invalid. I then click “forgot my password” and it tells me my email isn’t valid! I ALWAYS have to contact them to reset it which defeats the purpose of the app that is suppose to be quick access to whatever you need! You’d think with enough complaints, they’d fix this issue but it’s yet to happen.
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7 months ago, haleydowne
Horrible App even though I love STC
The app just doesn’t work. Period. I’ll type an email address to try to make an account and they say the email address is already in use. Then I’ll go to try to log in with that email address and they’ll say that no account exists with that email. So I have not been able to use this app. So therefore it’s bad.
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5 years ago, RUNNER12915
I’ve not had the problems others speak of. Had some issues when first downloaded a couple years ago but has worked well since.
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5 years ago, Bennett12357:
Good, if it ever works
Sometimes if works for a couple days, then it doesn’t. It’s nice to check in early, however I’m not able to do that if I can’t log in. The app no longer lets you change your membership or card numbers so that’s not helpful. The goal is to avoid talking to the passive aggressive workers by using this app, but it has so many problems. More stress than help 80% of the time.
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1 year ago, th854#
App does not work
I write this as I am physically sitting in the salon. Staff has no access to help to get account to log in. Cannot create an account as the app says I have one. Chat support was completely useless. A nice thought to be able to see wait times and potentially book a slot but impossible since this doesn’t work and no one can help
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5 years ago, SUN TAN MANIAC
Don’t waste your time with this APP
Worst APP ever. It doesn’t even recognize my membership status. It tries to make me pay for tan visits after I have bought a year long membership. Someone’s kids must have created this APP because they had no clue what they were doing.! Complete waste of time and if you put your CC info out there then you will most likely get hacked and have your info stolen. BEWARE!!!
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5 years ago, Caitrwill
Never Works
They need to do some serious work on this app maybe 1/10 times it will work. It doesn’t work for me unless I have WiFi and even then sometimes still doesn’t work so I can’t check in unless I have WiFi. I tried checking in on the website and it won’t load either I literally have full bars so please fix these issues asap.
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6 years ago, Oundrea11
Hands down worst app
I think I have gotten this app to work twice in a two month period. You need some serious dedication to work out the glitches. As a customer on a tight schedule I looked forward to being able to check in online and see wait times. Instead it doesn’t work and I get to the store to have to wait 20+ min...Please fix this mess.
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5 years ago, grammy5201
Worst app ever!
This is the worst app I have ever used. I can’t even log into it, it just goes blank. I read another review that pretty much said the same thing from a year ago. My question is why you continue to have signs in your stores and advertising telling people to use an app that doesn’t work? What a waste of time on my part and money on your part!
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2 years ago, emilyxpwns
It’s okay
Just wondering when this app is going to be compatible with dark mode on iPhone? I have to change it to light mode to be able to read some of the stuff in the app.
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5 years ago, imisstheapp
App doesn’t work anymore
I have a membership so I check in online often. The last two weeks, since my last update the App has not been working at all, and it will pull up my menu options then load forever, and say server couldn’t connect. It’s just really inconvenient when it doesn’t work! Please update it soon.
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7 years ago, Long time spray tanner
Do frustrating!
This app NEVER works!! The only time I can use it is if I'm literally sitting in the parking lot or standing in the salon. I've voiced the fact that it doesn't work for at least the past 2 years or more and I always either get told I'm the only one who seems to have a problem or that everyone who comes in the salon says the same thing.
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