Suncoast SunMobile

4.7 (71.9K)
61.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Suncoast Credit Union
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Suncoast SunMobile

4.75 out of 5
71.9K Ratings
2 years ago, jsggskls
I’m having an issue with the app . Everytime I go to login it says unexpected network error . The only way I’m able to log back in through the app is by deleting the app and redox loading it and then I am only able to log in to the app once . I’ve never had issues with this app on any of my other phones but this has been an issue since I have gotten this phone . Other than that the app is great . I usually just check my account through the browser . Which is just not as quick but still gets the job done . As far as banking with suncoast I do like it now that I am able to deposit cash through the atm without a live teller . It was about a year of banking with them before I was able to do that and being a server and making most of my money on the weekends it was an issue and I mostly banked with cash app for that period of time .
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2 years ago, Disgruntled auto loan holder
Limited Auto Transfer Capability Makes Banking With Suncoast a Pain
Suncoast credit union’s app and website do not make my banking experience with them easy. One major inconvenience in their digital banking system is the inability to set up auto payments between two suncoast accounts. I also cannot can set up auto transfers from an external account to my auto loan account. For example, I have a suncoast checking and an auto loan account, but I am unable to set up auto transfers from my checking to my auto account. I don’t primarily bank with Suncoast, I only use suncoast for my auto loan - thus it would be convenient for me to set up automated transfers to ensure that my auto loan payment are made in time. Instead I have to remember to manually transfer funds from one account to another. This is a basic feature, and I’m surprised that suncoast credit Union does not have the functionality built into their online banking platforms (both app and web). Other than that major inconvenience in my use case, the UI isn’t terrible and relatively easy to navigate - which is why suncoast earned two stars instead of one. :/
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2 years ago, Satisfied33597
Simply The Best
Suncoast makes my life less hectic. I personally rate Suncoast Credit Union a 5 out of 5 in every category. The Customer Service can’t be matched. The ease of using Sun mobile is phenomenal. The Fraud prevention is outstanding. It gives me a peace of mind to know that someone is watching to make sure I made the purchases that show up. This feature alone is above and beyond. As soon a charge shows up that appears suspicious you get a text and call to verify the charge(s). The hours are Fantastic, I can bank with a live person via video until 8:00pm. I would definitely recommend Suncoast Credit Union to anyone and everyone because they are simply the Best. Yes I am partial, I have been a very satisfied member for approximately 25 years. I have tried others but I always close out the accounts because there service comes no where close to Suncoast Credit Union.
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1 year ago, Rgstarnes
Suncoast review.
I have found Suncoast to be an easy credit union to work with. The customer support has been there when needed. The only issue I’ve had is for the last two months, checks issued via the pay bills process have not arrived at the customer site for as much as three weeks. This has caused some late charges with those customers, but fortunately I have been able to get them reversed. What is not known is whether it is an issue with Suncoast, the Postal Service, or the two customers processing checks. In the future I will not use your bill pay, but will pay online at the customer site.
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5 years ago, cghxoxo
Mobile Bill Pay
This new method of bill pay has not started off right. I had a payment that was sent to USAA Auto Insurance and after the payment delivery date past I contacted them multiple times. Each time I was told they had not received my payment. After 10 days passed and they still had not received it (I had to call daily), Sun Coast FCU suggested that should put a stop payment on the payment, which I did. I then had to call USAA back and make my payment by phone to avoid it being paid late. I just made another payment which I automatically did by phone to USAA. Don’t understand why payment cannot be sent electronically as before your system recently changed. I can babysit my payments every time I schedule them. Please fix this issue and send all payments Electronically again... Nothing has changed USAA information to send the Payment. I verified this with them as well. Please go back to how the payment is deducted instantly when payment is sent rather than waiting a week or in my case about 10 days- then I had the stop payment done for the Lost payment that you sent... Please go back to the old Bill Pay Method... I’m seriously considering changing banks because I need to feel secure in knowing that once I schedule a payment, I know it will get to my Creditor...So not pleased. Please fix the Touch ID feature upon logging in. It does not work. It constantly gives you an error and the only way to get-in is by keying in your Password.. Pls fix this !!
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2 years ago, ronaldej
Leave Well Enough Alone!
Do not understand that why when something is working well and end users feels comfortable with the platform, that someone comes along in IS and decides to make a change and is convinced that change is good. What Suncoast’s revised access platform demonstrates is that these elites who are responsible for entertaining changes would better serve the consumer if they LEFT WELL ENOUGH ALONE! After going online to experience Suncoast’s revised site, I fumbled through the menu for several minutes before I was able to find the prompt to make a payment. For an entity to make it so nonobvious for customers to make a payment is DUMB. Making a payment should be the most accessible and obvious feature of any banking website feature. Instead, you guys formatted the protocol to make it equivalent of a game many of us played when we were kids. It’s called HIDE AND SEEK! The new website looks disgustingly confused and boring. My recommendation in a few syllables, BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!
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3 years ago, Rsbthree
I cashed a CD in Five months ago when it came due. The CD and the amount of the CD still appear in my Sun Money list and in the total of my accounts on the Sun Money account page. Very frustrating not to have the amount of all my accounts matching the APP. Negligence! In a response to my previous review, I received an email from APPLE which encouraged me to telephone a Suncoast phone number to resolve the issue. I telephoned the number and the extension and after 16 1/2 minutes a recorded message stated that there was no one at that number. I then called Suncoast and talked to a representative for almost 25 minutes and was finally told that the total of my accounts on the Suncoast website does not and will not the total of my accounts in the “Sunmoney” section of the Suncoast APP. Conclusion: The Suncoast APP is useless with regard to stating a total of all my saving accounts. In addition, the Review Page of the APP has not posted my negative review.
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5 years ago, Radioav8r
Bill Pay fiasco after app update
The app updated bill pay to reflect only descriptions and not my company name I had listed so I can pay my monthly bills. An old company I no longer did business with resurfaced in my bill pay but I was not aware because only the description “loan” was visible, not the company name. As a result, they sent a payment to the wrong company. After several weeks of trying to get my money back, they have yet another app update in bill pay where THEY added company names with the description...AND IT IS ANOTHER WRONG COMPANY!!! I am flabbergasted at the level of incompetence and foresee yet another string of two hour phone calls in my immediate future to fix yet another mistake this bank has made. On top of this, they have hired on a third party call center to fix the massive amounts of customer complaints and the overseas call center has no idea what to do. DO NOT USE BILL PAY and if possible you’d be better off with a different bank.
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4 weeks ago, turtlewrestler
Mobile App
Having recently joined Suncoast, I am becoming familiarized with the mobile app services and the website’s mobile features. Having left one of the major banks at the same time, it seems that the former bank’s website and mobile features were expanded to greater details and its App was more straight forward with navigation. One example was the feature which indicated a running balance with credit card line item entries. Another is that I need to go to a Suncoast branch to make loan payments when designation for next payment due is not possible to pay the payment (principle and interest) and making an additional principle payment at the same time in a direct manner with the App.
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3 years ago, edmtechnole
Great Credit Union!
Everyone has always been really helpful and very nice here. The online banking and app have always worked well for me, but I would like to see some improvements. I actually emailed Suncoast and they followed up with me to get my feedback, which would never happen at a big bank. Looking forward to the website and app refresh that you all have planned! The only thing I would like is we changed outside if that is to see larger transfer limits to external accounts. The current limits feel a bit low when compared to other financial institutions.
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10 months ago, KINGofJ23s
Made a mistake
For the last thirteen years I have banked with JP Morgan chase. After hurricane IAN my wife talked me into moving over to suncoast. Needless to say this has been one of the worst experiences with a bank/credit union I have ever felt with. A month and three weeks ago I started a new job as a insurance broker and setup direct deposit which at this point still has not went through. I am being sent paper checks through the mail at this point and verified my information was correct in my H.R system. To cash my check I would take a picture and have it deposited that way, well if you guys didn’t know that takes up to a week and a half to show balance available when the app lies and says two days. I would not recommend applying for anything with this union. Closing my account as soon as the checks I deposited two weeks ago clears.
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5 years ago, JedJak
Black screen and clunky interface for disputes
Spent 5 minutes filling in all the information required for a dispute. Then went to include documentation for the case, but needed to take pictures. There’s no option to take a picture in-app, so I switched to the camera, took the picture, and switched back. When I came back to the app moments after taking the picture it had logged me out. Upon logging in all of my case details were now gone. There should be an auto-save feature on case details or at least a warning to take case pictures before filling out the information. I then began the process of retyping the information and it proceeded to suddenly display a black screen which once it fixed itself had logged me out again. I already don’t like mobile experiences and this another app to add to the list. Back to the desktop PC...
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6 months ago, Treat everyone equally
My experience with SunMobile
From my experience with SunMobile it is doing everything that it is supposed to. The only issue that I have had with the app is when I downloaded my check online I wasn't able to access my entire deposit. I really wish that I would have known that before downloading online. Because I would have rather gone into the bank so that I could pay my bills. I didn't know how long they will take before releasing my money. So my review rate might be amended if it takes to long.
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11 months ago, Scyda45
External Transactions
In general I think the app is not user friendly and needs a lot of reworking done. For the most part I don’t mind it because it gets things done when I want to. I have been trying to connect my regular bank account with my Suncoast credit union account for MONTHS. At first the external verification app “Plaid” wasn’t working or loading and now it won’t verify my bank account so I have to manually input the information of my other bank account. However, when it comes to setting an external bank account so I can make transfers between banks accounts has been a pain to set up. Not in a sense of security I don’t mind those aspects and verifying the account but in the sense that the app glitches and goes black when I am trying to input the information of my external bank account.
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4 months ago, WondrEyez
Screen blacks out every time I try to Pay a Person
I’ve been a member for many years, I’ve never had an issue but lately I am so disappointed. My original debit card from like 2017 recently expired, I was sent a new one in the mail to find out that the new debit cards are no longer compatible with Zelle. I am considering switching banks at this point. The transfers to a person does not work on the SunCoast app, my screen turns black every time I navigate away from the app and come back in, or once I enter the persons name and move to the next field, if I click in random spots some letters will appear in random areas but still a black screen. So basically I can’t send money anymore unless I use Cashapp or Venmo.
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4 years ago, evadacsw
I’d like to applaud all of you for always being so helpful, from the tellers, to account managers, people on the phone when you call. I especially liked the teller who helped me when I went in to get checks because we moved and I needed to send info on how to deposit a check into my account. I had forgotten to do this and my check was returned to them because I had closed that account when I moved. Anyway, thank you for your help, especially as I am a senior citizen and you are always patient and for always providing service with a smile.
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5 years ago, Cindy Nurse
App was better before
This new & “improved” app is not as user friendly as the old version. There are utilities that previously took only 2 days to post because they were electronic that now take 6 days because a check is sent BY THE CREDIT UNION!!, If I wanted to send a check, *I* would mail it myself. And there is NO WAY to make electronic now either! The set up for the entire bill pay is not laid out very nicely either & it requires you to manually enter the decimal point in the amount to be paid. The part of the app that shows where ATMs are located works only for FL & was of no help when I went out of state for vacation. What good is that if you are unable to find an ATM when you’re on vacation??? I have had to “verify” my account &/or password several times if I sign into the app from my phone rather than my iPad, which is very aggravating! Needless to say, I don’t like very much about the app, but the company & personnel at my branch office are top notch! 5 stars for them, & 1 star for their app.
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10 months ago, DuffDuff7
Not User Friendly
The fact that there is an app available is a plus, although everything now a days has an app. It remains not very user friendly though. Having to log out and log into my separate account between business and personal is frustrating. The profiling in the app is not very clear. My next ‘due date’ still shows the date for 3 days ago. Paying off my balance on my cards required a phone call because transfer of funds is typically used for moving money between checking/savings not for credit cards. It is not as clear and simple as the other banking apps I have used. It feels like they are 10 years behind.
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3 years ago, Ray from Tampa, FL
Technology and detail is significantly lacking
I opened a checking, savings and mortgage account with Suncoast to take advantage of a low interest rate. I find the app technology to be significantly behind other financial institutions. The bank has daily transfer limits of only $1,000 and they limit the amount of mobile check deposits to only $2,500. The bank is not setup to accept an online bill pay from Bank of America. I find it extremely difficult and time consuming to make a mortgage payment or transfer money into the account. I will ultimately have to drive to a branch location twice a month to physically deposit a check… which feels very much like the late 90’s. The technology and system limitations are in need of an update.
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5 years ago, slavary101
Love myCredit Union
I have been a member for about 30 years. I have saved quite a bit of money using the credit union to buy many cars. I know of at least two occasions when SCU talked to the financial man at the dealership and they came down substantially on the price. I kept my account when I moved up north for 10 years and did all my banking online with absolutely zero problems. I have always had fast, friendly and very satisfactory service. I love the new online updates. I don’t think it could be any better. Signed, A long-time, Happy Member
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4 years ago, Mathead1234
Best credit union ever
Suncoast is the best financial institution I have ever dealt with. I have been a member for over 15 years and I always deal with the people inside at the Plant City Florida Branch. They are nicest people I have ever met they personally know almost every member, if not every member, that walks thru the door. Amanda,Paula, Bethany, and Denna are the greatest. They make you feel as if you are the most important person in the world every time you walk in. The place is always clean and they have never messed up any of my financial transactions. I would recommend this place for everyone.
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3 years ago, 6LKTR8D
Ex banker of Capitol One
As I was not happy in the lack of culture of my branch and my experience being asked to hold back my culture. I offered to them many times my technical culture and suggested everything you have mastered in this app. It takes insight and inclusion, Suncoast embodies this very well. Oh, my position, Relationship Banker (knee jerks welcomed, I felt the same as I cried at my desk) and my relationship with my hair and ethnic culture was too much in 2013. I’m scarred and now happy to see, that my ideas and thoughts were not just my own and Suncoast is closer to Home. Should hire me bilingual🤷🏽‍♀️.
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9 months ago, Rosemaryaubut
No ebills
Still waiting for my checks to clear!!! I really liked the ebill feature from my old bank. I’m having trouble paying bills out of two different accounts. It keeps changing back to regular checking account. I want my mortgage to come out of money market account. I liked the way ebill would notify me thru email my exact amount to be paid. Now I have to go to billing site to get amounts as I have paperless billing. Guess I’ll just have to get use to it!
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6 years ago, Djsl1
App is decent but it should allow for payment from outside.
You guys should allow payments to loan or credit card from outside source. I think it’s a hassle and quite ridiculous that I have to transfer money to the bank wait for that to happen and then pay my account. I understand you guys are probably doing it to make people use suncoast as a main bank and do direct deposit for me me it pushes me away from having suncoast as a main bank. I need features and services now I can’t hope that you guys would do it when other people already are.
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4 years ago, Nysu239
Amazing App, Annoying Bugs
Love the app because it makes it easier to pay things off in a quick effective manner and know what you have and where it goes. However the last update seemed to have disabled iPhone Face Recognition. It worked fine yesterday before it stated that it was unavailable and they would contact a system administrator. Now (next morning) it doesn’t work at all. I’ve used Face ID so much I forgot my password. Amazing app but I hope that bug gets fixed soon.
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4 years ago, 69$Cottp23
Your bank is awesome! I have already recommended it to three of my friends one of them has opened an account and the other two were doing it shortly. Everybody I’ve dealt with with your company has been overly nice and extremely professional whatever it is keep it going and open up a branch in Southern California preferably San Bernardino or LA or Redlands because I plan on moving there in a few years a few months sorry and I would love to have you guys still I don’t want to switch to a different bank
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5 years ago, Maddyoh
Smooth, Easy & Efficient way to bank.
I’ve been banking for over 60 years and have found that Suncoast is one of the easiest and most convenient way of banking for a professional like myself. Transferring from one account to another, or from one bank to another has always been without a problem. Unlike other banks I have worked with in the past where there have always been issues. I’m thankful they are close by, and now opening remote offices throughout Southwest Florida.
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5 years ago, TeacherJJP
I’m a retired teacher living 500 miles from the Florida Suncoast now for over 10 years and SCU is still my “financial go-to” for all my needs including loans, automatic bill payments, credit cards, debit cards, IRA activities, and ATM transactions. Any questions are taken care of through telephone calls but mostly through email contact in timely fashion. SCU has been my main financial institution since 1971. My spouses and extended family members began using SCU when they came into my life. To say I am satisfied with SCU is an understatement.
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1 year ago, Notre Dame Fball5
Every time I try to login on the app it doesn’t work, I put in my correct password. It won’t log me in. It just keeps doing this ever since I did the last update on the app whatever is going on please fix this as soon as possible because the only way that I can get into it is if I shut my phone off wait about 30 seconds turn it back on and it works but I have to do that every time to log into the app.
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1 year ago, Tampa member
Transfers between accounts
It would be awesome if when you make external accounts transfers the funds would be available on next account within minutes like a lot of other banks do for example when I have to send money to my wife to her Suncoast account we have to wait days instead of just minutes how about in case of an emergency I would have to wait from Friday to Monday to get the fund to the person in need .
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1 year ago, KG0330
Best bank ever!
I don’t usually leave reviews but for this bank. I have to. Super easy to apply for loans and set up new checking/saving accounts! Out of all the banks I’ve had, this one is by far the best one yet. Not only is the online access user friendly, but going inside the branch and talking to someone was fast and easy. I’d recommend using them for your financial needs. Interest rates are also low and manageable. Thanks Suncoast!
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5 months ago, Neonlovetiger
Suncoast App
The app is extremely ineffective and could really use a redesign. I would recommend hiring a new app developer to make the app flow a bit better. The fact that we can’t have two separate sign ons for a joint account is also a bit silly. It would also be nice if they made it easier to pay your loan balances off from external accounts. The layout is clunky and looks like it was designed on an old 2000s Windows XP computer. I could trash the app all day but I do enjoy banking with Suncoast in general! The app is definitely a turn off from switching all of my accounts and direct deposits over.
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3 years ago, Ariel Gomez
I love the suncoast app but I have a business and have a business account also with suncoast and it’s just not easy to use. Every time I need to switch from my personal to my business account I literally have to turn the phone so that it won’t get my Face ID so that I could input that long member Id and password…. I wish they combined both into the same account like every other bank does…..It’s a no brainer and I just wish they just fixed that simple inconvenience.
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3 years ago, Adelphi917
New bank
I have banked at another bank for 32 years my account was hacked and couldn’t get to my my money for almost 3 weeks!! They didn’t care. My money was on hold They were investigating. Which I get but I need some money I decided to open an account at SunCoast while I waited for my bank. Wow! Everyone is so nice. I received a Thank you card in the mail for opening an account. When I go in to make a deposit everyone is SO nice :) I love it!! Love it!
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6 years ago, JWasson
I started with Sun Coast because my son loved them so much. They have been absolutely amazing. I have everything at my fingertips, and have been able to continue banking with them even though I moved to another state and then returned. It is the truest version of customer service I have experienced. They answer my questions, provide real life suggestions to my issues, but most of all they know who I am when I call. The Chiefland branch has the best staff, hands down!!
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3 years ago, Davidrd1996
Pretty good, UI could use some updating
The app works. I’m able to do everything I need on it. (Checking my balance, mobile deposits, etc.) it’s just the that interface looks and feels outdated compared to rivals. Would also appreciate having true 2FA that works with authenticator apps. Also would appreciate being able to hide accounts I don’t use from the main screen. Overall, pretty good and totally functional, but could use some updates.
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5 years ago, LivDonut94
Great Features
Everything I’ve needed to do with Suncoast has been accessible on the app. The only thing I’ve struggled with is figuring out how to make payments to a credit card and find details on certain accounts. I’d like to see more detail when I click on my credit card or auto loan accounts. I’ve been able to transfer from my savings account but setting up autopay and/or transfers and payments I can’t seem to find details on. Everything else I’ve needed has been doable from the app which is great!
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6 years ago, jtnaples
Main features work...
Main features work... its the SunMoney budget system that could use work on both online/emails and through the app to update on purchases. Because it’s not the most reliable and I just end up keeping track pen and pencil. The Category spending needs a better UI for how much is spent for each category and changing labels/ it should remember the category I’ve changed for a particular store (ei grocery vs. dinning out for Walmart). It could be a really useful tool but it’s just not quite user friendly or consistent with how it updates you on your spending.
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4 years ago, Blahahhhh
Worst fraud protection team I’ve ever dealt with
Reported fraudulent charges as soon as they appeared on my account while they were still pending. They said they can’t do anything and I had to file a dispute. I called them the next day to make sure i did everything right, got a greeter who said everything was submitted and it will be 7-10 business days until it’s resolved. 16 business days later and nothing, they don’t even verify purchases don’t let them tell you they do and god forbid you call them your looking at over an hour and a half or they just don’t answer. They say making a dispute is fast an easy 😂 just look them up on credit union review sites and you’ll see the truth.
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3 months ago, Mz pretty pyee
Customer services
Suncoast have the best people working at they company I am very impressed with everything that they ever provided for me .I will like to give thanks to the loan department for giving me and chance to prove to them that I am credit worthiness I promise I want never let suncoast credit union down they really have been good to me the best credit union ever I like how they offer a lot of different types of services to help they customers!!
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2 years ago, RDelph
Peace of mind
We had with another bank, who recently changed their name after a merger, for over 20 years. The policies regarding withdrawing my own money, became ridiculous. A headache every time! Our son has been a Suncoast member for a long time. I saw how friendly and helpful everyone was at his branch. We decided to make the switch and have been very pleased with the decision. Good customer service is still alive and well at Suncoast!
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2 years ago, SebaVF
Having an issue connecting chase thru plaid
It keeps giving me this error message when i try to add external transfers You may need to update your app in order to connect to Chase. “You may need to update your app in order to connect to Chase. If you're still unable to connect, please select a different bank or reach out to Support for the application you are trying to connect.”
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11 months ago, JohnTheCvnt
Great app, but
I love Suncoast and this app however I’ve noticed that even though I have notifications turned on in iOS settings and in the SunMobile app I don’t get the direct deposit notifications for my checking account or savings account I’d love to see this get fixed but it is mitigated by the fact that the Insight notifications work and do pretty much the same thing. Everything else is great.
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2 years ago, App head
Love this bank
Customer service is wonderful and services offered are great as well. Took only a few minutes to open an account. I’m secretly saving money here to surprise my husband for our 20th. Its great. They held back any sort of association with me and them. Meaning paperwork that might be sent to my home. So it would be a total surprise. They went the extra step to ensure this. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Trucolection
No Documents or notifications
The app does not reflect any mail that Suncoast mails to you. The documents and notifications sections are not used by the bank. They really should be removed from the app so it isn't relied upon. Suncoast started charging me for car ins bc they couldn't verify my ins they have sent in the mail. I check the app periodically and noticed the $140 charges but the app didn't show any notices for the insurance problem. The app can only be used to check account balances, none of the other areas are used.
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2 years ago, ttttyyfffdttt
Great App
I am all for anything that makes life easier. Online banking I can appreciate. Not having to stand in line, no people around me having a bad day, no car ride to the bank, worrying about making it to the bank in time for certain things, they all are for the most part (98%) a thing of the past. Thanks to those much smarter then myself who know how make an idea reality.
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1 year ago, Greginparadise
Fantastic Local Credit Union
Certainly meets all your financial needs you should require and has been a pleasure banking with them. Always believed credit unions serve people much better than the corrupted regular “for profit” banking institutions. The tax payers bailed the banks out in 2008 and seems they are failing the people once again. Stay away from banks and take your business to a Credit Union. Suncoast is a great choice!
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11 months ago, whddjeheeb
Horrible app
Just started using SC and the app is absolutely horrible and not convenient for its customers. There is actually no option on the app to even pay off my credit card! You have to log in online which is absurd. I finally figured it out but before I was stressing because I had no idea how to pay off my credit card. Please suncoast do better with your app. Considering switching banks just because it is so inconvenient for me to pay off my credit card and review transactions. Fifth third has a wonderful app that is super convenient and transaction are a lot easier. SC do better please.
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3 years ago, easy payment!
Frequent daily use, but needs color changes
My only complaint is that the size and colors of the numbers in the accounts ( for example details of deposits, and pending blue withdrawal ) are just too small and the color does not stand out against the background. Otherwise the app is user friendly and bill pay is convenient.
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1 year ago, latinapr72
Old technology
Suncoast really needs to get with the times and update their whole system. I continuously try to get in on the mobile side and I have to always put in my information and that’s really annoying when I already have face recognition on my stuff and I have other bank accounts and this is the only bank that I have issues with. Also Zell is something that should be added to the system. All other banks have it except for this one and it’s something that is very convenient for people that have children that they need to be sending money to on a continuous basis.
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