Sunflower Bank

4.6 (5.5K)
90.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunflower Bank, N.A.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sunflower Bank

4.6 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 years ago, from the Crow Reservation
Very nice new look, but I went through absolute hell getting here. I was locked out of my sunflower banking online Account a week ago. After many calls to the account department and after talking with many people over a period of the next few days, we were told that there were issues with our account. We were hung up on twice. The last representative told me that I had never had an online account. Actually, I had had one for years. I was at the end of my rope. My husband and I were very pleasant and patient to all the representatives we spoke with. We wasted much of our time as we waited on hold during these days. No one mentioned that we needed to install online banking again. I finally thought of it myself. Now I will sit back and enjoy your new product. Thank you. Lita Mathews
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3 years ago, Aplus2xy
Still lots of things need to be improved
I had no, 0%, intention to write a review but after using new updated app for couple of days for the first time since I open an account for 6 years, I decided to say something. Maybe I prefer the old simple (or maybe nothing) app that I can just check my balances and look at statements. New app has ‘current balance’ and ‘available balance’ that confuses heck out of me because of pending balance. Why can’t we just see what the final balance would be like it used to be instead what is actually in the bank? New improved app, I don’t think I like it. Just too many things that I don’t need. Update: I haven’t been able to log in my mobile app and online banking for “months” now(possibly half of year). I have contacted too many times to figure it out why and they don’t know either. They finally sent a message to upper management team and said they’re going to contact me. Guess what? NO ONE contacted me, not a SINGLE TIME. And I can’t still log into my app. It’s been too long time to wait and I’ve been very patient. I’m closing my account.
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3 years ago, Ol' Sue
Not happy
Although there are more things that can be accomplished through the updated app, the processes are more lengthy and involved. Also, I am unhappy that the “statement” doesn’t show a check number unless I look at the image of the check. I liked the old app better.
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2 years ago, Annie are you ok?
ask central bank how they do theirs
I recently switched to sunflower because I moved and didn’t have my other local bank in this area, but the app is just not as efficient as the central bank app that I used to have… The central bank app used to show where your transactions went instead of just a balance… So for example it would show my current balance and then my last five transactions and how much each one was and where it was spent which was helpful in budgeting, the sunflower app does not have that feature and I wished it did, it just made budgeting and budget tracking a whole lot easier
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3 years ago, IAMDBOS
Not happy with new app
Since the app was “updated” I am never able to just log in as before. It is constantly wanting me to get a passcode sent to my phone even when it is my phone I’m using to log in. And it almost never will open on the 1st login but set there with the little circle spinning on and on and on even though I have gigablast internet. So then I have to close all apps in order to get it back to the login page then I lose all my open/saved web pages on my browser. Once you finally get the app to actually open it is fine. Even convenient but the functionality of logging in is totally screwed up.
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3 months ago, Scottishdiver
ATM/Branch Locator Broke
Overall the app is decent, but when I try to use the ATM location tool in the app it says access denied and I don’t have the appropriate credentials. I called Sunflower in September 2023 and talked with the online folks and they also see the same issue, but the issue is still there. The rep said I could use the browser to locate a branch and I said this needs to be fixed since it is a tool in the app. Two months later and still not resolved.
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3 years ago, CourtneyLeebull
Works well
It’s a great app, when it IS working and I’m able to login. Right now, I’m unable to login by both thumbprint or by entering my password. I get some error message with a number to call each time. Which is pretty inconvenient for me when I’m wanting to do something as simple as check my account balance and trying to avoid calling a number to then wait 30 minutes on hold.
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6 months ago, Rad330th
Mobile deposits
A good enhancement would be that you could have mobile deposit history for more than 30 days and that the pictures of the deposits would show up under transactions.
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4 months ago, Mary4163
Awesome customer service.
I’m always so pleased with the customer service when I called. The gentleman today was such a nice person and very understanding. Thank you
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7 months ago, We want our bank back
The online banking stinks. It is hard to use. Have to reset the password all the time. It is user unfriendly. The bank here in Crockett is horrible. Not only did y’all close the downtown location, you fired or let go most of the employees so you can never talk to a local person. After 2 rings you get someone in Tim-buck-2 that is no help at all. Maybe employees jumped ship because of y’all’s management, I don’t know but Christy can only do so much. It is no longer the friendly downtown bank.
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2 years ago, nsvd hdjd
Have had to change my password, user Id, face profile again and again
I’ve now had to call customer service about twelve times in three weeks. I get logged out for no reason, I reset the password, o use that password, I get locked out, I have to call sustainer service. I may have to quit my job so I can deal with this never ending issue. Ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Countrynik
App has issues
I wish this app was more consistent. I have constant issues signing in. It will lock me out for a few days with the message to call their help number. My Face ID feature stopped working as well sadly. It recognizes me then gives me an error message still without signing in.
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3 years ago, JSC226
I check online banking daily. Multiple times most days. At least once a day if not more I have to receive a security call or text to log in because it does not recognize me. Even though I have the face recognizing set. I am so frustrated as most people are at this point. The online support says I must be logging in from different devices. No, same device every time. Please fix this.
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3 weeks ago, EllzMom
Great App
The app is great for making deposits, viewing my transactions and making transfers on-the-go. It has everything I need to complete my banking tasks.
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3 weeks ago, Patty216
Good bank
A good bank. They keep on top of fraud alerts when needed and the staff is friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that they don’t post deposits as quickly as other banks.
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3 years ago, jessicalynn7694
Easy, convenient, fast way to deposit a check.
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5 days ago, Jcmathman
No longer works in Landscape.
App isn’t too bad, but the last update made it unusable on an iPad. You can no longer use the app in landscape. I’ve given up on the app.
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2 years ago, shakdne
Doesn’t work
For the last few months my app hasn’t been letting me login. The FaceID worked one time, when it was brand new, but never again. I don’t understand how there isn’t an update for this app yet. It shouldn’t be this hard to see your banking account status.
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3 years ago, Jmaan123
Good for checking balances
Too temperamental when trying to make deposits. Hard to get the app to take a picture of the check. Then you have to fight it again to get a picture of the back.
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2 years ago, fjeifivdnskwowoqc
Does not work
Download the app, try to login and it says I have to contact customer service, based on the prior comments about trying to get through to customer service and my own experience with this bank, not gonna waste any more time.
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3 years ago, mkjbanking
My first mobile deposit
I’m not sure it was successful. I will look for confirmation!
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2 years ago, Lawf1313
Always have issues!!
I don’t think I have ever been able to login and use this app without having problems and having to contact customer service. Very frustrating. Almost to the point I’ve considered switching banks!
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4 months ago, I really care
Very convenient
Makes depositing very easy
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9 months ago, Mason_Karlin
Best place on earth
This place is awesome I love spending time with my grandma here.
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3 years ago, rural.dvm2020
Trash App Upgrade
The old system worked great. Now that things have been upgraded, I’m frustrated enough to switch banks. I’ve changed my password so many times. Sat on hold for extended periods because I’m unable to log in. It’s impossible. I would give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, #%~<£•
Since you added new equipment and took us off line for a few days the mobile app is very slow.
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3 years ago, 2004rob&bob
Revised #
Can not change phone # easily on page!
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3 years ago, ugh on the nickname
App is horrible
This app is the worst. It is so slow and constantly freezes. The new look is great. They need to work on the ease of use before the looks of the app. Two thumbs down.
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3 years ago, ggggghjofdcedbu
It was great before the last update. Now it crashes when I try to use it, or lets me log in only to tell my I made an invalid attempt to access my account. Very irritating.
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3 years ago, Hdheuensmirh
Doesn’t work on weekends.
This app never works on the weekends. It’s is extremely unreliable. It also often displays less info than the website. Time to change banks.
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1 year ago, Camden Lynn
Nice bank!
Very good customer service in meridian
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3 years ago, annoyedwithnightowl
The mobile deposit never works!! The image is clear, yet it will not process the deposit! The closest branch is 30 minutes away from me. If this isn't fixed, I'll be switching banks
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3 years ago, Zert100
Horrible app
It is no longer a quick app... it takes forever to load and is more like a computer program.... horrible load times and horrible screen / setup
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3 years ago, manofgreatbod
Too slow
Takes a long time for the app to respond
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9 years ago, thepozr
Great app
Been messing with all the features for about an hour. Everything seems to work well. I haven't used the check deposit yet. It says you have to be a super secret member or something. Overall a great app! Thank you for getting it on here!!
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3 years ago, Lou_i_e-G
Terrible upgrade!
I can not transfer money from my business account to my personal account, which is how I pay myself from my business. Worst idea ever. I’ll be changing banks soon.
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2 years ago, Earthen being
This app freezes every time I load it
I have to re-open this app 2-4 times until I can use it.
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3 years ago, Salina2020
Add visa back
Not liking our visa credit card being removed from online banking. This is going to make it much more difficult to make payments.
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8 months ago, Thebiek25
App is terrible kicks me out all the time and doesn’t show all the transactions awful!
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3 years ago, krikety
Worst on line mobil banking ever
Sadly while my parents have used this bank for over 70 years with write a review because I can not see what is being typed!
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3 years ago, Fly-Fishing Girl
Miss the auto snap for deposits seems clunky. Dumb security questions
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8 months ago, Goofyguyman
It kicks me out of my account often
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5 months ago, Apple is bad at design
App is slow and glitchy
The worst banking app I’ve ever used
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1 year ago, Phogfann
ATM/Branch locator option does not work
ATM/Branch locator does not work.
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3 years ago, mchughes
Not the greatest
Clunky but glad to have an app at all
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9 years ago, RoyboyProds
Pretty Good
For the first version I'm not totally disappointed. It would be nice if I could just put in my name and password to log in rather than answering a secret question in the middle too. Also to be able to use the check deposit feature would save me a 40 mile round trip every time I need to deposit a check. Since I've been doing that for 22 years I guess a little longer won't kill me. I hope the deposit feature is fixed soon!
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8 years ago, Prof. AJS
Log in never works
First off, I don't recommend Sunflower Bank in general. On multiple occasions my debit card stopped working when I had plenty of money in my account because of "technical problems" with Visa. One time it did this when I had a cart-load of perishable food items at the grocery store and absolutely no other way to pay for my groceries than the debit card. Also this particular app never lets me log in, even after enrolling for the mobile banking app and waiting through 17 callers in line to speak with customer support. Choose a different bank.
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4 years ago, IsaMeza
Should really put more work in this app to help customers have a better experience using this!!!
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9 years ago, MT30062837
Works great
I use this app every day to stay on top of my money. If you're having issues logging in make sure you went to the website, logged in, and made mobile banking allowed.
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7 years ago, Tip_49
Very low-quality app
Off top the app is not vary appealing but most important the updating process is unbelievably slow! It will take about three days for 1 transaction to show up on the app statement and the transactions are never in order. Wouldn't even bother checking your account on the app if you need to see your Actual Account balance because it will be from 3 days ago..
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