SunWest CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (2K)
108.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
SunWest FCU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SunWest CU Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, plohal
What a pleasure it is to do business with this credit union! I contribute that to Miss Lisett. She personally addresses each transaction with a caring joyful heart. She is the reason for the season of banking with Sun West. I thank you again young lady❗️
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4 years ago, DJ NEDA ONE
No contact option?
You’d think they put in a contact us option into the app for convenience, you know, the whole purpose of this mobile app? But nooooo that’s too much to ask for 😂 just about every banking app out there has a contact us option where one tap and you’re calling their customer service, often times to a mobile app only call center so you don’t have to wait, but SunWest is the exception. ****** Your app is still years behind other banking apps. Why release an update when it crashes as soon as you open the app? You’d think you would have done some testing before launching the app
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2 years ago, daytona08675se
I’m ready to close my account this bank is 10 years behind
Still no tap charge function with cards… The app is still slow and UI is extremely minimal for a mobile app that I can literally do anything on. They finally got rid of the stupid 2nd verification to transfer money from checking to savings with out needing a password considering faceid should solve all of that. Just wish this bank would get up to-date with other banks.. It only took them 4 years to get apple pay
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5 years ago, sheila2128
No internet connection???
About a month ago the app has started giving me an error saying the i have no internet connection on my phone which is crazy its so annoying because ill open it just fine one in the day and them when it signs me out i cant get back in. Works when it wants to.
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3 years ago, Can't put it down"...........
Horrible functionality
This is maybe the worst app I’ve ever used. It randomly logs me out when I’m using it, tells me I’m not authorized for mobile banking, and sometimes just sits at the loading screen. I’m not for sure how you expect anyone to do banking with something that works so poorly. I switched from a smaller credit union and they had an app that worked much better, so I’d say it boils down to cost cutting measures and using cheaper developers.
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4 years ago, kaykayooos
App not working?!
Every time I click on to the app it just shuts it off and returns me to the Home Screen of my phone I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, didn’t work So I’m just using the browser for now but it be easier if I had the app
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5 years ago, Feather707
Faulty App
The app works only about 50% of the time. Often it won’t even load to the sign on screen. I’ve also been unimpressed by the service I’ve received at the branch I frequent so I depend on the app in order to avoid them. I keep my accounts mainly because I don’t get charged for them having lower balances than a standard bank requires.
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7 months ago, jazzyjoh
Ever since the update I have not been able to access the app on my phone it’s a continuous loop of asking me to update app now. I have deleted and reinstalled erased all cookies went to the bank to have them help it’s been over 2 months negative star review the review app would not let me send without a star and it would be negative 5 stars review
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5 years ago, Wilt rot
Lack of communication
Prematurely removes money from accounts on bill pay checks.
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4 years ago, Frankendork
User friendly APP
Great App.
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4 years ago, Leg on Chair
Winning Sugestion
This app is organized well, it’s aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, but it’s missing one thing, it really needs a setting feature for notifications whenever money is spent, same as PayPal or Venmo would.
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2 years ago, z!2!m
New app
This is not as easy to use as the other
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6 months ago, Wovf2
Update not working
They need to upgrade stupid thing keeps saying error when trying to log in no good
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5 months ago, Naomi031895
The app is lagging this week. Errors getting logged in.
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7 years ago, Mnoth80413
Worked at first
Then won’t load even after restarting 😤
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5 years ago, Aremley
No Access to Statements
App does not provide visibility to account statements. You have to login to the full website.
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1 week ago, Ryan Chavez
If you want a convenient banking app stay away
Can almost NEVER log in to my account.
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6 years ago, bickleglenn
App crashes
App crashes immediately when trying to use Touch ID. Works if you use password.
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5 years ago, TiffKJ813
Bad app
Actual bank service is amazing, but the app stinks. Half the time it doesn’t work, and will say “bad credentials”. The app is poor service.
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6 years ago, nicksmithsmithnick
This app does not provide accurate information. I guess it’s Time to find a new bank....
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8 years ago, Suicideseth
This app was, and is still horrible. Not very user friendly and outdated. Constantly crashes needing me to call a branch and have someone reset my password.
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7 years ago, Camaro Steve
No iPhone
I can’t install this on my iPhone only my iPad. Please adjust so I can use on my iPhone.
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5 years ago, michaely0621
App lag
This app seriously needs to be updated it’s always lagging. Please fix!!!
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1 year ago, parkaer04
Doesn’t open on Xr IPhone, can you fix it
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3 years ago, Kronos 55
Worst banking ever.
Worst app ever, works half the time, total crap.
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6 years ago, Ciskols
No Apple Pay
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10 years ago, Killa kupkakes
Not useful
If all you need to do is see your account balances and maybe move some money from one account to another and this is a great app. Most people prefer to utilize their mobile banking in order to pay bills and browse through the different banking tools that are on the typical desktop account, such as payment history. The original app that SunWest had was 10 times better than this one.
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9 years ago, Melissaavocado
I hate the fact that I have to always log in and answer different security questions every time I want to just do something simple like checking my balance. Bank of America's banking app is 100 times better then this one the app give the option for the app to recognize your phone so logging in would be must faster. Like really sunwest it's 2015 take notes.
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10 years ago, Cobra00R
Simplistic, but works
Good enough to see balances and do simple transfers. Needs an update allowing the user to see more of a break down of their account. E.g. Credit card due dates, balance of account before each transaction, total account balance with all funds, etc... Cheers!
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10 years ago, Dandydre
This app seems not to work. I entered my username on one occasion, & my account number on a separate attempt, & I've been answering, identity questions for 45 minutes with still no access. Some identity questions I've never ever set a questions, & I still have not be able access my account.
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10 years ago, Thor's lady
Doesn't work
I put in my member number to log in and after getting asked about 40 security questions, some more than once, I gave up. Couldn't get past the login screen, this really needs to get fixed. I was very excited for this app.
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8 years ago, GingerF
Not quite there yet
Works great but it's missing the mobile deposit function. To me, that is a huge flaw with the app.
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10 years ago, yoongifreckles
Does not work.
I was really looking foreword to having this app. Too bad I can't get past the login. I ended up answering at least 40 security questions before finally giving up...I really hope this issue gets fixed!!
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9 years ago, Jentropy
If there were apps in the 19th century...
This would be the best app ever. But it's 2015, so this app falls short. The only thing you can do is find ATMs and branches (and you have to log in to do that), check your balance, and transfer money between accounts. I want mobile check deposits, and I don't want to waste time logging in to find my nearest ATM. I can google faster than I can log in. Come on, guys.
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10 years ago, Radars fan
Awful app. Have been trying to log on for a half and hour. We don't even know half the answers to the questions asked.
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10 years ago, Bentley Red
Waste of time
Can't get passed the login screen this isn't helping at all I prefer to go to the website.
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2 months ago, bsmley
Verification code
Lately the app has been frustrating me! I like that they are secure about me signing in and asking for a verification code, the issue is that I don’t receive a code!! I wait two minutes and press for a new code just not to receive one. The weird part is that I can go online banking and I get a verification code from there but I can’t on the app?
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