Super Dynamite Fishing

4.3 (225)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for Super Dynamite Fishing

4.32 out of 5
225 Ratings
10 years ago, Benjam5429
Needs iPad updates
Needs some iPad updates. Game menu is very cluttered and and hi lighted info often overpowers other info. Still very addicting and time consuming.
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6 years ago, Be quietttt
Please, please, please, update for new iOS! I love this game, but I can’t play it anymore!!! :-( Original review: I love this game. The missions range in difficulty so it can be both easy and challenging. I'm really enjoying the tongue-in-cheek humor of it all, too. There is an ad bar on top of the play screen, but I haven't found it to be too annoying. The majority of the game play happens on the bottom of the screen, so this really only affects missions that require you to kill birds. There are also full screen ads that pop up. But unlike words with friends, you can close them immediately. So that's not a big deal either. I've been playing this game for about 2 months and haven't had any glitches or freezes. I also haven't put any money into it and still enjoy it. Great game.
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8 months ago, Taylor.as7
I really loved this game growing up and played all the time. I just tried to download it and it can’t be downloaded. Very upset I am not able to play it anymore. Now they have a dynamite fishing game, it looks similar but you have to pay for it ($2.99) but it just stupid to buy a game. Can y’all update the game pleaseeee so people can play it!!!!??
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10 years ago, ccv1424
Super fun
I love this game. I've loved it for three years or more - and that's the problem. I've downloaded this game and beaten it multiple times, and I keep playing because it's really that much fun. But now there are constant ads, and the restaurant has been "Coming Soon!" for years. I'm going to pay to get the ads removed because they're that awful, and I just hope the devs will use our ad money to finally do some updates.
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5 years ago, Jaybird 56
i had this game on my phone a long time ago and it was the best game ever. i played it all the time. please update the game where i can play it! i am on the newest update of my phone and you have to update it before i can play it anymore. its been 5 years and i really want to play again. please update
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11 years ago, Jharrison2113
Cool game. Well worth the time spent downloading it. But really it's a pretty fun game. Kinda confusing on which way your going to throw the dynamite but I'm sure it's just user error. Ill figure it out. It's challenging and fun. A bit repetitive but over all a great time killer.
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11 years ago, Arbbal
Complete rip off
Awhile back there were two versions of this game. One was free and ad supported and one you had to pay for. I downloaded the paid version to be able to play uninterrupted. Now they put ads in the paid version as well, and expect you to pay another dollar to remove ads. Avoid this game and anything else by this publisher, who knows what other stunts they will do to nickel and dime you to death.
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11 years ago, Fraggledrag
I absolutely LOVE this game.. But it keeps crashing and I go to play it again and it makes me do the same mission over every time I try to play it because it crashes every time.. The game is great though!!
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11 years ago, Melon702
Fun but needs an update pronto
So t know if makers still read the reviews. Very fun game but needs an update for new places and maybe weapons even. Maxed out on everything and game is getting repetitive. Five stars nonetheless. Great game.
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10 years ago, D0dzy
Super dynamite fishing
The GUI for the iPad 2 is messed up the words are to big and can't see weapon store items prices and descriptions everything for this game for the iPad 2 on my version the newest is all messed up I look foreword to playing it after it is updated till then I have it in my cloud waiting for it to work if I could give it less then one star like a half star I would please update
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4 years ago, fjdvehd.
Please Update
The last update was 7 years ago this was a wonderful game I just wish that the developers could do some updating
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11 years ago, BrandonLaguna
Love it
Been playing it for over 2 years and still playing it
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7 years ago, vegyecats
Needs an update to work IOS 11
Please update the game to function with Apple’s new upgrade. Thank you!
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1 year ago, clown_balonexslayer69
Please update
I loved playing this game all the time, owner you are so cool please updates the game for us!!
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4 years ago, Please Use Less Than 30
Please update
I am also an old fan of the game and want to play again, please update.
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11 years ago, Yfcutcturcutcyfcute
The game is great but lower the price for the bill or people will not play because they can't get no
Read title
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6 years ago, Djdjfi
Please Update it!!!
I miss this game soooo much please update or release a new version. I’ll pay if I have to
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11 years ago, Chizzle rizzl
This game is awesome but please fix the bug when every time Try to go to my girlfriends house it sticks on the loading screen and never stops loading please fix it
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11 years ago, Dinocrackers13
That was a fun game wish it had more then 2 levels.
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8 months ago, LoveeKandii
Original was better.
The original was so much better. Idk who decided it was an awesome idea to ruin a good thing then ask us to pay for a more downgraded version. It was such a cool game too. Shame it’s not the same as it was.
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10 years ago, Taffy863
Love this app😘so Much fun blowing up fish😂and the fisherman crush totally lol😍He's in love!!!!! For the people who read this please get this app it is awesome!!!!!!
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5 years ago, theplayerpianoguy
Please update
One of my favorite games please update.
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6 years ago, Pie1234567890£¥€
Please update
I love this game but I can’t play it anymore so please
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2 years ago, Sarahx3Isaiah24
Still waiting for an update
We’ve been waiting like 4 years for this game to be updated for the current iOS. What gives?
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5 years ago, HDJPAT
Please update
Please update for ios 12
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6 years ago, reyalp1
I love this game and I really want to play it so can you please update it for new iOS?
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11 years ago, Kenlewis1058
Ok game
Doesn't load properly and words are written on top of each other making it hard to read and play
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1 year ago, Hotdawg66654321
Update this Game!!
This game is AWESOME!! I would love if the developers bring it back to IOS 16
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4 years ago, Rlbert
Please update I miss this game
Please update this was my childhood
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11 years ago, Shatteredchina
Love the game but it crashes
The game is really fun, though it may be better if there were a couple more boats. However, it has started crashing all the time now.
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8 years ago, 😃CWC😃
What's new?
Can we get a new update please?
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11 years ago, !:elk:!
Love it!!!!
I have had this on 2 of phones!
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5 years ago, TheRealGamerBoi
Update pls
I remembered this game today and wanted to play it again. Can the game devs please update it to IOS 12 please?
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11 years ago, g.theo81
Love it
Cool game, could use some more levels maybe!
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9 years ago, Markgomes808
Explosion of Fun!!!!!!!!
This game ROCKS. It gives any pyro the chance to what he loves best. Blowing things up. Awesome game.
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11 years ago, Dillingerink
It's fun but limited.
It's a fun game and I like to play it. But needs more boats weapons and places to fish needs more challenges. Would give it five stars when it gets a lot more options.
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11 years ago, 090107
Love it but wish I could love it some more
Love it but I have completed everything and there is nothing else. Please get new places to fish and new missions and then I will give it five stars for sure.
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11 years ago, 0680919
Just updated it and it is not that great really small and I can't read anything all the words are over lapping each other
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3 years ago, ethan_m223
Update please
Please update dude I miss this game
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4 years ago, westican outdoors
XR phone
You need to update the game for people to play on XR
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3 years ago, syndicates fan
Please update
Please update game! One of my favs
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6 years ago, Catfan77
Please update
Please update
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6 years ago, Big Mike 956
Just fun
Just fun Worth turning off ads
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6 years ago, martinsjr3
Need update
Please update.
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6 years ago, Ugfitdcir
Plz update it
Update to iOS 11 plz
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11 years ago, Saengsc
Cool game.
You guys should add more arsenal and maybe add a helper. But great game so far.
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11 years ago, Pmgomes2012
Crap!! Don't bother with this. Home screen has overlapping text and images so you can't even see what you're picking.
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6 years ago, Great and awesomeness
Please update this game on latest iOS!!
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9 years ago, abmtfw
Best game ever!!!
I honestly think this game is super fun and amazing :D
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10 years ago, Piromow
Please New Update!!!
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