Super Gravitron

4.7 (30)
37.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Distractionware Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super Gravitron

4.7 out of 5
30 Ratings
6 years ago, Benshapiroisepic
Good time waster
It's a minigame so there isn't much substance, not even a menu screen when you die. For what it is it's pretty addicting. No ads and once you die you respawn right away. It's also very hard. I've had it for days now and my record has been 7.06 seconds for a while.
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1 year ago, NeatherBen221
Great time waster game from a great title
First off, I will say that this game is NOT representative of the original VVVVVV game. The original game has about 9 different levels with a huge overworld, and the Super Gravitron appears at the end of the game. Pretty much, this game is an exact copy of the Super Gravitron from the original game. Anyways, that being said, I’ll go ahead and leave my review of the Super Gravitron by itself. First off, this game is a great time waster game. It’s not addictive, there’s no purchases, and there’s no ads, but it still allows you to quickly pass the time while still letting you put your device down. Due to the game’s difficulty, it is very hard to ‘beat’ the game right away. My best time is actually 59:77, and I’ve never been able to get past that in the 4 years I’ve had this game. I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone who wants to waste time without being glued to their phone. Now, the reason why I gave this game 4 stars instead of 5 is because of unfair moments - very rarely, 2 L-shaped attacks or 2 0-shaped attacks will come out and they’re nearly impossible to dodge if it happens. It’s very frustrating to have a good run only to have it end due to an unfair moment. And this is an easy fix too. The game seems to be using state machines to use the attacks, so an array or queue could be used to store the last 3 states and ensure that an unfair moment doesn’t happen. But other than that, I strongly recommend getting this game.
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5 years ago, aaaaA aaaAA aaAAA aAAAA AAAAA
This game is not representative of the full VVVVVV Game.
I thought I would mention this first because there are a lot of reviews that assume this is exactly how the main game plays. This isn’t even close to how the main game plays. The only thing really shared are the art, music, and moving left and right. That being said: This is exactly like the Super Gravitron in the full game. The music is the same, the game looks the same, the momentum feels the same, etc. I honestly wouldn’t be that surprised if this game turned out to be the full game slightly modified to only go to and from the super gravitron. The only real complaint I have with the app is I was never a huge fan of the gravitron or the super gravitron in the full game, so I’ve docked it 1 star for that.
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2 years ago, DragonEyeNinja
Great time killer!
I loved VVVVVV and the Gravitron on its own is fantastic! My best time has been 48 seconds for a while now - very hard, but very addicting, and easy to put down.
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4 years ago, Xenonhawk
Doesn’t Take Up the Whole Screen
This game is fun and fast-paced. I enjoy it quite a bit, but it’s difficult to play on an iPhone X because it doesn’t take up the whole screen and so I have to reach past the edges to tap the control buttons. An update for larger screens would be much appreciated!
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5 years ago, 9superawesome9
Glitch deleted high score ):
I got my high score, then went right to Game Center to check where it ranked me. It didn’t recognize my score. Then, when I went back to the game, my old high score was there and my new one was gone. I think in the past I’ve had to play one more game after earning a high score to get the game to “save” it. Can you fix this? Super fun game otherwise
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3 years ago, LoserMonkey666
5 Star
At first I thought this game was bad, but then I realized that I just needed to get gud.
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2 years ago, Kdiskdsnsidhxusndjdkjsjd
Great time-wasting game!
If you liked VVVVVV then this is the toilet game for you
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10 years ago, ZeldaandSonicforever
Super Gravitron, VVVVVV in a nutshell. A beautiful, tasty, and hard nutshell.
Super Gravitron is basically the indie game VVVVVV in a nutshell, what I mean by that is Super Gravitron gives a example of both the main concept of the game and difficulty of it in a simple and fun minigame. Super Gravitron takes time to master but that doesn't make hair peril long hard, the blocks flying at you have a distinct patter so once you know these patters and learn to use both of your thumbs (Which by the way congrats on making a game that uses both thumbs in a good way.) to move the little blue alien away from ever impending doom. Super Gravitron is the perfect sum up of the hit indie game VVVVVV and it's good game to add to your Apple game collection.
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10 years ago, Dr.Pik
Super hard, super fun
The first thing I will say is that I own VVVVVV on the PC, so I'm very familiar with this engine. The app version of Gravitron works just as well as the PC, since the only two buttons are left and right (I have to wonder how the full game would work in an app). The entire game runs on reaction time and skill, so the controls are smooth and easy to understand, and the rest is up to the player. Basically, you are in a thing that makes you fall down, then up, down, up, repeat, and you must dodge objects coming at you from the left and right. Simple controls, simple concept. But it turns out, the game is super flippin hard. Good luck lasting 10 seconds. For your first 50 plays or so you'll be struggling to last 5. And that just makes it more daunting. There is a bug sometimes where leaderboards don't update and your new time won't be saved, but you do keep the achievement. You are also, unfortunately, unable to listen to your own music as you play. Many games will silence their music (but keep their sound) if you're playing music so you can play your own soundtrack, and unfortunately that is not an option here. But the game is still well worth it.
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10 years ago, Alex8879
High score saving bug
Excellent minigame from VVVVVV! The only problem I encountered was the high score not saving when quitting via the menu button in the top right. I remember this was a bug in the 3DS release a while back, but that got patched and fixed. Just to bring it to your attention.
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10 years ago, RawSketch
Let's be honest.
I got this game after I have read awesome reviews with dudes speaking about Gameboy graphic, old school arcade and similar. 1) Being a guy born and raised in 80's, it's my duty to inform you that this game tries to mimic The Mighty, Good, Old Commodore 64's graphic. It uses its system font too. 2) Talking about the game design and its main character, I used to draw sprites of such complexity when I was 12 years old, on this machine. Understanding this is just a minigame and free, it gave me a good idea of what the complete game could be. Back in the days, those were the tipical (bad) games coming from magazines on a cassette (yes, tapes!) of random games, that after a first try were ending up in the bin or passed to a friend. Indeed I would not pay a cent for the related full game.
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10 years ago, foxglove_9
Addicting though not happy about the 10 second bug
Played and played until I finally hit the 10 second mark and with the joy of seeing the trophy award pop up I went to the leaderboards to see where I stand. It still had my previous time of 8 seconds. So I’m back at it again to make it to 10 seconds (currently at 9.54). Fun, extremely difficult, game…or more like test of dexterity.
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10 years ago, itsjusttoomuch cx
A Small Bug
I luv dis game ^^ but I encountered a small glitch or bug... So, I had to complete 10 seconds. So far,my score was 9:26 seconds, then I got 10:08. So when I touched the little icon on the top right corner, it went back to the menu. When I started playing AGAIN, the time set was 9:26 and it said on the bottom 10 second trophy -.-. So, I have to complete dis again but I can't ;o;. Plz fix dis...
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10 years ago, Gunshotproductions72
Amazing Game
I love this game. I played for at least an hour straight. Reminded me of Super Hexagon then I realized the developer is the same person, lol! Was not disappointed. I love the instant respawn after you die, makes it the amazing game it is. The only thing I will say negetive is that at one point my high score didn't save.
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10 years ago, Chipperson
Only one request...
I would like the option to switch the controls to the same D-pad config I've come to know and love from VVVVVV.
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10 years ago, Abdul11111111111111101
Great game!
A very addicting game especially if you have friends to compete with. Although, there's one big flaw. It keeps deleting the high score(!!). I really hope you'd fix that because it's getting to us. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Nfjdwigshdsuj
Please fix this bug!
Help! I completed the 10 second achievement, but when I quit out and tried again, my previous record replaced it! It took a while to get to 10 again, but the glitch happened AGAIN!!!!! Please fix!
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10 years ago, Zathandrapussvalierius
Super game
Terry, you're pretty good at making super games Super hexagon, VVVVVV and now this. Just... Wow. Reminds me a lot of super hexagon soundtrack wise, and gameplay wise. All you've gotta do is move left or right!
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10 years ago, Capt._
I love it
It is as hard as the original game! So all of the people who are saying it is too hard that is haw the game is supposed to be, but other wise love the game!! :D
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10 years ago, Mmmmmmfood
This dude knows how to make games
I wasn't even raging, I was just like "oh my god! awesome!" whenever I beat my high score. This is such a cool game. Definitely recommended.
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10 years ago, OO7 is awesome
WOW! Incredible! This is so hard but so fun! Very we'll made and to me doesn't take that much space on my Iphone at all!
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10 years ago, Ckaidjwhckxisjxjsocjwjcj
Also try VVVVVV!
This is a great example of why Terry Cavanagh is a great developer. His direction is tight, brilliant, brutal yet achievable, and fun. I highly recommend this game, as well as VVVVVV, the full experience.
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10 years ago, Cracky999
Challenging and Fun
This is a great game with great potential...but it's only a sliver of the whole experience. Go download VVVVVV and you won't be sorry.
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10 years ago, Gestersmek
Lots of fun!
Very challenging, but has awesome music, smooth controls, and addicting gameplay. 5/5
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10 years ago, sjcifkekc
really fun game
another simple game thats really fun. but theres a bug... i passed the 10 second trophy mark and got 10:14 seconds, then when i re-opened the app, it says my best is 9:22 seconds. so it would be nice if there was an update to fix this. besides that, this is a really fun, fast-paced game
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8 years ago, Power of boss
Great game
You guys should make more games like this. Very challenging and simple
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10 years ago, jfjdhsjskdbdjsjsbsjodpd
Buy this game NOW!!!!
this game is more addictive, challenging, exciting, and fun to play than FLAPPY BIRD WILL EVER BE!!!! Give it a chance and download this game NOW!!!
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10 years ago, troggirl
It's a cool game, but way to hard. I couldn't even get the 5 second trophy. The patterns take hours to memorize, if your brain can even process what's happening, where your alien is and when.
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10 years ago, AWESOMECAKE0
I <3 this
This game is so fun. I just got it and I already like it. Good job. 10/10.
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10 years ago, Haunteddevice
Perfect answer to attention deficit
This game is so addictive and brilliant in it's simplicity.
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10 years ago, Adnan Geek
Awesome !!!
I Love It Too Much ... It Has An Amazing Music ... I Love Your Games Just Because Of Their Music :) :)
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10 years ago, Rheoguq
Used to work, stopped working
Please fix this, then I will change my rating. Very addicting game, but it stopped working. Goes to black screen after title page.
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10 years ago, Kevan786
This game is just amazing.
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10 years ago, longjoydivison
Really great. Doesn't seem to be saving my high scores right.
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10 years ago, Math dude 3.14159
Glad this was available...
because if this summarizes VVVVVV, I just saved $2.99. This game is terrible, not fun, and pointless just as VVVVVV must be; I thank the game publisher for allowing me to find this out without wasting money.
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10 years ago, kaenm
Blurry graphics. Bad time format. Since when is "60ths of a second" a way to measure time intervals.
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10 years ago, Bleeding ears1
Can a game be too difficult? Or is absurd difficulty the point. Either way I disliked it
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9 years ago, gigacoconut
Awesome music, insanely difficult
This game is unreasonably difficult. Any success feels like pure luck, nothing rewarding. The music is amazing and is what makes this game feel fun, but it's actually not.
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10 years ago, Tintin-san
A waste of time and energy
In the 80's there were few crappy platformers, but I can't imagine one that bad and pointless.
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10 years ago, iGamerXtheTaylover
As Challenging as usual!
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10 years ago, Bugloaf
Flappy Bird with music
The music is good and the look is cool, but this is insanely hard.
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10 years ago, imgucciyoupolo
First review
Pew pew
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10 years ago, ToxicCheese
There is nothing wrong with a challenging game, but brutally difficult just for the sake of it is not fun.
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10 years ago, moser.tron
pice of junk
it deleted my high score that is 5:43 it says that my best time is 4:26 its a crap game!
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6 years ago, apschaver
I like this game very much. It is really hard and fun. I can’t get above 14.14 seconds but that’s okay because I constantly practice to try to beat my high score. A lot of my friends have this game. I really want to beat my high score
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10 years ago, Hnfjoshfhire
Worst game ever
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10 years ago, Coil_Whine
Another great minigame by a great dev
This game is so addicting and super fun, I'm hooked. Quick fact - If you didn't know, Super Gravitron is a minigame in VVVVV, which is one of my favorite games. I'm glad both it and this minigame came to the App Store, because the gameplay and touch controls work perfectly here. My best score is 6.22 but it makes you want to earn and work for more. And it is achievable - I had almost given up when I got 6.22 seconds. I love everything about this game and by all means if you like this then buy VVVVVV and support the developer. 5/5 Follow me on Twitter @Coil_Whine
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