Super Mario Run

3.7 (70.9K)
245.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super Mario Run

3.74 out of 5
70.9K Ratings
8 months ago, Jeremiah4211
Fun but..
I love this game. And I understand why you( as in any game developer with in app purchases) ask for money. You need it, just like anyone else. But on a child’s app? Pls, this is the ONLY reason I did not give 5 stars. Please make it where you ( a person playing the app) unlock the extra levels by playing the game. The more a person plays, the closer to playing a new level that person gets. Please. If and when you change this app, and I notice it, I will give your game 5 stars. Thank you developer. I make this review sincerely. Thank you. Pls consider. Edit: Hi Nintendo! I have suggestion. I LOVE interactive games. Can you make Interactive Mario game? Like Talking Angela, but talking Mario. And you can still be like normal Mario, but you earn players when you finish a task like, for example, “Mario defeated 80 koopas”. I beg you to make this game and to consider my idea for making this app free to play. Thanks, Nintendo, for your hard work over the years! GO MARIO! GO PRINCESS PEACH! GO TOAD! GO NINTENDO! Thanks! And a Talking PEACH! AWSOME! Edit:Pls respond
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7 months ago, felbert18
Pretty nice but…
This game is fun, but there are plenty of issues. For one, TEN BUCKS for half a dozen worlds, which is six. SIX! Only SIX! Remix 10 is pretty fun, but the zooming out is annoying. And the cliffs. Don’t make it automatic. Please. I’ve gotten doomed by it so many times! Oh, and more issues. Unlocking some characters. God, I’ve been trying to unlock Luigi for about two years, Yes, TWO YEARS! And I still haven’t unlocked him. Wow. Now, you may be thinking, why is that so hard? Here’s why, toads. I got the green toads for it but jeeeeezzzz, the purple toads don’t happen. On top of that, you get them from toad rallies. Oh, toad rallies. Ok here’s where the games rating for me goes from Great! To “I hate this now.” To put it simply, most of them are what I feel like is impossible. Oh, and your punished for losing. And it’s impossible on top of losing toads for failing? Really? ugh. I’ve restarted my game about a dozen times every 10 minutes. Just because I’m absolutely DONE with losing these toads. Especially the purple ones because guess what? I lost about 25 one time because i lost by 1. WHAT?!?! That’s just evil man. Well anyways that pretty much all I’ve got to say one this. Oh just to mention, I tried a level on the main game about 975 times. And one of those times around the 520th, I was about to win but I somehow fell through something and died. Why. Just why. Ok that’s all. Does anyone really read these things?
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6 years ago, Sarahface81
Paid a lot to be frustrated
I was excited to download this game when I finally realized I could play Mario on my phone, until a couple levels in and I realized I had to fork over 10 bucks just to unlock six worlds total. SIX. Not to mention a whole boatload of my data. Oh, and then the star worlds, which don’t unlock until you complete a series of near impossible challenges. Seriously, I gave up on unlocking certain star worlds when I was about to smash my phone. The rally is maddening because this app’s ability to maintain a connection is meager at best, and if you disconnect for a second you lose your ticket and toads, thus setting you even further back. After multiple disconnects in that I finally learned to stay away from it. The remix ten is fun in theory, even though it’s really just the same six worlds shortened and recycled over and over again, but some of the levels have the bonus medals set in places where it is truly impossible to collect every single one. Or ridiculous obstacles are set up, like running straight into a turning blade because there is no way to stop yourself but no way to get the medal with just letting it hit you. If they could be slightly less stingy with the pause buttons throughout the levels and WAY less rigid in the ridiculously challenging nature of certain levels, this game might’ve earned a few more stars. For now, this data destroyer has been removed from my phone.
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12 months ago, LNgaming
Had it for a looooooooong time but it is a Mindbreaking game.
I agree about the Remix 10 and the rally being fine but it’s the tour that is stressing me out. A lot of the last special coins are put in places that are impossible to reach. I am also VERY disappointed that it seems that Nintendo tried to hide this fact by putting in flying goombas and other flying creatures that you can jump on. FYI: The bubbles are USELESS when this happens. I mention the bubbles because the gray special coins that you know you missed could easily be regained before the end of your run by going back using the bubbles to the area that’s right before you can get it. Imagine this, you’re wanting to play a Mario game on your phone or iPad during your free time. You get the game, see that it’s somewhat fun, there’s the obvious ads too, but it’s a mobile game, what else should you expect? Then you see this, you can only play a very small amount of the game without spending money. If you think what I thought, you then try to get all the special coins because maybe that unlocks something, you quickly realize that even if there was a reward, it’s impossible for you, a human being, to perfectly hit the jump button 2 or 3 times on the exact pixel that the game intended for you to jump on. This is incredibly stupid.
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5 years ago, PixelOtaku
Of Course You Have to Pay
I don’t understand why so many people feel that they’re entitled to a free game when it’s a solid game that you should pay for. When downloading an app it will say whether or not there are in game purchases. $10 is a reasonable price for a full fledged game that doesn’t ask for micro transactions on top of that. On top of this, so much is available to try for free to decide whether or not you’d like to purchase the game. It’s essentially a free demo. The mechanic of this game is that Mario (or whichever character you choose) is always running forward. The levels are relatively short so it’s all about being technical with your jumps to get those special coins. There’s no harm in testing the game out. You get the first 4 levels (world 1), Remix 10, and Toad Rally available to try. Purchasing the game gives you the other 20 levels (with 3 challenges each level). Highly recommend trying it. You can even play your own music in game which will make the characters wear headphones while running (which I think is a cute detail).
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4 years ago, Flyingminimuffin274
Great game!
This is one of my favorite games! I love the fact that you can play music while you’re playing it, and I also really like remix 10! One thing that I would add to the app is make it so that people can play offline. Sometimes when I’m on family road trips and I’m bored of playing all my other games I check to see if I can play offline, but I never can and that’s really disappointing. But other than that it’s a wonderful game. Another thing that I would change. I like that you can play as different characters in toad rally and the other levels, but not in remix 10. And I don’t like that a lot. I mean, I know that it’s sort of unfair to play as Yoshi the entire time you’re playing remix 10, but Nintendo, could you PLEASE make it so that after you rescue Daisy, you could get to like, spin a wheel that landed on either a character or a “you choose” thing so we wouldn’t have to play as Mario almost the entire time? If you can do that that would be AWESOME and I will thank you a MILLION times!!! That’s all for now! Byeeeee!
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5 years ago, Jeremy2810
Wonderful Game!
Super Mario Run is a truly stand out experience in mobile gaming. There aren’t any micro transactions. The purchase price gets you all the content and it’s great content! There are 24 basic levels and 9 “star” levels which are unlocked through special challenges. Each level also has challenge coins that add another layer of difficulty. Collecting all of the black (the hardest) coins takes some real skill. In addition to that there is a Toad Rally mode that lets you run against the ghosts of other players wherein you can unlock additional characters with different play styles. There is also Remix 10 which gives you 10 rapid fire courses and challenges you to collect three special coins per course. It really is a lot of content and a good challenge to complete it all. The one downside is the “always connected” requirement. It would be great if this weren’t necessary but all in all this is really well done game that is very well thought out and highly polished. I recommend it.
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7 years ago, Spiderman8199
Lots of fun in its first iteration, new update isn't as feel-good
I love all things MARIO, and had lots of fun with the original levels and Rally. However, there are some big issues with the Remix-10 game. First, you can't choose your character like you can in the other levels and rally. Second, you can just re-start a mini-level, if you want to re-start, you have to start back at 1, and then they are all different every time. You can't improve or overcome certain challenges this way, and it makes the game less fun and not feel good to play. Also, while you are playing, a star could unexpectedly descend on you in a bubble, and even though it can potentially cause you to miss the rainbow coins by messing up your game play, there is no way to stop the star from activating. Very frustrating when you have to bounce off of some Koopas to get the coins, but you can't because if a star you didn't want. Also, for those of us who collected a lot of coins and purchased lots of decor and buildings for our kingdom already, the prizes given for Remix-10 are underwhelming and not much of a goal.
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3 years ago, H8r💜r
i really like this game but...
there are lots of times during toad rally where it lags and then causes me to lose, so that’s frustrating. i can’t imagine anyone being interested in watching the replay thing at the end of each road rally, so i wish they would get rid of it instead of making you skip it each time. it would be much better if there was a little coin counter during the rally. the blue stars that show when you do tricks are sometimes too much and make the screen so busy that it can make it hard to see your enemies, so i wish they would tone that down. also, the remix 10 music is horrible and obnoxious! i can’t stand it and i wish they would just leave the normal music for that too. i end up having to go back and forth turning the music on and off between remix 10 and the other parts. also, you can’t adjust the settings like sounds in the pause menu, you have to go all the way back to the kingdom and open settings. i’m really surprised nintendo isn’t more evolved than that. it’s really nice that you can mostly play with one hand (can’t reach the pause button or the bubble with my right hand) and that you don’t need to tilt for anything because then it wouldn’t work well when you’re in bed or reclined on the couch. i wish there were like 8 worlds or more. overall, great game, just some things i wish were different
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6 years ago, Wifi03
A fun, solid yet blemished first attempt
What Nintendo has been able to do with just a single tap is pretty impressive, and should be commended. The levels are fun and offer different paths that encourage replayability as well as allows for some really satisfying moves while playing. The lack of annoying microtransactions is also quite refreshing. I would rather pay upfront than parse out the actual price of the game and slow my momentum. It’s a very satisfying feeling game to play, a testament to the perfect marriage of simple but effective controls and smart level design that incorporates it. But the town segment feels incredibly tacked on and pointless, and they really need to add new levels to the “offline” segments. Offline is in quotations because you still need an internet connection to play which in my opinion ruins the point of a MOBILE game. The anti piracy excuse is flimsy at best seeing how it doesn’t actually effect those who know what they are doing. It really casts a dark cloud over an otherwise solid game. The good news is, these are not unsolvable problems, and the devs at Nintendo are pretty smart people.
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8 months ago, kay9 595
This game is trash 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
OK, why I said this game is trash is because when I finished the first three levels, then it said I had to pay to move on. And I didn’t really want to spend a whole lot of my net so I quit the game and I almost deleted it. But I can get tickets easier and do runs, but then I realized that I had to pay with my coins to get tickets so that’s technically buying tickets with my money 💴. This game also gets on my nerves. Because every now and then it says I have to decorate camp or buy some new tickets. I was pretty scared if I spent my money all on this game, I would end up being broke in the end. And I do not want to give away 564 dollars just on a video game. But Mario run reminds me of a treasure map. And I should be pretty upset 😡 about this game because I know deep down in my nerve and gut, that, this game will soon make me spend SOOO much money just to get new levels. And I can delete this game whenever I want. This game should go in the so called “critical” section. Also if you don’t make me pay for new levels, maybe I’ll keep this game. If not then I’m deleting it. Make it free ASAP! P.S MAKE IT FREE! From: zzzeeebbbrrraaa
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6 years ago, yachts are reall really cool
*Read Before Buying
Hi please read this review before buying. Okay so a lot of the reviews are saying how it’s not worth buying it because it’s ten dollars, personally I disagree this game was worth every penny. Think about some of the best games on iOS, chances are in that game you have to wait for things to build or stamina to regain, not this game. Also the game your thinking of is probably pay to win, but in MARIO Run you literally just spend $10 like it’s a DS game and then you can play whenever. It never gets boring. The 6 levels you get can be played over and over again until you get all the different colored coins. There is also other game modes. I took a chance on this game and bought the $10 version before I even demoed it and I don’t regret it a bit. If you want a game that changes all the time this is right for you. Perfect for older people looking for that nostalgia aspect and perfect for younger people who love gaming. I hope this review helped out.
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4 years ago, PikaPrue3
Why must everything in game have to cost real money !😡
So I got this game years ago and I had to pay real money to go any farther so I deleted it. Then a few months ago I got the game again and it started me over which I was fine with since all I remember about the game is paying real money. I saw remix 10 went to it, it gave me 10 toad tickets, it was cool, I liked it, it was new. But once I played the levels I was stopped at level 3 and couldn’t go farther I had to pay real money again so a few days later it let me go to level 4. Then it really said I had to pay real money in order to go any farther. It also said in order to get more toad colors I need to pay real money. Which had a plan for my kingdom to get many many character houses so I can have many many runners but they require certain toads! And I also had a problem with toad tickets. Everyday I would get 1 toad ticket from that mini game shroom rarely 3. And the remix 10 takes forever to beat with 1 toad ticket a day. Remix 10 is also very long and I got stuck at the first boss battle. So I deleted the game and maybe Nintendo will make things not cost real money! 😡
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7 years ago, BurkeKyle
Fix Toad Rally
Mechanically this game is amazing and the single player mode is great. The problem is with the asynchronous multiplayer mode, Toad Rally. In it you are pitted against another player’s character that is controlled by AI. When you win a Toad Rally you win Toads of various colors based on what your opponent has to offer in the opponent selection screen. These toads are used to unlock items and other characters you can play as. Unfortunately, if you aren’t amazing at this game, or your phone dies, or the app crashes, or you lose your connection and can’t re-establish it in a reasonable amount of time you lose toads. This makes it near impossible to collect the high number of rarer colored toads that are required for the character unlocks. Until this is changed few people will be able to experience the full breadth of this game since all of the characters were smartly designed to control differently so some characters are better at some things than others. Nintendo, please either set it so that we no longer lose toads or reduce the number of toads required for unlocks.
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5 years ago, Marsian fano
Cool, but not cool
Ok, so I can’t play all levels without purchasing the game. Also the remix 10 and items in shop. Also, some people really like Luigi, so when the game gets downloaded, you should have both brothers for a free starters pack. All levels should free to play, because I am getting tired of up and over, wall kicking it underground, paratroopas in mushroom valley, and Bowser’s Castle hangout. And I am not allowed to in app purchase and even if I am allowed, still am not paying 10 stupid dollars just for that. Other than that I LOVE remix 10... minus the wait time. Could you pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee update the game with every level for free!!!!!!!! I’m really bored of the same things over and over and over! It is just sooooooooooo annoying. And, you should be able to play as who ever you play as in tour and rally. And make Luigi free! I LOVE Luigi with his high jump and he has always been my favorite character from both brothers. He is sort of better than Mario. And you should certainly have more than four available characters for people who cannot start world 2-1.
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7 years ago, ACarraretto
A must have on mobile
Hot diggety dog, this is probably one of the best mobile games I’ve played. For those of you complaining about the price of the game, which is 10 dollars, geez, there’s no other purchases in the WHOLE game! Compared to most free games (as a lot of us like to call “freemium”), the price is worth it. Whereas in these free games, they have currency that’s worth about 5 times as much! And the only thing that would do is just give you an unfair advantage over others or just get you a SLIGHTLY better high score. And those games can possibly be glitchy and really broken. This game is super smooth, and personally I haven’t seen a single glitch. Props to that. The gameplay is also great. getting all of the medals is a nice challenge, and playing the new remix 10 mode is a pleasure, especially when you find a secret level. Unlocking all the characters and trying out their unique abilities is nice, and collecting toads in toad rally to get new buildings is also cool, even if it’s something super hard to get like peach’s tent. I prefer games that you need to pay to PLAY the game, but not “free” games that are pay to WIN the game for even more. So if you don’t like the 10 dollar price tag, then stop paying 800 dollars for a new iPhone with one of the only differences being a glass back. If you can pay 800 dollars for that, or even 1000 for the x, then you can certainly pay 10 for a fantastic game.
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5 years ago, NightFuryForever
I really like this game, but......
Hey. Just to start, I really enjoy this game and play it a lot. However, there are some things about it I don’t like. First of all, in toad rally, I can never win a rally. I always get the pink coins, never die, do lots of tricks, get the flag, and get coin rushes, but my opponent ALWAYS seems to beat me, no matter how hard I try. I win probably 1 out of every 10 games I play and it is getting kind of annoying. I am trying to unlock new places, characters, and level up my castle, but I can’t because I never win any toads. I also think that there should be a midair trick for EVERY character to get some extra points. And there may be, except I can’t ever do them. I watch my opponent in toad rally, and in the peak of their jump, they do a trick. How do they do that and I don’t? Anyway, I love this game, but I think it needs some improvements and more recent updates. The last update it said was 6 months ago! That seems like a long time. But keep up the good work and please help improve the game for your users. Thanks for listening!
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4 weeks ago, isiwozngmwka
why is everyone complaining about the price and how hard the levels are
every mario game costs money and on the switch and wii the games ranged from $30-$70 so $10 is perfectly reasonable. theres so much content in this game too 6 worlds doesn’t seem like a lot but thats 20 levels and each level has 3 different variations(one for each color of secret coins) which brings the total to 60 levels not to mention the star levels which adds another 9 level each with 3 variations too so a total of 87 levels plus another 4 levels if you get all secret coins in the game and 3 mini games not to mention the number of characters you can unlock which is 5 different colors of yoshi, mario luigi, peach, toad, toadette and daisy. theres also toad rally where you play against other players trying to get more coins than them and trying to attract more toads. and the more toads you get the more buildings you unlock all the way up to the most exclusive building requiring 50,000 toads which takes quite a long time. theres also remix 10 where u play 10 short levels trying to get 3 remix 10 coins and those coins allow you to get the secret block which gives you access to 186 buildings and decorations. all in all this game has so much to offer and $10 is a small price to pay for any mario game let alone one with this much content
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6 years ago, FreshPie
Deceptively Complex – Give it a Chance
I started playing Super Mario Run when it first came out but gave up after a few days, disappointed that they'd turned an excellent platformer into a single button endless runner. But I came back to it, and I must say that it's really well made. It actually maintains the depth of standard Mario games; it's extremely easy to control but a challenge to play. In hindsight, I don't know why I expected anything else. Think of how many classic Mario games you played by just holding down the right directional button and pressing A whenever you needed to jump. Not only does it play as well as other 2D Mario games, but it's also evident that the developers put a lot of thought into level layout. There are tiles that pause Mario's running, letting you time your next jump to get a combo off of an approaching enemy, there are earlier sections of levels that have you do something seemingly bizarre and contrived so that you know what to do when you encounter new mechanics at the end of the same level, and there are sort of decoy mechanics—places where it looks like you should do one thing, but if you do, it makes it impossible to get a star coin, so instead you must think of an alternate approach. If you made the same mistake I did in thinking Mario Run was another shallow endless runner with an expensive IP attached, I'd highly recommend checking it out.
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6 years ago, TyTheTromboneGuy
Pls read Nintendo⬇️
Don’t get me wrong. I love Nintendo, have been a fan for so long, and the Mario franchise is my all time favorite, but there is one problem with Mario Run (the reason why i only gave 4 stars). Mario Run requires internet connection, not only for Toad Ralley, but for the entire game. And some parts of the game, specifically the Mario Tour levels, it doesn’t make sense for it to require internet. We can’t connect to the internet at the school we go to, and my mom keeps taking cellular data off my phone, so that means I can’t play Mario Run that much. (Let me mention i play this game more often then any other game on this phone.) At least let players play the Mario Tour level offline. And if not, well I can’t do anything. I know you put a lot of effort and time into this game, because it is amazing, but please let us play offline on some parts of the game. I will always be a fan of Nintendo, whether I have a Nintendo Switch or not. Yours truly, TheTAC (Tyler Collins)
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4 years ago, GoogForPresident
Good but needs more
I do enjoy playing remix 10 to get Rally Tickets, but I think this game needs more. 1: Why No Powers? The super star is there and same with the mushroom... but why not more? even a Fire Flower would do. I do wish there were some more things to help you in a level. 2: Needs more updates, I wish the creator could actually bring us new things, as well as TOAD only gives you a gift once! Well come on. Atleast he could give me back some real Mario mayhem. 3: In order to play as toad, you need to link a Nintendo account, and it really takes up you’re time. 4: I just passed world 1 and they’re asking me to pay when all of the worlds need payment just to restore peach’s castle. Come on Nintendo. Why are you making us pay to play the game? I just feel like this game needs to take prices down a bit. And make more updates. 5: You need to wait to play a level in Remix 10? Well COME ON. Though I could watch TV or play a different game, but truly this game is truly frustrating and that’s why I deleted it.
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2 years ago, Unicorn540
This is such a fun game! I think that it’s pretty Amazing you can unlock Princess Daisy, I would love to give it 5 star’s, but there are some issues: like how you have to PAY MONEY JUST TO PLAY THE REST OF THE GAME! lvl. 1 , 2, 3, and 4 are free but the rest are money. So you can’t unlock princess Peach without money! And when you play remix 10 you have to have toad tickets! You have to wait for a bonus game a “?” Block , or you have to get all 5 of the special coins in the level,and it’s super hard to get ALL 5 coins, once you get them all you are only rewarded with 3 toad tickets! 3! It takes 4-5 hours for for a another “?” Block to appear. And you have to get toads to get a “?” Block, most of the time it will be just three toad tickets, and sometimes it’s just coins. Oh yeah, and after you did a remix 10 course you have to wait 29- 90 min and sometimes 1 hour, But it is a great game! It is super fun, Sorry’s SUPER FUN! Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, and you CAN play! So anyway Bye!
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7 years ago, T628H
Amazing Game!
I purchased this game the day it was released I had patiently been waiting on it. I’ve been playing it since and I still love it. It’s a 1 time payment of $10 but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. It’s fun, some levels are easy, some are challenging but that’s what makes it so fun. The controls are simple, my 3 year old niece LOVES it, it keeps her busy while cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc. and she is able to play this game with no problems (on the easier levels of course) so it’s a great game to keep your kids occupied while getting things done around the house and they love it! It always has things to look forward too, and play towards to continue to unlock new features while giving yourself a challenge! It’s just an all around good, fun, family friendly game. Worth every penny spent, and I’ll continue to play this for a long time. I give it 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and 6 if I could!!
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6 years ago, 🎁🤖🎁😹🎁
Epic and addictive
I got the game 4 weeks ago and finally decided its time to buy the game it is worth 10 dollars and is the best mobile game I look at how many hours I had on screen and it said 150 in the last 7. Days but the gameplay is easy all you do is tap and the game goes on toad rally and remix 10 are the easygoing parts of the game but beating the star world and the tour with all the coins is hard I spend about 2 hours a day just trying to get the stars I only need bowser castle but on remix ten you pay 1 rally ticket and you go through a series of ten levels trying to get star coins the levels are short making 1 world completely done in 15 minutes the road rally is where you get toads in a competition to see who can get more coins winner takes toads earning the toad are worth it because it helps you unlock stuff in your island or islands you can friend me at xmanswitch Xavier
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2 years ago, p*nis_€ic$er
Hey you, you have recently thought of getting this game back after deleting it in 2019 due to the lack of gameplay. Yes this game is still like it was back then. Either pay 6$ or 10$ for the dlc (all colored toads and being able to unlock more buildings and characters). And don’t get me started on remix 10, if you were og and didn’t play this. This is basically a little simple run to collect as much rainbow coins for big prizes( not really worth it) also at the end like 20 worlds you get daisy. (Also not worth it). If your new to the game or would is seeing reviews to download this don’t. It’s not worth your time your not going to get much content unless spending money on the game. In all, this game is souly for you to spend your money on the game due to lack of gameplay since it’s literally pay to play more. DONT download unless your willing to spend money. Also it’s till boring.
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4 years ago, sexualprincess77
OK so this app is good and I recommend it it’s just I have a few problems like you have to pay for the yellow and purple toad and I really want Luigi but I can’t get it because my parents won’t pay for it and I can’t get yellow or purple and I need purple to get Luigi ends and it’s really great and you can’t have like the big courses to rescue princess peach and I which like you could maybe make stuff that you don’t need for the game like to like have fun with the game and unlock different characters and like play Just money and the stuff that you do need just make it free and yes I know companies need money to keep working but like it’s just not fair person to people that really want like a bunch of different characters and that want to let’s just have fun with the game it’s really great do you recommend it but yeah could you please fix some of the problems and like lower the cost of the prices maybe and make some free I’d really appreciate it bye
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6 years ago, mercavo
Amazing Game but needs more Characters
I enjoy playing this game. It is a nice way to relax just taping the screen to make MARIO jump. If only there were more characters though. I want Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, and maybe some other characters. Maybe there can be new power ups from the game that have a time limit. It would also be nice to have a mode to look back on history and information about past games. It would be a nice way to get new players into the other games. Maybe the characters can be unlocked in a hard way or using My Nintendo as a way to make people sign up to play the game with there favorite characters. My last request is a mode to get music from MARIO games like Galaxy or Mario 64 or even Odyssey. You can charge players $3 to let them listen to old music from past games while they play. It would only be a great way to make a great game better. Thank you for reading.(if you are) Ps Just add Rosalina !!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, #sharpinup
Why do we have to pay?🤦🏻‍♂️
When I first got the game I was really excited to play it for the first time but after the first bowser boss fight it said I had to pay 10$ to continue. But I was young back then so I didn’t get it. So I got all the colored coins and yes, I also got the black coins too. After that it still wouldn’t work. So I went to the purchase screen and saw that every now and then with my purchase I could unlock Luigi witch I thought is cool but I still had to pay. I also read reviews from sonic and the olimpic games. (sorry for the misspelling) And after the metal sonic boss in the first world you had to pay. I understood their hatred towards that game and I see the same feel from this game’s reviewers. Please Nintendo, if you see this review, notice how all these people feel about your game and how it could affect people’s thoughts about your new mobile games in the future. Sooner or later you could lose fans and they could move on to SAGA. And you wouldn’t what that do you? So please, change this now or else Nintendo could be no more... thank you.
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5 years ago, wq4200
Yes and no...
Here’s the thing... I’ve grown up playing Mario kart since Nintendo 64..... was super excited for this to come out, and I now play on a regular basis... however, the problems I have with it are as followed; 1.)it’s extremely difficult to fall off the course, the game practically steers you in the direction you need to go. It really requires minimum skill to clear the course. 2.) the game accelerates the car automatically, so the player really only has to steer and throw items (not much skill involved) 3.) when playing with other players you can still get items even when the person in front of you clearly takes the item box first. It’s a strategy to take the item away from the opponent behind you and the game doesn’t allow that, i just feel as though it’s a handicapped for game play. All the other Mario karts required a certain skill level that I feel this doesn’t live up to. It’s a great game, however i don’t feel it lives up to the standard Mario kart hype for us true players
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1 month ago, Moises._20
I Like This Game
I Love Playing Super Mario Run. That is my childhood game I play at my older Samsung tablet. I Grow up on Playing Super Mario When my brother (Pedro) Gave me a Nintendo 3DS console and An Ds game (not the 3DS game ) That is name New Super Mario Bros. Ds And Play the entire game of Mario (Because I was born in 2013 I play a half game). Also I play the Nintendo 64 And play Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 Ds New super Mario bros u And deluxe I play Mario kart 7, SNES Version and the Switch version and now Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I watched the tv show name Super Mario World and play that game. I play the retro 16 bit in my tablet and Watched the movie. And Isaias is Luigi, (8)he almost turning 9 years old) Kamila As Princess peach (Which is my close crush) And Me (Moises) I am Mario. Also my crush is Rosalina from Super Mario galaxy. That all the game, tv show, Movie, and merchandise; I have a Mario movie toys and shirt. Thanks you Nintendo for bringing my old memories 😌❤️🎮
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6 years ago, WhydoIneedauniquenamehere?
Close... ish?
The game runs sloppy and really choppy if you get a weak connection. Why do I need one at all in a single player game? Do what MGSV does, and re-sync on a connection. Don’t force it at all times. We know Nintendo is smarter than Konami, but they can’t make a single player game that only phones in for stats and updates? The stars need fixed as well. Either bubbles need to be able to be avoided, or I need to be able to bounce off of things while invincible. Impossible levels pop up all the time because of the stars. How do I double and triple jump to get things perfect when it’s instant death for the thing I have to bounce off of? The game is pretty well polished when everything is working, that much is true, but the issues it does have are pretty significant ones, and ones that keep me from spending money on it to unlock everything else. If I were issue free now, I wouldn’t care about the price tag, $10 isn’t much, but that $10 surely won’t fix my current complaints.
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5 years ago, Dolly777
Just Like The Consoles
Mario is one of my favorite game series of all time. Heck, the second I knew it was coming to iPad, I asked my mom if I could get it for Christmas. Now, several years later, this game is still going strong for me. People complain about the price, but... since when was a Mario game "free"? When you think about it, it's actually a really good deal, especially for what you actually get. More levels, more playable characters, more buildings, etc. Plus, there’s even mechanics that I would love to see in another 2D Mario game. Vaulting over things is actually incredibly satisfying, (for some reason.) and the Toad Rally mode is a blast. (I'm pretty sure it might have been what inspired Super Mario Maker 2's Vs. mode.) Don’t have a lot of spare time? Play Remix 10. There is so much to do in this game, and it's why I'm rating it 5 stars. If you don’t have this game, get it. You won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, Buzter7190
One of the best games on the app store.
I LOVE this game. I bought the full game a while back and since then it has been one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about there only being 4 levels in the free version and you have to buy the rest for $10. Honestly, the price isn’t that bad. Nintendo could’ve put this game out for a much higher price since it’s Mario. The game also doesn’t shove a bunch of painfully bad ads every five seconds on the free version, like half of the free games on the app store. The free version, though only having the first world, has a lot more to offer. You still can access all of the other stuff, just for a little bit of wait time. The full version just adds a couple of extra things, with the addition of the other 5 worlds. The gameplay is both a mixture of classic Mario and iPhone.
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6 years ago, NiImM
I love your game!!!!
Hey there. I love your game very much. I own everything in the game except the big tent, the black tube, and the star tube/trophy. And I have 20,000 toads. I’m writing this review today to ask you a big favor. I love the remix feature you added!!! Super fun and honestly I feel will never get old. My favorite part especially are the remix courses inside the levels. They don’t try to make it hard, they make it fun!! And it’s so satisfying to run through. I am currently level 110 and I was hoping when I got to level 100 there would be a special reward like a whole level of just remix courses. Again, I’m writing this review to ask something, and that is if you will please read this and consider something like this. If anything, I hope maybe it brings inspiration to a great alternative. Thank you very much for your never ending commitment to this game!!!
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7 years ago, ThatDude18
Hey, it’s pretty good
Let me fanboy out here before I actually get to my problems with the game. This game is a great mario game, and one of the best mobile games out there. There is only one purchase for EVERYTHING in the game, and that purchase removes all wait times, which are usually a pain in the behind. There are no ads and the “Lootboxes” are easily earned and not available for purchase. Most of the level designs are great, and the additional modes and coins add much needed replayability. Now the problems (if you are still here), there aren’t enough level variations, and the same levels with slightly different enemies or blocks take up most of the “Tour” game mode. The toad rally is kind of useless because the rarer toads (yellow and purple) are almost impossible to get. The newer remix 10 mode is ok, but gets tedious after a while due to the same level snippets being repeated over and over again. You should also be able to get rally tickets in other ways than the minigame and tour mode because they are needed for toad rally and remix 10. Finally you should be able to make friends In-game and not involving e-mail or message, and maybe have a weekly “top ten kingdoms” list or something so you have a reason to upgrade and customize your kingdom (in which you get tickets for winning). This game is good in my opinion, judge it for yourself.
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10 months ago, RhianKaelinFaye
Has potential
It’s incredibly frustrating that you can’t go backwards except by pressing the screen with one finger and jumping backwards with another finger, which uses up too much time and is a major struggle. (And it doesn’t even save the colored coins you did get- it clears after each play unless you’ve collected all of them.) Otherwise, I would never have gotten half the colored coins I somehow managed to get. And even when you clear the first group of worlds and beat Bowser at the end, it doesn’t open the next group of worlds. I’ve only seen a random world open temporarily daily. It seems you have to collect each colored coins- at the least, who knows what else- from each world, and I didn’t even know there was another colored coin until I managed to collect all of the pink coins in one world. There seems to be so many things that need to be collected or can be done, but I couldn’t even find a guid/tutorial to explain it. It’s a shame, because I miss playing Mario Bros.
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9 months ago, Attemp for the ice giants
I have to pay for a journey?😕
My only complaint is that us Mario fans cannot experience the classic Mario excitement of our expectations due to the paywall.😑 It is not proper that players are required to pay for the remaining worlds with real currency instead of in-game currency such as coins or tokens. To resolve this, I suggest that you cancel out the the present requirement, and replace it with a different unit of mission. An in-game based one of your choice.💡 Besides, the thought of paying for the freedom of Princess Peach is rather tart, don’t you think?😍👸🍑💵😟🥺😔😫 In fact, Peach is my favorite Mario character!😍 For me, playing as the princess is all I could ever want in a Mario game, yes!🥰 (aahhh..) Returning to the subject, a mobile Mario game demo is nice, but a full mobile Mario game would as sweet as honey.🍯 And being that’s what it is, it truly would be best to eradicate the paywall! I’m not letting my princess rot in a dark castle while I run like a headless chicken for cash!😅 From me to you with truth and love.✌️
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6 years ago, DoubleOstrich
Amazing game—just one criticism.
Ten dollars is a small price to pay for this excellent edition to the Super Mario Bros. series. Playing the game is easy, yet continuously exciting. Each level of the game is complete and difficult to master, while every other feature of the game (e.g. Toad Rally, Remix 10, etc.) is satisfying and fun to come back to. This app would be perfect if it weren’t for one thing: the clouds! In every high altitude level, platforms made out of ugly and out of place smiling cloud blocks are present for Mario to walk across. I see no reason why they can’t be more smoothly drawn, or at least not have faces! The clouds barely even look like the clouds in the background scene. It can’t be that difficult to draw a repeating, one-block-tall bar of cloud that looks slightly more realistic. I hope this will be considered by anyone thinking about downloading the game.
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4 years ago, Zadie K.
BEST... GAME... EVER!!! 😍
Most people don’t like this game because you have to pay ten dollars once you get it, but, unlike other games, THAT’S IT. There are no other opportunities to spend money, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be good at the game *cough* Roblox *cough*. Also, you can never get tired of Mario Run because you can always play Remix 10, the original six worlds, or a Toad Rally. Also, there are lots of hidden levels, like how when you get all the pink coins there is a whole new set of levels. You can also make the characters put on headphones so you can play your own music. Lastly, the classic design of the game and the bright colors keep me coming back every time. The one thing I would fix is to have your purchases show up on all your devices, not just the one you made the purchase on.
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6 years ago, xlCrystalkittenzlx
Great.. But Ouch the price!
This game is great don’t get me wrong. But the one thing that bothers me and makes me disappointed is that you have to pay $10 to unlock everything. I was hoping for FREE but if not then maybe just $3? People are saying “They keep on adding on things for the members so it’s worth $10”. Yes, I get that, but at the same time this is $10 we are talking about for a mobile game. I know they need money to add on more, and I LOVE Nintendo it’s just I can’t use $10 that I could use on food or maybe a shirt or pants that I like. $5 isn’t that bad but then $10. The deal with getting Luigi for free is really good but it still doesn’t convince me to pay $10. Also, if all of the sudden my WiFi goes out and my data decides to stop working that means I can’t play. If the price is shortened down to $2 $3 or $4 then I will buy it straight away and give this game a 5 star rating. Thanks!
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1 year ago, scam what a scam
Nintendo this is for you and Illumination
Ok so I’m 8 now and I have a switch not the OLED but just a normal and my mom loves Mario she learned how to play it a few years after the game was realeased in 1985 and and she played a game cube when my gammie had a Nintendo system it was a wii I found out what a switch was I wanted it SOOOO bad and on my fifth Christmas I got Two switch games Mario odyssey and Team Sonic racing both are my favorite but Mario the most and I have all power moons (I think) and all the clothes I like how y’all added ballon run and I’m trying to pull off trick shots with cappy so I’m just saying I’m really happy that you are making a movie ok and CUT Illumination’s turn! Illumination I’m really excited for the movie! My two favorite movies that you made are minions and the bad guys! Also thanks for showing us Gru’s childhood in minions the rise of Gru.
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4 years ago, Luigi Time! ❤️
Great Game!
Super Mario Run is one of my favorite games. I feel like Nintendo really did a good job with this one. You can do so much with Mario with just a single tap! I feel like the price was really good for all the content you get. The game also doesn’t lag, no matter what mode I’m playing. The Remix 10 mode was a wonderful edition to the game, giving you short levels to play, infinitely! You get wonderful abilities with all the characters, and building your kingdom is great fun. The only thing I wish was different is in Remix 10. Sometimes you get a Super Star while your playing, but you need to bounce on enemies to get a Bonus Medal. Well, when you get the Star by accidentally jumping into it, you can no longer bounce on the enemies. I feel like a button in the bottom of the screen, like an item box, would help with that. Thank you, Nintendo. Great game!
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5 years ago, AI Glitch
Buy a switch instead, don’t waste your money
Whenever I try to play the game there are constant popups saying either “Try again after finding an area with a better connection” or “A communication error occurred”. No matter how strong the Wi-Fi is or where I go, it always does this and it pisses me off a lot when I just want to sit down and play a MARIO game (even though it’s not a MARIO title). AND I HAVE TO PAY 10 freakin dollars just to unlock only six worlds and toad rally. Toad rally is really tilting me because I will play against opponents who score more points than me, even if they did barely anything and just strolled through the whole level. I get every star coin, I got 3 super stars, got tons of coins, but they still get more points somehow. Not worth the $10, the game is a money grabber like a lot of crappy games. Remix 10 was a good idea but I don’t understand why you have to go so far to save Daisey. Buy a Nintendo switch and some other MARIO game instead like Mario Odyssey or Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. MARIO is not meant to be played on a phone. Don’t waste your precious $10 on this game.
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2 months ago, achonody
Love that you can play with one hand!
I’m disabled and I Cerebral Palsy And I absolutely love that you can play this game with one hand! I am a huge Mario and Yoshi fan and this takes me back to the days as a kid where I would play on my game boy! However, I no longer have the same use in my right hand. So this game is perfect! This game gives me the nostalgia and it is also a challenging and it’s still fun and it’s one of the few games I am able to play! I just got back into it because the Delta emulator that I was hoping to be able to play game on. I cannot use the right side controls because of the limited use of my right hand. Please I’m begging you make more games like this one, there has to be other users like myself! Thank you so much for making this game and please do not take it away!
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4 years ago, GameCriticofAmazingGames
Useless, boring, and expensive
Don’t bother with this game. It’s really useless in terms of Mario games. It lacks identity and has really stupid gameplay. This game would be just as good if you could actually CONTROL your character. Oh wait, yeah, CHARACTERS. Wanna know how to get them? BY TRADING TOADS. This game APPROVES of SLAVERY!😡😡😡😡😡 Anyway, returning to subject. This game is super lame after playing the levels over and over again. Remix 10 gets on my nerves after awhile, and playing story mode is dumb. Also , you have to PAY $10 FOR THE LAST 5 WORLDS?!?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah, hey Nintendo, when did you turn into Epic Games? Hahahahahahahaha! Creating a world is pointless. There is no online to visit other people’s worlds or attack em, or anything. Toad Rush, or whatever it’s called, does not feel like you’re playing against actual people. Yes, you’re playing people’s old playthroughs on the levels, but it would be fun if there was some online mode where you play against other people, not just old playthrougs. Also, friend codes. DELETE!
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6 years ago, Lilabele
Great Game! Just some suggestions.
I love this game and I’m honestly addicted to it. I have just a few suggestions. For starters, the ability to visit you friend’s kingdom. There are so many possibilities for decorating your kingdom, but you can only really share through actually showing people and screenshots. I’m gonna use Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (ACPC) as an example. In ACPC you can visit your friend’s and other people’s campsites to see what they’ve done to it and maybe get some ideas. I feel that a similar addition would be pretty cool. Next, characters. This is obvious and, though there are many characters that cannot be playable there are still some possibilities. For instance, Maybe someone like Rosalina could be unlocked by completing the star world. Once again, I love this game and I would love to see whatever is added in the future.
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6 years ago, ふぉとスケッチ
Some recommendations for improving Remix 10
I also agree with some of the reviews here that it is impossible to collect all the bonus medals at every stage. First of all, the mario at first stage is small and some stage requires normal size mario to obtain bonus medals. I’m assuming the stages are assigned randomly each time but starting out with normal size mario or always provide the red mushroom at the beginning should solve this frustrating issue of “restarting repeatedly until a proper stage that a small mario can also get all the bonus medals appears” Also the sudden appearance of yellow star did destroyed quite a lot of opportunities to get bonus coin using vaulting jump. Yellow star is definitely useful to help collect coins and I really like using it but for those who want to get all bonus coins throughout 10 stages, such issue can be frustrating as well. I also hope that players can choose different characters for remix 10 in the future :)
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3 weeks ago, Rising17
Fun Game! 👏🏻
This is a really fun game! It’s enough of a challenge that it gives you the excitement and mild frustration of any good game, but not impossible or overly easy. It’s been a long time since I completed all the levels and finished my kingdom, but I still enjoy playing levels for fun and doing toad rally and remix 10 (is that what it’s called? 🤣). I think it’s generally an impressive game and one of my favorites. I do have a few suggestions: 1. The requirements to open the star world are very hard. I’ve played this game for years, so I think I’m decent at it, but there are still several of those I haven’t unlocked. Is there any way to have maybe an alternate way to open them (like getting a certain amount of toads)? 2. Sometimes when I’m playing remix 10 (or whatever it’s called), I think the gam glitches because I get all 3 special coins on a level, but then at the end it doesn’t count them. Could you look into this glitch? 3. I never play online, but I still can’t play without internet, like if I’m in the car or something (I play on an ipad). Do you think this game could be played without internet if it’s offline? Thank you very much for reading, and thanks for making such a great game!
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4 years ago, monkeyboyjdk
This is a super cool game!!!!
I love this game. The 10 dollars are worth it because you can play the levels over and over again and not get tired of them. They have three different coin levels in each level, which keeps me busy. Also, I like the star levels. I’m glad that they are challenging, because it takes some time to unlock it, but once you do, the level is SO fascinating. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them. REMIX TEN Also, I like remix ten because it mixes levels together and shortens them. Sometimes it even uses shortened levels from toad rally. You have to pay a ticket to play it. That might seem a bit unfair, but there are many ways to get tickets. Right now, I have 99 tickets, which is the limit. That is the only problem. Problems: 1. The limit of tickets should be removed
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5 years ago, Suppersweetkitty
Laggy jumps 🤬😡😭
•I played the game today and I was doing toad rally while I was doing it I always fell off a cliff over and over it was very annoying. I jumped but the game did not respond I repeated and to no avail 😤 I hope you can fix this. I also don’t like I have to pay 10 frikin dollars 💵 for the TOUR. Please make it so we don’t have too. I know you need to make money... but I can’t have unlimited toad rally tickets so I have to wait and wait and wait until I get more 😭 soooo 😢 but i love it otherwise. Thanks, and try to keep the game alive. Also, how the heck do you challenge your friends to a world tour thingie? IT DID NOT TEACCH MEE HOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like you have a limit to the friendly run. I don’t care g=how many people use the friendly run,, just make it so that we don’t have a limit because i don’t have a lot more toad run tickets also sorry if it is long to read 😂 🤪😜😋 or at least make it easier to get the 🎫 tickets • Øπ¬∏ ¬˙˙¥∂åç˙˙ thank you ❤️ but otherwise best game I have on my iPad. Yay! ❤️ 🥳🤪😛😋😜😋😛😏😩🤪🙁🤪🤓😜☹️🤨🥳😜🥔🍇🍠🍈🍆🍒🥑🍓🥕🍇🥔🥬 😐 I love ❤️ emojis 😂 Do you have stickers, is there another app. If there is i would prefer to NoT get it because I am almost out of storage 😢 ❤️ cutekitty ❤️ happy and bored player
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