Super Mega Worm

4.5 (132)
88 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deceased Pixel LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super Mega Worm

4.45 out of 5
132 Ratings
6 years ago, Dw14BOMB
Great Game
Overall this is a great game. I love the simplicity of the graphics, the gameplay, and the audio. The only reason I give it four stars is the lack of multiplayer support. My only suggestion would be to add in a local multiplayer support. I wouldn't recommend adding online multiplayer, though, because that would a little too hectic.
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3 years ago, sandworm lover
Problem with leaderboard and achievements.
This is a super fun game but I do have a few complaints. One, I can’t actually open the achievements which is same with the leaderboard. Two, why does mecha wojira cost money it should be free? Anyways. This is a great game. I hope you make another type of this game :D
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3 months ago, Sono Hayate
Very fun but has bugs on iOS 17.2…
Still a super fun game! There seems to be a menu bug where nearly every option just says “Arial” as well as a number of other small bugs in the game, but luckily it’s still playable. An update to use the full screen would be amazing!
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5 years ago, AlphaDragon777
Amazing game!
I think this game is absolutely awesome, and was fun to play. It’s also an improvement from Super Mega Worm Lite because Super Mega Worm Lite crashes every time I finish time attack, yet that doesn’t happen in the full version. I also have Super Mega Worm vs Santa as well. I think that one is even better.
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1 year ago, JohnwesleyA
Awesome game! Use the app store icon!
This is hands down one of the best games on the App Store. It doesn't get old! Love the game center stuff, can't wait for more. Need cities!!! Where are all the new levels?! Give me more levels!! More modes! More things to EAAAAT! Put this on Apple Arcade!
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3 years ago, Sergayo
OG game but...
Why don’t you guys update the screen size ratio for the new iphones. also why is every word in the game replaced with “ARIAL”?
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3 years ago, Tommyzeldafan
Very addicting
I’ve been picking this game up on and off for over ten years now, so happy they keep it updated to support new iOS versions
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4 years ago, Ace of frogs
Still holds up
I bought this game what seems like a lifetime ago, and it still gives me some primal joy to destroy humanity. Would recommend
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3 years ago, Tom F Z
Game is pretty short – But fun
Don't get me wrong, I loved this game, but I wish there was more to it. I beat the game in less than a half hour, and i'm not even that good at most games. It also barely has any replay value once you beat it. Please add more to this game.
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6 years ago, Tarqinator
Brings back memories
I played this a lot when I was a wee lad.
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8 months ago, hdh_k
Game play
Excellent + the developer must update the game so that it does not appear in the Apple Store
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1 year ago, DRKPHK
Problem with in app purchase
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13 years ago, StarvngArtst
Still Sort of Crashes...
Thank you guys so much for respoding to the crashing bug so quickly, it was greatly appreciated. I was so excited to try out the new mecha-worm and was really upset to find the game still crashed on start up. I tried again with success, but when I went to buy the Mecha Wojira the app asked for my password, asked if I was sure, then crashed. I received a receipt from iTunes saying that I bought it, but when I re-started the app, it asked me to buy it again. Now, knowing that when you try to buy an app/ in-app-purchase twice your account is never charged a second time, I kept trying to get the mecha-guy. It just finally made it now, and I can say the new character is amazing and very refreshing. That said, the app still crashes at the start around 50% of the time for me, although when it does make it to the title screen it seems to run perfectly fine. I guess your bug fix sort of needs a bug fix. :)
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5 years ago, Parker Knight
Crash at level 18
Game crashes at level 18 on 12.2 update on AppleTV.
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8 years ago, 1UpRusso
Apple TV Controls Useless
The developers need to get their act together and fix the Apple TV controls for this game. Completely unplayable.
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14 years ago, Duckster1
Retro 8 Bit Fun!
Updated review: Ok, by now everyone should know that the update has a few bugs that make this game unplayable for some to those of you who bought the game knowing this, stop whining and wait for the fix. this is no reason to give this awesome game a bad rating. For the rest of you out there who had the game already here is a tip: If you sync your ipods regularly do what I do and update your games via wifi directly on to your device, that way if you get a bad update you can delete the App then just go and sync your device to your computer again and reinstall the old playable version of the game. I hope this helps as i am never unable to play my favorite games due to bad or unwanted updates. At first glance as you are browsing the games you might pass this one over a few times like I did but if you're into retro games go ahead and take the plunge and buy thus game it is so addictive and fun. Yes the controls take a bit of a learning curve to get used to, I prefer the slider over tilt control but practice makes perfect and it won't take too long to get the hang of it. For a real challenge there is even a tremors option which makes the game more difficult because you can't see anything above ground until you break through. All in all a super fun game, I paid the 2.99 for it and am having a blast. Pick this one up while it's on sale, you'll be glad you did.
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9 years ago, Awesome super player
This game is one of my all time favorites, and I'm not just saying that, it really is good. Hell, it even is one of the "essentials" on the entire store. Me myself though would enjoy an update, because updates are good, and we as people like good things. I have some suggestions for you to think about: 1) Worm customization because it's just kinda bland. Maybe the option for a custom palette swap, funny hats, or glasses and ties! 2) difficulty settings because I like a challenge, and some people think the game is hard enough. Normal mode would be the current, easy would be slightly less difficult, and hard would be more challenging. 3) a storyline. Because the only story type stuff is at the very beginning and the very end of the game. After five or so levels, the background should switch and you could be in a different place, like a city for example. Or in a desert. And maybe have cutscenes to showing, the story! 4) Music! Now don't get me wrong, I love that one song. But that's just it, there's only ONE SONG! It's called variation, or, having more than one song playing. It could be random and change every level. I dunno it's just that the same freaking song. If these things were added, even just some of them, I'd give this game a 6-🌟 rating. (If I could lol)
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14 years ago, The Godless
Pure Retro Arcade Heaven
This game has proven to be the most fun I have had since first playing Angry Birds. I can truly think of nothing that is lacking in this game. For future updates, (and for all I know, these may already be in the game) I would love to see some underground food and threats in later levels, some additional weapons and special moves, a really fast animal that grants super speed for a period of time when eaten, more interactive environments above ground (like buildings to smash), boss battles, and progressive environments like a sea level, a sloping mountain level, and a sky level. Note: This game now crashes after the latest update, which is of course on my brand new phone. I guess nobody tests things anymore! Don't ever let game developers build you a car. Note Note: I did finally find a flaw to this game. For some reason, in the middle of some games, you will completely run out things to eat. I usually wind up speeding back and forth underground looking for food, as I slowly die. I've tried eating birds, but even they run out. Not sure what I'm supposed to do to survive this flaw.
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14 years ago, ZOMGITSME
Great everything!
This is by far my favorite app, and most played, simple, easy, fun gameplay, that does take some time to get used to, but overall, its amazing. The graphics are very classic and retro looking which i think all apps should have because it makes it so much more fun. The pixelated gore is very well done and the story/idea is also very interesting. But there are some problems, the game does not really ever get "old" per ce, but it gets kind of dumb because there are only 24 short levels, and once you gain all the powers and replay it, everything is sooo easy. So my requests are more powers, a longer game or more levels, and maybe even a free play, survival, bonus or other mode that you can play to get the best time score or whatever. but it appears to me this is an app company that listens to what you say, so hopefully they hear me out, all in all, a well worth purchase! :D
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14 years ago, kungfu.mushroom
Can't save during long games.
This game is absolutely a ton of fun. But the rounds can go on forever. There is no support for application switching or a function to save during a game. So you can lose a lot of progress if you don't feel like playing for an hour straight and want to check your email or respond to a text message. Fast app switching support should at least be added if no save function is added. Also, I wish the scenery changed as they levels progressed. Some of the characters and animals change, but not very much. It would be cool if Super Mega Worm was like Rampage: World tour, where the worm travels to major cities to blende them of humans. And if there were terrain elements like buildings. Maybe if there's a sequel.
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13 years ago, ninjatoaster13
whoop whoop! "(O.o)"
Hey u guys finally fixed it! Luv da update and new worm-monster-thing. Its cool but i discovered a tiny glitch - when i spacejumped, i was holding up on the controls and he just kept going higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher until i was in black space for about fifteen minutes i got bored and motioned the controls downward and did that comet drop thing. I then smacked the ground and ran into the barrier that stops u from going any farther underground and lost half my health (btw u usually lose health when u hit it, but barely). I havent been able to do it again, but it was cool.
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14 years ago, quijanoth
Hollow entertainment (played on Ipad)
A fairly interesting throwback to the days of simple, brainless arcade games. Openfeint support, particularly acheivements, would help, but as it is, the game itself is unsatisfying. Once the novelty of eating babies and smashing through trucks wears off, one is left with the distinct impression that something is missing. Additionally, the slide control is woefully implimented for the iPad...a game that requires pretty solid precision to take out flying enemies really would benefit for a control style that takes advantage of the extra screen real estate. Tilt is a little better, but, again, when you're trying to hit the balloon or parachute enemies to get the last few guys to move on to the next stage, control shouldn't determine if your game is over or not. Not a terrible disappointment for a dollar, but full price should be avoided.
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13 years ago, Pickle1212
How to beat Santa
1. Fill up your EMF gauge. (you need at least 3) 2. Jump vertically up at Santa. When you're at the height of the jump, tap the emf button. Right as you leave your EMF "bubble", tap it again. Repeat three times until you can "eat" Santa. (spitting at him won't do anything) 3. Repeat that four times and he'll fall to the ground. Now fill up your EMF gauge twice (to make them red on your body) and when you're near Santa, hit the EMF button and you'll go into "worm time". You'll be invincible so get near him and eat him as many times as you can. 4. He'll then turn into Mecha-Santa and you'll have to eat him again in worm time and you'll put an end to his littering ways.
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14 years ago, Flash2k
Pretty fun but a few improvements could make it better
This is a really fun game. It's mindless and entertaining. Control your worm with touch or tilt controls and tap to speed up/spit. Runs fine for me. Nice smooth retro animations. Only suggestions - 1. Touch controller could be larger and more accurate. Sometimes seems like it isn't responding or my thumb has come off the area to control the worm. 2. Inconsistant populations, in one round I had lots of cars to bounce off and lots of people to eat by level 6 and then in another I was barely finding anything but cows at level 10. 3. Needs more variety of humans, locations, etc. Maybe even some power ups to collect. Also, if we are supposed to be wiping out humans why are we eating cows, ducks, birds? Update - I still think my original minor issues hold. But I've been playing more and see that the levels remain the same each time you play and some are hard to get the guys in the air. I guess I got better because I started smashing my high scores. Really fun game, kind of bummed I got it a day before the sale but it's OK to support the dev.
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14 years ago, Humanoid 17
If you hate the controls, switch them to dpad
I find tilt and slider annoying & hard to control, but dpad works pretty well! Game is fun but pretty repetitive. Angry Birds is much more challenging and even Fruit Ninja doesn't take as long to get interesting. Also while retro graphics work well for some games, they just look bad in this one; I'd rather have sharper looking prey. Finally, while I get the humor, I do find the environmentalist screed a bit annoying; why can't we just play a worm that eats people & their machines without all the "browning of the earth", "humans are parasites" nonsense. I'd recommend Helsing's Fire, Angry Birds, Doodle Jumper, Sheep Launcher, & Fruit Ninja over this but it's also not the worst iPhone game i've played and is probably worth $0.99 if you've already played out these others.
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14 years ago, tipman2000
Great fun... For 20 minutes.
This app was great fun for a while but once you finally beat all the levels there is no replay value. I still playit a bit but there come a point when you're playing it just to feel like you got your money's worth. If they would update this app and add more features like a high score system or maybe another mode then I would five this 5 stars. At the time I bought it it was 99 cents so if you can nab it at that price I very highly recommend it but until they add more features don't expect to play this for too long before getting bored. The art is great and the music and sound effects are great but once you beat it that's it...
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14 years ago, fleshdunce
Very fun, addictive gameplay
This has quickly become one of my favorite games for my iPhone. The gameplay is simple, straightforward, but really fun. It has a very good soundtrack, great retro style artwork, and is easy enough to pick up and play when you have a few moments but might be harder to put down once you have to get back whatever you were doing before. Leaderboards were a nice addition but what I'd like to see even more is some sort of co-op or challenger mode in which one can compete with friends to see who can eat/destroy the most. This game is well worth it at the current .99 cent sale price..get it now before the price goes back up.
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14 years ago, PureSkill™©
Super Mega Game!
The game is just like how you might imagine it would be. It is very sweet. The retro graphics, sound effects, music, and gameplay are all top notch. Controls are good and more new controls are on the way. There is also a cool tremors mode which makes you blind to whats above ground while you are underground. The game has great difficulty progression and gets very challenging. Getting a new high score is incredibly fun and once you have all of the upgrades, it is like playing a whole new game! The difference is astounding. Apples GameCenter is included which enables online leaderboards and also achievements are coming in a future update.
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14 years ago, no3rdw
Great game with a great sense of humor!
A lot of the reviewers here dislike the controls, but After playing for a few minutes, the slider control becomes like second nature! The tilt controls seemed much less accurate. If anything, thus game is too easy- it let's you keep all your power-ups so once you've played through it once, the next time is far less challenging. Still a lot of fun, as I've beaten it a few times now and keep going back for more! :D. I hope the developer continues to add levels and/or new enemies! Some kind of boss battle at the end would be sweet! MY BABY!!
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14 years ago, Rob Wiseman
Great game!
Probably the most fun I've had since I bought my Ipad. It's the first game I liked enough to review and I've bought a LOT of them. It is easy to finish in a couple of hours, but the price is right and the joy of eating hundreds of humans in a variety of ways, taking down planes, copters and tanks with gusto and gore had me smiling for hours. There is a known bug that, after completing the game, you cannot start a new one. The developers were quick to respond to me when I contacted them and there is a fix on the way. I deleted the game and reinstalled it so I could play it through again.
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14 years ago, RiskySnail
Awesome game
Great but repetitive. As mentioned in other reviews the game does not save your level so you must start over every time (though you get to keep your evolutions). Controls are frustratingly innacurate. Dont bother trying to use tilt control, stick with the slider. up to level 8 is cake, then the challenge seems to start. [update] - The lastest release has fixed some of the previous issues with the game. You can now continue on the level you left off (making it rather easy to evolve quickly) which keeps the fun going and going.
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10 years ago, CantFindBacon
Fun and addictive
Tip on How to fly: This is trick with EMP Go low and sprint toward ground vertical and go high as you can. Use EMP when there is a bird or flying enemy near you with in range, then it should go slo mo, press directing you want to fly really short so the head turn, turn the head down until the head is 45 degree from bottom, as soon as you reach that spot, press UP without pressing any buttons, you need to practice little bit to do this, then you will start losing slowmotion and then by the time slo mo ends, you will be heading horizontally. Then you will start flying at insane speed and there ya go. You can go space with this trick I've done it
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14 years ago, Adrianburgers
Best game ever!!!!!!!!
Best dollar I have ever spent in this app store. I mean angry birds is getting a movie deal. NO. This has a better story line and game play to get a movie deal. Both angry birds and doodle jump either get boring cuz it's the game jump game, or I get frustrated at angry birds. Read my lips, this is going to the top. P.s. Control was confusing at first but after 10 seconds I got it down. P.s.s. In the next update for a new ability you should add this;(all your little body parts drop a bomb, explosive not emp, at the same time. That would be epic. Just take that idea I don't need credit for it.
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14 years ago, bjarke11
This was by far the best game I have played on any idevice!!! Stunning old-school graphics, great controls, excellent gameplay! The only thing that would make it better would be more levels, and a "free play" or "survival mode" option, where you would see how long you can last without dying, and instead of counting down how many humans left to kill before a level up, it would keep track of how many humans you have killed, with no level ups. Keep up the good work! I hope to see an update soon!
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14 years ago, Wirvi
Still a great game but...
You guys should make the icon of the app back to the way it was instead of that boing gray one you have now. I actually haven't updated the app yet because of the boring new icon. I guss that's kind of a stupid reason but I probably won't updat it until the old icon is back. I may not get all the cool new features in the future but at least I'll still have the old icon. And agian, I know this is a really stupid reason to not update but I really like that old icon. So please bring the old one back.
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13 years ago, kite license
One of the best iOS games yet.
Super Mega Worm is definitely one of the best iOS games I've come across. The gameplay is unique, entertaining, and just plain fun. The retro look makes it even better. Although the controls may seem a bit odd at first you'll quickly adjust. I was playing this a few days ago on my bed, lying down on my stomach, and my neck became stiff. I couldn't put the game down. You may be laughing now, but just wait until you get your hands on this game. Overall, this game is fantastic. I'm don't believe the app has Retina display-optimized graphics, but it doesn't make much of a difference because of the retro pixelated (yet gorgeous) look. $2.99? This is a steal. Buy this app. EDIT: Okay, I guess "Time Attack" is nice, but… achievements? You guys have said they're "coming soon" many times before, and they're still not here. What gives?
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13 years ago, LisVender
Fun, but control is tricky
Love the misanthropic premise: surge from underground and eat mankind alive! The chunky pixel graphics and wild particle effects are lovely. Building momentum for a huge breach from the earth is a thrill. My only complaint is with the weird controls, which don't feel intuitive. Of the 3 given control methods, the d-pad works best for me, but it's still not totally right. I think this game would greatly benefit from a "wheel" control option, such as the one used in Doom Classic for the iPhone. I expect that steering the worm with such a control would work quite well.
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14 years ago, kingpin1177
Great game and rocking art style!
For everyone having crashes, update your iOS to version 4.1 - I haven't had a single crash since. I can't say enough great things! It's one of those rare games that actually continues to get played after the first day of purchase. When I show the game to friends, I have a hard time getting the phone back. And added support now for Game Center leaderboard etc. is awesome. Hint - you can really rack up points once you get the worm high up into space - super combos!
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14 years ago, 103737294072638509472662
Great Game!!
This game is great, I played it until I beat it, only took like an hour though... To anyone who gave 1-2 stars saying it's violent: no duh. Did you even read the description or looked at screenshots before you bought it?! This game has promise though. I give it for stars for several reasons: Kinda short, it's tricky to restart once u beat, redundant (add more enemies), more frequent bonus levels (i found that it took me several tries before I got the whole bouncing on top of vehicles down. Looking forward to updates!
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13 years ago, rotstik
Still the best.
With the recent release of the original "worm game" on iOS, SMW's vast improvements are only made more evident. If only we could get an analogue stick... Beautiful pixel art, awesome character design, intuitive control, challenging nuanced gameplay, and pulsing chiptune music come together to make one of my favorite titles this year. The game metes out skills, that when unlocked are available from the start in subsequent playthroughs. This system is genius, giving significant legs to the score-run formula. The variety of victims and their behaviors reinforce the playability. Super Mega Worm is a must have for action gamers, destruction lovers, and Tremors/Dune/Panzer Dragoon giant worm fans. There are few things more satisfying than blowing a car up into the air, shooting the airborne vehicle, and diving straight through it's ejected driver, turning him into a shower of pixel gore.
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13 years ago, Ol.Dirty.Orphan
Amazing, But
Don't get me wrong, Super Mega Worm is indeed an addictive little platformer with much enjoyment to be had (Human slaughtering :)), unlockable abilities) However, there are to many bugs to mention (eg. Slowed framerate after a few minutes of play) Crashing truly seems to be a major problem, and I'm quite bored of the same level. At the moment I would go out on a limb to say, there are plenty of other $0.99 games on the appstore with much more content, making Super Mega Worm almost obsolete. Update with some bug fixes for 3 stars and more content for 5. A true gem, but still seems like beta. Will definitely be amazing upon completion.......
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14 years ago, Dom reviews
Awesome but..
This is definitly one of the best apps ive ever played. Great 8-bit action and great concept. Its really fun and all but the thing is, you only get three powers. Normal spit, fire spit, and the EMP power. I think there should be atleast ten different powers. A giant worm is more capable of more then three. Aside from that, there's only 25 levels. I played and beat the game four times thinking there would be more to the game, but there is still only twenty five. I'm gunna rate this four out of five. It would be five stars if there were more powers and more levels.
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14 years ago, alevill
This games so cool!
It plays like a retro Nintendo game, the controls are smooth and the gameplay is very addictive. This is worth every penny! I can't wait for the updates. I really want to see lives so if you die in a higher lever you could have the chance of continuing a little longer without having to start in the beginning. However it sort of adds to the retro feel of the game. A quick 5 minute mode like another reviewer said would be great!
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9 years ago, Kraken126
To actual gamers
As a gamer I only play games on steam and such, as a prefer to spend money on games and have as little microtransactions as possible. How ever this game (I forgot how much it is) is high quality. It may not be my favorite game, that honor belongs to demon's souls (yes they made a game before dark souls.) the gameplay is superb, the graphics are nice, lore, not so much. But still, if you're like me who actually buys games, and not spends $2,000 in a game of farmville and stops playing the game and moves on in life, you should like this game.
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13 years ago,
Fun, but *really* buggy
I really enjoy this game. However, it crashes constantly (an easy one to replicate is to get into space during a bonus, and let the time run out). It also crashes at other, apparently random moments. (New iPhone 4, up-to-date OS, not modified.) Also, sometimes after a crash, it starts off at the same level (but with no score), sometimes at the first level (with a short worm, but all the evolved abilities - but you can't renew the EMP because there's no gems). Apparently "cops" aren't being counted correctly in the GC Achievements? Some achievements have a nice progress bar, but that one stays empty, even though I've gnabbed plenty. Beyond these issues (which sadly, really effect the enjoyability of the game when it crashes), it's a lot of fun to play. Here's looking to some bugfixes and more levels in the future.
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14 years ago, Plankston
Death Katamari
(Game works great on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1) This is what Katamari Damacy would have been, if instead of sticking people and animals to your rolling garbage ball you just murdered them or ate them. It's fantastic! Controls are easy to get used to, the retro aesthetic and music are wonderful, and the game has a great sense of the buildup of power - you start slow and weak, but soon you become an unstoppable alien worm raining hot death down onto the world. It's a little slow to start, but it's well worth a buck. Game Center integration is very cool too!
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14 years ago, the_Stark
This game is the epitome of what apps should be. I am a die hard SNES fan, and this retro 8-bit NES styling is awesome. The game is a simple concept but executed so, so well. Graphics, music, and controls? At first they seem difficult, but there is a subtle learning curve that makes it much more rewarding when you master them. Please add more content. This sounds stupid, but I'd buy it again to support the devs. It's rare you find an app this good. And I've never written a review before.
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14 years ago, JCat56
Incredible and Different!
OK, this is the king of iphone games where screen shots do not do it justice. The moment you start your end to mankind, you will not be able to put it down. Love the control idea, sounds and superb retro graphics. You know you're about to play something special the moment you start the game up. Congrats to the developer's for putting their heart into this ... it shows. YAY for GameCenter support (see I told you these guys are awesome!).
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13 years ago, Dig7
In app purhcase- Mecha Wojira
Update: The developer was patience with me and respond promptly, I am pleased. Also he was very helpful with my issue with the game :) ---------------- I paid 99 cents for mecha wojira and it was awesome to play it. But when I exited the game and returned it, it wasn't there and looks like I have to purchase it again? I quit the game and start it, same result. What the heck? Is that normal? If so, it does not makes sense to keep buying Mecha Wojira every time I start the game. I hope it is a bug...
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14 years ago, MaRvN28
I still don't see why the Wojira starts of with the same abilities it has to earn. Shouldn't this reset everytime u start a new game? The update didn't bring much more than just a useless d-pad (sliders WAY better), bad grammar in the characters bubble captions, and the ability of being able to continue where u left off. Big deal! I still have to wait for another FUTURE update (who knows how long thats gonna take) to get some new levels, characters and hopefully get rid off some of these bugs that are still lingering. 2 stars until these issues are addressed.
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