Super Monkey Ball: Sakura

4.4 (4.4K)
499.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super Monkey Ball: Sakura

4.42 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
6 years ago, The nickel kid
Good game, but false advertisement of levels
This is a very solid game. The levels are good and somewhat challenging. The mini games are fun and enjoyable. However there is one nagging issue. The app description says that there are 125 levels. There are 5 main worlds, each having 20 levels. That’s a given. That still leaves 25 levels. But okay, the Far East world has ten, which brings our total to 110 levels. That’s still not how many levels the app says it has in the description. Even if the Far East had 20 levels, there would still be 5 levels missing. Where are the remaining 15 levels? This game would be better if it had all the levels the description said it did, but it’s still pretty good.
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6 years ago, Soljie
Restore Purchase
I bought this game for both my iPad and iPhone when it was paid . I installed it on both devices and restored purchase . Then i had to do a fresh restore of my iPhone because i was testing iOS betas and wanted to go back to a released iOS version . I installed all my apps from the Apps store including Monkey Ball. I did not restore from a Backup . I then open Monkey ball and tried to restore purchase, i got the pop up to input my iTunes ID and password and just as i put them in i got a call which i answered . I then went back to Monkey Ball to to finish my restore purchase and it was back on the screen asking to : play for free or pay to get rid of Ads or restore. I tried to restore again but it won’t allow me to and when. I quit the game and tried again and still no go . I tried to play the game i get adds . I then click on pay to get rid of Ads just to see if it would then say that i’ve purchased already put it went ahead and charge me again. I mean $1.99 is nothing but it’s very bad business practice to force someone to pay for something twice especially for a game i think i paid $10 buck for in the beginning, plus what i paid on my iPad .
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6 years ago, briana95220
Disappointed 🙈
First of all, I’m annoyed with the mechanics. I don’t like that I have to sit straight up and look down at my phone to play it, which is very uncomfortable. Tilt sensitivity needs to be adjustable in settings. Most importantly, I wish there was an on screen analog option so I didn’t have to tilt my phone. I want to be able to play lying down which is impossible with the tilt mechanic. Also, not sure if this is a bug or just an obstacle that wasn’t explained in the tutorial; sometimes I get turned around and can’t stop rolling in that direction. The ground seems like it’s level so I don’t understand why. I think every type of obstacle needs a short tutorial or else it’s just frustrating and confusing. Crazy amount of ads. I understand that it’s so the game can be free, but goodness I can’t even pause and resume the game without 2-3 ads. Huge turnoff. Bugs: I just completed the first set of challenges and I’m stuck on the congratulations screen. Have to restart the app. Pretty early in the game to be experiencing a bug. Tried to play the bowling mini game. The ball curves left every time no matter what. What the heck. Overall, this game is disappointing in comparison to the real game I played as a kid. Lacks basic features that all mobile games of this type seem to have nowadays. Bugs within the first 10 minutes was what sealed the deal. Will be deleting unfortunately.
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2 years ago, M_O_Marmalade
Please update this or release a sequel!
This is the kind of control scheme that smartphones are made for! The feeling is very natural and reminds me of the good old days of Super Monkey Ball 2 on the GameCube. The only thing I wish for, is for an update for the graphics. Phones can handle much more demanding graphics nowadays, and I would love to see better art in this game. The physics are good, the controls are good, the levels are good. Just needs better graphics. I’ve been playing with the sound off so I can’t speak for the sound design. If you don’t update this game, please make a sequel! Just more levels, better graphics, (and maybe some good music like “World 3 - Ocean” from Super Monkey Ball 2!!)
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6 years ago, Mystyle47
Super Monkey Fun
Once I saw this game in the App Store, I had to get it. But it has a few problems. The replay for levels is kinda broken, because for some reason the ball goes slightly off the path you traveled through and goes flying into the void. It’s pretty hilarious, but I’m sure it isn’t intended to do that. I know this game is from 2010, but could you upgrade the graphics a bit? It wouldn’t hurt the game’s nostalgic feel at all, and it would make it look 1000 times more appealing. One last thing I want to mention are the ads. I understand how they play after each level, but was it necessary to be required to watch an ad to resume the game after pausing? Maybe have an ad for every 2 levels, and have none when pressing the resume button. That’s all, thank you for reviving this game. Please make future updates.
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2 years ago, CarrieTheFairy
Need Improvement
So I am a huge Monkey Ball fan and used to play it a ton on my gamecube. This version is good but seems rough when it comes to details. 1. The tilt controls are awful and there it no choice to connect a bluetooth controller or even play with button controls. Having to hold my ipad at an upright angle is not ideal for most comfortable sitting positions. 2. After only playing for 5min I accidentally locked my ipad with my palm (it happens) and when I turned my screen back on the timer was still counting down but I was unable to move my character. Screen was completely stuck and ended up losing a life once the timer ran out. 3. Music is repetitive and boring. I miss the old school monkey ball music. 4. I have no idea what the stars mean when I am on level selection. After finishing the first 10 stages it showed that I only had 2/10 stars but didn't explain what that meant or how to get a star. I do like the aesthetics of the game. Very cute and nice colors. Characters are nostalgic. Love the Sakura theme in general. Hope things improve in the future, I think this could be a great app. I would even be willing to pay for a better version.
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6 years ago, spragster01
Not as good as I remember
Ok this will tell u how bad of a time I had with this incomplete game usually before I write a review I make sure to play it all the way through the levels r just as good as I remember but the ads mess up the game and it doesn’t feel as good back when it was first on the App Store now it’s just really buggy and glitchy 9 times out of ten when I complete the first or second half of the world I get the picture saying I have either completed the first half of the world or I have unlocked a new one but it won’t let me leave the screen so I have to exit the app then re enter it this is just one of those games that should have never been brought back if they brought back any of them I wish it was the first monkey ball iOS title much more difficult than this one but I don’t think even Sega could bring tht one back witho
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4 years ago, Bobnanz
Good Game, has a few problems
I was going to get Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube so I wanted to get a feel for the series. I liked this game, it has the controls for banana blitz but had regular difficulty. There’s 110 stages but it says in the description that there’s 125, which isn’t that much of a problem The game’s short, containing 5 worlds of 20 stages, and the Far East which has 10. I think this game is a good introduction for monkey ball, even if it has tilt controls. There’s also a bug where you get the complete screen but you can’t continue so you have to swipe it away and recomplete it. Thankfully there’s a continue feature so you only have to do the last level.
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6 years ago, Kiblaze
Can’t Restore Purchase for This Game
Considering I did find the previous purchase on my Apple account, I can not restore the purchase to remove ads at all. I even contacted Sega but they said they cannot fix it and that I should contact Apple for a refund to repurchase the game.... I bought the game originally back in 2011 so I really doubt Apple will do this. If all the other Sega games I bought before work for restoring a past purchase, then why does this game not work? I bought the sonic games years ago too and those work when I restore purchase, but not Super Monkey Ball? Anyone who already purchased this game like I have, you won’t be able to restore the purchase: you’ll need to either 1. Play with the ads, 2. Buy it again, 3. See if Apple will give you a refund to reuse on the game (which I find doubtful).
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1 year ago, mason.a
Why I think this could be better:
Super monkey ball is a great game. I have played SMB 1, 2, Dx, and Banana Mania. I have heard about SMB Banana blitz and how they put guard rails on every level. So I had REALLY low expectations. When I jumped in the game, the GUI was poorly made. It looked like a 4 year old making a menu. But then, my mind changed when I was in the game. I got used to the controls and there were no guard rails after the tutorial. But, one thing annoyed me a little, the sprites. It looked worse than the gamecube sprites and very low poly. Please update the game and add more levels and sprites. Thank you!
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7 months ago, Cc476932407
Ads and replays
Way too many adds I understand that the app needs money to run and I understand if there’s a buskins or ad once every few levels but this many ads is just crazy if you die there’s an ad if you finish the leveal there’s an ad even when you start up the game there’s usually an add I mean they aren’t even minutes apart they’re seconds apart. The game is advertised as free even though it’s basically unplayable with the adds it’s a pretty fun game the constant ads just drive me insane and the constant replays when you die or pass a level I would so much rather just have a short you died or you lost scene rather than the instant replay it takes up too much time I do really love the game, very fun there are just WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!
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6 years ago, Shinigami36
Solid Game
It's a really nice recreation of the more recent incarnation of Monkey Ball. Tilt controls are somewhat of a downside, though, but mobile Monkey Ball games always use this method (it should really be a control stick like it was on GameCube). My other gripe with this app is that it's essentially a more ad driven version of the original Super Monkey Ball 2 mobile except it has a few extra mini games. A personal problem I've been having is that the sonic game restored my purchase from years ago easily, yet this doesn't recognize I bought SMB2 even though that was around the same time. Since I can still access old games without upgrading to iOS 11, the old SMB2 is on my iPod,but this game won't pick up on my original purchase
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2 years ago, Going Bananas For Bananas
I Like the Wii One Better
Please read the note at the bottom. Firstly, the text looks like it was from the Wii era. If you convert the Wii into HD video, it looks kinda bad and like this game. The game looks like stuff on the Wii, even though I have seen many games on the phone that compete with games on newer consoles. For the tilt, the angle where your phone is weird, and makes the game harder to see, and hurts my neck. Also not a big deal but, the ads are a bit of an annoyance. If you pause the game it gives you an ad if you want to resume. Doing it in after the level makes sense, but why do I have to watch an ad to resume the level. Edit: It has come to my attention that this was from the Wii era. Even so, I do not think they have updated the textures or graphics, so now I know why it looks like the Wii games, but it still looks like it as I do not think they have made it look better. Summary: L bozo Sega can’t make their game 12 years ago look like it wasn't made 12 years ago and unless you pay you have to watch ads.
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4 years ago, JZ_DG3
Ads destroy this game
I get that the developers/company that makes this game have to make money somehow, and if I don’t pay for the app, I need to watch ads. However, the ads this game has are the worst. They play after every single action in the game. Selected a level? Ad. Selected a character? Ad. Pressed start? Ad. Then once you’re actually in the game, they throw an ad at you after every single level. I often like to speed through levels to see how fast I can get. Because of this, I often spend more time watching the 30 second ads between levels instead of actually playing the game! Ads should not be overplayed like this. Maybe after every 4 or 5 levels their should be an ad and one when you start and quit the game. Any more than that and it makes the game VERY uncomfortable to play.
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5 years ago, BeatXAiaiXSonic
Love it
I remember as a kid purchasing smb2 Sakura edition and it’s the same game. Then a couple years ago I redownloaded It and I forgot it was a demo. So it kind of sucked. But then I found this in August and I was happy. But it took them way to long to get this back on the App Store. Which kind of makes me angry. So I really want Sega to bring back jet set radio and Chu Chu Rocket. But other wise the game is really fun. Yet there are way too many ads. But the tilt sensitivity is really high too which makes the levels hard some times. But please please please bring back jet set radio. Please respond when you do Sega. Bye
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4 years ago, Andromeda1991/12
Good but needs some additions
First of all, if you’re getting this game, buy the ad free version. The number of ads makes this otherwise unplayable. Other than that it would be nice to see the following: - More levels. Right now there’s not a lot of content - The option to not watch replays at the end. - An option to calibrate the roll. As it is right now i have to tilt the phone way too far to go full speed, which makes it hard to see what’s going on.
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3 years ago, Cousinike
Horrible Tilt Mechanics
I just bought this AGAIN (literally bought the first version a decade ago) hoping the tilt mechanics would be fun. NOPE! Having to hold my iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen straight up and down to get a proper reading, is ridiculous. There are PLENTY of games from small studios out there that have something like this perfectly implemented. Yet SEGA can’t find one that can? This is so disappointing. Almost same story with SMB-Blitz on the Nintendo Switch, except that doesn’t have motion controls period. Seriously SEGA, it’s 2021, why don’t we have a flawless SMB games with tilt mechanics? PS: This is my first, and only review I have ever written on the App Store in my entire history of owning a iDevice. Just let that sink in…
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3 years ago, gab_a_lot
Physics are Atrocious
The game physics seem to be tied to frame rate, so if a frame ever gets skipped (which happens anywhere from once or twice per level to constantly), the physics go crazy and launch you in a random direction. The ball also has a tendency to bounce off the floor randomly as if it were a wall, launching you into the air. Playing this game is like trying to do very precise surgery, but your scalpel has a rope attached to it that causes it to jerk violently at completely unpredictable times. It’s like the game is trying to simulate the experience of walking around, minding your own business, and suddenly snagging your headphones cable on a doorknob. I played through 2 worlds, and by the end of the second one the physics were so bad that the game dropping me into the level would almost always ricochet me way off into the void before I even gained control. We often say this jokingly, but here it’s true: it’s literally unplayable. Also, the replays almost never match what actually happened, which is a minor problem but one that highlights how terrible and unpredictable the physics are.
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4 years ago, dhfnhgnn
Best game I’ve ever played
Memorable experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Beautiful game with one of the best voice acting jobs of all times. The graphics are unmatchable, and, combined with the awesome gameplay, creates a spiritual awakening for any and all who play it. Many will say, “Super Monkey Ball cannot compare to games like Half Life 3 and Fortnite 2,” but they are wrong. While some other legendary titles such as WII Sports Resort and LEGO Marvel Avengers: The Game put up some competition, no one can beat out SEGA’s breathtaking, godlike game.
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3 years ago, why btw
Don’t download it it’s not really that good just to be honest
Honestly I expected more from a super monkey ball game on my mobile device I thought it would have good graphics but the graphics are trash they look like the Nintendo 64 is graphics but if you put them into a blender with milk and carbonated it so just get a consul version or something because this isn’t worth it because every single level there’s like add after every single love you so pretty much in this game twoRemove that you have to make a two dollar purchase so if you don’t want your two dollars wasted don’t download
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3 years ago, Bagby Speight Productions
Needs Adjustable Gyro Controls
I don’t mind using my phone’s gyro controls to play the game, but when I’m forced to play in only one position, upright with my phone totally flat, then it ruins the experience of a mobile game for me. Give the option to level the gyro to the current position of the phone. Make it so that you can play without motion controls of your phone’s gyro doesn’t work… really just make the game playable in any situation… it’s a mobile game. I want to have the ability to play it anywhere and everywhere.
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3 years ago, Brittany51313
Tilt to roll mechanism is terrible!
I LOVED this game when I was younger, I used to play it on my DS all the time so you can imagine how excited I was to see it on the App Store. But I’m about ready to throw my phone and I’ve got a headache from trying to guide this dang ball around because apparently when I hold my phone to what I consider flat, the game considers it tilted. So I’m literally facing my phone away from me trying to play this game. I believe if you added to option to tilt with your finger or some type of on screen analog then it would be perfect. Or maybe fix it to where the map resets to the current way you holding your phone.
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6 years ago, Hyrule_Warrior
Old version was a bit better.
I got this cause I loved the old version. Then as soon as I opens it I noticed how fast the menu was moving, I went on ignoring it thinking that was the only change. Nope... I was moving sooo slowly! I loved how fast you could move in the original. I still like it, just miss the old version. I still have it on an old iPad and I prefer it on there, and will keep this to play. But I won’t try to speed run it on this iPad in general.
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2 months ago, thelifeofa
Better Than The Original
Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is arguably the best game in the series. The Super Monkey Ball series was made for phones. The controls are so much smoother than they were on the original platforms. The problem with Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is the amount of and length of ads. A 30-second to a 1-minute ad after each level is unnecessary when a level only lasts for 1 minute. However, the ads do sometimes redeem themselves when watching one provides extra lives.
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7 months ago, mr-ceater
Saved my life
I was in a sad stage of my life only a couple months back when I discovered a video talking about sega games and super monkey ball. A wave of emotions hit me when I first saw the gameplay for it, it was like I was meant to play this game. Years full of depression and alcohol gets flushed away when I realized I could play it on the go. Thank you sega and everyone who has worked for super monkey ball.
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2 years ago, CH8RL13
I love this game
I was first introduced to this game when I was 3 years old and I have come back to it at 14 years old this gave me so much nostalgia when I came back to playing this game I hope SEGA keeps making great games but this game is far superior than all the other ones the only other game that is up here with super monkey ball is sonic and that’s that. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, Pridebreaker
I paid for this game before it became free
I should be able to play it without ads since I payed for it before it became free, but from what I hear from others who paid for it before it became free also, they weren’t able to restore purchases and would have still have to pay again to remove ads. That is ridiculous and everyone who wants to download this game needs to know that. Not right. You better change that if you want it to work right for your customers. Poor business ethics. Fix this and maybe you’ll get better reviews and ratings.
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3 years ago, root beer lord
Great game but it just isn’t meant for mobile.
This game requires you to travel on bending rails and rough terrain and when you use tilt controls you have to tilt the screen as well causing you to not know where you are going. This game is almost unplayable because of this. Developers, PLEASE update this to have a joystick mode option for those of us who want it. It will make this game so much more wonderful. This game also asks you to give it a review after almost every level and it gets very annoying after a while.
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3 years ago, Nioujoonij
Ad wall after owning this game for years
I need help. After owning this game for many years (having bought it) suddenly after redownloading it opening it back up there’s an ad-only pay wall it won’t let me through without paying. Attempting to restore my purchase does nothing. Can you help me fix this, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I paid good money for it when I purchased this years back. Game wise it’s one of my favorite games of all time so will change to 5 stars when fixed. V sad this happened as the ads reallllly hamper the excellent flow this game has when you get into it.
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1 year ago, bakonfreek
“Restore purchase” function is broken
So, I purchased this game back in 2013 when I worked my first job. That didn’t seem to count for anything so I paid to remove ads. I’m still receiving ads and the only way to address this seems to be to go through the protracted process of setting up an account to seek support on the dev’s website. This is something that needs patched. I would like to not need to contact support every time I restart the app.
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3 years ago, Bay Sturgeon
Simple and fun gameplay
This is a good recreation of an old favorite. The tilt screen works nicely as a control; the only thing I wish is that the games allowed you to reset the equilibrium point for the tilt. Note: I see people complaining about the number of levels. There are 125 levels; you just need to get a perfect run on each stage to unlock all of them.
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6 months ago, XDtoasty
Monkey Island Was There any other time when the first one came on and the first was when you had a good laugh at it all the way to your house in your room I think you had to go back and look for the one you were in your car I think it is the same as when I got the first time you had it and I think it came off and then I got the first two times you said it and I was just trying not too to get to it but it wasn’t the first time that you got that one and you said it and then you said it and you said that I didn’t know I had to get the first one so you didn’t get the first time I got it and I didn’t want such as a second one of those things like that you babyeebbee
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1 year ago, MyKidLikesTheBumbo
Ads Galore! Even when pausing game!
Ads before play, ads after play, pause the game get an ad!! Terrible! I could barely play the game enough to know if I even like it to pay for the Ad-Free version. And I gave it 5 minutes of use, with tons of ads. No thanks. Fell off the edge, no quick restart: watch an Ad! And the Red Dot alignment makes you center it for 3 seconds before moving forward, and then you have to tip your device so far forward you end up leaning forward out of your chair 😂 Deleted App
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3 years ago, PumpkinKing456
Not the best in the franchise
This is a really good game with fun and challenging levels, but there are some really hard levels and the announcer isn’t as enthusiastic as the original announcer. This is good if you can’t get 1 or 2, but if you can get those games. Plus the originals are getting remade for Banana Mania. 4 out of 5 Edit: The levels go back and forth in challenge
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6 years ago, Samiliz1
Add Finger Touch Mode!!!!
It’s so wonderful to have this nostalgic game on my iPhone. I have been a fan of Monkey Ball for a long time! However, I really wish there was a mode where you can turn and roll the ball by moving your finger on your screen. I can’t play the game for too long because constantly moving around my screen makes me incredibly dizzy. Please consider adding a touch screen mode, similar to how it used to work on the Nintendo DS where you used the stylus to love the ball around.
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5 years ago, Cheeseburgerparadise
Good game but Kid of bad
So I played banana blitz on the wii and I can see that this is kind of a remake/demake of that game....a big kind of small problem is the fact that the music is a bit off and some worlds didn’t make it in (pirates ocean music is replaced with monkey island) I really love the pirates ocean theme Also I feel like there should be more levels Aside from that it’s a great game to take on the go
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6 years ago, Dad of IMHO
Decent game gimped by ads
So look I get that a free game times with some ads strings attached. But this app is freaking ridiculous! Each level takes less than 30 seconds to play and there’s an ad after every single level. If you actually click on the ad by mistake it takes you to an internal web browser and doesn’t let you get back to the game without killing the app. I considered making the in app purchase to get rid of the ads, but I am not going to reward this abusive ad behavior!
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3 years ago, StealthG291
Inappropriate ads
It says age 4, but the game serves inappropriate, crazy ads. Ads interrupt the game and litter the interface. If a game does not respect my play time, then I don’t respect your company. Yes you can pay to turn them off, but the overall package is a bad experience. The game itself is monkey ball. Level progress is not totally clear though. It’s hard to view the screen when it’s tilted forward. That’s a flaw with phones and the program design. Sega needs to stop shoving ads into free downloads. I just delete the program.
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4 years ago, Wiwipi_Reviews
6.9/5 Game
The levels are actually bearable! Even with tilt controls, the level design and mechanics make for a very fun game! The music is sooooo good! I adore World 1 and 2’s Theme. It’s amazing! The controls (as you’d expect from a Monkey Ball game) are garbage, but that’s not saying much considering most of these games don’t need to have good controls. :)
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2 years ago, Sheepguy56
Good for a while, no support
I had been using SMB-SE on an iPad for several weeks without issues, but suddenly it became very difficult to play because the movement of the ball was erratic. It would suddenly speed up even when the tilt was constant, and also jump up vertically for no apparent reason. Rebooting the iPad was no help. I tried to get support via the developer (Sega America) but they said they didn’t support the game, and sent me to Sega Europe. They sent me back to Sega America.
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6 years ago, wonder sirbyquil
Thank you
This game made me so happy!!! Playing this game made me feel like I was happy. The graphics, sound effects, and AIAI! I wish you guys will put more super monkey ball games on the App Store. And it doesn’t even have to be a game that was on the consoles, it could be made up on the spot. But thank you anyway Sega.❤️
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3 years ago, Kristen Zag
I wish you could use a joystick and play multi player with friends on the app
This game would be a lot easier to navigate if the user could use their finger on the screen to go whatever direction they would like the player to go or a joystick would be helpful! The graphics look amazing and I have always been a big fan of this game but it’s not very user-friendly with all of the tilting in order to play the game. Also would like to play with friends as a multiplayer game virtually using different phones. Love the app still!
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5 years ago, jonesp07
Thumbs down
I downloaded this game, played through the ads for a minute, then I purchased it to have no ads. I played and passed the first world, then I backed out to change something and came back and had to start all over!! Why can’t I start from where I last finished? Also, when I try and delete replays it completely shuts the app down and I have to start all over again by opening the app up again. Very frustrating, so glad I only paid $2 for the game because I think I may delete the app!
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2 years ago, sxdesdr
Too many ads
Well my main point about this review is the fact that I had to watch multiple ads before even being able to play the game. That’s the worst thing, didn’t even make it to the game because of how many ads there are. How is a game that wasn’t even on Wi-Fi originally gonna be converted and force the players to watch ads before playing. It’s stupid. Stop being greedy and just allow people to play the game without watching ads.
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5 months ago, MBJ 22
Too many ads
I get it. They need revenue. But an ad after every 15second match is too many. I understand it’s a free version, but wow. Most free games don’t have this many ads. I watched an ad to play the tutorial. I watched an ad after. I watched an ad before the first level. I watched an ad after. And some of these ads were 1 minute, unskippable ads. Uninstalling.
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3 years ago, CrunchyCat1
Bought this game before button doesn’t work
Buying this game and having ads put into it after i bought it is incredibly frustrating. There is a button that asks to restore purchases but nothing happens when I push it. I restarted the app and saw an unskippable 5 second video ad and a full screen picture ad before I could try to restore my purchase of the game again (to no avail). Please fix this. Giving me no choice but to buy the game for a second time is totally disgusting.
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3 years ago, epiqu1n
Inconvenient controls
Aside from the awful amount of ads (yes I know it’s free but at least give people a chance to try the game out for a bit before bombarding us with ads), the game entirely relies on the tilt sensor for controls but doesn’t let you set the “zero” position, so you have to sit in a particular position to play it. Considering how often I play mobile games while lying down, this is a dealbreaker for me.
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4 years ago, Carlos_bm
Pass on this one
I’m a big fan of the older Super Monkey Ball titles, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. First of all, the controls really should have been on-screen instead of tilt-based. It would be nice if we could connect a bluetooth controller too. And second, the graphics really need an update. To be honest, I’d happily buy the full version if Sega fixes these issues, because now the franchise is basically in limbo. But for now, it’s a pass for me.
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1 year ago, susjsjsjsjjcufjfjvu
The game
It has a weird tilting gimmick but it great once you get the hang of it also you need to complete ten levels at a time which is frustrating but it’s still fun especially the mini games
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2 years ago, Chalvindog
No support for tilt sensitivity
Back in the day, the original super monkey ball iOS game had VERY sensitive tilt controls. You needed that to be able to control the character without overflexing your wrists. In this one, they reduced the sensitivity without giving any option to change it to how it was the previous game. It is practically unplayable like this. I’m not even saying make the controls default to super sensitive, just please give us the option.
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