Super Slime Simulator

4.7 (299.7K)
235.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dramaton LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super Slime Simulator

4.73 out of 5
299.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Blue.Bagel.
Love it, although it could use some improvements
I love this game ands it’s amazing. My mom let me have slime at my old house but I moved to a new house and she banned slime from the new house. So, this game is my alternative. This game has improved SO MUCH since I first downloaded it and it’s developed very well. However I have a few ideas... 1: There could be a shop where you can sell your slimes and other people can buy them for coins...2: more realistic ingredients, for example, you could choose which glue, activator, and other stuff you would like to put in your slime, also more realistic animations...3: you can choose if you want the slime to take up the whole screen, be in a jar, or on a flat surface like a table while you are playing with it...4: a customizable option where there are charts and you can select certain things like the firmness of the slime, the stability, and jiggle of the slime...5: like my other idea where you can sell slime to other people, it could be more public where you can friend and trade people...6: Requests, there could be like AI bots and they could “request” a slime for money... and the request could be something like “Something pink” or “something blue with glitter” and different customer requests could have a different difficulty, meaning if they have a low difficulty they are easy to please; but if they have a high difficulty they are much harder to please. I hope you take my ideas into consideration... thank you!😁
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2 years ago, MermaidWarrior🧜‍♀️
Best slime app in the world!!! 🤩 However…..
This is the perfect slime app for me I don’t think I will ever give up this app I love how you can unlock your slime your slime colors and slime decorations and I especially love the chest you can open for 1000 coins I love how it looks like you’re making slime yourself it is truly addicting once you make your slime because you can look at what you made be proud of it and play with it however I would like to bring up something this app is everything I could ever want in a slime app except for one thing and that’s ads look I understand that you need ads in your app in order to make money but what I am complaining about is when you finally get to play with slime after you fill the coin bar twice you have to sit through a long ad and that’s just not fair to anyone who is trying to relax and or relieve stress using ads like this will only cause more stress my suggestion is you make them shorter like maybe your ads can be rewards to unlock things early like if you have a certain slime locked that you really want to unlock put ads in for that but seeing an ad every single time the coin bar fills up twice is not going to be relaxing for anybody therefore not making it a relaxing app I think the game will be much more relaxing if you didn’t make the ads this long or put the ads after every two coin bars thank you for reading this and have a nice day 😁
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4 years ago, Cupcash
Love it but some suggestions
I love this app. I actually can’t stop playing. I have some suggestions. First, I think you should have the option to make your own slime recipe. Instead of doing steps you could have a bunch of materials and you can make your own. Next, you should be able to add two colors in one slime. Their should be two different versions of this. One should be they are just next to each other. The other version should be like a color a hanging slime that you put one color on the bottom and another color on the top. This way when you poke it, it turns into a different color. Also, it would be cool to add cents. You would be able to tell but it would make it more realistic. Fourth, I know you have beads that you can add in the game but it would be pleasing if you could make a floam that’s completely covered in beads. Lastly, I saw this thing on a different app that I don’t remember the name of, but you could “record” a slime video and “post” it to get “subscribers”. Then once you have some “fans” you can “sell” you slimes to them for money in the games. Basically you record about a 10 second video to upload and once you get a certain amount of people that follow you, you can remake the slime and sell to costumers. That’s all really. I Hope you have a good day if you read through this and I hope it was helpful. Please take my ideas into consideration. Have a magical day (:
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2 years ago, Gacha Bunny Fan 100
❝𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕟𝕘! 𝔸 𝔽𝕖𝕨 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕘𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤❞
Ayy, Braelyn here! As the title says, this app is amazing! I was never really allowed to play with slime though, only a few times.. Heh, this app is so cute and fun! Though I have a few suggestions. I’m not saying the game is bad, though. Suggestions below! |. ✩ ∙ ∘ ☽ ☁︎ 🌸 |⭐️. ✧❀ ∙。 ♕ | ✨. ❀ ✰ ∙ ★ V 1 - Multiplayer Contests! I feel as if there should be a way to play multiplayer in Lu-Lus Slime Quest... It would be a lot more fun — same with making your own slime. Oh, and an AI Judge would be needed too! 2 - Play With AI bots. I feel as this would add a lot more fun to the game, though I feel as if it would be like Lu Lus slime quest in a way when they ask to make a slime. — Ex: “Please Make A Blue Slime With Heart Outlines!” 3 - Better Quality Sound FX. I feel as if the Milky slime has to much sound unlike te glow slime sound, I feel that you could barely hear it, it isn’t to ASMR if it has almost no sound to it... The Magic Oils and Magic Aroura sounds are slightly creepy, as I get scared easily. 4 - More decoration options! A few less colors though. When I look through all the decorations and colors, there is either too much or too less, please fix this... 5 - Trading and Shopping. Shop for other peoples slimes and pay with your coins! This would add a lot more fun to the game. Please take my ideas into consideration! Thanks again, and have a wonderful day full of joy and surprises!
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3 years ago, among us rules i love it
Super cool and I’m in love but...
I am in love with this game but a few suggestions is that I have a lot of coins and I’ve already have all the decorations slime types and slime colors and I don’t have any way to spend my coins maybe instead of watching an ad to play the guess the slime video we could pay coins. Another thing is that the slimes in the gallery you could make those that we could pay for them because we don’t have a lot of those same types and we if we pay for them then we have them and stuff. The third thing is that they’re way too many ads like every time I try and make a slime or press on a slime to play with it I get an ad. Also when we’re done making the slime we get 250 coins, maybe instead of 250 we can get like 10 or 20 also when we play with the slime when we poke it and stuff we get like five or 10 coins please stop that because I don’t need any more coins and I already have like 100,000 coins and I don’t know what to do with them also a color changing slime where like there are 2 different colors that we get to choose. Like one color for the bottom and one for the top so it appears to be say yellow but underneath it’s green or blue. making our own slime recipe is a good idea because I don’t want to just follow a recipe I’d like to make my own recipe and name the slime like that would be really cool to do that That is all thanks for listening
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4 years ago, C G P. trend rules
I have some suggestions
I love the app but I have some suggestions 1.make the recipes more realistic:me and my friend love slime so much that we have a slime shop and these recipes are not realistic like cloud slime is just instant snow glue and activator and clear slime is just clear glue and activator 2.more options:people should have the options to play with slime they already made make their own recipes for slimes and make it with a large variety of objects such as face masks glue contact solution and laundry detergent 3.slime textures:all the slimes are jiggly but not all slimes are not as jiggly like cloud slime cloud slime is actually more stiff 4.more stress relieving options: I know this is a slime game but slime is stress reliving a bit more stuff would actually be good for the game you can add running things over,putting make up into slime and squishies 5. If u do make it a satisfying game there could be some links or videos in the game of satisfying stuff like videos of people playing with slime, cutting connetic sand running things over and putting make up into slime I think you should be able to send slimes or if you put squishies than squishies to your friends in messages 7.if you do put squishies than you should be able to color them random colors and if you choose color by number than color by number 😁these are just my suggestions for the game all the best wishes 🦄
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6 years ago, Samantha E. A.
Reasonably good
I really like this app because my parents won’t ever let me actually make slime because they say it’s to messy, but in this app I can make as many slimes as I want and I can customize them they way I like. There are so many slimes and so many decorations you can choose from and you can really customize it to be just yours! I really love this app and I find it useful if I am really bored and have nothing else to do on an extremely boring rainy day. On this app there are slimes that are originally there without you having to make them and it kind of saves time if you don’t want to take a while mixing the ingredients together for two whole minutes, and the slimes that they give you are really amazing and satisfying to play with If I were to complain about anything on this app it would be that the slime types aren’t actually named right. The creators of this app might want to look up the type of slimes there really are in this would and match it to the textures that they have created. Overall, this app is really great and useful for anybody who wants slime but their not aloud to make some or a person who has plenty of slimes but they really want to make their own custom slime or want to be satisfied. This app is really fun and I would recommend it to everyone who is utterly obsessed with slime. I hope this review was really helpful to who ever has read this because I know all the reviews that I read were really helpful to me.
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6 years ago, BenZomKi
Pretty Good But...
I think that some changes should be made. First if the creator could, try to the edges of the slime to merge with each other instead of having a cloth simulation with some sound. I understand it will bring some issues of run performance but I’m sure you could add 2 buttons or a settings menu and so on. Also I think if you could also add settings for the size/portion of slime you want. Even though having and giant blob is satisfying I also think some of us might want smaller amounts, and you could pick the background such as a white table, wood floor, etc or even photos picked from the users photo album. Speaking of backgrounds I was wondering if you could control the transparency of the slime so we see through it and have it on the background. Lastly I would like to explain perhaps adding texture and multicolor, since some of your slime has texture like the yucky section, I think it would be great if we set our own pictures as the slime and this could work very well with the transparency idea. Also with multi color you could probably have different sections with different colors and maybe even have a hue chart, being able to pick our own shades of colors. If you do read this, thank you for your time and even your effort if you do implement my ideas that were listed here. I think you are a talented creator and have great potential on the app market. Again thank you for your time and consideration.
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6 years ago, JuniorTurnip
GREAT GAME! A few suggestions.
Ok so yet I am another reviewer who cannot play with slime, because according to mom, it is supposedly too messy and gross. But this is honestly a great substitute! I just have a few suggestions. My first suggestion is better sounds. Sometimes, it just sounds like water sloshing around in the bowl. Also, the clicking sounds are very unrealistic. I would appreciate it if you worked a little harder on your audio. Especially since the game is really starting to take off. My second suggestion is that we could maybe actually add the proper ingredients rather than just mixing them together. Like adding glue, face mask, borax, contact solution, food coloring, just because the most satisfying part to slime for me, is adding all the different compounds. My final suggestion is that the add-ins or decorations whatever you call them, would look more realistic. I understand that you have to try and animate them, but LOTS of people have your game that would probably like this. Like maybe adding chunky glitter, fine glitter, just please more realistic. Like how the foam beads just look like translucent orbs. I would love if more thought was put into your ideas. I know this will just be a lost review hiding behind many others, but if the developers would add these, I would REALLY be able to enjoy the game even more. I hope you have a good day! :)
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3 years ago, emarllllhiop1357
Awesome game, but could use some improvements.
This game is amazing!! I’m in love with this game. I love how you can make your own slime and do quests to try to match slimes AND play guessing games with slime AND slime an image!! My favorite out of all these activities is Lulus Slime Quest. Even though I LOVE this game, it doesn’t mean that this game won’t need any improvements. Here are some ideas I hope you like. 1. Be able to sell slimes and by slimes for coins. Not to much though, around 50 or 100 coins depending on the kind of slime. 2. Like my other idea, when your looking for a certain kind of slime, send a request to the game or other people playing saying: I want pink slime, does anyone have any?? If you want pink slime, and if you want some other slime, say that as a request. 3. Choose the firmness of the slime and things like that. There could be a section in the corner of your device with the firmness and stability and things like that. 4. After a slime of Lulus Slime Quest, you should get at least one card. If you don’t know what I mean by “card” a card has a decoration or type of slime or color. Once you get one of those, you can use that thing to make your own slime in the small part of your slime collection thing. Please take my ideas to consideration and try putting them in. Thank you.
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8 months ago, fierce tiger dog
Fantastic game! A couple improvements…
This app is wonderful, with a wide variety of slimes, colors, and charms. Unlike most games, it is extremely easy to get chests to unlock the slime types, colors, and charms. It is definitely not pay to win, there is nearly nothing you even can buy with real money, which is where most games struggle. The different slime types are unique, with many different textures. One thing I believe would make this game just that much better is to have a spot on the home page where you can test out the slime types, so you know what they are. I have unlocked every slime type, color, and charm, but have definitely not used all of the slime types yet. It would be nice to know what their different textures are when trying to make a slime. I love the new update where their is a daily slime theme, it gives me ideas on what to make for more slimes. Something that also might be an addition to consider for the game is to be able to unlock slime recipes. Maybe on top of all the unique slime types, you could make your own, with different amounts of the ingredients. Every time you make a new mix, it would be a new recipe you could look back on later. Overall, this game is amazing, and I definitely recommend for anyone thinking of getting it.
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3 years ago, Appusageonly
I’m OBSESSED with this game I just can’t stop playing and you barley get ads unless you want something that can be expensive or hard to get so I enjoy this this is the greatest slime app ever (And I HAD a lot of slime apps) this one is the only one that’s not like the ones on the ads like where it shows people with like I don’t know real slime on top of their phone or something playing with it like this is “So real” but it usually isn’t at all as the ads I don’t know if you did something like that or not but it was worth installing (because I’m running low on storage space) but it’s perfect for people who don’t want to buy slime or make it and it makes me want to pull the slime out of the phone THATS how perfect it is and I try to pull the slime out all the time 😂 but If I could give it a higher rating I WOULD!!!! 100 out of 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😊 keep up the good work developer! And AS SOON AS I DOWNLOADED to see if this was a scam or something I FELL IN A LOVE SPELL!!!!! AMAZING APP USERS OF ALL AGES DOWNLOAD IT IF U LIKE SLIME!!😍❤️ But I got glossy slime and then made it white no color and I saw people after playing with the slime...a boy and a girl by a lake?? Or in a roller coaster park.. WHAT IS THAT? I’m kinda scared Actually 😓😱Please read this developer and tell meee!!!!!
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2 years ago, Cindameli
Cool 😎
Literally, this game is awesome! Two suggestions though. 1. Less ads. seriously, the game has so many ads. When you’re just trying to relax from a terrible day, more annoying ads come on! That just makes your day worse. So just lower the ad level. 2. it’s realistic, but not really. It doesn’t make me feel satisfied… That means it isn’t that realistic! Like, when you’re just pressing down on it it makes you feel like oh cool it’s not going as far down as I wanted to. Sorry if I sound picky in this review, just trying to make those who feel horrible have a good day while playing this app. But other than those two things, this game is absolutely awesome! Totally get it. I am an eight-year-old girl named Katie and I seriously love this app it’s so addicting and fun and I cannot stop playing it. Parents who are reading this, this is an amazing app for your child. If your child has ADHD, then this app is for them! Even if they don’t, it’s still fun! kids who are reading this, please ask your parents to get this game for you. It is an amazing game and it has so many activities. This is an amazing game, you have to get it. no inappropriate ads, so fun, etc. You can create your own slime! You can guess what slime color it is! You can even copy slimes! I strongly recommend this to everyone.
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4 weeks ago, I AM A BIG SWIFTY!!!!!!!
I LOVE THIS GAME! 🤩Thank you for making it!
Hellooooo!!!!!! I want to say I REALLY enjoy your game! It’s so relaxing and I love the sounds! It’s so fun and easy to play! You can even make your own slime! And put decorations in it and it’s so cool. There is also mini games like Lulu’s Slime Quest, WHICH I LOVE ❤️, guess the color, slime painter and more! Now here are some complaints! The adds are so annoying! I mean who cares about Royal Match and Monopoly go! I’m sorry but you have to get the adds away! I also agree with Mermaid Warrior 🧜‍♀️ that you guys do have to do adds to do new updates and unlock special accessories but, it kind of stops from a relaxing slime game, into a crazy adds game! And ppl might not like that. And then they’ll delete it. It’s NOT a way for ppl to like the game! So I say, get the adds away! And also, fake adds for this game! In the adds, the girl is TOUCHING the slime on her phone! And she is putting her hands threw it! I know that you can’t always tell the truth because your advertising, but at least tell the truth and show it! But other than that, thank you for your hard work in the game! I love your amazing game! Because it’s how I SORT OF got into slime I guess 🤪idrk anymore. Anyways, so yeah it’s a great game! Sincerely, -I AM A BIG SWIFTY!!!!
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2 years ago, Pandaz128
Its a nice game.
First off i would like to say that it is very satisfying but the other kind of games of the ads and stuff where it looks like the slime it actually real, Its probably fake but this game didnt have all of those ads and stuff so i bought the game thinking it would be boring or lame but its a actually a nice game to be honest. It lets you make your own slimes. Decorate them! And do “Guess the color of the slime” Game and others. This game is really entertaining. The trophy at the top also gives you money if you did the tasks to do so if you want a certain slime you claim the money and open the chest. Any time you open a chest it will cost more the money each time you buy one. I think the limit is 1,000 that the chests go up to. Sometimes you have to watch an ad to get a decoration or a color or a type of slime which i think the ads are pretty lame in this game because i HATE ads and when i mean HATE i HATE it.. I believe the ads pop up randomly when your slime is ready which is really getting on my nerves so i try not to break my phone but yeah! Its a very nice game to play I recommend you download it! Very entertaining when your bored or not happy. Recommend you download it. Have a nice day or night<3
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3 years ago, Me123690
Please Read!!
This game is really fun! But I think it could a little more fun and realistic. First of all, you can make money by making slimes, but there shoud be a little slime shop so that people can ask for a time of slime and you can get money for completing it. I also think that it should have the slime a little more realistic. It would be really cool to put the slime on the table or something and we could make a bubble on it or something. Thanks!! This game is still very fun but I played this game for a while and I got all of the charms,slime types, and colors and I got lots of money and nothing to do with it but just to wait for more things to unlock. But I have a couple thousands and I gets boring because making the slimes are fun, but it does get boring after a little while. I honestly rate this maybe a 4 because it is fun for a little while but just making slimes and getting money just gets boring and it would be funner if there was something else to do to get money and something that is fun and maybe a little challenging so I won’t zoom past everything very quickly and so it takes a little time but not too much time. Otherwise, this a very fun game and I’m sorry for making my review so long.
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11 months ago, supersloth8667
Best slime game ever!!!
Every other advertisement for virtual slime games show realistic slimes that you can pull out of your phone screen, but it’s always just mediocre slime. I saw the advertisements for this game and everything they advertise in the ad is real. I’m tired of fake ads and this game is exactly what I needed. You can be creative with the charms and colors and slime types. I love the feature where you can send your friends the slime you make. And if you ever get bored of making slime, there’s plenty of mini games that you can choose from. From mystery slime, to lulu’s slime quest, to a game where you can turn a picture into slime, to coloring a slime any colors you want. And if you don’t want to make virtual slime but you want to play with it instead, there’s even a slime library of already made slimes. It’s a fun challenge to get coins to get everything. My only problem with the game is the new stuff. Every one in a while, new things get added that you can pay coins to get, which is fine except recently it’s just been slime charms. This is fine but it would be nice to get new slimes once in a while too. Besides that, this game is so much fun! With so many options to cure boredom.
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3 years ago, Swirl Rose 𖦹ͻ
This game is super fun, and the animations in the slime are super realistic! My favorites are the Soap slime and the Jam one, because they are the most satisfying to me, and realistic! The only thing I’ve noticed is that in a lot of the slimes when you put in pastel colors, they are barely visible because the shadows have covered them. I’m thinking, maybe you could make the shadows lighter for pastel colored slimes. I also think you should add in more things to buy with your coins. I saw another review talking about this as well, and I agree with them. I have over 150,000 coins and nothing to buy with them! And, I also saw a review about having different options for the slime- played on the table, in a container, just filling the screen, etc. I just want to say that I think the slime when it is filling the screen IS meant to visually look like it’s in a container, and that container is your device, and when you think about it like that, it actually seems more fun (in my opinion). Well anyways, overall this app is pretty cool but could use some improvements. I love it so much and would totally recommend it! It’s the best slime app out there, especially for those who can’t play with real slime!
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2 years ago, chzgcb
I have suggestions
So this is probably my second or third time writing so yeah here I am again for being an app and maybe you can give us options keep the steps ones because some people will still like it have except people can use the money to get more ingredients and there’s like items every day like how are used to be three items every day like maybe emojis more emoji‘s instead of just the heart thing also maybe we can do or you can do some custom accessories like maybe like custom color I know those color options but some people may not want those colors they might want to make their own colors and maybe they can make their own sort of Orby‘s things or maybe plastic things maybe jewelry type things also either I can be another mode where you can like grab the slime and pick it up like the slime is on a table and you’re facing the side of the table and you can like is your finger to pick up the slime and maybe you can have some like clay options to make shapes with like a normal clay does it except in a game but yeah I know this is a long request review but thank you for reading if you made it this far please respond if you did or if you don’t.
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4 years ago, MineGirlV
Great app some suggestions
So I love this app so much and I don’t think I’ll ever delete it but there are some things that I think that they can change like how we can only pick one color but I really want to pick two colors and I can’t or three or four and make my own color instead of choosing one another thing is I really like since I finished everything I got all the slimes all the paint all the decorations I would really like that there’s more slimes or I can mix slimes just like mixing paint so that would be really cool and really fun if you could just add those few suggestions but otherwise I love this app it takes away all my stress whenever I’m stressed I’ll just go to the app and kind of just play with it and there’s achievements like lulus lulus slime adventure is very fun and I’m on level like 136 and I just can’t stop playing so thank you for making this up I just have a few suggestions and I hope you can Add those in One last thing I think I’m like one of your biggest fans so thank you for making this app I really appreciate it I really hope that you can write back to me but otherwise you should definitely get this app if you’re stressed during this quarantine and it just really helped me Sincerely ????
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5 years ago, bryson hostas
Best app ever
So I’m am one of those people who can’t play with slime because it’s to messy and it’s so annoying because I love slime. Then my friend sent me a slime from this app and said I should check it out. So I did. Honestly I thought I was just going to download it to make her happy then delete it after. Well then I’d downloaded it and started playing around with it and I was so shook. As someone who never gets slime and now making all the slime I want anytime is so amazing. I also love that you have collect stuff from the packages. I also like that you get a free package every day and it’s super easy to earn the one thousand coins to buy a new package unlike other apps. They also have a huge selection of things at the start when you haven’t opened anything yet. Honestly the only thing I would change is that some slimes don’t sound like water in a bowl. But I don’t even mind that. And there are also some fun mini games to play to and you can share and send slime as gifts over the phone or whatever your playing it on. Ten out of ten would recommend to any one who loves slime like me and can’t have it or generally everyone. I can’t say enough about this but if I did I would Wright a while essay on it. Best app ever.
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3 years ago, randomguy1127
So, I downloaded this game a year or two ago to see how I like it, and I LOVE IT!!! I have some suggestions of mini games such as: search for the slime or maybe draw it make it. Search for slime slime would basically be a picture and there are hidden slimes around and you can pick easy, medium or hard. Easy will have 1 slime to find in a picture that you can easily find it in and an unlimited time limit. Medium will have 3 slimes to find in a slightly harder picture and a 2 minute time limit. Hard will have 5 slimes and a hard picture to find them in with a 4 minute time limit. Draw it make it will have a whiteboard/white screen and you can draw a slime. You can also type the ingredients once you’re done drawing and what type of slime it is. Then you can make it and play with it. That’s for my mini game ideas. Back to the game itself. It has a nice picture for the app. I love the adds and made one of the slimes from it because I was bored. I love how you can poke it and it seriously looks like you poked through your device! It’s satisfying and fun! I do not regret this app! I recommend this app if you’re stressed out and it could be your own stress relief game! Thanks and have a good day, evening or night!
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4 years ago, itdkhxkyxjtsjt
Overall this app was amazing but there are a couple things that I would recommend getting fixed. First off all this app is the best and I 100% recommend. With the decorations you can put in your slime I feel like only getting to add two decorations is kinda sad because I wanted to make a humongous slime with all the ingredients which would have been cool but i couldn't add more then two. The second thing I would want to change is the way if you mix up the slime and it does this weird thing where the slime looks like clothes that are being mixed around. I feel like there should be dimension to it so it doesn't look so weird. The third thing I would change is if you could add certain amounts of ingredients that effects the way the slime turns out because that would be so much fun. The fourth thing I would recommend is having a background and deciding how big the slime should be because sometimes I am more looking towards a smaller size. Anyways this game is amazing and you have to get this game right now if you like slime! If the producer of this game could add any of these things it would be 10 times more fun and so many more people would play. Thank you for making this!!!
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3 years ago, i love <3 love LOVE roblox!!
Awesome game…BUUUUUTTT
Can you make it where you can earn even just 10 coins when u play with slime instead of 5? Also could you maybe make another game in the game thing with the painting slime and squishy magic and blah and add a new game. It’s a new idea! It’s wear you can draw your own decorations or use parts of other decorations and put input in a slime and decide the size too? Also you can make your own slime like stretchiness and being like wavy or like the candle slime and stuff so you can make it really stretchy or something else. Also can you add a feature where you can decide if you want like the flamingo color to be brighter or darker? That would be cool. And maybe have like where u can pick bowls that you have the slime in and have the slime in visible bowls? Or containers, etc. one last thing.. I know it’s hard to do.. but could you make the graphics even the tiniest bit better? Or just make settings to make it better graphics well I guess another thing if we are using old devices could u make an option to have lower graphics so we dint lag using this? Than you so much for reading this if you do. Please atleast cinsider one idea or think about it
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8 months ago, meismeh
Amazing. Satisfying motions and ASMR!
This game is definitely made in into my top 5 favorite games. When I was little, I didn’t have a phone and my friends did, so we would always make slimes together on this game. I finally got it on my own phone, and can’t stop playing it!! I get an amazing nostalgia feeling when I play it. However, there is only one thing I dislike: sometimes, the slimes get hard edges when you swirl it. So if anybody sees this, please fix that. Also one suggestion; the finger dots are too big when you poke the slime, so maybe you could have an option where you can make it smaller. Also, when you first get it, you can get no ads for 5 dollars, which is cheaper than usual. And typically, ads can be pretty long, but on here they’re relatively short. My favorite part, is that all the decorations and slimes and colors are FREE, and you do not have to spend real life money, because you can earn coins and my chests, or earn chests from the quests. In the end, this game is absolutely amazing and fun! I recommend this to anybody who reads this review and has not downloaded it yet!! Thank you to the creators, you have made my days more fun!!🫶
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5 years ago, AnonymouslyYou123
Great game but some suggestions
Thank you for reading this. I love this game, but mom and dad won't let me make slime at home. So this app is a life saver. I just have a few suggestions. Could you maybe add trading? Like, you send a slime to your friend, for another slime they have. Also, could we please be able to put three decorations in our slimes instead of two? I appreciate all the work you have put into this game, especially since it's getting bigger, so the more things you add, maybe more people will download it. Also, could we be able to mix colors together, so that we could make tye dye slime. The slimes are also kind of invisible. My friends and I sometimes think the slime is too light. The slimes should have shadows. And backgrounds. We also should be able to change the size of the slime portions. I'm sorry if this is too much requests, but please, just think about how many people would download this game if you had all these things. Yes, this is just another review in the wave of reviews (lots other reviews had said this) so please, it's a lot, and I already try to make my friends download this, so it would be helpful. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.
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2 years ago, Victory Victoria💋👅
Love it 😍….but a lil’ flaw
Overall, this game is sooo addicting! I love to play this in my free time, and I definitely turn the volume all the way up 🤪(so satisfying)!!! But then, as I got better and better at the game, I had already gotten all of the slimes, colors and add-ins. And every time there was an update with either a new slime or whatever, all you would need to do is buy a envelope. And then you wait for the next update. But that still doesn’t mean that I still don’t like the game. In fact, I spend hours creating new themed slimes. So it’s still fun!! Also, Lu Lu’s slime quest is another topic I would like to bring up. I LOVED loved loved doing this. I got done with all the levels like a year or two ago. And whenever I click it to play the game, it just says “new levels coming soon!”, but there literally hasn’t been a new level IN FOREVER!!!!! All I’m really asking is to add more levels PLEASE 🥺! But, I still LOVE ❤️ this game, and even if I will forever have all of the new stuff, and there will never be any more levels for Lu Lu’s slime quest, I would still and still do play this game all of the time!! (But still, please do take in consideration all of my flaws!)
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5 years ago, isnsbxmsbsnx nxnsnsnsnx
Super Slime Simulator♡☆
For starters this game is SO fun! I am in love with it. If your not a fan of making slime yourself, you should try this game. You get notifications every once in a while, that say ( your pack is waiting ). What that means is that you get to open a pack and it comes with 2 items. Rather it’s a color, a new slime, decoration, or coins You always get something. There is no money involved for buying the game, however there is A option where you can buy a certain amount of coins, Or take away the adds. Why I give this game 5 stars is because it is entertaining, addictive, and relaxing. If you make a new slime you get a certain amount of coins, something like 250 per slime. You even get coins when you play with your slime! But there is a option where your friends can make slime, and send them to you. You also get coins for doing that too. How it works is, You get to pick your own slime type, make the slime, choose your own color, and then finally you have the option to add in a decoration or 2. After that you get to name your slime. Then enjoy! 🤩 Definitely share this game with your friends, get this game for yourself and try it out😍
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4 years ago, nana_bstein
Love this game! But a few suggestions.
Okay, to start off, this game is amazing and many people have told me it is before I even started playing it, and that is how I found this game! It’s cool because some people’s parents don’t let them have slime in the house, or play with slime, so this is basically virtual slime and this game is very fun. Even though I gave this five stars, I have a few suggestions! Maybe this game could have their slime have multiple different colors in one slime, and you have two choices if you want to have multiple colors. You can either mix all of the colors together in the slime, or leave them all the same in the slime as when you added them. And maybe like someone said, you can use scents such as watermelon, pineapple, orange, cherry, cotton candy, to make it more realistic. Another suggestion, is maybe this game could have like a lemonade stand, but instead a slime stand where people come up to us, asking for a type of slime, and we have to make it for them, and then they give us money if the slime is good or not! I hope this helped. Keep working hard with the game! Never give up on making this game better!
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2 years ago, BriannaGaleAlmquist
//.🌈cool app! ❤️.
This app is like, THE BEST! 💜The reason I downloaded this app was because one time, I was with one of my friends and they were playing a slime game (which is this one.) So I thought to myself, hey what if I download that app 🤩! That’s seem cool. So I downloaded the game and so the first time I was enjoy it 😊. I loved how there was other slimes you could play with and quests you could do! I also liked how there was a chest where you could buy new types of slimes, decorations, and colors! I already have earned all of them so now I can just make whatever kind of slime I want which is cool. ✨Oh and I also forgot to mention that it’s pretty easy to earn coins 🪙. The way you can earn coins is to play quests or play with slime. Another way to earn coins is to play a guessing game. When you do the quests, you’ll get 200 coins. Same for playing w/ slime. But for the guessing game, if you guess the color correct, you then get 1,000 coins. So those are the 3 ways you can earn coins! But besides all of that stuff, I suggest you should download this game because if you don’t have slime or can’t have slime, then just DOWNLOAD this app! It’s fun. 💎
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5 months ago, Lune tic
Really good game but some issues
Bad things 👇👇: 1. I had got so addicted to this game to where I eventually unlocked every single topping/ accessory and every slime type and color so now I have 200,000 coins and nothing to do with them like it won’t let me get a chest no mo 2. I switched phones and got an iPad so when I redownloaded the game it said “there’s saved data from other devices upload?” So like I was really happy because yay my stuff and hard work is there but then NO it saved alll. The colors and toppings and slime types because I had them all but none of the slimes and those had memories like I had over a hundred slimes with memory’s but at least it saved that I guess 3. Wayyyy to many adds like I know you need them to keep the game running but when I play with slime I have to watch an add if I click the home button I have to watch an add anytime I click the screen there is an ADD and like I said I know you need them for the game to be free but I play other games and there is not THAT MANY. GOod things👋👇👇👇: Love this game is so fun and the slime is very satisfying, also I love all the different varieties of types of slime and toppings and the colors and that’s why I literally have everything
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4 years ago, currain 101
The perfect mix of addicting and fun!
Hi, this is ********************************, and I love this game! It gets better with every update, and don’t you DARE tell me otherwise. But I do have some requests: first of all, I would like there to be some more things to buy, like maybe a slime shop, or a shelf where maybe you could put your slime, or maybe a choice of whether or not you want the slime to take up the whole screen or just a jar. Just some more things to buy. Second: maybe like a thing where you could mix and match different colors to make a color you like, and you could name your own special color a unique name. Third: you might want to change the first part of the app that you see because it looks a lot like other slime making apps. Fourth: i think it would be really great if you added more mini games to earn more coins. I really believe that these improvements will make this game *the best* slime making game on the App Store. Thank you for your time reading this, and even though you don’t have to listen to to me or my requests at all, I would really like to see some of these improvements in the next update. Once again, thank you for your time. 🙃
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3 years ago, Cydex
Love this game, but needs more ingredients
This game is really fun and satisfying, but for me it’s easy to get the ingredients. Also I think we should be able to put more decorations than only 2. Because there were some slimes where I wanted to add more decorations than 2. Also I already got all of them. We need more ingredients!! I have over 30,000 coins and nothing to with them. And getting more coins by the daily rewards, I like getting all the coins for free but we need something to spend it on. I suggest that for the colors they could do metallic, glitter, more pastels, mutated colors, more neons, and a lot more. And for the decorations they could probably add like different individual fruits, maybe metallic flakes, candy charms, and so much more. Lastly for the slime I think it’s a good amount. Please add some more ingredients. Also it gets boring after you play for a few minutes to hours. There should be a mode where you could challenge other people and compete who makes the best slime. And another mode could be where people could see what slimes you made and get some ideas. Hopefully the developers would read this and add some of these ideas, Thank you for reading my review.
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2 months ago, Jenna_ aesthetic plants
Best game on my phone
I’m sorry if this paragraph is a little bit messy because I’m using text to speech for it. I love this game so much and it gives you so many slime options and decorations for you to do and colors and everything like that and I feel like it just lets you have so much creativity and you can basically do whatever you want with the slimes you could play with them and all sorts of things, but you can also make them and you can do the little mini game that lets you guess what color the slime is going to be and there’s it’s just really fun I love everything about it and I will definitely be playing it a lot. I definitely recommend to download it like if you don’t have enough money for slime or like if you’re not allowed to have slime like cause I don’t really have enough money for it so I play this game and you can make your own slime you could play with the slime you can name the slime you can get it to somebody else. It’s really fun. I definitely recommend downloading it. Five stars. It’s just kind of like you can play anywhere you can like be sitting in bed and you could do anything.
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4 years ago, taco kichen fun
Best game everrrr try it out :)))))
Ok so I had this game about 1 year now and I’m in love I unlocked all the stuff and the slime is ASMR get this they also have the yucky slime, omg y’all don’t even know how much I’m in love with the yucky slime it’s ASMR also ok now moving on too what we can use...... I would love to have no adds there too many like really it’s a kid game why just why? Anyways...... another is I really would like to have more slimes like maybe realistic slime that looks REAL- don’t get me wrong it does get bored i deleted it but then I realized I wasted my money on the game so I got it back and I have it back god bless me lol, anyways.... one more is that I really hope you fix the adds I saw this one add and it was really laggy and it messed up the whole game it got to the point where I had to leave the game a bunch of times to stop, that’s it plz fix it and take away the adds maybe? Ty for taking your time to read my message hope you fix these things and have a nice day happy Halloween and BYEEEEEE! Update: OMG IF YOU TURN OFF YOUR WIFI IT TAKES AWAY THE ADDS, problem solved lol tysm and I’m very happy btw and remember ( TURN OFF YOUR WIFI ) at least it worked with me :/ anyways....BYEEEEEEE!
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5 years ago, Renae243
This game is great I LOVE IT SO MUCH butttt
This game is great I do love it so much but I have a couple problems . The first one is why did u make yucky slimes at the bottom of the gallery they are disgusting and make the me want to throw up when I click on them . Second is what I have read in some of the other reviews it is about 2 or3 slimes that make this weird sound like a Metal tube scraping on a another metal tube , when I have my volume up it honestly hurts my ears , . Third is why does it take so long to mix things I mean it kinda takes that long in real life but that's what I hate about making slime is it takes long and it hurts your arm and I am not saying that it hurts my arm in the game I am saying that in real life anyway what I am trying to say is it takes to long to mix !. Fourth is why not have a regular slime poke sound not crunching or giggly or bubbly just regular but keep the other slime sounds as well I love the sounds . Soooo what I am trying to say is get a regular slime sound and that would be grate . If u would fix those things I would be sooooo grateful and thank u for making this game it is so fun and I love it 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😤😠😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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6 years ago, BEST app,Please read this
Please read because its amazing!
Wow!! First of all I had a up session of slime for the longest time,and finally after a little while I stated to not make it anymore. I wanted to then have an app to just have fun with slime without actually having to buy it ,so I looked at the app store and everything I looked at was either bad, didn't work, or just the worst app someone could ever come up with. After that I gave up and little after I was looking for just a fun app to use for when I was board and typed in simulator and this slime app came up so I decided to take a look all the reviews were amazing I looked at all the stars so I then downloaded this simulator slime app. Once it was done loading I took a look and realized this is the best slime simulator I have ever used in my life!!!!!! 😃This app had about 1add after playing it for like ever, you don't have to buy gems or different slimes it has about everything you need and its so realistic and amazing!So after poking, and making about 200 slimes😅 I said to myself I need to review this app because I had to tell people that this app really works. I hope you download this app and see how great it is!😄😊
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5 years ago, JessicaLOL😂
It’s amazing but here’s an idea so y’all can get higher ratings..
I honestly am upsest with this app and it’s huge update! And I love the fact that you can put more than one decoration in your slime now, I love the fact that there are A LOT more colors you can unlock now, and I like the new slime! And I was wondering if maybe the creators can suggest, “multiple slimes” or you can name it whatever you want. But anyways, maybe you can make the app where you can mix in some slimes together! I thought it would be SUPER cool. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘multiple’ slimes it can be like two slimes mixed together. I hope you like this idea and put it in the app! And if there is a way you could possibly tell people it was my idea in the app, that would be great! Like, you know the app White Tiles how they give credits to the people who have the idea of a mini game on there, can you please do something like that if you do take my idea? If this is too much to ask for I understand, but I just thought that A LOT of people would like it and you would get higher ratings! But I honestly love the game. Hope y’all are having a nice day! Happy Easter!
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3 years ago, Am30808m
Awsome for you if you don’t care of you don’t feel it.
So of course you won’t feel it it’s your phone all I care about is the sounds and I think you should to because I don’t think you can spread hate to this game because you can’t feel it or make it go out of your phone like other games can that show in ads😒 that’s just stupid you should love this game because this is asmr it’s a game taht you can make slimes you can also have fun with naming your slimes like I just learned my 123s and that’s kinda silly so pls do bot spread hate to this game because you cant feel it through your phone this game is fun and I hope it will be fun for you to and this game can get improvements but after all it’s good and awsome it has 2 good things in 1 and for be that amazing I hope you have a fin day with this game and this asmr game to do I think you should get don’t listen to the bad reviews and see what you think of it instead if you think it’s bad because you just don’t think it’s fun and don’t like soothing sounds taht ok but pls don’t right a bad reveiw there not going to do anything about it.
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1 month ago, Rainbow7631
Just a few suggestions
This is an amazing game. I like to make slimes based on different themes. And I love that you added daily events, but I do have a few suggestions. First of all, the guessing game is impossible to get right. You’d need like half the luck 🍀 in the world to guess it. You don’t even give us a hint💡, you just give us two color options, which increases our chances of getting it wrong by A LOT. I just wish you’d give us hints. Secondly, I wish the slime color mini game had an eraser. The only way to “erase” your mistakes are to cover them up with the color gray🙁. And finally I wish we could have more than two ✌️decorations in our slime. Maybe like three decorations? Because you have a lot of beach options for decorations but we can only add two. So it’s kinda hard when you’re making a beach 🏝️ slime. And that’s all of my suggestions. It does get boring after you finish Lulu’s Slime Quest, but overall I like it. One more thing, today’s daily challenge is night themed, but we just had a night theme two days ago like what the heck? 😂 okay, signing out now
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4 years ago, tacocat55555555555123467890
Love it
This app is amazing! I love making slimes and playing with them. I also love that different slimes have different textures. For example, the milky slime reacts differently when you touch it compared to the watery slime. One thing that would make this app even better is if the developers put what type of slime the pre-made slimes are. That way if you just got the glow in the dark slime you could know what it feels like. Also, it would be great if you could add sound to the slimes it would be great. People are saying it is not realistic but I politely disagree. I think the slimes are pretty realistic. Slime is not allowed in my house so this is the next best thing. There is a lot of adds which doesn’t bother me because since the app is free they have to make money somehow. If you are one of the people who hates adds then you might get slightly annoyed with the adds. Thank you for taking the time to read my review I hope if you were thinking about downloading the game this helped and if you are a developer I hope I gave good feedback. Whoever made this game, keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, 5678bug
So I have had this game for quite awhile and I can’t stop playing it and it just is amazing! I play this all the time and even when I’m about to go to sleep it’s so nice and relaxing and I love how when your stressed you can play with slime but if you want gameplay you can do lulu’s slime quest or color a slime or slime your picture it is just so much fun I only have this game on my phone because I literally play it ALL THE TIME! Also I don’t want to be mean or anything but adding social stores and adding it so you can friend people i don’t think that should happen because I’m very young and people playing this probably are to and then instead of four and up you would have to be like twelve and up and then less people would play and I think it’s a amazing suggestion from people who are reading this but it would make less about slime and then eventually it would just be a social platform like Facebook or tiktok so I really LOVE this game but if it turns into that I will probably not play it anymore because I’m young and so will almost all of your players well I hope you get what im saying bye for now!
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2 years ago, mfjfmdkfjf
I love this app so much like I don’t know how to describe it but I love it so much and I almost use this app every single daySo literally rn I just got all the cards and like I got everything like all the colors of the decorations all the type of slimes and when I pressed the chest button it said more things are coming soon and I’m really excited I just hope that it won’t take long and I also hope that it will be better than the rest but yeah I give this a five star and if I could I would give this a 10 star pls download this game this is worth it I swear also this is for the developer The app is sending me notifications and it says like open your gift but it’s kind of confusing because I already got everything but I was thinking maybe they came up with new things already and whenever I go on the app nothing is new and there’s nothing there I mean I still have the stuff that I already have but it’s just there’s no new things it might be a glitch or it might be that I need to update it but if it is a glitch then please fix that thank you
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5 years ago, AdysonKYoung35
Well it’s great I guess...
The graphics are honestly kind of weird on some slimes I play with. But my mom won’t let me make slime a lot of the time because it’s super messy and this is a great sub! The clicking sounds are very unrealistic and I think you should work better on that. Also when I play with some slimes, the graphics make it look like it’s glitching and not really a slime. Also I would like it if we could individually put the ingredients in, instead of mixing them all together. The whole purpose of making slime is to put all of the ingredients into the slime. Otherwise, the moment I got this app I was mesmerized. I could not get off of it. It is a great stress reliever, but I’m kind of mad that I can’t physically touch it-but hey, it’s an app and you really can’t do anything about it. I would definitely use this on road trips, it’s perfect!! But also I was playing this game one day and I looked in the corner of the screen and I saw my coins were going up. Do you get coins for squishing the slime? I guess I’m confused about that. But you also get coins for making new slimes and doing lulus challenge thing it’s so fun!!
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5 years ago, yaya zzss
My life is complete
When I got this game for me and my brother we are mediately started playing it I got all the slimes and all the pants for my brother got one pink and one slime yeah and since I’m in the use of iamb a little ashamed I can’t play with my friends with slime but this game to help me because you can send slime gift to your friends I really like it and when I started playing with it I was too when I started playing yet but it does need a little improvement because some ads are really inappropriate but otherwise it’s a really good down loud no ad so you don’t have to sit there because I sat there for a few minutes waiting for the ad to go but otherwise it’s a really good game I like the fluffy slime I like all the slimes and all the pans I’m almost done with all the paint and all the decorations watch it if so cool I would die if this game never existed whoever made this game is amazing thank you for all my hard time because I had a lot of allergic reaction to Plato and slime I didn’t know what happened until I found out I had allergic reaction so this line game really helped the milky slime really give my poke
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1 year ago, Emersyn G.
It’s fine, i guess have some suggestions
This is not the app for me. It is so boring and I very much dislike it. First of all, THERE ARE NON STOP ADS!!! Look, I get it, you gotta get money off of the game somehow! But that doesn’t mean bore the person playing the game with piles upon piles of ads! Before I go to my second complaint, I want to tell you that I am not meaning to be rude, I am just sharing my opinion and that if you have a different opinion than that is completely fine! Second of all, I have like a million coins but I already have all the slimes, slime colors, and mix ins! So I basically have a million coins that I can do nothing with! I was thinking maybe you could add in a feature to where if you pay like 100 coins or something you can skip an ad. That is just my preference. Third and last of all, as I told you, I already have all the slimes, slime colors, and mix ins! So it is just same old same old when I play the game. Maybe you could like add in some new things every week or something. These are just my ideas and I hope you will take them into consideration! It would make the game much more fun to play for me! I know this will be one review behind a lot of others, but I hope you have a chance to look at it and take my suggestions into consideration!
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4 years ago, lovemynuggets
Love it but...
I first got this app and it was fun. It’s like u actually play with really slime. It very fun. U can make your own slime to get coins and use an image as a slime. There’s games and other stuff. So I was play with it for a while until an ad show up. Something happen. So y’all know about ads. They annoying me. Very since I play games it just get a black screen and I don’t know what to. I hate it when I need to refresh the app. So like the ad just gave me a black screen and it stay there like 2 mins. I was stressed out. I had to refresh the app. So once I did it happen again. I was so mad it just really ANNOYS me. Does this every happen to some of you? This is just a ad game. The ads are really laggy and glitchy so u might need to fix this ads problem. It could Annoy people too. It was really depressing and not good. I handed to give it a 4 stars cuz of that. It would be happy if there’s a game with NO ADS of distraction. I found this no ads button idk what it do so I had to figure out what it does. I say it will take off the ads right? I haven’t tried it yet. Might cost money I think. But I still need to figure out what it does thank you for reading 😊
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6 days ago, #1 slimefan
I LOVE this game
This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played!!!!!!!! It is so addictive. I love this game so much! U can make ur own slime which is a lot of fun . My brother and I have been playing this game for an hour! That’s a lot for us. If you get bored of making slimes there r also some mini games . An example is the one where u copy off another slime and try to make it look the same. Another is u can paint a slime the colors r a bit disoriented but it doesn’t bother me. There r not tons of adds and none of them r really long.U also can make slime 4 events like beach day. I like doing those because u get access to all the different slime types, colors ,and charms. U earn all those things that I just listed by playing the game not collecting coins or watching adds . The sound of the slime is very satisfying. It also works fine without internet. Sometimes a screen pops up saying u have no internet but if u go out of it it will still let you play at least for me it did. The point is this game is a really good one and u should download it.
Show more
3 months ago, CAMY4444
May be helpful for parents or responsible children
I have been playing this slime game for some time now and can firmly say that it is a great alternative to physical slime. The game is free with adds. There is an option to pay a sum of money every month for a add-free game. There are many options in this game you can make your own slime, play with a pre-made one, or play a mini game. There are adds in this game and I would recommend anyone with small children to carefully inform them of Internet safety and to be wary of marketers intentions. I will say it may be difficult for young children (ages 2-5) to click off adds or not be tempted to explore them. Make sure you child is responsible enough to know how to handle adds. All adds and functions in the game, however, are child-friendly and made to cater towards the typical child’s interests. Things such as bright colors and fun music that is designed to draw kid’s attention. Other than adds, this is a great quality slime game. I would highly recommend for anyone with children.
Show more
2 years ago, KENZZZZZZ012610
ALMOST my favorite game…
Hi this is coming from an eleven year old. I LOVE THis GAME. I think it could use some improvements though. First if all l have deleted and re-downloaded this game twice because I ran out of leveks to play for the slime quest, and I got all of the colors and decorations So make more. Pls 🤗Also I want there to be more levels and Lulu’s slime quest. Second of all, I agree with that one person who said that I need to be able to sell Slimes for coins. I think that’s a great idea. Third of all, I do you think that this game is really good. But the reason I gave a four star rating, was that l really want the slime to be more experimental. It would be great if there should be an option where you can experiment the slides. Like make your own slime! like you could choose the glue and activator and other ingredients yourself instead of just having to add what the game wants you to add. Thank you so much for reading this!!! I love how easy it is to earn coins. Please don’t ever change that part, and treasure chests are really easy to get! I also love that feature! Love the game keep up the good work so far!
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