Super T-Shirt Designer

4.7 (15.5K)
67.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shenzhen Bigger Lens LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Super T-Shirt Designer

4.68 out of 5
15.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Hamilton_ismahfav1266
I NEED MORE!!! 💕💕💕
When I played this game at first-I thought it was kinda boring and need more to be added. Later as I got more and more into the game-I found out how ADDICTING it is. Yes, there may be a few flaws-like having to only be able make phone cases and T-shirts and Cups, and when I was making a phone case-I realized that it didn’t have the phone size I have-which is IPhone SE. I was kinda disappointed. But other than that, This app is REALLY good. I know that this review is kinda short. (Probably because I only have been playing this game for two months). Thanks for reading my review!
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6 years ago, FREEDY FAZBEAR
It’s ok. But there are some flaws.
I enjoy using the app because you can make that shirt that you just can’t find anywhere. Or you can order one shirt where as other places make you buy multiple shirts. But I feel the app is aimed at mainly women. There are not many masculine features to this design. The App makes you choose to have certain designs that you do not want for example when placing an image on the front of the shirt the app makes you select a frame to put it in you cannot simply add the picture to the front of the shirt. Another flaw is you cannot add a second image unless you are doing a collage which isn’t a very good way to do that because it automatically change the size of the image and you cannot change it. If you could add multiple images and not be required to select a frame and have more designs men might like, I’d be giving it 5 Stars.
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3 years ago, customprintsngifts
Is this an actual app or a game ? The only review is by a gamer ?!
Wait ?! I’m confused it’s a game ? The review before mine , the person kept calling it a game and he was playing the game for a few months , so is this a game or an actual professional t shirt design app? It’s important I just started up my own business and need all the help I can get to get my company successful, any tips or questions dead greatly appreciated
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7 years ago, Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want mooooore
This app has saved my life because now I can buy/make people gifts without too much effort. It's so easy and I just make weird stuff now. I just wish there were more features and that you could put photos everywhere on the shirts instead of just in the middle. But I love this app and wish there were more like it !
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4 years ago, Sky Designsss
This app helps a lot I would like to take pictures of my grandmother because she had passed in 2016 and it did hurt but I can make a shirt of her but I would like to know are we able to actually make a shirt that I can wear
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2 years ago, rileym1122
Implement features
in my opinion this is a solid app to start on/ mess around with when designing shirts but i feel like a feature to import a saved shirt to replace the classic tee should be implemented because i design a shirt save it and then have to restart just to add onto it because there’s no swap option. Another useful feature would be a way to see and edit the backs of the shirts for further design.
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7 years ago, ZyireKelly18
Good,But A Few Adjustments
I like the website, but I wish you could just have a picture on there and it not need an effect. That's annoying lowkey...also I guess you can't design the back? Why would they think people would not want to do that...those things need to be changed immediately and the quality better be good when I actually order
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5 years ago, IG: @ayeantionette 💕
1 star less
Because the men’s & the women’s items are exactly the same when they show you what they have to offer. How can I send you the screen shot to show you. I have a beautiful design for my business! But I need to know what I’m paying for first! If you could get this adjusted ASAP😋 Thank youuuu💕
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5 years ago, WONT LET YOU LOG IN
Can't purchase the t-shirt i made!
I designed a shirt went through the process of check out. When i clicked the PayPal payment option and pressed order, a error message pops up every time, and unable to process order at this time try again later. Can someone please help me with this thank you!
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2 years ago, Roblox meme or 21
I love this app
I would love to create some Murch so that way people will know who I am, I want to make a statement all over the globe, Thanks for this app that I have downloaded right now
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2 years ago, SeaShantiesAndWoodfires
A little fun but busted.
When I first started it was really fun but I started to realize that every time I stop doing my shirt and I logged off and I saved it wouldn’t save I tried to sign in see if it changed it but the letters were invisible and the password was right but it said it was wrong so it was really annoying.👎🏻😡
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2 years ago, M_Artist3
One little thing…
So, everything is great. But there is one thing that is bugging me. I can’t flip the shirt to the back and design there. Maybe there is a way and I’m just exadurating. (I don’t think I’m spelling correctly sorry) But it’s really bugging me.
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3 years ago, FairyTailOtaku
Difficulty using
Tried to use this app for 20 minutes and I'm extremely frustrated. Can't even create an account without getting the notif "Email Format Is Not Correct! Please Fill In Correct One!". Even though you can still make shirts without an account, there are very limited features available, and some features don't even work properly. The main issue I faced was placing images. I attempted to put a square image on a shirt, but the image can only be placed within a small rectangle—it doesn't even take up half the shirt—before the image gets cut off. Would not recommend. I'll just stick with Custom Ink.
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1 year ago, natas backwards
Good app reliable when needed and has a wide variety of wonderful choices for all ages to make there brand happen $
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4 years ago, Tiffany O'Brien
HATE the updates
I don’t like the updates. Please get rid of them! Plus I want to buy the shirts I make. And if you get to buy it, can it be cheap and can you pick the size including kid sizes because I’m a kid and it is unfair that I make a shirt and I can not buy it or I can’t make it a kid size if I could even buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, MRS.GOKU💜🤤🗣
My T-shirt brand I’m creating!
This is a really good app I like it allot I wish I had more options of logos to use and I needed a better Example on how to use that app other than that I like it!
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4 years ago, dread2018
5 stars everytime
Great app keep it up and hopefully the update wont affect the ability to use its features for free because it is very a useful app once you get the hang of it!!
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7 years ago, Mark Causey
Very Good but......
I think this app is phenomenal except for the fact of getting around. I believe that they should a a kind of tutorial when you open up the app to avoid complications. Other than that great app!
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4 years ago, jinxtheblackcat
I like it
I really like this app I used it for my insta business but you can’t make the photos bigger which is a problem for me, but over all a really good app.
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7 years ago, Suckonebro
Better then making it on redbubble
This app is dope better than redbubble on that app you cant even resize it and change like you want to but on this app you can do that
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4 years ago, Yamscandy
Candace Tasha Brown Small business
I’m learning how to create my own shirts have good ideas and soon to be that I will be doing my own little small business this is my passion this is what I wanna do to God be the glory.
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7 years ago, Nashaa98
Personally, I think that the app would be much better if it had better creative options for shirts, effects and fonts .Overall a very good app to make clothing though.
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4 years ago, sb=shilohbearman😍❤️😂😍
Great so far...
I like it so far, but these apps make you write a review right as you get the app. I put 4 stars because I know that it might lack something once I keep going. I like it so far...but that’s just so far. Recommended😊
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6 years ago, radigga34
Great way start your shirts or make a personalized shirt for yourself and very easy to use just wish was more different type of prints to choose from
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7 years ago, Sir_Gil
Quick and Convenient
All it needs is more freedom of placement and to be able to put the pictures on the back and writing on the front. Otherwise great app.
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2 years ago, animal girl12345678910
Cool but…
I love this app but I wish I could make dresses too or shoes I wish I can make more than just t shirts if u could change that it will make me love this app even more than I like it now!!
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5 years ago, 07Raven
Is Glitchy
Nice idea and would be wonderful if it worked properly but software sometimes freezes up. Difficult to select different functions. Sometimes after you type text you can’t get out of editing function. Very frustrating.
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12 months ago, EtVro
you can turn the shirts
Can you guys add a feature where you can turn the shirts
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8 years ago, Devenbossde
Great App
Great app just need more patterns maybe some for whole shirt you can buy and text should be able to go anywhere alone with the back should be able to be designed
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4 years ago, PrincessA11213
Question before purchase
Are u able to buy what you created to sell?
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7 years ago, moon bucket
Paid for an item, but they won't send
I created and purchased a shirt more than 4 weeks ago, and have received no updates regarding processing. I've attempted to e-mail customer support several weeks ago (there is no phone info that I can find) and have not received any response. I've emailed again today, but so far it looks like this is a scam.
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5 months ago, honestreviewer2316
I signed up for the free trial, & cancelled after a couple minutes since it was not what I was looking for. I have screenshots of cancellation confirmation, yet they still charged my card & will not return my money. Do not download this app or sign up for the “free trial”. Just use another app, they are much better anyway.
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5 years ago, Melanin_Unicornn
Can’t Restore Purchase
I absolutely love the app but I paid and still don’t have any VIP access. It won’t even let me restore the application. Any help?
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6 years ago, wyattc@3
Quite possibly the worst app you could ever buy
Easily the worst shirt app in the world. If you want a picture on the shirt, you have to choose one of the stupid borders to put around it. It doesn't let you just put a photo. If that wasn't enough reason to throw your phone into the nearest lake, they only have ONE FONT. need i say more? i could keep going
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4 years ago, jstokes525
Need to be able to design on the sleeves and need to be able to request different type stickers
Need to be able to design on the sleeves and need to be able to request the stickers you want !
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7 years ago, Bjhotness
The only thing wrong with this app is that you can't put your logo in the spot you want. But as for as previewing your logo on clothes, this app is perfect for that.
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2 years ago, Sommer Daye
Love My Tee
I attended a sip and paint last night. I took a photo of my painting, and was able to easily transfer it onto a tee, on this app. This is amazing!
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4 years ago, PieKid9
New company; found a way to make it work!
This app is giving new a new step in the right direction!
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4 months ago, Mmm we llo
My purchase
I purchased the super T-shirt subscription for life and I can’t sign in why my order is is MQFD7L2M7T
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1 year ago, Atlas Unknown
I just downloaded it and have a design set to start with!!! What! That was ezpz!! I haven’t seen much else of the app but it’s off to a good start. Wow wee ezpz
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7 years ago, H;)🤗
This is a good app you can order what you want in any form of clothes, phone cases, and cups. There are more, but no time have to get back to the app!
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7 years ago, West Representer
Creative and easy
Great app! Way more creative options than online custom website for shirts!
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5 years ago, jakester157
I just would like a simple shirt with a logo as a “badge” in the upper right corner of the front, but there is a very limiting box (ok, it can be stylized, but still) that your image can fit in. I wish that there was more room. Let the pros make their own boxes, and push the limits of design.
Show more
7 years ago, Dalwer223
Should be able to put the pic any place on the shirt not within the confines of the box. Should be able to place labels and writing as well in any location required.
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4 years ago, beppyartist
Fun simple outstanding
Some people make things difficult but this app is a joy to work with👍🏻💥
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2 years ago, gingerale129272
This app is seriously terrible. Why make a t shirt app that dosnt work. You go to center your picture and click okay only to have it be off-centered and not where you put it. You cannot make a specific t shirt and you can’t even see the back. 😂😭
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5 years ago, Lonny Bun
Lovin’ It
I love this game it also helps people who may want to be fashion designers as they get older and this can help them experience that 🧵+👗=💗
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7 years ago, Bae material 😍😍😍😘
4 stars
I love the website just wish when you put a picture it doesn't have an affect or shape...other than that it was good.
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4 years ago, Dlo3625
Cant figure out how to buy shirt
I can’t seem to figure out how to buy a shirt I made. I designed it and everything, but can’t figure out how to purchase.
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5 years ago, Lay's bae
Stole my money
I purchased the VIP package and it didn’t give me access to it after I looked in my bank account & saw they took out more than 2.99. I went back in the app and pressed “restore” to see if that worked but it said I didn’t make any purchases. Do not use this app it will scam you for money.
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