Supermarket Shopping Games 3D

4.2 (38K)
200.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fatima Ahmed
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Supermarket Shopping Games 3D

4.22 out of 5
38K Ratings
6 months ago, RooMom99
I feel like there are so many ads that the game is more ad than game. Also, there are only three levels in the game each with six scenarios that you go through then you just have to redo the levels all over again. In the app’s product photos it shows you being able to pick out your own groceries but in the real game you can only check off a checklist. Would not recommend there are just way too many ads.
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2 years ago, Ivythewolffirl
Good but a couple of things
I started playing and you lose your reputation way to fast! It gets a little annoying when you are trying to play but you get stopped before you can do a job 2 times. And I think you should not have to pay to be a girl avatar. Also, family mode should be optional and should not be unavailable. And do you even look at your reviews or do the people that want to get the game look at it. For me, I think it’s a good game but you need to fix these issues fast. That’s all I have to say for now. Please fix these things!😊☺️
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5 years ago, Joamerc
The game is ok but there needs to be more levels! I played this game and finished it, also the characters are creepy the moms eyelashes are under her eyes and when I got into the car the shoes where blue but when I get of to go in the market there black, also about the moms feet sink in the ground when I get off the car, also I was in the market and I looked up and I see the sky from outside! These are some stuff that need to be fixed, thx for reading! 🙂
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4 years ago, rrrrrrrxdctrxrrzchvxftd dgxf
Bad game for kids
Because it will not let you use the parents I was here unlike a high-level and I keep on failing because it only gives you only ate a man amount of time and that is not right and so I wrote this a two out of five because it was so bad I just don’t really like it and this other kid on here they did a really bad review because it was really bad too and so you’ll need to fix his four kids or do you know what you can get arrested or something and you don’t want that to happen so how about you take this off of your game is it your apps because it is making people go mad it is making me go mad and so now🙂
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4 years ago, TxCust
I've NEVER seen a more poorly designed app. When you first open the app, there's an ad. When you click to play the first level and before it even starts, there's another ad! Once the game finally loads for actual game play, your instructed to do actions but the on screen controls are BAD. Between the poorly designed onscreen controls and ads, the game is unplayable. Graphics are horrid and Im sure I'll have nightmares from the ugly creature looking people. Highly dissatisfied and deleting this junk. Save your time don't download this crap. It was more created as an ad revenue source in kind and less about entertainment.
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3 years ago, advnturgrl
Hi this game the reason I put three*I don’t want his fourth Avenue but actually it says it is Florida but it’s super hard you have to add super hard like it’s super Duper hard to add things things and they only give you a short amount of time it’s a good game if you’re a good Attar definitely download it it’s super fun but if you’re not to get out or just if you wanna download it you can but if you’re not going to add her I’d wanna download it if you want to you can I just ask somebody for help OK that’s my real thank you bye
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4 years ago, Derty54
5 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩stars!❤️
This game is amazing! I love it! Also if you need dollars(for the game-) you can watch videos! It doesn’t sound fun,but it’s better than paying with real money! Also, it’s fun! ❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for a fun game like this and here it is!! Love it 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤣🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩,,,......but I do have ONE PROMBLEM! When I drive the cars,the other cars are in my lane! GET OUT OF MY LANE! Please make the cars stay in their own lane
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4 years ago, Kezy K's Wold
I got this game but I did read the reviews and I said updated on it so I assume that it was better but now so first thing what happened it’s just stupid it’s not fun and I just don’t like it why would you make us have a time limit on your shopping won’t let me be the family it is coming soon and I have this game for a month actually no it’s been five months since quarantine I just don’t like this game it’s so stupid please don’t waste your time on buying it just don’t waste your time just get better games I know there’s better games out there
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2 years ago, u#djsjs
I hate this song it would tell me that I was wrong on the cadget register but I was right the whole time I even did the math and put it in the calculator I said it was wrong I mean it said it was wrong so I don’t know I hate this game and I think they should make a different one why is this so stupid like why would they do that like is it never works it never works it never works it just says oh they got a mad face and you’re out and then when the ad comes guess what you’re out again I hate this game and I never wanna play it again thanks a lot for ruining it.
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2 years ago, word better
This is terrible, I only put one star because I had to.
Good idea but lots of bugs, and too many ads. Love the graphics, but otherwise the game is not designed well. also you lose your reputation too fast. There are so many food you can choose to put in the game but they choose five.
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4 years ago, Bruserh
First of all this game needs more levels and also when the mom gets out of the car her feet sink into the ground and when she gets out of the car the shoes are blue and then when she gets into the supermarket her shoes are black also I think the moms kind of creepy because their eyelashes are under her eye and her daughter is just kind of like a default but it’s a great game 😊
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4 years ago, @emmathebigem
Uh pretty bad 😯😢
Everything was going way too fast you barely have any time to do the task and put everything into the register and then it just makes you start all over again and it’s not even fun and boring they should put updates to it and give them more time give us more time to do our tasks like putting the money into the cashier it just takes too much time and then you have to start all over again and it’s not really good game in general I thought it was gonna be way funner
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2 years ago, DaCutieMicMuffin
This app made me feel so unworthy of life. The reputation levels went down so fast it was hard to even play for a minute straight. Music is so annoying, and it really got me aggravated. This is not a good game for kids by or adults because it's very aggravating. The reputation levels are so quickly downgraded it makes it hard to enjoy being a SupermarketCashierSimulator raindrop. If the levels weren't as quickly dropped then I would definitely enjoy this game. But I would not recommend for literally anybody. Have a nice day.
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4 years ago, Baking sister
What the heck 😾
When you first go into the game you have an add then when the add is done you have another add (there are a lot of adds)and when you go into the clothes store the outfits you get to choose from are UGLY and the girls look like boys also clothes are never $500 to $1500 also the parents fingers do not bend and when you go into the ice cream “shop” the ice cream is way too expensive I mean think about it have you ever gone too an ice cream shop and ice cream costs $1000
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2 years ago, LoverRXT
My screen freezes all the time
Every game is great but this one is pretty terrible I don’t mean to be mean but there’s always pop up ads and stuff that I don’t want to see but my screen freezes when I’m trying to scam customers groceries how do I say this in a nice way it’s kind of good and kind of bad at the same time I read it to stars because it’s pop-up ads and things I don’t like I’m really sorry but I just just came is it for me
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3 years ago, hansnjz
Ok I’m bout to go back home and then Ishggd is a good time to go to bed
Ok I will call when I q get home from school tomorrow morning and then head back up there in a bit to get some food and I’ll be back home soon pass it to my friends and family and friends and I will have a great time
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4 years ago, Nash, Kenzie, and Archie
It’s ok😞
For the stairs when you are on it your outfits is checkered and then when you are on the middle floor it changes into a black suit? Also some of the spelling is wrong. When we are in the shop you can see the sky. For the second level number 5 I looked for one thing and it made me get it again but the arrow was glitching. Thx for reading
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4 years ago, VSCO girl🐢🐢🐢
This game is kind of boring you need more I don’t how many people get on it but all I know it’s just a little weird and you know I’m in fourth grade I have a friend that is in fourth grade 2 she has two little sisters in kindergarten they need help on this game but too much and it’s driving me crazy not to be rude but I seriously do you know I hate this game
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4 years ago, Did_I_ask
I downloaded this because I was bored in quarantine.... I thought maybe that I could pretend I was shopping in a store. Little did I know that they tell you what to but and everything. But that’s not the problem...The characters look super creepy and they are really glitchy and hard to control. This game is also real boring and all you do is buy many things for these to very annoying and bratty kids! I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone.
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3 years ago, lost in the earth
The baddest game on earth
Once’s I read all of the comments I was this game must be bad but then I was like let’s try this game and see how bad it is so when I opened it there were options that were so confusing after that the costumes were endless and I thought it must have glitched but it was working so stoped right there and said I will give this game a 2 star so that was a bad experience. Baddest game on earth
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3 years ago, yosh the nice
Last note
So it tells u instructions then when there is nothing in the cart left it says I’m running low on the level thing and it still says pick up the things in the cart. I LOVE this game. But there was a few changes in my last review. PLEASE UPDATE NOW. As I was saying, now, upgrade pls.
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3 years ago, 😘😭😒
Worst gam ever ugghhh
Ok so I really hate this game and I just got it today. I saw the reviews and I thought ok maybe it's not really that bad. WELL IT IS AND I SWEAR I AM GOING TO DELETE THIS GAME UNLESS YOU GET IT RIGHT!!!!! When ever I have enough energy or whatever it is you call it when I go to put the total in and enter it when intern back to the customer the energy drains and I don't like it, also we should be able to style our worker or our customer so if you will please make a few updates and make it better cause this is rediculios. Thank you have a nice day.
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3 years ago, do you do boo-boo
Please don’t say anything
The first thing that was the last thing on my list was the one in a few weeks ago that we have been in this one year since we were out of town
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3 years ago, Bruh120711
Some Suggestions
Hello I just got this game and so far liking it I have a couple Suggestions tho #1 can u pls hurry on the family update #2 having the Reputation thing is not the best it is not fun it gives me and my friends angziety and it is very frustrating! Thanks for making the game!
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9 months ago, djcniebd
Fun but too ady
It’s fun and all like it keeps me entertained but there are way to many ads. Everytime you sell something to one customer or even just open the app there is an ad right off the bat. I would only recommend if you don’t mind ads all the ones I had were skippable after like 5 seconds.
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2 years ago, lnfbbgbfncvb
My problem is that on level eight 8 only gives me three customers and he told me to get $800 how much does a control that I mean like who makes the game and it makes me do a pawn shop not a grocery store
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2 years ago, hgjgubhjuhn
Cool but...
It’s cool to be a cashier but all the upgrades cost so much and there is a lot of glitches. I would like to be a girl but it costs 4,000 dollars. Like that’s a lot of money. Also when can you be the family, I bought this game to be a shopper but I can’t be one. All I’m saying is maybe you should upgrade the game a little bit more.
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1 year ago, Adella_garcia
Good but it is not shopping with mom anymore
The game is good but I liked it when you drove the car you were a mom and you did cool stuff now uhmmmm ok it is alright now but plsssssssssssssss I am begging the developers change it back to the family plssssssssss !!!!! But overall great game good job
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5 years ago, singer/dancer/musican/actress
This game is alright but there are so many ads! I only played one episode/game and the game crashed, the game is very slow and the people are not very well animated and they had no facial expression at all. Most of the game is just walking around and not really doing anything. And there are so many ads, there where two ads in 5 seconds wouldn’t suggest getting this game.
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3 years ago, CpnPAcop
Supermarket tycoon
You should download this game it is very very fun to play and it can go for as long as you want it’s so funny you can scan it and then you check them out it’s so amazing and fun you should download it just for fun it will be fun if you have a kid because I love it as a kid
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5 years ago, Carkiller212
I don’t like it
It gives you ads when you first get it. Then you mostly watch ads than anything in the game. This my opinion you guys can try it but this would be my least favorite game like if when your done a part you get a ad or two this game boring but this is my opinion try it out for your self and it does say where you left off it only saves levels or what ever you call it
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3 years ago, Nyxie pixie 12
This is like,the worst game ever!And I have played really bad games,but none of them are as bad as this one!This game only gives you about 15 seconds to get through all the costumers!And there should be a normal woman that you can play,because I am a girl,also I think that you should start off with some money to upgrade the person a little bit because I feel like it’s impossible to even get through 1 round!Please fix this soon.😡
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2 years ago, 1Jane11e
The reputation go down too fast. While I’m playing an ad will pop up and the ad will waste time were to the point my reputation will go all the way down and the game will tell me “You ran out of Reputation” It’s a great game and the setup is nice it’s just the time the ads pop up, which messes up the game for me.
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11 months ago, uaxkwbcknx
I like this game because it’s fun and it keeps me out of my boredom zone and honestly if you like to play games thatd not too much but also like a little bit fun, I would recommend this game and yeah that’s it. I really like this game. I’m giving it a five star.
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3 years ago, Rabbitlover358
Not a 5 star
I only put a 5 star for people to see but on reality it’s a 2 star🙄😒 Cons:not fun, and the cashier thing doesn’t even make sense 😠 You have to make numbers or something?😞Idk This game is extremely boring…..🤨Developers please add something fun where you can actually shop. Pros: you can scan things🥳-Nothing else☹️ Also for the levels for me I always fail even when I did everything right Don’t download or your gonna waste your time😑🙄🙄
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9 months ago, prolouai1
By n
This game I don’t really like it because it won’t give me other games it kinda game just the shopping and paying bills like I want some other games not only these but u know I will just keep trying so I will kinda recommend and that’s why I give this game a 3and a half but yea .
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5 years ago, math school teacher
Don’t listen to the bad reviews
The bad reviews are fake. I had a person look at mine and they said the only reason it’s gliching on other people’s is that the device it’s self is bad so get this app it’s the best
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3 years ago, CatchTheCookie57
When I started a few minutes ago it said that I couldn’t shop it said coming soon but I could only be a cashier and I was like okay. But then I was playing and it’s just the same boring thing over and over. You put the stuff on the counter thing scan put in the numbers in the cash register and it’s like timed and I can’t shop this came is the worst.
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3 years ago, LAH123456789
It’s so BORINGGGG 😶😶😶
I started playing the game since I was bored and it was in my recommended so I downloaded it and it started out fun you scan items and type in the prices but as I was playing I didn’t find any levels all i did was scan and type I probably did this for 30 minutes so I don’t recommend downloading this game it just made even more bored.🙄🙄🙄 (I wish I could give no stars ⭐️)
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4 years ago, Ms Naja Cable n Baton Rouge
Way too many ads
U have to watch an ad before the level several during the level and after the level. And they are long ads. 30 seconds each. I could never get the just of the game n pick up speed because the ads interrupt the flow. Im probably the most patient person in America but that was just way too much for even me. I had no choice but to delete the app. Couldn’t even enjoy it.
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4 years ago, butter bean butt
Kind of weird
See this game is fun and all but I completed all the levels and it needs more levels it’s kind of creepy to the eyelashes are on the bottom of the eyes the moms the shoes change colors when it gets out the car their heads come off of their body and to top it all off it glitches I’m deleting it
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5 years ago, bru i like turtels
I hate it
Ok so when you start it already gives you 3 ads, and when you try to close out of them they all bring me to the App Store, and the dad is really scary when the game loads to 100% you wait there for like 10 more minuets, and you have a time limit to do every thing, and also you have to watch another add just to get to level 2, I only was playing until I got breakfast ready in the game, then I un-installed it
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3 years ago, ,..,,,,..,.,.l.o.l.
Not good!
This game seems fun but it’s not it’s really laggy way to many ads and I cant even play for 1 minute without it freezing one of the worst games I’ve ever had 😕 . At first I liked it but it kept freezing and I was fine with it for a while but it kept doing that I cant even play -.- don’t download the game honestly another type of supermarket game would be better than this...
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4 years ago, Sophia the greatest
It’s the BEST game
This game is my favorite and I like it,But there are some glitches,CAN you please change the car speed it’s really fast and it’ll seem easier if there were a “car speed”
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1 year ago, Banana ffffff
We should be able to have abilities to be the shoppers to
It’s so annoying I was giving someone and it got stuck and also when I was thinking I was gonna get this to the shop. It actually was running a shop.
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2 years ago, moneymakingty
Not my favorite
I wanted to have hope in this game but off the back I lost my reputation it’s like nothing I’m doing is right Playing the game is a bore the camera angles are not how they should be the screen alone is a headache It could be better it needs more excitement and more of a realistic game If it was like the other games of grocery shopping it would probably be a big hit
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3 years ago, klacyyyyie
It’s okay
This game is okay but it just needs us to be able to have help when we are the cashier because right know you can only be a cashier and not a family please fix this thank you hope you see this!! But also I highly recommend this game
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3 years ago, hellcatnightmare
I love this
If you purchase any extras like to unlock levels or take ads away it doesn’t work. Makes me wonder if he made a bunk game just to make money off of “stupid Americans”... beware. Don’t by extras!!i
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7 months ago, Isabella Marie Clayton
Worst game ever
The first time I heard about this game I thought of this as an idea of how the game would work for a couple years and I was like oh yeah that’s what I like about it so far I think it works for a little more people like you and then you get a lot more than that I like to do that I don’t like that kind a hard thing to get a good idea I think that’s a great game I don’t think it
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4 months ago, JoyBear419
I just opened the game, got an ad. I got past the information I have to read, I play FIVE SECONDS…. Another ad. I play MAYBE 20 seconds, another ad. After that I could barely play without getting an ad. I didn’t even make it INSIDE THE SUPERMARKET before closing out and just uninstalling it… don’t waste your time, and don’t waste your money paying for no ads...
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