SuperNote Notes Recorder+Photo

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6 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for SuperNote Notes Recorder+Photo

4.85 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Taticat9
Perfect for Private Notes
I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and I’ll confess that I’ve tried others. This app is FAR superior, and I’ve always ended up transferring any other app’s information over and keeping this app. The interface takes a little time to get used to; the time you invest is well worth it. I wish this app would give the option to pull images or thumbnails from links (one example of how this could be used is in inserting my own illustrations in a block of text), but even as-is, this app is phenomenal. And the security is good enough to have stopped one person who knows me well enough to have had a reasonable chance to guess my passcode dead in their tracks; there’s no reset option from that screen. The only thing I’d suggest adding is maybe a dummy warning that says something like ‘Wrong passcode. Only ___ tries left’, and then ‘Wrong passcode. Locked’, just to scare the crap out of someone rude if they’d been hoping to brute force it or trigger a reset. Thank you for an excellent app!!
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10 months ago, IM LP
Super Note Best App In Its Category!
For more than a decade I have been using Apps for my electronic mobile devices. Seldom do I come across a developer of Apps that gets it right from the start. Super Note has been the best in its class. It has my vote and support and express my gratitude. Why? Because of the features, because of its simplicity, because its availability and accessibility to deliver without much fuss. There have been a few apps over the years that the Apple Store did away with. In my opinion it was not necessary but it was a decision Apple Store made beyond my control. I hope this is not the case for Super Note. It is one of the apps I hope to continue to use to for many more years to come. As the expression goes "An Oldie, But Goody"! Thank you again Super Note and please do not leave the Apple Store.
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8 years ago, Roysworth1
Solar Power means brainpower at work!
In today's competitive technological age a successful company can no longer rest on its past accomplishments. Each day the company must work to get better to fend off the competition and meet the needs of its customers. As a result innovation and new better ways of cutting cost, eliminating waste and improving customer satisfaction is a daily mission. Each day there is valuable best practices, improved procedures and products. Recording meetings and trainings enhances my ability to "sharpen the saw" making me 10X more professional and productive. This App is awesome in recording and backing up my valuable notes in the cloud. So even if my phone goes down, lost or broken I still have my information.
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7 years ago, MikeRiv1
Not useful, and suggestions ignored
I needed a basic note taking app that allowed me to record note, and reviewe them easily, and this seemedd to fit the bil,l initially. But after having used it in real situations for a while, I realized there was more to be desired in order to make it practical. I started to get really friustrated with it's inability to scrubm and as a result I made recommendations but was basically told that the app is as it is and it's tough luck for me if it's not usable. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. So, I reluctantly using this product and I'm activiely looking to swithch over to something elase that suites my needs better than this. Yet I keep getting annoying pop-ups asking to give this product 5 stars in order for the publisher to reap in financial reward, the gull! I don't recommend this product (at all, really bad) if you're looking for a business product that can record meeting and allows you to review the recording. It seems simple enough, but if you decide to take a chance, you'll soon find out what I mean. It's qquite poor in usability.
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7 years ago, Quilk
Great App For Projects!!
This app laid idle for some time until I realized used it for a garage organizational project. I was able to import pictures with the needed measurements, have them all in one place/document, and then include notes of the desired objective. It worked so well, that I've been using it for numerous other installs, repairs, as well as documenting other information. The only thing I think would improve upon it would be cloud support/multi device support. If this is a feature,I'm unaware of how to utilize it, as of yet. If you have any DIY projects or design ideas, this is a very useful app to have on hand. I highly recommend it.
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7 years ago, Tori VIIA
I love this app. I have been using it for years. I only have a few things I wish they would add. 1) Folders for dividing and sorting. I take many classes each semester. I like to keep a few of my notes and recordings from previous semesters. It would be a lot nicer if I could sort previous and current semesters into individual folders. 2) We need subscripts and superscript. Almost all of the classes that I take are math intense. Writing notes on physics for example is useless on this app. I resort to the old pencil and paper method simply for the fact that I can't use sub/superscripts on this app. 3) Improved exploration of recordings/ time stamp The time stamp jumps a few lines when you use it. This can be a little annoying but isn't a big deal. I think there should be a more readily accessible button to use the stamp as well. More importantly when listening in to a recording I would like to be able to type in the time I want to jump to on the recording. It's hard to adjust as it is and I use time stamps a lot in my notes. It would be nice to type in [0:22:43] and go 22mins and 43sec into the recording.
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6 years ago, CJ-Hawaii
Great tool for quick recordings by voice or note
I really loved the feature this has of Voice recording you can make. I take notes by recording like a meeting so I don’t forget things and later transcribed my notes. Sometimes my recording is not continuous being interrupted a lot. What I love about this app is that I can continue to record on the same note with the recording and it puts a mark where I can skip to the continuation of my recording that I stopped last and skip thru portions. Now if could only make a transcript of the voice recording... that would really be invaluable. One I would pay for.
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7 years ago, Mary Gracey Cope
I use app this ALL the time!
I use SuperNote to record interviews during the course of my project evaluations. I like the flexibility of taking notes along with recording and marking my notes with time markers to find it later. The only thing I wish is that I could save the audio files in a .wav format instead of .aif. I have to convert them in iTunes before I send them to my transcriptionist. Also - you have to unpair with your phone or turn off Bluetooth so that an incoming phone call won't stop a recording. I lost an important interview once before I learned that.
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3 years ago, McDonnaFL
Most Features Don't Work
I have used Super Note for years to record and take notes on meetings. The free version had limited but effective features. When I purchased the Pro version, I expected what the description claimed. It does not work any better than the free version - at all. Files cannot be forwarded, links do not work, editing the sound file is out of the question...all of it is a huge disappointment. After attempting to contact the developers and never receiving anything but an automated reply, I gave up. It still works fine to record and take notes on the sound file page, but that's all. For $20 for the Pro version, it should do everything the developers claim. Invest somewhere else like Evernote or a similar platform. This one is disappointing and the developers are completely unresponsive.
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7 years ago, Busy Mom 999
Was 5 star until I could transfer notes to new phone.
I loved this app up until I switched phones and found I could not transfer notes from one phone to the other. Disappointed is an understatement. I know I can download my notes to a laptop or up load to Dropbox but that only saves my notes in note pad form I believe. However you can download or import those saved files to another phone. I used this app as an alternative notepad since my Apple notes is shared with family members and they can add/delete and edit all that is there. At one point some of my notes were deleted. That is why I switched to SuperNote. I'm note retyping all the files I have from the past 2+ years.
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7 years ago, Mr_Elmore
Very satisfied with this app. It allows you to record/listen in the background while you use other apps or even close out to the lock screen: it makes it easy to use without interfering with other processes or giving the appearance that you are recording. Files can be uploaded to DropBox for easy storage, which certainly is a plus, and even more impressive, the app allows you to take notes while recording (or later during playback) and insert time stamps wherever appropriate. This is definitely one of my goto apps.
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4 months ago, Sir Ish
Celebrity Handler
As someone who works with ultra high net worth individuals and families, having to ability to keep every task in a secure and organized manner is critical to my operation. I’ve been using this app for many years. This is an original, simple, clear concise and effective tool for A-players. The record and time stamp feature during conferences is clutch when note taking isn’t fast enough and vital info is being given. This tool allows you to do what your brain was meant to, stay focused and creative.
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7 years ago, Goodreviews347
Great for Extensive Lectures
I use this app on a daily basis in graduate school to record my professors lectures while I'm in class taking notes. Its helpful to type my notes up while this app is recording, and I like the ability to move out of this app and into others while it continues recording. The only suggestion I would make is changing the notes section to work more like a word document so you could change the paragraph form, use bullets, change the font size and use bold or italic fronts. Good app overall for students.
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8 years ago, Bandstudent
A blessing for my Christian Scriptures Class!
I use this application daily in my Christian Scriptures Class and see myself integrating this into every other class as well. Works flawlessly for me. This app would be perfect for an important meeting, business or otherwise. The ability to record and time stamp, while also being able to type notes all within one application is extremely beneficial and makes going back to review information a breeze! Don't think twice, get and USE this app! Definitely worth the cost!!
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7 years ago, DWS44mag
Best note taker ever !!!
Yes,, I can say that this is the best note taker app out there ! The next is Notability , it to is similar. But I like this one the best. It has crystal clear recorder in it, so you can record wile taking notes so if you miss something you can lessen later to edit what you may of missed. You can download and send notes to your computer or email them to share. I highly recommend this app ! Update: also the stamp mark during recording so you can find a topic later and you can label it to remember what it is. It is a super app !!!
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7 years ago, Joem1970
Horrible experience and situation
Horrible experience! Do not rely on ICloud to back up this app. I entrusted this app with my most important details, work information, vouchers, passwords and things I stored there as I did not have access to them any other way. Upgraded to iPhone 7 and every single app backed up on iCloud except this one. Information of course is wiped on the old phone. You would think there was a mechanism in place to help with this. Support is non existent, the individual who responded three weeks after my plea for help was disinterested and pathetic. I'll find another, better, more technologically up to date app. Have made suggestions to several people to stop using it and will keep telling people, to warn them so they don't have to go through what I did
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6 years ago, CyndelA13
Super note would recommend
This is a good app I use it for many lectures and also record myself reading my notes out loud because I’m a kinesthetic learner and I tend to lean more towards auditory the only thing is I wish that you could add previously taken pictures to your recordings it doesn’t seem to want to let you do that but you can take a picture of your notes in front of you were the slide or whatever I highly recommend this app I actually went ahead and paid for it because I like it so much and use it so often I’m in nursing school so this gets used a lot
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7 years ago, Mona10101
Essential app I use it to record classes, my tasks for the day and groceries everything in my life
Essential app I use it to record classes, meetings and also to record my day's activities. I record my voice planning my day and then I can take notes at the same time and I just play the recording every hour or so as the day goes by and see at the same time the schedule I wrote. Listening to my voice and seeing the schedule at the same time makes it so easy to follow through
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8 years ago, neeseybug
Love it.
Yes, I love this app. I keep all of my notes, recipes, memos etc. in it. I refer to it every day and I constantly add important notes of information I want to keep. It is extremely easy to use and it's simplicity is one of the things I love about it the most. Sometimes information on the pages of this app wants to scroll on its own. If I hold my finger on the line of info I want to edit, it will usually let me add there. Otherwise I like that I can add photos to my notes and it is worth 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Xyzdjpzoyp
Great For Notes
I take tons of notes for the many subjects and topics I research and on many different projects I am creating and developing. I would like to see the availability of putting notes with the categories in folders because I have so many notes and projects within each category it takes a long time to weed through the long list of notes and find a particular note pertaining to a particular project within that category! I use it so much the sheer number of notes have become a draw back.
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2 years ago, Heppyd
Perfect App
This is the perfect app for notes and memo. I have used several and this is the best. Very flexible and user-friendly. I suggest they increase the number of color-coded tabs to at least 6 for greater flexibility and tagging. Also, they could enhance it with a handwriting feature, again, for more flexibility. Also make it possible to email a note directly from the ap. Having said that, I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Star 10-5
Really Love This App!
This App has been great for me! It is very simple to use and I love the different categories available to keep me organize! If you want an App that is simple, but truly effective you will want to try this! In addition, whenever I have had a problem the geek team are so professional and eager to assist in getting the problem fixed. Make note; it is a rare occasion when you will experience a problem and when you do, it’s a quick fix😉
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7 years ago, Melnbri
App that saved my sanity
Recorded conversations that someone made me feel like I was going crazy. Every word and every necessary sound that was important was played back with perfect detail. It was used for my own benefit and gave me peace of mind, finally. Love this app and don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't utilized it to be where I am right now. Thank you! Only thing I would change is if there were a way to transfer files easier or more efficiently
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7 years ago, HunterMarkus216
Great & Useful App
I've been using this App for over 2 years. I upgraded to the full App after trying out the free App. It's a very useful App & I use it regularly. It works great & really comes in handy. The App allows me to record meetings or phone calls where complicated info is being discussed. I can go back to listen to the recordings at any time to make sure I am following up on items that need to be properly completed. I highly recommend this App.
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7 years ago, Coffee with Yah
The best
This app lets you record (for long periods) and take notes at the same time. (Don't forget to stop it when you're done or you could have several hours of recording:) I think I've even changed to another app while it continued recording. I love this app. It offers much more than others I've tried Now I can record important meetings and not have to take notes, which means I can focus and enjoy. And the mic picks up very well!
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4 years ago, InoLar
Wonderful app!
I love this app!! Intuitive, clean and does what it’s name says it does. Take super notes. I never use the word wonderful but it so aptly describes the ease of learning, using and sending quality meeting minutes out! I have one note set up as a template with regular attendees and three main types of info I want to capture every meeting. I copy and paste this into a new meeting note, have the presenter speak into the microphone at the end (for 20 seconds) to describe the 2 biggest takeaway ideas they wanted to make sure we heard, then snap 2 pictures. Then I can simply and easily send the whole kit n kaboodle out in an email. My whole minutes taking responsibility can be completed five minutes after the meeting concludes. Pics, audio, attendance and more. Wow. I'm pretty impressed. Thanks!
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7 years ago, kwshoes
Supernote (paid version)
After trying an assortment of other note-taking Apps, I have settled on Supernote as the best-in-category for my needs. The combination of text notes and audio recordings provides me with an ideal way of capturing all of the information I need when attending meetings, lectures and other events. I've now put aside all other note Apps and will continue to use this one -- until something better appears.
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6 years ago, bbgghbdfvbdz?(:;
Very useful!
I use this app to write and compose songs. As the mood hits me on guitar or piano I record the music I am spontaneously creating while making up lyrics or dictating notes about chord changes or possible different options. I find the ability to stop and go back to different transition points very useful and when attached to head phones or a good speaker I find the fidelity quite adequate to get a sense of the finished product.
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3 years ago, MizLizzie
So far, so GREAT
I got this app before I went to a week long intensive training course. I'm able to take notes, pictures and record the lecture all concurrently. Everything is accessible on one page. I haven't tried to save anything into another format, but if it's as intuitive as using the app, I'll be using this app for a long time! Needs a better way to backup files for safe keeping. I no longer update for fear of losing my notes.
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6 years ago, 122CVA122
It’s a Lifesaver!!! LOVE THIS APP!!!
I have been using this app for a couple of years and I absolutely LOVE it! I love how you can take notes and it automatically does a time stamp on the note so you can directly to that portion of the recording and you can add PICTURES! I take pictures during conference presentations of the PowerPoints. It makes my life so much easier. I can actually focus on a meeting and not my notes. Then I can go back and put together great notes!
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7 years ago, Gassy 1928
Make the great audiobook
I write children’s books. I love this app so I can hear how my book flows. I’m also going to see if I can use this as my baseline for turning my book into an audiobook. I have also use this app on some of my tours. Much easier than taking notes. My only concern is I hope they keep updating the app. Apple is now at 11.1 in their operating system and this Program only goes to operating system of 10 .
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7 years ago, Fyrwing
Wish I could give 4.5 stars!
I love this app, and use it to record meetings. Great for accountability down the road. My only peeve is that it's difficult to use the slider to advance or reverse to a particular spot, to listen again as I transcribe the recording. It would be great if there were "advance/reverse 15/30 sec" buttons so I could re-listen... heck, even if you made the drag handle bigger and easier to use, that would make this a perfect 5 stars in my book. Overall, great job. Love this app.
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7 years ago, Jrg20120
And STILL no syncing ability across iOS devices!! WHEN are you going to move to the 21st century??? It is ridiculous and so antiquated that people have to create or edit the same document separately on each of their iDevices to keep the info on all devices current and up to date! And if they buy a new device, they are unable to transfer their files through the app!! So many people have complained about no syncing feature, yet developers have just brushed them off. It is painfully apparent they don't have the technical skills to make this happen! And they don't seem to care what customers want. Pathetic.
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7 years ago, User707070
The scrolling is terrible!
I rarely write reviews, but this app needs help. I also want to save you from getting this app and then having to transfer all your notes to a new app. I have contacted the company twice about this issue. When you're scrolling, it will all of a sudden go to a different part of the page. This becomes incredibly annoying when you can't get to the part of your list that you need. The whole point of a list app is very simple: you just want to be able to read your list. If they could fix it, this would be a decent app.
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7 years ago, Phrogmedic
Med student-veteran
As a non-traditional military veteran coming back to medical school after BS and two Masters completed 12+ years ago, I found the use of this technology excellent. It permits me to read and add emphasis to my notes, recall data from my readings and use multiple senses in knowledge recovery while I am driving, running or doing a psychomotor skill, which embeds that memory deeper for later recall and more importantly, application in my future profession.
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2 years ago, HEISMYREASON3012
What Happened?????
UPDATE: It’s now fixed and I got back all my notes after 2 weeks and I’m so happy. This App is The BEST out there hands down! Upon updating my iPhone, When I went to open my notes to register something, it just keeps closing down. All my notes are GONE! I’ve had this app for years so you can imagine how much stuff I had that is lost. Please help!!!!
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7 years ago, Bro Music
Great program
This is been absolutely great program! It has performed flawlessly and is fairly easy to use. It is very sensitive and has a clear playback sounds use. Keeping it out of the five-star category is it's slightly non-intuitive control system. That will not be a problem once you use it for a while, but it takes a little effort to get to learn to control it.
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7 years ago, grandmama24
Wonderful app for traveling
I love using this tool when I'm traveling. I use the recording device to capture thoughts while I'm touring - for example, recording the absolute beauty of the mosaic works in Ravenna, Italy or the essence of the Sistine Chapel. I also use the dictation (writes note as I speak) element to record what I have seen and experienced during the day, so I can record what has transpired during the day.. Great app......
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7 years ago, DeboraD2000
Good app
I really like this app, especially being able to send the notes to my email. The two things I don't like is how easy it swipes to the next note when I touch the screen and how when I enter something in one area of the note and when done and ready to move to another area of the note to make a new enters the note scroll back to where to my last entry. Both things are rather annoying, that's why I gave it 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Quecamom3
Why I didn’t give 5 stars…
I LOVE this app but unfortunately it needs one upgrade…if only you could link all the info between iPad and iPhone it would be sooo helpful!! My iPad crashed and because it doesn’t link between the two I lost everything!! Some info was important and now gone forever! I would GLADLY pay an additional one-time fee to link between the two devices!!!
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7 years ago, BigJTMoney2k
Great App
This is a very good app to have. I am in a lot of meetings where I need to take notes as well as record and this gives me the flexibility. Also it gives you the ability to upload not only the recording but also the notes that are taken with each recording and placed them on to your online storage like Dropbox which is great.
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7 years ago, Grousebadger
Finally! Someone listened..
Look no further for the perfect notes app! After using several others, found this to be the most complete and easy to use utility available for IOS. The text, voice and photo capabilities enable me to keep quick, concise note when interfacing with customers, gives me a clear edge over the competition.
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5 years ago, ClassyC_WA
Love this App
I’ve been using this for several years. Each time I’ve had to get a new phone, I am able to download or email saved notes so that I can keep them. Totally worth paying for it to be able to use security features. I save sensitive data such as accounts and passwords in the app. I love that I can attach pics to specific notes.
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3 years ago, Mountainhappy2
All is lost
Well, what can you say about an app that purported to save forever your valuable conversations with friends and family, and then disappeared? Incredible. This app no longer opens. As you can read from others experience, there apparently is a replacement app which will not carry over my previous conversations. Why would I ever deal with this company again? I guess the only option is to sign up with some big company and pay whatever they charge to be sure that I will continue having a functioning app for the future. So sorry to have relied on this company.
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8 years ago, PsychoLovely
Love this app, a must have!
This app is AMAAAZING if you're in a college class with an instructor who doesn't slow down so you can write down everything he says. I can record, take notes, pictures, go into other apps, all at the same time without interrupting the recording. I love it. I bought the full version so I can save as many as I need and it's soooo worth it?
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7 years ago, Ophelia my love
Great except for 2 things
Love this but, if you're recording and your phone rings (whether you know it or not) the app will turn off. If your ringer was off, (mine was when I was on stage recording) you won't record anything following the ring. And if by accident you make a mistake and delete a recording, there is no way to retrieve it. It's gone into the ether forever. Other than those two things, I really like this app.
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8 years ago, DAC1976
Great for Personal Improvement
I love this app. Working in sales, it allows me to record my presentations and send them to my manager and colleagues for feedback. Larger files are easily shared via Dropbox. We now use this app for all our new hires. Since we can't be with them in the field all the time it lets us hear how they're doing and give them near-immediate feedback.
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7 years ago, Nogame0
Solid as a rock
I've been using this app for over two years and I'm very impressed with the voice recording quality of notes and dependability of the app. It's well-worth the price for the full version. I find very few negatives in using the app. If part of your workload or class load depends on this technology, you are unlikely to find a better app.
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6 years ago, Wildgarlic
I love this app
This is the best for me. I record a lot for quick reminders and this app works great and has better quality sound than my dedicated digital recorder. I am very happy with this app. Looking forward to learning other aspects and functions. I have loads of apps on my iphone and this is in my top 10 useful apps that I have and I have used it constantly since I purchased the PRO version 2 and a half years ago. It has been extremely useful for making audio notes. I have recommended it to friends, family and to you for its audio note taking abilities. The important ones I email to my account to download classify and archive.
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6 years ago, Cashgrab7789
Cloud export dropped, devs unhelpful
I was using this app for long-form audio recording. Despite what the App Store claims they have removed support for Dropbox output with no plans to reinstate it - getting audio out is now a pain. The app is also not great for long recording as it is difficult to scrub; they don’t use the common iOS function where pulling your finger away from the timeline slows the scrub speed. Suggestions made to the devs (via email and the App Store comments) are not acted up on and instead you get a canned response back. Not a great experience. I think this product is basically abandoned.
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