SuperNote Notes Recorder&Photo

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6 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for SuperNote Notes Recorder&Photo

4.81 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
7 years ago, Amanda_E
Easy to use, very handy!
I use this app for so many facets of my life. I record my college class lectures to go back and re-listen to while I'm checking my notes and also while I'm commuting to and from school to solidify the information in my brain. I turn my phone on "do not disturb", hit record, and place it face down on my desk. I point the microphone towards the front of the class and the recording is audible (I sit a few rows back). I also use it to record PTA meetings since I'm the secretary. I can go back and check my meeting minutes to make sure the facts are accurate before I send the minutes out. This app is great at organizing the different recordings and I can save them to Dropbox saving phone space, and I can pull them up on my computer.
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7 years ago, Vince dark prince
Do not record anything important on app...
I had recorded my midterm on the free app and decided to upgrade because the app in itself is quite good, but once I upgraded all my lectures were gone! Deleted. I couldn't get them back and the app never stated it deletes files once upgrading which is completely ridiculous, also the app does not synchronize ur lectures if u want to transfer them or lid them to the app and it does not use iTunes cloud so if u saved ur lectures or any recordings through cloud u won't be able to upload them. U have to transfer ur files directly to ur computer through a share button on any recording u do. This is annoying and time consuming. If they fix this feature and just allow u to use the cloud to save and upload ur past files especially when getting a new phone we should be able to upload with ease the. This would be a great app but it isn't. Be warned read the help settings if u plan to get a new phone or it breaks because if u have something important saved, u won't get it back. I'd give this 5 but this huge flaw gets it a 3 the sound is good btw and I saw sitting in an auditorium so I'd recommend it.
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1 year ago, nonamesforme329
App crashed not updated no response from developers
I have been using this app since it’s inception. I also paid for the premium upgrade in 2018. I can no longer access any of my data as this app has not been updated by the developers and they continuously ignore multiple requests for support. The app developers don’t seem to care about any of us who have been using and storing data in this app for years as they now have multiple paid fitness apps. And unfortunately all of the data stored in there is not stored in the cloud as this is not a cloud based app. This app crashed and was no longer supported suddenly and unexpectedly with no warning to those of us using it when iOS updates from 14.0 onward were automatically done. One day it was fine and after an update no longer useable. I have repeated emailed the developers to no avail as to how I can access all the data I had stored in this app. It is beyond me how people like this stay in business when it is apparent they they don’t care about people but only about their financial gain. I wouldn’t support any of their fitness apps because who knows one day they will work and the next day they won’t.
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1 year ago, LauraLujan
App shuts down since IOS update
I have loved this app for years and years… But when I did the most recent iOS update, I can no longer access this app. The app opens and I can see all my notes and files but the minute I click on them the app shuts down. I have logged back in and went to the Health screen, and as soon as I write the description of my issue and hit the next button, the app shuts down. I have searched and searched for customer, service, phone numbers or email addresses to find out what the problem is and all without success. I am very frustrated because I have a lot of important information stored over the last seven years and this app does not back up to the cloud apparently. If anybody can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it otherwise the last seven years of my life storing my stuff in this app is a failure. Also, I see if they have not updated their app in four years and that is simply a failure to its consumers. Please help!
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7 years ago, lellie08
Only putting 1star bc it DID ACTUALLY WORK IN BEGINING... other than that -1 ...At FIRST ..great loved it .. so I upgraded!!! Which gave me some additional options not many!! "I "lost" those "perks" very quickly.. and received an option to upgrade!!! ..I just let it go and went on using it as normal ..then one day about 5mos ago!!! I desperately needed a "secure piece of information at my fingertips" what happened when I ATTEMPTED TO OPEN THIS "handy little device??!! 😡😠IT FROZE .. COMPLETELY BLACK SCREEN ... all my personal IMPORTANT information.. PASSWORDS PIN NUBERS PICTURES NOTES...ETC.. GONE ... FROZE BLACK SCREEN ... And it's been that way ever since!!! I am beyond livid and obviously had to change everything! I LOST ALOT! But honestly even if I just had one lil reminder note on it or a cute lil quote and it literally didn't effect several aspects of my life ITS STILL BROKE ITS STILL FROZE ITS STILL NOT BEING ADDRESSED!!!! So do yourself a favor and jot down notes etc the old fashion way.. on a piece of paper.. I PROMISE YOU.. YOU HAVE LESS OF A CHANCE OF LOOSING THAT THAN YOU DO USING THIS APP!!!!!
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5 years ago, jcf##
Very good app
Super Note has worked well recording and playing back lectures, as well as allowing photos while recording. Sometimes there is so much information on a slide one needs to go back and study it so this is a nice feature. The play back control bar needs improvement I have bigger fingers and cannot get it to go exactly to a specific time if I want to repeat a portion I just listened too. Took me a bit to figure out to slide the screen when playing back a lecture to get to the pictures I took. Overall I am very pleased with the app and highly recommend it. Adding automatic text writing feature and better instructions would give you an app no one else has available along with your existing features.
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1 year ago, Shopkickgirl
Terrible customer service
I have had this app since 2015 with no membership requirements. I made over 30+ very important recordings that been backed up to iCloud. They say they don’t support iCloud yet I have restored this app multiple times in different iPhones over years. I emailed twice on my iPad support because I couldnt make a membership purchase on app through iPhone. With new updates iPhone isn’t supporting the app to function without crashing. I can’t restore recordings, buy membership purchase or contact support through iPhone. Support emails back twice unwilling to help because I don’t have a paid membership that I can’t even purchase. I used to love this app and it was super reliable but if I truly lost all my recordings that I worked on for years because app won’t work with apple updates then what a waste. Utterly disappointed with customer service and the app not even most reliable recording app is trustworthy.
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6 years ago, forkids123
1st time I haven’t felt annoyed...
1st time I haven’t felt annoyed after a short “free” period, but instead, immediately purchased the premium app. I was hooked as soon as I created my 2nd one! I used my Notes app that came w/my iPhone for everything. But I went looking for something that could do more for me, something to help me organize my day to day. THIS is exactly what I needed. It combines everything I need w/out having to leave the app- write down what I need to; add a picture if necessary; set a reminder if I need it; or just add it to my calendar. It connects you to all of it from right where you are. I haven’t found an app that I wanted to purchase in two years, this one made me spend my money, it’s THAT good👍
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6 years ago, Sprinkles457
I used this app to record voice notes of lectures so I could study during my long commutes but this app was a pain. First, your recordings will save in AIFF format which you’ll need to convert if you want to listen to your notes using any other sound player. Second, they used to have multiple options for downloading your apps to your computer (so that u can free up space on yr phone) but recently removed Dropbox & changed the email settings so that there is an error message every time you try to share your files. It says there is “no email on file” but does not have a clear place to save an email address to your app. Checked support and there was no help there either. The only other option is web sharing which is time consuming. I’m glad I tried out the free version first. Oh, & if u use the free version plan on downloading yr files frequently, as there is a limit to how much u can keep on their app & it’s fairly small (about 19 minutes).
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6 years ago, Beckov
My notebook of choice
Love the app! Being able to add audio clips and photos to the notes is like having a mini media vault. The interface is super slick - easy to navigate and the top bar gives the app a cool tech feel. And this app exports the photos and audio clips in the note better than other similar notebooks I’ve tried. The app seems very stable and I’ve had no performance issues. Given all this, it sits prominently on my first screen page. If I could add one thing it’d be a dark mode option for the notes themselves. Coupled with the look of the top bar, that would make the entire app look wicked sexy.
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7 years ago, BjF_Review
Recording Disappointment
Although this application as a good amount of organizational elements and note taking capabilities it main function of recording is poor. The interactions with an iPhone cause this application to cash and permanently lose your recording. If you find yourself recording an event and a friend calls you the recording session has ended and boom your recording is lost. If you have set the passcode function and the screen saver function kicks in upon unlocking your phone the applications keyboard covers the applications password enter screen and you are left to swiping the application away and with it goes your recording. So if you have a device that doesn't do anything else but act as your recorder I wouldn't buy this application because there are more effective applications out there.
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6 years ago, ilyou_12
In my opinion
This app is perfect. I’m a full time student and I work 40 hour work weeks. This app is absolutely perfect for both. When at work, I can quickly and easily record messages. When at school, I can take notes and record the lecture all at the same time! There is no limit, so you can type as long as you need in one note, and there is no time limit for the recordings. You can pause and resume as much as you need to. The only thing is, I wish they had a way of recovering the notes, if you accidentally delete one it’s gone forever! But overall, Great app and it’s free to download!
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7 years ago, JP VRC
Flawless on my iPads
Noticing this app is giving people trouble, but it has been rock-steady on my two iPads (one old, one new) running IOS 10. I will never go back to hand-written notes in any class or meeting I take. Typing (I like an attached, physical keyboard) is easy, but recording while I type is (I almost said super) handy. I do not go back and listen to the whole lecture or meeting, but rather I use the timestamp feature for any point where I missed what the professor (or my boss) said. I can go back and clarify for myself, type corrections in my notes, then just delete the recording (another handy feature - you can ditch the recording and just keep the notes). I also like being able to archive some sessions, and SuperNote makes it easy to transfer files via cloud, email, or directly to my PC (through a simple web link via Bluetooth). No app is perfect, but I have literally hundreds of hours with this one, again across two different machines, and I am completely satisfied.
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7 years ago, Educable
Great Study Tool!!!
I love this app! I've only used it for umpteen hours the last few days after getting it and it useful--being able to have my notes written, add pictures, and voice record has really improved my learning! I had a test today and knew the answer before viewing the choices just from listening to the notes I had taken. Only thing is I would like the voice recorder tweaked to play the notes completely through (when they're recorded at different times) when the phone is locked. Other than that it is A+!
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6 years ago, beboppinbaby
Use it for Client Meetings
Super note relieves me from taking notes and not having eyes on client always. I prefer to "get inside his head" to see where he's coming from and I could not do that if I'm just trying to write notes. That way I'm more fully engaged with his thought process, which I feel is more important. Using it for 2-3 years, only messed up once. If you don't tap the "+" in the u. RT. corner, you might as well forget your lunch. Only 4 due to abruptly demanding money for it. Kind of like a relative givin' you a stickup. Great for recording calls - does not give a beep.
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7 years ago, Smbach
Love it!
This app has helped me notate and keep track of foster child's behaviors on the go. I don't need to stop what I am doing, the voice to text feature allows me to document everything on the go or as it is happening. It has allowed me to have complete and detailed information for everyone involved. The only suggestion I have is to have the notes time and date stamped (not just date stamped) when created. When I am making multiple notes in a day, seeing the time next to the date would be helpful.
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2 years ago, Made easier to operate
Ivory and enjoy this app
i’ve had this happen since 2017 it’s been very helpful and very informative things I didn’t know I can do with it back then even to now has still keeps update with everything that goes on and I need to do I have no complaints about this app it fits my lifestyle and day-to-day priorities working out going to the gym grocery list reminders for family party planning also taking trips with the family and also things that I like to buy
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7 years ago, Dragomaster29
Invaluable Tool
I work as a marketing consultant, and the ability to record a conversation while I type both my observations and opinions as I listen to a conversation is essential. It allows me to maintain eye contact and keep the interview going with the confidence of knowing I'll have all the information to reference back to later. I indicate the time of key comments in my notes so I can go back and listen again and get things written down accurately. It has changed the way I work for the better.
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7 years ago, GabrielNA
Has Started Acting Glitchy
I've had this app for quite some time now on my iPhone 6 and it was working fine up until about a month ago. Now once I open the app with my password, after I've entered whatever info I want to, once I go away from the app and come back to it, it asks for my password again as it should, but the virtual keypad changes to a different keypad and when I try to enter the password it will not let me. I have to power down the phone completely in order to be able to re-access the app. Other than that the app was working fine but now this is a major problem.
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7 years ago, PrivateM
Awesome App - Recommend to Students
This App makes it very easy for me to Record anything I'd like, which comes in handy when you have a bunch of Notes to write down. What's best, the App will ask if your Recording is a Note - Or a Reminder, so it works perfect for those who need a Recorder Reminder for a certain Occasion. So far I have no Regrets, I only wish you were able to Control the Microphone Recording a bit more. Then again, I have the Free Version. Maybe the Pro will let you, who knows.
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7 years ago, James Hillegass
Glitchy and overall poor functionality
If your phone does anything (an incoming call even if you don't pick up, alarm, establishes a Bluetooth connection...), the app will stop functioning in various ways whether you are recording or listening. Some of these issues include: it stops recording, stops playing and doesn't hold your place, stops playing the recording and abruptly starts playing music from another app, and abruptly stops playing and starts recording. I have had this app for a while now and originally thought the developer would do an update to fix these issues, but I'm not so sure that is ever going to happen now.
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11 months ago, Rdoan 😎
Loved the app!
I have used SuperNote for 5 years. I keep photos and notes for all of my kitchen remodels. Works great and I can email the whole note to my office or to a subcontractor. Yesterday the Apple Store had to reset my new iPhone 13 back to factory settings. Due to a software glitch. They backed everything up to the iCloud. But when the phone restarted and I reloaded the app, none of my 30 files were there. I also have this app on my iPad. But the two are unable to sync. The program was never written to connect the two. I would like to know how to get my files back from the iCloud onto the app. Any ideas ?
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7 years ago, Zhoonoh
Great for scholars, academics, and profs
This tool has become indispensable for me when it comes to conferences, lectures, or getting feedback in workshop settings. It is so useful to have recording and word processing functions in the same file. I can take note of the time when someone is saying something very relevant when i'm typing up and the sharing is so much more feasible than a voice recording on the apple ap since they're smaller files. Totally worth the $$$.
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7 years ago, Serious issue
Singing practice
I sing in groups and by myself in church, at weddings, funerals, etc. I love this app for recording a practice and playing it back to evaluate how the song sounds in the audience. It helps to improve balance between parts, analyze dynamics, and really points out those wrong notes ☺️. I don't use it daily or anything... only a few times a year, but have been using it for a couple years without any issue and it seems pretty good for a free app.
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7 years ago, Minniesa47
Great tool for a college student
I used this app to record Anatomy lecture since I had a hard time following the instructor. The app was easy to use. The quality sounds of the recording was great. I sat in the third row which is the back of the class, I could hear the recorded without using earphone. Warning : try to avoid making noises or turn on the pages of the book if you place the phone in front of you. It will disturb the sound of record.
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3 years ago, CourtC85
Love one time fee apps!!
I needed an app for my notes and ended up keeping this one because it was a one time fee which granted me access to the entire app and all its features forever. I prefer this so much over subscription apps which I almost never renew. I would like it if this app had some features like folders, but I don’t want to complain too much since I’m glad it’s not a subscription app!
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6 years ago, Amarlyis
Been Using This for Years-Needs Update
Currently, this needs an update due to Dropbox function is unusable now. It’s good with a few caveats. One, expect the recording to cut off if you use too many apps while you’re recording. Two, it does only give you up to three “notes”. And three, a current issue, since the new iPad update, Dropbox is not functional anymore. So I hope and expect an update eventually, so for now, 4 stars.
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7 years ago, bbyisabee<3
Excellent Free App! (:
As a college student, I asked for an iPad for Christmas since my laptop is too big to be carrying around. As I am looking for an app to take lecture notes or just little reminds for myself I come across Super Notes which in my opinion is a great app to which I have not received any problems on. It's a great tool when you are tired, if not lazy to free hand your notes for class lol or even typing out a to do list - This is great! :)
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5 months ago, Dana305909
Mo customer support
I purchased this app a long time ago and recently had to get a new phone, and per Apple, I cannot use a backup because there is a bug in it, so I cannot get my paid version back. I have sent emails to customer service through the app and the website but the only response I received was “customer support is only provided to premium plan customers”. I AM a premium plan customer but I cannot access it because there is no login, the only way to get to the info back is through a backup. I just need my purchase restored on my new phone, but unfortunately customer service is non existent.
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7 years ago, Mirandaryr
Excellent app for college students
It helped me through my 1st semester of Respiratory Therapy program. There were many difficult concepts. I love that I was able to make it easy to review Lecture recordings & illustrations and paperwork provided through picture and note taking with each specific lecture. Excellent! Ready for my 2nd semester using this app! I only wish I could separate my recordings by class instead of a long list.
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10 months ago, Chaos1922
Important Recordings of deceased relatives DISAPPEARED
After using this app for years, for everything important in my life such as doctors appointments and most importantly to record important family history, some kind of app update made them disappear. I am devastated by this and can get no response to my inquiry. I will make it my personal mission to warn everyone I know and on all social media outlets, to RUN from this app. I have received no response to my inquiries for assistance. The app functioned wonderfully for years. I now have YEARS of missing recordings. I don’t care how well this app works if ultimately the app, nor it’s developer can be trusted.
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3 years ago, Yalda Tova
Don’t waste your money
I would give zero star I could. It’s very hard to write with Apple Pencil. I downloaded this app because of all the good reviews. However, it only turned out that this app is not very Apple Pencil friendly. It reacted very weird, which is not what my Apple Pencil does on any other note app. Also, it doesn’t allow you to import PPT from your blackboard to this app. The only thing that is alright is the recording part. But it is not worth paying almost 20 bucks. I emailed the help center for tech support, but still waiting for answers. Please save your time and money. There are tons of better note taking apps out there and are much cheaper.
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1 year ago, Twice charges in Phoenix
Does not deal fairly
Be warned: almost all the positive reviews are do not apply to this version of the product. I *purchased* this app several years ago. When I had to update I lost 3 years worth of files and now this is a pay -to-play subscription app. So I have to pay again as to rebuy the app as a pricey subscription and get my files back. Before leaving this 1 star review I responded to the “having problems, email us here” email address that the new management lists in the description of the app on the App Store. I got an automated email saying they only support premium customers by email.
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3 years ago, QueenBies
Easy to use and meets my needs
This app is very easy to use and the filing system gives you good tab options and easy to keep track of your items by name. But be sure to back up your phone to the cloud because if your phone goes out on you the only way to retrieve your information is via your cloud back up.
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3 years ago, Kameelean88
Only one complaint.
Only one! That’s more than I can say for most apps I download. I’ll make this short. Never had a problem with it and the sound is pretty good quality. The problem is it doesn’t pick up bass sounds like people dancing or kids running upstairs as well as it does higher pitch sounds. IMHO. Wish list: I could start recording in a single click from home, and I could set it to auto record only when the phone’s mic picks up audible sounds.
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2 months ago, Orthosnowman
Great app, yet not transferable 1 device to another
I like everything about the app except I had to purchase another license to use with my new iPad. You would think it should be transferable, but it’s not. I had to spend another fee to get it on my new device. I also don’t have the ability to transfer from my old device to my new device. that’s my only critique for the software creators and those who are charging us money for what we’ve already purchased.
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1 year ago, o1o1o111
Functional app, funny support
The app serves my purpose well and I was going to go premium. However none of the go-premium buttons work for me (nothing happens after I tap them). Don’t have this problem with any other button in any other app. As a developer I knew to restart my phone and reload the app before contacting support. Their response? “Sorry you need to be a premium member before we can serve you”. Ironic. I genuinely needed help to go premium however was turned down because I couldn’t go premium. What a perfect deadlock :)
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3 years ago, Hawaiian Hui
One star until major improvements
Bought the subscription. Thinking I’ll get all the premium features. Nope... features are basic and useless. I downloaded file to email and email link is not supported. I did a rookie move by recording an hour and a half of my clients session and can’t even find recording anywhere on my files. I would like to edit recording and there are no edit features or save to files etc. I am very disappointed. Don’t waste space with this app until a major overhaul is applied. When I wrote to app developers I was replied with a thanks for your feedback email.
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6 years ago, Cubcake_030
not enough notes!!
I liked the app for a few days probably even weeks! But when I reached the maximum note, I got so mad. It would be better if you could just give us the regular amount of notes. Just like the app notes. And , I don’t really like it how you have to pay when you want to get unlimited notes!!!!!!! 😑. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!! And as if this was like a regular like note or reminder it wouldn’t really need a premium thing. I want it so all of us can get for free and basically enjoy this app! I appreciate you trying your best! But it would be much much better if you could fix it. Thank you! 😊. And please respond back!
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7 years ago, NMel5
Great for recording classes
I have had this app for sometime now I love it and it is super helpful for my classes. When your trying to keep good notes and participate in class you miss things that may be important especially when you get into a hot topic so having the recording is a great backup. Wish I knew how to put the recordings on my MacBook so I could categorize them by class and date.
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5 years ago, Treychloe
Very functional and easy to use.
This is truly a wonderful app for my daily musings and journal entries. At lunch, I welcome the chance to type short inspirational passages for my first grader to read at night, liberally using those high-frequency and age-appropriate words her teacher has assigned to her class for the week. I usually insert photos, cliparts, and short educational videos which my daughter finds relevant to her weekly lessons.
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2 years ago, kristinanews
Nursing school
I was looking for an app that would record me talking through my notes so I could listen to them while driving to and from school and clinical. This app is great! Easy to use and organize audio recordings. The audio has been really good quality so far. So excited to continue using this as a study tool!
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4 years ago, yung geezy weezy
I have a suggestion
Hi I really like the all around usefulness of the app, but It would be a RELIEF if when you record a memo for the second time in the same note it doesn’t continue where the last one left off ... or at least have the option to make a new recording memo but on the same note.. it’s a simple fix I’m sure but I’d really appreciate it . thank you for a nice app!
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6 years ago, Yolanda CA
Very convenient tool for my yoga routine
I have been looking for an app that can record my yoga music and instruction. I found this one. I played the yoga CD and used the recorder to record the music and instructions. Then every time I practice yoga I just need to play the recording. I have tried other recorder but this app's recording quality is the best. Don't know why. Very user unfriendly and easy to use.
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7 years ago, Gary Gordon
It's good.
I use several different note books and find this one quite simple to use. It's not overly complicated and allows you to quickly add voice memos to the note, add photos and even reminders. Overall, I like it. Cheers! I would like to see the app add functionality to export the notes and sync them immediately to Dropbox and or Google Drive, etc.
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6 years ago, reddog5280
Great but missing a couple features.
As a student, this app has been fabulous -- can't begin to estimate how much I've used it. However, I'm trying other apps after many years because the export function is too limited & cumbersome. It would be substantially better if (1) the export to Mac/PC wasn't so clunky ; (2) there were export options other than DropBox (iCloud, MS OneDrive, Canvas, etc.); (3) AirDrop capability would be ideal for sharing notes.
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7 years ago, MikeTheAx
Great app for professional use
This has turned out to be one of my favorite apps for work and personal use. I've used it for simple notes and todos to recording seminars where I also took photos and notes during the presentation. Later I uploaded the notes, photos and audio to the cloud for sharing with co-workers. Well worth the price for my needs.
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6 years ago, MFT4Christ
Love it!
Love it is password protected. Benefits are the different sections it has for notes. I use it to take notes at church to review later, to take notes at work, and to take notes at meetings for sports/school for the kids. Everything is organized and easily accessible. My favorite part is I can speak my notes which very helpful for work.
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6 years ago, RemoteUser749383
Recordings are not recorded.
Made several recordings, app seemed to work - it showed the red bar and the timer ran. Go back later to listen and there is no way to play them back! No play button no recording to speak off! -2 recordings are not saved. This is the basic purpose of this apps existence and it can’t even do that. -2 cost for a basic audio memo app is unreasonable. A working version already comes with my iPhone, and I actually works. Yours should only cost just enough to justify the pretty interface. -1 wish I could take another star away for losing all my recordings.
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2 years ago, DiplomateMrs
Word from a doctor and college student
This is an Excellent, Excellent app😃Have used it for more than 5 years. Captures sound very easily. Recording lectures and listening to them later is very simple. Numerous uses for me, recording your notes, presentation prep. Best sound capture and very easy to use. It is more than a 5 star.
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