Supreme Duelist

4.6 (9.5K)
165.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Neron's Brother SARL
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Supreme Duelist

4.58 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
2 years ago, gabeasaurus10
This Game is Amazing
I love stick man fight animations so when I found this game, I was all in for it. At first, the control feels kind of weird but you get used to it, and perfect for multiplayer (it is so much fun playing multiplayer with any friends or family, and it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at the game because the control is very simple and easy to get the hand of). I have played this game for quite a looooong time now, and I’m gotta say I’m a pro at the game now. And if you’ve played the game as long as I have, and the level 9 1-player AI is too easy for you (somehow) then you get just hop on SURVIVAL where the enemies slowly get harder, and appear more frequently over time. I love the game how it is. The game also does a good job at letting players express their creativity by letting them design their own character, and even give us the ability to make our own maps. I will say though, if the game had an update, I know a few things that I would like to be added. I would absolutely love a higher level option for the 1-player AI. I would also enjoy an online mode so you can test your skills against other players, and then you can play with your friend even if he/she’s not with you. It would also be very cool if you could equipped more than one weapon, but I guess that would be hard to control. But above all, PLEASE CHANGE THE PUNCH SOUND EFFECT. The game is great though. Absolute 10/10!
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1 year ago, demarcus05!
need more weapons and other
This is my favorite game and I have more favorite games but this game need more weapons and more theme and make more than 2 theme and make more tool in map editor mode and add 2x weapons spot to be like a boss plz and add more color to the stickman in map editor, 2 player, 3 player, 4 player, 1 player, soccer mode, boss fight mode, and survival mode and add race mode those are my ideas but this time make 3 new weapons and have to cost 250 and least than 1000 coin and 1000 coin and have to be super good and I try the hover board and the hover board is not good to fight and add 1-7 and reset it after it pass 7 don’t reset the whole process and add coin on 1-7 it have to be 200 coin on 7 and 160 on 6 and 150 on 5 and 100 coin on 4 and 50 coin on 3 and 25 coin on 2 and any low number coin on 1 also add more options to the settings and add save progress on the settings so you can save your progress before deleting the game and add hide and seek mode and add chase the pink block mode and add leader board and add custom block to the map editor because I want to make my own block and add custom weapons for other player and add ice block, gravity block that put you in that gravity when you on it and, slime block that bounce you when you on top of it, lever, redstone and, tnt and the most hated thing… it the ad! Made in: January 2. Edited in: March 1.
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11 months ago, The Annihilator01
Underrated gem of the App Store
The best way I can describe it is that it’s like a mixture of drive ahead and smash bros. In case you didn’t know, drive ahead is a car battle game that mainly revolves around the variety of different vehicles you can play. This game focuses on a similar concept-the weapons your Stickmen use. It’s super fun to hit the random switch on what weapons you and the enemy are getting and let chaos ensue. The game isn’t exactly balanced at times (like drive ahead and smash) but that adds to the chaos and fun of the experience. The game even features a stage creator feature so your shenanigans can ensue in even more unique ways. This game is, simply put, a good time whether you’re playing single player or multiplayer. If I had to choose one complaint, it would either be that it needs more weapons or that it needs more game modes, but it really isn’t fair to say that as this game is made from just a few devs. Though the gameplay can eventually get monotonous, I still enjoy playing it and think it’s worth a try. This concludes my essay that almost no one will read, lol.
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3 years ago, Kyrie and then he Johnson
I like this game but it needs more updates
This game is pretty good I love it but there’s not many updates can you make it so you could carry two weapons depending on what type of weapons they are like twin weapons shows two weapons in one box that’s a twin weapon and maybe add some new weapons like a shield and sword maybe wings wings mean you could like Dash someone like the dagger please make survival a bit easier because whatever I say I thought a platform for a long time and go down I just got demolished or maybe make platforms disappear if you’re on them for too long and please add more blocks in the map editor it needs like some more gizmos back to the new weapons maybe like a shark bored a light saver where are you could like study people once you hit them for three seconds please add up like a rocket launcher and you could ride the rocket launcher And make like a toxic slime gun and make a little nook map like a city map and a nuke come down and whoever is not in though shockwave wins you cant jump over the shockwave then you need to take on radiation book where you could cast spells
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4 months ago, djbzhxhsjshhsjzjsgjs
Best game ever
I’m back another weapon I was thinking of adding was a laptop basically you can use it like I guess use hacker abilities I was also thinking of something else The surprise egg that basically when it hits your enemy it has a chance of giving them something good like healing them a little bit or something bad like damaging themSo basically that weapon kinda be like a lucky block but it’s a lucky egg also thinking of an onion blaster that one should the onion the bullet makes the enemy cry which slows them down a bit but also the trident which you can either use the water projectile or a tsunami that pushes the enemy back also thinking of the lucky block from Mario Bros that give you one of the random super powers you should include all of them especially the ones from super Mario wonder and last but not least the last idea that I have the banana gun shoots bananas for the bullet hits them it summons a monkey to the player who has the banana gun the monkey comes to the aid and starts attacking the enemy is only last for 10 seconds then the monkey disappears
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2 years ago, Daniemommy
Thank you for bring it back
Hi I love your game I start playing when the game just came out. and I remember when there was no blades nothing like that. and you change some of the weapons like the bow and arrow it used to make you go invisible when you use it. Or the light saber you used to be able to turn it into two but then you got rid of that. But then you brought it back so thank you for doing that. But can you please change the boxing gloves back it used to just flying away and you used to be Able to clutch with it a lot, but now you have to wait to make it do that and I don’t like that it used to be my brother’s favorite weapon but then yeah. So can you please change it back. And thank you for making it so we can get money offline now. And can you make it so there’s a multiplayer mode so we can fight people around the world, and please make more updates. And can you make harder bots like harder modes for them because there getting to easy. and that’s All I have to say for now. So the last time i love your game.
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3 years ago, when tbe mid ja sus
Great game but some suggestions
Weapons you should buff are potion, flail and sniper. weapons that need rework are pickaxe, portal gun, circula saw and guitar. Buffs that you should give make flails explosión deal more damage, make sniper do x2 damage if you land a headshot, potion buffs should be that purple makes you gain double your hp and do more damage and green should do slow and NOT push you because it ruins the point of the poison fog. Portal gun rework: make the gun shoot a powerful orb that does a lot of damage and then becomes a portal so it’s some what good. Circle saw: make the saw throw 3 saws like spread kinda like a shotgun. Guitar: make green heal you a little bit make red an area attack where a red circle shows up and explodes with music flinging people and make purple enhance your defense and increase guitar damage by 1.25x. Pickaxe: make the stone block create a wall instead of just a brick, change piston to bow and arrow launch and make tnt bigger explosion. That’s all hope you look at my suggestion
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2 years ago, The among us fan
Game that needs to be saved
So I've been playing this game for a while now and its really good, and would have put a 5 star rating for how fun it is, but it gets repetitive. I know the update brought lots of stuff like vs3/4 and weapon tweaks with more on the way for the game, but it won’t be long before it gets bland again. The game has near unlimited potential, so here are a couple things that can save this game. 1- Online play Online play is almost a priority in most games, and a implementation of online is this game would be epic. I do understand the it may be hard to do, or overall impossible for such a simple game, but do consider it. 2- Custom weapons Now this one will most likely never come to the game, but able to make your own weapon with different shapes and abilities would be pretty nice 3- More stickman customization So theres already much customization in this game, but since there is helmets for your character, why add more helmets or helm customization, or maybe glove or chest customs. If you’re somehow read me jabber about this game, your awesome :) (urgent P.S. :Devs plz respond)
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4 years ago, Ducklandj
Best game ever
So I would love if you added the bad time eye so first ability you know Star Wars right and force well its color is yellow and also the (when if you just grab the person or ai they take about the same damage as the katana hit once)wherever you aim the ai or player well get slammed also can it be the same damage as the scepters attack ability ok next ability it is red also it’s on your eye all of it so when you do red it’s going to summon 4 bones shooting at the enemy green it is going to shoot bones out of the ground even if the enemy is in the air so pls pls add this in your next update well that’s it also love it I’m also when you summon the 4 bones it does the dragons damage from the katana 4 times same with the red also can you play with ai in survival I lonely I don’t have anyone to play with so add one more survival mode with ai pls also also the cool down is 4 seconds wait can you add the ability to teleport as well
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2 years ago, ActingUp901
5 star just improve map editor and add new maps
I have seen this game improve over time and I am proud to say it has become a high improvement than most Stickman games but the thing about the map editor is that most people want new maps and new blocks to be added so they can make better maps like my friend made a whole race course and it was huge success, but he still wished that they had more blocks like the spikes, smashers in the toxic map, and the Mario smasher. But besides that this game is highly recommended if you want to play one screen two players. You guys should also make bigger more interactive maps with challenges that players have to get through or more battle to the death maps but at the end of the day, Supreme Duelist supremes over all Stickman games ( see what I did there? Supreme Duelist SUPREMES over all Stickman games )
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2 years ago, no oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Literally a masterpiece here’s some suggestions
Online play: this could be implemented into the game for such a simple game we should be a mode for online play/make your own weapon or hat or armor: seriously add armor and also make anything a customizable just only make your own weapon or hat or armor/balancing weapons: hammer is the most needed to be balanced it’s literally a OP item I would suggest making it that you have to buy it with in game currency/armor or gloves: we definitely need these we need more customization just we need more customization/how will the armor and the gloves work: armor increases defense basically giving lesser damage gloves it’s just a cosmetic nothing else well unless you choose boxing gloves as your weapon/it gives you more speed when you have gloves equipped with the boxing gloves and stronger attacks /story mode: not really needed but this could be good
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2 years ago, TGmobil
Quick questions and more!
Hello, I have been a player since the very first update. And I’ve been wondering about the coins amount at the top right side of the screen, I’m wondering what it’s for. Like, is it for new weapons or skin choices, or is it for something else? Also, could you add more game modes? I would really like tournament mode or team mode. Or even ONLINE mode, which I’m sure a lot of players (OG and new) would like to see. Just ask my friends who are new to this game (if you can lol). And also, could there be an option where you could create WEAPONS? I mean, we can already create our own maps and customize our characters, why not weapons as well? That’s all for now. And please respond as soon as you can. Also, your game is AMAZING. Keep up the good work Also, I’ve followed on all of your socials. Good luck on your game, and have a nice life 💛
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1 year ago, The SRW King
Super Awesome Game just a few tips and criteria
So over this is a pretty awesome game, I love the physics and the simple controls and the variety of colors and weapons. This game is fun if you want to play with a friend or just solo because of the great and challenging computers. A couple of tips they don’t teach you are character color customization. If you want your character to look like the bosses do, then you need to click color 2 and select a color and then click a part of your character that you want to be that color. One thing I would change is adding more weapons and other things to spend coins on because I like to grind this game, so right now I have over 11,000 coins and nothing to spend them on. Over all this is a fun and addictive game that you can do in multiple play styles. Have fun!
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2 years ago, bestgameeverread
Best fighting game
This may not have ultra 4k graphics like genshin and stuff. But the controls are easy, local multiplayer is amazing, and this still gets updates. I played when the 2018 version came out. And omg the weapons are amazing. Every move is easy. There isn’t a button to use it! You just let go of the joystick. I could play this for years. Probably til this game dies! Aka, that’s never! You guys get so much people copying your work because of how good it is. They don’t deserve it. You do! Stuff like Stickman combat. There is so much copies. You should really ask if those games could be taken down. Also there are ad’/“s. Don’t worry this is one of the first games to make it to where the ads happen every 10 or 6 rounds. That’s a lot of time. And the ads are SUPER short. Best fighting Stickman game 2018-forever. This game is the best. Every game has many many ads. This one doesn’t. And this is not pay 2 win. Keep up the good work dev!
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7 months ago, Nj7860
More skins and less useless weapons needed
The game is truly the best and og Stickman fighting game but all you need is more skins, most of the skins are Viking themed fight skins that are cool but get boring, I would suggest adding in a hacker face or something like that, and you also have many weapons like potions and cards that are only useful in mini games like cards, that are usually useless in battles but are used in the mini game “Tetrisk” and boots that are also useless are used in soccer, just ditch all the useless weapons completely in the battle arenas and add them to the mini games, shout out to the amazing mini games you have made but all I’m asking from you at this point is to ditch most of all the Viking themed faces, the useless weapons and make them only useful for mini games, and lease add a hacker skin I truly need it ;)
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11 months ago, Shaws11
Something I want to change
I love this game is absolutely fun to play offline. This game is actually easy to play, not boring, and offline so you can play anywhere anytime! I hope this game gets better but one thing. Can you guys just change the team mode a little different? What I’m talking about is when you make a team the color is the same for the body. I don’t like that and this will help out on: 1. Able to customize the avatar no mater what. 2. This will be able to add you guys to change the color of weapons. 3. Health bars. The reason why I said this is because it will add a system to show color green to yellow to red! One more thing to say, please add amour, new hats, new clothes, and able to add masks for the head. That is all I have to say. Thanks a lot for making this game!
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3 years ago, online and other
Ok can you add more weapons like guns and stuff like that and can you add on the Gauntlet aka the Infinity gauntlet can u add the snap that whould be cool and can you add mechs and can you make is so you can make your own weapons but not draw weapons like you guys add weapons parts you can get by wining but not the Two player mode and can you add online if you do that whould make this game soooo good bye when you do you man play on bigger maps so more room and you have your own screen like when you go too far in a map made in Map editor the Screen get bad like you can play you don’t know where you going and can you add Connect so You can Invite other people to private maps or in Map Editor maps that whould be cool ok make more weapons and more game modes bye
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3 years ago, The best developer
I have no words. True masterpiece, some bug fixes and more would be nice
I really love this game the graphics almost everything is good just have a few suggestions. The game should have normal animations and should not be moving off an edge when not being moved. I get that you needs ads to advertise people into seeing if they like a certain game, but when the ad is over the game had already moved on to the second round and say if you are fighting a CPU, it could have probably killed you or got you killed depending on the map. Also why did you change the light saber? It was perfect being a duo light saber and made it more easier to defeat people CPU, battle players, survival mode to. Also another suggestion is using multiplayer mode.
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1 year ago, VOIDIS (:
This game is awesome but needs a few more things
I really love this game I’ve been playing it for almost a year now but I really think there’s a few things that should be changed maybe have a few more better graphics but I would agree that in the past few updates The game has gotten better graphics personally I think that they should add more weapons add more game modes and like I said the graphics but one thing I definitely would love to see in this game is the movement being changed the way the characters move it’s just hard to hit my enemy and it’s just hard to play the game and I lose most of my rounds because of the bad movement so if they updated the movement so you had more friction to the ground but still that jump boost I would love this game even more
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11 months ago, Deepika from india
Sooo good!!
This game I have to say it sooooooooo good! It’s so entertaining! When I first downloaded this game I was kind of worried reading the reviews. If ur like me and only read the 1 star reviews. Don’t! Most of these 1 star reviews are from 5 year olds! Also just a heads up about the game is if u are doing random but get some weapons that u don’t like there is a check mark at the bottom. If u click it whenever u do random weapons it will never give u those weapons in random. This also goes for the maps! When I was reading the 1 star reviews this is what people kept on mentioning! So I hope this review finds u well! If u have any other questions about the game. I’m pretty sure u can send a reply to this review. I’ll gladly help!
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3 years ago, TheUnknownery
Such a great game
I’ve had this game installed, playing every once in a while, for probably almost two years now (pretty sure thats the longest out of any game I’ve had, and I go through a lot of games). While it seems to not have too many things you can do, it’s still super fun to play if you ever want to kill time or enjoy a simple game. You can either train against the cpu in the single player mode, working up to being able to beat the cpu at its hardest difficulty, or you can do survival trying to get a new record score. You can even do single device two player, but on a small phone like mine it’s admittedly difficult. Anyway I really enjoy it, thanks to the devs for making this amazing game.
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2 months ago, Jax123456890
This was the best game I ever play one versus one is like the same game you’re playing against other like yourself or you can play against your friend. You guys will have both for the picture of the keys and then you guys start fighting chilling my favorite weapon has to be the trailer and the cards that’s the best way, but I can’t read even the one in the grand lux reaper users that’s the best kind of weapon carriers and the cards cards are so amazing the spade cards but you can control them. You can like stick them in the same place hit them teleport like I love those the cost 20 but we gotta get your own coins when you when you’re by dies you get your own coin so I’m still almost there to get
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1 year ago, snow10000000
Stickman games forever!!
No I just played this game because I just downloaded it and it’s really good somehow I got a free 150 coins so I’ve got to level 12 and I got the hover board it’s super Duper cool so yeah I love this game and you should definitely download it if you haven’t yet here’s the recommended movie if you have Netflix hey so of the day I just found out the movie of the day the random one you should watch the Seabeast it is such a cute heartfelt movie so that’s the movie of the day oh yeah you should really watch it that’s all I wanted to say just recommended and lol you should like get like a mini game I like the soccer but like a mini game that you can get coins on because it takes a long time for the matches to end
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4 years ago, GiantChickenManMan
Possibly the best game ever. Have suggestions for new weapons.
This game is just great. Ads are a bit annoying but creators need money somehow. The gameplay for 2 players is simple and fun for offline multiplayer. I really don’t know what else to say but GET THIS GAME. Suggestion: should add a weapon named The World where a kind of invisible Stickman pops up behind the stick character and starts punching in the desired area. The world should also stop time for a little bit. The counter to the weapon is the cool down time after the stand is released for at least 4 seconds. The cool down time should be 5 seconds after the stand is released and would give enough time for the enemy to find an opening and strike, making the weapon not too over powered.
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2 years ago, Goat the great
Weapon Balance and Map editor
Hey! Love the game, can’t say I’ve been one to play it for years but I do like it and I also think it needs some improvements First off, I think that the map editor needs more static blocks besides dirt because I’d love to create some aesthetically pleasing maps to play (not saying yours aren’t) oh and also just make it if I want to place a lot of blocks the blocks where I originally tapped the screen stay in place thx Secondly I think some of the weapons need balancing, I’ll just go over a few and how to fix them Staff- Way too clunky and doesn’t have a good ability. Either make it to where the pole extends quickly and make it so we can aim it or add a new ability for it, I recommend a spinning shockwave attack Portal gun- Unique but has way to low damage. Increase damage to around shurikan lvl Circular Saw- The damage and stuff is fine but the problem is that the enemies house off the saw. Make the saw knockback 0 so we can constantly have the saw connected Lantern- increase the purple cage size to fit both characters (also maybe give it a dmg aura inside of it) If you changed those things the game would be amazing <3
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4 years ago, LightPie4036602
I love this game I have been playing since OG
I really love this game and I have been playing for a while but I have some ideas. I would like to ask if you could add a story mode or some kind of campaign mode where you fight harder and tougher enemies throughout the story. And you could fight a boss every once and a while. I also have a weapon request. Can you add a weapon that is a gold ring like from sonic and it has three attacks, Blue would make you dash like the dagger and do damage to enemies in its path doing small damage. Red would be like the axe attack and dash you up and down dealing medium damage. And yellow would fire a yellow ring projectile piercing through walls and enemies doing small damage.
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4 years ago, Beagles5281
Could be even better
I LOVE this game. This is the most played game on my device most likely. I’ve unlocked all the customizations and it is just really fun. But maybe you could make levels or something like that. I’m not trying to hate on the game. As I mentioned earlier this game is great. But maybe add on more. Maybe in the levels you could fight AI and each level the AI could get harder. Or maybe in some levels you fight a lot of people and others you fight one boss. Or maybe you could have a mode where you are on a team with AIs against another group of AIs. Or a mode where the enemy characters come in waves. I know I’m asking for a lot but i would really like it. But even if not, I love this game and will keep on playing it.
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2 years ago, StuckInTheTree
So happy
I’ve been playing this game for many years, and I have to say the recent flux of updates has been great. I am incredibly happy to see that dual wielding sabers are back, I remember how you could dual wield with the original light sword. I am excited get good at the new mini game and using the new flashlight weapon. I only wish it weren’t so easy to get coins as I spent the last few months saving up coins which are now very easy to obtain. Maybe there could be a free boss battle mini game where if you kill the boss with a random weapon you get 100 coins, or something along those lines. Overall still very happy with the game.
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4 years ago, 09jynxwolf
Good game but
I feel there should be new modes, updates to survival, and maybe a shop, for new modes maybe a online fighting mode and maybe a stickman, hat, and stage creator, for survival I think there should be new enemies, a way to customize the weapons of the enemies and giant enemies, a way to customize the spawn rate of all enemies, a way to customize the power level of the enemies much like you can customize the power of ai on single player, and I think you should be able to buy stickman hats and stages from a shop, and you get the currency from playing single player, you get more of said currency if you go against stronger ai, in survival by getting better scores, you get more and more currency from getting higher scores, and through the online mode I previously mentioned .
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3 years ago, Say :( if you hate this
Good game, bad update
This game was amazing but the new update is kinda ruining it for me... 1. The NPCs act different now. I keep seeing NPCs random do stupid things like walking off of an edge and killing themselves, even at level 9. 2. The new death animation and sound effects are just annoying and take to long. 3. When you get an ad the game doesn’t pause like it used to, instead the NPCs will kill you while you are watching the ad and unable to do anything. 4. The new weapons need balanced. The new lantern is just broken with its pink ability. I keep getting stuck in the side of the box and being unable to move. I feel like fixing these is something that NEEDS to be done in the future. I also have a few suggestions: 1. Add an option to select which weapons will be available in random mode 2. Allow us to save our skins now that they can be fully customized 3. Add more options to the stage editor, maybe add semisolid platforms Thanks for taking the time to read my comment, I hope you take note of it for your next update. I understand that programming a game is hard and that mistakes will be made along the way.
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1 year ago, David the 300iq
Good updates for a good game
Dear developers, I love you game and think it’s great but I would like you to add an anime update for example: goku helmet and suit, Kamehameha weapon that has 5 second cool down and if it’s direct hit it gets rid of 25% of health. Luffy helmet and suit, human stretch wear the Stickman can stretch its arms for a little bit like the staff then cools down. Naturo helmet and suit. Naruto would have his own shirkenen like the one in the game already but on the third time the 9 tailed fox does a claw dash then disappear. Effects: every kill as whole goku suit and helmet he changes forms, kaioken, false super sayian, super, super2, super3, super4 super sayian god super blue/ with kaioken then manga and non manga ultra forms.
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12 months ago, Alec1239
probably my favorite mobile game ever.
I’ve been playing video games since 2018, and I’ve gotta say this is one of my favorites. I’ve had a pc since Christmas 2018, and I was very happy to play some games. I was scrolling on Google play and stumbled across this game. I downloaded it but it was very hard to play since I had a touchpad. I got my first iPhone that year too, so the first thing I downloaded was Stickman duelists. My favorite part about it is how much work you guys put into updates, so it doesn’t get boring. Almost 5 years later and I still play this game. Thank you for this masterpiece
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4 years ago, Glowstar3634
Just download it already
I thought this game looked bad, but it’s the most fun game ever! There are so many weapons and skins to choose from, and you can even play 2 player! The mechanics are funny and make me and my friends laugh when we play. I have nothing to criticize about the game. But I do really want an online mode with match making. I would be cool if it would count your wins, and have a leaderboard as well. There could also be a LAN WiFi mode too. This would make the game 10x better. All I have to say is DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW. It’s so fun, and you will never regret downloading it. I hope the makers respond to this and add some of my requests. Thanks so much!!
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4 years ago, aaaabeerr
add a me game mode plz
add a game mode where we are t-rex’s and there is a 2 plr one and a 1 plr one and there is a button where we click it to open the mouth and bite each other and there are powers like fire breathing, freezer which would freeze the player you shoot, uhh maybe wing power? You will have wings and fly and if you have a fire breathing power you can fly and breath fire at the same time but the wing power wouldn’t last for long and.. now the final power is stronger teeth it will deal a total 56 damage without stronger teeth power you will deal a damage about 30, in t-rex mode you will have 200 health so plz do this game mode PLZ PLZ PLZ IM BEGGING YOU, YOU MADE THE BEST GAME
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4 days ago, Deonsonic14
When my friend first told me about this game I thought it would be another boring Stickman game, but turned out to be TOTAL FUN! I’ll give a list why. 1. The map editor: I love it. I recently made this grapple hook map that’s basically infinite Spider-Man 2.The colors: don’t need anything to say about this. 3. The maps: 0 explanations needed. 4. The multiplayer options best way to play. The flaws: 1.The Wi-Fi 2 player option NEVER works. No matter how hard I follow the instructions, it doesn’t work. 2. I forgot. Welp, jumping to conclusion, SPAM DOWNLOAD NOW! Another good reason, Mini-games, Survival, and BOSS FIGHTS!
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4 weeks ago, wildbillXD
Great game, but no way to remove the ads.
Great game. Multiple modes and the ability to play with friends on the same device or internet, or computer controlled enemies. It mostly centers around fights with stick men obviously. They have this down great for a quick and easy to play mobile game. My one problem is that I can’t go more than 4-5 fights without being interrupted by a 30 second ad. This game is pretty fast paced and it really brings things to a grinding halt when an ad comes up. It would be greatly appreciated if I could do something to remove the ads for either a short time or permanently.
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8 months ago, retro01retro
4 Stars - Good By Jerrel A.
Dear Stickman Duelist Developers, This game is too classic, and I’ve played it with my cousin for 2 years, and myself for 4 years. This game can have many glitches, like the new dodgeball mini game. The weapons or the dodgeball can glitch you out of the map. This game is great, I would rate it better if the game remasters again. The weapons should get a more futuristic theme to it. This game isn’t awesome, but it’s not bad, not even pretty bad, or OK. It’s in the good 4 stars rating because of how many glitches the game has, but it is an OG game. This game has been here since 2019. This app is the reason I have something better to do. Sincerely, Jerrel A.
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2 years ago, Maker loving builder
Please add more updates
Hi i have the game and it’s a really fun app my cousin loves it as well but i unlocked everything and there’s nothing else to unlock and do so can you please add more feature.I have some examples: 1. Add the features to unlock the ultimate team of supreme Stickman. 2. Add 3 more mini games. 3. Local Multiplayer. 4. Super easy and super hard mode. 5. More weapons skins color create mode and color two as weapon color. Those are my suggestions if you want to do them you can but don’t have to do them you can do other updates but please add more updates. 😀😀😀
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6 months ago, Gcgccycuyccy
Info on updates
This game is probably the best stickman pvp/pve game I’ve seen in a while. With leveling up, tons of weapon choices, mini games, tournaments, and hats, it’s a great no-internet game out there, not even talking about how you can make your own maps. But what if you wanted to recommend stuff for the game? Well, that’s there this review comes in. (READ BELOW) The SDS (supreme duelist stickman) discord let’s you share your skins, maps, and ideas for SDS and its future, along as talking with tons of people and developers for the game. ( if your in the fan art section they have the best community )
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12 months ago, Elotes4life
Good but needs more cool stuff
It’s good but it needs adjustments like when you hit in the right place that same limb can fall off. If it’s the head that comes off victory for you! Also more mini games and make it a multiplayer game where you can invite and play on different devices! Please put these in I would really enjoy it more if this was really a more cross platform experience for the community of people who support and play this! Good game and all but please I’m on my knees add these features - cross platform game - more mini games - and the limb effects
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5 months ago, What does amazing game needs
What I think you need
This game is amazing but we need some new changes first we need some more weapons so that animation does not stop second maps in the mass. I’m thinking of fresh. For more animation power. and when you do that make more multiplayer like it’s good that you can play with family and friends, but I didn’t need to go outside to real world and play with more people you know what I mean and finally let us change the music we don’t want to hear the same boring music every time we’re trying to do some good animation . Sincerely, Leighton Howell. P.S don’t forget to make some more body parts.
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2 years ago, Mythasour
I’ve been playing this game for a while and have never really gotten bored. I love the multiplayer settings and how easy it is to learn and play! I had so much fun learning how to use all the weapons, and that the amount of ads are really reasonable and totally tolerable. Yes sometimes I do get a bit tired of it, but a week break from it and I’m back to playing it regularly again. I think anyone who likes fighting type games and doesn’t want any blood in it will really enjoy this game. I just hope they keep adding new weapons, and terrains!
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4 years ago, JaydeenDehEpic
Best Mobile Game Ever
This game is so fun! Almost everybody in my middle school plays this game on the school iPad! I also have some suggestions also! SUGGESTIONS: add something like a Fire Sword that does a lot of dmg and does fire damage when you hit them and the special will be it shoots fire at the other player, also you guys should maybe a Laser gun that shoots lasers and the special shoots a very big laser that does 2/4 of hp or you can add a AK47 that shoots a lot of bullets with no special tho. The Game is really fun and I hope it becomes way more better i the future so never give up on adding updates because this is a great game
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4 years ago, hdhdbenrndbs
Great game download it
This game is really good especially when your looking for an offline game to play, the fact that it is simple and doesn’t require a lot for you to be good at it. I only wish that updates would become frequent. Maybe the game has some other problems but they aren’t many I don’t like how there’s one button for everything except when your playing multiplayer with your friend. Having one button do it all makes it easier then you and your friends crowding your hands onto your phone. It’s a good game I recommend to download it
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2 years ago, your good friend jj
What’s with the coins
It’s a good game and all me and my brother been playing it near its release (our sister kept deleting it) but these up dates are getting worse and worse I mean I like the new weapons but you get your progress reset every update and you can’t use the weapons you love anymore all you can do is deal with watch ads and get through the level system It used to be really fun without having to pay for weapons but now its just chaos and if you really want to have currency have a meaning try adding more costumes more types of costumes Weapon skins and more mini games
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1 year ago, david8916262
Dear Neron’s Brother
I love supreme duelist Stickman it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life and I love the feature the boss fight tournaments but in the next update I would love to see more of them cause it’s so cool to fight a boss with 2 weapons speaking of 2 weapons I would also love to see in the next few updates a feature that lets you equip 2 weapons and the price would be around 1500 to make it fair. That’s my review love the game keep up the outstanding work and I know your game will be a massive hit one day and I’m here to stay by your side everyday
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4 years ago, Pizzalordgaming
A bit of upgrades
So first of all amazing game! But it needs some updates. And you would be wondering what kinds? Maybe some new modes. And also there should be some weapons to the super hero hats. Maybe some new maps? I mean I’m tired of using them not gonna lie. Maybe create some skins yourself! Create weapons maybe? I mean thanks for the new cards weapon it’s very OP. Maybe a training mode! What about cars! Well that’s all I have to say for this game. Listen. I know the title said ‘’ a bit of upgrades’’ well never mind it’s A LOT OF UPGRADES! We’ll see ya in the next update cha! Also that’s how I say bye sometimes cha.
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1 year ago, Terrosier
I need your help to find a game. But your game is good
I’m trying to find a game it looks like this but there is no hp bars and I cant seem to find it in my download history the only thing that looks like it is this trash game and it’s old gameplay is nothing like I saw when I played it. I know it’s got nothing to do witr your game but it’s really good anyway but you don’t have to help if you want to. You can tell me all games that are like this and I’ll tr to find it. Again you don’t have to and your game is amazing keep up the great work
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2 years ago, RHY destroyer
This game amazing and cool
This has so many funny moments😂And it’s so fun, end it doesn’t require Internet, it’s so fun you can played anywhere and you’re adding new weapons and most games don’t have updates a lot but this game does flashlight magnet the snowflake all of that stuff the double magnet sword something something it’s all amazing this game is so fun and I couldn’t even make something like this if you know what I mean because it’s so hard to create and do all the details I wouldn’t even have enough money to hire people to help me😮‍💨.
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4 years ago, The Noob of Forever
Great game but a few things are missing
It’s a beautiful ragdoll stick fighting game. Exactly what I was looking for. Nice graphics, cool ragdoll, great ai. A few problems and suggestions. One of them is that there isn’t a power up button, there is just when you let go of the joystick, the power up is triggered, unwanted things may happen. One of the weapons is an axe with a ground pound power. The problem is, it sends you falling down if you let go of the joystick. I think this should be removed and replaced with a power up button that recharges after a few seconds. Also, please add an optional jumping button. Besides this, it’s a great game
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