SurePayroll for Employees

4.6 (6.3K)
10.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
SurePayroll, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SurePayroll for Employees

4.65 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Zurc4
Always Error
Its so fustrating to find out your password is always error. I set up the apps 10x and everytime they are going to give me a temporary password i can open my accnt, but once i logged out and will try to open the apps will say error….i tried it on my cellphone, ipad, desktop computer its all the same. For now, i cannot open the apps at all…Useless, not accurate and confusing set up. Need to improve more your system….
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2 years ago, 07Ria
This is my first time using this payroll system and I must say I really like it. Everything is so easy to see and the breakdown is great. I also got paid so quickly. I really recommend this system for all Employers.
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4 months ago, Sunshine2373
Download check stubs
The next upgrade should be the ability to download check stubs on the app. As of now I have to log in to my desktop to download my check stubs.
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6 years ago, Riceguy1000
Good but could be better.
I wish I could print pay stubs from the App. Could have sworn I was able to do so before.
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3 years ago, Felicia, pack your bags!!
First off, the app doesn’t offer much. Secondly, getting ahold of somebody other than a sales rep is nearly impossible. So I selected the call back feature so I wouldn’t have to wait. Hey the call back and have been on hold for 30 minutes. I am beyond frustrated as I have other things that need done, but instead I am sitting on hold. Get it together bc I’m a new customer - not even a month in, and I’m going to be changing.
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2 years ago, Tim V20000
Missing a print function
The app does almost everything I need, and meets almost all of my expectations really well. It would be great if I could also print a pay stub for those occasions when I need it rather than having to go login to a pc.
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12 months ago, BIGleague9
Horrible app
Horrible app. Completely unusable. Have to reset password almost every single time despite writing the password down, putting it in notes, copy and pasting it. Etc. password resets won’t work either. Buttons lock out constantly and make accessing my information. Really wish my company would use something else for payroll. 👎👎👎👎👎
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5 months ago, itsmeproblem?
App keeps closing
I’d like to say the setup is pretty but sometimes the app won’t load and will just go back to my Home Screen after a few tries it does work on top of that there’s not really a lot of options BUT that’s ok this app is very helpful all in all.
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2 years ago, T. Reis
It was working fine untill last week and now it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect even though it works perfectly fine when I'm using a browser. There is no customer service available for employees and I will have to be bothering my boss to check on this meter. That's ridiculous and unacceptable! USELESS JUNK!
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2 years ago, rgg471
Hard time logging in!!
I always have a hard time going in to see my paystubs. And if I have a problem and call surepayroll they always tell me they cannot help me it has to be through my employer, it's so annoying to bother my employer each time my login failes. And thru the app I don't see where to click to send or print my paystubs.
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5 years ago, 211187
Super slow and lacking
This app is very slow, the Touch ID login never works, it just goes through but doesn’t log me in and everything takes forever to load. You can’t see a PDF of your paystub, just the breakdown. Improve the speed when loading Fix Touch ID Improve in app speed.
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6 years ago, M/S Teacher
Easy To Use
As a first user, the app was very helpful when changing usernames and passwords. Texting messaging was quick to respond.
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5 months ago, Brobinson767
Has promise!
I do enjoy the portal to view paycheck stubs but after couple logins I need to consistently setup Face ID again and again. Too bad it doesn’t maintain it.
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6 years ago, BlaccSwan
Fast secure and easy!!
Secure payroll is so easy and secure. I love the finger print easy access to check my earnings!! Thanks again
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3 years ago, Long time Jobber user
Used to be a great company but went to crap
App no longer works. Customer service has gone down hill. I was a customer since 2011 and things were great till bought over by larger company. No return calls when requested. App does not work. They sneak in charges on your bill. Find another company to work with
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1 month ago, SKH60
Password Problems
App makes me use my password every time I log in…it never initiates facial recognition. Then, when I use my password and it logs me onto the payroll site, the first thing it asks me is if I want to use facial recognition, so I say yes…next time I try to log in …nothing…no facial recognition.
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1 year ago, land yacht 2
Not impressed
Not impressed at all with this company or their app. I have been locked out for months!!! Finally after moving heaven and earth I got in and set up Face ID. Well I just went in today to see my pay stub, Face ID not working even though it’s checked as on. Very frustrated!!!!
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6 years ago, Kendra111
Awful app
This is an awful app!!! Wish they would come up with something better. Constantly kicks you off then makes you have to reset your password , won’t let you reset your password on your own , need your employer to do this . Would give it zero stars if I could.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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6 years ago, Mieluvall420
No way to print
There’s no way to print out a copy of your paystub from the app for say your bank or whatever it is you need it for.
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2 years ago, marymilly
It rarely works. I have my password and Face ID set up but it will still tell me that my log in is wrong half the time. I then got locked out through no fault of my own and the company offers zero help. It’s a joke. Better to just use the website. TRASH!
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2 years ago, Mbegane
Very good
Simple and easy
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5 years ago, JasonLapene
Download pay stub
Why not have a way for employee to download a pay statement from the mobile app? Even online from the desktop would be ideal.
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11 months ago, GueraSmith1986
Not user friendly
I have my password but it needs to verify by text too. And I dont have that phone number anymore. Very frustrating having to ask your boss all the time for help.
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1 year ago, Kel_pay
Useless app
Has no customer service on the app that’s one. Two, doesn’t give an option to download pay stubs. Won’t let me log in through the computer just through the app🤦🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, clientmich
Please add a feature allowing printing and sharing. It’s very inconveniencing not to be able to print or share my pay stubs when I need to. Thanks
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4 years ago, jereocaalysse
This app is so trash every time I try and use it or log in it keeps saying it’s not connected to server it worked for about a week when I first for it and never was able to log in after that they need to update it
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5 years ago, Jahiln
Awkward buggy
Everytime I go payroll, I ask myself the same question “Has anyone from SurePayroll used their own app?” Aka, do they eat their own dog food? Because this app is clunky. First off, if never remembers who I am, no matter how many times I check the remember me box And I have to verify who I am twice via text in in a single session. There are other issues, but this experience could really be cleaned up.
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2 years ago, Bauer2525
Absolutely terrible I have to reset my password every time I get paid. Says it’s incorrect when I know it’s not because I take screenshots. This app and website are complete junk.
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2 years ago, PGFournier
Not happy
For some reason, all my info is “blacked out”! Can’t read any of it. I deleted the app and reinstalled, I’ve logged out, and I have shut off and reset my phone. Nothing works.
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5 years ago, 82jh
Keeps kicking me out
Annoying keeps kicking me out and has no option to change my password
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2 years ago, Cali. Girl, R.D.H.
No support
Log in stopped working. I am able to use with computer but not my iPhone. Tried to get support and there is none!
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5 years ago, upper Arlington
Excellent service . Thank you
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9 months ago, Cayde-21
Can’t reset password. Every time I try it times out immediately. Website has the same issue.
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6 years ago, Casimiri2010
Very poor
The app is not one the best. The service is just horrendous, but that crappy payroll service is what we have at work. Nothing to do! I hope they charge my boss $1 dollar a month for such lousy service.
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4 years ago, RTR_Bama
App doesn’t even work
All I ever get when I try to enter my credentials is an error pop-up saying that it can’t connect to server. I’ve tried on both cellular data and WiFi.
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2 years ago, Bricedude07
Face ID Doesn’t Work
The login screen says “use Face ID” but when I tap it nothing happens. I go into the settings and Face ID is on. This is the only app I can’t get it to work on.
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3 years ago, Chasanblac
Great service
This company does a great job.
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6 years ago, Mizzpretty09
Needs improvement
I wish I could download my checks from this app.
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5 years ago, Hemanth Reddy Billa
Not able to download my pay checks
Not able to download my pay checks
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4 years ago, Dave3e8
Terrible - new bug
This app used to work perfectly. However it won’t let me log in now. Please fix ASAP.
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4 years ago, Lktamer
You cannot print not download the check information
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4 years ago, drleahg
Please. Fix this app.
What’s the point of having the Face ID option if it never works for this app? It always logs you out and you repeatedly have to sign in.
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1 year ago, ANicks1
The application won’t remember my device. The application won’t recognize my Face ID. The application won’t remember my password.
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2 months ago, josue1:09 jeremiah2911
Check tabs
Didn’t show all my check tabs
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5 years ago, kb9111
Download/print Option
Need an option where you can download or print a pdf file.
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2 years ago, pra_1994
Unable to view contents clearly because of color issues.
Pls focus on content colors. Unable to visible.
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1 year ago, Very Angry tech
No 1099 tax info on app
Horrible service, have to harass the employer to reset password to get 1099 tax statement. Not an easy system and very frustrating
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4 years ago, jmcorpus_tx
Connection Issues
Can not connect to server. All it says. No in app support and no online support navigation. Junk
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1 month ago, MacGuy1989
App is nearly useless.
And website so badly designed There is a reason this is so inexpensive
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6 months ago, hatersareheckers
No way to see
No way to see actual paystubs and print
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