SurePayroll for Employers

4.7 (5.4K)
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SurePayroll, Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SurePayroll for Employers

4.73 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Happiness is having a Pal!
Fast, Accurate & Saves time!
I can do my office payroll for 7 employees in about 5 minutes from my iPhone each week . SurePayroll makes all my quarterly tax payments and files all the necessary paperwork to both State and Federal departments. W-2s are readied for each employee so that they can print after signing in to their account, or I can print for them, without any preparation on my part. All of these services are for a more than reasonable price. SurePayroll was recommended to me by my CPA. D. Drury
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5 years ago, BocaDr
Something Is Missing…
I just installed the Employer app onto my iPhone and ran a payroll. At the end it shows me the date the direct deposits will hit and the total cash requirement for this payroll period, i.e, the figure I now need to enter into my Quickbooks register. However, there's another screen after that summary screen that informs me that I won't be able to run another payroll until the 1 I just ran processes. After you confirm out of that screen, there is no place in the app where you can get back to that figure you have to enter into QB, the total cash requirement! I called tech support and they confirmed there is no way to get back to that # without logging into the main website through a browser. It seems to me that's one the most fundamental bits of information the app exists to provide… it shows it once and if u don't write it down somewhere it's gone forever? Seems to be a silly mistake in designing the app…
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2 years ago, Mike0244
Easy to use
I’ve been using SurePayroll for 14 years. Easy & fast to process payrolls, lots of easy to add payroll types (hourly, salaried, 1099 staff, benefits, reimbursements etc). Reports are excellent and Customer Service Reps are really TERRIFIC. Only issue I have is wait times to speak to a Rep. Otherwise I love how easy it is to use and all the reports that are available & the user flexibility wrt customizing reports.
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2 years ago, Joy5392648
Not great.
The app on occasion will time out and not let me process payroll. It’s hard to change your password—I still have not been able to do it. The company as a whole is not great. I would consider doing your research to find a better payroll option. Customer service has very limited knowledge. The individual that helped sign us up has told us “not my job” when we’ve asked for help running payroll. They have charged us fees inappropriately and promised refunds, which have never happened. They are supposed to make our life easier, and we’ve had the opposite experience.
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3 years ago, self service car wash
Small business owner 3 employees
App worked great for years, but can no longer use the app. After using the app for almost four years without any issues I can no longer login to the app. Called SurePayroll several times and they basically gave up and told me to use a computer or web browser on my phone. Go figure. They also would not follow up or communicate with me. I had to call and sit on hold each time. Never received a response when I submitted the issues via the help desk on the SurePayroll portal. I wish I could handle issues the same way with my customers.
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5 years ago, We Love Payroll
We are bringing our clients on board and hope that our business owners can use the mobile app in the future with at least a co-branded format. We love SUREPAYROLL so far and Rocky is a great asset to your comapny. He is smart, intuitive, attentive, hard worker, responsible, passionate and all things you hope to have in someone that works for your organization. We are thankful for Rocky and the tools and solutions he brings to our firm.
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4 years ago, crossjd03
Support lacking
App shows an error message “subject not set to an instance Of an object” (or something very close to that wording). It won’t let me do anything on the app. When I called, the support people didn’t know how to fix. The app used to work fine. Disappointed that I’m not able to be mobile as I was promised.
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3 years ago, Beau Reynolds
Terrible Now!!! I hope you love Password Resets
There have to be better options out there. The mobile app is pretty limited compared to the webpage. My biggest complaint is with the 30 min weekly phone calls to reset my online password. Sure Payroll’s enhanced security is causing problems for many users. Somehow, every week, my account is locked due to my attempt to access over mobile devices. I cannot reset my password without calling, which I’m told is an internal issue with Sure Payroll’s systems.
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4 weeks ago, Mrobininsagcy
Need to fix the PTO
While I was able to process payroll remotely, which is a great convenience, I was not able to properly include PTO taken by the employees. From a computer, PTO taken shows the dollar value of time off taken while keeping the number of PTO hours as part of the total hours worked. On the mobile phone, PTO taken is added on top of the total hours thereby increasing the payout. It’s an error that needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, gary fr ee
Great customer service. The long term customer would SurePayroll
Superior product use a lot of payroll services over the years this is a really good company. The only problem I have withSure pay if you need to get your payroll in before a holiday and it’s paid a day later than normalIf you need it processed sooner there’s a fee of approximately $65. Great customer service.
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5 years ago, Awwesoomee
Easy to use
I have used SurePayroll to pay my nanny for four years. It takes 30 minutes to set up an account and 30 seconds to run payroll (no joke, I just entered it on my phone). It is also the least expensive payroll service that’s backed by a huge payroll company. Highly recommend!
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9 months ago, Island Lavender
First time
I’ve always entered the payroll on my laptop but it kept timing out. I read that someone used the mobile app so I downloaded it and used the cell network to complete my payroll. Thanks SurePayroll for making it so easy!!!
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1 month ago, 30something +
Not great.
I have tried to use the app for years and always leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t seem to calculate changes in pay like reduced hours for salary, vacation pay etc. be very careful with vacation time. If you don’t reduce the hours of vacation from the hours worked, it will pay for both. It’s doesn’t do that online. Double and triple check it’s calculations on the app before approving.
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10 months ago, Frank The Foodie
App Makes It Easy
Had to process payroll while out of town! Did not have power cord for computer. App is very user friendly and easy to maneuver. Could believe how fast I could process my payroll on an app!
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3 years ago, The Lynx
Doesn’t work.
I’m pretty good with technology. I promise this is true. The app won’t log in anymore. I can use the exact same username/password on an actual computer and it logs in no problem! I try the identical log in on the app and it says invalid username/password. Rendering app completely unusable. I’ve been extremely careful to guarantee I enter them the same. On the website it logs in with no problem every time. The app never works. The app used to work, and was much more convenient than having to use actual computer every time I needed to run payroll. I tried calling customer service but they were unhelpful. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. No luck. Also using latest model iPhone with up to date app. Can’t really rate any stars for an unusable app.
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2 years ago, dw1856
No Way to Change Password. Does t remember password or Face ID when logging in. Horrible app
I am having issues with the Website so got a temporary password and able to login via the mobile app. However there is no way to change the password so was locked out of my account after 24 hours. Why you have a secure app with now method of changing s password is very poor design and customer service
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5 years ago, DJ Mathews
Customer service
I have been with SurePayroll for over 10 years. I have no complaints they are very helpful and always get back with me on papers I get from irs or EDD. If I forget about something they will call to follow up. I am a very happy customer
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2 years ago, bgrh
So easy!
I’m using SurePayroll to take care of a woman who lives with my elderly mother. Sure payroll set up was easy. The reminders to do payroll are essential and most welcome. Best of all, end of your tax filings a snap.! I have no qualms about fully recommending SurePayroll.
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4 years ago, Jolynn Erikson
Allstate Agency
I absolutely love working with SurePayroll. The phone app takes literally seconds to process each week and never any late filing fees!! No worries!! They take care of everything and it’s so affordable!! Thank you!!!
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1 year ago, fsvmgf
Customer service representative was knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and he’ll me solve my issue with the system not letting me run the correct payroll dates.
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4 years ago, RowiesMom
Business owner
This app was fantastic until probably the last update that was made. I can log in to my account but can’t do anything. The error message says “object of reference set to an instance of an object”. It says to call the SurePayroll customer service number and press 3 for app support. I did and they know nothing about the app or why it is giving the error message. They just directed me to the website to do payroll. No support!!
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3 years ago, disgrace to customers
Customer service
Poor customer service
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5 years ago, Tpelleg
Payroll app
On vacation and app does not show bonuses on default. Have to log out and go to desk top version to sign in than turn default on which you have to do twice a month or more They know about this but can’t fix.
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6 years ago, 2businesses
New version 3.3.2 does not work
Older version amazing!! New version on fully updated iPhone does not work. It will not even open screen flashes green twice then app crashes. Please fix
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6 years ago, Eng 1946
Easy way to pay
My payroll used to take hours, this company and app is so fast and easy, now it only takes minutes and I can do it from my phone.
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3 months ago, Mindlabz Tech
Great User Experience
Payroll run in quick 3 steps. Less than 10 second and you are done!! Awsome user experience!!
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4 years ago, Msedc
Needs some work
I had some issues because there was an error processing payroll and the dashboard on the app did not display that payroll had already been processed. Fortunately, customer service helped out to resolve my issue in a timely manner. I’d like to see more info available on the app.
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6 years ago, nshdjdbd
Great app
I really like their customer support and ease of use of this app. By far the best value on the market for the small businesses. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, AryasDad17
Cannot Login
For several weeks I am unable to login to my account via this app. Have to reset password after attempts to login. Using same credentials, I can login through browser with no issue. Please fix the app to allow proper login.
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6 years ago, Blue Point Kiteboarder
Well designed user experience
App is well designed, easy to use and worked quickly
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2 years ago, JC in savannah
Was great now it’s not
The app was amazing but I have not been able to run payroll in it for almost two weeks now. It’s constantly telling me it cannot connect to server. Due to this I have almost forgotten to run payroll because I now have to use my computer.
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4 years ago, Poontzin
Really convenient, but needs better way to progress through steps.
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5 years ago, Jcinsinc
Incredibly convenient
I had to go out of town unexpected and had not yet done payroll. I used my mobile SurePayroll app and my payroll is submitted successfully!
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5 years ago, JohnW40
SurePayroll charges unfair fees
I hired a household employee and registered with the state of Maryland for an unemployment ID number. It was supposed to arrive after 6 weeks but it has now been 8 and the State is still working on getting me the number. Despite this, SurePayroll is charging me $50 per payroll for failing to supply an unemployment insurance ID number that the State has not yet provided. Very unfair and annoying.
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2 years ago, Dr J Joon
Easy and convenient
I used the mobile App while on vaction and spent 10 minutes to process company payroll. I’m off to the beach now.
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5 years ago, STEFUMA87
Love the company - app is too limiting.
I think it’s a great price. Customer service always responds quickly and with real people. Don’t love the app. A bit limiting.
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4 years ago, BJTex
App needs work
Some issues logging in and features are too limited.
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4 years ago, JJ5380
Needs Better Login and Auto Pay
Face ID fails to work, and this platform could benefit greatly from an auto pay feature. Beyond those two aspects, however, it is a useful tool.
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6 years ago, Anger Intervention Services
Very sure from the SURE APP!!!
This App is amazing and never had any hiccups. If I had a 6th star I would give it. Don’t let me down Sure pay!!!!
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2 years ago, jefe618
Terrible Product
App completely non-functional. Can’t complete any useful tasks on it - need to log in to desktop Overall service is terrible as well. Nothing but problems. Submitted all my claims incorrectly. Can’t say enough bad things about this app and this broader service
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2 years ago, Daddyo73
Won’t stop charging even after canceling
We canceled this service over a month ago but thyroid continue to debit our account for monthly service. Refuse to cover fees that they’ve caused because of this. Lots of more responsive places and services to do this kind of payroll for you.
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6 years ago, Bajajas
Good website. Unfortunately they have not fixed their app for the past year. Not sure what exactly is going on, but you can’t advertise that you have an app for your company if it doesn’t work for a full year. Please make this a priority and fix it.
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3 years ago, BG 7414
Precise 7 LLC
Intelligence customer service, and very easy to navigate as well as understand.
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10 months ago, Catherine’s iMac
Awful App
Company is fine, app is awful. Sends me in a loop to login twice back and forth forever. App functions nothing like the actual desktop site. Maybe develop something that doesn’t feel like it was made in 2005? Will stick to desktop.
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4 years ago, MarthaShari
Thank you
Could not run my company without you.
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5 years ago, c_laces
FaceID doesn’t work to login to app. Otay impossible to give your employee a raise - doing so on the weekend before their next check and after their pay period forces you to select a next check date after their normal interval.
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2 years ago, beauadam
Great app great service
Aaron Rhodes was awesome to work with and this app has really changed my business.
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4 years ago, FlanaganRilesCT
Worked fine until a couple months ago
This worked fine for a year and now every time I run payroll it says “object reference not set to an instance of an object”. I uninstalled and re-installed the app and no change. Useless now- have to log in on computer which is a pain.
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3 months ago, JizZy Jis
Fast, Easy, Efficient!!!
Very simple and intuitive. Fast and secure. Love it!! Payroll done in seconds
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5 years ago, susand82
Pretty good
This handles the the taxes well, but it would be even better if you could enter the hours on a daily basis, not just the total.
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