Surfshark VPN: Fast & Reliable

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2 months ago
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14.0.0 or later
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User Reviews for Surfshark VPN: Fast & Reliable

4.78 out of 5
64.1K Ratings
3 years ago, CAP001
Works Mostly Well
After trying a few VPN services I chose to go with Surfshark because it works mostly well and cost is very reasonable, especially if you have multiple devices. I have ran into a couple of issues, some which just involve turning the VPN off, others that seem to be developer bugs. As for the bugs - 1) my desktop has a lot of trouble connecting to the nearest/fastest server, which can take a good 10 minutes after booting up; but after it connects it works well. It’s weird because my mobile devices and laptop connect super quickly. 2) it can kill your phone/tablet battery quickly - if an app needs to remain running in the background (which is the case with some trackers, ie., COVID trackers that your school/employer may require), it may be unable to send/receive data while VPN is on, which leads to the battery draining within 4 hours or less. Which leads to improvements that would be awesome - like allowing some apps to be exempt from VPN, since some retail, banking, and even game apps don’t work while VPN is running. I don’t know if iOS would allow for app exceptions, so maybe just having the ability to turn VPN off for x-hours or minutes might be nice, vs having to remember to turn it back on. Anyways, no major issues and Surfshark works mostly well!!
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4 years ago, DyreLogan
I hardly EVER give 5 stars
Surfshark is hands down the best VPN I have used. And I have used quite a bit. Hola, Betternet, Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN, you name it. Not one of them comes close to Surfshark! The servers are speedy. Your privacy is real. I looked up my IP several times and I am most definitely in the country I selected. And privacy is what you really want these days. And Surfshark gives you that. Customer service? Are you kidding me? They answer immediately in chat and are extremely helpful? I don’t think I have ever had this much help from a VPN company. When I asked questions in chat over at ExpressVPN all they wanted to do was sell me an extremely expensive subscription. Surfshark takes the time to help you, guide you through the process, even if you know next to nothing about WiFi, VPN’s or are not really tech savvy. Hands down, Surfshark is the best VPN I have ever used. I stated as much above and I will stand by it. And it really is very affordable. It works every single day, every single time you connect. And they are constantly making it better and updating the app. If you have an issue, which has been rare for me, they are on top of it. Very helpful. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. I will definitively continue being a subscriber.
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1 year ago, TxLeeVee
Works when I need it the least
****Update: Surfshark has requested I contact customer support. The first I’ve heard from them is after this review. I have sent several Bug Reports and submitted identifiable feed back several times, as well, with no response. The problem is, when the issues occur, I am then unable to access the web, due to the issue.**** Surfshark works when I’m at home or on a friends network. It works on cellular for the most part. I often have to click on fastest connection as mine slows. But, when in an airport, a restaurant, work, or public wifi with an anchor page, Surfshark is almost useless. The difficulties connecting to public wifi with anchor pages is beyond infuriating. Sometimes it will connect with little issue or immediately. Most times it takes 3-5 minutes. Those are usually the times when I have only 5-10 minutes to be on the web and I waste half of it trying to get Surfshark to connect. Then there are the occasional times like today. It took an hour and 15 minutes of waiting while it tried to connect. Waiting while it tried to connect after a VPN configuration reset. Rinse and repeat. Waiting more after configuration reset and iPad restart. Waiting after app uninstall and install. Then, waiting after uninstall, restart, and install. Finally, after one more uninstall, restart and install, it connects. Please fix this! Please! Pretty please!
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3 years ago, caseydavidphillips
24/7 VPN without issues
I have tried about 4 different VPN services to protect my online life but haven’t found one that works well on LTE/5G until now. ExpressVPN was my favorite everything except when i was connected to cellular networks. The transition from a cellular network to WiFi and vice versa caused major issues and had me constantly fiddling with my phone to reestablish connection after the kill switch had been tripped. Enter Surfshark! After some more googling to hopefully find a cheaper replacement for ExpressVPN, I stumbled across Surfshark. Their impressive price point packed in LOADS of features and I couldn’t wait to try it. I was more than surprised by its performance. In the past i don’t think I held a stable mobile connection for more than a few hours before a handoff between cell towers or a WiFi router caused everything to come to a halt. …with Surfshark, I ran my VPN for 30 hours once and didn’t even realize it was still on! To me that’s the beauty of this service. It’s a set it and forget type of service that can do as little or as much as you want. You don’t want security to be a hassle, and Surfshark is the exact opposite. The speed is nothing to sneeze at either. I wouldn’t rank it at the tip top, but it is not slacking. At an average of 100Mb/s - 150Mb/s, this VPN is plenty fast and will easily stream 4K video. So far, I haven’t found anything to complain about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Happy Customer
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3 years ago, NEMO245523
After 1 1/2 years of using surfshark….
Overall good VPN service. There are a couple of issues I had like using surfshark with a couple of routers that support VPN. XBOX & PlayStation as well as Roku devices I wish I could have connected those as well but has proven to be very difficult if not impossible. Minor bugs like being able to login from some of my other devices. When trying to login using the passwords given from surfshark the app will allow you to type in the password on certain browsers and sometimes the passwords don’t work at all. Also when using surfshark you have to be careful to remember to turn it off on cellular because I notice my iPhone and iPad Pro will go through data like crazy when I’m not even on my devices very much like overnight when I wake up my devices used up more data while I was asleep than when I was actually using them. So that’s something to look out for. On the plus side Speeds are fast compared to other providers and connection time is super fast. Whenever I checked my ip and dns, connection was 100% secure everytime. So surfshark is very secure once your able to setup all of your devices which can be a task. I’ve used 3 different name brand VPN providers and surfshark I put at the top of that list.
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3 years ago, Al@a2
UPDATE: Sept 2021 this app slows my IPhone so much I must shut off the VPN. Not sure why… talking to a tech is nearly impossible:-( EARLIER: Four days without data/internet And four days of incompetence from ATT phone techs who twice lost me when doing tests and never called back, a tech who said she couldn’t help me because others had tried and a supervisor who called me Monday night at 10:30pm to assure me she would solve the problem and call me back... it’s now Thursday night and she never called back. On Wednesday an online ATT tech sent me to an ATT store and I git a new SIMS card that didn’t help but the guy went they all my settings and found nothing wrong... I went home, called again and ATT tech sent me to the Geek Squad at Best Buy’s a waste of time (100 mile round trip) who told me to go to an APPLE store but online it said ALL APPLE STORES CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 1 (today May 27). I called Apple support who gave an appointment to the ONE Apple store open in Michigan for repair only the next day. Another 100 mile round trip but they fixed it. The solution was very simple that every ATT knucklehead should have asked or realized... my VPN had crashed causing me to lose all data/internet connection. SO BEWARE your VPN might crash and cause you problems! JUST shut it off, update and reboot to save all the headaches I had.
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1 year ago, goalball
Works for some content, but not others
I downloaded this app to try to access content in the US as I am in Japan. For the most part, the app is easy to setup, turn on, & I had no trouble verifying that it is working as expected. Unfortunately, it really depends on what content you are trying to access. First, it didn't work when I opened CNN. I was seeing the international page. But after tweaking the VPN, CNN was working. But for reason, no matter what I tried, NFL is still able to detect my real location. So I'm not able to access NFL content restricted in the US. So if you are needing a VPN for NFL, this app will not work for you. I also had a live chat with a rep who confirmed this. I also discovered that the Home tab in the app has some accessibility issues. It doesn't seem to scroll. Probably not a big issue, once the app is setup, you will not need to open it much. But it would be nice to be able to access the Home tab & the info on the screen without difficulty. So the app needs improvement in accessibility. Lastly, it seems that when VPN is running, my phone's battery drains a little faster. I have tested other VPN apps that did not drain my phone's battery anymore than usual. This is definitely an area Surfshark can improve on.
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4 years ago, L E J
• Good • Affordable • Good Customer Service (responds to email quickly) • Reliability...? and here’s why. Reasons why we use VPN is to hide our IP for security reasons. In addition, we use VPN to be able to access apps that is only available in other countries. Connecting to other states is no issue. Connecting to other countries is unstable. I tried to connect to an Asian Country coz the app is only available to this specific country only. At first it worked and I was so happy that I finally have found a VPN that’s affordable and had this specific country available. The next time I tried connecting again to this Asian country and it did connected then opened the app that allows only that specific country tells me that “this app is not available in other countries “. ??? I toggled back to the VPN and it says I am still connected to that specific asian country. I verified the location that I’m connected with on IPlocation site and it’s telling me that the IP address that I’m connected to is in Europe when actually the VPN says I’m connected to an Asian country. So yes, the VPN is kinda unstable. From time to time the app recognizes that I’m connected to an asian IP address when at times I’m in Europe. I hope they fix this problem.
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3 years ago, Golfguy92
Works, but eh..
So yea it definitely works well, let’s me surf the web on my computer without any worries of someone tracking what I’m up to. It Let’s me access other regional content that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to watch, like advertised. That aspect of the app works great and I’m really happy with it. However the reason I only gave it 3 * was because of the way that it works on my iPhone. When I first turn the app on it works fine, if not a little slower then normal. When I put my phone away for a while and come back to it is usually when I start to have problems. Starts with the phone just being pretty slow, longer download speeds and webpage loading time. Then eventually after a handful of hours pages just will stop loading. I play Pokémon go and that app in particular seems to really hate when a VPN is running in the background. I think having so many issues with that specific app may have kinda soured me but I’m trying to be reasonable. It works for just regular browsing on your laptop without issues for sure and even to an extent on your phone. If you play Pokémon go however, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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1 year ago, Brent812Byers
I’d give it 1 star, but I feel like my case may be the exception given the other ratings/reviews.
Since I installed this VPN around 48 hours ago it has completely turned my iPhone upside down. All of the sudden basically all of my contacts are blocked? I get this error message saying “Unable to Send Message, Message Blocking Active”…except I didn’t block any of these people, nor did they block me. Plus, it’s all of my contacts save a few from what I can tell. I’ve tried power cycling my phone, a hard reset, I’ve tried it away from home (outside of Wi-Fi), it’s all the same and makes zero sense. Then it’s effecting my apps, the McDonald’s app wouldn’t load at all, it was a complete lost cause. Then my email clients were both faulty, it’s like it just dropped a nuke inside my device. Idk, I’m about to just delete the whole thing and hope to god it helps and undoes the damage. I’m afraid that I’ll get rid of it and it will stay the same, then I’ll be left with the mess. I’d write it off to something else but there hasn’t been any other substantial changes made to my device or day-to-day operations. Would appreciate if someone would reach out to me and help resolve this issue.
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10 months ago, DJ TRIPP 415
Does not work for all websites or apps
Whenever it works it’s fine, but just know that many many apps and websites will not work on. Example: anytime I click on cnn website the VPN automatically disconnects and you have to go back to the app and reconnect and sometimes do this about 5 times in a row, then the website will be visible but only that as anything I click on it will again automatically disconnect and I have to repeat the process. This happens between 1,200 and 2000 times a month, so I always spend the same amount time trying to reconnect the VPN as I actually do web surfing so if I want to block my isp from harvesting my info I have to frustratingly go through this over and over, or I can just disconnect and every app and website works perfectly and displays super fast. A trade off: spend half of your time surfing anonymously and the other reconnecting your VPN over and over or just surf the web and not care about your data but what is even more frustrating is that the whole point was for me to be protected on my works open wireless so I can do online banking but 90% of the time I can’t open the bank app with the VPN active.
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4 years ago, Parrot1King
I had wasted money on other VPN services out there, and my problem was they kept disconnecting. So I would spend hours on an open network possibly unsecured. So I sat down and just looked and looked, for me my phone is most important for me to secure. I do lots on it and have lots of sensitive info like everyone else. When surfshark popped it was perfect, 1st off the price was just the best I had seen. 2nd the amount of devices where even better unlimited (at least that’s how it was advertised a year ago I haven’t looked recently) 3rd it could virtually work with anything without the hassle of something going wrong. Over they every thing you need I even added the hacklock and blind search clean web. It makes such a difference for me, but what they supply is the monitoring aspect and actually alert you when oh let’s say your emails been compromised. I’ll keep on purchasing my subscription I purchased 3 years my firs go around.
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3 years ago, Robin in CA
Not great for IOS 13 and above
This app drains my battery. I previously reached out to support because I wasn’t able to toggle this VPN on and off. I was instructed to delete the app and re-install. This provided a brief fix. I have maintained the updates and now not only can I not toggle the app on/off, but it drains my battery. I have a paid subscription and the app for my Windows PC works well. On my Mac it’s kind of hit or miss regarding the connection. Doesn’t matter if I have a browser opened or closed sometimes the VPN stays connected and sometimes a reconnect is required. Will be looking at alternatives when renewal time approaches. UPDATE: I received an email within 48 hours with an invitation to reach out and partner for a solution. I replied with more specifics and never heard back. When I noticed all of the developer replies to these reviews, I had a better opinion of this company. Now I’m thinking they make it a point to reply because it’s a good public relations tactic. It’s been about a week since I replied to their email and have not received a reply. Unfortunately for me, I bought the 2 year subscription. Lesson learned..
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3 weeks ago, Aztecwarrior98
It was good while it lasted….PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!
Soooo, I think this might be the second review in my whole life that I have left something regarding my pleasant- quickly turning to and unpleasant experience in a matter of 2 weeks or so. I have been using Surfshark for 3 months now I believe, and the first month was great second month was fine- but the beginning of the 3rd month I have been having non stop- and I mean NON stop issues connecting to my VPN. Regardless of the setting’s I have for my VPN (kill switch, no boarders, etc.) this should not be an issue especially after I sent in several (more than 4 several occasions) regarding this issue and nothing has been done to fix this or even acknowledge this. If this continues (in the next week) I will unfortunately have to stop using this app. It has many great features but this is just unacceptable. I can’t even use my internet without feeling like I’m being watched by all these been add company’s, to be all honest you have left me exposed… I am very dissatisfied in your support teams/ technical team’s taking no efforts to fix this.
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11 months ago, slim_sups
The most frustrating customer service
I do not usually take my time to do reviews , but when i do , it’s either got to be outstanding service or product or terrible crappy service product . And unfortunately surfshark and it’s customer service especially have been terrible to deal with . I have been going back and forth with customer service through emails that i am not satisfied with the surfshark vpn as it keeps on disconnecting my internet, doesn’t allow me to login into bank accounts , and every time i try to use a site like google for example it keeps on wanting me to verify i am human . Once surfshark is disconnected all these work normal . For 5 days now i have been having back & forth email with surfshark that i am not happy and have uninstalled all their apps from all my phones and computers and to be issued a refund however they keep on insisting that i should change settings and read instruction manuals . This is supposed to be a “no hassle refund” process . I see nothing but frustration from them . Maybe this is just my experience alone , but i do not trust contacting their customer service again .
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4 years ago, Alex🐥
OMG RUN‼️The app BROKE just after the free trial💰
🤠Hey guys I got this app and after about two weeks it just quit working. 🤮After my free trial.! It just stopped no VPN protection at all‼️ I talk to customer support through chat and it was really good talking to a very nice human being but I’ve felt like I have to prove everything to them 👎 taking screenshots of everything I sent to them I had to prove I had an account with them. I had to prove I paid for a subscription that didn’t work. Not good at all. 🤢I went into it wanting help trying to get it fixed so I can use a VPN but after a lengthy discussion I felt like I was getting a runaround I decided I wanted a complete refund. Shop around there’s too many big glitches in the system I don’t think the developer really Recognize the existence of the problem. Even though I could prove it through screenshots. I would definitely have given them a higher review if they could have fix the problem to start with. I really wish I could help them fix the problem so other customers won’t have to go through what I went through. I guess part of the fix begins here with this review✍️. Seriously, Surfshark if I can help you just reach out to me.🌷
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3 years ago, MusiqMysfit
Fantastic service with amazing price
I looked at quite a few different VPN services and researched a bit, and Surfshark had everything I was looking for a fraction of the cost as other VPN services. They have an extremely friendly customer service division, they’re not owned by a conglomerate (like ExpressVPN is), and they’re one of the only VPN services that runs on RAM servers only (meaning they don’t store your data). I suppose the only complaint I have is that it’s somewhat unfriendly for beginners, at least on this iOS app (I haven’t tried using it on a PC). I had never heard of VPN services before, and once I did, I didn’t know how they worked at all. All I knew is that I wanted to watch shows that were unavailable where I live. I got the membership for Surfshark, downloaded the app, and was a little lost on how to go about streaming something from another country. I had to google how lol.
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3 years ago, KT20180820
False Advertisement of Free Trial
Be aware — Surfshark falsely advertises on the free trial and makes canceling and getting a refund of their subscription extremely difficult. It’s been two months since my request, and I still haven’t got my refund to the subscription. I downloaded Surfshark on Aug 1 and requested their team to cancel my subscription before the free trial ended on Aug 7. However their team kept postponing proper actions but suggesting what benefits their app could provide, which in the end caused a charge of an annual membership on my card. After multiple requests of a refund, they finally replied that they cannot process the refund as my subscription was made through my Apple ID. I proceeded to request a refund with Apple following the instructions provided by Surfshark support, only to find out that Apple support helps with Apple subscriptions such as Apple Music only. Very frustrating experience overall. The app itself does seem to work as expected. It’s just not what I need on a regular basis. I also find the false advertisement disturbing and I have to share it here.
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3 years ago, Mingo C
Surfshark doesn’t work optimally in China, sometimes take infinitely long to connect to a location
I’ve been using Surfshark for a little over a month so far, this vpn isn’t the best but reasonably priced in relevance to its performance, in the past few weeks, I’ve encountered many connectivity issues since I paid for a 24 months plan, they’re annoying indeed but most importantly it causes so much inconvenience to my daily basis like if I’m not at home I gotta reconnect to vpn servers for several times or some just won’t work due to the restrictive internet in China, it’s not only happening on my phone but also on pc which is even more annoying and more frequently, for instance if I connected to locations in United States, it would usually appear a red banner saying we’ve detected an issue on your internet or something every 30 minutes or less sometimes :( Overall,it’s not working well in China I hope Surfshark team can help out the people like me in countries like China with internet restrictions.
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4 years ago, epperusso
Disconnects constantly. No fix from customer support.
The app is nicely designed and intuitive. Unfortunately the service just doesn’t work making the app almost useless. After a while the VPN will block all your data and you will need to manually switch it off, and that’s incredibly annoying. I spent a week going back and forth with support (very responsive folks). However, after trying everything and switching off all features from the app (kill switch, no borders, protocol, etc), their suggestion was to use an OpenVPN configuration, which I needed to set manually trough another app. In my opinion this means going around the problem rather then solving it but I tried it anyway. Well, I never managed to connect so I just had to give up. I hope they get a grip, as of today Surfshark is basically not an iOS product.
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4 years ago, Yo holla
Good so far
I replaced Disconnect Premium with SurfShark. I believe that Disconnect has a more robust advertising blocking experience since some apps that I used had zero advertising within it and SurfShark is letting quite a bit through. I will continue to work with this due to the fact that Disconnect logs every click and website visited being based in the US. SurfShark contains no logs. I’m not doing anything improper, but my browsing and operational data is mine to distribute, not someone else. Yes, I understand that I am writing this on a device that tracks everything that I do. But I must attempt to be mindful, and for that, I appreciate this particular app since they are the only other VPN that is making a try at providing good IP masking and adblocking device-wide. I have not had challenges with the kill-switch like others but I can tell you that I put my connections through the wringer. I use SurfShark, Cloudflare as my DNS server, three different blockers and have locked down Bluetooth and WiFi sniffing. Speeds are slower, but I can still stream.
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4 years ago, audibrown
I’ve used this device on a personal computer of mine for the last year or so and there’s no doubt it’s one of the best vpn’s out there. But once I installed it on my mobile device( apple ), my experience and excitement for this product kind of withered. I first noticed that upon using, that it blocked access to my personal and business banking apps, which was really nerve wrecking but there’s ways to figure that out right( just turn off vpn once accessing my account). But what’s making me write this review is the fact that I noticed it’s really slowing down my phone. I run a business and anything that hinders my productivity is really a liability. What I believe, because of my experience using this with other devices, is that this vpn is so top of the line, that maybe a less intense and involved vpn will be more suitable for mobile devices. I’ll continue to using this for my personal and work computers, but for the reasons listed above, will stick to the more basic vpn I’ve used the last couple of years.
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11 months ago, _WerneR_h
Update: battery draw still not fixed.
I have used 3 different VPN services over the past decade or so. They all have pros and cons. This is a good VPN for someone that doesn’t want to tinker as it requires little setup and has an easy to use interface. It also seems to have fewer blacklisted servers compared to my previous VPN. That said, I have 2 major complaints and they both pertain to performance. First, when this app runs in the background on my iPhone 13, it seems to draw considerably from the battery. And second, it seems to affect performance significantly. Apps run slow and lag. Hopefully they can fix these power draw/performance issues with an update. I am in app version 3.11.3 and iOS 16.5.1. Update: I am subtracting another star as the battery draining issue has not been fixed(and seems to be getting worse). If I don’t use my phone at all my battery will lose 20% of its charge by midday just from letting surfshark run in the background. Sadly cannot recommend this app for mobile users.
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3 years ago, Alex:-D
A VPN Provider That Finally Supports Mexican Netflix Regions!
Last year, I traveled to Mexico to visit some family members for the holidays (responsibly, of course) in December and Netflix showed me shows that were available there. And one of those shows is called “Yo soy Betty, la fea.” I got so hooked on it, but then I had to travel back to the US because I will start university again next week. Anyways, once I arrived to the US, I tried to keep watching the show but it is not available here. Because of that, I did some researched on some vpn providers and checked if they support Mexican Netflix regions so that I could continue watching the show and SurfsharkVPN has been the only vpn provider that I found that supports Mexican Netflix regions, finally! NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberghostVPN, and ProtonVPN are some vpn providers that don’t support Mexican Netflix regions as of now, so I was ecstatic when I found out that SurfsharkVPN does.
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1 year ago, JonathanLawson
Not great
It makes it so safari doesn’t work no place I have looked says anything about that of course though. It say the client doesn’t have permission. I’m not sure what that means and I really don’t care it shouldn’t be happening. Especially with the amount of money it cost to use a year of this questionable vpn. It doesn’t throttle your system and that’s great but a lot of vpns do that now. Another thing that rubs me the wrong way is the fact they have a premium plus option. I hate that, it’s disgusting and predatory just don’t be like that and make your app as good as possible for one price and set it at that price like every other top vpn service, that would be consumer friendly and it would make it seem like you care about the customer which is a thing this company is not good at. I’m honestly surprised you guys have this many stars to the point I wouldn’t be surprised that they delete negative reviews for vapid reasons. I’m beyond not impressed.
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5 years ago, From.Zero
Pass until it gets better
Speeds were not slow or fast, just right in the middle. I couldn’t see server loads, and the vpn would disconnect when changing to another location, or even in the same location. What I mean is this, let’s say I was connected to Seattle, and I wanted to connect to Phoenix, it would attempt to connect, then it just stopped. WiFi is still running. So, I had to press the connect button again, finally connecting afterwards. But, it was the call interruptions to regular cell and FaceTime calls that did it for me. Sometimes it would do great, calls were clear. Other times, they were p.o.s.. It also would drop connection when switching from WiFi to data. I did like that it blocked some ads, though not as much as NordVpn. Unfortunately, there’s more bad than good here. Update: I bought the 1 year by accident, but ultimately said, well lets see, maybe it’ll get better. Nope. I pay for 400mbps, and this slows it down to 17-29mbps. Doesn’t matter what day or time, it slows my internet down. HORRIBLE! No one should invest in this or put up with it. Would not recommend it to anyone.
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3 years ago, k8seren
Best personal VPN
This is the best personal VPN I’ve tried yet. I’ve used TorGuard, KeepSolid, and Private Internet Access and quit using all of them because they were causing problems with my internet usage or otherwise difficult to use. Surfshark is much better!! Rock solid performance - never drops the connection. Zero loss of connection speed (it’s actually faster than w/o VPN sometimes!). It’s super easy to use. The only problem I’ve had is with the browser extension interfering with my work VPN but that’s hardly a complaint. I just don’t use it on my work browser. I’d like to see better ad-blocking as I’m still getting ads even with CleanWeb turned on, and an iOS 14 style widget would be a nice upgrade. Overall it’s an awesome VPN and I’m really pleased with the value for my money.
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4 years ago, Skype user since 2006
7 day Free Trial Doesnt Work
I am testing out different VPN service options and came across this one through a Top 10 online review. Tried the iTunes download free trial for 7 days with the option to extend afterwards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work! The settings on the app says there no subscription and asks to extend and then takes you to another page offerings you different subscription plans that don’t include 7 day free trial but 30 day money back guarantee’s on difference subscriptions. That’s called a bait and switch in marketing terms. Customer service was immediate and really helpful to try and solve the problem but unfortunately the tech part of this product doesn’t match the quality of their customer service. I would like to give them an extra star for the customer service but it’s a tech company that doesn’t have an easy to use tech product so it’s hard to offer that and after reading some other reviews it seems like there are more tech issues with this product. It’s a shame, great name and logo, great customer service, just need a product to match.
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4 years ago, RoguePatriot27
So much for a free trial.... - Update
Original: So, I was looking for a VPN to use for about a day, as I am doing troubleshooting. Surfshark got great reviews on a lot of pages (though they all earn commissions probably, so idk how accurate those reviews are), so I decided to try it out. I’m a forgetful person, so as I do with most subscriptions with free trials, I activate them then cancel the subscription, keeping the free trial and then afterwards, deciding if I’ll continue or not. The second I cancelled the subscription’s renewal for after the week, I was hit with all kinds of notifications about how my plan had expired, and I couldn’t use the VPN without “an active subscription” - which goes directly against the idea of a free trial. So, as the title states - so much for a free trial. 1 Star. Update: Spoke to support about the issue, and was given a new account with the week’s free trial. Upping to 3 stars, had an excellent support experience. However, I think the problem I described shouldn’t have existed in the first place.
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5 months ago, AllTheNamesAreInUseBro
Will not be renewing
Trustworthy company with unreliable tech. When it works, it works. But I have a really hard time trusting the software. The auto-connect / auto-disconnect is super unreliable. I often do not disconnect when I attach to my home router (it has its own VPN, also through SurfShark). Then, when I leave the house, I’m often 4-5 blocks away before I realize I have not reconnected to the VPN, sometimes it’s not until I get to work and insta doesn’t load because it’s blocked by my benevolent corporate overlords. The WORST (what prompted me to leave this review) is that sometimes the system bar at the top of my phone shows the VPN logo as if I’m connected, but the app says I’m disconnected. When I go to open the app, my connection time is only 2-3 seconds. Maybe this is an iOS, but it’s a pretty big deal when the iOS and the app can’t agree on the state of the system. This happens a lot during what I assume is a failed auto-connect. If you’re on a network that is open with a login screen, forget it. The app gets stuck in a retry loop and you have to pray it glitches out long enough to hit the cancel or pause button, because even with “invisible on network” turned off, the login screen is unreachable with the VPN activated. I chose SurfShark for their reviews and privacy policies, but I’m not sure I can trust their tech to keep my packets safe.
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12 months ago, Alivia My.
Please don’t make a protecter cost money, you want us to pay to not to get hacked
This is just about 1 thing I hate, the app needing money to even using it. I was on my Facebook messenger and I went to my grandpa aka popas account. There was this link and I pressed it, he said” look who died in a accident, you might know him” and the link was there, I pressed it and then it said, “you need a vpn” and it took me to this. Thinking that it would be perfect. I downloaded it and it took 10 minutes for my kinda slow data. I opened it and signed up. First thing that popped up was the subscription, in which I declined. Then I went to the location, then search and pressed USA, I went to los angles and pressed it, and the subscription popped, I don’t even have my own credit card, you need money to mask your real location?! Absurd becuase free trials I used to get charged my parents credits cards money. A lot of apps I’ve used cost money to use! Yeah! Downloading this for free to buy a subscription! Just make it cost money so I know better money-wanters!
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11 months ago, chdseiiibddc
We got this app for use on our two iPhones while traveling in Europe. This was based on an online review by a couple who used the app extensively while traveling the world for six months. It sounded great. However, not only did it not work (Surfshark never once found/used/created a VPN), it blocked us from using any available wireless service while traveling. For example, wherever we were, the lodging or hotel would have Wireless available. If we logged onto that, we would see that wireless connection start but then within 20 seconds see “no Internet connection” just below the apparent wireless connection. There would never be an alternative “safer” VPN to replace it — just no internet. Nothing we did would correct this. We also were prevented for the most part from using data, making phone calls, or sending texts. Pretty much everything was blocked. We called Verizon to ask why this was happening as we had signed up for one month of international calling (we thought that was the problem). Verizon helped troubleshoot a few things, but no matter what we did everything soon was nonfunctional. Finally, I turned off Surfshark and immediately was able to use the local wireless. Seamlessly. We also were again able to use our phones for data, calls, and texts. Then I allowed Surfshark to start back up and, just as before, we were blocked from using any wireless whatsoever. Don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, Mr allnite
Listen I have 100’s of apps and I don’t recall writing to much reviews. But this app here this app here.... OMG. When I was first trying to decide there were so many choices I then decided to contact Surfshark so a rep or an employee can confirm all my questions so later if there was an issue no one can say I read anything wrong. They confirmed unlimited devices and they are not lying I have my entire family on it firestick in each room all our cell phones all the tablets omg and NOT 1 issue up to this day. I love this my internet browsing is private thanks to Surfshark I was gonna go with IPVanish but I did not regret my decision. You know how we monitor or subscription renewal date well with this I’m worry free when it renew I wouldn’t care cause I love this app my Netflix and firestick works fine no sticking no lagging. keep up the great
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3 years ago, OCrachel
Part of me likes it, the other part doesn’t..
I’ll start off by saying that I began a 7 day trial (before committing to the 24 month deal @ $59), and I’m glad I did. I like the UI, but I’ve found that none of my apps work - I constantly have to disconnect & when searching on safari, I always have to complete the captcha cr@p. SOOO Annoying! I just finished up a NordVPN 6 month subscription & I’m thinking that I’ll probably go back to it.. I didn’t have the issues I have with Surfshark & they have a dandy little feature that allows me to pause the VPN for 1, 5, 30 minutes, an hour, etc., which is nice when I need to pause it to sign onto something, because I don’t have to worry about reconnecting, it does it automatically after I’ve chosen the pause duration internal. I also like that there’s an ONION server, which this claims to have, but I had nothing but trouble with it.
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3 years ago, UJustMadeItWeird
Does what I need
Tried a couple of different vpn services, ultimately chose Surfshark for the reliable connection and the price. Far as I can tell by different tests this works as good as any vpn does. It was one of the better ones for speed and it connects right away and didn’t have any disconnection problems from my experience. I’ve even not realized I was even using it for days before. I only noticed because of a website detecting it and not allowing a connection, which seemed to happen with the same frequency as it does with any vpn I’ve used. While not perfect I still give five stars as it does everything I need really and I can’t come up with anything bad really. It is legitimately a working VPN which. Is what matters overall I guess. So far so good.
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2 years ago, DFENG123456789
Bad customer service bad connection
I purchased one month of subscription specifically for my trip overseas in China. The VPN doesn’t work well because most of the so called countries in the app won’t work, I have to try one by one and to find one that works which take half an hour! even then it’s not working well everyday whereby I finally gave up and paid for another VPN service which has much better customer service. Shortly after returning from my trip and I realized surfshark had my locked on a auto renewal. I contacted customer service and support chat has bad attitude, will not refund a cent even though I am only asking for prorated refund from today onwards, explaining to them that they can verify I had not used theirs service since the auto renewal date. Very disappointed. The so called customer satisfaction marketed is a joke. Cannot recommend them! Bad customer service and dishonesty practices by signing people up for auto renewal but no email mentioning such!
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6 months ago, PGar58
One of the best firewalls
I really like this firewall. Many firewalls I have had cannot always connect to certain WiFi hotspots; additionally those that can may not provide the privacy you need. This combines the best of both. I’ve been using it for about a week and it’s not perfect but it is very good. And it does make you invisible. As far as whether you can access content by using a different location, you may but in the past I haven’t had the best of luck. Still it’s nice to know it’s there. The only thing I would add is that for new users go to Surfshark’s website and take advantage of the deals they have there. Then download this. The price here on the site is reasonable but what you can get directly is a steal.
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2 years ago, bdnjehej
Miles helped me get back into everything! I think the other guy was just horrible at his job! If you have to talk to tech support and you get someone named Leroy, disconnect and talk to someone else! Thank you Miles I tried to log in, had 2FA set up and nothing would let me sign in. Contacted customer support. Gave them the receipt, card number that I purchased the subscription with and everything they asked for. The would not take down the 2FA to let me into my account because I did not have the correct expiration date. Sorry I don’t hold on to old cards. They were however able to cancel the renewal. But now I have $80 2 year subscription that I can not use. Don’t waste your time with this one. Totally shady!!
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2 years ago, Skyscan305
This VPN has not connected a single time for me. I have tried every possible combination. I used ExpressVPN before, so I am positive that it is SurfShark VPN’s issue. They do not have true obfuscated servers, only a “no borders” mode that seems to do nothing. As a matter of fact, all of the different protocols they use seem to do nothing due to getting caught by my company’s firewall (IT systems engineer here) that I’m not going to disable or make an exception for. All of the settings don’t seem to change anything. The best this VPN will do is lie and say it’s connected, but if you check your Apple settings, you’ll find that it is not connected, and your IP address is right there and exposed. A good VPN wouldn’t be able to be caught by our firewall, would not drop connection, and would not have non-functional settings on an enterprise network. I locked in a two year subscription with SurfShark, thinking the affordable price would be worthwhile. You get what you pay for.
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3 years ago, AYALA_R
Only 5/5 VPN for all my devices
Been using SurfShark VPN for almost a year now and it is without a doubt the best overall network proxy I’ve had the chance to test on all of my mobile and desktop devices. The connections are incredibly stable and the speeds often reach within 10 Mbps (or less) of my original ISP rate. The iOS and MacOS apps are a bit stripped down (compared to the versions available on other OS platforms), however this makes SurfShark CPU-friendly and a no-brainer for just running in the background at all times. I got lucky with price and locked in a 36-month plan (one time payment) at an extremely low rate of less than $2/month - so definitely keep your eyes out for discounted promos as they are not always advertised on all pages.
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3 years ago, Cavity83
I never think about it..!
I literally never have to think about Surfshark, which is what we all want when it comes to a VPN. It works so reliably & flawlessly while using it, that I always forget its running especially since I never experience lag or connection problems. My wife ordered the 3 year subscription & not only was the price insanely cheap, but it easily fit all our devices on one plan (her 4 my 1 lol.) My only complaint would be what many others have already mentioned- the app can be a huge data/battery drain if you don’t remember to turn it off, but tbh these are issues that don’t affect me very much and I believe they are easily managed so I still give Surf Shark 5 stars.
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7 months ago, Joemoto87
Works well but……
The VPN works well and I really like the multi location option however a lot of websites recognize the VPN and won’t allow you to access their site with the VPN on which kind of defeats the purpose. I choose Surfshark over other VPNs because they supposedly have the obfuscate option with masks your traffic so websites don’t know your using a VPN however it doesn’t work, websites still recognize your on a VPN because tons of people are using the same ip address. Only after I purchased the year long subscription Surfshark offered a deal for a few bucks per month where you can have your own dedicated ip address so websites won’t recognize the tons of people using the same ip address and then blocking that ip address. Wish I knew that was an option before I purchased a years subscription.
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2 years ago, Emma Drewry
Easy to use & reliable
I've spent a good amount of time researching VPNs and I'm very happy w Surfshark-- the unlimited devices is fantastic, especially given other comparable VPNs don't offer it, the app + additional features are great, and it's always easy to use. The only slightly frustrating thing is that sometimes my signal will get very slow or stop working and I have to go reconnect in the app to get it back up to speed. It only takes a minute and when I reconnect (often to the same server) the issue goes away, but it can be annoying when it happens ~every other day. Otherwise thrilled with the price and service and I don't expect to switch any time soon.
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11 months ago, Mxj16274933
Brick wall with no gate
This seemed to work for a few weeks, and then suddenly I had to disconnect the vpn use my phone for anything. I consider tech support chats, troubleshooting, and reading “help” pages to be a masochist’s garden of delights, usually accompanied with a masochistic lack of satisfaction, so I put off contacting support. After a few weeks of disconnecting the vpn any time I needed to use my phone, I did the chat thing to delete my account. Again, I would rather endure physical pain than commit to an unknown amount of time doing something I dislike intensely with no expectation of success. Apparently I waited too long to get my money back, and they weren’t willing to budge, despite that I had not been using their service. I had to turn their service off to do anything. So I canceled the auto renewal and deleted the app. Don’t ask me to buy your product and then expect me to also spend my time fixing your product.
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1 year ago, Tennesseemtgirl
Keeps disconnecting from phone. I don’t recommend this right now
I got Surfshark after reading differnt articles about it. At first it worked well then it started disconnecting from my phone. Over half the time when I check my phone it’s disconnected from the server which to me defeats the purpose!! I contacted the help desk and all I get is to try this setting or that setting . If you report it on the app after you send the message you get the same thing over to try this, check your internet connection etc. I’ve tried changing the thing I don’t know how many times. It doesn’t do it to the tablets or computers. I got 3 years coverage because of special pricing on it. At this point I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I will not be going with Surfshark again. Really disappointed after all the good reviews in computer websites plus other websites.
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1 year ago, inthemorbs
VPN for China
If you are planning on living in China and need a reliable VPN, then you have found it with Surfshark! I personally paid for an entire year of Express before I moved to China and it was horrible. Constantly disconnecting, not loading even when connected, and then flat out not connecting in the first place. I went weeks without a vpn because Express wouldn’t work. Finally I tried Surfshark and it has worked like a dream for my phone and iPad. Plus it is HALF THE PRICE of express and most other VPN providers. After signing up for a one month subscription I was offered a year for a ridiculously low price. I love this VPN and I’m so glad I have it while I’m living in China.
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11 months ago, StockbrokerUSA
Huge battery drain
This app is a huge battery drain. It rounds out about 19-24% of my battery life on a daily basis. For a while I couldn’t figure out what was going on because my battery would reach critical levels without huge activity by just after mid day. This was odd given, under normal usage, I would not need to recharge until around the evening some time. As I dug into it, I realized Surfshark hogs my battery life at an unreal level. While it provides decent speeds through the VPN, it’s not useful if the VPN robs your battery so you cannot make use of the very thing that it’s supposed to be protecting. I do hit occasional snags with websites as well. Granted I can usually solve it by switching VPNs but I just want to point out that it’s not flawless. One positive aspect is that out of the other two VPNs I have tried, Surfshark tends to have better connectivity. When using prime video with the other two well known VPNs, I could never get prime to connect. However I am able to get it to connect about 95% of the time with Surfshark. But again, how useful is it if I am limited to 20% less usage of my device? And this hogs the battery even while not actively using my device. It just cycles in the background draining the battery. Very frustrating
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2 years ago, LCJ11
Terrible App
Surfshark caused connectivity on my iPhone 12 to stop working. Despite hours of effort over numerous months Surfshark could not resolve the issue. Apple was able to locate the problem and recommended that I remove the App. Once the app was removed my iPhone worked perfectly again. If I reinstall the app my phone stops working within a few days. I also tried to use the browser version on my Macbook with Firefox and Safari. Surfshark caused the internet to slow dramatically and some websites won’t open. Unfortunately, my experience was really bad. I recommend you stay away from this VPN. Update: the developer responded to my initial review requesting I reach out. I did reach out and unfortunately, this was a hollow offer. Once he actually reviewed the case he acknowledged nothing could be done and tried to rewrite the chain of events and blame me for the issues. Unfortunately a waste of time.
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3 years ago, Jetsman363
A good service. Hope it continues to improve.
For what it is, it's decent. Does the job, and does it better than a lot of the other VPNs out there. Not exactly the best, but one of. And I know that through the reports of third party testers; feel free to do your own research. However, I would like improvements on better, faster, just as safe encoding so as to not be so taxing on the network speed of my devices. And also the app drains a significant amount of battery in the background throughout the day. Looking back on my battery data, at all times it is responsible for around 20% of the total power draw at any moment. That is not to say it drains 20% of total battery through the day, but still. Improvements can always be made, so keep making them and I will keep paying you. Thank you.
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2 years ago, _ChuckG_
Why do I have to do all of the work? Bypasser isn’t available for iOS because iOS doesn’t support split-tunneling, but you won’t just come out and say that. Your Pause VPN feature isn’t available for all protocols on iOS for some unknown reason - it isn’t available for IKEV2 that I was using on my mobile devices, but I researched and figured out on my own that it is available for WireGuard. In addition, you make us contact support to disable auto-pay for our accounts, but you conveniently allow us to turn it back on ourselves in our online accounts. You need to be upfront and honest about the details of your features and also allow us to manage our own auto-pay settings through our online accounts. I find your current mode of operation extremely shady and I’ll be researching alternatives because I don’t have a good feeling about your business practices.
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