SURGE – Gay Dating & Chat

4.5 (19.8K)
605.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cosmic Latte s.r.o
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SURGE – Gay Dating & Chat

4.46 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Ksong28
Great Dating App For Guys
This app is like one of my top favorites compared to other gay dating apps. It has a lot of different features if you do get the premium membership though and I think it’s worth the purchase because it’s way cheaper but still a little bit pricey though than other gay dating apps in the App Store. The things you can do with the premium membership is that you get unlimited likes of liking someone and even can go back to the history to see your likes and dislikes again if you do change your mind at a later time and you can change your liking or disliking after you liked or disliked them. Also you can power message them before matching them up for better matches. You can also upload unlimited photos and max of 3 private photos on your profile page. I highly recommend to definitely download the app and give it a try!!! 😉🤗💯 P.S. also be safe and careful on any dating because there are many scammers out there cause even when I’m careful...I still got scammed by someone pretty recently... So watch out guys!
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9 months ago, Killer1981
Fake profiles everywhere
I downloaded this about 4 days ago. In that time the 5 guys that have matched with me 4 wanted me to talk to them on WhatsApp, 1 never responded. I talked to one on WhatsApp since I already had it downloaded. He was talking kind of normal but then started to push me to download a cryptocurrency app and he would help me learn how to use it. When I told him no he got really nasty and I had to report him to WhatsApp as a scammer. (It is not the fault of this app that I talked to the person on WhatsApp that is on me. However they could make it so you can’t type it in the messages) I came back on to here to report his profile and he had opened another profile to which the system tried to match with. He had the same pictures plus one. The old profile said he was 49 miles from me but the new profile it said he was 15 miles from me. The ones that I spoke to all said they were from China but now live in the USA for me it was Georgia and have lived here for a while. Interesting fact is when asked about where they lived they didn’t know anything about the area or Georgia. The ones I told I would not use WhatsApp they stopped taking to me instantly. This app is so full of scammers it’s not even funny. I wish I would have read some of the other reviews before I downloaded it. I have reported those scammer profiles but they will just make new ones. Don’t waste your time with this app. A lot of fake profiles phishing for your private information.
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3 years ago, Alex Realtor
Interesting and very suspect
Recently downloaded the app. I was asked by one of the developers to write a review after they gave a brief (10 day) trial of the premium features. I’ve been waiting to write a review for a month to see if there were any issues. Aside from the scammers you see on most dating apps, so I’ll skip that and talk about the important stuff. The app moves smoothly! Messages are easy to track! Issues you might find with chat is voice recording. You’ll come across an issue the first time you set it up. The microphone either won’t pick up, record or the app will crash. I solved this by closing the app and restarting the app. Huge issue and this is a little concerning. So I actually liked the platform enough to buy a subscription but within a week of purchasing the subscription I logged in: (today) and got a message stating my account had been blocked and it’s slated for deletion. For what reason? None was given. Of course I’ve emailed support to request a reason and have since cancelled my subscription. Probably won’t purchase another one for fear I’ll have spent money just to get blocked or worse deleted. So hint! If you like a smooth running app, great! You’ll love this app! Scammers are easy to block or unmatch so you’re not going to deal with too many bots. If you want to subscribe and actually pay for it, be aware that you could be blocked and no they won’t be refunding you any of the money you spent.
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1 year ago, Julesz89
Definitely not worth it..
So to start I used this app about 6 yrs ago, met my ex on here. So after being single for a lil over a yr I figured I’d get back on here and see what’s up. It is definitely not what it used to be, the amount of fake profiles is ridiculous. To the point where I even had “Martin from Admin”. To ask me a few questions about it. Well 1 how are they’re multiple profiles with the same pic? What’s the point of verifying pictures of they’re really not. Second, like some people stated it shows me guys over 100 miles and then works is way in to a closer radius, that’s even if the guy is real. Honestly I’ve spoken with maybe over 7 different profiles in the 2 weeks I’ve been on here and it’s honestly jus a waste. I’d rather take my chances on Grindr, but I’ll know at least they’re real, even if it is someone doing “business”. For any of you potentially thinking about downloading this app, just look out for profiles changing their distance as soon as you match. Also if they start talking about being in the military, it’s fake that’s their usual go to to try and get you to download telegram, google chats, some other weird app for msging. Don’t do it, you’re just wasting your time and looking to get scammed and get your hopes up just to be heartbroken. May be I’m a bit bitter, but it seems a lil odd that admin reached out to me, got me thinking they be involved to get something out of it, but who knows. 🤷🏻
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6 years ago, Rhythym Dances
Surge is a ALL PAY app
I am tremendously disappointed. I was under the delusion that the app operated somewhat like jack’d or some of the others where perhaps there might be intrusive advertisements but you would still be able to talk to those that liked you. The reviews that I read now seem suspect. Many eluded to the prospect of being able to talk to your likes for free in an abridged interaction. That is not the case at all. Without paying you are unable to even see the people who claim to like. The app parameters of operation are misleading at best and deceptive if the truth where applied. Signing up is free but so what if all of the functionality of the app is inaccessible. I was able to speak to one person, whom I don’t recall liking, who turned out to be this unemployed non school attending gamer with obsessive fatalistic tendencies. WTH! I imagine he was allowed to contact me as a lure to get me to sign up for the paid services. Finally and very importantly, except for one person, I believe if I am recollecting properly, none of the people I was presented with was less than 3.5 miles away from me. Not exactly in the immediate vicinity. Being that I reside in NYC that is pretty telling in terms of scope and reach of this apps prescriber base. I will be deleting this app for all the reasons mentioned and more. Utter waste of time.
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3 years ago, Fruit Chris
App not as best as expected
The app was very nice the first couple of weeks when I first started using it. Met a couple of people only online and started chatting with them. And even made a friend from the app. But the app later presented its flaws like others. Lots of unusual requests from other users who contacted me with odd requests and later disappeared without any trace when I turned down there requests. Could tell that many of these people were fake users and without good intentions. I myself always remained very well out of conflicts or problems. And respected others. But suddenly one day out of the bloom got my account banned for not reason and explanation. Tried seeking help for an explanation and never received one. This speaks very negative about the app or it’s service. Makes you think things like they will get rid of you if you don’t subscribe for a paid subscription. At the very least they should warn you about something they don’t like about you or your profile to fix it before erasing you completely from there app. Wouldn’t recommend this app for long term use but just for curiosity. Good experience at the beginning but left me with a bad experience at the end.
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7 years ago, Lohansony
Great alternative to Tinder (for guys!)
PSA: the more people who get and keep these apps, the better they will be. Living about an hour and a half from the nearest metropolitan area, it can be really hard to find guys. I’ve only had the app for a few days and while I haven’t met up with anyone on it yet, I’ve had more success than on other apps (hot or not, tinder, Grindr...) in that it doesn’t feel like the app wasn’t meant at all for you. This app ACTUALLY SHOWS YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE CLOSE TO YOUR AGE AND ARE NOT 500 MILES AWAY. As with any app of this category, if you want to find others like you, you HAVE to get and keep the app. A bigger user base means it will be less difficult to find someone near you who you might actually like! The app itself is easy to use (very similar to tinder or hot or not) and it allows you to have private photos you can grant or revoke access to on a user-by-user basis (however they keep removing mine......). Overall nice app. Modern and nice.
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6 years ago, Guerrilladude
In a week I was approached by at least 4 scammers
When the beautiful muscular men keep matching with you beware. They all seemed legit at first, numerous profile photos, sound charming. But then I started to notice repeating stories (how many contract building engineers are there?!); varying locations claimed as home with convoluted explanations; every one of these guys claimed to have been in, or currently serving, in armed forces; continually changing reasons why they couldn’t meet in person; falling in love with me after texting for a couple hours; using broken English while claiming to have been born in the U.S. (and then using perfect English that was obviously cut and pasted). I’m over 50 and all these men were 35 or less, so it may be a scam focused on older men. Searched a couple of the phone numbers they were texting from and saw that they are scam phone numbers. I might also add that the developers of the app seem like they are involved in this scam as within one day of installing, they magically gifted me with a month of free service that allowed me to see all these hot guys “liking” me so it made it very simple match with them (without premium version you can’t see the profiles of who likes you). No matter what this app and many of the users are extremely shady - my advice DELETE now.
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2 years ago, Cwnga
New to Surge
I joined Surge last week to meet local men for friendship and possibly more. It looks like there are a lot of guys on the app and the app makes it easy to filter guys by distance, giving guys info about yourself and specifying position/role to narrow the results. It looks like there are a lot of features available to paying members which help you see who “likes” you and send personal messages. Unfortunately, the first person who reached out to me (within 15 minutes of signing up), was categorized as a “match”, and after chatting with him a couple of days, he asked me to chat outside of the app. I asked why he wanted to chat outside of the app, he went silent. From looking at profiles, that seems to be very common. This isn’t something that’s limited to this app. After being scammed a few years ago, I tend to be extra cautious on apps. I’m looking forward to giving the membership a try.
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6 years ago, Regence_Royale
Sleek/Easy Interface, Lots of Potential
I do like the interface of Surge, it’s easy to use, friendly to trans and non-binary genders, and it’s basically an all gay app like how can you not love that? My only complaints lie in how people out of your set distance and age range can like you but if you don’t increase your range, then you’ll never be able to match with them + this is probably just due to a lack of users, but for my set parameters and in my area, I ran out of swipes super fast and have only gotten one or two new cards per day, if that. Had it not been for an admin granting me a free one month trial, I wouldn’t have even known that these people were way outside of the parameters I set. For instance, I’m looking for 18-23 guys, yet I’m getting a ton of 30-50+ guys ultimately don’t mind when it comes to making friends, it makes scoring a lasting relationship very hard when little to no one comes close to what you’re looking for, both within and especially outside of the things I’ve set. If the app can improve on that and hopefully grow and see more new users, I’d happily give you guys that last star. - Christopher Update July 21, 2018: I found that expanding distance really does help, but I guess there’s just not a lot of people around my area to begin with. Hardly the developer’s faults though! I’m happily giving that last star for the great user service and the general usage of the app.
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6 years ago, Ashyboyy69
Perfection for Gay Dating
The little extra features are way more thought out and beneficial than Dating Apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc.. I’ve met chill guys, gentlemen (who are more wise than my 27 year old self) and great to get advice and guidance from. I’ve bet chill buddies that I have a lot in common with, and I’ve also met a few more serious potentials. The vibe isn’t dirty and slutty like Grindr and Scruff and these boys are super nice and not Pervy. I highly recommend it and the little extra per month for the Premium is completely worth it. I guarantee you that you will find a love interest in a week or two with no issue. Also the team member for San Diego named Martin is a total babe and super sweet. The only upsetting thing about the entire app is that I’m pretty sure he’s already taken. Total bummer but life happens. So stop reading anymore reviews and give it a shot. Seriously, what exactly do you have to lose? The answer is nothing, so good Surging to you Byeeeeeeeeeee
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1 year ago, Closetclothes
Superb App
When I say I have tried all the apps that are out there I would be telling you the truth. This app so far has really impressed me. Not only was it one of the easiest apps to use, it was easy to set up your profile too. Uploading pictures to your profile was instant. Allowing 500 characters is enough just to introduce yourself and set that spark for someone to match with you. In addition to all of that, what really impressed me was a member of the admin team direct messaged me asking me how things are going? That has never happened to me before on any app. That level of personal customer service sets this app apart from the others. I’m about to upgrade my member to the premium membership. I can’t wait to see how many connections I’m about to make. Please know, this is my personal and honest review of this app. No one encouraged me to write this review.
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7 years ago, download_addict_17
Fair progress for gay online dating
I started using Surge a few days ago and there are a number of things to appreciate about the app. First, like a lot of other apps, it allows you to connect it with your current location so that you can see available men nearby. Second, I appreciate the app asking what I'm looking for - relationship, hookup, friends, etc. - and takes that into account (at least, I'm assuming it does). Third, the premium option allows you to see who's liked you so that you can like them back and begin chatting. Fourth, Surge let's you post private photos that can only be viewed by your matches after they ask permission. It's a very clean and well organized app. It's not as shady as Tinder, and not nearly as murky as Grindr. With another update or two, Surge could very well be the official Gay Bumble.
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3 years ago, Aixkute
Super Unprofessional
All I can say is the people handling this app is super unprofessional. I started using this app back in 2015, I was on and off until 2018 to 2019. Yesterday I downloaded the app again to see what's new and as I opened the app, there's a message that said my account has been blocked because I've violated their rules. Without much information or understanding, I contacted their support team. Then I received a response telling me that I've posted a link relating to some porn site which violated their rules in which they will not unblock my account. It's been 2-3 years since I've used this app and they had all this time to contact me to investigate this situation. They should have access to the chat history and see if I'm even that kind of person or not to even violate their rules. Their response is SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL and the way they handled this situation is the worst I've encountered. If anyone wanted to try this app or even give it a chance I would not recommended because no one will help you AT ALL and just give you super short response. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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6 years ago, BryGuy80
Con Artist Central
This app is full of con-artist. They spend a day or two talking real sweet to you before they ask for money. In less than two weeks on this app 5 different people (profiles) contacted me. All said they were enlisted in the service and deployed at the moment. All also stated that they would be state side in 7-15 weeks and they couldn’t wait to meet. After a few more days of speaking almost all of them told me their parents were dead and they needed money collect their personal belongings. Requests spanned a request from $250-$800. Another requested $50 Google Play digital cards emailed to him. Now today one of them asked for my bank login information to make a deposit for me. I keep blocking them and reporting. I can only believe that the creators of this app have got to be in on this scam. It is just to prevailing for them to not be well aware of the issue or in on it. They even rewarded me with a free month for a good review. Right after that is when the cons began to come in like crazy. Time to delete this app and you should as well or just don’t waste the time and download.
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6 years ago, frankfarm
has flaws and potential, give it a chance
After using Surge for four weeks, the earlier one-star and low-star reviews are my experience as well—so many likely scammers. Only two guys I matched seemed likely legit. I’m tempted to delete the app, but to be fair it has potential and needs a critical mass of users in order to succeed, so I’m keeping it a while longer. We need more strong competitors in this app category in order to encourage all of them to improve and innovate. Usability tip: while swiping you can tap the photo once to show or hide profile details. That wasn’t clear to me for a while; it wasn’t obvious to me from the interface. My suggestions: (1) go thru the verified process (which took longer than I expected). Scammers are probably less likely to do so, so this helps others know you’re legit. (2) use the app for a few weeks before you review it and you’ll understand why its current 4.5-star rating is unwarranted.
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6 years ago, The Band of Banjos
Swipe Right for Mr. Right(s)!
Super easy to use and fun to play with. Swipe right for guys you like, swipe left for guys outside of that catergory, and click the profile to extract more deets... seriously, it's easy as 1, 2, 3! I've used both regular and premium but I highly recommend investing in premium because it allows you to browse through your history and change from "no thanks" to "let's try this again." It also keeps a list of those who have liked you so that you can go in and play Mr. Destiny by liking them back immediately. Plus, you're presented with almost an unlimited number of guys so you're not restricted to a few within the surrounding area. This is a great app to browse through zillions of guys with the swipe of your finger, so put in a little effort and match up with the right guy(s) for you!
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7 months ago, LJBfarmer
New user
I have recently searched out to find a different source for perspective men to meet, date, and or hook up with. I am an older guy that happens to love the company of younger men! I am Vers and it seems the other apps are loaded with bottom bears, that does me absolutely no good at all. Since downloading, and creating my profile, without adding any paid additions to the original free, I have only had two that sent me a message, many have posted a like but without a paid subscription I cannot see who it is. I understand the purpose of the app for the owner is to profit from its use, but I do believe they may be discouraging more user’s ability to see the potential of their product by not at least allowing limited use to many of its features.
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1 year ago, AntyKool
So many handsome men
I was looking for a way to find men in my area who I can build a friendship with or possibly more. Other dating apps have been ok but the pool of men in my area was limited. Surge is already giving more possible matches than the other apps I’ve used. A lot of the guys here also seem more sure of what they want and aren’t gonna waste your time. Surge is easy to navigate and runs smoothly, there is no confusing elements to learn and the app has an excellent filter with multiple options to find the guys who are for you. I already got way more people interested on Surge than the other apps that I’ve tried. I can’t wait to find someone who I can love,cherish and support and Surge has already moved me in the right direction. If you are looking for a specific person to connect with Surge has it all covered. The price of premium is also way more acceptable than similar apps. It’s still a bit pricey but much better value than if you were to spend 30+ elsewhere. I’ll definitely continue using the app because it checks oall the check marks on my list. Great number of men Men who know exactly what they want Easy to navigate Affordable :)
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7 years ago, Averiis
Way Better Than Tinder
I shows you grayed our pictures of people you like you so depending on how hard you look and how good you are at comparing a gray image to a color image you figure it out. Also when do get a match and begin chatting the chat has a “seen” message once the person open the messages and sees it so you can pretty much tell if they are ignoring you or just haven’t opened the message. Unlike tinder where you are stuck in limbo wondering. The one thing I don’t like is if you send pics via chat you can only look at them once but I understand why so I don’t mind it all that much. I do like that if you choose to you can add private photos if that’s the kind of thing you are into and since it’s geared towards gay men there isn’t much you have to to set your parameters.
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6 years ago, Ascvbng
Best Gay Dating App Around
Like Tinder but better: This gay dating app for men has tons of cool features with premium service including setting a location to search for guys, finding out people who like your profile, and setting what you are looking for in your profile, whether it’s a casual hookup or something more long term. I’ve already met some great guys on this app and really appreciate it’s easy to use interface... only thing I’d like to see changed is being able to have more space for a bio, perhaps adding more questions so you get a bigger feel for the guy you are looking at. OkCupid does this well, so I’d look to them for an example. Regardless, this is definitely one of the BEST gay dating apps for men I’ve discovered thus far. Looking forward to finding my Mr. Right sometime soon ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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7 years ago, {Mick}
Great App
So I am using three different apps currently. All of them have positive and negative features. So far this app has proven to be the best between the three. I have met really interesting people and all of them have been very honest and upfront with me regarding their wants and desires. In addition, I have been approached by the admin and was able to address some issues with the app. I am hopeful they will fix the one issue I have related to removing photos of individuals you have decided you “don’t like”. The other, not being able to upload locked pics, they let me know is an Apple and Google Play issue and that they are working at trying to resolve this issue. I happily rate this app as a 5 Star app. Btw, I did sign up for the premium membership and was happy with it.
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6 years ago, Louvre2019
I first got on this app awhile ago and thought it was very well done. However the reason why I am giving it a 1 Star is majority of the profiles on this app are men claiming to be overseas for the military but in fact they are men living in foreign countries that barely speak English and want bank information or money. I even had accounts ask me for my social security number on this app. I’ve tried reporting these profiles but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone cause you will risk loosing your money and identify on this app. I’m nervous that these fake profiles pose as these handsome men and concerned that they may have just screenshot someone’s photos from online or another dating site. I would suggest to the app developers to add a security feature on the app to where people have to send a photo copying a pose before they can set up an account. Until then, I’m getting off this app and going to find something more secure and trustworthy. Please do not download this app.
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2 years ago, SEW 1
“Surge” Recview
I just downloaded this app a couple weeks back now and so far so good. It’s easy to use and there is a decent selection of “options” on here. I’ve even found a couple is pretty good ones that are relatively close by. Either/Or could turn into something pretty special. If possible I would like to see more options that a new user may use to describe themselves so you can be more specific in what you’re looking for and what you have to offer. One of their administrators gave me 3 days of premium to use and I found that better but not worth the amount that would be charged. I would also like to have the option of saving pics of the folks I have chatted with. That’s about it. Well worth a try to see if you like it!
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6 years ago, Jamazing100
Good App
Surge is great. Do know you need to pay to really get the best of it, but once you’re in - you’re in! Profile setup is easy, local search is easy, and it’s easy to get filter people you’ve liked, disliked, matched, power-liked, etc. There are also filters for types of members as well - the only one I use being the ‘profile verified’ so I can peruse others with complete profiles - they are so easy to set up ~ don’t bother wasting your time with someone who doesn’t have one. Only been using it about a week, but it’s pretty nice. Got several chats going - and even if none of them look like they are going anywhere yet, it’s still super early and I’m only looking in a small radius. I’m sure in bigger cities there are lots of options :)
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6 years ago, charlarog
Don’t waste your time or money
This app is full of catfish and spammers, as many are. The difference is that the admins don’t care. Want to block somebody? You can try. But the admins have to approve the block. Otherwise, the user just stays unblocked. I’ve been getting harassed by one user in particular for six months. He always uses the same name, and it is always pictures of the same guy. I’ve blocked him close to a hundred times, and it keeps unblocking him. These people are content to take your money and ignore you forever. There is no “customer service” from them. I’ve contacted them repeatedly, and they always make the same excuse “we are working on it constantly”. Half a dozen updates later, and they have still done nothing, because they don’t care. Edit: see my point? The reply they gave here is the same nonsense reply they have given me for months. Save your time and money, and run far far away. The app is easily as much of a scam as anybody you will meet on it.
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2 years ago, nyghtcaster
The New Digital Era
Hey guys are you sick and tired of those same old sites with the same old people day after day? Well I was and finally I found someone else who was too. This site isn’t like any other that you’ve been on I can guarantee. Trust me I should know since I’ve tried every one of them out there to date. Young to old, skinny to more love then you know what to do with with all different kinks, fantasies, likes, and needs. This people are here this people are local and close by, these people are waiting for you so come on in and see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it but come and check it out and have these words become your words. Come on what are you waiting for.
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5 years ago, MTB89roller
Better then Grindr by far!
Downloaded the app thinking it was going to be another site for random hook ups just like the rest of them out there. I was pleasantly impressed that it is not. It’s much more then that. There are a lot of guys who are actively looking for something more. The features of this app are really easy to use also. It has an easy way of liking guys and seeing who matches with you. So far, while using this app, there have been no bugs or glitches that I can see. Plus, the Admins are extremely nice and willing to hear what you have to say. They’re extremely easy to get a hold of and are focused on making this a better way to meet locals near or anywhere in the country. Keep up the great work!
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11 months ago, James375610
Great App!
I like the layout of this app. Not only are there a lot of hot people on it😅, but you don’t have to talk to anyone unless they match with you. There won’t be anyone creepy or anybody you don’t want to talk to because you have to match in order to talk😁😁 You can also reject others without leaving them on open to not feel any guilt or anything like that. Plus, the fact that someone swiped right on you that you also swiped on means your both interested in one another and a better relationship will come out of it. Overall, I think this is a great app if you want to put yourself out there, while still being safe and completely in your control.
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7 years ago, Sergsd420
Best app I've ever used!!!
Thank you surge for connecting me to kind and great people!!! It's The best one I've ever used. It's extremely comforting that to use this app you have to go through a manual verification with administrators that oversee the site. You have to take a picture of yourself holding up a certain amount of fingers, and this is very reassuring to me that administrators are constantly screening for validity to keep this community safe. No more days of taking chances on craigslist where it's dangerous and draws in very low-quality people. Every person I've met so far on here is sweet, kind and just a great person to talk to! Surge really does draw in high-quality people and keeps everyone safe by their third party verification.
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6 years ago, Irvine Kris
Just What Was Needed!!!
Surge is an incredible app compared to the others like it. There are a ton of local users that you can be matched with. On my first day of using the app, I was paired up with 9 guys that were pretty close by!! And no, I'm not just saying "yes" to everyone - I am a bit picky ;). This app is super user friendly and doesn't require a lengthy registration process by any means! If you are looking for a quality gay connection app, definitely give this one a shot! Quality guys exist on here - not just easy midnight Romeos :) Martin, a team member that works for Surge, reached out to me and made sure I was taken care of. Incredible value add. I see great things coming from this app. Now to delete the others on my phone...
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6 years ago, Laputis
Hands down
The new features on the app are amazing, makes it easier for the user to travel between pages. Love the picture feature where it shows the picture only once and it lets you know if the user screenshoted your picture. It's nice to see who liked you so you can quickly match them and start a conversation. Also the feature where it shows you if the user saw your message. Love how you can undo your matching if you mistakenly disliked someone by accident and you meant to like them. Perfect for changing your location to see other guys in other states that you travel to. ( if you travel for work and such). All around an amazing app I really recommend it !
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4 months ago, Pillow Talkish
enjoying good experience plus crushing on cool guys
Having been using it for a day and I have to say with an upstanding opinion that this app is quite convenient and knows the users requirements. Guys on this are literally awesome and gorgeous. You gonna and can’t help to wish to start a romantic relationship using it. So far I have got wonderful experience and I hope I will continuously feel the charm of this friendly community. Btw, you can upload some “inviting ” pics as well and they can be seen only by those that you guys have feelings towards each other. That’s marvelously impressive and makes this app more usable and competitive.
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6 years ago, RSpire
Leaves a LOT to be desired...
The concept is basically Tinder with 1/10 of the people. And most of those are just the same people on this less-populated app. At first, all seems good—even with the still limited and largely duplicated participation—until you realize many of the “hot gay men” are people with fake profiles and pictures who are right-swiping the world from a place that’s nowhere near you (if not nowhere in reality). And all those issues you are trying this new app to avoid? Yeah, they’re here too for all of the above reasons. +2 stars for the entertainment of throwing a dart into the dark to try and peg a handsome, intelligent, and honest guy that actually can communicate with q&a, -3 for not providing any more functionality or tools that make that possible. AND, this app seems to endlessly be in “maintenance mode” at random times of MANY days, which frequently makes it unusable.
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6 years ago, -Nathanael-
A Beautiful Experience
Surge is a truly phenomenal app. It is similar enough to other dating networks, making those familiar with apps like Tinder feel right at home, while standing out with a beautiful UI and color palette. The app itself is quick and responsive, and allows for much more customization than most other dating networks. I never have a problem with Surge, and matches come in a continuous stream. Additionally, the user support and representative team are very kind and communicative, even going so far as to check in every now and then to make sure everything is alright. All-in-all, Surge is a very well designed app and preforms beyond expectation. I would highly recommend!
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1 year ago, SURGE need to be Banned
WARRING!! this App needs to be Banned
Hello I have been using this app for 3 days I have matched with a guy who states that he is looking for a relationship however my experience with this app has been disgusting I have match with this guy who I have exchange numbers with he acted so nice and pleasant until then I noticed something about this individual that was very suspicious asked for money which I refused too then 2 days later this individual harassed me for my life via text stating that he knows me very well and if I don’t do what he pleased he would harm me within less in 24 hours and I have not gave this man no information about my personal life this App need to be Banned and taken down the App Store and other platforms it is not safe for the LGBTQIA community and needs to a be investigated deeply. Luckily I reported this user phone number and has been blocked.
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6 years ago, Alfred Ben Weird Folds
Clean, if you’re Unsure use this app
There comes a lot with getting the premium add ones, but without them it’s cool. If you want to be held accountable for a professional interaction, everyone is required to use their Facebook. No one can see it but who uses this app, nor will anyone you’re friends on Facebook see you use this app. During the free use, and you can always just use free, you aren’t able to see who liked you and back up to give them a second chance. Other than that, you can swipe and if you and the person you swiped right with did so then you’ll get to chat. If all else fails, guys leave their snapchats and instagrams in their profile pics.
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7 years ago, Bound4Pleasure
Nice app
Infinitely better than Grinder. Similar to Tinder but much better in my opinion. Easy to use and some nice features. Premium acct offers some good upgrades like seeing your past decisions and being able to changing your old response of like/dislike. Handy as I gave multiple incorrect responses in my first 10 minutes on app. I meant to advance thru pics but inadvertently discarded some cool dudes. As for fake military profiles mentioned by couple of reviews, I've never seen one of these apps that didn't have a few now and then. It's not bad here like on grizzly. Everyone should always be on guard anyway, and use some basic discretion and common sense on any social media these days!
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6 years ago, where is Mr. right
Happy Customer
I had just open my app and I was having a really good time on it when I had an issue. With someone on the site I reported it and it was fixed immediately there he very grateful for my Feedback and was very apologetic about the incident and rewarding me for having the issue which they did not have to do I feel that they are doing their part in what they were supposed to do to let us have The app to be able to get out and about even when we’re not able to get out I am very happy with the site and plan on being here until I find that special someone Thanks again for responding as quickly as you did happy hunting
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1 year ago, RedBear4651
Very buggy. Lots of cat fishers. Don’t download.
New to Surge. Tried all the others. Clean UI. Seems to be sincere about matches. Not much guys in my immediate area (Santa Fe). Lots when zooming out to bigger cities. Had available options to add to profile. And private. Will give this a shot and hopefully find a match despite having used major known other gay dating apps. Second Edit: Likes are behind a paywall. Paid for one month. Unmatching has a bug whereas it won’t remove users from list and duplicates members until you refresh screen. Even then you have to like the user to unmatch. Bio is limited to 500 characters. Many users profiles are blank and catfished photos. Many profiles are not verified. UI is filled with white space and ads. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Passed “bugs” to admin but tepid responses. They offered a premium membership for a positive review. Will delete and get refund.
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4 years ago, CoolAllStar88
One of the Best Apps to Meet Genuine Guys
In comparison to other apps for your phone, this application allows a higher number of search of guys around your area who are a closer match to ones profile and getting to speak with them is not as difficult. The profiles of the other gentleman are real and the app itself is very user friendly. The guys on the app are very good looking, handsome and attractive. The administrators on the app are very helpful, courteous and cool too. If one is looking for an app that will work effectively and allow a variety of options to ones own profile and finding an ideal match, I highly suggest you give this app a good try. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Mr. Kerwin
This is one of the cleanest dating apps I've ever used. It doesn't have a lot of filters or functions like the other apps, but it doesn't need all of that. For me, the point is to go through the profiles as if you're actually seeing the guy in person. And, if you like the impression he left, you show your interest by approaching him and making conversation, or in this case, swiping right. If he's also interested, you guys continue to talk. What I love most about this app is the matching system because people are only able to contact you if you have an interest in them. This feature filters out unwanted solicitation.
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6 years ago, MacEvando
Awesome app and Surge team!
I downloaded the app because I tried others and they all seem to have guys only interested in hook ups, even though they said otherwise. As I browsed the profiles in Surge, I noticed right away that there were different faces compared to the other apps, and as kept browsing I realized that the faces were different because the intent was different. The profiles in Surge seem to be of guys that are genuinely looking for a serious relationship, or friendship, or just chatting. The interface is fun and fresh which somehow makes you feel hopeful that you are going to find that special guy that you’ve been looking for. Great work guys!
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7 years ago, Moo moo farms
Awesome app
I just started using this app today and already I'm matching up with cute guys!, and making good conversation. Like tinder you swipe right and left, but what I like about this app is that it notifies you when somebody likes you, which keeps you happy and motivated, otherwise after like 10 failed swipes Id usually get bored or super salty. There are other nice features like when you look through someone's pics, you see that some pics are set to private which makes me that much more excited to match with them!! So far its a very clever and classy app, nothing too raunchy, I've been using it all day, I think most will like it.
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7 years ago, GlaserTheAmazer
Ignore my old review at the bottom. I wrote it after just two days at the request of Surge staff. I started out really liking the app but have come to realize it is truly riddled with scam artists - many who say they're in the military overseas. Guys with totally false identities from all over the world (often Arab countries in the Middle East or Africa) who try to get my credit card info and more. Most want to chat not on Surge but other more anonymous apps like Kik or Hangouts. Be very careful on Surge. Staff says it is working hard to get rid of the con artists but apparently not hard enough. Enough is enough: I deleted Surge from my phone today. If you need more convincing, scan the other reviews. My original review said this: Ive only been using Surge for a few days but I must say I like it a lot. it's easy to use and there's a good selection of guys. it's a refreshing change from all the old apps 😊
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6 years ago, That's all follks
This app has nothing but scam artists up and down. Total bull crap!!! Now many of us now have multiple profiles and have been victims of credit card fraud. Stay away from this app!!! FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!!! Though, I paid for the premium membership. I canceled it immediately. Removed my photo and praying I’m not being catfished. There’s absolutely no one in my area. I’m getting reach by people overseas. So, they claim. I started chatting with someone. He mentioned that they’re in the military and it’s his birthday. I caught on when I was asked to buy a gift card. And when I do they need the copy of the receipt. Since when you need a receipt for that!! He kept pressing me to purchase it. He was a scammer. Now. I have the developer reaching out with the same line. I see on other bad reviews. Beware of this site!!! It has literally turned me off from dating sites. HORRIFIC SITE!!! YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK EITHER!!!
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2 years ago, Croat48
Great, Fun App
I love this app and it provides for a much more peaceful and friendly environment. Martin from the surge team was fantastic as soon as I signed up. Invest in the premium, it’s well worth it and much cheaper than some of the other apps that perform poorly and allow people to get you banned and then give you no explanation. I am so glad I no longer spend time on grinder and Adams app is just full of technical problems. It’s horrible! Thank you so much Surge. Guys please remember to build your profile add something about yourself. Profiles with words getting much better response.
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1 year ago, mikes rating us bank
This app makes it happen. Try Surge!
I have only been on this app for two days, and I’ve already started several conversations with guys who are near me. The exciting part is they respond an hour we are having a conversation and we’re connecting. One guy particularly is really good looking and very responsive. I enjoy spending time on this app and the men that I have found here are good looking and both young and mature, so there’s something for everyone. Check it out give it a couple of days like I did and I know you too will have conversations with many men you meet. Enjoy
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5 years ago, ChiefKenC
The best new thing since brunch.
So I have pretty much all the know what ones I mean. I’ve been using this one for a few days now and I really like it. I mean a lot. Like if the app wanted to hookup with me I would. It’s great. No really. Here’s the deal... Interface is easy: swipe left or right just like the “flame app” or click the “X” or heart, whatever you want to do. Pictures are easier than any of the other apps I’ve seen. Verified profiles are great because you just match a pose, you don’t have to do some foolish “write down this thing on appear and...blah blah blah” It’s easy to filter by age and distance other filters come with the premium version which I find super helpful. If there is a weakness it’s just that the app is newer so fewer guys on here. That said, it’s growing and there are still a ton of dudes for you to checkout! So come on over and start swiping or tapping. I am not a paid actor, I’m an actual gay dude who keeps trying to get laid and keeps failing on other apps and I’m using this one now...follow my lead!
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8 months ago, GAYEST GUY EVER
Very little exploration without purchasing a plan
There’s not much you can do without upgrading to the purchased version. This makes it very easy to invest more time in other gay apps that allow you to search more specifics, communicate with people and get a better sense of who’s on the app. You invest more time in it (or get hooked) before you think about purchasing which Surge DOES NOT allow you to do. I’m typically into bears, but Surge’s free version only allows to search height and sex role specs. You can’t search any other specifics to see the amount of niche groups this app has to offer. You can’t search based on interests or anything like that. Also, it seems as if you do find someone of interest, you can’t communicate without being trapped in a payment plan first, then finding out later whether Surge is for you or not. It’s about as useful as thumbing through a gay magazine from 2002. That is of course, unless you buy a subscription with it’s not so enticing offers. It looks like there’s not much more you get when you do purchase Surge’s subscription. There’s a lot of limitations even in the offers for purchase. To me, Surge seems a little more scam-like, unfortunately.
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