Surgeon Simulator

3.9 (1K)
491.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
tinyBuild LLC
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Surgeon Simulator

3.86 out of 5
1K Ratings
7 years ago, CarsontheMaster
GREAT buuuuut needs more !
Its great even more so who can get it on pc for example people who play it (not trying to be mean on the pc thing) but I feel like it's a little rip offed because there's no brain surgery no team fortress mode and u can't play in ambulance or space mode (also ambulance mode should replace corridor mode) also make the teeth implant easier !
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3 years ago, Lou Dorn
Lots of issues.
Not only are the controls bad, but you can’t even make a good camera that moves properly. The tools that you grab and move with should be followed by the camera quite easily, but that’s not the case at all. You made it that if you want the camera to move with the tools, you have to pull it all the way to the side rather than the camera constantly locking onto the tool you pick up; which risks hitting Bob accidentally. Dumb move. The tools aren’t even accurate even if you tap to aim it. When I try cutting out the kidneys in the Kidney Transplant, it always misses and stabs Bob elsewhere. Even if I tap to aim with the tool, it still misses and goes elsewhere. I’m unable to pull it forward or backwards, it just stays in the constant position and I’m only able to move it up and down. Another dumb move you made, which has me unable to get an A++ on it. I haven’t seen a mobile gaming company screw up this bad since.. Well, never. It’s been frustrating and it always has been. I really wish someone actually knew what they were doing with this game.
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4 years ago, jayhgjh
Little bugs and needs improvements
Ok,I really like this game and it is very well made but can you remove the thing on mobile that it zooms out sometimes in the teeth transplant I do not like that at all it really ruins my aim and I hate it and the green syringe it won’t let me hold it sometimes and the drill when I try to pick it up the drill flies off the screen and can’t pick it up and I would like it if you could pick up items off the floor. And the achievements are gone when you leave the app I’m just saying I would like those improvements but other than that really awesome game!
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7 years ago, Scrumpcious
Brilliant Lunacy
I haven't laughed this hard while failing in a LONG time. The game is actually easier to control than on PC, but that doesn't actually make things any easier. This is a good thing, because awkward controls are half the fun. There is currently a bug that erases your achievements every time you close the app, and it would be cool to see more surgeries added from the PC version, but neither issue is a deal breaker (and, more importantly, this can be addressed in a future update). This game is awesome, and well worth the money.
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5 years ago, Sallendi Poopoo head
I love it
My name is Parker Thomas Garcia and I love this gameAnd this is not a joke I am not a creator I really am a kid and I love this game it’s so fun to play it it makes it so hard but I love it what it is so hard it’s like makes it so fun and he’s like oh I wanna kill person oh this guy is funny oh you’re losing doors are all good thank you I love you I love control is this you’re so funny even if it did everybody else says it’s terrible and my dad so I just wasted my money I still love this game is awesome well I love this game I love this
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5 years ago, Organ Juice
Fantastic Game
I have had this game ever since it was released on mobile and I haven’t deleted yet:) This is my favorite game on the App Store, the controls are much easier on mobile than pc and console but that doesn’t take away the fun of taking people’s eyeballs out and playing with a jiggly liver lol. This is a very well made game and it would be even greater if more fun operations were added such as a brain transplant or something lol. Very entertaining game, I love it
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2 years ago, 🖕👎😡😤😠😭😢
Don’t listen to the other one star reviews.
Everyone complaining of bad game mechanics is missing the point. The game is intended to be clunky. It is a b-game. The whole point of the game is to be not instantly rewarding, you have to adapt to the controls to be able to play the game well. If you aren’t up for that, that’s fine, save your money, but if you are, I see no problem with doing this. I hat giving a one star review on this game, but I think it’s the only place where I can correct the majority of the other one star reviews. I hope people will see this review, so mark it as helpful pls.
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4 years ago, Lbrgess1
Love it just needs something
I love this game but the other platforms have different places to do the surgery for example the back of an ambulance or in a space station and it also has more surgeries. I have the Nintendo switch version but it’s impossible to control I just want those features on the mobile version where I can actually know what’s going on
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4 years ago, Pxj070
Other reviews
Ok because this game is dead I don’t expect anyone to see this, but for all the people that keep complaining about the controls, the controls are supposed to be bad! On Pc where the game was originally released the controls are just as hard to use. The game is supposed to be frustrating and make you laugh, not be an exact replica of giving someone surgery.
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6 years ago, Sky_Gamer
Update Please
Hello I'm an iPhone user and i would like to be able to use the heart rate and the defribblators. What I mean is on the iPad version u can slow down Bob's heart rate and if he flat lines u use the defribblators to get him alive again. On the iPhone it won't do that. Also please update the game with some new levels like brain surgery and Ambulence mode that can improve it. Please consider doing this thank u.
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7 years ago, J--Bird67
Tremendously stupid
I guess you might like it if you enjoy being frustrated by the most horrible controls ever. I'm shocked that this game was released in such an unfinished state, and even more shocking is the price they're asking. How did this game ever get approved? I'm seriously contacting the App Store management about getting my money back. I read reviews giving 5 stars, saying "stop giving 1 star reviews" & "don't be prude" and then they go on to complain about the controls ? Don't be stupid! This barely passes as a game. The only reason to even try is because you know you just got ripped off.
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7 years ago, Pearltail333
This game is really really fun, but at the same time, really hard. BOB KEEPS DYING ON ME AS SOON AS I GET THE HANG OF SURGERY!!!! BOB! SERIOUSLY! LET ME HAMMER ON YOUR HEAD WITHOUT YOU DYING!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Other than that, it's fun. I don't recommend this if you don't liked blood, or graphic surgery pictures. Also, I like the iZac thingy because I couldn't get the heart transplant until I looked at it. I hope this was helpful even though it's probably at the bottom.
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5 years ago, Twobrosacc
Amazing game but when are we getting an update?
Hello, my name is Matthew and I was asking in regard to knowing when the next upgrade might me or have you just completely abandoned this even though it has been very successful. With and update and proper advertisement I could really see this app flourishing and becoming very popular again
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6 years ago, tt66979
Great game but one thing
Game is amazing is so much fun and challenges the mind. But there’s one thing I would like to be brought back the brain surgery. It would be nice to have for brain surgery or more surgeries on top of the alien surgery if you could introduce more it would be really nice but overall it’s really fun game play maybe even bring back the ambulance surgery.
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3 years ago, Apryl's iPad
Love it. But...
Okay so I just tried out for the corridor heart transplant, and, from experience I can tell you, it is near impossible! They should have things on the sides of bob to hold all of the tools. And if this is not possible, how about... something. Something that will make it just the taddest bit doable. This game is fun though.
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7 years ago, Dog love and cat love pie
110% love it but....
I think this game is so fun and a good way to pass time/laugh but it’s pretty glitchy. I can’t seem to get the large intestine out, it shows that it’s loose and able to be pulled out but it won’t let me physically take it out of Bob. I even was able to remove both kidneys and replace them but the level wasn’t “complete” since it wasn’t registering the stupid intestine!! Please fix so I can enjoy this game!!
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5 years ago, HowdyGanley
One thing
There is One thing that doesn’t make sense in this game this is all I’m going to talk about is that when you’re doing the kidney transplant that your patient is on her back but in real life they would be on their stomach and you have to go through the back that is all
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5 years ago, Benny561
Please make the controls a little easier I legit lost a level because i wasn’t tapping on the screen hard so it dropped on the patients face and it started bleeding and then it glitched and got stuck in his face and he died!!! Fix the controls, besides the controls this is a good game.
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7 years ago, RhettButler
Love it
It is the best game ever you get to operate on bob and an alien which is cool and you get rated how you did,I think that heart of it operating on bob I thank it is a fun game really I thank it is the best game ever so I thank you should play it, It is a really cool game however made this game thank you for creating this game for everyone.
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5 years ago, Deafult Dante YT
Surgeon simulator
I haven’t had soo much fun in a long time I’m 12 turning 13 in 2019 and I haven’t laughed soo much since like 5 or 6 don’t remember but to the people that say it’s hard to play it cause of the controls it’s suppose to be like that that’s what makes it fun
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7 years ago, SqueezePop
I highly recommend!
It’s hard but easy to control. Way easier than on the computer and I’ve had this game for awhile and it never disappoints. Definitely a good game to play if you’re trying to pass time !
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4 years ago, Mr. wafflestomper
Love it so much!!!
I’ve had this game for a while and I love it! I love everything about it and is a very fun experience for everyone. What I’d REALLY like to see is the brain transplant. That’d be pretty cool. Thanks much for making such a great game well worth the buy I tell you what. Best game 10/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Ukmaiden
AMAZING GAME, but one thing.
I love the game a bunch, challenging, but still fun. The thing is, the game has not had an update in 5 YEARS. It’s really needs an update, so yah people who completed the game years ago, will come back once again.
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6 years ago, Sam killer king
Not worth it
I get it if you don’t have a VR system but if you do have one then play the game on that, the game would be better if you could control how high or low objects can go and not just left and right. It’s just not fun it’s not challenging all though frustrating definitely or it might be that it’s not my kinda game but I just don’t like it
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4 years ago, my dog is zoey
Don’t be stupid
Some people are saying how stupid the controls are when that is the literal meaning of the game it’s a challenge so don’t listen to the people who are just very babies just get the controls are apart of the challenge of the game
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5 years ago, TypicalDelLamas
Not worth 5$
I paid 5$for a couple of levels and to me, I don’t think it’s worth it unless you add a couple of new levels because it’s getting boring and I already completed all the surgery’s and in my opinion, it’s not worth the 5 bucks for 4 levels plus alien so please consider adding a lot new exciting levels thank you
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5 years ago, FloppyFahitaFTW
Great game, but needs more levels
I love playing this game, it is fun even if I fail a lot. The only problem I have is that there aren’t enough levels. I almost finished all of the normal levels in a few days and I feel like there should be more. Maybe add the tf2 surgery and the brain surgery. I also think that they could add the ambulance mode too.
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5 years ago, BGVla
Family sharing wont wont
My son bought this on my phone several years ago, now he is unable to download it for free despite having family sharing on
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App Certificate Expired
I like this game and rate it a 8/10 But on the more important side, my friend recently downloaded this app and it seem that the certificate of verification for this app has gone bad, please Apple or Bossa fix this soon because it won’t let him play.
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6 years ago, Interface5
Very funny
Surgeon simulator is a great game despite the horrible controls intentionally hopefully it still managed to be every funny how ever the multiplayer feature definitely needs work and the achievement don’t die on me can not be done due to the fact that there is no heart rate on iOS
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4 years ago, CalebThompson07
Great game but 1 request
This is a great game and all, but now since iOS 13 has controller support and surgeon sim is on ps4 ( idk about Xbox ) if they could add controller support so you wouldn’t have to play with your fingers.
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6 years ago, Generalkerbalmaster911
Fantastic bloody fun
This game captures the spirit of its PC version, whilst having its own little quirks with grabbing many things at once or targeting specific spots... and the controls are charmingly bad like the original... (for those who complains the controls are bad and awkward... THATS THE POINT!!!)
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7 years ago, DrWilly81
Fun,but a bit glitchy
Overall is a fun game. Yeah, it's a little hard to control, which can be a little frustrating, but honestly, I think it wouldn't be nearly as much fun otherwise. However, the achievements reset every time I close the app... which makes them pretty pointless. Might want to fix that.
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7 years ago, B0bbbbb
LOVE IT but...
This game is sooooo much fun, but I have 1 problem. During the kidneys transplant it was all going well until I couldn't get the large intestine out. I would cut the right places, but it would glitch out and wouldn't let me remove it. Please fix this so I can play.
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3 years ago, Hogle241
Love the Gore but there’s one thing I want
Practice mode and more gore and blood I paid for this game for that so please please do that my iPad doesn’t have a lot of space but you might not read this but please I hope you do
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3 years ago, Finedragoon356
I was so excited when I bought it, but I did some research and was frustrated when I found out mobile people don’t get any DLC levels. Please add free DLC levels for mobile.
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6 years ago, jase huber
Best game ever!
I got this app on October 14,2018 and I am done with it all! The only problem is it does not have enough levels. I love it and it is so much easier than it looks. It’s convincing myself to be happy to work as a surgeon 👨‍⚕️.
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5 years ago, B_MAN14
Very fun game
This game is really fun if you’re trying to be funny or serious it makes it 20 times funnier because they controls are funny and then you end up doing something stupid😂
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7 years ago, Chey1088
Love the game, but...
there aren't near enough levels. You only do 4 different surgeries and I don't think that's worth $5. I expected way more from this game. I hope that you add more levels. :( I finished the whole game within an hour.
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6 years ago, GatorMaster2112
I love the game and I’ve almost beaten it but whenever I try multiplayer with my brother it always crashes and doesn’t work. Plz fix so I can play multiplayer.
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7 years ago, Heijciijvyv
Needs more levels
I like playing this game and laughing along to but after the last one it it isn't as fun doing the same ones over and over again
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6 years ago, JmanDaBest#pro
Multiplayer bug/review!
Multiplayer doesn’t work! You connect and then the app crashes! :( Please fix that! Otherwise it’s good and fun to play. very addicting! :) You should download! :)
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7 years ago, kidbat999
Messed up controls are half the game
To those people who say the the controls are Impossible that’s what is so fun about the game. I just wish that was Nigel’s left hand was there.
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4 years ago, Caleb Vargad
Crashing and things not working
Hi my name is Caleb and I was excited to play the multiplayer but it kept crashing when i would i find a player or if I try to play it with my brother and the fibulor wouldn’t charge it would just fling it and the gas buttton won’t work pls fix it
Show more
6 years ago, Alex2453
More surgeries please
This game is amazing, but I would like if I could have more surgeries to do I finished all 4 in 2 days and now I’m regretting giving my 4.99 please make more updates with more surgeries
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5 years ago, Pain pain go away2294
Great game
I haven’t played this game in a long time it’s a very nice game and it scared the crap out of me when I called the phone number on the phone and it says if you’re in an emergency call 911
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7 years ago, Oldoggy101
More!!! But also fun
You guys need to add the space, ambulance mode. Also add the brain surgery otherwise it's not really worth the money and gets boring a little quick.
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4 years ago, Nathan Norris
Great but one little gripe of mine
I love this game and all its content but I am just disappointed that it does not have the tf2 surgery I saw on PC and VR surgeon simulator. Other than that the game is fantastic and I recommend it
Show more
7 years ago, TH3 GAM3R 1736786575467
Needs more levels
Add more levels like the brain transplant and more levels from the computer addition
Show more
7 years ago, Omega0123
So fun but still missing some
It is such a fun game but it's also very hard. But I want to know when is it going to add the brain surgery. I'm waiting on that one
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