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User Reviews for Survey Junkie

4.54 out of 5
73.8K Ratings
4 years ago, InstincDragons
Very Impressive & Good For Extra Money
I’ve been using SurveyJunkie for a while now, and I’ve made a lot of extra money! What people don’t understand about survey apps and other survey websites that pay out, is that 1. It’s not going to make you rich & 2. It’s just a alternative to make some extra money in your free time. I’ve been using SurveyJunkie and I’ve made over 120$ from it in 1 1/2 months. It’s just an alternative and a good one at that! May I have some suggestions though. Yes the app is great, but I do have some features or improvements. One is the way you make points(money). I believe they should add a feature where the surveys your most likely going to not apply for or qualify lower point value, and the ones your most likely to qualify for higher. This is still based on the personal information tabs that you fill out at the beginning. Two is the types of surveys. It would be pretty cool in my opinion if there videos (around 10-20 mins) that talk about certain subjects. Then you give your feedback on them, depending on the length of the video your get more points. Win-Win situation correct? I watch your ad, I get paid, you get feedback for my opinion. Seems fair? Survey Junkie has helped me in my day-to-day life with extra money and I give it a five star rating! Just remember that it’s not going to make you rich it’s just to earn you some extra money! If you want more money, get a job!
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1 year ago, Excited but cautious
first survey app I've actually made money from
i have tried so many survey apps to make money and genuinely put hours into each with no results. this is the first app i got actual money from. took about 2 hrs of surveys for $10. $5 an hour might not sound great but i made this money while i was watching movies, exercising, walking to class, etc. things I'd be doing anyway for free! not going to pay out huge but great for a few extra dollars every week. couple of issues like sometimes ill be taking a survey and i'll accidently click the exit button and theres no way to get that survey back. this is incredibly frustrating I've lost probably $5-$7 amd an hour of my time in total to this simple mistake. definitely wish there was a way to fix this. also it'll say a survey is 15 min or whatever but that doesn't account for the 10-20 minute long pre survey u have to take just to see if u qualify and if u dont, u only get paid like 2-7 cents. frustrating especially because each pre-survey asks almsot exactly the same questions. can we not fill put a profile for ourselves to help determine which surveys we do and do not qualify for? ice answered my age, occupation, salary, health issues, social media i use, pets i have, car i have, homeowner status, etc etc etc dozens of times now. pleasseeeee try to patch this if possible!!! super annoying. regardless of any flaws this is still the only survey app id ever recomend to someone and im grateful i found it!!
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2 years ago, an0npm
thank you 😭
so this app admittedly is a bit buggy, BUT i was really desperate for some extra cash to buy some groceries before my next payday. i was quickly able to take enough surveys to cash out $10. the message said the money would be deposited in my account in up to 5 business days, which was a bit of a bummer because by that point I’ll get my paycheck, and I needed cash like yesterday. BUT the deposit came through in 2 days. thanks to this app, i will be able to eat this week 🙏🙏🙏🙏 i have tried some other survey apps and platforms in the past, and it takes FOREVER to earn enough money to cash out. with this app, it seems like they actually do a decent job of trying to filter for surveys you’re qualified for. I have been able to complete 1 survey for full points out of every 5-7 available surveys. It might seem not great but it is way better than other platforms I’ve tried. despite the bugs (the app or surveys taking a while to load), this app does exactly what it says, and actually pays out. I am extremely grateful for the $10 I’ve earned so far. thank you for helping me eat this week 🙏
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3 weeks ago, FatKat1223
First review
I’ve been using this app for some time now, and I have just been beyond annoyed and frustrated. In order to catch the higher point surveys you have to log in during certain times. Even doing that, every time you try to take one of the higher point surveys, it conveniently closes, fills up, disqualifies you before you even start, or waits until you’re almost done then kicks you out. It’s beyond ridiculous. They do pay out instantly which is a positive, but trying to get to the measly amount needed to cash out is insane. Especially when these above mentioned things are happening with the higher surveys. It’s unfortunate that I’m at a point of just deleting it and saving myself the hassle and headache of the tactics used to cheat you out of the higher surveys. UPDATE: I took their advice and reached out to them to see what their “satisfactory resolution “ would be. It was a joke. I explained how in over 30 surveys I tried to take, I was only given points for 2 of them, and they were low points. This happened probably 75% of the time at least. I even had screenshots. I had already deleted my account but would have came back if they gave me a credit which I believe was only fair. The response I received was thanking me for my input which helps them to improve. She was kind enough to thank me and said they would be happy to see me if I choose to come back. That’s your solution huh? Thanks but no thanks. I won’t support a company who screws their participants
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5 years ago, RedLiberated
Flawed but useful
Obviously making money is awesome and being able to do it with surveys on your free time is a plus, but this app feels like it's tugging your chain a lot of the time. Surveys have an estimated completion time and an amount of point you get for completing it shown to you when it lists all the available surveys, but the time doesn't seem to account for the starting questionnaire to each survey that determines whether you qualify to take the survey. This is an issue because you can spend 10 minutes going through the questionnaire on a survey that is supposedly supposed to take 5 minutes long just to have you finish the starting questionnaire and have it tell you that you don't qualify and are compensated with a measly 3 points. On top of this, I've noticed several bugs. Some surveys take a million years to load the next question which only wastes more time, sometimes a survey gets stuck on a question or loading screen or something totally random can happen. Some of these surveys have bugs that don't allow you to properly answer the question, and it's usually things that seem like common sense to get right, other times the survey will say it's redirecting you only to fail or get stuck loading something, so now all you can do is close the app and not be compensated for anything you had previously done. It seems like the developers of this app are consistently making changes to the app, so hopefully these issues do get fixed.
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3 years ago, 5.V.AoV
Answer and you shall receive.
I am fond of SurveyJunkie because it is comprehensible and easy to use. With the available and ever-coming surveys available on the website, accessible through the app, and sent to your inbox when opted for, it is simple to make money off of your opinions. My only complaint on the app is that, although it is accessible using VoiceOver, I have found that updating my profile is somewhat difficult. You see, as a person with a visual impairment, I was able to notice and remedy the issue of the question panels jumping backwards for some reason while I was navigating from the question to the answer choices. I am unsure if this issue is one only I am experiencing, but I would like to note that, while I myself could see the issue, I do not represent others with my disability who may not be as fortunate when they encounter this problem. My VoiceOver, although it indicated the correct choices of the question that the panel jumped back to, read the same question. This was true on screen as well, so rather than an accessibility issue, I believe this may be a bug or error. Otherwise, I hold that SurveyJunkie is an extremely resource for brands and companies to hear members’ opinions while rewarding members for their honesty in participation.
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2 years ago, NickRules999
Is this a bug or is this what it always does?
I enjoy taking surveys, especially when I can get paid for them. I downloaded Survey Junkie for that purpose. I was looking up ways to add a new source of income and Survey Junkie was suggested. I enjoyed the surveys I have taken online and through the app, but it seems that the app might have a glitch. Just now, I took a survey having to do with insurance. I went through what seemed to be the whole thing. After finishing, the app tells me, “You don’t qualify for this survey,” and only gives me two points. I thought I just took the survey and was supposed to get 50 points. Other times I outright don’t qualify or get told the survey filled up or isn’t available. The funny thing is that Survey Junkie has emailed me surveys that have gotten me the promised points. The app itself denies me more than anything else. If I’m getting more points by way of email and my online browser, I might just delete the app. Unless this is looked into. I have just started on Survey Junkie, and I have redeemed my first 500 points. It’s the holiday weekend so I’ll have to see if the $5 went to my bank tomorrow. Great concept, but I’m tired of trying to take good paying surveys and getting screwed after going the distance on some of them. Edit: Never mind. I got booted from the online surveys too. Edit 2: This app DOES pay! I saw my money in my account today!
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2 years ago, Ashdod dncndk
I have some opinions.
I am a stay at home mom of three kids, and wanted to find an app that i could earn actual money. I joined survey junkie June 2022, and as of right now have cashed out about $90. I set a daily goal of $5/day in earnings, and am able to reach that goal most days. The surveys pay in pennies, and generally only take 20min +/-. The reason for the 3stars is that lately i’ve been taking surveys and not earning my compensation, which is annoying. I have taken the full length of a survey spend 20-30min, and in the last question been kicked out for “not qualifying” when the qualifying questions happen in the beginning of the survey. Which makes me feel like they’re taking advantage because they got their survey and I didn’t get anything for it. Another complaint would be that even though I have completed my “profile” they list more surveys that I don’t qualify for than I actually do, which makes me question why the profile feature is even there. Every survey asks the question of gender/age/income etc, that does not count towards the survey time, which is all in my profile, so it seems like waste of time to have to enter those again. But over all I AM earning money for my POV, with the same amount of effort that I used to spend scrolling facebook.
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2 years ago, BullshittedAgain
Redeeming points is a hassle
I recently closed the bank account that my SurveyJunkie was linked to. I tried to link a new bank account and there is not an option to do so. I made a request to customer support stating that the account was closed. I was told that when I redeem my points that I would be given a prompt to enter my new bank information. I tried to redeem to my PayPal account but kept getting put into verification. After passing verification numerous times and still unable to redeem to PayPal. I tried to do the bank transfer so I could set up my new bank information. And I didn’t get that option either. What did happen was my points were redeemed to a closed bank account which is probably someone else’s bank account now. Because after a certain amount of time those account numbers recirculate out. So far the only thing that is true about this survey junkie is that you get the amount you see in points. But as for redemption and all that other mess that is supposed to be so easy to do. It’s a lie. You aren’t able to redeem to PayPal and yon aren’t able to update your payment information. So basically if you take all these surveys but it’s not a guarantee that you will get paid. So use this app at your own risk. I would’ve given 5 star but they try to make it hard for you to be paid.
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2 years ago, Mirilynn
What Would I Do Without You?
I am not usually one to leave reviews, however I have to leave one for Survey Junkie. I am a stay at home mom to two children, and my fiancé works full time. We have been living paycheck to paycheck, and have very little leftover. What little we have we have used to buy a few presents for the kids, and I was so sad that I wouldn’t be able to get a gift for my fiancé who works so hard for us everyday. I googled ‘ways to make quick money’ at the beginning of November, and between Survey Junkie and a couple other survey apps, along with lots of grinding on surveys, I earned enough to get my fiancé an expensive leather working tool kit along with leather. I am so proud to give him a gift this year, and it’s in a huge part thanks to Survey Junkie. Thank you thank you thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn money like this! I will continue using this app to earn extra money for non essentials, such as clothes and stuff for myself. I can’t recommend this app enough. Times are really hard right now and every couple cents I get on this app I am grateful for.
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3 years ago, julielpn
Ultimately my fave survey app…
I read a couple of the other reviews & liked what one other reviewers said, it’s not enough for an income but it’s legit as a lil side money. I’ve made about $200 but have doing it for about 6 months consistently or so now. I mean you’re getting free money to answer a survey. I do like the challenges they do regularly like complete 3 survey’s for 7 days & earn a bonus of $5.00. Do not agree they shoulda taken away the survey medley 1 min=10 pts away from counting though. But have noticed lately I do seem to qualify for most of the surveys on my list. I’ll go all the way through the list sometimes & usually jus end up coming back later. U are rewarded by points which are equal to a penny so the daily survey medley they send out every day, they’re at least given you a chance to earn 10cents from them every day. Have also noticed lately that I’ll be into a survey & will be half way done all the way to almost done sometimes and it will kick me out saying “I didn’t qualify “ or “survey had filled” which is soo frustrating. They should figure out a way to prevent this & not let anyone new into a survey after it’s already reached it’s maxed Participants
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2 years ago, loooooosooooo
Will Restrict Your Account Without Warning
These people are ridiculous. I’ve used them on and off over the years and they’ve gotten worse and worse. Twice they have restricted my account. I fought to get it back the first time because it was $30 on there, if you take these surveys you know how much effort that took to accumulate. After two weeks of back and forth they gave me my account back with little to no reasoning for the restriction and THEN I couldn’t cash out for 72 hours or some arbitrary deadline. I finally did and set the app aside for a while out of frustration. I went on there periodically over the last few weeks but after doing survey after survey and being cheated out of my points I gave up. (Cheating meaning I spend 30 min getting to the end of the survey, after answering in great detail to numerous questions, they acknowledge and thank me ask my demo info and then the screen refreshes and says I didn’t qualify and they give me the 2 or 3 pity points) Today I am setting up a new laptop so I go to log into my survey junkie account and it’s restricted again. There’s $5 on there I won’t bother fighting about. Don’t waste your time, it will seem nice the first few days but after your first cash out be prepared for shady surveys stealing your time and then eventually locking your out of your account and not compensating you.
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2 years ago, BranG41
Could really be a great app
I’ve had this app for several months now, and I have found that, several times per day, I complete surveys, many taking 20-40 minutes, giving very detailed answers etc. Once I reach the very end of the survey & being thanked for my time, it either freezes up, or will then state “unqualified” or “survey has be filled” therefore leaving me getting 2 points or, nothing at all for my time. I think Survey Junkie needs to better monitor these surveys as it appears to me, these pollsters are getting our opinions without having to pay. If this only happened a few times per week, I could understand. However out of 15 surveys I took yesterday, this occurred with 6 of them. I have emailed Survey Junkie about this issue, both times receiving the exact same return email stating, sometimes surveys fill quickly & we are rewarded the 2-3 cents for our time. I’m in hopes with enough reviews complaining of this same issue, SJ will find a way to either fix this issue, or began rewarding us for time spent. Our time is just as important, and when you dedicate several hours of the day on these surveys and only make $.06 becomes pretty aggravating and a such a waste of our time.
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2 years ago, strawberry_grey_o
Overall pretty good
Obviously you’re not gonna make a ton of money or anything but it’s good for a little extra money on the side! I’ve been really using the app for about 10 days and have made $16 and cashed out $7. It did take a little bit to transfer to my bank account, about 5 days, but that’s not too bad and it does tell you it can take up to 5 business days. It was successfully transferred on the 5th day so it’s overall pretty nice. There’s also some nice promotions you can take advantage of to get more money, like I did one where you get $2 extra for doing 3 surveys worth 20 points or more in 48 hours and I’m currently doing one where you do 3 surveys for 20 points or more a day for 7 days and you get $5 extra which is pretty nice. I like to do my surveys when I have down time or am just casually watching tv or listening to a podcast, some surveys have audio and videos you have to watch so sometimes it doesn’t work but for most surveys they don’t so it’s good to do while watching or listening to something else!
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1 year ago, Jim Hutto
Absolutely frustrating and potentially discriminatory
I have been using survey junkie since mid 2020 and I have made ~1200 USD. And it hasn’t been perfect, however recently it has become a absolutely frustrating and unbearable experience. At first some surveys I choose say unavailable when I chose them. But over half my time now is spent getting through surveys saying they are unavailable. Or I choose them and it goes back to the survey list. Now every single day I spend half my time or more sorting through closed surveys and NOW I am dealing with surveys that I haven’t even gotten a chance to answer a single question completely disqualifying me for dishonesty. How can I be dishonest if I never answered a single question? Here is the message “ Sorry it didn't work out this time. The best way to ensure you're a good match for surveys is to be honest, consistent, and take your time answering questions.” At first it was always iTraffic center now it is at least a quarter of the surveys that I choose and I am disqualified for dishonesty before I can answer a single solitary question. It has gotten to the point where I just want my account deleted and try another service. But I want to give you guys a chance, however I am starting to wonder if I am wasting my time with Survey Junkie
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4 years ago, ExperientialDesigner
Not really worth your time
The points versus time spent is ridiculous. 1 point equals 1 cent. Some surveys pays 20 points for 5 minutes spent filling out the survey. That’s 20 cents for 5 minutes of work or $6 an hour. Sometimes you spend 20 minutes filling out a survey and then you’re suddenly not qualified to take the survey. SurveyJunkie of course awards you 2 points for wasting your time if the system catches it. If not you get nada. Anyway that’s 2 cents for 20 minutes or $0.06 an hour. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. I have contacted their support but received a bunch of standard copy/paste nonsense back. Now, I know that this is not a job. However, I believe that people should be receiving a fair pay for the service they provide SurveyJunkie and the survey companies they represent. Furthermore, you are actually required to file taxes on the cash or gift certificates you receive from SurveyJunkie - not necessarily pay taxes but file that you have earned “Other income.” That means that you have to spend additional time filling out your taxes. Keep that in mind before signing up because it will be considered tax fraud if you don’t. Remember, SurveyJunkie and the companies they represent are for-profit companies - meaning they are in it for their own profit. Not paying you for doing work for them should be considered a scam.
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2 years ago, SandyP172
Lots of Glitches
I truly like this app, a lot! I’ve made more than a couple hundred dollars since the beginning of February so it definitely pays out. But it is loaded with glitches. There is one company whose surveys I never get to take because it “disqualifies” me EVERY SINGLE TIME for breaking some rule. There are others who disqualify me for the same reason before I even get to the survey itself. All I have to do is tap “survey” and I get disqualified. Also, there are a lot of freeze ups. I’ll work 5-10 minutes on a survey only for it to freeze up, forcing me to close out if it and losing any points I may have gained. There are many others as well. Customer service tends to not really listen to the problems reported and just give standardized, vanilla answers without actually answering your questions. And one more thing, there should be more surveys available on the weekend days when so many of us have more time to devote to them. I believe you would see your activity levels increase substantially!
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3 years ago, youremusty
It works at least.
You can make a few extra dollars, but what's annoying is that SurveyJunkie, unlike services like Eureka, doesn't check if you quality for a survey before you take it. You could be ten minutes into one and get disqualified and only given one to three cents for trying. They tell you you'll only qualify for 20% of the surveys on average, but still. There are some people who complain about only making a couple cents over the course of like four weeks, and there are some people who say they've made $15 in three days and that those people complaining must be expecting to be paid as if they were working a 9-5 job. The reality is what type of person you are (income, job, gender, routine) will affect the surveys you qualify for and therefore how much money you make. SurveyJunkie has surveys that accept people from various backgrounds, but at the end of the day, specific with specific qualities will get more surveys. I'm not one of those specific people, but at the VERY end of the day, it works. To different extents for different people, but it works nonetheless.
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2 years ago, Senseiblue
A Little Clunky And Funky
So I got this app about an hour ago, but I completed about 4 surveys so I think my opinion is still valid, just hear me out. After completing surveys they will often say something around the lines of “You didn’t qualify for this survey! But just for trying, here’s 3 points!” Which is not only condescending, but also disappointing considering I answered the whole dang questionnaire just to find out I “didn’t qualify” or something. It also seemed like I was unfavorable because I wasn’t an adult, I’m used to that be now and have been used to it for 17 years, but I feel that may be the reason I don’t qualify for 99% of the surveys I take, I don’t appreciate being discriminated by my age, and/or my bisexuality thank you. I mainly just want to know if I would qualify before taking the survey, as to not waste anyone’s time, because otherwise, why did I even bother to fill out my profile? A few of the buttons to take surveys wouldn’t work sometimes and it made the app feel a little clunky, but it didn’t seem to make a big enough problem for me to care too much, so just let me know if I qualify for surveys based on my profile, and I’ll be happy. Thanks!
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4 years ago, i-hope-this-isn't-taken
Better than a lot of other apps, but has problems.
I’ve had the app for two days so far, and have earned ~$10. It’s a great way to earn extra money on the side, but it will not be able to replace a steady income from a real job. I’ve cashed out twice and have been paid practically instantly both times, though I have heard from people who have had problems with money showing up in their account. I personally have never had this problem. One thing I dislike is that sometimes, I will complete a survey in ~20 minutes. It will thank me for participating, blah blah blah, then it takes me back to the app, which tells me ‘Sorry, this survey filled up. Here’s 2 cents for your trouble!’ This is incredibly annoying and disappointing. I was only getting paid like 80 cents anyway; did you really have to take that away from me too? But it’s not a frequent problem, so I’m still mostly okay with it. Overall, it’s fine. It pays you and has a decent supply of surveys to make money. Not a bad source of side income, and it’s less of a waste of time than scrolling through Instagram. At least I get paid for this.
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4 years ago, aprilsfoolx4
Although you can make money with this app, don’t think it won’t be without a lot of frustration. I expect that I won’t qualify for most surveys and will only receive pennies for trying, but to complete surveys and get nothing is way more then frustrating. Completed a survey with “points pending” for 7 days; and 15 days later, still waiting on points. Completed a second one with pending points 5 days ago and another one for 60 points this morning, but am doubting I’ll get paid for any of these since it seems the “pending” ones never pay out. (Probably because the companies are hoping you’ll forget about them.) But I think the most frustrating thing of all is when you complete a survey that tells you you’ve earned 60 points and you don’t get those points either. (This is what happened with the first survey I completed today.) So all in all, in order to accumulate some points, you spend hours “attempting” surveys to collect 2-3 points at a time. SurveyJunkie would be the best app available if they could prevent these things from happening as frequently as they do.
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3 years ago, lichellle
I’m not finna lie to y’all...THEY REALLY PAY YOU!!
I promise you guys, survey junkie really pays you REAL MONEY for doing surveys!!! i really recommend for teens to do this during their spare time to make some extra coins. Yes it does take a while to get to a decent amount if you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to but for the ones who have nothing to do all day, you should seriously download this app. I’m an 18 yr girl tryna make some extra money to put it towards my first pc build. I was able to make $25 within 3 days. Please keep in mind I am in the house all day babysitting so i have a lot of spare time, but to anyone else that’s first starting, don’t give up! you can definitely build your points up and make a few dollars. 1 point = 1 cent (usd). The more you do the surveys the more your points rack up! I was able to instantly transfer my money to my paypal then my bank account within seconds! give it a try seriously:) you won’t get every survey but if you don’t qualify for the survey they give you 2-3 points every time just to be kind!
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2 weeks ago, MQPorr
The absolutely worst
I will be deleting and unsubscribing to this survey application. I get some surveys just isn’t a good fit. But this app definitely isn’t a good fit for me when I’m wasting my time doing 8 surveys only getting credit for one and making under $1 for a few hours of my time because my demographic apparently doesn’t jive with ANY of your clients! I do plenty of surveys on other applications and let me tell you, as a 53 year old housewife who hasn’t worked OUTSIDE the home in over 25 years, has no children under the age of 18 living with her now, raised her family and now babysit her grandchildren for FREE can still find apps that lets me do surveys and I have made way better money off up (over $40 in 3 weeks on one application to be extract and $30 on the other)…. While I have yet to even get to cash out my first $5 with survey junkies after trying for countless times. Nah, not worth my time to waste it for the pennies I’ve gotten from your application. I know MY worth and it’s not this. I will not waste my time with you guys and anyone reading this to see if they are a fit for you. Who knows? I can tell you for my demographics I definitely don’t fit with them. Good luck to all giving them a shot.
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3 years ago, moochilly
The best survey app for cash out there!
I’ve tried so many websites and apps saying that you can earn money for giving opinions on products and responses. That are only paying a cent per survey that’s 30-40 minutes if you even make that much but, Survey junkie is paying you anywhere from 25 cents to almost $5 for 9 minutes of your time. The longest survey I’ve gotten is 30 minutes and taking my time and answering it honestly didn’t even take the entire 30 minutes. 20 at most. This app states it won’t make you rich which is true but, if you did this consistently everyday you could very easily replace your 9-5 job at a retail store with laying in your bed and doing survey’s all day. I did this for 3 hours and made $20 which is about the same I’d make in my area working at McDonald’s or a pizza shop. It’s very easy to setup and even easier to transfer the money directly to your PayPal or bank account. I highly recommend it! This app has made me so much extra $$$ lol
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4 years ago, Astroburst
I Never Review Apps But This Deserves it!!!
Soo, literally everyone writing bad reviews are the people who expect to be paid as much as someone who works a 9-5 job. Lol, sorry that’s not what this is 😂 I’ve had this app for maybe 2 days and I’ve only spent a max of 3 hours AND I’ve made about $10 AND I’ve already transferred it all to my bank account with no issues whatsoever. I’m 18 years old and yeah $10 isn’t much but I’m on this app while watching TV before bed or when I’m sitting down doing absolutely nothing. If you want an easy side hustle and you’re mad bored then this survey app is the best!! Yes, it has issues and some surveys “fill up” but atleast it compensates you a couple cents unlike other apps. I’d 100% recommended this app to anyone and everyone any day of the week. $5 for answering simple survey questions every night for 1-2 hours while watching TV ain’t half bad 😉 20 nights of sitting on this app before bed equates to $100. Think about it like that 👀
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3 years ago, LearnByExperience
Stick with the website!
APP PROBLEMS- You'll lose money using the app. If you plan to specifically use this app on your phone, be aware that certain surveys will require you to complete them in landscape mode. You can be halfway done with a survey in portrait mode using the app and be suddenly required to continue in landscape mode. Unfortunately, this app does not support landscape mode and you'll be forced to exit the app and forfeit the survey points you were about to collect. The website gives you no such problem. This app occasionally times out mid survey. I have experienced the same thing on the website, but unlike the app you're able to refresh the page and continue the survey. If it happens while using the app, you have no option to refresh the survey. You'll have to exit the survey and walk away from any money you were about to collect. REDEMPTION PROBLEMS- If you took the time to read this, do yourself a favor and cash out on the website and only through PayPal. I've cashed out through PayPal and had no issues whatsoever. However, I know plenty of people who've all had issues WITH EVERY SINGLE OTHER METHOD OF REDEMPTION. I've cashed out $50 as of the time of this review.
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11 months ago, Spongeboob1234
I don’t usually leave reviews unless I have issues, but…. ITS AMAZING! It really sends you money you earn! The cash out minimum of just $5 is amazing also! There isn’t any deposit and you don’t have to spend any money. It takes me at least a couple weeks or about a week, only because I don’t do it daily all the time. The surveys aren’t very long it’s not hard and it’s a very easy way to earn money. If you need an extra couple dollars, this is definitely the best side hustle app there is. Although some surveys will close you out but, good thing is, it still gives you a couple points which can be very useful. I have cashed out many many times at $5(only cause I get so eager)! The surveys are always so different and you do different things. Some are videos you listen to some are giving your opinion on brands and so on. I actually cashed out $5 a few minutes ago.
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3 months ago, mets918
Complete surveys, get no reward, get accused of fraud
Lately the problem of completing surveys and being told that you don’t qualify or that you lied has increased. It’s easier to report issues with the new update, but Survey Junkie hates doing their job. Then I suddenly stopped getting emails informing me of new surveys, and the app showed no surveys. The website said that there was a problem with my account, so I contacted customer support. They’re telling me that I need to provide a picture of myself and a picture of my passport or drivers license to get my account restored and cash out. They told me that I used bots and/or lied about my identity and location. But I’m the fraud? I’ve been a member for 7 years. They have stolen so much time and money from me and other users and have lied repeatedly about their surveys, but I have to trust that they’ll keep my personal data private? Yeah ok. I was able to activate my account through other means so that I could cash out, but I ended up deactivating my account as soon as I cashed out. There have been way too many problems recently, and the fact that reporting issues to customer service flags your account for fraud is just plain unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Castodd
Rarely qualifying
So I like being able to make $$ in my spare time but I made a measly 2 dollars with 5 hours of trying surveys. They say 5 mins for a survey but doesn’t count the entrance survey. Some of the entrance surveys take as long as the main survey! And that’s me speeding through. Or I’ll be half way through a survey and it’ll boot me cause I didn’t fall into what they wanted for the survey. And all I get is 3 points?! When I waste a large amount of my time. What’s the point of me filling out my info to get more specific surveys when nearly all surveys you don’t qualify for. You’d think this app would be designed to find qualifying surveys for you so u don’t waste time. And it would fill out your qualifying info for these surveys. A lot of surveys ask the same dumb questions, you’d think survey junkie would have you fill those out so u don’t have to fill it out everytime. We should earn more points even when we are booted, especially mid survey. I’ve also been told I was disqualified for not following the rules after finishing a survey, even though I awnser honestly. I feel scammed to be fairly honest. I’m sharing personal info and I’m not really being fairly compensated.
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5 years ago, ZoéPerpetua
Junk App and a Rip-off
So here’s the thing. I spent 20 minutes completing a survey, FINISHED THE SURVEY, it SAID I completed the survey, and then after selecting the “finish” button, I got the “uh oh! This survey is full” are you freaking kidding me?!! Spend 15 minutes answering questions and then it says “UH-OH! You don’t qualify for this survey!” Then it gives you one or two points as a consolation. They get a lot of answers out of you and then you don’t get paid. The other message you get is “this survey is full” after you’ve answered most of the questions. This is crap. Why have the survey available if it’s FULL? That tells me one thing- SCAM. You take the surveys and give the survey provider most, of not all, the info they need, and then you get kicked out of the survey. I answer all my questions honestly, it’s got nothing to do with my profile. It also ripped me off for 30 points when I completed a survey and then it only gave me 3 points. They state that people qualify for an average of 1 out 5 surveys. That’s a lie. It’s more like 1-50. But you’ll waste your time being disqualified for hours, while only receiving 10 points for four hours of your time. That’s 10 cents. Sweatshops don’t even pay that poorly. This app is an absolute scam.
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2 years ago, babysharky13
Total waste of time!
This is a horrible app and the whole thing is basically a time-sucking scam that pays pennies an hour, and then when I finally had enough points to redeem a measly five bucks, they wouldn’t let me redeem it!!! I did the ID verification, I shouldn’t have any problems with my account, but when I try to redeem it says my account is under review. I’ve tried to contact customer service several times and I have never gotten any response from them. I am so frustrated that I wasted so much time for absolutely nothing! I highly suggest not wasting your time with this app at all, because even if it weren’t a TOTAL SCAM and I could redeem my points, the payout is still far from worth the time and effort put into completing the surveys. 90% of the surveys will disqualify you after 30 minutes, or sometimes even longer, for absolutely no reason, so instead of the 90 points or 100 points you were promised they give you only 2 points! After you’ve already answered (probably) all if the questions and put all this time in… they just rip you off. And then if you ever get enough to actually cash out they REALLY RIP YOU OFF and DONT PAY you. WORST APP EVER.
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3 years ago, smaug1974
Works until it doesn’t
Getting cash back instantly is nice especially to PayPal and they lowered the cash out to 5$ instead of 10$ which is good. And once you cash out once it’s fast money in bank. I did have to verify all my info again for no reason and that took days to get the money I’ve cashed out before. Called customer service on phone and they were helpful. No human maning emails. Only a few complaints. Starting 2 days ago my daily 1 minute 10 point surveys have said bad request error 400. Then when I try to click on surveys again says already did them. No I didn’t it wouldn’t let me. Wrote them no answer yet but they owe me 40¢ so far. The other thing is completing a 30 minute survey then only getting 2¢ for not quality. If I’m not qualified why let me finish. Should of got the ¢2 immediately upon starting. That’s it other than not qualified for most surveys. I would try all of them if they would deny me faster and pay then. Not working at all right now. Don’t know if it’s my phone or there problem. This always happens when I’m close to cash out
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4 years ago, Gfchchfffusicfu
This Is the BEST survey taking app
The app has a very simple layout, does not take you to other surveys when doing one survey, unless it’s part of the completion goal, and really pays you the money you earned. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, however, there is one problem that suddenly started happening... I use survey junkie on a tablet and the layout one day, began to be a bit glitchy. It seems zoomed in enough that I can’t read all the words on the screen, and parts of pages are clipped off. I tried redownloading and resetting the app but nothing worked...I hope this is something that can be fixed in the near future because I really love this app!! Also, sometimes when I complete a server, it does not give me the earned credits, ( usually a server that does not give a hefty amount of points; 15, 10, etc) and also when I am not suitable for completing the server sometimes it does not give me the small 2 or 3 points. I know it’s a small amount of points, but at the end of the week it really adds up!!
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5 years ago, kelyazl
Trash App Trash Customer Service
I wish I had read the reviews before, my fault for not doing that. Everyone who says it lures you in at first and then basically steals your survey answers for 15-20 minutes and then suddenly disqualified you is absolutely right! I’ve been disqualified from plenty of surveys after a handful of questions and never complained because that just is what it is. But when I wasted 20 minutes answering a long survey only to be told I didn’t disqualify and without offering me at least a couple of points for my time, I emailed support. They were condescending, trying to blame me for not completing my profile (my profile is totally complete) and giving the old “we’re sorry and can understand it’s frustrating but you can be disqualified at any point for any reason and we can’t help that” - completely missing the point that I was booted off the survey after answering 100% of the questions and without being paid anything. It wasn’t just a matter of not fitting the demographic after a handful of questions. I literally FINISHED ANSWERING EVERY QUESTION. It clearly happens all the time (after you’ve earned a few dollars of course, so you’ll keep coming back). So not worth it.
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10 months ago, SherinaMo
Great way to earn extra money, but….
I have been a participant of Survey Junkie for quite some time now. I enjoyed qualifying for surveys and earning money at the same time, until yesterday morning. Every morning while eating breakfast I try to earn at least $1 before leaving for work. At the end of the week, I try to cash out the money that was earned. Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I turned on my phone to work on surveys and I was met with the login screen. I made several attempts in the morning to log in with my email and password all to no avail. I tried again last night while sitting at soccer tryouts for my son’s team. Nothing! I have a yahoo account that is associated with the account. The error message read, “The email format is invalid.” What? My email and password have not changed! What gives? I really enjoy the surveys and the app. I have recommended the app to many of my friends who are soccer moms or stay-at-home moms. Please advise.
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2 years ago, mamabear1530
It has some flaws
This is one of the survey apps I’ll use over most. You can make some extra money for gas or help with groceries but there are some things I’ve noticed that has kept me from giving them 5 stars. First, sometimes you never get paid from a survey you completed so the surveyors take your opinions but don’t pay you. Second, they will kick you off last question and not pay you even though you completed their whole survey. Third, what I don’t get the most is they want people’s honest opinions but they will kick you off once you do for something that you may have had a negative experience with or may not personally like but are still willing to review it but they don’t care because well your opinion isn’t what they wanted to hear, which is odd because that’s the whole point of a survey. I also think if you are a republican don’t say that you are because you will get disqualified for every survey which is sad because everyone deserves a right to their opinion democrat or republican.
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2 years ago, Devvvv707
You can’t actually redeem to PayPal
This seemed OK at first.. As far as these survey type apps go. I saved up points for years trying to get a good bit of points before redeeming because that would mean starting my points over. So I finally decided ok I’m just gonna redeem them. Go to try and send them to PayPal and it says I can’t! That I can only either link my bank account or contact customer service. So I contact customer service. They say if I don’t want to put in my bank info I have to “verify” my account by sending in pictures of my I.D. The problem with this is 1. Of course i didn’t know any of this till I tried to redeem my points. And 2. These survey apps already ask you for SO MUCH info that literally all they would need is either bank info or I.D. to totally steal your identity. If they “needed” these things they should make that the first thing you have to do before you start getting points so that people aren’t wasting so much time to find out they can’t safely get the points through PayPal or gift card like they thought. It just gives really scammy vibes.
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3 years ago, nekls enkdkdnns848
Barely ever qualify for surveys
The app is ok but it’s very very rare that you will ever qualify for a survey and if you do qualify you get half way through or done one part of the survey and all of sudden you don’t qualify no more and for the amount of time you put in you don’t get no where near some of the points you should get for doing the parts you have already done before the survey decided you no longer qualify anymore (I’m sure do to an answer you chose) I find with all these kinds of apps you will be lucky if you ever qualify for a survey and if you qualify for one you will be lucky if you ever qualify enough to actually finish the whole survey. I feel like these apps are purposely set up for you not to qualify for most surveys and to not qualify all of a sudden half way through the survey you had already qualified for and all of sudden don’t qualify for anymore. It’s stupid how these survey apps are set up seeing they want you to take surveys yet you will never qualify for any almost except like two or three and lucky if that many
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1 year ago, Abradbury07
Not fruitful.
I have used this app/website off and on for a few years, and it never improves. When I first started completing surveys, I contacted customer support because I didn’t receive credit on NUMEROUS surveys because it would glitch at the very end. Did they resolve this? Of course not. They will parrot the same excuse repeatedly: that you must not have qualified for the survey. First of all, if I didn’t qualify…WHY DID IT POPULATE IN MY LIST OF SURVEYS? Chances are, you did qualify, because you just spent 40 minutes answering the most inane questions to the point of absurdity and you filled out the entire survey, and yet it still glitched at the end. This issue wasn’t resolved then and currently it is still an issue. The time of day, internet connection, app vs browser makes NO difference. You will also receive absurd error messages that you need to answer honestly? As if you haven’t just typed the same information in a million surveys. If you have the time and patience to make pennies, then do it. But if you need substantial money and soon? This isn’t the survey app for you.
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2 years ago, Fantastic34
A lot of surveys take your info without paying
I like the concept of this app, but I’m running into the same problem more often than not. I’ll get through the entire survey and it’ll say “the survey has filled up” or “you’ve been disqualified for not taking your time, dishonest answers,” etc. When I’m very much paying attention and answering honestly. I feel like this is a rip off because I’ve already spent the entire time doing the entire survey and only getting 2 or 3 points for it. So they’re getting my information and I’m not being compensated as advertised for it. Also I’ve booted from surveys on trick questions when I’ve answered them correctly too. For instance “What is the opposite of hot” and I select “cold” and it disqualifies me. And sometimes the options presented force you to either answer dishonestly or quit the survey. One asked my age but only gave the two range options of “16-20” and “36-42”. It’s a nice idea to get a few bucks here and there but it’s just not consistent enough with the payouts.
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2 years ago, T.Pricilya
Verify Accounts
I honestly love these appsbecause I actually earned $20 in 2weeks. But then when i try to change my previous old numbers,it is took me to longggg step and i got an email this morning saying that i need to verify my account using my GOVERNMENT PHOTO ID. which is really personal for me! And I refuse to doit because of that reason. So i don’t know how am i going to redeem my rewards that I earned ! I know its only $20 but can you guys imagine if there’s another peoples who got the same issues as me? Regardless whatever reason they have to protect our accounts,but how about us who trying to protect out Identity identities?!? After back and forth email,finally i got an email saying that they actually paid out my points and did sent paper check to my address. Will wait till it here and will update these reviews again once i cashout the check. Thanks alot and really appreciated it.
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3 years ago, Mayah Fields
Flawed but not too bad..
Survey junkie is much better than other survey sites, surveys are usually decently paid and the app is great for the most part but there are some issues. One complaint that I have is that I sometimes encounter surveys on the app that are clearly meant to be taken on the computer and not on mobile. Some surveys that require looking at a video usually doesn't work on mobile so I have to return the survey, very frustrating. Another MAJOR complaint is that there are rip-off surveys, in which you will basically complete the entire survey and then at the very end it kicks you off and claims that you no longer qualify. I believe this is purposely done to collect the data but not pay out. This really upsets me because I believe time is precious and it's not fair to have us do a 20-30 min survey and not pay us what we're owed. Maybe a feature that allows users to report or warn others about these fraudulent surveys would help??
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3 years ago, MsDebbieK
Great survey app!!
I have tried several survey apps. With some, it takes forever to be able to cash out or to accumulate money/points and some randomly kick you out with no explanation and no response to your emails. Survey Junkie has a lot of surveys and some are hard to qualify for but some are simple BUT, if you don’t qualify they give you 2-5 points for trying. I don’t know any other survey app that does that. 500 points =$5.00. Most surveys are 35-80 points. Some surveys are 100,125, 150 and even 200+. Some days I get several surveys and make 500+ points and some days I might not try much or qualify for much and only get 150 points. All in all, it’s easy to do, the app works great (I’ve had a couple glitches with survey that had videos and the video wouldn’t load. I’m on my WiFi so it’s the survey itself or the app) You’re not going to get rich doing survey Junkie but you will make some money
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4 years ago, fortenole
The best you will get for iPhone surveys
I personally really like SurveyJunkie. As a 17 year old with no part time looking for some way to make a little extra money, I personally really liked the app overall. The money obviously does not come fast and yes there are a few problems with the way they do surveys and occasionally it won’t pay you. But it is possible to make a lot of money from this overtime. Last month a was able to cash out $40 dollars over the course of the month and I was mostly doing the surveys in my free time. I think it is completely possible to make more if you are the type of person that likes to grind for that extra money but I usually aim for about $1.5 to $2 dollars a day. It obviously is not a perfect survey app but it is probably the best your going to get if you really want to make money from completing surveys. And personally, I do not think it gets better than this for a survey app.
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3 years ago, Jonna143
Good app will make $ but takes awhile
I don’t mind this app I did just cash out $44 but mind you that took me months of surveys and I did have to go through about a month of changing my account email address and then I wasn’t able to cash out with my PayPal account which is the way I like to do it and I’m sure everyone else does as well because it is instant. I tried probably close to 50 times to cash out with my PayPal account. Trick is when you set up your account make sure you set it up with the same email you use for your PayPal account that you want to use to cash out with. It says in the app that your allowed to add 2 extra email addresses to your account for this exact reason, but boy do they make that difficult and I got tired of waiting for my money so I just did a bank transfer which will take up to 5 days. So there are pros and cons to this app you can make a little bit of cash but it will take you awhile.
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4 years ago, Ohio Ali
Wasted Time (Update Below)
So I spent several hours taking surveys on this app and earned enough points (money) to proceed with a redemption, only to be told that my identity couldn’t be verified online. On the same screen I was asked to call to be put in queue where I would be called back by the end of the business day. Did that for 3 or 4 days in a row and never received a call back. I also messaged SurveyJunkie online and never heard from them. It’s been nearly a week now and I feel comfortable saying that they aren’t going to do their part... just wished I had known before I did mine. (Update) Okay, I was not expecting to hear back from SurveyJunkie, but they did in fact reach out to me and I am now verified and able to redeem my earnings. This is a rare occasion that an organization takes negative feedback seriously and makes an effort to resolve the complaint. I changed my rating from 1 star to 4 stars, and I would add that the app probably deserves another half star.
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5 years ago, Sbbr35199
You take surveys and receive nothing
I have a qualm with this app; you take a survey that says it is anywhere from 35 to 120 points and will require a certain amount of minutes to complete. Then about 10 to 15 mins into taking the survey it shuts down and says you didn’t qualify but we will give you 1 to 3 points for trying. Then you go to the next one and the next one and end up with the same. Basically marketing companies are receiving your opinions in these surveys for free while the app makes excuses for why you can’t obtain the points you should be able to for the time it took you to fill it all out. You may get one or at most two surveys a day where you actually accumulate the points the survey is supposed to be worth. Then it will take a half an hour. They definitely have things built in place so you cannot accumulate points by being more ambitious.
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9 months ago, Dandydots
Not impressed
So I started survey junkie 2 to 3 weeks ago and it was working fine. I do like the fact that if you start a survey and you don’t qualify for the full survey, they actually give you a couple points just for starting. That’s a good thing the bad thing for the last 2 to 3 days every time I get on or attempt to get on SurveyJunkie either I get on the site and it kicks me off back to my dashboard, or it starts a survey and I start the survey and partially through it kicks me back to my dashboard no messages no error messages. No here’s two points for starting your survey just keeps kicking me out. I’ve contacted customer service have not heard from them obviously if it continues, I will be canceling it because it’s not worth sitting here getting thrown out constantly when you’re actually attempting to do something. So, unfortunately, at this point, I would not recommend SurveyJunkie. And do other ones. Here’s to hoping they will get it back to me with my problem is. Also, I have opened it from my dashboard from my email and the app, same problem. Super frustrated, survey taker.
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2 years ago, sarathesnack
One minor isssue
I’m not the type of person to go write reviews on apps but I just have to complain a little bit. When I first downloaded SJ I was filling out surveys no problem! I had it less than a week and was able to make about $12 in that time which I thought was great. Where my complaint comes in is that once I decided to cash out my $12, all of a sudden all the surveys I tried doing were filling up or it said I was disqualified because I was going too quickly. So now I feel as if they’re making it a bit more difficult to finish surveys and earn the points. It could just be an issue on my end but it is discouraging. It was going so smoothly at first. I won’t be giving up though lol and I hope others aren’t having trouble with the same issue. Overall I really enjoy this app and definitely recommend it if you have down time and want to earn a little extra money.
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11 months ago, Is survey, junkie junkie
Pros and cons
I have been using SurveyJunkie. I suppose my biggest complaint would be when taking surveys and not getting paid for them even though you finish the survey, you might only get three points after spending a good half an hour, which is definitely unacceptable and I have contacted Support a number of times with no solution or response. I do like how I can redeem through bank account. I happen to use cash app and I think that’s pretty awesome however the high paying surveys and they’re not even that high paying but the ones worth 120 points you almost always, take the entire survey and it gives you three points and says that they don’t need you anymore. Basically if you have a lot of time on your hands and if you’re extreme introvert as I am, I spent time using this app I do, however, have experience with this app, and I am beginning to believe that time is a lot more precious than SurveyJunkie is willing to pay you. Thank you.
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