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User Reviews for SurveyMonkey

4.59 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, amaretto14277
Literally, the best.
Like literally, I just got the app a minute ago, and have made 30 polls. Polled my mom, dad, friends, everyone! My friend even got tired of how many polls I’ve sent him! Haha! Polls super easy to make, and yeah! All though I’ll like an update. Not just images, but videos too. I want to be able to insert videos. I’m not criticizing the app, don’t get me wrong. That’s all I got to say, super good app overall
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2 years ago, Rossmor Phil
Don’t ever select auto Renee it’s impossible to cancel
This is a terrible company to do business with. It’s impossible to reach anyone by phone for any reason. We had a corporate account for many years and we were happy with it. For the past three years, however, we’ve been getting auto-renewals on this Zombie account. We tried to cancel last year by writing them and asking to have our account closed. No luck. This year, we invested more time. After about a dozen chats with some sort of automated bot, we finally got an email from an actual customer service person. I gave them the card number that was being billed PRIOR to the charges posting, but they wanted to know the last 4 digits of the expired card that was originally entered (which, of course, we haven’t had access to for years). They had no other way to cancel the account, so we’re stuck again paying for premium access for something that no member of our organization logged into for 36 months. When they started, they were the only show in town, but now there’s no reason to put up with this level of bad service. Their poor service is actually a convenient way to fleece you. I have posted a “do not accept charges from this company” on all of my cards as well as the twelve other members of our organization, so nobody’s getting billed for this next year, but we’ve apparently singed on for another 11 months and 23 days of something that we have clearly told them we do not want and cannot use.
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10 months ago, H2O Forrest
Data held hostage for $280-This company deserves to fail
Conclusion: But you’ll soon find out that it costs A MINIMUM OF $280 TO VIEW THE REST OF YOUR RESPONSES. Plans are non refundable. Billed annually. They hold your data hostage. Do not give thi company money or good reviews. The basic (free) plan allows you to create surveys with a decent amount of features. What they don’t tell you is that you can only view 10 of your responses. Given that counterintuitive, nonsensical fact, you might think that you will be able to view all of your responses to the survey you created for free. So you might rely on it and make an important survey for yourself, business, project- anything. But you’ll soon find out that it costs A MINIMUM OF $280 TO VIEW THE REST OF YOUR RESPONSES. Plans are non refundable. Billed annually. They hold your data hostage. Do not give this company money or good reviews. There are other parts of there scheme that are scammy as well. For instance, they try to hide the fact that they will charge you a lump sum- so if you have all of your data held hostage, you might think that you can just pay for a month. Wrong. You also might think you could pay for the 25$ a month enterprise plan. Buying that actually costs you $900 immediately (25$ per person, plans for 3 people, times 12 months , billed annually). They rely on tricks to trap people. Use any SurveyMonkey alternative, but do not use them.
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6 years ago,
Decent, but could be better
Overall it’s a pretty good app for setting up simple surveys. I downloaded it to set up contest in a game called, Airmen. My intention was for players to vote in the survey for which ships they like & the winner would receive a reward. Unfortunately I had to make multiple separate surveys because I was limited to about 10 items per survey in order to avoid the ridiculous $35 per month subscription. Another problem that I had is being unable to attach multiple choice questions to images & images therefore counting as separate items. If the subscription was lowered to about $2-5 per month & this app had the functionality of the pc version then I would definitely rate it 5 stars. Thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, Trying to watch TV
Don’t download for personal use.
I downloaded this app as a fun way to get family and friends involved in a gender reveal. At no point during the registration/ creation of the survey did the site say that I would be unable to see responses after 40 people responded without paying $100 a month. As friends and family were completing the survey, I get a message saying I will not be able to see any of the responses beyond the 40 without immediately upgrading to their pro account that is $100 a month. I only planned to use this for 1 survey, I would have kept looking for a different site/ app had I known of this ridiculous fee. At this point the link has already been sent out to all of our family and friends so I can’t just use a different site. Now the whole experience has been ruined.
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2 years ago, elliot2020202
This app is money hungry
I’ve seen a lot of my college friends use this for data collection for their school projects but I didn’t know how money hungry this app really was. I used it to gather feedback for my upcoming wedding next year to see information from my guests, and now I cannot view my other two responses because guess what? They want you to pay over $99 a month or $340 annually just to add more questions to your surveys or to view more responses! Like what the heck? Why is it so expensive, especially when I think it’s more widely used by college students when they don’t want to use google forms? I’d rather use that site than this greedy app!
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3 years ago, Dr.HEK1
Good way to keep up with surveys but the time stamps are wrong
I use Surveymonkey for my work using a subscription paid plan. I like being able to pull up survey data on visitor experience at any time using my. iPhone 11. I use my MacBook for full data analysis . Anyway, the problem that I am hoping developers can identify a solution for is that the time stamp for the responses is incorrect when looking at them on my iPhone. The time stamps are correct when analyzing survey responses on my laptop. Any idea how to fix this problem?
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5 years ago, allnicknamesinuniversearetaken
Can’t even log in! Keeps saying my email is in the system and when I try to retrieve my login info it says it’s not in the system - so I try to sign in with my google account - same thing - one of the things I hate the most is that if an actual hacker wants in, they have ways of getting in and I know that all of these ridiculous security measures are just so people feel like the company is secure and if they are sued that have something to show in court to prove they try to keep info secure... when a company claims that making it hard for me to log in is for my own protection - it infuriates me because it’s really just for my own perception of protection and it’s bull/);:it!
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1 year ago, shelbeanJD
Im a student so obviously I’m just looking for a one time thing to pass my assignments in class but low and behold I had to pay to get more than 10 responses? Which I was like okay but why didn’t you warn me before I sent it out? Or tell me that when I signed on? Not to mention the prices, the “best deal” they had was 39$ a month but it bills you annually so what was the point? It’s trashy and not professional. It seems like it’s trying to trick us into giving them money. I’m 100% certain that these 5 star reviews were paid from all the money they make mooching off people. I hope I can rate this 0 out of 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Mi55 Rochelle
Shakes you down for $100 subscription if you want your results!
I wish I could give them zero stars but that’s not an option. The lowest level of subscription is $100/month if you want to see any responses after the first 10. AT NO POINT during the registration do they tell you this. They wait until you’ve already sent out the survey and receive more than 10 responses to tell you to pay them a ridiculous amount of money to see them. I literally only need 1 survey and will probably never need this software again. Had I known this earlier in the process, I would never have used them.
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3 years ago, m.sic
Great tool. Needs improvement.
I can always rely on SurveyMonkey to get answers to a burning question. Thanks for providing that. However, the image-based surveys don’t offer an easy way to analyze the data, as they don’t show the images in the survey results. When you have three or more images that were submitted for voting and don’t show them in the results, it becomes hard to understand those results right away, without having a visual to relate to. I can only hope that is something that can be addressed in the future. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Frank12292992
Highly Value Additive!
My team continues to derive significant value from the Survey Monkey app. The UI allows us to generate highly useful data in an intuitive format when working on projects. Our business is predicated upon survey data, and this information is delivered seamlessly through the app in a clean and consistent manner. Wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Kevnl06
Didn’t deliver on product
I designed a survey and paid the monthly subscription for 4 months ($400). Just before ending my subscription I exported my results and saved the file (didn’t need to evaluate them right away). I reopened the file recently and found that just over half of my 140 responses were available and answers for about 8 of the questions were not even exported. I contacted SurveyMonkey to try to rectify this problem and was told I must pay for another subscription in order to try to re-download the results SurveyMonkey failed to deliver when I had my previous subscription. Very disappointed with their service.
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11 months ago, MegMCash
Do not use unless you plan to pay for pro
I wish I could give negative stars. I used to use Survey Monkey in college all the time. It was completely free. I decided to use it as an event sign up and once I got more than 10 responses, it locked the additional responses and told me it was a pro feature. Survey Money Pro is $98 PER MONTH. They don’t tell you this when you sign up, so I sent an email blast and posted this event sign up for my neighborhood. So, now I have to create a different event sign up, resend it, and people who have already signed up have to do it again. Embarrassing.
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3 years ago, Who_Wooten
Bait and switch!!!!!!
I thought survey monkey was a decent survey research service - that was until i used it personally and not at work. I signed up for a free account. Since I'm used to the software interface iI began to create a survey. After 2 hours and the need for this survey today, I’m informed AFTER completing the survey that it costs $32/mo and you have to pay for the year. I have the money to pay for it but i stand on principle. I spent 2 hours creating something inly to be told after the fact that i have to pay for a year to use what i created kn their platform. Dirty pool!!!!
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5 years ago, i will was
Be you tiful
Amazing App , Take us beyond what we actually need .. gives us more options and choices ; we use it for many stuff especially some education survey and much more such as #Live survey showing results at no time and share it or save it - anything you need or want , friendly App ; makes the survey so easy and useful with a lot of Fun .
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4 years ago, blake or billy
Nice app
If you want other people to decide or want to know what other people think get this app and make a survey. You can put any questions or anything. And you can send the link everywhere and then you can see which anwser is in the lead and other very cool things. I would recommend getting the app.
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2 years ago, laurellam
Wow I really messed up when deciding to download this for college club elections! NO WHERE during sign up does this money grubbing company tell you you’ll be maxed out at 10 respondents!!! And then your data will be held hostage! So now the choice is contact 77students and faculty to redo the entire election or pay $100 to uncover the responses!! Beyond livid, never using SurveyMonkey again even once I began in the marketing world I will bash them and make sure to find another company to pay for wide spread services when I do need them again.
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5 years ago, optimistically disgruntled
Very very unclear
Your app has no clear directions for how to use in offline mode, seems that the only way to use offline would be through the enterprise subscription, which doesn’t allow you to buy on the spot, but you must contact them through email. Furthermore for the “privilege” of calling them, you must pay for an upgraded service. I don’t understand why only enterprise subscription has the offline mode, and if any other subscriptions do, I would love if you could help me with that. Thank you, A very disgruntled customer
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7 years ago, HHweb
Sort of useless at this point
Because most of the functionality available via the desktop browser version is NOT available in the app (or on mobile) yet, this app is sort of useless until FULL functionality is available. It’s ok for creating new (non-template) surveys, but editing/deleting items once created is NOT allowed yet, rendering the app useless. My advice...stick with the desktop version until they can build a real, fully functional app.
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3 years ago, MORates
WAS good. Then they decided to extort me.
SurveyMonkey’s free service was great. Then they changed their terms and made it so I can only see 40 responses even though I had been collecting and using over 40 responses before they changed. I don’t have a problem with your 40 response limit, but I have a big problem with this being applied retroactively to surveys that were already running. I had the data you told me I could, and then you took it away and are trying to extort me into paying for it. Not a great way to treat your users.
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6 years ago, shillforreal
Full of potential
For those who love to comb through data sets and for the more advanced user who can make their own surveys and datasets, this app looks to be a wonderful resource of all kinds of info. Can’t wait to delve deeper into the app and really figure it out to its fullest potential
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4 years ago, Rodeosweetheart64
Don’t pay for it!
I really hate to write bad reviews, but I see no choice. I joined this only to do one survey. Payed my money for the monthly fee with every intention of canceling the auto renew. Now I have spent over an hour trying to do so and can’t. I have followed the instructions they give you on how to do it and when I get to the page there is now way to cancel. Very frustrating! When I go to the page to contact the developer, that page won’t come up. I guess I will have to report them to the better business bureau
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5 years ago, Serebiilover
Feature Request
Very good app. A tool at the apex of our business. They market themselves as a survey platform, but it is very versatile. One thing I want to see is custom exporting (specifically PDF) that only shows the user’s submitted response without having to show the entirety of the survey’s unanswered questions. This and mobile exporting of data and analyzing surveys with questions over 100 questions. Having all the questions exposed is somewhat of a risk to IP if it’s not relevant if the report is sent out to third parties. It’s also annoying to have to read 12 pages of junk to find the 6 questions of relevance when logic was applied. If (noResponse); Then (doNotIncludeInReport);
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5 years ago, a dot carr
Wouldn’t recommend
I needed to upgrade to standard for my research. Used it for less than a month and tried to cancel because I no longer needed it. The company previously said it doesn’t renew unless you authorize it. Two days later I was charged $35 again for a subscription I didn’t need. I was blocked from canceling my subscription until now. I have no respondents on my survey this month(I closed my survey since I was done gathering data) to even justify paying it again. One is better of using a free program.
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5 years ago, Average small business owner
Slow to respond and doesn't reflect web
I am a subscribed customer and have been using this service for a few years now. The surveys I have deleted from a computer still show up on the app. The app also loads really slow. I am using the iPhone 10s with macOS 12.3.1 Overall Survey Monkey is an amazing tool and I enjoy the service and plan to continue as a customer. The app needs to be updated.
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5 years ago, chelseysmith19
It’s good
I’ve been using this app for about a month or so now and have made $8.20. This is not an app if you’re looking to make lots of money but it’s a nice app if you need little cash here and there. Most of the time I do not get notified when I have surveys available so I have to go into the app and look every now and then. I say I get about 4-5 surveys a week.
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5 years ago, khanyapa
Alumni organization establishment
I’m new at it and still learning a lot. It has helped and saved my organization with speed, administrative functions and facilitated voting and setting up a new governing body. I see this helping my organization grow.
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4 years ago, user1989!30
Do not recommended
I downloaded the free app and quickly learned that the maximum number of responses was 40 under the “basic” free option. Naturally, I paid for an upgrade since I had already issued the survey and had more than 40 responses. I received confirmation from Apple for the upgrade but then due to issues in the app, the upgrade wasn’t applied. I tried redownloading the app, to no avail and customer service was of no assistance. Needless to say, this will be my first and last time using the app.
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1 year ago, hank649
Trash company deletes reviews
They want 100$ for you to see any surveys past 10. They also got my other review deleted. Shady and unethical. Btw you can do all the same features of this app with google docs and Microsoft forms. Google is FREE. this app is not for college students trying to send out a survey to other students. They don’t bother to mention the over 10 part until you’re PAST ten surveys that have been done. Don’t bother with this app.
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4 years ago, Faninvests
Limited Number of Results
I created and sent a survey to a group of people only to learn afterwards that I could only review a limited number of responses without paying for an upgrade. Had I known that ahead of time, I would have created two different surveys or limited the number to whom it was sent.
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6 years ago, Samrocker34
Auto Payments
Functionality is fine and there are a lot of good features, but I hate that SM, like so many other sleazy companies, automatically sets up payment plans when all you want is to purchase a set plan for a few months. Ordered a 3 month plan for $105 so I could do a thesis, finished the thesis, and at the end of the three month period that billed me for another 3 months. Thanks. Deleting the app and not using SM again.
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2 years ago, Crisstov
Just use google forms
$100 a month when the survey exceeds 10 responses and only $300 for annual ? please fire whoever thought that was a good idea for pricing. I wouldn’t mind paying $25-50 a month but $100 for a group of the size I need it for is illogical. Tiered options in regards to pricing based on survey response size would be more optimal. Received about 15 responses and can’t even access the important data from 5 of my clients. Super frustrating
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4 years ago, Bug.67
Notifications not working
This is a great app overall, but notifications aren’t working. I created a survey to use as an order form so I turned on notifications to let me know when someone has placed a new order although, I am not receiving any notifications.
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5 years ago, Tarheels1988
Support Service is Terrible
Absolutely love this app as far as the surveys & consistency of paying out accordingly. We have given Survey Monkey a 5 Star, but customer service is slow(horrendous) getting back to you. I changed my number & it’s taking too long for customer service to respond back. 5 days to get a response back from a company is unacceptable! Also, there is no where on the app to change your number. For this reason, I have you a 1!
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4 years ago, gracelizt
Limited Responses for Free Plan: use Google forms instead
This app features a new basic (free) plan that at first glance seems to just be the plain survey making service that you expect it to be. However, once you send out your survey, it only allows 40 responses without any prior warning that your responses would be so severely limited. My organization has used survey monkey for years as a voting tool, but they’ve lost our business with this limitations. TL:DR - go use google forms.
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3 years ago, Trusguy
Impressive app that works immediately for you!
I am extremely impressed with the structure and versatility of this business app. I put it to work immediately and it’s made me a better manager!!!
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7 years ago, Treasureabra
Difficult to send surveys to others
I was excited to download this app for surveys for a class I’m teaching. I’ve found, however, that I am unable to send the link to my students. It seems as though I would need to purchase the app for at least $39/month in order to use the sending feature. Bummer. Will be deleting unless there is a way to send links without the fee.
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2 years ago, ChavesL
Max 10 responses! Really?!
Terrible experience of using SurveyMonkey as I used to years ago for short and quick surveys now and then… but apparently to get a 17 responses survey I need to pay at least $100. Very sad. Never more Made the quick survey and sent it, and until the end this was not shown when using the trial. So they gave me no option other than paying the most expensive survey. Upsetting…
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6 years ago, Grammietoo
Great app
I love being able to have my opinion count but even better charity’s get donations because I’m giving my opinion. I don’t have the cash to donate directly but this I can do easily. Giving back to society is important to me.
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2 years ago, Vincent 74292
Bait & switch
Created a 5-question survey for family for a trip to Disney World and was prompted to pay $99/month because it included features that are not available in the free/basic plan. Those features are not specified, so the app prevented me from sharing the survey. That would have been nice to know up front and not after I spent time creating the survey. No idea how this app has 4.6 stars.
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11 months ago, Schanell
Basic Version is Useless Now
The basic version is useless now. They’ve downgraded free accounts to be able to only view your first 10 responses to a survey and threaten to delete any responses over the 10 limit within 60 days. I don’t appreciate being threatened or having my data held hostage. Be upfront with this new 10 response limit as you didn’t inform me of it until I received responses.
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1 year ago, 6ThreeSided9
$100 a month
That’s how much they charge you for any more than 10 respondents or 10 questions in a survey. And worse? It didn’t used to be like this, *and* there’s nothing telling you you need this for more than 10 respondents until after you already have them. So you go through all that effort and apparently you have to spend $100 just to see the results.
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3 years ago, KJ Griffin
Covid and covid vaccines and and how they affect a transplant person on medication
Wondering how others with transplants are dealing with covid and the covid vaccine. John Hopkins hospital is conducting a survey on how the covid vaccine is developing in transplant patients. I am in the study and just did my antibody lab yesterday and got my 2nd covid vaccine by Pfizer.
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5 years ago, Amy Schisler
Most important feature does not work
I don’t need lots of analysis or fancy tricks. I just need to see individual responses. On the computer, they are very difficult to find. On both my phone and tablet, when I click on an individual response it, I only get a blank page. It’s very frustrating.
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1 year ago, The End is near 1234
Would be great if it if worked
Downloaded it 4 days ago I’ve been patient and I STILL can’t even log in bc the app is buggy. I’ve closed it out, deleted and redownloaded, and checked the actual site which is also buggy but up at least I can make it TO the login screen can’t even do that on the app. I might change when I can access my account.
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11 months ago, Nate.Offset
Too much money
I have a very small business and I need to use this for data collection on my products, I can’t see responses after 10 people?! And $100 a month? That’s $1,200 a year and yes there is $400 a year but still wayyyyy too much, there should be a another plan that maybe still restricts a little bit but is cheaper like a free, pro and elite, I cannot afford this.
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3 years ago, Makai6148
Waste of time.
I paid $70 for a month subscription just so my survey could include uploading a photo - and I still apparently need to pay the $300 for the yearly subscription. I tried to call them to cancel and get my money refunded and I can’t even do that! I have to upgrade my account just to be able to call customer support. I want my money back.
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6 years ago, lhagoo
Not usable
My company sends out survey monkeys often for us to complete while we are with clients and no matter how I search I can not find where I can complete survey monkeys from links provided to me by the creators via email. Very frustrating. So far I see I can only create my own surveys and/or do charitable surveys which is no help to me at all. Why I can’t just input the survey links sent to me is very frustrating.
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6 years ago, BossTuba
a freaking joke
this app is such a joke. if you answer the way the company wants you to, they kick you off of the survey and give you 3pts for "trying". It's a complete waste of time, and I've already wasted an hour trying to complete a few surveys before work. A total scam; they only want certain answers, and that's not how research surveys work. Good luck with your watered down answers. - annoyed college student
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