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User Reviews for Surveys On The Go

4.56 out of 5
75K Ratings
4 years ago, Smile Everyday!
Great Side Hustle!
Surveys On The Go is a great way to make extra cash literally right at your fingertips. I got to redeem $25 cash within two weeks of having the app that is because I check for surveys every day or when the application sends me notifications about a new survey being available to me. The more surveys you complete the higher the pay! At first I started off with only $0.10 survey offers and wasn’t that pleased because I thought it would take forever to be able to reached $10 so that I could redeem my cash but I still did them! and I was actually surprised within two weeks I had $25 able to redeem through my PayPal and I went to the ATM and pulled it off I was so broke that day and really appreciated this app it honestly paid off! I earned five dollars through 15-30 min Surveys being the ones that I qualified for and the $20 was earned from being a secret store reviewer at a local store in my areas from a survey offer when surveys on the go sent me a notification. My best advice for anyone reading this interested in downloading the app is to stay patient and whenever you get a notification about a survey being available click on it because the more you do the more you earn and the more frequent you will get notifications about surveys available to you. You won’t earn enough to redeem immediately after downloading the app. Trust me I thought so at first too! but stay patient and eventually in about a week or so you will be able to cash out.
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4 years ago, lyft_hater
Been a Supporter For Awhile and Highly Recommend
I don’t ever write reviews, but had this app for like 2-3 years now, and I can say I have probably made a total of around $100. I am extremely thankful for this app and have been lowkey fearful that they’d change or decrease the values on their surveys or eliminate the 10¢ when you aren’t qualified, so I did want to thank yall and return the favor. It obviously can’t replace your job, but extra cash is extra cash. You’ll be able to partake in a survey everyday, but if you don’t qualify you still get 10¢ which adds up quicker than you think. You can redeem at $10 and will take around 1 month if you are like me who only decides to do surveys when they feel like it. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember try and look for any other survey apps that provide you that much that quickly. Support is Great and easy on this app. I did have a few glitches or when the surveys itself had bugs/glitches. They review them quickly and get back to you, and still reward you the full amount once they review rather than just losing the amount and time that you took on the survey(s). I do like that they send you the money through Paypal in a matter of seconds instead of like a gift card that would limit your options. Overall, it’s the best survey app that I’ve used and trust, I’ve used a lot, and have plans on using this throughout my future and maybe even paying them back if I get extremely rich one day.
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1 year ago, shadylane72
This app is awesome!
I’ve had this app for three months now and I’ve already made $50. And yes, you can actually cash out real money through PayPal and you get it in minutes, rather than days. This is without a doubt the best survey app out there. Each survey will tell you usually in the first minute if you qualify, and if you don’t, they will give you $0.10. This doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. Also, I will say that for me, it seems like the more often you do surveys, the more you will get. When I first started with the app I didn’t see a whole lot of survey opportunities but I did all I could. Then I noticed more and more popped up. Some days I could get six survey opportunities! I will say to keep your location on as lots of surveys will come through your location. For example, I went to Walmart, and a location survey popped up asking if I went to Walmart and to rate my experience which gave me $1.00. But even if the location gets it wrong (asking if you went to a restaurant next to the place you actually went) you still get $0.10 for answering no, I didn’t go there. As for customer service, I’ve had a few surveys that froze on me before I could finish, and I was at the very end. I contacted customer service and let them know and they gave me the full payout for the survey! They really are trying to do their best and be honest. I highly recommend this app. It is truly the best!
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3 years ago, ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ👽
It’s Getting There! (Honest Review)
Honestly this app is very good it’s the only survey app I’ve used where I actually qualify for surveys and what makes this better is if you actually try to do some surveys you can make $10 each week I’ve actually had a few problems with this survey app in the past BUT it actually seems to be improving on a lot of the things I was concerned about! So it’s also good to note that they do listen to what the users of this app! If I do have one problem it’s probably customer service it’s definitely improved a bit BUT it could still be better from my experience, customer service can be a hit or miss thing but recently I’ve been noticing it’s been getting better! I see they are also adding things to help the users of this app this is a very great app to use because most surveys are quick, and pay pretty well! The longest ones are 30 minutes most range from 10-15 minutes! They also test to see if you qualify early so you don’t go like 10 minutes into a survey and get disqualified! They always tell you if you’re qualified and the process only takes a few minutes! I can tell that this app is NOT trying to trick people into taking surveys but actually wants allow people to pay out. I promise try this app if you’ve been looking for a good survey app!
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1 year ago, Lexi7106
pretty good app
I have had this app downloaded for awhile and then I deleted it because the surveys didn’t really work but I got it back and I was able to redeem $10! It wasn’t a lot considering how long I had the app, but also it’s not like it’s an actual job, it’s just a side hustle and I was still able to get a little treat for myself. I personally rarely get surveys myself, besides the poll of the day, so my money earning is pretty slow. Payday is a pretty good way of getting a small stream of income and while it will likely take awhile, I should be able to cash out in a month or so. One thing that is frustrating about this app is that if and whenever I do get actual surveys, such as “Knowledge: 1.00”, I’ll either get all the way to the end and it’ll give me some error message and then kick me out, and then when I try to go back in, it’ll say that I already took the survey even though it kicked me out at the end and didn’t give me any money for my time. One other thing is at the beginning of each poll of the day, it will tell you how many days you have until you get a “cash bonus” and once I reach that point and it gives me the notification to claim my bonus, I’ll click on it and it will say something like “Oops! Looks like you already claimed it.”, even though it didn’t give me anything. So for me personally, my only way of paying out is to collect what I get from payday, but it’s still a nice little side hustle.
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4 years ago, vkpaige
great experience!!
I downloaded this app in last year and even though it takes time to get money they give you 10 cents even if you don’t qualify for the survey! which is more than other survey apps. Last summer I qualified for a week survey that gave me $20. This app gives you real money and isn’t a scam. I give it a 4 star only because of how long it takes to earn money and most of the time I haven’t qualified for the $2-$5 surveys. It was also a little tricky for me to cash out my money but I think the problem was mostly on my end but emailing them they contacted me back so that was helpful! But even though your chances are low you still get that 10 cents and usually if you keep your locations on I get a notification almost right after about the place I went to. It does this so you can get a survey that might match with what you were doing. ex- if i went to target or walmart, then i get a survey asking if i have visited any of these stores in the past few hours. I am young to be knowing about all the stuff in these surveys but go with what you know and you might get a good few dollar pay! I recommend this app if you are patient and are looking to make a few extra dollars because it’s truly a good app if you give it sometime. You also won’t be flooded with multiple surveys a day but i’d recommend having to locations on which will get you more. You don’t have to give out your information and it worked for me!!
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6 years ago, lizzy5473
Its a good app.
I have been kn meant survey apps and I have found two that work. On this app I am about to make my fist cash out as I only need 25 more cents. It has been about to weeks and I have $9.75 which is very good. There is another app called Panel App but it takes forever to cash out and I have only cashed out when I get a dollar. From that app I have gotten $2 in about 3 months. This app seems to give you high value surveys. For some of the very personal information I don't answer true fully as I don't want then to have that information. It is a bit wired that they would ask for your cell phone bills but I would never qualify for those as I have a prepaid plan. I would never give them my cell phone bills anyhow as that is for me only. So they give me 10 cents for doing 10-15 questions. There are some surveys that they say will give you about $4-$5 but I have never qualified for those. When there is a survey that has a $2-$5 reward you have to air for them to review your answers which takes 1-2 days. Other than that this is an amazing survey app and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make so money. Update- just cashes out for the first time. I got the gift card instantly and loaded it to my account. I bought squishyies and the paint went through. This app is no scam it really works.
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4 years ago, Sunny Boobs
This app pays!
I’ve tried several survey apps and Surveys on the Go is one of the best out there! Some survey apps lie to you about how long a survey will take. You start on a 5 min survey and by the time you’re done it’s been 15 minutes — not the case with Surveys on the Go! If it says it will take 5 minutes, it will only take 5 minutes max, now that’s some good old-fashioned honesty! Some apps rob you of your time by not fairly rewarding you after you’ve spent 5 minutes answering questions only to find out you’re not qualified for the survey — not the case with Surveys on the Go! You find out within a minute if you qualify for a survey and if not you get an instant $0.10 for your trouble. Most surveys take 5 minutes, and pay fair amounts for your time ($1 - $2 or so) so you’re not in there wasting hours and getting nowhere fast. Lastly some survey apps try to burn you out by not allowing you to cash out until you’ve earned an absurd amount ($30, seriously? No thanks Inbox Dollars!! It took me a year to finally rack up $30+) — not the case with Surveys on the Go! If you get to $10 (honestly usually within a month or two, this is only passive income folks) and you’re good, you can cash out, get your money and move on with your life. But if you want to keep going and earn $10 more, then you can! Woo-hoo!
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3 months ago, Hectormg10iq
Best app the make money
Surveys on the Go is an excellent app for anyone looking to earn extra cash in their spare time. With its intuitive interface and a wide variety of surveys available, it's incredibly easy to use and rewarding. One of the best features of Surveys on the Go is its accessibility. Whether you're waiting in line, commuting, or just relaxing at home, you can easily complete surveys and earn money on the go. The app notifies you when new surveys are available, so you never miss an opportunity to earn. I've been using Surveys on the Go for a while now, and I've been impressed by the range of surveys offered. From quick polls to more in-depth market research studies, there's something for everyone. Plus, the payouts are fair and timely, making it a reliable source of extra income. The app's user-friendly design makes navigating surveys a breeze, and I appreciate the transparency in terms of rewards and survey requirements. Additionally, the customer support team is responsive and helpful, addressing any concerns or questions promptly. Overall, Surveys on the Go is a fantastic app for earning money by sharing your opinions. Whether you're saving up for something special or just looking to make some extra cash, I highly recommend giving it a try.
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8 months ago, i_love_musicals07
The app’s VPN will make your phone impossible to use
The good: this is probably the best app out there for surveys. They push only the most relevant surveys and reimburse you $0.05 when you don’t qualify (it used to be $0.10, but alas). Their product trials are also great, and I have gotten to try some cool stuff. With the VPN turned on, you’ll earn some passive money and be alerted to special, high paying surveys based on location. I have earned almost $200 from just this app since March! The bad: The VPN makes my phone almost unusable. For months I was wondering why my phone couldn’t reliably attach to ANY internet- not the network or WiFi. I was so frustrated that I called my cell phone provider’s customer service to see if something was wrong. I tried switching phones, and I tried resetting my home WiFi network. A month ago, on a whim, I turned off the app’s VPN (which I didn’t want to do because the app pays out more the longer it’s activated). All of my network problems were solved. My phone suddenly worked better than it had since March. The conclusion: no matter how amazing the app is for surveys, I have to be able to use my phone. I turned the VPN off permanently, and now make almost nothing. Once I get to the $10 payout, I will take it and delete the app. It’s such a bummer and I hope they can fix the problem; I would be willing to try again if they do.
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2 years ago, Megcan
OnGo Surveys
I’ve worked several other surveys. OnGo is the best one I’ve worked. The surveys are short, compared to other surveys. They usually tell you within the first few minuets if you qualify, instead of working 10 minuets or more into the survey. That is very frustrating to spend so much time for nothing. If I don’t qualify, I usually receive around $.10, which is about 5 times more than other surveys. Thank you OnGo for making it worth my while to answer questions that will be of value. Of all the survey apps I use, OnGo far exceeds the others. A few things a really like about OnGo are as follows: You can cash out (real money) after you bank $10. They pay the best of all apps that I use. And Here is the biggy-the other day, I did an “in store” survey. It took a good 20 min. After I finished, the prompt said “survey will be completed after you check out.” So, I checked out and went to the survey, then the prompt asked did you buy the product? I said “no.” Afterwards the prompt said “you didn’t qualify.” MAN!! I was irritated!! This was going to be about a $6 payday. The next day I received a message stating - OnGo will pay you for the survey. Now that’s ethical!! And that is one reason I profess OnGo is the highest quality survey app I use.
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1 year ago, Renard302
Earn money without sacrificing all your privacy data
I have cashed out I believe 3 times already and have enough for a fourth cash out. When I had a technical issue in store, I got a quick response and credited as I could not send in the photo. I get enough survey opportunities to make the app worthwhile. Tonight, I decided to look at some other survey apps and was horrified by one app’s privacy policy. That’s one advantage of Surveys on the Go. You can chose whether to share your browsing data. I don’t and still make money. I do share my location. I reread this app’s privacy policy and especially appreciate this line, “ When we sell or otherwise provide personal information to our Partners, we restrict them by contract from using personal information collected through the SOTG App for direct marketing or advertising of products or services back to you. “ One of the competitors I checked out mentioned using PII to allow companies to directly identify and market to/target you off app. Then after deleting the app, they could sell your aggregate information. This app has more scruples and is not horrifying to use. It is one of the better apps if you want to make money but have some assurance on how they use your data.
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10 months ago, Asha_88
Actually Pays You!!!
I love this app. It actually pays you unlike some of these other scam apps. Sometimes may not qualify for the survey and they’ll still give you like $.10 $.20 etc! That’s just for answering the main questions to see if you qualify for the survey. That may not seem like much but it adds up. Then the surveys you do qualify for pays differently {ex: $.50, $2, $3…etc} This is definitely NOT a get rich quick thing, but if you have a some spare time, it’s a good little side hustle! To me, it’s definitely worth a few minutes to answer a few questions. I will say though, it seems like I NEVER qualify for the trial products & it doesn’t send me different ones that I possibly could qualify for. It just resends the same survey that I don’t qualify for which is seriously frustrating. Now, sometimes when you’re at the end of a survey, sometimes it’ll glitch & it won’t redirect you. But you can make a Report the the app support team & that’ll review your issue to & still give you the money even if you didn’t finish the survey. Just wish I could get some trials surveys that I CAN qualify for other than that I LOVE this App!!!
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2 years ago, Dwelch87
Most often a waste of time for .10
This app is definitely a great way to kill time and make some money. Having said that, it’s starting to get on my nerves. A good majority of the time you’re getting disqualified from surveys within 60 seconds or less and this is great! As of late though, this is NOT the case! I’ve been wasting 10 minutes OR MORE just to have it tell me I don’t qualify. It’s also doing this on surveys that make literally NO sense to do so? How does it make sense to disqualify me on a survey based on making people happy with an app. When I say I’m VERY happy with the app, it disqualifies me? This was after it asked 100 questions about what I want to see on said app. Basically it wasted all my time and stole my information for no money? This is starting to become more common as of late and it’s making me not want to use this app. They need to continue disqualifying within 60 seconds or less. What’s even worse are the surveys that ask you a bunch of questions and then make a note that you’ve qualified for the survey and then disqualify you 5 to 10 minutes later. Makes me want to throw the phone. I complain about this to support and they usually give you a dollar or most recently they’ve just been saying sorry and they can’t control what surveys put out….. we need better then this. We should be able to rate the survey so these companies and what not don’t abuse us for our time and steal our information. Scam
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10 months ago, kblives
BEWARE It made everything on my phone stop working
Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT get this app. When I first downloaded the app it asked a location service question and when I agreed it connected a VPN to my phone. The second it showed up my internet mysteriously wouldn’t work even though I had data or I would be connected to internet. It caused a lot of problems for about and week but then my phone started working okay again for a few months. When I’ve tried to use this app in the past surveys never would work or would crash or not load. I stopped trying to use it but it was still downloaded to my phone. Then all of a sudden my phone wouldn’t connect to internet again even if it showed it was connected. Nothing was working, all my apps started crashing or not allowing me to get on them. The past 2 weeks I’ve hardly been able to do anything on my phone and I’ve been deleting things like crazy. I had about had it and was about to go buy a new phone which I can’t afford. But today I was looking through setting and found a thing about the VPN and it showed what app it was being sourced by and it was this app. I deleted the VPN and then deleted the app and now my phone is working completely fine all my apps are working and my internet is showing up at the top again. I believe this app is scammy and suspicious honestly. So for the well being or your phone don’t delete this app!! It’s the worst!
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1 year ago, RoseMary39845
Took 2 stars for not getting the payout I was promised
So, I got selected to do a gum testing program, I was to be sent TWO 50 piece mentos purefresh freshmint flavor, well I got the first one in an adequate enough time and within 2 days or so survey 1 of 2 came to me. I completed it. I did another follow up on the gum a few days later, but was expecting another package to test, well it did come in and I did do my second survey (both was the same exact kind of gum BTW!!!) and it was completed, but stayed at thanks for completing this survey. Anyway, I contact support, I’m told that the company did the max amount of candidates, welp I was one of them, I received my items and acting, well I got HALF my payout of $16. I honestly think that we sign, initial, or Check something before doing the survey or being sent products that says we’re to be paid such and such upon completion. But they can screw us participants over. So in other words, that company got BOTH my reviews for HALF the payout, lovely. Kinda like getting robbed!! Updated: The developers got in contact with me and the issue was resolved so I have revised my 2 star rating to 4. The paid product reviews are what really bring in the money on there so it’s nice they have them!!
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3 years ago, BoxersR4Life
So I’ve had this app for a couple of months. This app is better than any other survey app out there and I will tell you why. Okay, so in the maybe 2 months I’ve had it I have cashed out 3 times. All being around 12-13 dollars each. But it is actually insanely easy to make money. the cash out minimum is 10$. But unlike other survey apps, they don’t give you a measly 50 cents per survey. They give around 1$ to 2$ per survey. If you don’t qualify, they give you 10 cents. It is actually insanely easy to get money. The only difference is that you have to wait in most cases for them to give you a notification telling you when a survey is available for you, unlike others where they just have a ton of surveys. But despite that, it’s kind of worth it because they’re worth so much money. I personally have loved this app, and enjoy the fact I have basically been given free money. Most surveys are either 10-15 minutes but some are 20-30. I have never gotten a survey that takes longer than that. But honestly 20 minutes or 30 isn’t a big deal when you’re laying around bored with nothing to do
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5 years ago, Rpbeauty
Pleasantly surprised!
When I initially saw that you can only cash out after reaching $10, I was already skeptical. I thought it was only going to be the measly 5 cent surveys that you can’t even qualify for, therefore making it that much harder to reach 10 dollars. But so far all the surveys I’ve gotten has been a minimum of 50 cents and I was actually qualified to take! I was even able to take a $3.00 survey for about 10 minutes of my time and got it approved! Even if I wasn’t qualified they always gave me 10 cents for the minute I spent trying to qualify, which I really appreciated. With that being said, I’ve only spent like 5 times on the app sparingly and I was actually able to reach the 10 dollar mark! That never happened for me on a lot of the other survey sites! But what really sealed the deal for me was when I tried to finally cash out. I thought this was too good to be true and something was going to stop me from being able to cash out, but nope! I requested it to be sent to my paypal account and in less than a minute, it was actually sent! I am beyond shock because I never had much luck with these survey apps but finally I found a good legit one!
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1 year ago, SiscoKidWi
Best Survey App By Far
This app is hands down the best survey app and it’s not close. I’m just about a month and a half I have made over $60, and this is not because I sit on it all day long. With location always on you get high paying on location surveys that usually take 5-10 minutes. The week long diary surveys are also great for making money. $20 to record what my kid ate eat day for 7 days, about 15-20 minutes of my time each day. You can go wrong with that. I also feel it is much easier to qualify for surveys compared to apps like survey junkie. Even if you don’t, this app gives you $.10 for apps you don’t qualify for where survey junkie gives only .03. It took a couple weeks for an increase in surveys to come to me but have notifications on and before long you’ll have a bunch. My only complaint is one of my diary surveys said I would receive 2 questionnaires each day at 9:00 morning and night but they came at random times. I ended up missing one and therefore cancelling my opportunity and the chance to earn $12. Besides this, can’t recommend this app enough.
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2 years ago, frankie 123 Castle 987
Total scam
You have to hit $10 before you can cash out. I took over 20 surveys and with the exception of 2 surveys at 50 cents each, I got told I don’t qualify to take it after answering multiple questions, and only get 10 cents. I waisted a lot of time to earn $2 which I couldn’t even readers. I planned to get to the $10 cash out, and delete the app, but after so many non- qualifications, I forfeited my $2 and deleted the app. Plus, when I tried to “ deleted my data,” it would have you enter your first name. I did, and is repeatedly said, uh-oh, that name is not correct. I agent to my profile to verify that, it was correct. I would up deleting the app, forfeiting $2, and waiting a lot of time. No wonder they can make this, they never pay you. Plus the pay is horrible, my time is more valuable. The “ reviews,” that say $25 in two weeks is a great side hustle, are insane, or work for this consonant. $25 in two weeks is nothing, and how Much time did it take you to make that $25. They usually offer $1.50 for a 20 to 25 min survey, but first you have to answer 5 min worth of questions to see if you even qualify for that survey, and if you don’t, you get 10 cents that you can redeem because you have to accumulate $10 and 10 Cents a shot. Rediculous waist of time. Sell something on eBay, have a garage sale, and you’ll make much more.
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6 years ago, burgerflippinmaniac
Do enough surveys, get $10
I could do the math and average it out for for you, but I’m lazy. That being said, this app is perfect for me! I get a notification for a survey, it will tell me its worth $1-$3 (I’ve had one was worth $10, to see a movie, and because I wanted to see it anyway, I went!), maybe $5-$6, there is really no set in stone price you will receive. I click in and I always accept, because even if you end up not qualifying, you can get $.10-$.25 just for opening the survey. One of them gave me $.50. That’s no set in stone, either.. Yes, on the majority, you will get nothing if you answer a question and they deem you not qualified. As of right now, I’ve redeemed 8 times! So most times it’s just $10+ except for that one time I redeemed more because of the movie. So why not? Yeah you’re giving away information about your opinions, and yes there are surveys that want photos of your phone bill, but those are the ones that pay better money. If you’re worried about your credit card info being stolen, that info is not on the pictures they want of. Do the surveys at your own discretion. But hey, I’ve made almost $100, did you?
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5 years ago, seriouslywhatever
Easy money while sitting around.
I travel a lot with my husband on business so we are driving on the road a lot. I love it when I get a survey notification. I don’t always qualify and some of them are just 50 cents but that adds up over time. I have been invited to do a few $40 AND $50 surveys but I didn’t qualify, it was a bummer! But I can’t complain there is a science to their madness. Only once did I get frustrated with all the questions to only make like a dime or quarter, I can’t remember. But don’t give up, I just cashed out over $28 for answering questions when I didn’t have much of nothing else to do. Oh, you can leave the survey to answer the phone, but only about 10-15 minuets. The only downside I have found is when reviewing a soon-to-be advertised movie coming out they show you a clip and ask detailed questions about the clip. A LOT of questions, pay really close attention or watch it twice!! Because you can’t go back and watch it again during the survey and I think I got some characters confused! They should fix that..... overall?? Thumbs up!
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3 years ago, novakayne__
horrible customer service RIP OFF STAY AWAY!!!
There are better survey apps out there, that actually uphold their end like they are supposed to. This is just my experience hopefully others don’t have this problem as well. I re-download the app at the end of July after not using it for five years. At first everything was going good I was completing the surveys and getting the credit for it but then I noticed my available balance wasn’t matching the amount of the surveys that I was doing. So when I went to look at my account history I started off with a -$30 balance I believe. So all the surveys that I was doing and getting credited for we’re bringing me closer to a zero dollar balance. I reached out to customer service because my account wasn’t correctly reflecting all the money that I’ve earned. I even sent screenshots and I was told that they were looking into it and it was a system glitch and somebody would be with me shortly. That was three weeks ago I’ve sent in for more help tickets and still no resolution, no updates, nothing. so basically the clients in the app have gotten the information that they needed for their job while not crediting me what I’ve earned. i’m telling everyone to stay away and if I still dealing with this issue in two weeks I am deleting my account and the app for good.
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10 months ago, GamerShay23
Started out rough, but great customer service.
It has taken me weeks and I’m still not at the $10 payout because I either get robbed after completing a survey or I don’t qualify. I have wasted SO much time on this app. I’ve tried several of these survey apps and this is by far the worst. I have complained to SOTG and I get a bunch of emails from them asking how they can help and then nothing is done, except a $1.50 credit they put on my account (the issue I complained about was a $9.00 in-store survey). Oh- and my new favorite issue is taking a survey marked for $2, spending 45 mins to finish with only getting $.50 with no explanation. I’ve taken 3 surveys that paid less than the marked offer. SO- if you like to be tortured in strange ways and waste enormous amounts of time, this is the app for you. UPDATE: SOTG staff did reach out to me to make amends and gave me a full credit for my store survey. They said the survey that was denied was an error and should have been approved. I was able to cash out with my PayPal right away, which was fantastic. I will continue with SOTG for now and am pleased with the follow up attention they gave. Thank you!
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2 years ago, sade714
Great App! Pleasantly Surprised!!!
I was referred to this app by a friend and decided to try it. In the past i have used similar apps or websites, but the surveys were often very long, irrelevant and didnt offer much in compensation which led to alot of time spent for very little reward…However! THIS app is awesome and i was actually very surprised because honestly i wasn’t expecting much. The surveys are not long and tedious and seem relevant to my profile. I get offered about 2-4 per day and after only about a week and a half, i was surprised to see that i had already reached the $10 cashout minimum in earnings! I chose paypal and my payout method and within seconds, the payout was already in my paypal account! This app also offers in home product testing for decent pay and im waiting for my first one to arrive soon. Any spare time you have you can just check your phone for new surveys and take about 10-15 minutes or less to complete one and before you know it you got extra cash in your pocket! Highly recommend!
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4 weeks ago, MusesViews
So Far, seeing Stars.. and dollars !
I was sketchy about signing up for this app, but I was curious because I’m always looking fornways to turn my spare time into cash. Surveys started out with very low paying questionnaires which is where the patience pays off .. once you get through a bunch of them; even if you don’t qualify for many, it will keep linking me up with slightly higher paying surveys .. I think the most I’ve made in one hour is about $6 but I have a feeling if I am consistent I can see even more. I only downloaded the app a few weeks ago, and already I have mailed products to test, and nothing chincy but actually nice large amounts of product to test and give my opinion. At the end I get to keep the items and answer a short survey for an even larger payout ! The highest out I’ve gotten from that so far is $18 but I am still new so I’m excited to see what it has to offer if I keep it going ! I don’t think this is something someone would make a living off of but it’s worth getting into for some extra side cash bc you can do it from anywhere !
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2 weeks ago, A11 th3 nicknam3s w3r3 tak3n
When you first get it there is only one survey that asks you a bunch of personal questions about you and your family. The first survey asks about your phone service, who’s on your plan and what carrier you use. This first survey asks exactly where you live and asks you to describe where you live witch is really weird and creepy. It asks to connect my data and the times that I’ve been asked to track my data it tells me exactly why they need it… in this case this app doesn’t tell you at all why they need it. It also asked me to put my location share on always allow AND precise location on witch I don’t see an option for on other apps. I looked through the reviews and all the 5 stars were very short reviews who were all obviously fake and all the low stars were saying stuff like “ I never used the app but it used all my data” “I earned 18-24$ but when I cashed it out I never got the money but it emptied in the app” I think this app just wants to scam you for your data and waste your time. The fact that the first survey asks so many confidential personal questions is very scary and they could be scamming you for more serious things. Please BE CAREFUL EVERYONE read the criticism comments and not the 5 star ones.
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2 months ago, App nicknames taken
Glitchy App That Scams You
I gave the company the benefit of the doubt but after several instances of qualifying for $2 surveys and taking the time to complete the survey, the app would “glitch” right when you were ready to submit the completed survey. As in, the “next” button that would allow you to finally submit the survey to get paid would be grayed our. This happened on three separate surveys, two that I reported to tech support. In other instances, the app would glitch and continuously circle as if loading when the last question was answered and it needed to load the page with the submit button. Ironically the “glitches” never happened in the middle of taking the survey or at the beginning, before you have dedicated all the time to answer the questions. Ironically it always happened at the end of the survey when the company has already gotten all the responses to every single question on the survey. This happened twice and I reported it twice. On two, $2 surveys, that I completed I was reimbursed $1. The support tech provide zero resolutions and only discuss how sorry they are about causing frustrations. This app is a scam. Don’t waste your time on it. You will not get be reimbursed for the surveys that you qualify for.
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3 years ago, wattzhername
Perfect time killer
Love this app. The payouts can be incredible at times and if you are truly willing to invest time and energy into their surveys it really pays off!!! They pay attention to the answers you provide and personalize the surveys they send to you to give you the best chances to make money. I have even been thrown a bone by the employees supervising the app when I was turned down by just a couple of surveys to keep me encouraged. If you are willing to put forth a bit of extra effort during your regular shopping trips and give feedback you can earn a fair amount on just one survey and possibly be considered for additional funds if they choose you to go into further details about an experience. The compensation potential is incredible!!! I have earned or had potential to earn almost $100 for just one survey and having done this for only a couple of months, I am sure the potential grows even larger. If you are looking for a good side hustle, you have found your match. Be patient, put forth the effort and you will be compensated handsomely!
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4 years ago, GoonMomma
Best survey app
I recommend this app 100%! I have tried several survey apps, and this one is the best by far. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but even if you don’t qualify for the survey you get $0.10; which adds up quicker than you’d think. I also appreciate the options for payout. You can redeem at any point once you reach $10, but you can build on that and redeem when you are ready. I have used this app for a little more than a year, and have yet to have an issue with glitches. The only drawback is my own fault: you can get surveys based on where you go. Since I rarely go anywhere other than work those options aren’t generally available to me. Also, for those surveys there is generally a time limit to begin and complete the survey. However, on the rare occasions I do take my children shopping, we enjoy completing the surveys together; which in my opinion is awesome because it is constructive family interaction and gives me a bit of insight to my children’s opinions.
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4 years ago, JennaD9
Good app but be patient!
I like using this app because you can actually reach a payout. I’ve made a little more than $30 and I have received all of it either through PayPal or Starbucks gift cards. You receive the most surveys when you keep your location on “Always Allow,” which is a little creepy, but then again many other apps are the same way. There are some surveys that’ll ask for personal information, like phone bill receipts or ask you to submit a recording, which I never do but you can always ignore them. My only complaint about this app is that most of the surveys are very time consuming for a measly $0.75. I usually take surveys when I am bored, but it is hard to take a 20 minute survey just for $1. It is difficult to qualify for the surveys worth more money, but I have qualified for some and understand that there are specific requirements needed for participants. Overall, I think this is a great app for someone who wants to make a little extra cash slowly and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!
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12 months ago, Nope reviews
Best survey app
This is the best survey app to make money. You get regular surveys that can make you a dollar or two in like 10 minutes. But there are also limited time surveys which you can make 7-8 dollars in the same time if you go in somewhere and you review them. Also if you lose a survey/get disqualified you still get 10 cents. There are also food/other thing surveys overtime in which you get follow up surveys. These sometimes require to buy the food but can eventually make 12 to 25$ and more. But to get these you need to have your location on. If you use there vpn and location on you get better surveys and a payday program. In the program you can make money every week or so just buy having the options enabled. You make 10 cents and it keeps multiplying till you get to 1 dollar then it resets. My advice would be to make payday give you more money, because it is not enough. But anyways other than that this is a great app and an easy way to make money.
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10 months ago, T Davis 1991
This app is amazing.
This app is absolutely amazing, I truly love it. I was able to cash out my very first $10 today. There is only one thing that I would like fixed. If you can please work to try to make this app more accessible to the blind and visually impaired, that would be great. This is only because I can't take surveys because my voiceover will not read what the questions are. I can reach out to Apple if you need me to so that they can help you with making your app more accessible. You're doing a great job with updating it and making sure that we can get our rewards. I love the fact that you can cash out it just $10. Thank you so much surveys on the go. I just hope you can fix this one bug, this way I can take surveys as well as earn passive income with payday. overall though, the app is wonderful and I love using it. I am looking forward to being able to take surveys as well, I just need the app to work with screen readers. Especially voiceover on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Romagitana
First Payout, Instantly to PP
It took me awhile to get to the minimum $10 payout, mostly accumulated from disqualified survey incentives, but when I did cash out just now it posted immediately to my PayPal account. December 2019 update: I received another $20 7-day diary survey opportunity this month. It takes about 2 weeks for completed survey to credit to my account. It just credited today, which I cashed out a few minutes ago for PayPal. Immediately I received message on my PayPal app that the money had been deposited. November 2019 update: I think this is about my 3rd payout since my review over a year ago. Yes, when mainly accumulating from disqualified survey incentives (usually 10¢ at a time) it does take time before the $10 minimum cash out. But this last time I got a $20 survey. After finishing it, and with $6 balance I'd already accumulated, it was much quicker to reach the minimum cash out than other times. And, again, the moment I cash out, the money is automatically sent to my PayPal account. No waiting time at all.
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2 years ago, Cilla Bee
Awesome & 1st time product test
Surveys are often and vary entirely by time & pay but the significant difference separating Survey’s On The Go (SOTG) and the other million apps is I’ve definitely always wanted to dabble in product testing (the legit they send you the product free for your real world product test opinion) but even with that added interest I was never even offered one of those extra initial criteria surveys until JUNE 2022 and I obviously jumped on the opportunity and I was just stoked to just being asked if maybe I qualified and to my SUPER AMAZEMENT -since I thought there would be so many chicks who cared about shampoo & conditioner that I would not be selected - I opened my mailbox and holy crap I did get selected whoo hooo yay me! FINALLY! And then when it was completed & I was paid for it immediately was sweet! So it’s no question I for sure now know SOTG is the BEE’S KNEE’S when it comes to surveys & bonus product test opportunities! I Love it :) Keep up all of the amazing work that’s put into keeping it awesome!
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10 months ago, calliope1975
Too many errors; VPN makes phone unstable; fraud?
This used to be the best one. Used to get 10 cents for service you were not qualified for. They recently change that to five cents without notifying users. When a company makes changes but doesn’t notify its users, there’s something problematic about the company, as it is clearly no longer trustworthy. In addition, it is now possible to complete entire surveys (30 minute surveys, too), where you can still be disqualified after completing the ENTIRE survey. Normally, screening questions occur in the first few minutes of a survey, and that’s understandable. But it becomes data theft when you complete an entire survey, but get disqualified anyway. And despite this being digital, they request to see screenshots you take during the survey to prove you took it. But nowhere on their onboarding do they acknowledge this and proactively ask us to routinely take screenshots. Customer is good, but the entire thing has turned into a sham. I initially gave them 5 stars. Things have changed for the worse. Ive used this app for about 3 years now, but now it’s literally just a waste and seemingly fraudulent.
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12 months ago, NoEy*1120
Used to be 5 stars
I’ve been a fan of this app and have been using it since 2021. It’s been great as it definitely helped to put $$ in my pocket and at times even put food on the table. Everyone has hard times and during the last year I’ve been going thru hard times and had to move bac in wit my parents temporarily, to put extra $$ in their pocket and to help SOTG , I referee my parents. Now mind u each of us has our own personal cell phone with the SOTG app installed, each of us has our own email addresses, but live in the same household we share the same IP address so I’m being accused of having multiple accounts. SMMFH. Mind u each of us cashed out thru PayPal, now if u use PayPal u no u have to give identification before u can have an account with a debit card linked to it! Instead of doing a thorough investigation and Instead of giving me credit for referring them, my account gets deactivated and the funds that were available plus the pending funds I was waiting to clear has all been taken!!! The time I’ve spent doing these surveys and accumulating the incentives that I rightfully deserve is gone!! IN YOUR POLICY AND RULES YOU SHOULD GIVE SPECIFICS!! I hope this review gets someone’s attention and helps me with this matter!!!
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3 years ago, potatochyp
Excellent Survey App
I have been using this app for a few months, along with several others (I’ve pretty much tried them all), and this is one of the very best. Surveys pay actual money, not points, and I really appreciate that you get a tiny payment for disqualifications and that they never have you do half the survey before disqualifying you - if you get through the demographics you’re usually good to go. One time a survey I had worked on for awhile had a technical error and when I exited the survey, I indicated that there was an error just for their info - and was very surprised and pleased that they reached out to me to apologize for the error. I didn’t even initiate the report, they just include one when you exit a survey before finishing. That has never happened before in any other app. Today I finally redeemed my money for a gift card, and it was sent instantly - no 3-day waiting period, no catch. I cannot recommend this app highly enough.
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7 years ago, Reayscu
They get more than they pay for
I’ve been using this app and answering all the questions they ask which the exception of the surveys that want photos of my bills with personal and account info. Too sketchy to provide that in my opinion. Additionally, the survey payouts are misleading for most. If I have to qualify for a survey, then they need to show that they are paying me for the qualification survey...because that’s what it is. You’re made to take a survey of 10-20 questions to be told that you do not qualify for the follow on survey and get paid 10 cents when the initial advertisement was for a much greater amount. Over all I’ve taken many surveys and I still can’t cash out because I haven’t made it to $10 yet. The information given was probably enough to totally steal my identity if each survey were combined. I’ve given up info about religion, political views, income, number of children, ages of family members, employment, entertainment, and much more in addition to being asked for photos of my bills. Definitely getting ripped of by data would be great to actually qualify for a real paying survey instead of being tricked into a survey with hope of something better.
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6 years ago, Farnosh
You’ll Never Qualify
Don’t waste your time. I’ve had this app and tried every single survey they offered me for the past two months now and have never qualified. It’s usually because I’ll go on errands like grocery shopping, get gas, get food, and then get home and watch some TV and they’re usually looking for answers about ONE of those things but if you’ve done 2+ of those things at one time then you’re disqualified. Over and over and over and over again. It’ll entice you with $6 surveys, $2 for 5 minutes, a couple questions here, just a bit of your time but all it does is take your attention and stop your life rhythm for ten fudgin’ cents. Don’t waste your time. You’re better than that. You’re more than ~$6 of rejection over two months. Note to programmers: give incentives. Maybe $.50 for every 10th survey you get rejected. Maybe a percentage of the survey total instead of $.10 regardless of the survey offer? 10% to be disqualified. I would at least feel somewhat worth my opinion at least once if you do something to show worthiness instead of flipping a dime at me for my troubles. It becomes routine, daunting, expected, and then sad after a while...after being told your opinion doesn’t qualify 15 times.
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1 year ago, LoLlo Shabazz
This may get pushed down by the company, but I’ll say it anyway. Most of the surveys you can’t even qualify for, you’ll complete almost 90% of it before they tell you that you don’t meet qualifications and they never tell you why. (I guess the plus side is that they at least give you $0.10 for your troubles) It also takes a while before you rack up the minimum $10 to cash out and it seems like the closer you are to the $10 mark, the more surveys you get denied/disqualified for. So you just end up wasting your time to get a few cents until you can come up with the bare minimum (feels like having almost any minimum wage job in America). The app is also buggy and can make it difficult for you to select options in the surveys that you do qualify for or even to submit the survey once you have completed it (I’m talking about the higher incentive surveys). In most cases you can’t go back to your previous selection or try to refresh the survey without being kicked out of it entirely, and in those instances you don’t even get the $0.10
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2 years ago, oznslck61
It is real
Making extra money has always sounded good for everyone. There are tons of apps saying that if you do this and that, we will pay you. Guess what? Some of them do not pay (they say “it is processing” but no positive result); some of them put a limit to withdraw money. It is logical that there is a limit. But you can not reach this limit. Because when you sign up, they are generous. However, in the meantime, no survey or money-making activity becomes available. This “surveys” app was among the apps I downloaded to make extra money. Yes, they did. When I reached to 10 dollars. I clicked to claim money. To my surprise, the money arrived in my account on the same day, which is what I did not expect. So I assure you that this app is real. The “in-app customer support” is also active. I had two different issues with my account. They responded and resolved my case in a few hours, which is also another best practice. A big thank to the developers!
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2 years ago, alexismyname9
Wonderful Lil app for good pocket money
I enjoy this app and have been for several years! It’s easy to complete most surveys and I always try even if I don’t qualify because your account is rewarded for attempting surveys, which is deeply appreciated. It is important to be open all the location/info/data options for the most surveys to invite you to try! I personally use a few apps for this purpose but enjoy and recommend this one most because of the ease of rewards: it is super simple and straightforward to redeem!! I do wish every survey had a progress bar in addition to the “estimated taking the survey time” and wasn’t as redundant, as sometimes that is frustrating not knowing how long the surveys go, but I still enjoy overall the straightforward nature of surveys here. I’ve been able to cash out easily several times, one time I built up savings over $200! The new PayPal and Venmo rewards options are wonderful and appreciated. Thanks SOTG!
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11 months ago, Hut Regular
Good Side Money
Been using this app for about a year now and already cashed out $60 2 months ago. It’s starts off with cent surveys of course, from 10¢ to 75¢, they’re very short though, about 3-5 mins or 10mins. But they quickly start becoming worth more, $1 $2.50. Then companies start asking for your reviews through the app, either by going to a local store depending if you have the location on and talking about the item and taking pictures and videos of it, those tend to pay you $8-$12. Also if you qualify companies will send you products for free to test and give feedback on for $9-$15 or even more . It’s definitely good to do whenever you have random free time and want to make a couple of bucks and let it accumulate to cash out (you can already cash out at $10). As a 19 y/o always open to doing side hustles I definitely recommend this. Do start and keep constant that way you get more surveys and worth more :)
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2 years ago, jaw!987
Survey opportunities have disappeared
In the beginning I was getting so many surveys. After a few months and several cash outs, I’ve stopped receiving survey opportunities. The last survey I received was a $20, 7 day food log survey. After inputting every little detail on how I prepared every meal and how much I ate for 7 full days I received the full $20, which was the largest opportunity I had received to date. After this, poof, gone, I’ve maybe been sent 2-3 surveys over a month and haven’t qualified for one. I feel like they secretly cap you after you’ve made a certain amount from them. Prior to posting this receive, I took a look at what others had to say and was floored when I came across a review from someone else that posted the same experience over two years ago. The same run down, they had been receiving tons of surveys and had also gotten decent cash outs. Did the $20 7 day food log survey and then like me, the surveys disappeared. This confirms it for me that they control or have a cap on what your sent and also what you will qualify for after you reach a certain cash out threshold.
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2 months ago, YALL ARE THIEFS
This app was okay for a while until my information was STOLEN!!! I was forced to turn on my vpn. That was the first problem. I did an app that asks me about my phone service and to upload a picture of my bill. A few hours later my phone service started not to work and my phone turned completely off. My phone was in SOS mode and would not connect to WiFi. I have multiple phones in my account but it was just mine. After contacting customer service, they said it was a problem with my eSIM. I had to connect to the WiFi and add a new one. My phone was connected to my homes WiFi but would not work. My phone only. I tried to turn off the VPN but it was malfunctioning. Kept flickering on and off repeatedly. As soon as I deleted this app, I connected back to the WiFi immediately! I had no issues using my WiFi previously. After I deleted this app, then I was able to get a new eSIM and restore my service. I contacted support to let them know the survey was initially broken. Later I contacted them again, telling them what happened and that I was talking to ATT. I deleted the app before I got a response and I will not be downloading it back.
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1 month ago, Savsav12345
OK, I’m not gonna lie. I genuinely thought that this was gonna be another one of those fake apps where it says you can get money by doing surveys and it was gonna take forever to get enough surveys and money to be able to cash out like most places but I added this app on May 2 and by May 4 I had enough money to cash out pending! The app does mention in their FAQs that the surveys are read and checked by hand so I gave it the weekend for the pending rewards to go through. And this morning on Monday, May 6, the money was ready for me to cash out! I cashed out through PayPal and it was quick and easy. The FAQ says to allow at least an hour and if you don’t see your cash out on PayPal in that hour to reach out to support it took maybe five-ish minutes before it was in my PayPal account and ready to transfer to my bank! I never leave reviews, but I thought this was the time to do so because the app actually worked!
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3 years ago, iPhone user 10282001
Not worth the time
**editing my review after developers response- I have contacted support every time this issue has happened, they are not communicating with me which is a big part of my dissatisfaction with this app. I just want them to make it right and they are choosing not to do so. ** I was excited to start this but I’m no longer happy with it. I didn’t “qualify” for most surveys so I received 0.10 for each one. You can’t cash out until you’ve earned $10. And to top it off I did a 20 minute survey 3 different times and each time it quit working at the end of it. The first time they credited me the $2.00 for it but the 2nd time it happened they said they would credit me and they said it went through but it never came through on my end. The third survey they said came through also but again it did not. I didn’t mind doing the surveys and even earning the 0.10 when I didn’t qualify but to spend 20 minutes on surveys that time out and then not be compensated for them, now I’ve lost patience. Don’t waste your time here, you give a lot of personal info in the process - not worth it.
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4 years ago, pr3ttyvacant03
I will first say, the app does legitimately give you money. I have received payment before. The problem with the app is they make you spend 10-25 minutes on a survey, and when you get to 90% complete, they drop it and say you aren’t qualified. They do give you 10 cents. But a measly 10 cents for 20 minutes of hard work is a huge scam. I’d say it’s likely they record your answers as well even if you are suddenly not qualified. Next, the surveys you get disappear INSTANTLY. I’ve gotten a notification that a survey was available and then it was gone seconds later. The frustrating part about that is they rarely give you surveys, like 50 cents every few DAYS only for it to disappear or tell you you’re not qualified. to the people who run the app, PLEASE have a limit of x questions you get asked and then have it tell you if you’re qualified or not. I’ve probably lost hundreds at this point from being not qualified after spending at least 10 minutes answering questions. FIX YOUR APP. It would be an incredible source of income and a wonderful app if it didn’t do stuff like that. I know others have commented on the same problem. You’re lying, terrible people for not fixing this scam!!!
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6 months ago, SavageMercorn
Thought I had a great app
At first I loved this app I had surveys every day like multiple ones and even if I completed those I halways had 2 options to choose from that were Saturn and Jupiter and they were always a dollar and said you could take up to 20 a day. This lasted maybe 10 days no more than two weeks. All of a sudden all surveys stopped and the Saturn and Jupiter just disappeared. Obviously I reached out to support which at the beging during the first two weeks support was great and all about helping. However as time went on I started to have more and more issues and support seemed to make excuses constantly. This review is Jan 2024. I downloaded in Dec 2023. If this app goes back to the way it was and works I will up the stars to five. Because at the start it was five however now I can only give 2 stars because yes it is a survey app and yes you can do some surveys occasionally and yes you can cash out once at $10. And this is one of the better paying apps however you have to have surveys to get paid. Other then that there is nothing special about this app anymore.
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