4.1 (5.5K)
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Last update
3 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for

4.1 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
4 years ago, hydfbuthf
Very laggy and ad problems
Overall, it’s a good game. I enjoy it, but there are a few things that need to be fixed. First, it’s laggy. Sometimes, I will try a couple tricks to make it less laggy (turn off WiFi and Bluetooth etc.) but it will still be so laggy that I can’t even control my dude and often can’t pick up something that I want to. Second, WHAT IS UP WITH THE IN-GAME ADS!? Seriously, not only are they a serious visual impediment, but (very importantly) they cover up the the healing items which means that half the time, I can’t even heal up. I mean, it’s probably just a bug (in which case, fix it please) but I saw also that they made “minor ad adjustments” right when I started noticing it. Curious. Other than that, it’s a good game and I really hope that they are trying to fix these problems because, other than that, it’s a really great game.
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2 years ago, xjinkox
okay so I have played this game for years and I love it very much. I used to play it on a laptop and I had a lot of fun. I love all the different skins and seasons and I love everything about it. I did begin to notice that the game would get really laggy. Sometimes it would get so laggy that the screen would black out for a few seconds. I did just think this was because the laptop was old and having some issues but recently I’ve gotten it on my iPad and I was experiencing the same thing and sometimes it would get so laggy that I couldn’t find and I would immediately die or the game would close. Also there are many many ads like after every round and I don’t remember that while playing it on a laptop but maybe it’s different for mobile. Despite these flaws I still give this game 5 stars because of all the time I’ve spent playing it and all the fun I’ve had. I do wish these problems get fixed soon. I’m sure a lot of people are upset about this. UHHH THANKS FOR READING BYE
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6 years ago, nandjdonnbehjxjcbnrr
Unfair and gameplay issues.
Spawns are unfair. We don’t have the option to drop where we want so if the game decides you start in the middle of nowhere with no guns at all, that’s what you get. Controls are finicky, often times you try to aim but nothing happens because the game decides not to let you move the stick. When you do aim, half the time you end up spraying rounds into a wall because the border between the aim and fire area is not marked. Serious network issues where you’ll dump a G18 mag into someone and they one shot you with a shotgun. Melee apparently only works for other players. I’ve been killed in just a few punches while I’ve also sat there beating the bejeezus out of someone and they just turn around and immediately kill me. Sometimes an ad pops up WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING. The inventory system is an attempt at something new but ultimately it’s awful compared to a dedicated inventory button. On top of this, there’s no way to customize controls. This is a serious sin in mobile game design and I’m baffled as to how the devs overlooked this feature. The pc version is great but this app is a dumpster fire. Go play Rules of Survival.
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2 years ago, naason123
This game is very bad
The game mechanics are fine the gameplay is fine but the game in general is not like I play this game on mobile in safari and it kicks me out when I’m in a match or the game just doesn’t even load its just so terrible extremely bad the game play is fine but the whole game like the literal game is just bad I downloaded the app and it still didn’t work it kept lagging and it was just so stupid the game never loaded it kept refreshing for no reason and it is just so terrible extremely terrible it’s a freaking 2d game this game should not be this bad like just thinking about it makes me so mad because I can’t even enjoy the game when I want to play it, it’s just so stupid and extremely terrible I hate the game because of this not even PUBG does this on my phone and I try to play this game on a iPad!! Like that’s so ridiculous now I understand why this game isn’t even popular like others because these stupid bugs or whatever it’s called and just because of that this game deserves a one star it’s so stupid this game will never be as big as others
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3 years ago, the wds sre super annoying
This is a pain
This is a small problem but it is a pain. I can’t sell my items, I have since played before the battle pass was even a thing and I want to sell some of my items, but when I put in the price or press “lost item” the game closes. I checked it’s updated to the latest version but still does this. This is my biggest issue with the game but there is still many other small bugs like this, for example sometimes it can get very laggy around other players understandable but when ur trying to kill them and it’s running at 12 FPS it’s frustrating. But overall pretty good game just if u read this plz try to fix the bug for the item shop where I can’t sell things, because buying things works just fine.
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3 years ago, Ender20.2
Decent game, wacky reporting
The game itself is excellent, a good implementation of 2d battle Royale with a lot of replayability. However, the prestige system is inherently faulty. Sure, it can reward people for being endorsed for good playing, but it HEAVILY incentivizes poor sportsmanship since you can get back at the person who killed you by just reporting them. I got banned for three days for “cheating”; I’ve never used cheats or hacks, but because so many players reported me after I killed them, I got banned anyhow. I understand what they were trying to do, but the system assumes the majority of people won’t abuse it—which sadly, isn’t the case. Awesome game in itself, but needs a better way to ban actual cheaters.
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6 years ago, Hudson Mims
Great game, needs balancing
I love this game so much, the design is great, I love the emotes, I love the way it plays. I recommend it to anybody looking for a new fun game.(I also play it in school sometimes because there are a lot of different websites linked to it.) Anyways, the shotguns are OP. The pistols are complete trash. The ARS are decent, the LMG(I have only found 1, there could be more) is/are better than ARs. Smgs are sub par, and grenades roll too far. I think pistols need a huge buff, because right now there is no reason to have one, I would rather use fists. The MP200 is insane, needs huge nerf. And the ars should get a damage buff. Also i think when a supply drop comes, it should be marked with an arrow on the minimap. Thank you for your time, sorry for spelling errors, have a good day.
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1 year ago, Sims Bushell
Change this and I will give for stars
First off make it so you can choose whatever game mode you want. It’s annoying that I have to wait multiple days for the coal ball game or to happen. I say cobalt because it’s the only good game mode. You should be able to choose any game you want at any time secondly, change it so you don’t need to sign in to equip cosmetics you’re given many emotes and gloves in your inventory but you can’t use them until you sign in and you also level up in leveling up will also give you cosmetic items but they’re basically pointless and because logging in is kind of broken. It’s really hard to get them. lastly, fix this bug. for some reason now whenever I play the game it keeps saying failed to load game which there is no failure to load the game. The game is just doing that so please fix that.
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3 years ago, NSOKSNDHW
Amazing game i’ve been playing for 3+ years
I definitely reccomend this game to anyone that wants to try it! Little tip for anybody that wants that annoying lag to stop, wait until everything on the main screen is done loading. Assets, ads, your loadout, and a bunch of other things need to load up before you hop into a match, if you wait about 1 minute on the main screen, everything should be done loading, and the game should work without any lag. 👍 I can definitely agree when people say there’s too many ads. It’s pretty annoying not going to lie. Other than that stuff, amazing game. Been playing for 3 years and It’s definitely a 10/10
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2 years ago, shadowfreddy99
Could be better
Ok this is coming from a dude that didn’t do the tutorial so your warned. From what I could tell you kinda just had to guess what was what being my first match there was me and one other guy and I mined a barrel and I exploded with out any wadi I h on the design the weapons are something else lime having what looks to be 2 flocks I’m holding that have a fire rate if a sub machine gun and also where my amour I found some but it seems like it didn’t do anything! And I died to a mine that same match I was so mad and also it pretty much a dead game with a few player on a big open map where nose thing are destructive it’s pretty dumb but again I didn’t do the tutorial so I could have missed a lot things but that was my experience please tell I’m just stupid or there’s just something unfinished.
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5 years ago, SkyDawnRose
I love this game! But needs improvements...
I love this game. It’s so fun to play it. But, there is some crashes. When I get killed in the game, an add always pops up. Sometimes it’ll play the ad, but sometimes it’ll just keep loading and loading, and it will never play the ad. So I have to exit the game. Or, it’ll just crash. I’d highly recommend fixing that. And also, it’s always glitchy in the game. I don’t know if that’s my connection or server, or something. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game! I play it everyday. :) But please fix those bugs. Also, another thing i’d like to mention is the constant lag. On days when I have perfect connection, it’s always so laggy and messes up my game. This game needs a lot of bug fixes.
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5 years ago, Paradox_Z
Good but...
I still don’t know how to reload and it makes me kinda paranoid as I will have to reload in the middle of a fight. It also annoys me that the buttons are so close together that when I aim and shoot, I press the fists/melee spot and I have to hit them to death. I lost a lot of games thanks to that. Other than these problems, it is very good in terms of graphics and can be very easily addictive and anyone can get good at it if they put in the time and practice. I play on PC as well and I’m really good and now that I play a bit of mobile (I didn’t quit PC) I feel like I’m doing good and can be as well on my phone as on the PC. It is a great game and I encourage you to download it.
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6 years ago, LuckyAndrew13
Props to Justin
I’m primarily a PC player, so the controls will obviously seem a bit weird to me. However, this is one of my favorite games to play of all time, and I’m brave enough to play on mobile. This app is a miracle: finally, proper controls, and the address bar doesn’t get in the way! I’m still not too good at the controls, but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. Concept: classic. However, the game has its own little spins and unique simplicity that makes it so much fun to play. Anyone can dive into this game quickly. If you’re reading this and haven’t played yet, download the app now. Every chicken dinner will make you feel a tiny bit better.
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6 years ago, Pranman123
Minor adjustments
The new trajectory line is very helpful as it gives us the same advantage computer players had with aiming. Please keep the joysticks stationary because it’s quite annoying tapping the lower part of the screen and not being able to move. Thanks! Update: the new dessert event made it so my phone is super zoomed in. I don't know if this is just my phone or the desert update, but I would appreciate it if you could look into the app because this makes it unplayable. This started right after the 11/9 update. It also seems as though the pad style went back to anywhere. Please change it back to locked.
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3 years ago, ffgdyndtrdhyfdyfjyf
I have an important request. Sandbox mode. A mode where you can give yourself whatever you want, armor, weapons, perks, grenades, melee weapons, cobalt or 50v50 classes. Also, normally there would be a bunch of "test dummies" around the map. Also, you don't have to do this but on sandbox mode a weapon creator. Where you can make your own weapon, how it looks, damage, rate of fire, explosions. Whatever. Even DPS effects. Before you create the custom item, you have to select what class it is. Gun, melee, grenade, or perk. Please please PLEASE add this to the game. It would make me SO happy.
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4 years ago, pollo52638362
Great game but a lot of small problems
Glitches a lot of the time the ads that block you from healing or using Adrenaline items don’t come as often but are still an issue ..and season items that are obtained arnt all rewarded game tends to glitch and some season items are lost recently for me it was session 3 I didn’t get the fire skin and a couple other items after getting season pass and getting past all 30 lvls Ik they are just skins but still it hurts when you work for them and don’t get to enjoy them bc of a game glitch 😔💔
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5 years ago, kiwiigirl
I think this game is great except I have only one problem, if u r a beginner at this game than it depends on communication with teammates but the only was 2 r some emojis and many times I bond with teammates but It makes me sad 2 know that a friend I've made is lost a and I may never say them again, I've tried searching from 4 players but it doesn't even work... all I want is 4 their 2 be a way 2 chat and communicate without just emojis or at least be a was 2 track down the teammates u play with and friend them and challenge them 2 duos, teams, etc. I think this game is great and i would have given it a 5 star review if I can do the following, thank u!💖
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1 year ago, AlanWalkerFan123
Why would you ever kill off surviv?
I loved this game. I had probably around 100 wins, used to love grinding golden potatoes, doing the different events, etc. I loved the feel of this game. I loved grinding the battlepass and sniping things off of the shop. I had a ton of cosmetic items. Kongregate, I hate you. You ruined one of the games that I liked the most. It never got old, and I can’t understand why you would destroy it like this. Why would you ever do such a thing?
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3 years ago, jdjfjfjsjff
Great game
I’ve played this game for a while I’ve played on Mobil and I’ve also played it on the computer and I love how you guys have different game modes and I was wondering could you add a new one like a zombie apocalypse mode where instead of there being a red circle that closes in make it so more zombies come and the winner will be the last one alive but you don’t fight each other you try to help each other survive it’s just a suggestion but I think it would be really cool if you guys made one like that
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1 year ago,
Wont load game
I got the new iPhone 14 and at first it would say failed game when I wanted to join a game. The screen also doesn’t fit the frame. a few months later I tried to play, it let me but the frame was still off. I tried playing yesterday and it won’t let me join. I believe it has to do with the system and new iPhone but I’ve been going insane wanting to play. I hope it’s just a error but it kicks me off for months at a time. I was starting to think my account got banned (I don’t cheat, I don’t know how) but at this point I’m just confused and sad lol. I would give 5 stars but it’s not working);
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3 years ago, SoupAgain
The Sound
I don’t know if it’s just me, but the sound doesn’t play when I use the game and it is honestly annoying I restart my phone and go on the app the sound doesn’t play I checked the in game settings and it says my sound is good, when I log onto other apps my sound is good. I have only been playing this game for 3 days and I already fell in love with it. That’s the only thing that is the problem with this game for me, other than that keep up the great work guys!
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5 years ago, Rap gang
Please fix
I love this game like no other battle royale game. You guys are doing a great job but the lag on a mobile device is almost unbearable. If it’s not fixed soon I’m not going to be able to play the game on my iPad or phone anymore which means I won’t be able to play most of the time... sad, I’m easily your guy’s biggest fan so please please please fix the issues that we have been experiencing on mobile devices, again the computer gameplay is very smooth
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6 years ago, Shopkin lover 😝😝
Note to Maker
It kicks me out of the app when I try to type my name, hit play, or even choose a game mode. I played this game on the computer recently and it was fine but now I tried it on mobile and it was not great. I know you worked hard in this app and it probably wasn’t the easiest thing. I am so sorry I love .io games but this one wasn’t the best Mobil game, but computer wise, AMAZING. I will keep playing on the computer, but my word of advice is maybe look into the Mobil version.
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6 years ago, Icey_ZZ
Please fix advertising
This game has too many ads that I seem to not be able to escape, for example, the “gift card giveaway” has no exit button whatsoever and it looks like it wants to take your personal information (this is for mobile only). I’ve done everything from uninstalling it to going all the way through it, and the ad gets in my way when I try to play. It looks suspicious. So now I can no longer play the game. My point is, clear up the ads so they’re the brief type you can quickly exit. This one is too frustrating. Pls remove. 👍
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4 years ago, lolololloikidydhd
I really love this game, I would always play it at school but I prefer to play this game on mobile whenever I’m away from the computer. But the only things is that whenever I play it I’m not satisfied with the controls, so can you please add a controls setting. BTW, can you add a superhero update not like Zombs royal, or alien updates. I’m just giving you ideas it’s not a demand. Thank you developers
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5 years ago, Mr. Sucho
Great but some more things needed
This is an AWESOME game!! I’ve only been playing for a while on the Phone and IPad but I already know it’s one of the best! I really like it just I wish there was a way to communicate and customize, the communication isn’t that big of a deal but it would be nice for a way to like chat with them, by what I really need is customization, i don’t think there’s a way to customize on phone or computer, if so please tell me! 👍🔥
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6 years ago, LandonPhan
Way too much
I come to this game and when I enter, too many ads and then after a game another ad. This time after the game ad you can’t exit the ad you have to close the app and rejoin. Please fix this so that you can exit ads at certain points. There is another ad that is hard to exit out of. The gift card ad is hard to exit. I end a game come back with an ad and the only way to get out is closing the app then rejoining or actually doing the ad. It is really annoying. If this doesn’t happen then I will uninstall this app.
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3 years ago, Roby on mobile
Really fun 2d Battle Royale
This game is easily my favorite game on my phone. I wish they would have no ads. That’s not a big deal though. Other than the ads the gameplay is incredible. I mean it’s exactly like PUBG. There are a lot of grey players. It’s hard to control your player though. If I would make a change, it would be for PC players to have auto pickup like mobile players.
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1 year ago, Amdt34
Good and fun game
I really liked this game, it was the only phone game I actually played. I think it’s much better than zombz royale, the gameplay is just more satisfying and less Arcady. Unfortunately the player base seems to be really small now, and I can’t really find any lobbies with even at least 5 people in them. Even just last year it was an average 10-20 or more. I hope somehow it can get revived again.
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2 years ago, Poltergeist Yt
A few problems
I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max… and when I play on the mobile app, the guns are positioned to the very far right where they get cut off by the top bar that holds the self camera and microphone. And there’s also ads after every game in the app. This is why I like to play it on DuckDuckGo on mobile because there are no ads. Good game though… keep up the good work
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5 years ago, Grimmghosts
The lag is insane
This is the laggiest game I have ever played in my life that is my only issue with the game! What is even going on are they making your phone process every going on in the game at once? The developer needs to do some anti lag stuff this game is unplayable! I give the gameplay five stars but since I will not experience the true gameplay until the lag is fixed I leave this game three stars!
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2 years ago, jfhdjsjfhfhd
This game is really fun I’ve been playing it for years but there is just one small problem. It is kind of laggy like I’m in the middle of a game but I just freezes out of no where and doesn’t let me move. If I’m next to a box and I’m trying to move and it won’t let me I’ll be half way across the map. But overall it’s a very fun game and I love it. 🤑❤️😁
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3 years ago, Asaf Hernandez
It’s really laggy like it’s so stupid and unfair like I’m going good and then when I pick a fight it all of a sudden gets laggy but still other than that it’s still laggy I can’t even enjoy the game and then the audio it lags too and it’s so annoying overall it’s really laggy and I hate it I can’t finish a game without lagging I play at school it’s laggy I play at home it’s laggy I play on my phone or iPad or school iPad still laggy it’s just so terrible but overall the game is good I like it but it’s just the lag that kills the game and as I can see I’m not the only one who is complaining about the lag
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5 years ago, Archer69420
iPhone XR
When playing on an iPhone XR (probably the same issue for the X,XS, and XS Max) the buttons and screen is all smooshed together. The buttons are hard to click the health bars cover the map and there are so Many other problems with this. It doesn’t make it impossible to play but I end up dropping really good stuff when I’m running and accidentally also click on another inventory slot. I don’t think it’s a bad game but I think this is something that should be looked at. Also ads cover some content.
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4 years ago, Jjejdmmddm
Too many hackers and lagging is a problem
I play on PC, and overall the game is good, but two problems. First problem is that there are way too many hackers. I was playing for about and hour earlier today and I saw at least 5 hackers. Most of them won the games as well. It takes the fun out of the game to be honest. The second problem is it lags too much. Even if you have a expensive and high quality PC, it still lags. I don’t think I’ll be playing this game anymore sadly, I’ve played since it’s release and everything is just going down the drain.
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2 years ago, Stormtroopers78
Best top-down mobile game
I don’t know why people post stuff about bad lag and unfair gameplay , cross platform is a part of lots of games I don’t mind it because it trains me to react faster to better players I love the game and I never have lag problems ever , if I had to pick something to play for the rest of my life this would be in my top five ⚔️🥊🎲
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4 years ago, BUDDAH CRAFT
This is Cool
I’ve been playing this game for a long time and it’s really cool, so I’m going to make this short. Reboot cards. That’s what you need, and a system that can make able to friend other players and stuff. But back to the reboot cards, it doesn’t have to be that specifically just something that’ll be able revive your friends after they die. Otherwise this game is the best.
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6 years ago, DeeJaySpider
It’s actually bad and annoying
So when u get in the game it give u scamming adds which u can’t click off of which stay there for hour so that stops your gameplay also the guns are not balanced at all if u don’t have a shotgun good helmet good armor and a lot of luck with your damage u can’t win the guns are so random one time it will take like 7 shots with a shotgun to kill someone or it will one shot them the smg are inconsistent to they can either do a lot of damage or a lot of damage it’s fun when the guns are consistent and u are not getting spammed with scam adds but that rarely happens
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4 years ago, LOL MEEPS
Awesome game but there are bugs
I rly love this game! The game play is awesome and I love getting stuff for my dude. But there are bugs so I couldn’t give you 5 starts. Bug one: earlier today I was playing the game and I closed the game after losing a Match. An hour or two later I open the app again and my account is gone! I try to login and it says login failure. I keep closing the app but I get the same problem. Please fix that. Bug two: in the middle of a game when three of four people start shooting me and my game lags then pauses then kicks me! I tried to fix this as well but it still happens even when on WiFi. Please fix that as well. The game is pretty good after all but it is very buggy and has lots of adds. Please fix those bugs and I’ll give 5 stars!!! Thanks for reading and have a great day ☺️
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1 month ago, B747fan
Very good game but what happened?
i used to play this game it was so fun i installed it again it just shows me this but hero game i tried searching it up online i did not find anything what happened? i tried everything refreshing deleting and installing again trying to just wait nothing seemed to work
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6 years ago, Domi_42
I’ve played the game for a couple of months now and have noticed straight from the start that in smaller circles, with a lot of people, the game quality goes down. On the website, and especially on the app, the game lags really bad. Maybe the servers need updating?! Other than that the game is great and I good pass time. I get an average of 7-8 minute games when playing. Thank you Devs for making an amazing mobile game!👍👌
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4 years ago, dhfdfbbhj
knife and battle pass
I’ve been playing this game since it was released. The last season, i grinded to get the bayonet woodland, and i got it. However ,this season you are offering it in spins. so that means all my grinding went for nothing. i think you guys should offer something special for those who got the knife in the first season. maybe a different color option?? overall though a really good game
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4 years ago, eyfhehdh
Great game
One of the best games I have every played. There are a couple of not so good parts though. To many ads even in the game where your medic stuff and sodas are, the video is for computer, and is outdated. People can put vulgar names but you can’t comment or put messages. Sometimes glitchy but otherwise great game. Recommend that you play on desktop computer.
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4 years ago, alalallslsls
It’s so laggy I die all the TIME
When I first started the game buttons didn’t work that well I had to tap them like three or more times but the game is pretty cool! But the lag is horrible I die without even knowing it because somebody just shoots me and I can’t move or somebody is stabbing me I can’t move I hope you could fix that then the game will be better thx
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1 year ago, hsiwifn
Thank you
I’ve loved this game forever. I’ve been playing this since 2018 on my computer, but I switched to mobile because I lost the account I was on. I will say tho, sometimes the game doesn’t let me play. It’ll say “failed finding match” every time I try to play. But overall, I love this game
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2 years ago, mori9year kido
One of many of the following issues
1: just now not letting me in any game 2: these little do you like this game thingys annoy me. 3: I can’t go to the go store and it keeps telling me to rotate and I can’t and get stuck. The only way I get out of it is to get of this game with many issues. 4: sometimes when it take’s slowly to start a game, the game does not control correctly. 5: why is it named surviv like no e 👁??? One of the most issueful games I’ve ever had in my entire life. 😕 It is a good game though 🥳
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5 years ago, CoolJay728
Update this crap!
What?! Why does the game crash every time I click something?! I click solo, crash. I click duos, crash, I click squads, crash! I can’t even log in without it crashing! I tried reloading, I tried closing other apps, but to no avail. There’s nothing I can really do left, so I hope you see this, Justin. Fix this. I hate the app version. There’s nothing you can do. Even if you just sit there, it crashes. I don’t know what beef you have with iOS users, because this is terrible. Terrible. The PC version rocks, you can actually navigate, but this? Oh~, it’s terrible, it’s pathetic!
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5 years ago, miem jwkkdnaj
Great game, but lag is killing me
I love this game, and have been playing since the beginning. But once i found mobile when it came out it was great until a few months ago, where i have good internet in my house, but the game is so choppy that i die but it doesnt show yet, or i stop and end up somewhere completely different. Please fix this
Show more
5 years ago, Kowarskipan
Great game but connectivity makes it unplayable
This game is great, it would be one of the best games if only for the fact that I have not played a single game without lagging, it might minor lag or it might be my character teleports 10 feet every second and my guns shoot all their bullets at once after I press the shoot button but theirs always lag, even if I’m connected to WiFi or on Verizon cellular data I’m always lagging and I don’t understand why, it might only be me but idk.
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1 year ago, RobloxNinja35
Won’t connect......................................
I was very excited to play this game. I downloaded it and instantly went into the app. It “loaded”, and then it told me to connect to the internet. I checked, and sure enough, I definitely was connected to the internet. I have other games that require internet, and they work great. I have repeatedly tried again and again to play the game. But same old, same old, it keeps telling me to connect to the internet. I’m very disappointed. :( Pls fix the game and it tell me what I’m doing wrong.
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