Survival Island 1&2

4.6 (5.1K)
42.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Survival Island 1&2

4.58 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
9 years ago, 5th biggest fan? 😜
Awesome and Highly addictive game. But could be made better...
So as you already know, this game is a sweet pixilated game, based on strategy. Awesome and highly addictive as said above too. But, you could add a few features that would make certain things a lot easier. For example, when you are in the beginning, you could have an action on the menu that lets you equip items, like the knife for example. And I know that there are trees lining boundaries and stuff so the axe shouldn't be able to be equipped cause then that would just make people confused. And the equip menu option is just a suggestion. There are only so much stuff you can ad to the game and this should be one of em. But otherwise, yeah😜 I play this game all the time because it's, well, addicting as I say for the third time 😂. But yeah. I would recommend this game to anybody who likes strategy, survival based, or pixilated games. Cya later - Josh's island
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2 years ago, oopstheydidnt
Poorly contrived but also fun and addicting
There is no way to complete this game without searching for answers on the internet. For instance, when you find all of the items in the game. A congratulations screen comes up with a pile of loot and loot falling like confetti. When you exit this screen a treasure chest floats to the beach. You then pick up the chest go to your inventory to find that it’s locked. Where’s the key? There are no clues to lead you to it. It turns out. On the congratulations screen there’s a letter in the pile you have to tap on. The letter is now added to your inventory. This is unlike any of the regular game mechanics so finding this seems unlikely. So you open the letter it says I don’t get it. What? I don’t either. More research tells me that there’s a potion that falls with the confetti on the congratulations screen. Tap that and it’s added to your inventory. You pour that on the letter and it turns into a recipe for a mysterious engine. The key for the chest is under a rock that I pushed 10 times already and there was nothing under it. Nothing ties the the key to the rock except for research done on the internet. And then you have to fish for a screw driver. That only spawn at night on another island. What leads you to that? Nothing except research on the internet. And it goes on and on as you find the ingredients for the mysterious engine.
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9 years ago, Player 1233456890
Hello today I'm writing a review on survival island ! - escape from the desert island and I have to say great game really fun and cool but a few things. So I made the fishing rod and started to fish. I hit gold twice but it gave me a shoe so I was hoping you could make it a little easer I mean I know it supposed to be hard but now it just made me made. So I have this gave for about three days now and I play it all the time. I love survival island stuff like that but this is very very very very hard. I have made it pretty far in the game and I was hoping you could add a secret cave or something like that. Please add more mini games I love them so much they are great. This app need a lot more downloads if it is this cool. I'm giving it five stars. Hope you add some of my ideas and stuff I think it would make this better if it can get any better because like I said before this game is great
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7 years ago, boxtopy
The best mobile game
This game is the best game in the App Store I know. This game needs a update on studying. I think you can study multiple items at a time. Then it would be a lot better. Can the owner reduce the amount of items too make things. This game has been my favorite mobile game for 1 or 2 weeks. When you walk in the game I want the screen to move smoother than just moving it block by block really fast. It gets really annoying to me. Can the game make the fishing bar move the dot slower? I need tires and fish for what I am doing. It gets really frustrating because I can't get fish and tires easily. It's not like other games where it's easy to catch fish. I am not being negative about this game. If the owner is reading this, please make an update on what I am asking. Thank you!
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9 years ago, nitro_builder
AMAZING but could be better
tis game is amazing but it could be better like getting ideas once you have all the items required to create it and also (SPOILER ALERT!) are you flippin kidding me 2997 logs! 400 Wire! all for a house! i assume it just makes you get more stamina when you sleep (like the straw mat), thats useless! also i cant pick up my raft to get to the island with the greenish screws past the trees with a rock in a hole, do i need to make another raft just for that? it's really weird, also, we need more islands! actually never mind id get lost... and we should be able to make other flavored jam (pineapple, mango, dragon fruit) using the mortar like with the small berry or the potatoes. next thing! so, the fishing game is too hard! im sure many people will agree, speed down needs to happen WAY more often. now, every 20-35 tries a speed down will come up, it should be reduced to 10-15. now you've seen the reason i rated 4 star.
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9 years ago, NSException
An Unexpected Treasure
It's becoming increasingly rare to see something truly innovative among the flood of gathering/crafting games that have been released in recent years, but Survival Island manages to be a unique and joyful experience. At its heart it's an NES-era adventure RPG in the vein of Crystalis, offering thrilling life-or-death battles against bunnies, hunger, and the hyperactive little circle in the friggin' impossible fishing minigame. It just happens to layer on a robust crafting system that neither forces you to try endless combinations of items in a grid nor offers you the recipe outright, but instead makes your character mull over the details over time, based on your educated guesses on the components. It's an unobtrusive and natural mechanic that preserves some of the challenge and forces players who've memorized the recipe book to spend some time surviving.
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10 years ago, Poop1508399021456m
Hi who ever made this game is a genius I love everything and I got all my friends hooked on it I just ask for 2 things being able to study more then one thing at a time because im at the level where it takes a long time and I'm addicted so waiting is not fair and also speaking of 'hooked 'I wish you could catch fish easier my friend started punching my iPod trying to catch a sardine ! Ya thank goodness it did not break so those are the two things you should add!!!! Plz do it , it would mean the world to me and I got 10 people to get it :) 😉 so plz try and do this in the next update along with any other cool surprises you may have in store from kitkat508!!
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2 years ago, larson121
Good game
So the game is amazing grinding for resources is fine and all but I am having a problem with the crab stage 2 as far as I know it only has one spawn and it doesn’t have the fastest regeneration time I’m trying to gather for fertilizer but the crab spawns are so stubborn I wish their was more to craft or small quests to fill the gaps like waiting for the bottles etc I had the issue prior with using best bait and getting one star catches but I’m not too worried about that the equipping of tools like from shaprend knife to butterfli net and the time for sprint to kick in kinda slow me down it would be cool if you could remove tree stumps to access new areas but then their would be less trees it would be cool if they spawned near by but the game is pretty cool and I would love to see more.
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6 years ago, 1245751892379
Edit: this new up date just made the game twice as good. I missed playing this so much. Seven stars. this is a game I have always wanted to find but no game met the standards. At first it was like this is kind of boring but then as I leveled up new things started happening. NEW PLACES started opening and then I recognized the outline of ANOTHER ISLAND and I thought it was so cool. This game is perfect the only thing I would ask for is an increase in items but that's just about it. Keep up with the new updates and add one I can't wait to see what else this game has is store. Suggestion: still love the game but the way that the game is set up isn’t fair when it comes to steal plates. It gets boring waiting for the bubbles to appear in the swamp...
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7 years ago, Lukestarcutter
Good game - Some suggestions
I absolutely love this game and the layout of it all, but I have some suggestions that may make the game a little bit easier. Such as maybe notifications of when a research item is complete so you do not have to spend most of you time just staring at the little clock to tick down. Also, adding on to my other point, having the ability to unlock it so you can have to research points going at once. Lastly, being able to get rid of the annoying, everlasting ads would probably raise most of the stars reviewers say. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Kayakmp
Great Game
I love games that u need to survive to finish the game! This game is just that! Your goal is to survive and get off the island. You are also alone so there's no one to help u (except the tutorial),so it's really fun oh and (btw I got the max sticks,rocks,leaves,and nuts,on my first day!!! I thought the game was too easy so I am just letting I know that u should probably limit the spawn of items a little. That way the game isn't too easy for gamers. You should also add some more challenging stuff like wolves and bears so the players will enjoy a little more of a challenge other then just surviving but other then that great game!!!
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4 years ago, Barefoot_indie
Just as good the second time through.
I found this game a few years ago. I enjoyed it so much, i didn’t delete it after I finished so I could watch for future updates. I decided to play it again and enjoyed it just as much. I’d like to spend a few dollars to support you but I really didn’t need the premium items you have for purchase. I would have happily bought wire or best bait. Or even bought the house pre-made, instead of chopping all the wood by hand. (But it needs to be transferable between stage 1 and 2). I hope you will make a new games soon.
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4 years ago, Elizabeth loves this game
Fantastic game
I love this game. I play it every chance I get. It is so well thought though and detailed. The people who made this did an incredible job. A lot of games I drop after only a few weeks but Ive has this one for a long time and still have so much farther to go in the game. Every so often I’ll hit a point where I can’t get a piece I need for a long time but even then I have other recipes and tasks to work on. I highly recommend this game to people and even suggest people I know play it whenever they ask me about it. 10/10
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10 years ago, AnonymousMan294
One of my Favorite Apps!
This game is just great. Literally all of my friends have it. At the beginning you may be a little clueless as to what to do, but all you need to do I find more items and you'll get ideas for things to study. And for anyone who doesn't know where to find rocks, go to the main island where you spawn in at and go to the bottom right of the sand area and it takes you to the beach, there you can collect tons of rocks, shells, clams, conch shells, and even crabs. Hope it helped and I hope you enjoy the game as much as me and my friends do!
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7 years ago, Owens_dm
Not money hungry
This game is so addictive and refreshing to not have specials popping up on the screen or quest that are so hard you break and pay to help it out....I haven't paid anything for this game I'm guessing they make money from the ads on the game... I'm at level 29 and me and my husband both play and love the mild competition to see who can unlock or learn something new first... if you like building or harvesting type games you will LOVE this game...!!!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍... I only wish there were more types of this game... I enjoy the retro style also!
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10 years ago, Apachesable11
It's an awesome game! I really recommend you play it. The only thing I have as a con is make it so you have a run button or make the character run faster. Wait! There is one more thing that has been brought to my attention, where it says how much rocks, nuts, tree branches, and plants there is a line straight through it. Also my bonus doesn't move.😔 Though everything else is great and I can't think of anything else bad about it, I'll update you when I think of something. Thanks for reading this!😄
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6 months ago, chelleville83
Survival Island review
A top down 8 bit classic survival game that you can play offline! I love this little game! No ads no micro transactions! Just a good fun little game that you can enjoy on the go! Enjoy fishing, hunting, exploring secrets, finding what you need to survive and thrive on a deserted island! No gimmicks! The crafting system is deep and rewarding! Satisfying to play! I’ve played for many hours and still find new things to discover! I highly recommend this game to serious gamers on the go!
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7 years ago, Feggbddcffh💗
2 Minor things...
1: Fishing. I have a bad pole but that's not a good excuse for having no fish. I got a gold star and came out with a rubber boot! At least make it a little easier to get fish! 2: Studying. I have a hard time waiting so long to just get to know how to make ONE SINGLE ITEM AND GET ALL THE SUPPLIES!! Please make to so you can do AT LEAST 2 at a time!! 3(not a huge problem): Secrets. I have nothing against them but I was trying to get rocks and spent AGES hoping to get bonus time and once I could that area in the sand I FELT SO STUPID I STAYED THERE AND GOT 100 ROCKS!! Other than this it's a good game and addictively infuriating. 😜
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10 years ago, Ethanburns
Best Survival Mobile Game
This is one of the best mobile survival games I've seen in awhile I really enjoy playing it. This game is absolutely FANTASTIC The graphics may be Meh but it suits the game quite nicely. But of course the game has its WHAT THE HELL moments when you go fishing u can find plastic bags and rubber boots and other items with the plastic bag if you get like 40 or so you should be able to build a hut them them think about your hut needs sticks too. And if course I have a lot more things they could do but I'd be here all day so great game with a few very fixable problems i think.
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6 years ago, Hydeus Cantatherust
Perfect pixel survival game
I will give it 10/10 score for puzzle/craft/survival type. Nice graphic for pixels and bright color. Has a day and night feature plus reality, eg: some monsters attack you with hostile attitude. A huge recipe of crafting items + sufficient way to earn resources in stage 2 (new update). It took me 1 month to finish stage 2 and I feel a bit sad that the game ended there. Hope you guys will release new stage soon. Keep up with your work and well done dev team :D Thanks for the good game there.
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10 years ago, Bfyjnejskxksbahxydjrns
Best game on the App Store
I can tell you honestly this is probably the best game I have ever played I've told all my friends and they like it too we are hooked and often while in school we will discuss things the game developer needs to put in and we decided instead of a whole load of things just one and we decided more "mini games" like chopping wood and fishing maybe once a day signaling a fishing boat and the score you get signaling it is the type of fish you get but anyway best game ever :)
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9 years ago, Alsgirl1975
Best long-time RPG
This game is an RPG, and it's tons of fun! It's not one of those finish-in-one-day games either, it's fun, unique, and if you ever need help, you can find it on their Facebook page! Definitely one of my apps that I will NEVER delete because this game is too much fun! If you're not sure if you should get it or not, get it! It's so good, I don't think it should be free! I've been playing more a month, and I'm still not 100% complete (I'm 93%) so get this game now! It needs more praise for what it is!
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10 years ago, Feniula
The most fun game in the universe! I could not put it down. I enjoy the fact that it is impossible to die, the only hung that happens at 0 health is you can't do some things. I liked the fact that you have to discover/guess the recipes, even if it takes a long time. I would, however, preferred it if bonus time was explained at the beginning, but maybe that was just me being slow the day I downloaded this. 😜
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10 years ago, BrownieBoss
Decent game
So far so good, the only thing is that it's a little bit slow/repetitive in the beginning also you are only given 4 locations to go to. I think that there should be more as there are two palm trees on the main island screen that do absolutely nothing. Also research takes long time. As for suggestions maybe have a crafting book that tells you what items can be combined, of course through trial and error, and chickens and rabbits should not do as much damage as they do.
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9 years ago, MisterPikle
Good game but small problem...
I really liked this game, I was a level 53 but then I stopped because it turns out you CANT escape, I know because I made a raft and it said "Congratulations! You can now escape the island!" I then tried to leave but I couldn't, turns out "escaping" is really just moving around to other islands, if you try to leave it will say that the waves are to strong to move in that direction. Please tell me if there's a way to leave the island. Other than that, Keep up the great work! 👍🏻
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5 years ago, MqAuNeTeInS
Love this game, but needs work.
This game is great, but there are too many items that have no use. And having to wait 29 days for a lightbulb or the small chance of catching one is ridiculous. It would be nice if there were other ways to get one. Edit: just finished stage two and I am still in love with this game! I really hope there is a stage three coming soon and that all items will be useful. Keep it up guys!
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9 years ago, Koop Koopz
Fun for hours
Great game, love the throw back graphics and crazy variety of items. I also like the lack of a game over, I would hate having to restart it and I'm glad they avoided that pitfall. The music doesn't play on mine, but I like to listen to podcasts while I play so it's no problem. This game takes patience though, fortunately I have a lot of that. All in all, great game. Would love to see a sequel, after I beat this one of course
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8 years ago, Agent PointyEars
Unhelpful Reviews 😋
My biggest problem with this game is that people just want to talk about how addictive/sucky this game is depending on how they feel about it. I'm in the addictive group. Unfortunately, no one says anything truly helpful. It would have been nice to know that I could move rocks to fill holes to open a new area, Plant the seeds I found or that there are paths that only appear at night. The tutorial wasn't really that helpful. It left me with more questions about the game than it answered. The website appears to be in Japanese. It took me a while to find the answers to my many questions in English. It took a little work but it was worth it. I suggest checking out the blog before trashing the game with a bad review people.
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3 years ago, riotfixyourgame
Great Game
The art is amazing, and I loved collecting and finishing the books in both games (with the help of the Internet). However, when I watched ads to enter the raffle, the raffle wheel did not show in Stage 2 for me when it did in Stage 1. Also, my mini coconut despawned in Stage 2 when I accidentally left the map. Other than that, it’s a great game, just Google whatever you’re stuck on, sometimes things aren’t as intuitive as you’d like.
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10 years ago, Angry viewer😡
Ok I need some help
Ok so it's a good game and all but there is a few trees that just stand there and are blocking something. I want to know how to get over there and what's with all the unnecessary stuff you get out of the ocean when you fish? Like the rubber boot I got one time I thought I could put it in and have armor but NO you can't 😡 you guys gotta put armor or something to protect yourself against "evil" rabbits and chickens. Speaking of that why do they attack you and why can't you take an axe and kill them with that? Like how could you kill a rabbit or a chicken with your bare hands?
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10 years ago, Xuchriss
Worth checking out
The game is simple in premise and deep in delivery. You'll quickly find yourself scanning the island for more and more supplies. The 8 bit graphics make the entire experience very whimsical. I've enjoyed my time with the game a lot. The tutorial isn't very informative, make sure you give yourself a good block 30-60 mins to grasp a lot of what's going on here. With better instruction, and better controls easily a five star game, but currently a very very solid four stars.
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2 years ago, player #133535273
Nice game
Good game it’s fun and not hard, well actually it is hard but it’s fun and challenging WARNING IF YOU ARE A PLAYER AND READING THIS AND DO NOT WANT SPOILERS THEN DO NOT CONTINUE READING Although it has a few issues. 1. If you use a bonus potion during a thunderstorm the visual stops but the audio continues. Ideas 1. If you are evaporating water in the desert in the sun it should be faster Note: I am surprised you made a extremely good pixel game
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10 years ago, proofblackops98
Very well made game
I really don't like these kinds of games because they take forever to finish but this game somehow makes the wait a lot more fun by adding "mini games" like fishing and wood cutting and also quests that you receive in the form of a bottled letter and you get prizes for the completion of these quests. Only gripe I have is the lack of spawns for materials like leaves, animal droppings and also I don't like the crafting recipes that needs a ton of rope or strong rope cause those take sooo much plants to make!
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9 years ago, The creators/glory
Pls update
Pls make trees (when punched) they will drop leaves (75% chance to drop) and nuts (25% chance to drop) it will take 30 seconds to use again and just put in a few little things here and there like strawberries and apples and possibly transferring numbers of items in multiplayer (POSSIBLY) :/. if u get the message I hope it happens and will be better for everyone P.S. Best RPGs I've ever played keep up the good work :D
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4 years ago, An Apple device user.
Login/save data
I am sorry to rate this with only two stars, but there needs to be a way of saving data and being able to get that data and saved progression back, I had this game and spent quite some money on it, I had lost all of that progression after upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone 11, and I am quite disappointed that the developers didn’t make it possible for us to save our data and progression, that is why I will most likely no longer play this fame, the game is very fun and amazing, but this is a huge problem for me.
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2 years ago, Longsyth
Make more?
I love pixel style/8-bit games because they give off a vibe and show to be good from the start. This game is not like one of those badly drawn add simulator games. It is a new way of choose your own path and I would height recommend it to everyone. One con though. After you get passed 70% progress seems to slow. Maybe add some sort of side quest?
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10 years ago, Finalfire
4/5 Stars
This is an excellent game that you can easily find yourself addicted to. It feels like a cross between the old Harvest Moon games and Virtual Villagers and the sheer nostalgia of playing a game like this makes it worth the time put in. Not to mention some classic pixel art to enjoy and endless items to collect. It can be a bit confusing in the beginning trying to figure our what you're doing, but keep collecting and you'll start to figure out the puzzles in no time!
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10 years ago, I'm Too Sexy!!!!!
This game is PERFECT. Its hard, but that's what makes it Perfect. Some games are to easy that you can pass them in less than an hour. Some games are so hard you cant get past the 1st level. This game is probably a 7 or an 8 out of 10 in hardness! I recommend that if you get this game, make sure you have some other games, because where I'm at it takes 2 hours to study stuff.
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10 years ago, FireninjaX27201
One of the best apps on the store
I love survival games... Unfortunately it has been IMPOSSIBLE to find one that isn't a cheap copy of MineCraft. This game is exactly what I was looking for! And then some more, it has an atmosphere exactly like what I was looking for, very laid back and open world. You collect items, fight animals, and search for lost items. Not to mention the crafting and weather. I highly recommend this game! 🐑
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7 years ago, 29side
A game I won't forget
The game is a amazing in many ways but what I like the most is that it doesn't speed up or go to quick and how frustrating it can be until you relise that you can do this but the game has some bad sides at the beginning I was so confused what to do and when I did I could of done all the time it made me mad or stupid other wise great game so I give it five stars.
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10 years ago, Tmcksc
Survival at a whole new level
Amazing game to play! Survival by combining ingredients and searching for clues to safe yourself from desertion! I don't see many flaws with this game and it doesn't force you to pay for anything. If you want to, you can pay to speed up the already relatively fast research cycle. Great game and I'll keep playing- still haven't solved it and have been playing everyday
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10 years ago, Sparkytooth
The best survival game I have found
I have spent many hours searching for a survival game worth my time. This is a good game. I would seriously recommend this this game for people looking for a game that doesn't make you wait ten hours for things to get done. I do ask that in an upcoming update that you would be allowed to study multiple things at once upon reaching a certain level.
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10 years ago,
Too glitchy
This is a really great game. Trust me, it is. But, unfortunately, there was lots of glitches. For instance, this big yellow bar is covering the quantities of my main resources. And after I got a message in the bottle, I got a rain flower, forgot to grind it and didn't put it in a bottle. It never ever rained since. So far it has been a week. Now I am stuck. I need the rain, but it wouldn't rain. What's up with that? After completing the thirty daily days, you never get any daily awards again. That's just sad. I love this game but there is too many glitches. Anyone who hates glitches, don't get this game and move on. It's just horrible with glitches.
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10 years ago, Nick Warner
Reminds me of Harvest Moon!
This game reminds me of lost in blue crossed with harvest moon on N64. Lots of combining objects to get more, inventing things, exploring new areas, etc. The only complaints I have are that there can be a little too much gathering of items and studying can take too long. Also, it can be a little cryptic on what you're supposed to do next which is fun when you finally figure it out. Free so download it!
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10 years ago, Ran_ndy
its a good oneeee
if you are fans of harvest moon back to nature on playstation 1, then you should get this game at once :), it contain fishing, harvesting fruit, collecting things, build house, net a fish, solve puzzle to survive (you will surprise !!), even sailing, lol :D! but punching animal, that is not recommended :( (i use health suplement all this time) for developer, please update it with more map etc, i love this game ps if you tired of those ads, just play it offline, done :)
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10 years ago, JennaRahl
I'm long this game. Making steady progress although waiting to "study" things is a little frustrating. Definitely set things to study when you're going to walk away from the game for a bit. Only issue is minimal guidance from game or online (which is actually pretty cool cause it makes it more realistic) but I've been working on a guide ill publish when I beat the game.
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9 years ago, Blueninja516
Never ending rain
I've been playing for a while, and so far, after 4 consecutive days of playing, it has not stopped raining once. I've given up on food unless I need to research or make something because the rain makes my stamina go right back down. If you could get the rain to be less never ending then I'll rate higher, but so far, this isn't fun.
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10 years ago, MinecraftMan556
This game is awesome!i do have some ideas though, like could there be more fish,more animals maybe like tigers,a building feature where you can make like a house or something,also maybe can you add in some animals/monsters that are auto-maticly(sorry for spelling wrong) hostile to you maybe like bears or ghost?if you could add these in in the next update that would be awesome
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7 years ago, Nyan Kit Kat
I haven't even played and I already know this will be AWESOME
So this game is such a surprise to me! I love RPG games that sort of remind me of the good ol' game boy (which I never played because I wasn't born when games were still charming) Who knew that randomly, I would stumble across this cool game after searching for like hours for something just like this! I just wanna say thanks, for making meh dreams come true!
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8 years ago, TheAppleMuncher
Unexpected Gem
Obviously I'm late to discovering this game, but it was a total blast all the way through. Fishing is ridiculously hard, and the fbonus after "beating" the game the first time would have been near impossible without web search help, but otherwise it was the best game I've played in a long time. The graphics are also nostalgic which adds to the charm of the game.
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