Sushi Cat

4.3 (567)
60.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Armor Games Studios Inc
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Sushi Cat

4.31 out of 5
567 Ratings
5 years ago, Ginny Laugher
If this game is not かわいい I don’t know what is!
It’s a very cute game with great storylines! Personally I’m a japan+Japanese super fan so of course I’m eating it all up! (Well at least what’s vegetarian of it!) it’s also very satisfying to watch the little cat fall and consume all the sushi, I don’t know how they eat that much! My only complaint is it’s kind of short with limited options it would be nice if there was either more levels or other game options like a challenge mode or something.
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8 years ago, Wwwhhhhhyyyy?!?!?!
Extra Kawaii, simple gameplay
I love this game! I do not quite understand the negative reviews, as I have not run into any of the issues stated in them. I did, however, see a review stating the number of levels was not accurate. This is not true. After finishing the first 15+3 levels, the main menu will allow you into story select. There you will find the other levels to the game. Everything about this game is adorable. Whenever you get a piece of sushi you see a minuscule "om" above the head of sushi cat. This app is worth the money and I highly doubt you will be disappointed.
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5 years ago, Fanwarrior16
Adorable and Fun
Finding Sushi Cat in the AppStore was a pleasant surprise. I haven’t played it since I was a kid, but now I can play it again. :) It’s a great game with a cute story, and it’s suitable for players of all ages. There isn’t any scary or violent content. No adult language either. All you’re doing is helping an adorable blue cat eat sushi and win the heart of the girl he loves. One downside is that the game is short, so it won’t last long if you’re a dedicated gamer. However, Sushi Cat 2 is in the works. I’m looking forward to that.
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3 years ago, aidsdirtiestlew6969
Great, but
Look I love this game to the end of the earth and back. Been playing it for years since it was just a little free online game. But! It’s so short! Spent a dollar and it took me less than an hr to finish. Normally I’d go to sushi cat 2, but it’s not available anywhere anymore. definitely not on the App Store either, which is surprising since it’s been out this long. This game is great, gimme more :(
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2 years ago, AOT14
Cute nostalgic game
I use to play this game a lot when it was a free flash game online, it was my favorite! It made me sad when I tried finding the flash game again (after going down memory lane) only to find out it was unavailable. This app is exactly like the first Sushi Cat game! Hoping to one day see the next Sushi Cat games become apps!💙🍣🐱
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6 years ago, JohannaaaH
I lOvE tHiS gAmE❤️❤️
I LOVE this game!!! I like it when the cat gets fat!! Then he gets more sushi!!! And I wish there were like 100 levels then I could play it more. But I’m a little sad because I was going to get Sushi Cat 2 but when I try to find it, it won’t come up!! And I wanna play it SOOOO BAD!! And a youtuber named iHasCupquake can play it but not me. And I’m sad! So please fix this, I wanna play Sushi Cat 2!!
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6 years ago, LouisCat43
Most Pleasant Game!!
I love everything about this game - visually and sound-wise. It’s an adorable story, the bouncing effect is sumptuous and the play is just curious enough to be interesting while entirely relaxing. I wish there were more of it! I’ve played both levels through twice now. More please!
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5 years ago, Adina Younus
great, and sooo cute ! but ...
it isn’t iphone x compatible and it’s very small on my iphone x screen :( it would make me enjoy the game much more if it was my full screen !! but besides that it’s such a cute game. i love the physics of the cat and how he’s so jiggly !!!! even the story is cute to watch too. i love it :D
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9 years ago, AngieReiss
Playing then deleting (only want to keep achievements)
The cat is always getting stuck on a level and I need to try again it gets really annoying especially when you get the cats belly full on a hard level but he won't go in a point box it's annoying I'm only playing until I get all achievements then I'm deleting the app and keep the achievements :)
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2 years ago, HerbsAndEnergy
It’s alright
I Gutta say I am a little disappointed. It is the sushi cat I know and love but it’s just the pc game slapped onto a phone. I do still love this game but I wish it was more optimized for mobile. It’s not even full screen. This version isn’t worth the dollar it is but if it was updated even a little it would be worth it and worth another star
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7 months ago, Kitahama
A Silly and Rather Fun Game
If you like Cats, Japan, and Sushi, then you will probably enjoy this game. I've just started playing the game which appears to have a bunch of variations or adventures. The part that I am in now is based on pachinko wherein your goal to overstuff your feline avatar with sushi.
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2 years ago, AlexsmilaGinger
Please read
The fact that you can’t see the cutscenes makes it upsetting for me, and there’s only 2 story’s now idk if you have to watch them to unlock levels but fix it please it’s very upsetting for people
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3 years ago, wowzabowser
Love the game and bought it but can’t play
For some reason it won’t let me get past the first screen that says what’s new about it in Game Center. I try to click the dismiss but it won’t allow it
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4 years ago, 75mnm
Can’t even start
So I got past the first scene where he sees the girl cat, and that’s it I wasn’t able to start it just brought me to a black screen. So I spent money on a game that doesn’t even works and I’m only a kid so I don’t get money often. I would like this to be fixed to I can actually play cause I used to have this game on my old phone and if was fine now it just brings me to a black screen and I wait and wait and nothing happens.
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9 years ago, Pgmaawh
This is a VERY fun and challenging game ONLINE!! As an app this game is L.A.M.E.!! The 12 "levels" are not even 1/4 of the REAL GAME online!! When attempting to access the game online, the developers have FROZEN OUT MOBILE USERS!! However, in their cold hearted tradition of game developers, they have lots of their games for players to access, they just won't allow you to play Sushi Cat!! Lame "one-level" game... being frozen out online... doesn't deserve even ONE STAR!! Also, NO additions and NO new levels for at least TWO YEARS!!! BOOOO HISSSS!!!! 😡
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5 years ago, Anayek
Same game I used to play and love but..
I remember playing this game on the internet when I was younger, so when I found this on the app store I will more than willing to pay for it. However, I was disappointed to find out that there was only two worlds when I remember playing wayyyy more on the old version. Kinda disappointing.
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9 years ago, cstatman
sushi meow!
my 8yr old and I BOTH enjoy this game. it’s cute storyline, creative puzzles, and delightful music track? all combine to make a well designed, interesting, challenging game. Our wish, of course, is for MORE PUZZLES! MORE LEVELS! Thank you Armor Games for making one of our favorites!
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4 years ago, Kittkatt1223
I’ve always loved playing sushi cat so when I saw the game in the App Store I got super excited and bought it. The little video/storylines aren’t playing for me and if I accidentally slid my screen down which forced the game to pause I wouldn’t be able to move the sushi cat and would have to restart the level. Also disappointed there weren’t more levels :/
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9 years ago, Mika1155
It's so cute and fun ❤️!
I love it! It's so much fun to play I love the little cartons in the middle of the levels and of course sushi cat!! The only thing Thing is that it doesn't continue after two stories do it is sort of a waste of money 😭 but I can't wait for sushi cat 2 two come out!😇
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9 years ago, Percyp11
🐱 Sushi Cat 🐱
I love this game. I would recommend it to anyone who gets bored really often, that's me lol. Very fun to play. But it really needs some more levels. A lot of times I get stuck doing the same levels over and over again. But still very fun. Great job on this game. 😋
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4 years ago, sushicat>:)
It’s good
Me and my brother got this game as a joke then we quickly became obsessed the only complaint that I have about this game is that there aren’t enough levels, I paid for the game so I was expecting more
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3 years ago, Confused Conure
This game should be free
It's a very old game that has very few levels. I remember there being bonus levels too, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten this game on the Google play store for free in the past - or I at least know that it's free online with much more content. I wanted to play for the nostalgia but was pretty disappointed.
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2 years ago, Http__Isabel
Not many levels
I bought the game with nostalgia of the online computer game. I bought the game because my laptop doesn't support flash. It's somewhat like the computer game but with 24 levels in total. Not worth paying for. The story to it isn't the same either. I'm disappointed.
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2 years ago, ~Kai~San
fix this pls
it is a great game but everytime i complete level B3 it just kicks me out and doesnt let me go to the next level.
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8 years ago, tlowder
Love it😻😻😻
Sushi cat is really fun sometimes it can get frustrating that you have to work your hardest. It's fun because it's just really fun. I would give this app a nine out of 10
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4 years ago, Kevin Crim
iOS 14 breaks the game
I've run into some problems while playing the game on iOS 14. Mainly graphics aren't optimized, cutscenes fail to play, & SFX don't play during gameplay. Please fix
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4 years ago, laurenxlaflamme
I absolutely LOVE this game and would play it over and over again, I wish there were more levels or a sushi cat 2,3,4 etc. because I really enjoy it.
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5 years ago, druol
Very well done
Get it! Had it for a long time, never even considered deleting it! Since I got it they added a huge update hopefully they'll keep at it. Needs more new levels! Works very well on an iPad, by the way. I have also gotten the cat stuck a couple of times, needs a little fixing. Edit: it’s been a long time. Could really use some new levels!
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4 years ago, fjufcebfiigfiif
Not very long
I’ve played these games on computer before, they were much longer, and free. I already know the plot of the story but it does not wrk for me, the screen just goes black and it takes me back to choose my level. I’m not very please with this based on past experience.
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8 years ago, Ponygirl245
I love this app!
I love this app so much! It is so addicting. Though when are you coming out with sushi cat 2? I need more! Also not a waste of money! I just love this app it is so cute! 🐱❤️
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8 years ago, thepossumqueen
3 stars because it's so short!
ADD MORE LEVELS!!! I LOVE Sushi Cat; it's one of my favourite games online, so I was happy to see a mobile version. I'm sad to see that it's only got 4 worlds... That was easily beaten. The game ran smoothly, no force closes or lagging... But I'm hoping there's more levels to be added!
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9 years ago, AnnieConduh
Only 15 levels?!
Plus 3 bonus levels. Why does it say 27 in the description? I would like my money back, honestly.
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2 years ago, mariahgrey
Poor UI, waste of money
As somone who played this game many years ago, i hoped that it would be a fun throwback. Unfortunately, any higher levels than the first ten it is nearly impossible to eat enough sushi to pass, as the game screen is obscured by imagery and you can’t drop the cat into proper space. Waste of 99 cents.
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9 years ago, Jcollins396
Dat music doe
The game overall is adorable. Myself, as a cat lover, I recommend this game for all the crazy cat lady out there. But the in game music makes me wanna tear my ears off. (I'm not exactly sure if I spelled tear right...😁)
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2 years ago, Steph794167326
I’ve been waiting for more levels for 5+ years
Come on bruh!
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7 years ago, hedgiehuffles
Memories come flooding back
I used to play this when I was only 6 (I'm 13 now). It was so nice to see the producers ported Sushi Cat over to iOS. It's a wonderful game.
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4 years ago, atorres1624
Cut scene movies don’t work for me
This is a really cute game but it’s glitchy. The cut scene movies just are black and won’t work. They just get skipped so I can’t see them.
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9 years ago, Sopergirl
Sushi Cat
This game is fun, but not worth paying for since it is has such limited gameplay. Free games have more levels and variation in strategy than this does. It was an impulse buy because it was cute. I deleted it after less than a week of having it.
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4 years ago, needed to write a nickname...
✨Been playing for years! ✨
I loved this game since it came out! Re played it many times! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️here are some cottage core emojis for y'all 🍄🍁🍂🦌🌲🐌🐿👒🍂🥜. :)
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4 years ago, Anna Great
Full of bugs
The game is full of bugs. Videos between levels do not play. Cat gets stuck on the play field and the game freezes. It is a good draft but why do you sell unfinished product?.. Armor Games, please go back to the drawing board and finally release a finished and fully functioning game. Thank you!
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8 years ago, Bunn3valntin3
Love this game
Never fails to put me in a good mood an it's something me and my boyfriend can play together and have a great time.
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3 years ago, KillerKween13
Graphics issues
For a paid app I expect a better layout. I’ve loved sushi cat since playing the flash game on armor games but now that I’ve spent the money on the app I am disappointed in the layout. I would like a full screen version... made me sad.
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9 years ago, figero55
This is the best game I've ever played in a LONG time I recommend anybody that's reading this to buy it it's really worth it!
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4 years ago, why is it not letting me play
Why is it not letting me play?
When the intro goes then the end the screen turns black and it’s not letting me play the game I waited for 3 minutes and the screen is still black 😡
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3 years ago, drevatchka
Not fun on mobile
This game doesn’t work on mobile. If you had seen other writing about this you would see it just does not work. I am really frustrated with this but if it’s not your fault, then I’m sorry but there is nothing we can do about it. Thank you
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7 years ago, Abi 😜
Don't waste your money
I paid 99 cents for a game that took me 15 minutes to complete! It is not a bad game don't get me wrong, I like the gameplay it is fun but it is not worth any money at all! The online version which is free is 10 times better! I do not recommend anyone buy this!
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7 years ago, Joseph NightWarrior
Can't wait for the 2nd one on mobile
This game is so fun if you want a simple but challenging game
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8 years ago, zootfloyd
so wonderful
I'm so happy they made an app, this game has been my favourite for years
Show more
9 years ago, AceBeth
Too Limited
Cute, fun game. Unfortunately, there's less than twenty levels, so it's easy to beat within an hour or so and it doesn't have much replay quality. Also, the game crashes and freezes quite a bit. I'm seriously regretting purchasing this game.
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7 years ago, An alpaca
Love it!
Absolutely loved this game on PC. Lovely to play it on mobile after many years!
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