Swagbucks: Surveys for Money

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User Reviews for Swagbucks: Surveys for Money

4.39 out of 5
116K Ratings
2 years ago, JeffArchaeo
Decent way to earn gift cards
Swagbucks is chock full of gimmicks and ways to earn enough points to get gift cards. They run the gamut from ridiculously easy to almost impossible, but overall it’s worth it. Like any commercial site, they’re a business, so many of the Swagbucks-earning opportunities require a purchase or you have to sign up for something. But there are plenty of free points from tasks as easy as clicking on a site or app to answering surveys. Unless you are in the habit of making big purchases, the surveys are generally the best deal. My only complaints are that some of the surveys are misleading about the time they take to complete, and they have the supremely irritating tendency to kick you out after you’ve invested a lot of time in answering it and giving you a measly ONE Swagbucks for your time. I’ve also noticed that if you are in your 60s or older you tend to get turned down for surveys more often. Still, even with these minor issues, you can earn a gift card pretty quickly if you have the time to spend answering surveys or otherwise participating. They are honest in my opinion and experience, and if you contact them about a problem they generally get back to you quickly. I’ve earned several gift cards from them over the years and they are legit!
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1 year ago, Mumba234
It’s A Love-Hate Relationship
It’s annoying how 90% of the surveys don’t let you actually complete them and how conveniently it throws you out and give you 1 for it. The most frustrating part is that you submit the receipt and check off all the items that you DID BUY and DO ACTUALLY QUALIFY FOR-I even highlight the ones that do apply one every receipt I submit and it’s CLEAR AS DAY-yet they tell you otherwise. For example, That only 1 of the 10 items that are there in the list and there in the receipt yet for some reason you have to submit a request for a review of the receipt that takes 3-5 days. And you have to submit a different request for EACH ITEM that is clearly there. This is an awesome app and great idea and huge help-however, it needs to have some serious work done to help improve it because it’s a wicked pain in the behind to have to deal with all that unnecessary stuff just to help save. It’s more frustrating because the point of the app is to help you yet it’s ridiculous how much time and effort you have to put into something that is a no brained and is CLEARLY IN THE PICTURE. I submit receipts AS SOON AS I GET HOME. The Date is clear, I even highlight the items in the eligible items list and make sure the photo is clear to avoid mistakes and to make sure to get credit for it. This could be super amazing and a huge help-but like I said-it needs serious improvement to make sure people actually get credit for what they do and purchase.
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4 months ago, P31Gal
Not Worth It Anymore
I used this app on and off for years but it doesn’t work anymore. The surveys were always garbage and always say they’ll only take a few minutes but take ages and rarely reward what they say because they’ll disqualify you after you spend 20+ minutes answering questions and then grant you pennies (if anything) for your time. I used it for the mobile game rewards, but they no longer track as of a several months ago despite me allowing tracking and doing everything I’m supposed to do. Customer service won’t help and just says “we don’t see anything on our end, too bad” even though I have screen shots of every step of the process with timestamps and everything and so I don’t get rewards for anything anymore. I’ve tried everything to get it to work again and a dozen different offers. They show up as visited but won’t post and no one cares. In the past I earned hundreds of dollars of rewards playing mobile games in my spare time and suffering through hours of ads in between. I used to get extra funds for Christmas and spending money from this app. I have recommended this app in this past. ***I no longer recommend it to anyone and will not be using it anymore.*** I only gave it two stars because you can earn literal pennies if you want to waste hours doing surveys, watching ads, using their coupons or web search - the redemption services are legit. But good luck if you have a problem with tracking. Goodbye Swagbucks!!
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2 years ago, jdmblahblahblah
Pretty good!
This is one of my favorite apps for getting cash back for receipts and through surveys (I do those on my laptop). Survey wise, it’s like any other survey site, you get disqualified a lot before you get approved. Can be annoying but you can rate the survey, unlike on survey junkie where they just leave you hanging. But you do reach a max amount of points for being disqualified per day. It’s pretty dumb also. But as far as receipts, you can scan just about anything. I’ve noticed there is a max limit on the amount of receipts you can upload each day but I just wait a few days and finish uploading the ones I couldn’t before. Doing e-receipts is not favorite. I wish that was easier. I don’t really like having to email their email to get credit for it. On Fetch rewards, you can just give them permission to see your email (hopefully they aren’t being corrupt with that lol), but they pick out your e-receipts and give your credit for it. Very easy. I prefer that over having to email them all of my e-receipts. It’s also harder to keep track of that way. But overall, I like this app. You can cash out at 5 bucks and they have many gift cards. I always choose the PayPal ones. I do recommend this app but just be aware of those things I mentioned.
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5 years ago, betsaw
Good if you have time and patience
I am visually impaired and while the app is infinitely easier to use than accessing the website from my PC, I still find that accessing the website from Safari on my phone is the easiest way for me to complete surveys. The app is a close second, but I’m able to move around a little more quickly on the website because I don’t have the buttons at the bottom to interfere with my navigation. I mostly do surveys because videos don’t interest me much and the shopping opportunities are better with a different app, but there are usually plenty of opportunities to earn points with the surveys so I have been very happy with that. While getting one or two points here and there if I am unable to complete a survey doesn’t sound like much, they do add up and compared to a lot of other panels I’ve tried, makes it worth my time. I only wish there was a way to report accessibility issues when I encounter a survey that I am unable to complete because I hate the appearance that I am just abandoning surveys when there is actually a good reason for doing so. As long as you understand you’re not gonna make a lot of money, it’s an easy way to get some extra shopping money and you’ll enjoy this for the most part.
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1 year ago, TiffCoops
Keep Looking For Something Else
I started off happy with the app at first, played games and earned gift cards. As soon as I completed required levels, I would receive a text saying your credit is on the way. Fast forward a few months and I stopped receiving credit for levels completed, reached out for help getting my credit and the first time with about a week turn around time they were helpful, the second time they tried saying I was credited when I actually wasn’t and had proof I wasn’t. With that being said I tried a different game and again no credit given after completion of required levels so it’s time to delete my account. Also the surveys are basically non existent I would go through five minutes of questions to suddenly be booted out saying I wasn’t a fit or qualified for that particular survey and no credit given- despite the fact I practically completed the whole survey prior to being kicked out. Coincidence? No- this happened every single survey I attempted over months: not once did it allow me to complete a single survey. Coming from a survey standpoint I recommend mturk for better survey and payout. Don’t waste your time downloading this app because it’s only a matter of time before they stop crediting you for the work completed. Disappointed to say the least because I enjoyed the random games and rewards.
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4 years ago, Wen Lu
Great for what it is.
Before I got this app, I accused it of being a scam because I doubted that a free money app could afford to give away this much. But I checked my Paypal after redeeming some gift cards and I see that I actually got paid. For a free money app, this is actually very generous. It pays you to do a variety of things, such as playing games, watching videos, answering surveys, etc. I find that answering surveys is the quickest way to make money since you get at least 1 cent for almost every survey you take and you get a few nickels if you actually complete the survey. With these, I am able to earn a few dollars a day. I would not recommend watching the videos though because you would have to wait a long time, sometimes at least 15 minutes, just to get a cent or 2. I was also unable to get paid for the games and offers yet so I do not know how well these work. Obviously though, do not expect to get rich off of this app or even be able to get minimum wage. No free money app will pay you that much. If you want a decent source of income, you have to get a job. This app should only be used as a way to get a slight boost to your current income or to get some pocket money if you have no way to get a job right now.
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2 years ago, pinkdizzle
Why I gave a four star review...
If you have the time read all.. it’s not all meh.. so I’ve had issues with certain surveys that didn’t pay, took much longer than stated and/or gave less than the agreed amount. It can get so aggravating when I kicked out of a survey right before completion and after spending over 20 minutes on it. But customer support has been pretty good with giving me they will award me if successfully completed. Customer care will help you sometimes at a slow pace but you do Get paid for your time. It’s just a lot of screen shots! You need proof. A lot of time. You need the survey numbers or Id numbers so they know which one you’re talking about. The key is paying attention. Be honest. It could definitely be better in some things but hey, I need to make money somehow in this world. Times are rough for everyone!! They are the best company Ive dealt with so Far!!!’ Good luck. You’ll need it as well as PATIENCE! Happy holidays. Oh and another plus I was credited 300 Swagbucks for a survey I totally forgot completed so Swagbucks are good pple. Better than Eureka🤮 you’ll never get what you’re owed 👆🏻👆🏻from them
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3 years ago, Stellar_Rainbow
Great App but Lacking Support
Edit: My activity center has been updated with what seems to be a rectification to the problem. I appreciate the attempt to solve the problem so I am raising my review. I still think that customer service needs some work, but this is the only issue I have had with Swagbucks, so I appreciate at least some semblance of a solution being reached. Original: Let me start by saying that I love Swagbucks! I have recommended them to friends for years to earn extra spending money. Despite this, I have to leave a one star review. This all started when I opened a Chime checking account through Swagbucks. I was going to use a friend’s referral and get $75, but I saw Swagbucks’ offer and decided to use it instead. I opened the account and got 2 direct deposits from my employer within the allotted timeframe. The problem is that nothing ever showed up in my activity feed. I have contacted customer support multiple times and have not received even an automated response. I am deeply saddened by Swagbucks lack of care for their users. I would love to continue to use Swagbucks, but after this scam I do not think I can trust them.
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2 years ago, Zerotheklown
Too Slow
Since it appears my previous review was deleted. I will say this app is not worth the time. I down loaded this app and SurveyJunkie on the same day. I reached minimum withdrawal amount on both apps around the same time which took about two day. SurveyJunkie withdrawal was in my PayPal account immediately. I finally got the Swagbucks withdrawal today, it took 11 days. I have reached minimum withdrawal on SurveyJunkie twice in that time and cashed out twice since then. I haven’t been able to reach minimum withdrawal for even a second time yet with this app. Not only do you get rejected for surveys more often on this app. It will disqualify you from surveys with over a 90% completion rate and 30 minutes over the 15 min estimate given for that particular survey and only award you a couple of points. If you get disqualified from a survey from SurveyJunkie, they have to common decency to disqualify you within the first few minutes so you can move on to another. I’m my previous review the developer boasted of other options to earn points in the app, but what they purposely doesn’t mention that earning points that way, they is even slower than the surveys. Spending 15-20 minutes for videos for 1 compared t 15-20 minutes filling out a survey for 40-60, is not the great alternative.
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4 years ago, NarutoUzumaki333
CONS: Swagbucks is ok. Just ok. It’s not a great way to make money at all, so definitely DO NOT try and make it a full time job. I’ve made 4 bucks in a week, but that’s because I’ve spent almost 2 hours a day on it. If you use it as a search engine instead of safari or google, you could be making about a dollar a day. I haven’t tried it the search yet, but I’ve heard that it’s not so good quality. Surveys are also not on the good side. Swagbucks doesn’t make most of the surveys. Most of the surveys tell you that you don’t qualify. When you do get a survey going, or is almost always much longer than it said that it was going to be. Some surveys ask you for year and month of birth and race, and some go as far as to ask you EXACT date of birth, full name, and yearly income... Sometimes with these surveys I feel like I’m taking the CENSUS!!! PROS: Swagbucks isn’t always nightmare though. There is a feature that I like called referring. If you make a referral and the person you referred uses your link, you receive 10% of that person’s money for life. If you own a social media account with a decently large number of followers, you should post your referral link there. If you successfully made like 100 referrals, you could be making like an extra 6 dollars an hour! Nice right?
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4 years ago, Adamtiburon
Not worth it
Does the app pay? Yes. But there’s too much time involved, along with the tediousness of dealing with surveys that screen you out. When taking surveys in this app, I usually get screened out shortly after answering a couple questions in each. I get that this can happen every once in a while, but in this app it’s overwhelmingly reoccurring. Sometimes surveys will take me to the very end and then Swagbucks won’t credit me the full amount originally promised. The survey time algorithm needs work too. There’s just much better options out there for taking surveys. To give you an idea, I’ve put about 7 hours into this app doing surveys and have made $12. My opportunity cost would have been working at my job for those hours and earning $105 so it’s really not a good investment of your time. I mean the thing is, is that it works, but it’s too much of a hassle really given there’s other options out there (I won’t disclose here) for taking surveys for cash. And yes there are other features in this app, but unless you shop at stores don’t even bother (referring to cash back). Watching the videos and doing discover are both wastes of time. 16 videos for a penny and discover consistently has issues where I can’t access the content or it doesn’t credit me.
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5 months ago, mckells
Beyond disappointed
I have never taken the time to write a negative review of an app before, but this time I feel the need to. I spent weeks on this app and loved it. It genuinely works as far as I could tell (although I never tried cashing in my points). But I was able to obtain the points fairly fast and in a variety of interesting ways. I was enjoying it. Then, one day, my account became deactivated without warning. I reached out to customer service multiple times. First, they replied saying I violated terms. I wrote explaining my confusion, asked what terms I violated, and what I could do to get my account back. They requested ID verification. I provided it. They then said they decided to keep me deactivated due to violating terms. I asked them one or two more times what terms it was that I violated, and to this day I have not received an email back and still have no idea what I did wrong. I am so disappointed with this company and the way things were handled. I had truly not done anything I am aware of to violate the terms and if I truly did by accident, I would at least appreciate a proper explanation. I thought this was a wonderful app at first, but this was really such a shame. There’s so many hours poured into this app down the drain and I never got to redeem a thing.
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7 months ago, Ddubs4
Gave it a Try
I gave Swagbucks a try as a fun way to earn gift cards. I earned one $25 gift card pretty quickly but only because I downloaded, played and made a purchase in a recommended game. Otherwise, it takes forever to earn enough to get anything with your points. I also downloaded, played and made a purchase on a few games only to find that I wasn’t getting credit from Swagbucks. You have to allow tracking to get credit, which I did, however I couldn’t find any acknowledgement of downloading and playing the game in Swagbucks. In addition, it takes WAY too long to get some earned points through Swagbucks. When I earn points, I don’t want to wait 30 days to get my rewards. There has to be a a quicker way. One last comment, once you finally qualify for a survey and start taking the survey, sometimes it will end the survey giving you 1 - 6 SW even though you are 10 minutes into the survey. It’s also seems difficult to find a survey you qualify for. If you have extra time to take surveys and play games, this will be good for you.
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5 years ago, shine4362
Not for me
I'm giving this app 3 stars because I don't want to discourage anyone from at least trying it for themselves... but it's simply not for me. I don't want to sound paranoid but the first survey was all about asking my income, my profession, my race.. etc. They also asked if they could track my location with the option only to be tracked while using the app.. or all the time. My choice was the first one but I keep receiving a pop up message saying I'm being tracked all the time regardless of my choices and would I like to go to settings to change this. Well of course I would because it wasn't my choice to begin with! I think I'm just old school and I don't like the idea of someone using my info as a method of saving money.. or getting me to spend it! I feel the same way about social media, if I want my friends and family to know what I had for dinner then I will call and tell them! I feel no need at this point to announce my life (or my dinner choices..LoL) to a bunch of complete strangers... but if these things don't bother you then you might actually like this app and others just like it.. in which case you should give it a try. As for myself, I will be deleting for now.
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1 year ago, Farmfan13
Great app
Great app, but does have some drawbacks. Does take a long time to stack up points with receipts. Biggest complaint is having to upload some receipts several times in order to get points because there’s some kind of error. Also getting a notification that the receipt has already been used when you just arrived home with it and tried to upload it. There isn’t any chance anyone has used it, but the app will keep telling you the same issue. I will also get notifications that a receipt isn’t valid, like it’s a forgery, not a genuine receipt, but it totally is valid and genuine. If numbers were smudged I could understand it, but everything is completely legible, nothing written on it and not even bent and it still won’t take it. It’s time consuming to keep having to upload when it won’t take the receipt or takes 3 to 10 tries to get it accepted. It’s hard to get them reviewed or impossible in some cases. If it’s supposedly fake or already used, the system won’t allow any review.
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1 year ago, FallenLeif
Hope you don’t need something from Customer Service.
God forbid your account acts up. I have been going in circles with customer service for a MONTH now. I initiated because I didn’t receive money from an activity I completed, which I provided all the possible proof for, and yet they can’t find a reason to give the money that I earned. So, I then asked them to look into why Swagbucks was not tracking my activities, because I was doing every single thing by the website rules. Nothing was blocked, I completed everything directly through the Swagbucks app, etc. I have asked multiple times for CS to look into this and it’s always ignored. I have provided proof of the offer being completed multiple times, and they keep asking. I even had to prove my identity, which I did, only for CS to ask for proof of completion AGAIN and then tell me AGAIN they can’t find proof I completed the activity. Seems no one takes the solid proof I have and that no one listens, and it’s been going on for a month now. I am VERY irritated. It was a significant amount of money Swagbucks is refusing to reward me even when I have done every little thing by the book. I am fixing to delete the account and never use Swagbucks again at this rate.
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2 years ago, GinLikeTheDrink
So far so good. Can’t upload receipts though…
No idea why, but every time I try to upload a receipt, it immediately gives me a screen saying it can’t read the information. I turn them, flatten them, I even do the old “rub the dollar around the side of the soda machine” trick. Alas, it seems, there is still no pleasing the magic receipt overlords. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤔 Does the system not realize that it’s impossible to take pictures of a 3’long CVS receipt and also keep it completely straight & flat the whole time? And dear lord don’t let it get a water spot on the receipt. That’s already going to be a “no go” in my experience. Everything else seems to work well in the app. I Wish I could get around this issue and it’d definitely be worth 5 🌟🌟⭐️🌟⭐️ as the time and thought that went into making this app was completely worth the full marks. It’s just that pesky uploading of the receipt that’s the issue. This may be just my experience, if so, Please file my receipt problem in the “The More You Know💫”, bin, just in case you get another person not quite bright enough to pull this whole thing off. 😂 Thx ☺️
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1 year ago, K Ty go ik
Great way to make a little extra but may deactivate your account
Swagbucks has a Lotof different ways that you can make a little extra money. How are you? Do you have to put a little bit of time and effort and some other things I would say it’s worth it in most cases. My favorite thing to do is to play the games that they offer because a lot of them are games that I would play anyways on my phone and it gives the extra little incentive to play a little bit further. The only thing stopping for my five star review is that they recently deactivated my wife’s account, and did not really give a specific reason why stating that she win against the terms and conditions of one of their partners but she legitimately follow the prompts that were given. She had a little over dollars worth of Swagbucks waiting to be anything with which gives me a little bit of anxiety thinking that they may do that with my account at any given notice as well. They have been really good about fixing any issues that I have personally had but it seems that they were not willing to work with my wife.
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2 years ago, lostinspace471
Huge waste of time
This app seemed really promising at first. But as other reviewers have said, they screen you for most of the surveys. All of which I have been disqualified for no reason whatsoever. No explanation as to why I was rejected, I just constantly get rejected on every survey I attempt. On the last one I tried to take, it gave me an almost immediate popup suggesting this other survey instead, but when I tried to open that link, it just took me to my dashboard with an error message saying it was “outdated” and I needed to refresh it. Except when I try to refresh it, nothing happens, it’s just the same error message over and over again. I gave up on the surveys and tried the “about me” questions, which I had done once before. But when there was a question where you can choose more than one answer, it just deselected my answers over and over again and I couldn’t move forward. That was my last straw. I ended up deleting the app because it’s too frustrating and too much wasted time. Seems a little rigged if you ask me. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands I don’t recommend this app at all…
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3 years ago, MaryCurls5
Like it Better Than the Browser Website
Swagbucks is definitely designed for those who already have a job, and are simply looking to save a little extra cash. Your chances of earning the most swagbucks is dependent on already spending money on groceries, entertainment, clothing, etc; and therefore being eligible for more surveys and earning swagbucks when you shop for things you needed to shop for anyway. If you understand that and you’re still game, go for it. As I said in the title, I definitely like the app better than the website. There are additional ways to earn swagbucks and if you tend to spend more time on your phone anyway, it’s easier to remember to do every day to get the most out of the app, especially if you turn on notifications. If you’re like me and you don’t do a lot of shopping, this may be harder to utilize to make extra cash. But give it a go and see for yourself, you never know till you try. It’s better than other cash-back options I’ve come across.
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2 years ago, tetetebe
I’ve been a member since 2017
I’ve made $584 in that time. I love Swagbucks I never thought I would make the money that I have with this platform but it’s that easy. You have to put in the work on your computer or phone to make the money but it’s fun and easy. It’s not a lot of money but if you have the free time and the patience it can be done. I’ve made a great deal of my money from offers that may have or have not required a purchase initially. But I always go for offers that are money makers. I just recently got back into Swagbucks again recently and I was able to get accepted into An amazing survey that paid me almost $200. That you can cash out and buy real things with… Swagbucks has helped me so much over these years I started taking an serious when I was pregnant and broke... lol .. I’m speaking from my heart when I brag about this. I love apps that make me money like survey apps, Ibotta and stuff like this so I’m serious when I say that this app is amazing.
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4 months ago, Gamelover8476
Pretty cool!
Swagbucks is a great way to make a few extra dollars to help supplement you throughout the month. I’ve been doing it for a while now, and I have been nicely compensated for my time. One thing would be nice though….. 90% of the time I get blocked out of a survey for no reason at all-even if I haven’t answered any questions yet. I’m tired of missing a chance to earn points, because I am “not the right fit”. Sometimes it waits until I have almost finished the survey to block me out, and that is very annoying. If it wasn’t for this, I would be able to do more surveys, and I would give a five star review. And it would be nice. And if you’re going to block me out of a survey, at least give me a few points to say thank you for the time I’ve already spent. I don’t know if it’s caused by a glitch or what, but it would be nice if this problem could be resolved. Other than that, I recommend the app to anyone who is looking for a way to make a little bit of extra money!
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3 years ago, morquel20091988
Fun and easy but as usual they forget credits for completing task
I love this app and website. I’ve made a few good money moves on swagbucks. But as the pandemic started I noticed that it started to go down hill. I have missed out on a bunch of credits. Customer service is super hard to get ahold of. I’m constantly finishing and completely finishing and thoroughly finishing surveys and then being told I was disqualified even tho I have a screenshot proving my completion. I go grocery shopping monthly and I mean multiple times a month and when I submit my receipt via email I receive nothing for my receipt and for letting swagbucks know. I hardly ever use this app anymore. I come on and maybe do an 30 minute visit. I used to come on for hours and just had a ball now I don’t because I’m scared and I hate that I feel as though I will waste my time. Proceed with this app with extreme caution. Screenshot everything you do for your proof. Stay in contact with swagbucks customer service and don’t stop like I did when I got frustrated because they had me reaching out almost 5 times daily.
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4 months ago, Riru875
My complaint and advice
This app actually pays and it pays a fairly decent amount, it’s actually a good way to enjoy your free time while getting paid, but the reason I’m rating it 1 stars instead of 5 even though I said good thing about it is because swagbucks got rid of my account four weeks into using it. They said they suspected I violated one of their term without giving me any detail about what I did wrong. I used the app like normal and for three and a half week, everything was going fine, until I got that notification. I had almost $100 in my account and had $25 that was pending. I received a notification about my account deletion while my $25 was pending so I never received it, and I lost my $100 dollars too. Some games in swagbucks ask you to put money in for a higher payout, so I did. I put about $30-$40 in, then they deleted my account, which is $30-$40 I’ll never get back. So my advice in all this is, any offer that asks you to put money in, don’t, and also to cash out frequently, because they may suddenly delete your account out of nowhere. I actually got this advice from someone else, but didn’t believe them until it happened to me.
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2 months ago, Justbeinghonest56
Won't give money earned BEWARE
The surveys are easy and with the double points, swagbucks accumulate quickly compared to other survey avenues. However the issue comes when it is time to actually get the money you earned. I cashed out 2 $25 Mastercard gift cards because there was a 12% discount. The gift cards said they were ready, but I never received an email from Virtual Mastercard. I contacted customer service multiple times (email is the only way to do so) and they kept sending me the same automated message without giving me an answer or issuing a refund. I was heavyily relying on that $50 to get through the week in terms of groceries and I have been cheated. One star is generous. STAY AWAY from Swagbucks at all cost. Update: It has been 3 weeks since I initially tried to claim my rewards and I have not seen any of the $50 I am owed. Absolute scam and waste of time. App has been reported to Apple as a scam and the website itself has been reported to the FTC. This is not alright and will not be tolerated. If you have a similar issue, be sure to do the same!! They are a virus of a service and I know for a fact I am not the only person who had this issue.
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3 years ago, Shy-Steamer
Pretty good
Swagbucks is a fun and easy way to earn a little extra pocket cash, and with their PayPal payout option, you don’t have to transfer your earnings to a gift card you may not use. The key to making the most of this app is to answer the Daily Poll everyday, submit pictures of every shopping receipt you get from even the simplest things as filling up your gas tank, or buying a few groceries. You can also watch videos and discover content for a few Swagbucks, but this can take quite a while. Swago (their version of Bingo) is a fun way to earn extra Swagbucks too. And don’t forget about playing free games (to make it worth it, you will want to avoid in app purchases) and also their Swagbucks Live trivia game question events they hold on the Swagbucks Live app. It all adds up. I’m sure people can make a living off of this app alone, but I personally have not figured that out yet. As of right now, it just helps put a little extra cash in my pocket. 👌
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12 months ago, wattsgirl88
A must have
Swag box is very easy to use. I like the fact that there are new activities and live games daily and what gets me is I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m always looking for little ways to make a little money on the side I may not get rich using Swagbucks but if I’m going to be scrolling through my phone anyway, I might as well be getting a little reward in return. It really doesn’t take that long to acquire Swagbucks. It all depends on how much time and work you put into it if you buy some of the featured products you get a ton of swag bucks. I’ve only had the app about four days but so far I’ve opened it every day I’ve logged in and I’ve enjoyed doing the activities and, as of yet, I can’t find a single thing in the world wrong with it I have yet to receive or claim my first gift card but I will update my review on that topic when I get there overall just download the app you really can’t go wrong with this one
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7 months ago, jfndndnds
Sketch. Waste of time and they ask for a lot of personal information that most other apps do not
My account was apparently suspended and I reached out to customer support to see why. They said I violated the promotional terms of service and I asked how- they then asked to see my government issued ID to varify im speaking about my account…i was never asked for my ID before my account was suspended so i dont understand why theyd need it now to ensure that is in fact my account. This didnt seem safe to submit my ID and feels very fishy. If they didnt ask fir anything other than my email and phone number prior to suspension then why would they need a government issued ID now? How would that varify my account if I never was asked for it up until now? Felt like something scammers would do. Read through other reviews of people getting deactivated for no reason as well. Apparently they experience deactivation as soon as they start to win swagbucks. This now makes so much sense because I downloaded monopoly go off of here and recently reached board five which would give me swagbucks but nope they deactivated my account. Definitely a scam dont even bother wasting your time.
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3 years ago, SnowWolfV
Cash back deals & point system
So good app, simple but takes some time to get enough Swagbucks to redeem something. If you plan to make a purchase online try to go through the app. Recently I did this, I bought somthing off Groupon threw the swag bucks app it advertise 12% cashback and 12 swag bucks for every dollar spent. However it isn’t instant and I haven’t got the rewards yet not sure where the 12% cash back is going to or when the points will be added to my account. It does say wait up to 7 days for the reward so that’s where I’m at Rn on day 2 I will come back and add 5 stars if everything goes smoothly. Tell them I base my stars off comparing it to other money making apps. I have downloaded and used over 30 of these type of apps and this one is in the middle for how long it takes to get those points n the amount of work. The cash back is not an option on a lot tho so that would give it 5 starts as I’ve gone threw n tested everything on the app just waiting on that one action to give my full review.
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4 months ago, vav611
One of the slowest,
I’m sure everyone has heard about Swagbucks by now with all the money they spend on marketing and paying people to recommend them, however they will never pass that buck down to the people actually on the app and unlike other apps that will let you cash out instantly or at a $5 min, Swagbucks will make you wait till you hit $15 to even let you cash out. Not to mention that when you do cash they will make you jump through hoops to re-verify and it will take the longest time of any survey app to cash up (up to 10 days!!). Another note is people may want to use Swagbucks because of the other offers like receipts and games… don’t waste your time…the games are designed to be super slow at leveling up (so you will never get to a desired goal within the 30 day limit). Also, the games will constantly throw ads at you to pay and level up faster. Also with any receipt you scan you will most likely get 1 cent back even if it’s a $100 grocery order. Again Swagbucks has to be one of the worst, deceiving, slowest survey apps out there and I’d recommend any other survey app honestly.
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7 months ago, Br33lle111
You get out what you put into
Fun features to the app to easily gain swagbucks, even if just little at a time. Some surveys are fun, and a time filler versus just scrolling on your phone! I’ve found out about games through this app that I’ve downloaded and played, initially, just to reach “milestones” which result in swagbucks. Next thing you know, I have surpassed the level goal and months later, still play some of these fun games I would’ve never heard of if it weren’t for this app! I’ve also learned about new brands and products I never knew existed which has been cool as well. If I put more time in, I could easily have way more swagbucks aka higher gift card amounts to exchange them for. Since downloading- I’ve done it very sporadically and have enough points to get one, but if I do just a little more a day, I can have double what 4 months barely putting in effort has provided!
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3 years ago, DatFlippingPanda04
I mean, it does what is says it does.
Although I knew this app was safe, I wasn’t expecting much rewarding. Swagbucks is an app that does in fact give you a digital currency that can be exchanged for real money and gift cards, but it costs more time than anything. Most surveys only give you 1-3 Swagbucks, which is about the equivalent of 1-3 cents, and the bigger paying surveys ask a lot of personal questions and take like half an hour to do. I thought I could do it for a little pocket money, but I’d much rather spend my time doing something else. As for magic receipts, if you want to grind up Swagbucks throughout the month scanning receipts for specific items and get maybe a ten dollar gift card, go right ahead. Sometimes you can download a game and complete some tedious goal for a lot of Swagbucks, but I deleted the game I got after it became grueling to progress. And I wasn’t about to spend money on the game to make money on the game. Like I said before it absolutely does what it says, but it requires a lot of time investment. Sincerely, a bored teenager.
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4 years ago, francisca1529
I can only access my account via email
I tried logging into my account via the app but it kept saying invalid credentials. I didn’t think much of it and clicked on the forgot password link. When I was done resetting my password it took me to my account. I then logged out and tried to use my new password to enter my account but then again I got the same response “invalid credentials”. I thought weird maybe I typed it in wrong and tried a couple more times before hitting the reset password link again. When I got access to my account again via email. I then click on account so I could verify that I had all the right information which I did. So I figured maybe the app is just experiencing some issues and went to google chrome like they suggest and same thing “invalid credentials.” I reported my issue to customer service and it was simply dismissed. Then I decided to try and make a different account and when I was done creating it and tried to log in again I got another invalid credentials pop up. This is ridiculous on another level. I have had this account since 2014. I’m just not impressed with its customer service.
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3 years ago, TweetyBTT
Trash customer service
I’m so over this app. I only use it for the product rebates. I go to the store, buy the product and literally half the time never get credited. It can’t find the item on my receipts. So I submit receipt for review and I either get one of 2 messages “the receipt isn’t clear and items aren’t found” I read every single detail under a product to make sure I get the right one and know for a fact it’s the right product and they still say item not found. I take the most clear pictures I know how and they still say it isn’t clear. This app has cheated me out of so much money. You can’t respond to the emails so you have to keep resubmitting the rebate. I have tried open tickets on about 6 items and the email literally says we will get back to you in 30+ days. I haven’t heard anything and several of them were well over a month ago. You get so frustrated you just give up and lose out on money. After 30 days sometimes you can’t return the product to the store. I’m cashing out and deleting this app. This is the worst rebate app I’ve ever used.
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5 years ago, Abc all star
There needs to be clearer guidelines on being DQ’d from surveys
Overall, I like this app more than other survey apps I’ve tried. But Swagbucks has the same issue that the rest of them do, and that is allowing surveys to disqualify you from participation after answering page after page of relevant information and entering in all of your demographic information. I’ve had plenty of times where I feel like I’m almost finished with a survey, only to be disqualified. Let’s say a survey says that it should take 15 minutes to complete, and after 10 minutes of answering questions you get booted out; that’s when I feel taken advantage of. The good surveys will DQ you after only a few questions at the very beginning. The bad ones will ask you 20 questions about your knowledge on a subject and how you feel about 10 different people/brands, get all of your demographics, and then DQ you. It’s very frustrating, and typically leads me to close the app.
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2 years ago, Madvapes Gurl
Good App!
I really enjoy taking the surveys! I haven’t been doing it long enough to earn anything but I’m certainly giving it a “GO”! The only 2 problems I’ve encountered are the videos/ad section and submitting an electronic receipt. I cannot figure out how to get back out of the ad section once I’m in that section. I end up closing the app and coming back to it later. And I tried several times to submit an electronic receipt from one of the approved stores but because it was rejected because it didn’t have their name at the top. However, my store app had the name included on the picture I submitted. So now I’m having to get paper receipts, which is a waste. The explanation to remedy that particular issue wasn’t very clear. It said it could be one of several problems but it wasn’t specific. Other than those, all the other areas are good!
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7 days ago, Kelssooo
Stay at home moms best app!
I don’t know how this app doesn’t have 5 stars out of 5. Finding this app has been a godsend, as a stay at home mom I don’t have any income coming in at the moment so this app has helped in many ways! I’ve made $71 on this app in just a couple & got it all through PayPal as well as a few Apple gift cards for the games I actually really enjoy. It’s true to its word! The trivia game that comes on at 5 everyday is a fun way to interact with the people who make SwagBucks go lol I’ve been playing games to make the money I’ve gotten through PayPal as well as the daily tasks & such. It’s just an overall dope app. It does take 10 days for the money to hit PayPal & it takes about 3-4 days for apple gift cards. But since all I do is take care of a toddler I have the time to wait for the funds. Anyways, it’s a great app! Keep it up guys!
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2 months ago, AmputeeMillz
I Enjoy This App
I feel there could be a few improvements cause after the initial cash out, it takes quite some time to build a decent amount of Swagbucks but honestly can’t really complain over free gift cards or even cash back. The cash back PayPal option is pretty darn cool to me. Definitely here to stay. I just hope they never do what most apps like these do which is make changes that end up affecting the users. If you make changes they should always be to better the app and make users happier, not the opposite. So I hope they either stay how they are or make it even better because as long as it’s one of those two last options, then I will remain happy 🤭 Thank you Swagbucks!!! Like seriously thanks because I’m a single disabled mother that struggles a whole lot financially so every little bit helps ❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Piper#11
Forget the rest this is the best!
After a couple months of downloading almost every coupon and survey app I could find. I then went to Google looking for best and worst of these types of apps. SWAGBUCKS was always on top of the list but I ended up having like 20 downloaded to my phone. Some I knew right away were useless and deleted immediately. I kept a few as some are better for certain things. I use my others for coupons and grocery shopping but I’ve only been a member of SWAGBUCKS for 29 days and I’ve already got my first 25$ visa gift card and almost to my second. It’s an easy to use app as the others were just too difficult or just plain not worth it. Plus there is so many using this app that they have made members only fb pages where everyone helps each other out! If you haven’t tried it, Do it! You will have fun while making money!!
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5 months ago, BlackSnowLeopard
Horrible support
So, good idea but the customer support is basically non-existent. Pretty sure I was just talking to a robot the whole time. First time, I completed a task and it was not showing up even tho it registered that I installed the app and it was working. I contacted support and they got the information they needed from me but I haven’t heard anything since. It has been a week now. I contacted them about a different activity I completed. It had been working fine but once I got to the 4th or so activity in it, it stopped registering. Contacted support and have heard nothing. Now, I can’t get into my old email so I can’t change it. Contacted support and I had to do this thing that verified it was me and it said it was successful. Then I responded to support saying it was done and asked what I need to do next. Just checked it today, (this was a couple days ago) and it was marked as solved with no response. Don’t get the app, as soon as you are actually able to earn something, everything breaks. Probably on purpose too with how horrible customer support.
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12 months ago, _Bri23.
They are racist!
I was taking a survey and they asked me what was my race and I said I was black and they said this survey isn’t a match for you like what. And I literally only answer 1 question before I answered that question and that question I answered before was a question u can’t get wrong all it asked what fruit I like and then they asked my race and I put black and they said this survey isn’t a match. They are so racist and I’m not putting no money and their pockets. And swag bucks if your reading this just know your race is not better than black race like why do these people think their better than black people and just so u know u aren’t better just because you have guns because if you didn’t have those guns you wouldn’t be able to do nothing to us and how dumb can u be to think just cuz you are white or whatever race you are that your better than black people , that is just dumb like. You should be happy because alot of these black people are helping you by downloading your app and taking these surveys. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
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2 years ago, Yodesiboy
You have to chase them down to get paid on Offers
I have done 2 offers with them one for Chime and the other for Acorns both goes at past the pending time frame and they never paid me automatically. I had to chase the bonus was $300 between both. They make you send screenshots, sign up emails and what not so if you do any offers with them keep a screen shot of everything because they are looking for a way to deny it I presume. I am still waiting for my Acorns promo and if they don’t pay me I will come back and edit this. I would presume the amount of additional revenue they are generating by not paying people automatically? If this happened once I would say oh error but again for a second time??? Yeah something doesn’t fly about that!!! 5 stars only to make my review visible!!! Really 1 star!!
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2 years ago, yhsxuqs
Terrible customer service support
I completed a challenge that took days of my time to get 5000 “Swagbucks”. After I completed the challenge, the offer went pending and said I would receive the offer in 6 days. Okay, cool no problem. The very next day they sent me an email saying they couldn’t verify the offer and took it away. I contacted supported and provided screenshot proof of completion. They gave me the run around, they asked for additional info to prove completion of offer. They made it seem like after I provide this info they’ll look into it. Then two days later I get an email from a different agent telling me that this support ticket is no longer valid and to submit yet another ticket because I chose the wrong topic. Really? You just invalidate my ticket after asking me for more pictures as if you were going to look into the issue? Absolutely ludicrous they want people to wait upwards of fifty days just to even submit a support ticket on some of the challenges. Uninstalled. Terrible customer service, waste of time and effort
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1 year ago, Nulla Sero
Survey stupidity
I don’t rate things or give reviews, but for you I’ll make an exception. I did a survey and at some point it asked me to rate the app, just to progress the survey. I don’t believe it was a real rating but that’s beside the point. I could not skip. So I gave the lowest rating. And when the next prompt asked me to say why I gave the lowest rating, I explained that I should not be asked to rate an app in a damned survey, and that it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Immediately after I hit “next” I was kicked out of the survey with no compensation. Really, now? Okay fine. I see how it is. So I decided to come to the App Store and give a real review. If you don’t reward survey answers you don’t like, why do you even do them? Don’t answer that because I don’t care. Anyways, I am uninstalling because you don’t seem to appreciate the time and, albeit minuscule, effort that people spend on answering your questions. Good riddance. Update: you want me to message you? Nah dude. I ain’t dealing with you anymore. I already deleted my account. Like I said, good riddance.
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2 months ago, name taken 12345
Just does not work.
It takes forever to work up to even qualifying for a gift card. You will spend 5 minutes filling out a survey before it kicks you out, says you don’t meet the criteria, and give you 1-5 cents, instead of what they offer. Any other offer requires you to spend money and/or takes 7-10 days to pay out. When you do select a payout, it says it can take 2-3 days. A week later, when you have not seen it, customer service will tell you it can take 10 days. If you put in a support ticket, it tells you it can take 48 hours to get a response, but then the e-mail says 10 days. Everything about this app is misleading and slow. If you need a few dollars quick, this is not for you. If you are trying to earn a decent wage, this is not the place. If you are slow at work, enjoy playing the games, or want a small rebate on things you already buy, this might be okay for you. But to date, I have spent about 5 hours on this app to make $15, and a week later, have not received it.
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2 months ago, Stupidplayer423
Total Scam!!
The game offers are impossible to make any cash from and the surveys just pump you for personal information much and right before you are about to earn the credit for your survey, you get the message, sorry you don’t qualify! The kicker is when out of the blue they will accuse you of using third party software to complete your offers and require you to send your drivers license to their third party link to secure their site! Plus do a face recognition! Ah sorry but no way am I going to go to any site and give that personal information out! After contacting a scam site I was told this is a huge red flag and Swagbucks has thousands of scam complaints of doing this, keeping players cash and then dumping them off their site for no reason! So many similar complaints! It’s only a matter of time before you get an email accusing you of something bogus! Total SCAM! Watch what information you are giving out in your surveys compared to the money your not getting! Guess who’s making all the money off of us?!?!?
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4 months ago, Lolabeam
Swagbucks used
I have earned many gift cards from Swagbucks over the years. Sometimes it is frustrating to complete most of a survey question and get no points for it but it seems to happen at times. Overall I like scanning receipts for points and answering the questions on Swaybucks. I also shop on here from time to time. I usually participate in Swagbucks live and the Daily Trivia. If something takes too much time I skip it and move on. Receipt scanning should be more than one point! Also the live trivia is only $1000 most of the time more of the games should get more chances for points as less people do it now! People value their time so it has to be worth my effort to do it. There are other sites who do this do and compete with you so hopefully you take note of that!!
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6 months ago, Stormie1010
Glitchy? Or on purpose?
I’ve used Swagbucks for about two years now. Originally it was just for cash back in receipts, but recently I found the game area. Only two games I’ve made it to the final level with no issues of pay out but they were on the lower end of payout. However the day I before I hit the second to last goal of a game for a decent amount the app updated and stopped tracking all games I had been actively playing for the rewards with Swagbucks. So the next day when I reach that board I didn’t get credited, and not even a few days later I reached the final. I’m waiting to hear back from customer support but the rewards amount is a total of 85$ payout so it just seems suspicious that all of a sudden the tracking of the game stopped. However a few apps I’ve tried to install will track install and never again track anything else. It’s pretty annoying and frustrating.
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4 years ago, Mavvvvvvvv98207
Good if you have the patience
I think this app is a nice way to get money, especially for a 15 year old like me. However, I have some problems with it. First, I get a forced add that won’t pay me after every single payed video that I watch. I know the creator has to make money to pay for all the users and stuff, but it just feels like too much. It’s like those stupid games or websites that are too laggy to work because they’re loading adds on the side of the screen and you know your gonna get hit with an add that you can’t skip at any second. Also, more than half of the surveys I do knock me out of them before I can finish them. Most of them knock me out right at the beginning for some “technical error” but the ones that kick me out of the survey at the end are just infuriating. I should get payed more than 1 Swagbuck if I get kicked out of the survey. I take my time to do the survey, I should get payed if I’m knocked out. I didn’t choose to leave the survey.
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