Sweet MIDI Player

3.6 (74)
5.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Roni Music
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sweet MIDI Player

3.64 out of 5
74 Ratings
2 weeks ago, DadzWil
Best IOS Midi Player
I wanted to say Thank You to the devs for constantly updating this app. There are still many Sequencer Bands that uses Midi Files for their performance (including me) and having this app on our mobile devices, we wont be hauling our laptops with just vanbasco on it. Now my suggestion, if the devs can put an Expression (CC11) dial that we can utilize? Most Midi Files are not balanced, and the option to tweak the Expression can adjust the loudness of each track. I noticed that some midi files have almost max volumes but still sounds softer compared to other tracks, and that mainly because of lowered Expression. An option to select voices from a GM2 or GS Instrument list, not just the common General Midi Instruments. Also, if the Devs can develop a Midi File Editor app (like cakewalk pro 9) which can do in depth editing on midi files, I would pay to have that.
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1 month ago, cturhan
Best MIDI player in the store
I’m the developer of Melody Run and Beat Bounce games. These two games rely on midis and I occasionally need to edit files on my phone but couldn’t find any simple app to change volume, instrument etc quickly. This app does it very well and much more… Pros: - a good file system that you can import and manage multiple files. - easy and quickly accessible player - loooots of settings - import your own soundfont Cons: - it wasn’t clear how to import soundfont. I thought the import file was just for midis. If I were the developer, I would have separate “import midi”, “import soundfont” buttons in related places. - UI looks old. It’s probably developed more than 5 years ago - it’s not clear what in app purchase offers. There is no save button. When you have multiple midis, it automatically plays the next midi and previous changes are deleted. There should be a paywall screen shows the price, what IAP offers and when a file is saved, changes are deleted. - doesn’t export to mp3 file :( But overall, this exceeds my expectations!
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4 months ago, MarLunk
Please update for saving patch numbers!
I have used Sweet MIDI Player to play MIDI files with exterior hardware synths for years. Can you please make it possible in an update to type in a patch number where the instruments are listed? Only having a list of software instruments makes it real tricky to deal with hardware knobs if you want to use a synth patch on a hardware synth. Would like to have a song playlist played on my hardware without making very clumsy sounding adjustments every time a song starts. Some synths have over 300 patches so it would be very useful to be able to save patch numbers on Sweet MIDI Player. Thank you
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2 years ago, Anton.470
Restoring purchases problem resolved!
Absolutely a wonderful app, with continued support for so many years! Thank you to the developer, keep up the good work! So to everyone with the complaint that their phone isn’t restoring the purchase because they can’t find the settings button, I had the same problem. Here’s the solution, just flip your phone to landscape mode and two more buttons appear, “help” and “settings”. In the settings there is a a lot more functions that can be tweaked, one of them is restoring your purchase.
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5 years ago, Ptgeldorado
Doesn’t work on iPhone
A friend told me about the app so I downloaded it to my phone and tried repeatedly to upgrade to the pay version so I could play my entire midi files but could not find a way to get it done. I finally tried it on my iPad and found out the problem was that the settings button does not display on my phone. I paid for the full version and downloaded all my files. I went back to my phone hoping everything would be there because my iPad and phone are on the same account. But nothing was there and my phone still had the free version. I opened and closed the app and even redownloaded it so it would reset and transferred all my files but had to do them manually. I finally got a link to upgrade to the paid version but was expected to pay a second time so I declined.
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1 year ago, David Rusty
Dave K
I first put this on my iPhone and couldn’t figure out how to purchase the full version to play MIDI all the way. I got on my iPad and found there are 2 more buttons at the bottom - help and set. In set I could make the purchase, but it didn’t upgrade on my iPhone. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing it still doesn’t play the last 1/4 of the song. I was just informed that on the iPhone you have to rotate your phone 90 degree to get the extra buttons. I updated my review to 5 stars
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4 years ago, Al Ladrambol
Love the software but need it to work on my new iPad
To developer: You can easily use this software with a MIDI Bluetooth device. I use PianoDisc. I have recently purchased a new iPad that is being used explicitly with the PianoDisc system and a Yamaha MIDI piano. I am having trouble transferring the software purchase from my old iPad to my new one. My initial try was to use family sharing to restore my purchase. I cannot get this to work. Please indicate how I can transfer the software purchase of pro over to my new iPad. Thank you for your assistance with this.
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3 years ago, not bluecall
So good but
Soundfonts sound terrible and I’m trying to remaster a games sound track and I have the sound font but it sounds way off on some songs
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5 years ago, Mlo166_yahoo-com
Easiest to dnload & manipulate midi tracks
Bern using this app for over 5 years now. Produced excellent tracks on this app. Still going strong ! Most friendly and versatile midi app for my iPad and iPhone. I appreciate the trial version before I bought it! (Apps should all be trial versions before purchase!). Developer did good! I downloaded all my midi files from windows pc too. Also, app can now transport my creations to other midi apps and emails for others to enjoy.
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4 years ago, rmannn
Nice .mid file player
I was looking for something simple to play .mid files on my iPhone and this one works great. Went to purchase the full version, and like other comments, couldn’t find a link or button. Upon further investigation, I found you just need to turn the phone sideways and the screen widens to expose a help button and settings button. Problem solved.
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2 years ago, pitocar
Simple, the best for live back tracks
I have used this app on my Ipad for several years. I have my own sound bank. Lyrics can be displayed when starting a midi file as default. I have a start stop pedal connected and all works like a charm. Highly recommended for back tracks in live performance.
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6 years ago, Elgaucho49
In the last three years I have tried many apps for sequencing and paid some dollars for them and most wore useless. When I found this one I was impressed clean display and does all I need it to do. What I am most impressed it is very easy to use. The sounds that comes out from the iPad are thin so I prefer use my sound modules like Roland xv5050.
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4 years ago, eafra
It cannot be restored.
I was very satisfied with this app until I uninstalled it by accident. I reinstalled and it was not possible to restore the app after many tries. I purchased it a few years ago. But the problem was I purchased it using a different Apple ID. I've tried another apps. This is the best.
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2 years ago, Maiden singer
If only it would save settings
I love the features on this app, but I don’t love the default instrument settings. When I change them to a different instrument, as soon as I switch to a different song it returns the instrument settings back to the default! Also I cannot find the app in my list of apps in the iPhone Settings. Is this a bug?
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4 years ago, Streaming 20 stereo chn
The most consistent midi player
From Compaq portable Ipaq to the windows desktop, to the IPad. Sweetmidi just simply works. It’s timeless. Great job by Roni. I have had it working on the IPhone 3 to present IPhone 8. Oh yes it did work on my old windows phone over 10 years ago. Again it the most consistent performer. Stephen R.
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3 years ago, MusicProf1234
Ive waited so long
Ive literally waited decades for this software. It allows me to scale the tempo without removing the natural human nuance of my midi files. And the velocity scaling saves the ears from over zealous keyboard velocity curves. This app is a game changer. Just like the amazing slow downer was so long ago. Thanks
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2 years ago, nexttools.net
Simple but powerful
Sweet midi Great for auditioning midi files on iPad or external sound modules. Connect and sync midi clock with Logic Pro to layer tracks to record. Sweet midi is a great tool to manage large collection of midi files. All the functionality to connect with external sound modules, recorders and DAW
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2 years ago, iceicelady
Just what I needed!
Hooray! I am a singer who just needed a quick way to transpose midi files to my own range, for rehearsal purposes. This is easy and perfect! I’d be happy to buy you a coffee.
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4 years ago, SegaSonic04
This app is good but...
This app is good but you should add the option to choose what audio file type you want to export a midi in. Edit 12/20: Yes mp3 export would be great. Can you explain to me why the mp3 file format is dead?
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3 years ago, Ddfgffc
Family sharing?
When my husband bought this, it said it supported family sharing. I am not able to get the full version on my iPad - but as a test, my son was able to get it in his iPhone. What do I need to do?
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7 years ago, TechieManny
Pretty Good but...
Love it for playback and editing, but the instruments just barely sounds better than the Windows and Quick Play sound font.
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5 years ago, apegirl50173910
No way to get complete version!
I would like to upgrade but there isn’t any link to do that. If there is please contact me!
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5 years ago, jwreads
Need help
I love this app on my iPad but I can’t figure out how to upgrade to the paid version on my iPhone. Can anyone help me?
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1 year ago, Tony Singer
A mistake to buy this app.
I have a lot of problems synchronizing with internal sound module , all the instruments sound like piano, I do not recommend, this app, I’ve been working with midi files for many years but this is terrible,
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10 years ago, My Mark Anthony
Great midi app
This is a great little app for down loading midi files from my ipad and being able to do a quick edit including key change tempo, track mixing track muting and voice change with pretty dam good results . Being a solo musician this app had great valve to me for increasing my backing track capabilities . After I'm happy with my final mix down I record them in real time to my wave recorder and then take then into my computer and store them in iTunes where I can then load into another great app called on song. Want to thank the sweet midi team for this app. For the price I strongly recommend it..
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3 years ago, Rich Tom58
IOS 14.2 Bluetooth Problems
App used to work great, but the IOS 14.2 update has problems with Bluetooth MIDI. It will crash both the app and device. Hoping for an update to fix this soon.
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4 years ago, Diary8888
Same problem!
I didn’t know that it would not play the entire ONE FILE that I require for a project. Therefore, I tried to see how much the app would cost and there’s no way of seeing and I have an iPhone 8+! PLEASE HELP. Or I could just find a different app...farewell, UN-sweet midi...
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2 years ago, ARP2345
Won’t play full song and too expensive
$15 just to play one file in its entirety? Really? Edit: I only needed to play one file, that’s why $15 is too much.
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4 years ago, Vze4pf23
Best midi karaoke app
Good job guys I love chord option tankssss againnn best I wishhh have in this piano roll will be killer app 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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4 years ago, Ray Larsen
Worked for a while
I am not able to use what I paid for! I am discussed! I have tried everything and it is just a demo! If you care you have my email!
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5 years ago, mrenderkid
Great converter worked great
Not much to say except its good
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6 years ago, RazmanTC
Awesome! It does all I need it to do!
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5 years ago, Mrlee2na
Loved it, but how can I add ;lyrics'
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4 years ago, dladasse
How do I play midis with sf2 files? Edit: I can’t find settings :(
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5 years ago, EricVonHelsing
Sweet midi
This program will not work with installed standard synth modules like Korg iM1 and Korg Module LE. Seems to be not compatible with Core MIDI in iOS 12.
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7 years ago, Pook$api3
Amazing App
I do have to say that with my large collection of MIDI files, it can handle them very well! I have over 250 files and several playlists. The mixer is great for just either messing around with, or changing the instruments to make your own masterpiece. Lyrics really only work if they're embedded, which most of mine aren't but that's ok. The chord display is accurate, and useful for playing alongside. I also love that custom .dls and .sf2 soundfonts can be imported using "open in…". It's also nice that every screen layout can be scaled and colored to suit your screen. The default soundfont is ok, personally I prefer to use my own. The synth will drop some notes here and there, but really only when the song is hardcore, or it's in the background and I'm doing something else. Comparing other MIDI players to this, this is the best.
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11 years ago, Kylork
Just as good as the Windows version.
I've used this app since before it was an app on Windows XP. This is just as good, and better since it's mobile. What I like: - Play any song at any speed based on bps or percentage. VERY wide range of speed. This is good for picking out individual notes very slowly to learn on piano. - Mixer. You can turn on or off any combination of instruments and/or reassign each instrument to whatever instrument you like. Turning on only one instrument at a time with slow speed allows for learning songs as well. - You can make playlist, change font size/type, change color scheme, change playback settings to almost anything imaginable, metronome, change output to midi or synth wave, keep it playing in background despite other apps/music if so desired, midi input options which I don't understand, option to save edited midi files, lyrics text, download midis straight from the web to this program, transpose the pitch of the midi file. Powerful stuff. Now I'm just trying to convince Roni to add a virtual piano that will light up the keys corresponding to the notes that are being played. This would mean the world to me. Until then, still an invaluable program, even if for just archiving midi files for listening enjoyment.
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13 years ago, Moosic4soul
Get this app
I've been using the computer software version if Sweet Midi Player for mac for years, so I was really happy to see a mobile app version available at last. The app contains most of the functionality of the original: volume control of individual channels, solo & mute buttons, tempo control by bpm or %+/-. Too bad there's no looping function by measure number and no measure number indicator. Overall excellent. Unfortunately, when I transfer files into the app from iTunes the file loses its name, i.e. every file gets named "No sequence name". It makes it difficult to find the specific track since everything has the same name. This app is great for choral singers. I hope they work out the track name bug.
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9 years ago, IndianaMatt
Works great!
Works great for my live show! Does what I want, which is to play my own files as backing for my live performance. Files are easily imported, Dropbox integration is great, playlists easily created and sorted/edited, app works in background behind my other apps, remote control of transport and other features is easily setup and customizable with my own commands and MIDI controllers, developer answers questions and feature requests promptly, I could go on and on. This is the best most truly useable MIDI player app I have found. Worth the price and I would buy again, recommend to anyone needing a player for professional purposes
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9 years ago, kmcc4
Great App!
I love this App! Read midi files like karaoke files! And slow the tempo! Perfect! In combination with AnvilMusicStudio on PC to add lyrics to midi files and upload them to Dropbox this app will download from Dropbox and Bam portable karaoke player with tempo functions and midi controls. The only bad thing about this app is the price! 16 is too much for this app I will wait for a sale or till Christmas which ever comes first. I would say 5 is worth it for an iPhone app. The only time I consider more is for something like music studio which would have tons more functionality except no lyrics yet, but you can do that on PC so, that's how I see it.
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10 years ago, MikeeDav
I love this app!
This app is the best! I can listen to all my midis, change keys, change instruments, change tempo, and sing along withe the embedded words! That's not all! I can change lyric size, background colors, drive my piano keyboard, and or hook right into a sounds system. That means that I can sing and let others sing along no matter where we are. I.e. Long bus trips! The only thing is missing is a loop marker, so we can sing the chorus over and over, if we want to. My iSing worship app has a loop feature, and I really miss this feature in Sweet Midi; since I have way more midis that purchased songs for iSing.
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12 years ago, Sir Geoffrey
Plays Midi Files well! Woo Hoo!
I hunted high & low on the app store for a simple app that can play midi files & allow me to change the voices for each track and adjust volume for each. After trying 4 of them (including Garage Band), I found Sweet Midi. This is the ONLY app that reliably opens standard midi files and plays them back...and let's you adjust the volume of each track & assign new voices easily. If you need to do this, search no more. Get Sweet Midi. Thanks, Roni Music!
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10 years ago, Ronjendr123
Excellent solid performer
First - this has never crashed on my iphone 5. Its solid. I have the full version. Excellent layout and accessibility of controls and file selection and offers just enough customization in the settings screen. Would be great to have an added delay effect per track - but existing chorus and reverb are nice enough. Also would love to be able to transpose per track instead of globally. Other than that - great solid performer and does what it is advertised to do.
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12 years ago, Garycal101
Perfect app!!
I finally found a seamless, easy-to-use app to get midi files off my PC onto an iPad and then play them via digital midi output from the iPad (using the camera connection kit and a usb cable) to my Casio WK-7500 workstation. Interface is excellent, and you can do playlists, not just individual files like all the other cheap apps out there. This is the best thing out there and worth the price. I paid less for other apps but they are junk. This is the real deal.
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10 years ago, UncleSnapper
Best iPad app on the apps market
Okay folks... been using this app for months. I finally discarded the ole' Anvil DOS midi software after realizing this app is impressively simple yet amazingly competent to do all my background sounds. The built-in synth handles fresh modern sounds and delivers them in realtime events. The only addition needed to this app is the sequencer that i hope the developers present with the same ease of use as this app. Great Job! This is a professionally styled app too!
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11 years ago, Keybrdmn
Great player
No problems playback on my midi keyboard. Have an outdated alesis QSR sound module, had to add an open measure at the start. Otherwise, incorrect instrumentation. Used the irig midi connector but the connection to ipad does not seat properly causing the midi files to freeze. This is not the fault of the app. Found hub extension, camera interface with USB UNO works better. More secure fit. Keep up the good work and found this to be the best midi player so far.
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9 years ago, Jlv001
Rock solid piece of software
If you are looking for a midi file player with a ton of features, look no further. Sweet midi player does it all. Midi file player, mixer, displays lyrics, setlist management, tempo and transposition, external midi support, custom sound font support, configurability, file management, 3rd part support for dropbox, blue board foot controller support… and the list goes on. Developer is quick to respond to emails. Continued support and development. As a musician using midi tracks for 25+ years, it gets the job done, reliably and efficiently. No superfluous features. Well thought out, and designed with the performing musician in mind. This is professional grade software. I highly recommend this App!
Show more
10 years ago, Azalea Park Music
This product is perfect for what it's asked to do. It has just the right features for the pro player who uses MIDI files for backing tracks (me). Tech support is very good and the creators seem to be coming up with helpful updates pretty often. The player is rock solid stable and easy to use. Great value for a modest price!
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12 years ago, Johnpjmp
I have been using this App with my arranger keyboards and sound modules and it has performed very well. I use it with I-Rig with no problems. I highly recommend this App to anybody who uses midi files. I would like to be able to delete all files with a bulk delete.
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12 years ago, AntonLargiader
Only a demo of the pro version
Looks like a very good app if you're interested in the pro version, which can edit MIDI files and sequence lyrics. However, if you're looking for a simple free MIDI player this isn't it because it only plays 3/4 of the song. Also, you get periodic reminders to upgrade to the pro version which can be difficult to dismiss (once I had to get out of the app and close it from the multitasking bar).
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