Swimply - Rent Private Pools

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Swimply Inc.
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User Reviews for Swimply - Rent Private Pools

4.57 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Margi Q
Amazing Hosts!! Da 🙌
Kathy and her husband Jeff were phenomenal hosts. They were so accommodating, patient, and understanding. They're also great at communicating and are very helpful. Unfortunately, My party and I were delayed in getting there and starting my daughter's birthday party. I was very anxious, worried, and upset with myself because I didn't want to run into someone else’s reservation, but everyone still had fun. Kathy and Jeff truly made a stressful situation better. Not once did they rush us, and make us feel like we had to zip out of there. Instead, they helped us and encouraged us to book again for a longer experience. I'm glad I booked with them and will be booking again but with just my small family.
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3 years ago, jdosisj
Great idea—missing important information
I have yet to book but I think this is a brilliant idea. However, I have a couple of reservations (no pun intended 🙃) 1. I don’t see a way or a process for connecting with the owner prior to paying. How do I know what to do? Do we just show up? Do I go to the front door or is there a side/back gate or entrance? What are the rules? Can we bring snacks? So on and so forth. It seems awkward to just show up at someone’s house and haven’t spoken with them or at least emailed with them about expectations and general info. I think there should be a tutorial or steps listed for how this all works and what to expect. Perhaps all of this comes after booking but I’m very hesitant to put in my payment information without knowing fully what to expect and to what I’m committing. Quite honestly, I was ready to book today but when the payment screen came up so fast (no information about arriving, the pool itself, communication with the homeowner, etc.), I was turned off and decided not to book. I just need more information before paying. 2. It would be extremely helpful to have details of each pool listed. How deep is it? Is the depth gradual or is it-let’s say-5ft all the way around? I’d think this type of information would be tremendously helpful to families in making decisions about which pools fit their needs.
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11 months ago, Ga Ga ge ge
I’m blown away how fast money is taken off your debit card and as soon as it did all the things besides the pool that were shown in the picture started to cost me more!! some per hour like to use the chairs it’s $25 more an hour. Or the grill is $50 more an hour or whatever and even to watch the TV they have set out there by the pool. It’s $100 if I got to pay $25 an hour to sit somewhere in somebody’s chair you’re ridiculous! And the second worst part is as soon as I paid my money (it went through quick on my card.) That’s the only thing that went through quick. The guy who was hosting the pool tripled the rate right after I paid for it! No, he won’t return my message and he asked for me to get back with him ASAP for what so we won’t answer me?! This is ridiculous. This could’ve been a good thing, but it’s not. I reserved this pole for my grandkids to have a before school bash. End of summer thing but now it’s ruined their upset I’m upset! Bad business procedures now I just need to get my money back so I can figure out what else I can do with them at last minute! Enough through it all I have to fight to get my money back that took off my card really quick before I was even given a reservation number or anything!!! And my reservation is still pending. This is a mess which I don’t need right now. I gave you one star which I feel like isn’t even deserving. All I wanted to do was have fun with my grandkids before they had to go back to school. Now it’s all Ruined!
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2 years ago, Hippieeit
Way too expensive
I am planning my daughters 9th birthday party, which is in the heat of summer, so I thought a pool party would be an awesome idea. We don’t have a pool, so I turned to Swimply to see what was offered. Rates seem reasonable at first, at $60/hour on the weekends. Until you find that that only covers 5 guests and each additional guest is another $5/hour. Unfortunately, 9 year old guests come with parents that aren’t necessarily swimming, some RSVP and then don’t show up, and some bring siblings along that you weren’t expecting. It would be impossible to know exactly how many people will end up coming, and even if I hat to guess, let’s say 10 kids with 10 parents, plus a few aunts and uncles and grandparents, I’m looking at about 30 people attending. $185/hour to rent a pool! And we have to do all the cleaning and everything. I could get an Airbnb for less than that, or Chuck E. Cheese, or Lakepoint Station and it would STILL be cheaper than a Swimply rental for a few hours. And with the other options, we don’t have to set up or clean up afterwards. We just show up, have fun, and leave. Obviously I realize Swimply doesn’t set the rates, the rates are set by the hosts. But Swimply should really do a better job at guiding reasonable rates for large groups, I would assume a large majority of Swimply customers are parents looking for a place to host a kids party - and these rates will prevent most of us from booking.
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3 years ago, Satisfied cloent
Great for individual rentals
If you want to rent a pool for an individual event, this is an amazing app. Hosts are super nice. It’s pretty simple to figure out how to work the app for one time rentals. If you want to do anything more complicated, be prepared for frustration. It advertises nice discounts for multi-dips at the same pool. These must be scheduled all at once and at the same time each day. If you need different times on different days, you have to adjust afterwards by requesting a change from the host. Even though the app presents the option of setting up different time frames, the system will crash as soon as you enter the second time frame, and you’ll have to start over. Customer service will respond within a day, or so. But the responses are usually brief like, “Looks like everything is fine,” or “I’ve issued a refund,” but not an explanation if there is anything complex involved, unless you specifically ask for more details. They are good about issuing refunds or making adjustments for technical glitches. If you’re looking ahead for open slots at a particular pool and see no openings at all, it could be they just haven’t opened up those days yet. Many pools don’t open until late May or June.
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9 months ago, Chacha7*
My rental and experience with your CS.
This is the very first time I had the worst experience with any app. I literally was in desperate need of emergency help and dealing with the host of a pool rental. The host was very brutally, aggressive with her communication and in my face and confrontational. I felt harassed, abused, threaten and violated. I tried reaching out to you on many occasions, and had no response from you at all. I have never met or dealt with anyone like this host. She even threatened to kick out my family if we didn’t pay more money on top of. What was already agreed upon. I had to pay her an additional $210. Just to let us stay. My family wanted to leave and didn’t want to deal with her. They were kids involved and the kids didn’t have to pay for what this host of us doing? I need to be compensated in many ways, but refunded most importantly. Person, host needs to be shut down. She is money, hungry, a hoarder, and my entire family had to walk to her. Our best to get to the backyard. Her house smelled awful. She said she had to charge us more because it was expensive to run her pool and her rent was $7000. I told her that was none of my business and I was here to be with my family and celebrate my birthday. Please close this lady down before somebody actually gets hurt badly.
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4 years ago, melpoe
Potential to be amazing
I will definitely raise my rating to 5 stars once they fix a few things: 1. They offer a $5 credit for every person you refer (the referral also gets a $5 credit) but that credit doesn’t actually show up. I’ve had to email twice about this, and am still waiting on some credits to show. It’s a great incentive for helping promote this new service, and I’ve gotten a lot of interest from posting on social media about it, but it’s hard to tell people they’ll get $5 and then it doesn’t happen. I don’t know if it’s a technical glitch or if they just don’t want people to have the $$ so it purposefully doesn’t work. As a single apartment dweller desperate for some pool time, the credits will help me to afford some of the higher priced pools. It will also help more people to try the service out if they’re not paying the full amount on something they view as new and risky! 2. While I love that they now have a way to “favorite” pools, they need a function to hide certain pools. It’s frustrating to constantly sift through places that look uninhabitable or seem to be outright scams. 3. The locations on some of the pools seems way off. A pool shown to be in Studio City on the map is actually 30 miles away in Santa Clarita. 4. Other minor app issues like the stretching/altering of photos and things I’m sure they’re already working on. Overall I loved my one experience I’ve had booking and swimming at a pool, and really wish to have many more!
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10 months ago, Swede216
First of all, I have to say when this works and there are people that I deal with regularly that are wonderful on Swimply (hosts) and when it works-it’s wonderful but there is absolutely no way to get a hold of somebody when there is an issue, I was stuck in bad traffic I did all the right stuff, I communicated and tough beans no rebate or refund!! three weeks later after several attempts I still have not heard from Swimply. I have still not heard from Swimply, if you call the phone number out in LA they will say leave a message then automatically send you a text saying hey they’re busy and they can’t be at the phone and they don’t work that way anyway then you try to email them and they say hey they’re too busy and any other form of help support that they state is help support is not any form of any real help support it’s just a bot that doesn’t do anything you are just a mouse on a wheel there is no way to give you the credit no matter what you try to do or how many times and the lady will not give me a credit she says, take it up with Swimply but thats nada -thats impossible. so now it’s become a credit card issue dispute. smh 🤷🏼‍♀️👎
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2 years ago, Atomic Tucson
App is clunky with a lot of bugs
Using this app is very difficult it doesn’t update when you click the link that you’ve been texted it doesn’t even go to the correct place to have you respond to whatever the text was about. I’m trying to add a new listing now and it won’t even work when I click to go to the gallery to upload photos. previously when I published the pool it was published and then all the sudden it was unpublished and it took SWIMPLY a while to get it published again so I was missing Reservations. I mean the whole thing is a mess and I don’t understand if they’re fixing it or if they don’t know what’s wrong or if I’m the only one having problems but I’m not seeing a lot of improvement although I’m very successful host and did have a lot of reservations this summer! The app is just not very user-friendly for example it’s hard to find where you even add photos of your pool because you have to go to profile. anyway the whole thing is very confusing and not as well thought out as an Airbnb app is for example and that’s what most people like myself are used to.
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3 years ago, Kinza S
I have a large number of complaints. I love the idea, but the way this app is constructed is extremely frustrating and especially the customer service. 1) Customer service is not helpful at all. I rented a pool that was a “catfish” pool. The photos demonstrated the pool and its environment with night lights and torches. The hosts also included a speaker along with a heated pool. However, after getting there, the entire pool and environment was pitch black, the pool was FREEZING that I could not even manage to get my body in there I was shivering so bad. The host was not even ready setting up the place until 20 minutes after my reservation, so he wasted my time as well. Furthermore, I travelled 2 hours to get to the location just to be disappointed. I contacted Swimply’s customer service team via email and no one has even bothered to refund me even atleast back in credits. I will not recommend this app to anyone because the customer service team does not care about your complaints. They told me to go talk to the host... how rude. 2) Once you find a pool, you can like it, but where do you even go to check the pools you’ve liked? You have to constantly keep going through the pools to find the specific one and it drives me insane. 3) Most of the locations on the map are off. 3) Prices are honestly way too high per hour. I could keep going on and on, but you get the point. Don’t download this app. It’s a waste of money.
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2 weeks ago, ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Mostly good - Customer Service lacking
Swimply, the general concept, works great. However, when there are issues, questions, problems… it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of a representative. First, you have to use a chat bot (Duckie). This “chat” DOES NOT let you openly communicate or text. You can only choose from a limited (like 4) drop down menu. It forces you to keep making choices that don’t reflect the issue. Also, if you make the wrong drop down choice, you can’t go back to fix it. You have to end chat and start over. The most you can do is submit a photo, 1 SINGLE PHOTO, in regards to your claim. My advice: open Notes. Type out your issue. Take a screen shot. Attach this as your photo. If not for this customer service issue, I would change my rating to 4+. Good luck. SWIMPLY: if you are reading this- PLEASE contact me to discuss ways to improve your “customer support”, “help center”, and “virtual assistant”.
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9 months ago, Mastercard
No confirmation communication, no support
My first time using the service. I put in a request for a pool reservation. I never received a text or email confirmation of the reservation. I know such communication is standard as my friend showed me her texts and emails when the reservation goes through. I received no address for the pool. I assumed it didn’t get accepted. My friend ended up booking a different pool under her account since mine didn’t go through, and I paid her. She received all the confirmations (text, email). Then at the end of our time slot, I get a text from the original reservation request, offering to extend my time. The reservation did go through. I reached out to the owner to explain my situation and she declined my request for refund. She said to take it up with Swimply. I’ve been attempting to communicate repeatedly via their process, but I’ve not heard back from anyone. Their AI customer service is infuriating and does not result in resolution of problems. Essentially it is equivalent to not having customer service at all.
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2 years ago, rdean07
This feels like a scam what app doesn’t have a sort or filter feature by default
Seriously whenever I try to use the filter feature would return no houses so I would go and click the reset button and make everything back to the default and still it was unable to pull up the previous calls that it was showing me so you have to restart the application and then attempt to sort through all of the listings with the inability to sort or filter out pools. I say this is a scam because when you actually attempt to use the app as any normal person would no results get returned and it completely breaks the app and needs to be forcefully shut down and the only reason that I can think of that it returns no results is because there’s no tables within the sequel database that have any of those filters applied (salt water pool vs chlorine) I mean anyone that develops an app at least understands to put in a sort feature I mean that’s like week 1 of app development
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2 years ago, Atlanta Rachel
Customer service is terrible
The pools and the people I’ve rented pools from have been lovely, but trying to work w the app itself and then the customer service people have been awful. I rented more than once, and was likely going to be a repeat customer, but I will not rent from them again. Also - Americans pay attention when using the app. Their calendar has Monday as the first day of the week, which makes it incredibly confusing and can lead to accidental bookings, for which you’ll be charged a ridiculous service fee (mine have been between $30-50), which they will not refund (even when you rebooked on the correct date). I recently had the “pleasure” of paying them about $70 in service fees to rent one pool, and they refused to work with me to offer a refund or a credit for the first service fee. Their customer service rep was SUPER patronizing and arrogant. So, I’m done 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Swimply user
Thought this would be amazing-I’m disappointed
I thought this would be amazing but I am honestly disappointed. It is way too expensive per hour. Most of the bookings I look into are between $250-$3000. I was attracted by the idea of having a private space and being able to bring my dog but for that much I will just go to a public pool-this isn’t worth it. I would be willing to pay a pet fee but swimply tries to charge each pet as a guest and have you pay the same as if they were a person. ☹️ also most of the pet friendly ones won’t allow the pet in the actual pool which is silly. Lastly I found the hosts to be unprofessional. I made one booking and it was canceled last minute. I tried to make another one and found the host to be quite rude. He has two separate listings for the same back yard and was charging different prices for each listing. For the SAME place. 😑
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3 years ago, Anony Ani
Has Potential!
As an avid traveler and social media influencer I am always looking for nice pools to spend the afternoon at. Swimply saw a need, filled it, and is open to pivoting when necessary to ensure great growth and satisfaction. If the company was public I would invest, that’s how much I believe in what Swimply is doing, if more people heard of Swimply it would be all the rage. My only concerns are not being able to call the host when an issue arises mid reservation. I’ve run into issues twice now where this feature would’ve resolved the problem (assuming they answered) but alas that is not a feature yet. Additionally, there are quite a few bugs I’ve been able to replicate many times but I can’t find a way to report them within the app. This should be more streamlined also.
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4 years ago, specialk519
Swimply Saved Our 2020 Quarantine Summer!
My family, like most, look forward to vacations and the pool during the summer. However, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly put our usual plans to a halt. Even as phased reopening began, my family needed to continue to quarantine since I’m pregnant and we have a toddler. This is when we discovered Swimply! This app allowed us to find affordable private pools in our area to rent. The app allows us to quickly connect and communicate with friendly owners, reserve our time at the pool, and seamlessly pay for the experience. It’s easy to use and definitely worth it! We’ve already booked pools four times this summer and plan on booking more this and future summers!
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2 years ago, Thht45
Convinced this is a scam
I never write reviews, but my experience with Swimply has been so bad consistently I feel like I need to warn others. I’ve only been able to successfully book a pool once, and it was a horrible experience with a host who tried to accuse me of causing damage to her bathroom even though I never used it, and generally made us feel really unsafe. Otherwise, I’ve been able to “book” pools and then the host messages me that the pool is not available and it’s never a kind exchange. A few times I’ve still gotten charged even when we never got to actually go swim. The swimply customer service employees are really kind and I’m sure people have had good experiences on here but I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s never gone well. It’s a huge bummer because the premise of this app is awesome and it’s a good idea. But the actual experience is awful, please run some kind of vetting on your hosts or listings. :(
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11 months ago, glenbn
Great idea but the app has a major design flaw
I have used this app to rent a swimming pool and it was a great experience. However my next experience was not great because the host had to cancel. The problem with that is, there is no way to do that in the app. If you are the host of the swimming pool, you cannot tap on the button to cancel the guest’s reservation in your pool. Here’s what it says in the help article that you get when you attempt to get help on this problem: “ If you and your guest are unable to reschedule, please reach out to our Customer Support team so we can help! Currently, our system is not able to offer an automatic cancellation feature for Hosts. Please stay tuned as we work to address it! “ I think that is not a good way to do business. You cannot to get a human to talk to for support on a weekend, from Swimply, so without the cancel button to protect the host, this app should not have been live.
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12 months ago, LorraineMcFly
Clumsy and not user friendly
This app could use a lot of improvement. Options such as “edit listing” or “add photos” are hidden under not-so-obvious places. My husband and I clicked around for minutes before stumbling on the basic editing spots, like how to change the title of my listing. Photos options are outdated for current phones. The app only allows you to upload portrait style 4:3 horizontal photos….but the actual listing displays the photos as cropped in a square format as you toggle through (unless photos are clicked on). So the user never really knows how photos will look until everything is uploaded and previewed… Only to discover some important details are cropped. Give users better options! Just a very frustrating outdated app (for an app that’s not very old!)
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10 months ago, Swimly assessment
Swimly is a genius idea
I couldn’t be more happy because this app truly Matt a very dire need in multiple communities, especially families with kids. Unfortunately, our subdivision does not have a swimming pool and the neighboring subdivisions guard their pool with their lives so that any non-resident could not even breathe in their premises, i guess it’s a source of pride for the HOA I guess. I completely understand when folks come in and destroy and vandalize the pool our facilities however, there Hass to be some level of empathy. However, this app solve all of my problems and my kids never felt left out when all their neighbors and friends were swimming regularly.
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2 years ago, PotchieD
With the changes to multidips discounts, this app is being deleted
We wanted to use this to try out different pools, then book sessions 2x per week to avail of the 50% discount offered. Now the max is 20%, which means the pool we like the most would cost us $880 for 20 visits vs. the $550 we were willing to spend. $880 is close enough to the $1,200 annual fee of our local swim and tennis club to just join there instead. My guess is Swimply doesn’t care about having customers that want to book something consistently at a reasonable price and prefer people booking parties or multi-hour events. $50/hour + fees for my wife, toddler, and me to swim for an hour is too much to do regularly. Old review: How have basic bugs not been fixed You tap an item on the map and it loads an item that’s 30 miles away. It seems like one of the easiest bugs to fix, as well as allowing filtering by distance. I don’t care to see pools 10+ miles away. The bug has been mentioned for over a year, so my guess is that this isn’t an actual company with a developer on staff. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn it’s a one-man show type thing where somebody came up with an idea and found a cheap dev somewhere online to make an app ASAP to see if it has legs.
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4 years ago, h twee
Great idea but a horrible app
Great idea but whole execution of this app is messed up. I tried to book a pool they took my payment. The host messaged me to inform me that the time i booked for was already booked. The app shouldnt have let me book and took a payment if it was already booked. So i cancelled. The host said she contacted swimply on my behalf for a full refund and they told her i was not charged at all. What they told her was wrong bc it showed a charge on my acct. i emailed them and explained what happened and it was not an error on my part or the host and asked for a full refund and never got a reply. The host ended up refunding me via venmo. This wouldve been my first booking and now it is my last. Also the messages are messed up as well it showed i was messaging myself when trying to message the host. I shouldve got refunded by the app and got a reply but didnt i had better communication w the host then the app and these errors were not mine or the host fault.
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1 year ago, autumnal66
2 Years as a Host and I’m Done
It was nice while it lasted but I’m tired of the bugs & app changes that are supposed to be improvements yet end up hurting the Hosts’ ability to efficiently and profitably manage our rentals. Tired of waiting for Swimply to finally get all this & the search algorithms right. Tired of the terribly slow customer support that can only be reached by a chat bot. I’m done and taking my rental offline. It’s just not worth the work, and frankly the liability risk, to rent my pool. I’m a smaller low-key renter for up to 10 swimmers and they’ve made it not worth my while with the tiered pricing & terribly slow customer support. The “juice isn’t worth the squeeze” as the expression goes and Swimply has squeezed me out. If you’re a big pool and willing to host big events with a lot of people, that’s who they focus on and want to attract as Hosts. Good luck.
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2 years ago, detectiveb
Great service, app needs some work
This is a great service and I’m very happy with the ability to rent private pools! Our first reservation was incredible. But the app needs some work: 1) You can’t edit the people you invite to your reservation once it has been sent. I accidentally sent to my friends work phone instead of her personal phone and I couldn’t edit it after the fact. You should have the option to edit or delete guests. 2) After a reservation is cancelled, the chat with the pool host should be closed. This is a safety issue. 3) The chat should be closed 24 hours after a reservation. 4) When you do an initial search, it does not always show pools that are actually available at the time you are searching for. You often have to go directly to the pool to attempt a reservation for your specific times. The search feature should ensure only pools with your selected available time display. This happens mostly on the website and not always in the app. 5) Owners/hosts should not be allowed to use the pool at the same time as their guests. This defeats the purpose of paying someone to use their pool and is also a safety concern.
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2 years ago, l❤️swim
Family swim day
This site was great to find a pool for the day to have a private family swim. I booked a last minute request. I was able to contact the first host who said she was unable to honor request. I asked her to cancel it and I went on to another. The 2nd host was able to accommodate us within hours. The pool was wonderful, spotless, & fun. The hosts were fantastic, helpful but left us to have our fun. They did not intrude. We didn’t use all that we originally asked for and a refund was given. The app is easy to use and communication is available both with swimply and the hosts that offer up their pools.
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11 months ago, Unique Evette
Decent app but needs improvements
As a host, the app is not always reliable. Messages are not always immediate so it makes communicating with your guests very frustrating and difficult when messages don’t go through. There needs to be more categories for ages such as “infants/babies 0-2” “toddlers 2-4” “kids 5-12” “teens 13-17” and adults 18+ I feel we should be able to add pictures for each designated “premium amenity” in addition to the 10 pictures for the listing. Also maybe consider having a function for guests to sign a waiver in the app once they book. Also a valid credit or debit card should be required to be on file just like Airbnb in the event of changes.
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No Humans Available To Speak With
We booked a family stay at a listed pool. The app took our money, bank charged us but no official reservation was confirmed on site with us or hosts. I had privately messaged hosts but they had no confirmation on their side either. I tried messaging the site but there was only an automated robot to respond and didn’t resolve the issue until two and a half hours before our swim “reservation.” Needless to say, I had a house full of kids asking if they should suit up or not. Didn’t know if we should pack a picnic or not. Didn’t know if I had been scammed. Finally, the reservation was confirmed but left us hustling to make our swim time. THERE WAS NO HUMAN TO SPEAK TO VIA PHONE OR LISTED ON THE SWIMPLY Website. Better customer service needed. THANKFULLY, the HOSTS stepped up and extended our swim time because of the inconvenience. Swimply simply gave us 5 percent out next booking. SMH.
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3 years ago, Terik55
Good platform but needs enhancements
Hi Developer team - I'm a new host and have enjoyed the ability to find guests for my pool. I have experienced latency and frozen screens a few times so far. Also, the links you send via email to review guests are not uniquely identifiable (which makes it challenging if youHave multiple guess on the same day and you don't know which guest the review is for). Guests have also asked for a way to extend an existing visit (e.g. during their session if it is going well). Finally, it would help if chat timeline was closer to real time should guests need help or have questions during their visit (I greet them but them leave them to privacy. Some messages came in late that I could have addressed in real time). Thank you for consideration.
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2 months ago, Dr3am5tep
Poor Customer Service
My wife and I booked a same-day reservation on the app. Keep in mind, most of the pools had to be scheduled at least a day or two in advance, so when I saw one that could be scheduled the day of, I took the opportunity. About 1.5 hours prior to our swim, I get a notification that the host asks to reschedule our reservation to next week due to her pool being ready. To make a long story short, I attempt to get in contact with her about a refund and don’t get an immediate response. I contact the Swimply app and, after going through their automated response, eventually get an email saying that it’s “at the sellers discretion” to issue a refund. While the seller graciously gave us a refund, the Swimply app shouldn’t leave this up to sellers. The app needs live customer service representatives instead of automated messages.
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3 weeks ago, EBMiami
Terrible platform to host
I hosted my pool at my complex here. It was booked same day by someone local. He knew the risks of same day booking during Memorial Day weekend and he never came to the location to do the walk through until the time of his event. By the time he arrived, others had already started using the grills. He sat at the location for two hours, him and about 20 of his guest, utilizing the pool area. When he couldn’t get a grill, he canceled the booking and Swimply let him and didn’t pay me. He was there for two hours which can be proven by cameras. His party was scheduled for 4 hours and I gave him an extra hour for free. He lied to support and said he wasn’t at the location and wasn’t able to host his gathering. I even let this loser use my Bluetooth speaker because they didn’t have any way to listen to or ply music.
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11 months ago, RebelRogue1
Looking for a great way to stay cool this summer?
They are quick to refund your money. If you do it within your 24 hour period ,they have a robot to assist you, but if the robot can’t help you it places a ticket for you so that someone can communicate with you as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate use this app especially when trying to keep cool 😎 🥶 this summer. I am so thankful I was introduced to this app, I will admit, I was skeptical at first, because it seem to good to be true, but this app is a life saver when it comes to beating the Houston heat 🥵. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.
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11 months ago, ::ASK::
Poor User Experience
I had two really poor first time user experiences with Swimply. First, the search feature doesn't narrow down pools according to your timeframe search criteria. It includes pools that have PARTIAL availability during the time selected. Which could be OK if the app then notified users of this earlier on in the booking flow. As such, you're not notified of this until after you enter the payment flow. So, I chose a pool, it appeared available under "Booking Details" and it wasn't until I pressed Confirm or did instant Apple Pay that I'm suddenly notified of an "overlapping booking". Really bad experience and waste of my time. Then, I finally managed to find one that was actually available, at least according to the calendar in the app. I booked it and got the confirmation. Shortly thereafter, the host messaged me to say "actually it's not available". Because they offer their place on Airbnb and their pool on Swimply and it had been reserved on Airbnb. What a mess!! Hosts that do this should be penalized!! On Airbnb, hosts that cancel on guests get penalized because it's a poor experience for a guest.
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3 years ago, ASClaca
Amazing idea but execution could be better
Something is very wrong with the distance listings, so I end up checking out a lot of pools that are actually super far away from me. Also I’m not sure in this day and age how they don’t have a function that sends you a reminder email/text on the day of your booking, plus an emailed option to schedule a calendar event at the time you reserve. All the local 2- and 3-person companies I schedule appointments with seem to manage to do this. All of that said, it’s an amazing idea and I’ve been grateful to have this opportunity during the pandemic. Love the efficiency of otherwise unused pools getting used.
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10 months ago, Cvltmxnd
Air BNB for pools but better
We were supposed to have a pool party at my cousins house for my daughters first birthday but he canceled three weeks prior. I started looking for air bnbs with pools and couldn’t find any. That’s when I discovered Swimply. We were able to have an amazing party for my daughter at a beautiful house with a huge backyard that had small farm animals and a large pool. The hosts provided a tent, tables, and chairs. We partied, cleaned up, then left. It was stress free and our family had so much fun. More people need to know about this service. It’s great in the summer.
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10 months ago, TulipandScout
Love this idea - have had great experiences
I've used the service twice and love it, it is brilliant. I have a few comments about the app. I find the message center clunky (maybe it is me?), but hard to find the message area and when a message from pool owner comes in, it isn't straightforward in how to respond. I discovered the "instant book" feature by accident after waiting over night with fingers crossed to get a booking confirmation from one property I didn't know there were hosts who would book instantly. Upon this discovery, I immediately canceled request from the slow to respond owner and booked with a property that had "instant book" - maybe this should be highlighted somewhere, particularly for same day bookings. Would love an area for a private thank you to owner- not a review. I guess that could go through messages, but as mentioned earlier I find the message feature clunky. Overall great service that certainly made my family happy twice this week!!
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11 months ago, Stu812
Great idea, but needs work.
I would definitely recommend this app to anyone interested in a pool party. So basically, I’d recommend it for everyone. Great service and awesome experience for our first booking. The app itself is difficult to navigate. I struggled to look at pictures of the booking once we made it. Often it made me go back to searching to find basic information to share with our guests. Also, messages with the owners aren’t easy to find. Why would I have to click bookings and then a subsection tab. Things like that make it a little cumbersome but worth it for the opportunities.
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2 months ago, The Greek Chorus
120 people NO damages covered
Someone booked a pool party for 30-40 guests, which would have been my largest yet. I found out later that a promoter had been pre-selling tickets for the “Pool Party Event” Swimply does NOTHING to protect its hosts from things like this or guarantee compensation if someone does this such as taking a deposit ahead of time. Making sure an active credit card is in file… so I am still in talks trying to get my damages covered and the overages. Swimply is NOT well organized and it’s very frustrating as a host. They should take some tips from Airbnb, Peerspace and Giggster that have all these things figured out and make it easy for Hosts to file damages and overages after a booking is complete. This all happened last summer and they still have done absolutely nothing!
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8 months ago, themaxeyhouse
For hosts, good luck with support from swimply.
This can be a profitable but risky business with all the liabilities the thing you need most is support from swimply admin and you simply won’t get that. They use the excuse that it’s a start up but it’s gotten worse and worse the last 3 years of hosting. No live chat that works, no phone number to reach them, takes days or weeks to get an email response god forbid you have an emergent situation and need to reach them it’s near impossible. The host Facebook page is so heavily monitored that they screen and deny posts when you’re at least trying to get help from fellow hosts. The lack of support makes it near impossible to feel confident and safe running this business.
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2 years ago, AprilAvrilAbril
I love Swimply
I LOVE the community I am in, is willing to offer up their space for folks who do not have access to pools. I did not realize so many people had pools in the PNW and I am so grateful I found this app and grateful for the people who allow us to utilize their space. The prices are a little high but if you get a few folks together it’s a lot less. It’s worth it for me and my family. We are immunocompromised and our 3 year old just got fully vaccinated. We are still weary about swimming in indoor pools and this has been a great opportunity to feel we are living in some sense of normalcy. Highly recommend and the app needs some work. It is not user friendly.
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6 months ago, Dominilynn
App ok, desktop wonky
The app seems to work ok but when I switched to desktop and tried to book, the payment settings were different. I booked on desktop, the payment said it failed (using Google Pay, it was the only option), but I didn’t get any opportunity to fix it, and the reservation disappeared. I had to message the host to confirm they didn’t have a reservation request waiting because there was no way for me to know. I went back to the mobile app, booked and paid with Apple Pay (Google pay wasn’t an option on mobile), and that seems to have worked. Kinda unsettling all around, really.
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2 years ago, Candice Allen
Puppy swim party 9/22
Host was absolutely fantastic and soooo very accommodating and helpful both before our scheduled visit and throughout the course of our entire visit. Stunning backyard and pool area with tons of extra cool features and amenities to make our family puppy party extra special! Highly recommend this fantastic host and pool - a true oasis that was just what my family and pups needed to relax and enjoy some much needed fun time together! Thank you Brit for making our family time extra special! Hope to be back soon for another swim!! 💝🥰🐶
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2 months ago, Team Freckles
Just Wow
Incredible birthday experience for our 12 year old! He will remember this day for years to come. The space was clean and well appointed with everything we could need and more. The pool was perfectly warm as well as the pool room. Plenty of floats and toys to entertain for hours. The party room with kitchen was perfect for food storage and prep with ample seating for all. The bonus outside seating area was great for the adults to gather and visit while still being able to monitor the kids. The host was very responsive and accommodating. Worth Every Penny!
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2 years ago, Splaaassshhh
Thank you Darwin
Thank you so much Darwin I really appreciated your time and patience with us my daughter enjoyed her self she put me to sleep talking about how she loved the pool and she had so much fun she also wants me to rent your pool again. Darwin you was very responsive ASAP thank you so much. Btw the picture you guys view on the site is not the picture of the pool it’s much bigger and worth more then Darwin actually asking for to rent it. My advice to you Darwin I think you should ask for a little bit more to rent out your pool GOD BLESS see you again.
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10 months ago, TaeTay10
Pool party
We had our sons 3rd bday here and we absolutely loved it!!! All of the guest from the party said it was nice! Such an amazing experience. The host was great, we will definitely book again in the future. The only thing we didn’t really like was the grilled wasn’t really clean. My brother had to clean it but that was no big deal to us. We cleaned it ourselves and kept it moving because everything was great and as I mentioned the host was great! This was so worth it. All of our guest said we need to come back ! Thank you!!
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2 years ago, Maca.Molina
Great app! Excellent idea
I love this app and the service provided, the only thing I would improve is that the filter by date and time works because it doesn’t. When you choose a date and a slot of time it shows several pools but then when you click on a pool it shows you again the button to book now or check availability and then you realized not all the pools shown in the first filter are really available. With that improvement it would be much better as you don’t have to click one by one. Otherwise it is amazing :)
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2 years ago, iidnat
It could use some development.
I love the idea of being able to rent the whole pool to yourself. But the app needs to make it easier to look for particular pools. There should be indoor/outdoor option in the search. Or pools that allows parties of big group. Rather then having to go through each pool and reading the amenities. I got pop up notification after a reservation that i wil get a certain discount on my next booking. Which now I can’t fine it anywhere in my emails or the app.
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11 months ago, vt40955
Great App - But Too Many Crashes And Errors
I have used Swimply several times and loved being able to swim somewhere in private. The hosts are always kind and the pools are always clean. I love this app but gave a 4 because it crashes ALL the time. Swimply and their hosts are missing out on money because of it. I wanted to book a few times and it wouldn’t let me view pools or access the app and website. One time I had a booking and the app was down and I couldn’t communicate with the host or fine the address until literally last minute.
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12 months ago, Ltlstps
Platform has issues
As a host, this platform and app needs some help. 1. If a guest visits and abuses their reservation, causes damage, etc, Swimply requires the host to try to work it out with the customer. Other platforms utilize a deposit to be pulled from for abusive behavior and rule breaking. Or keep a card on file to charge. 2. The refund/cancellation policy is vague and customer support isn’t very helpful. 3. If a customer reschedules, the app should disable the ability to cancel a rescheduled visit. 4. If the customer asks to change their reservation criteria, the host should be able to accept or decline per item changed, not all or nothing.
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4 years ago, Swaymom
Good idea, but horrible App performance
Our first time using the App, when doing a search in particular date & time, it continues to show pools which are not available. If not available, then why coming up in a filtered search? Then I booked our first reservation & days later after the owner confirmed, he now says needs to cancel my reservation via a message, yet he hasn’t cancelled anything in the App? So how do I get me money back? Trying to find an alternate reservation, but my money is tied up in the 1st reservation. When using the messages/inbox, it won’t update in the App any new messages, I have to log in thru the web browser version to see new messages. It’s been not a good experience:(
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