Switch Audio File Converter

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NCH Software
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1 year ago
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10.7 or later
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User Reviews for Switch Audio File Converter

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0 Ratings
7 years ago, NavyArmyVet
Want 5 stars?
I’ve been using this program since in came out. For the most part it’s great. Today I had to delete and reinstall it for the second time because it wouldn’t start up. That’s why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
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6 years ago, Elsie_Pn
Gets the Job Done
I settled on this application after researching other similar ones at length. I was looking for something free, efficient, easy to use, and from a reputable creator/company. This app met all of those qualifications. I primarily convert .wav files to .mp3 files. I downloaded the program around January 2018 and after 4 months, I’m very satisfied.
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6 years ago, Siriu2Music
Used it for almost 10 years
This app is stable, great for converting WAV to MP3, easy to use, no learnign curve at all, drag and drag files or import through a window….so easy so nice. Reccomended by a Berklee professor in an audio class…it’s perfect and I wish the makers well.
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4 years ago, RandeazyEazy
Not the most recent version
THIS APP IS NOT THE MOST RECENT VERSION. Friends who are having issues, what they are not telling you is that version 8.00 is available directly from the website. And I'm willing to bet it solves the issues many of you are having. This version is 6.5 which was updated over a year ago. Seems they have ditched the app store and are no longer distributing through Apple.
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4 years ago, Hilifono
Perfect until update
2 annoying bugs now - cant drag and drop files into Switch - no option to set output to same folder
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6 years ago, MjMitch19
This App works great!
Couldn’t be more happy. Works great. quick easy as advertised. someone else mentioned a bug; however I did not have remotely any issues. Love it. Highly recommended. ~Mitch
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7 years ago, ImageJock
My favorite sound conversion program
This app is absolutely magestic. I use it for all my sound conversion task. It is easy to use,. And, I have never had an issue with the app or the files it produces.
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7 years ago, lauraharrisonmusic
No Nonsense App
This does exactly what it is supposed to. They don’t try and sell you anything. I’ve had this program through 3 computers - worked on every OS
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6 years ago, Vsg24
Very happy
I use it to convert audio files. Works fine altough a bit slow in encoding files.
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6 years ago, "Fango"
Great audio file converter!
This is our go-to application for converting wave/aiff audio files to high-resolution mp3 files. Ease of use… easy. Quality is superb. Very reasonably priced.
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4 years ago, JKdrum
Batch convert crashes the app
I've made several attempts to batch convert wav files and add a 6db headroom setting to normalize the volume on my sound files - crashes each time and can not complete the process! This after purchasing the paid version because it was required to use this feature
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6 years ago, Sun bros
It Does what it does and good
simple and easy to use program, thats it
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4 years ago, ManiacalMatt
Feels old
No drag and drop. Doesn't create destination folders, just places all files in the same folder you select. Slow as molasses.
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6 years ago, Motion1200
Works Flawlessly….Simple to use interface.
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6 years ago, GWHC
Excellent Converstion Tool
The software is easy to use and highly functional. Recommend AAA.
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4 years ago, Foolhandluke
Removed support for Sound Designer 2
Switch was the only program around that could convert Sound Designer 2 files. Last night they updated it with "bug fixes", and this morning it will no longer open .sd2 files.
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6 years ago, Meandermark
Great program
This does exactly what it says. Efficient & fast.
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4 years ago, beskeptical
Drag and drop doesn't work properly
Good, but the drag and drop files feature works sporadically, if at all.
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6 years ago, Levaneza
Great App
simple good program for converting audio files, love it.
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3 years ago, Mrkil1o1
I hadn't used program in quite sometime so when it came up as needing an updaate i didn't hesitate. Then when it didn't open I wished I ahdn't done an update!
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8 years ago, Barrel 'O Rum
By Far The Best
I went through a bunch of converters before this. Most of the others are pretty. Half of them look like they cloned each other. This one is just a finder format looking converter but lets you convert what you have to what you want and put it where you want it. It kept all my tags too. I have the free version. I’m sure the paid one is better and probalby will buy it later today. It does tags - but I just finished my CD and won’t be doing any more tags for a while… Thanks for the great app. You did well with this one! FYI - I am a recording engineer, studio owner and performing musician.
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5 years ago, RobRyeCran
macOS Catalina (64bit) can't
I was unable to install this app with macOS Catalina on my mac mini. The app is not yet 64bit capable ! I hope NCH Software will update the app....
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2 years ago, Saxon Beach
Does not convert from AAC to AIF
No matter how I try it doesn't work.
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3 years ago, TommyMacfan05
Fantastic but need multi-channel capability
This app is great and has converted lots of audio files without any issues! Fast too. I'm still using Mac OS Mojave (10.14.6) on 2017 27" iMac and this app works great. However, I only wish that this app would offer support for multi-channel audio such as 5.1 Surround Sound. Edited: I found solution. Convert audio file from Bluray's MKV to AIFF. That will preserve the multi-channels in lossless form. Then open file in audio editor app to edit it and convert from there to FLAC. That will preserve the multi-channels throughout and keep it lossless. So Switch app already has that capability but have to use AIFF or WAV from Bluray's MKV instead of directly to FLAC as I had originally done. I revised my review to show that my issue has been resolved and to show other users the workaround if they were also struggling with what I had. Keep up the great work, developers! :)
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1 year ago, NYCSassyShopper
Unfortunately, the file it converts to has no way to control play/stop settings. The file plays on whether you want it to or not - even in the trash.This is unacceptable.
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3 years ago, monte-carlo-3
wont convert sample rates
unlike other tools, this app will not offer to convert sample rates. If you recorded in 48Khz and need to downsample to 44.1khz, this purchase will not do what you want
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8 years ago, carbonms
With upgrade will not convert to FLAC file
A 39.00 upgrade cost and it will not convert files to FLAC format for my player. Not Good! And it still is saying Swich Audio File Converter free? What?
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