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4 years ago
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User Reviews for Symbaloo

3.66 out of 5
118 Ratings
2 years ago, Ms.M.Reader
Able to access website bookmarks easily!
I love the organized bookmarks! Also love the ease to access without filling my phone with so many apps it gets filled. One issue i have is a glich Instagram has. And it’s not there when I open the actual app. A person dancing with my profile page and I can’t see my written stuff
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6 years ago, Milt Reynolds
Inadequate, Not Ready for Prime Time
I'm immediately disappointed by this app, despite it being free. Out of the box it set up three "Web Mixes", or pages, chock-full with sites I'm not interested in. The edit option allowed me to delete two of the pages, but not the third. I was forced to delete the sites one by one. I was not given an option to rename the Web Mix, nor could I create a new one. It did allow me to add a new "Tile", meaning a website. I added Duolingo, but the integrated browser did not support any audio from the site, and it would not open any links from that site (the discussion links). I assume that the desktop version allows better editing options, but that is not what I wanted. I've deleted this disappointing app.
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7 years ago, Cartwright918
I agree that it needs work.
The app idea and concepts is excellent. I could really get into using this more than Safari or Chrome if it were more customizable, the images and word sizes could be enlarged or made smaller to users needs, and in general it just needs more features. You're in the right track though! Don't give up on this! It could very well be a magnificent app with some work. Also, integrated more with iOS 11, this could be powerful and attract lots of users. Redesign it well enough and I'd gladly pay for it if it were worth it.
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5 years ago, Gamerirol
Needs minor tweaks
I love Symbaloo, but the app is not easy to use for two reasons: first, it does not support the addition of text in the button- do you can name the button in case the icon or logo is unclear. Second, it doesn’t allow you to arrange the buttons. This means you can’t group them or put them in an order that helps you remember what they are. On some of my web mixes, I have no idea what the buttons are unless I just do trial and error. Please update your app for easier mobile use!
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2 years ago, Novrush
I used to love Symbaloo but in the phone is another thing. #1 Running slower than a computer or laptop, #2 Every time I open the app, ask me to review the privacy which is annoying. No matter how many times you adjust the privacy; the message popped up. #3 The different app you are created, take long time to open. So, almost I’m about to erase the app because it drive me nuts and is very annoying.
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11 years ago, ZombieRN
Graduate nursing student
Good for quick access to important tools. Nice to be able to get to everything I need from all my devices. Wish there were more tiles available -- I am making them left and right. Would rate it a 5 if the tiles were easier to find. Key word searches for specific tiles have too many results that do not apply. Thanks.
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3 years ago, TerriArtisTree
I want to like it
I was thrilled when I first saw this however it mobile capability is lacking. I can’t select any links on the left hand side. It often has a long pause before opening something and it is difficult to edit from a mobile device. I do like it from my computer but I needed a mobile friendly option to share with all my students.
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5 years ago, nej1509
Couldn’t Load it on My iPad Pro
Despite what the reviews said, I really wanted this app - even though it hadn’t been updated in 2 years. Since it was free, I gave it a go, and sure enough, the app crashed twice upon my attempts to load it. My guess is that it hasn’t been upgraded to iOS 12 - never mind the soon-to-be released new iPadOS version. Too bad - if it worked well the developer could have made some money on this app.
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7 years ago, TechiePri
Great Web based but App needs work
I love using Symbaloo on the computer but editing a Symbaloo on this edit or adding to a web mix is so frustrating on this app. I can't edit the image, move the tiles, pick a custom background or simply try to paste a URL in the designated box. I was excited for the update because when I originally downloaded it nothing would load for me to even log in.
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7 years ago, Purple1969
Works great
A fellow teacher told me about Symbaloo. I love it! I have mixes for my classroom and can separate and sort between classroom and personal web mixes. Very convenient.
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7 years ago, Utumin
Great App for news junkie!
Need an app to contain all the links to the web sites u browse for news? This is that app. My favorite app on my iPad.
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5 years ago, ms.mollybo
Crashes after opening
I like symbaloo on my computer, however, this app crashes every time I open it on my iPad Pro. Disappointed that I have to uninstall.
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4 years ago, Bluearista
Lost links
Updated the app and it deleted all of my old tiles
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5 years ago, tmorganDetroit
Nothing shows
Nothing is showing up on the app. Just a picture of mountains. I can’t click on anything . It’s useless to download it.
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5 years ago, GodsTeachee
Great app
I have enjoyed this for years. Great
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4 years ago, gvhchgghhhhhhhghhgftyrr
I just got the s symboo and I love it
The new
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5 years ago, tjgfuvv
No Show
Nothing shows up when I open the app. I can’t click on anything.
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7 years ago, Coach Keaffer
..TAAS...TEK! Teachers will get the joke. I like this app.
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5 years ago, BAR112
2019 review - don’t bother!
Open app and get a blank blue screen! No update in 2 years—abandonware!
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7 years ago, ghost97-e-brave
fix your app and site
it does not update properly and when i try to make groups on pc, they are un-namable and they disappear to god knows where!
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5 years ago, Charljones
I love it on my laptop, but can’t get it to work on iPad.
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5 years ago, AlexR67
Used to love it!
This app keeps crashing. Help!
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7 years ago, MrK987654321
Great app
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12 years ago, ScrapbookDiva24/7
Best Bookmarking App!
Awesome, awesome, awesome! My tech specialist turned me on to symbaloo a couple of years ago. I LOVE that no matter what computer or device I am on, my bookmarks are always updated, available, and organized. I have this app installed on both my iPad and iPhone, as well as have Symbaloo set as my homepage for Firefox and Safari on both my work laptop and home desktop. I use Symbaloo to keep track of all of the personal and professional websites I frequent or have found useful. They are all easily found because you organize them by creating different webmixes. Each webmix is essentially a tabbed page containing a layout of your web links related to a theme of your choosing. For example, all of my most frequented or favorite websites are on my "home mix." I am a teacher, so I have a separate webmixes for favorite blogs, reading sites, math sites, and science sites. Also, you can choose a premade webmix someone else has already put together. Before the app came out, I had Symbaloo saved to my home screen on my iPad and iPhone. I quickly switched over to the app when it became available. I found it very easy to use.
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12 years ago, Dana Sutton
Gotta disagree with you all
1. Since this app. doesn't seem to interact at all with the Symbaloo web page I use on my Mac, I don't see what exactly it is supposed to do for me. If any change I made on my web page were pushed to this app. (and, ideally, vice versa) that would be a very different story. But without any such connectivity, it's not useful for very much and you have to go to the extra trouble of setting it up and keeping it up to date manually on your portable device. b.) This is an iPhone app., so of course it looks lousy at 2X on an iPad; c.) works in page orientation only, doesn't flip over to landscape. All in all, this app. seems not ready for prime time. So I've taken it off my iPad and use the Symbaloo web page on my iPad's browser instead. Much, much better experience, gives me just what I want, hassle-free (I think the web version of Symbaloo is terrific, it's a fine substitute for iGoogle)
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9 years ago, T from MI
Great app
I use this every day. I've placed all of my most used URLs on my first page and I look at it to see if I have forgotten something to do that day. The icons for the URLs can easily customized in appearance and the location on the page. I put all my similar ones together into areas for news or money related or browsers or any other way I want. My only complaint is that when I press my icon buttons I want it to automatically go to another tab, which it doesn't do. That part is poor designing, but since my symbaloo is my home page I just press my browser's home button to get back to it. It's easier than a bookmark in a browser, I think.
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12 years ago, DeeRex79
Not an iPad app
Don't call this an iPad app. Like said in another review, it's an iPhone/pod app that you can use 2x with. I was really excited as I've been using Symbaloo for years on my laptops. I had been navigating on my iPhone and iPad to the website and having to remember my login (c'mon - even an IT guy has trouble sometimes!). Haven't tried it on the iPhone yet, but seeing reviews, I trust it will be good. My two stars are because it rep's itself as an iPad app. Don't put iPad compatible if you aren't made for iPad. At least iTunes Apps listing is smart enough to put you in the "iPhone and iPod apps" section. Looking forward to new releases - and REAL iPad usage.
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12 years ago, 411Shirley
Very handy!
I switch between Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and love the convenience of being able to make each site look the same. Especially like being able to create my own links! Some of the pre-created webmixes have some out of date links or don't take you beyond the "front" web page of a site---but it's easy to individualize the links. I like this!
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11 years ago, phonejail
A very important tool
I have about 50 websites that I use on a regular basis. From social media channels to web apps, Basecamp, my banks, favorite news sites and more – this app keeps me organized. Being able to access my organized, favorite websites from this app, or from the Symbaloo website on my desktop, has made a huge difference. Five Stars!
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10 years ago, Nicolay L.
Easy online living with Symbaloo
Compliments to the way they managed to translate the interface that is on the desktop and make it just as simple on the iphone app. I always loved having all my news sites and RSS feeds in one place on my laptop so having the Iphone app makes my "online life" just that much easier. Thanks symbaloo!
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11 years ago, YungDaVinci
Great Organizational Tool
Symbaloo is a great app for organizing all of the sites that you need to get to and quick. I like that you can organize the sites into different tabs which is good for things like organizing school things from personal things. It's slightly reminiscent of iGoogle, although I think Symbaloo is better. I find nothing really wrong with it.
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9 years ago, ProudTexan ProudTeacher
One to One lifesaver for Teachers
I absolutely love how you can organize and share all of the apps that you use on a regularly basis in the classroom in one centralized location for easy student access. You can even include apps that are used occasionally and not worry about using up precious wall space. Wonderful app!
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11 years ago, Caroline0718
web vs mobile
I have used the web application for a year or so and love it. Not as fond of the mobile version. I prefer the ability to create my own tile in the web version. The format of the mobile version isn't organized as clearly as the web version. Web...5 stars App...3 star
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11 years ago, Princess Mims
One of my favorite app!
I love this app! It's so useful and such a timesaver. I don't have to keep looking for the same links over and over again. Bookmark on safari is a long list and you have to scroll endlessly and I forgot what site it is. Symbaloo has a beautiful interface and easy to use. Love it! Download it now!!
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9 years ago, sbh442
Love this!
I use the app and web based version with my K-2nd grade students! I love that I can coordinate the content based on what the students are learning at any given time either by using an entire website or a specific web page. I can keep the junk out of their learning!
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7 years ago, MacPhrog
My Symbaloo
Not being a naturally organized person, Symbaloo has been my saving grace. I began using it when I was teaching. It helped me so much personally AND I used/shared my web mixes with my students so that we were all on the same page. I'm no longer a teacher but I haven't let Symbaloo go. I LOVE IT!
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12 years ago,
Just ok
Love Symbaloo on my PC. Not a big fan that the app rearranges your tiles in the app compared to how I have them set up on the PC though. Even worse, it's not optimized for the iPad so I have to use the 2x button for it to fill the screen which ruins the graphics power of the new iPad. Not being optimized for iPad keeps me from web surfing in landscape mode to boot. Once again, love Symbaloo on my PC but the app needs some adjustments IMHO.
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8 years ago, heavenlyboheme
This app and website are a Godsend! I have had several computers die on me in the past & now I work on several devices, so Symbaloo saves my hide! With webmixes I can divide the links I have curated easily. I also love the fact that I can use icons for the links that have meaning.
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12 years ago, Frenological
Symbaloo is off to a good start
I do want the option of flipping my phone and having the screen on landscape, something that Symbaloo hasn't worked out yet. However, no real complaints. Way better than bookmarking.
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12 years ago, Lindae528
Best app ever !!
I have computers for 2 jobs, home laptop and iPhone . This is only bookmarking type app or website I've used that syncs everything in seconds! Much easier to organize and have everything at my fingertips.
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8 years ago, JJKelley
The one site/app you need if you teach
I teach technology to K-6 students and their teachers. I have all the best sites for skill practice, learning, research, coding & lesson planning all tied into one Symbaloo! Students and teachers can easily find what they need wherever they are, classroom, lab, home, on a PC, Chromebook, or iPad.
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11 years ago, BarbRad
Symbaloo is terrific!
I am a math teacher and doctoral student. Symbaloo offers me an extremely attractive way to stay organized. I make presentations at conferences; Symbaloo let's me aggregate related links and share them with anyone who might want more information about my topic.
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10 years ago, Luz D.
Websites Being Together in 1 App
I like symbaloo because it is one app and it organizes all of my needs, all of my "fun stuff" and school blogs. I can use it to listen to music and look at homework from the grade blog. The reason I only gave it 3 stars is because it is way slower and kind of harder than the Website Symbaloo at adding tiles. 2💲T🅰R💲 minus. But overall, I like it.
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11 years ago, karnold495
I can't imagine my classroom without it. I use it on my Smart Board and all of my students know what to press to get to the site they need. It is now a large visual display for the whole class to see.
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12 years ago, McGrathLaw
Excellent app./program which greatly increases efficiency
Excellent app./program which greatly increases efficiency. There is no reason not to use this. Only wish you could paste into the Google search field.
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8 years ago, Ppittman
Tiles not complete
I love the Symbaloo functioning when on my laptop. I do not love the app on my phone. Many of the icons are blank and i can't tell which website they're for until/unless i click on them. For many there may or may not be the background color, and either way, there is mo indication on the icon of what website they're for.
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10 years ago, Nrse1999
Works great
Had a little trouble with my desktop-but I think it was internet explorer. As soon as I tried with Google it worked great. The app is awesome, syncs well with the desktop! Wish I knew of this sooner!
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12 years ago, tobinnaut
Exactly what I have been looking for... replace iGoogle. Great app, no problems with synching; my only wish is to be able to arrange my app tiles to match my web account more closely. Otherwise, I highly recommend.
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12 years ago, Yeaitsjon
I've been waiting a long time for this app. It's amazing and makes working from my cell phone 100 times easier and more convenient. Worth a download!
Show more
12 years ago, Rogue Pogue
Great Start
I love this app for my mobile device, and I would recommended it highly. I eventually want the ability to change my existing symbaloo's in this app. Thanks for the great app!
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