Synonyms Quiz

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Synonyms Quiz

4.68 out of 5
389 Ratings
2 years ago, Richard at 80
A winner!
This is a fast way to build vocabulary and language facility. Sometimes I feel pride and other times I feel really humbled, but always it is fun and a great learning process. I’m hooked. It is easy to ask Siri to “Define WORD”. I learned new words or new meanings of old words every day. It contributes to my goal of lifelong learning.
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6 years ago, Butterfly-Rose
A must have! Love this!
I am studious of the Bible. This will definitely enhance my spiritualality as my vocabulary grows in time. It works pretty well with Voice Over too, which is wonderful. I also love that you can search for a particular synonym and get it’s definition(s), and have the option to save as a favorite. In my personal opinion, I feel this app is great for those of us who have difficulty recalling specific words to mind. And finally I’d like to add, another reason why I love this app is because for the visually impaired or deaf/blind smartphone users, there are not a lot of user-friendly games to download that can be used with Voice Over. NOW I have one! Thanks! This app is educational, easy to use and fun! To the developer, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude. CC USA
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4 years ago, wlklwk
I like it!
Playing this initially I thought it would become a big bore but it isn’t. I’ve found myself having to set a timer otherwise I get caught up playing this game longer than I planned.
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6 years ago, Doe Doe 27
Brain stimulation for older folks
Love this app! It is said how important it is to keep the brain stimulated as you get older. I’m retired and am no longer getting the many challenges I got while working. This tool keeps my brain active.
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4 years ago, RDVinu
Very useful to learn new meanings in a fun way
I love this app as it helps me learn new meanings in a fun way. One suggestion if I can make is would be more useful if definitions are given upon clicking each word.
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4 years ago, Inoalot
What an incredible way to keep us slackers on our toes. I love it! Vocabulary is so important when dealing with the more intelligent in society, like my brother. He has been tested at genius level, despite a 15 year bout with drugs and alcohol.
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5 years ago, E_Veker
This is a fabulous app for learning and reviewing vocabulary. It focuses on finding synonyms, specifically by recalling the meaning and layers of meaning connected to the roots of individual word. It’s efficiently organized; a quick and fun way to review vocabulary.
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7 years ago, Chiganbmkv
Very useful App
This is one of my favorite apps. I know that sounds lame; however, I write a lot and when you are looking for another way to say something it’s awesome.
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5 years ago, yinkzxxxx
The app is not working perfectly on IOS 13. You guys should kindly make it compatible with the newly updated iOS
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4 years ago, Donald the idiot
Nice change of pace but boring
Too easy. Needs either a time function or difficulty gradient such as levels of play. Appreciate that there no ads.
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6 years ago, ELL102
I would just add audio . . .
I love the app! It’s great that it Tahoe’s weather the word is a noun/verb/adverb/ or adjective. But it would be great if I could click on the word/s and it says the correct way to pronounce it, as well as the meaning to the words
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7 years ago, Scandaladdict9pm
Language Learners
This app is excellent for practicing English for second language learners!
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7 months ago, Tiffster2012
Good simple vocabulary building game
It would be more useful/educational if it showed the words used in a sentence after you make your guess.
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2 years ago, Momaw65
Unfortunately it’s free.
This app is a five-star tool for reviewing English adjectives. If you can stand the spurious “your phone memory is full” popup add. I can’t. Just charge for the game/exercise ad-free version. Please!
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5 years ago, IBeDisappointed
Budding poet
I’m learning to write poetry. This app is helping me with choosing words.
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4 years ago, Londire
Helps me with my vocabulary skills
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6 years ago, Severma22
Useless, no ability to explain answers
No ability to determine why an answer is correct.
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7 years ago, Khd 10
Excellent app
Great game to extend your vocabulary
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7 years ago, Jeremy#27
could you please include the definition of the word in question so that you learn what the word means ? also its pronunciation ? thank you
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4 months ago, dubigood
Really good!
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6 years ago, Name23ABC
Great for all ages
Challenging and enjoyable.
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7 years ago, Tailwindsppc
Excellent app
Stretches the mind.
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7 years ago, Jayeno
Boring and uninteresting
The other Synonym game was much more entertaining. This is just super boring. Really.
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4 years ago, Giddy Rock star
Good quiz.
This quiz helped me a lot. I love it .😘🥰😍😚🤩🤩
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9 years ago, Gedgal.
Just Right!
I am fairly literate and have a love for the English language and the Latin root words that much of it stems from. This game contains questions from the simplistic to the difficult with lots to learn while having fun. I use it both to relax and to enliven my mood. If you like to learn new vocabulary words, this game won't disappoint!
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7 years ago, Lastoftherealgzz
Nice and quiet
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3 years ago, La Di
Keeps your brain on its toes!
A fun way to exercise your "grey cells." Not only challenging what comes to mind first, but makes you think about additional ways to use that word in order to find the right answer.
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9 years ago, Shortcirkut
Needs a way to copy words
Would love an update for this wonderful app game to have the ability to easily copy any of the words on the screen and paste them into a dictionary.
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10 years ago, Joaquin 98
Fun game
You can play for a short time or longer to finish the quiz. Gives you a second chance at words. Helps to look at parts of speech.
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11 years ago, DeadEyeDonna
Not that impressed
There's only one flaw: there's no end- no way to "win". It would be much better if there was. It gives you a word, then you choose the best match, you get points. That's it. It just goes on and on and on. I even tried making incorrect choices, hoping that I would lose, so I knew the rules i.e. 5 wrong answers = game over. Nope. It's endless.
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8 years ago, utahsupporter
Enjoyable word game
I love words, and have a good memory for roots and meanings. This game contains words from both ends of the spectrum; simple to challenging. I have found it to be an enjoyable way to spend time, and I was surprised at how often I was stopped and had to dig deep for an answer.
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10 years ago, T'stoy
What Fun!
This app is so much fun. I enjoy challenging myself, looking forward to the next word--and hoping/believing that it won't be the word to trip me up! It's a light, easy little game.
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10 years ago, the.extrapencil
Easy way to expand vocabulary
Simple game with some not-simple words, making it ideal for anyone who wants to learn new words without flash cards. However, it doesn't includes many words; you can get through the entire game in about 15 minutes.
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9 years ago, Fallout freind28
New Words, New Sounds
I find this quiz to be great fun and a clever way to squeeze in new vocabulary. However, because some of the words are new or unfamiliar I would like to see a pronunciation guide and a sound file for each word.
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11 years ago, Lightindian
Synonym quiz
I love this app. Excellent learning tool and adjusts to challenge the user at their level. So it adapts to the user without being too easy or overly hard.
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8 years ago, Janie7175
Fun & challenging
I love word games. This is entertaining & can be played for any length of time. I'd like to save the words I miss and revisit them. Needs update as can slow down phone. I definitely recommend it!
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8 years ago, Mommy Cathy
Learning for middle school entrance exam
When I started this I was not on board. But, once I started, I had so much fun doing it with my mom and I am so exited to test my logic in the exam.
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11 years ago, Aliciaisbrown
Make me smarter!
I am trying to increase my vocabulary, so very happy this app exists! Thanks! I think It would be helpful to mark and then repeat words I got wrong until I memorize the correct synonym.
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9 years ago, rpkth
Really a handy app to develop our vocabulary!! Learn new words and play some free games to test yourself!! I'm certain that this app is really helpful!
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8 years ago, Rain263839394748358473
This all is great, but it would be cool if we could define the words without having to end the game. I hope you consider this, because the app is really good despite that.
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11 years ago, Tantma
Great app!
This app is very helpful for your English. It works as an dictionary and more Big words for SAT are in here...u should download it and start to build up yr copious vocabularies.
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11 years ago, Angelonmyshoulder4455
This game is so addictive for someone with an inquisitive mind. I just couldn't put it down! And it increased my vocabulary too!
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11 years ago, WINurse84
Love this game! Instructions are simple and straightforward, so it's easy to play, but can also challenge the mind!
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3 years ago, lagunakayaker
easier levels needed
this would be a great teaching game for on line ESL but you have to go with simplier words and do the synonym match. You could even do one with antonyms for TEACHING mid grade ESL to foreign students.
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10 years ago, Kitty409
Learn new words easily
This app is easy to use. It is a fun way to learn new words and increase your vocabulary.
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9 years ago, Beareed
Enjoy the variety of words and difficulty. Definitely increases my vocabulary.
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8 years ago, Adolfohulk
Outstanding app
This app really helps me study all the synonyms more efficiently. Thank you
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9 years ago, Poverty Lawyet
Too Easy
I enjoy the game, but it's not challenging enough. The correct word, synonym, is all too often obvious. It's fun to play when I want to relax.
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11 years ago, Honoka'a Waipio Res
This game makes you think back to english classes and the grammar learned.
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12 years ago, 47crazed
awesome but some words are not spelled correctly
english is my second language. this app is one of the best way to improve my vocabulary. THANK YOU, DANKE, SALAMAT, ども ありがと, GRACIAS. lol
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