Syobon Action

3.5 (400)
14.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gorka Ramirez Olabarrieta
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Syobon Action

3.49 out of 5
400 Ratings
4 months ago, fan of minecaft
Seriously people?
People are giving this game bad reviews because the game is “unfair.” Because it is a troll. But, like, that is the point of the game?! It is literally meant to be a troll recreation of Mario. So… The point of the game is to be unfair, and people are getting mad because the game is unfair?! I want to facepalm right now… the game is not perfect, but it does a great job of being what it was meant to be. A troll game. If you get mad easily like the 5 year olds making 1 star reviews, Don’t play. If you can handle games that troll you a lot, this game is actually pretty good.
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3 months ago, AE_Pepsi
Fun and addicting classic
I just love playing this game again and it’s even more fun playing all of the new games included with it giving us even more levels then ever before! My only question is who made all of the other games/levels cause I have never heard of them until I saw them in the app, I have tried looking for them online but I can only find videos of people playing them on the app. Are they all fan-made things or are they officially made by the original creator, and are they available on PC or only on mobile?
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2 months ago, June da Best
Syobon Action 2 Level 4
I was playing level 4 in Syobon action 2 and The last room in first part of has two long fire bars and I die a bunch because of them And I can’t get to the blue flag in the last room so make them shorter or remove them if you respond plz fix this because it is annoying
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6 years ago, YUMMYYAMS1112222
Jin mode
I like this game I 100% on every level. There's something wrong with Jin mode not being complete normally (lvl 4) how do you beat it normally I can beat alternately but not the normal way can't find any hidden block for the ending part I looked though the level but there's nothing (the infinite moshroom is the only hidden thing). Level 3 has a problem on the flag pole having a bigger hit box sometimes you can't over it.
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1 year ago, Quincyjr06
Random levels is complete
Everytime I see the sword I need to get it but I always die so when I got it it was playing the ending theme and then I got blocked by the pipe so nothing can kill me and it showed the credits so I finally beat random levels and keep on making these troll games because I am always up for a challenge
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4 years ago, 2bitguy
More random level elements
This game does NOT need an ad system like every other game on the planet. However, it does need some new random level elements. The random levels can use some of those trap pipes that send Syobon to space when entered because I laugh every time I do that. They also need the lollipop powerups sprinkled in to make the levels more hilarious. Overall a funny game.
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7 years ago, Player2021T
Amazing game!
This is one of my favorite games on my phone. I like how you have to think on how you are going to overcome each obstacle. Take jumping over the flag pole as an example. The controls work very well, but once in a while, I will press a button and nothing happens. But that doesn't really matter much to me.
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8 months ago, Willy Willy 911
It’s seriously horrible
First of all you can never beat this game I still like it but when I get the mushroom I become buff and fall and lose the game
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4 months ago, qidnaycbsycbeydiddddddd
Worst game ever played
i’m giving 5 reasons why this game has harder difficulty then Super mario bros 1: there is too much troll. 2: the first level of cat mario bros 2 isn’t what it looks like. 3: the power-ups kill you. 4: this is a horrible rip off of super mario bros 1-2. and last: the first level of cat mario bros 2 makes you fall down most of the time. if you fix those problems it would be better.
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4 months ago, Chezy crackerz
You guys talk all about how you can unlock the holiday themes now but how do you actually do it? Do you have to beat something or wait for something like how do you get the holiday themes? And speaking of which can you add more themes pls?
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2 years ago, why i blew my head off
Why am blew my head off
This game is so bad like I’m almost blew my head off when I installed it and I hope you never forget this game in your life because it’s just so bad like if you go onto random mode you’ll get so ticked off I literally threw my phone onto my bed and I just stop until my phone and I had to use someone else’s phone to write this veview
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3 years ago, great quiz for bio shock fans
I love this game because it gets some rage out of me whenever I scream over it and it’s good because whenever you don’t want ads you can just watch an ad so you can not have ads for a little while
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2 months ago, Abel and asher
A lot of people are saying that this is really horrible but this is a ripoff of super Mario all stars for the snes but seriously I think random levels is impossible but this impossible like in random mode I was lucky because I grabbed the sowrd in seconds on the first level but try the hd version problely it’s the same
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10 months ago, um is not an answer!
This game was amazing. It’s like Mario Maker 2 troll levels. And the best part about the game is the Cancer that says “How delicious!”. Still very fun and gives many funny thing and jokes to laugh about. Great game but still SO MUCH CANCER!!! FOOLS!!! As James ,from Thomas the train, wouls say. HOW DELICIOUS!!!😈
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1 year ago, Yin0x
Good game but….
It’s literally the opposite of what the text sometimes say and they always trick you I know it’s the whole point of the game but to me it’s just kinda annoying
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6 years ago, TracyJ67
Good game but...
These games do exactly what there made for, fun traps extremely frustrating and annoying but addictive and "fun." But, there needs to be more games like Syobon action 3 and 4. There also needs to be more levels like in the real thing and I also have a question. Is cat Mario and Syobon action the same thing?
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7 years ago, Awsome man99
Really hard game but you gotta have patience
This game is difficulty but it's fun to play when your bored and have nothing to do and and yes the levels are possible to beat.
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5 months ago, jujuisgoofy
W game
It a good game but super hard it also tricks u a lot so that’s why I find it a fun game because it actually challenges you but it could make u rage a little
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10 months ago, LilDingly
best game ever
this game is awesome!!! I think everyone should leave a five star review! it's better than the original mario! everyone should get this game!!!! ten out of five stars
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1 year ago, zeplend
So, in the magic dungeon/random mode, sometimes there is no note block that sends you to the next area. Please fix.
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1 month ago, Alix Diaz Jr.
So hard
Love the new update. Maybe I’ll be able to beat the other 3 games soon.
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4 years ago, williamlesteri
Worst game ever
This is the worst game ever or should I say the worst Mario knock off you hear me why would you waste your money making a stupid game👿👿👿👿👿
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3 months ago, %@@&;-@;)+;)
10 out of 10
I’ve been always wanting to play this game!
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4 years ago, Onin the IGN reviewer
Cat Mario New Update
The game is now more smoother to play. It is really fun to play but the ads system needs to be improvement like require to pay the game with no ads. But you guys made a good game.
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2 years ago, jesse.m.ray
This game is impossible and I don’t like it
The first level should not be impossible I know it’s some kind of joke game to prank your friends but an enemy comes down and kills you when you’re walking to the castle you have to jump over it trigger the enemy so he doesn’t come back then use the flag pole yeah right so obvious
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1 year ago, bold spidey
An edit to my other review
Hi, I was saying I wasn’t able to beat the 3rd level. Well, I did. So, never mind!
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4 years ago, TheGodGamerXDGakeOfDarkness
Great # in 1 game
While I normally don’t like games that have like 700 in 1 games, But this managed to do it in a good way. I hope more get added to this!
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3 years ago, Destor23
There is a soooooooo annoying glitch that happens about 40 precent of the time we’re you can’t move at all.
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4 years ago, UnscrewedNewt74
I can’t use my game vice to jump
I got a gameVice and this game supports it but I can’t jump with it. Ic an run and pause but not jump
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3 years ago, antillonaa
This game is like impossible
I played all the available games and I died more than the original super Mario bros on the NES this game is bad I don’t like it I died like 50-60 times on one map this is impossible to beat Not to mention the end of world 1 there is no way to win this green thing comes in and kills you so I suggest you don’t play this game.
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4 years ago, Cyflet
So fun
This game is amazing I do not know why people don’t like it. It also makes you think sometimes.
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1 month ago, Mprsthemaster
Best game ever
I have finally beaten game 1 and it got me so happy I was in tears the reuniting with however the heck that thing is was amazing
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2 years ago, ELNZJ3iUaa
Amazing and hilarious!
Awesome game and would rate 1000 stars if I could. The trolls make this hard, but they are funny :)
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2 years ago, blosom 955
also I died from having too much drugs lol
It’s frustrating but fun valse it’s funneh
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3 years ago, Mawii and bendo guy
Bad controls
I absolutely HATE these controls and they aren’t good for platforming and jumping... The game is way more harder because of these controls and I can’t beat level 2...
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4 years ago, koopa m
Worst Mario clone ever made
I’ll still play this but boo! You just made this game to troll with the player also when I stop pressing right or left the cat or whatever it is will glide across the ground! Plz stop trolling with the player and make the game a bit easier and I’ll give you five stars!
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2 years ago, Poopus Loopus
This Game is amazing
I recently got this game a few weeks ago, and its amazing. Very Underrated
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5 months ago, naruto master 129
Great game
I absolutely love this game it’s pretty tough though but me n my little bro love it please release a 3
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3 years ago, eek234
Most game with trolls I’ve played
This game I recommend downloading it good I look at google and was this game a wii game? anyway download the game it free.
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1 year ago, CHICKENDUDE10101010
Dude I think nintendo is ripping you off
Bruh It’s a joke losers who take stuff to seriously
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2 years ago, M.T Spartan
Levels are too Hard
However this game gets all lot harder to pass all levels, it is impossible to complete
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3 years ago, becccyo
Big no ! This game is impossible and it’s dumb . Everything kills you . You can’t squat and the mushrooms are drugs they don’t make you bigger the stars don’t give you extra life’s . And when you get to the flag the clouds fall from the sky and kill you . 0 stars
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4 years ago, aygamer
This game has a troll sign I died at the pipes and mobs come from under blocks
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4 years ago, BobPringleslll
Stupidity at Max
Never did I think a Super Mario rip-off would go this far, to the people who made this game why don’t you try to make your own franchise instead of copying something I hope Nintendo takes this down
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11 months ago, pirateboii13
It’s ok
It’s super unfair like this much. 66 not fair I only made to level 1 and maybe that will change
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2 years ago, beanra
Stupid funny game
These one star reviews didnt know what to expect xDDDD
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2 years ago, sebastianbat8821
It is the worst game
The controls are so bad there’s hidden blocks in every pit in the blocks fall in you every time and I couldn’t even complete the first level
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4 years ago, Ian Hegerich
Insanely Weird & Funny
I love this game it’s so funny I keep dying LOLOLOLOLOLOL this is an insanely weird & funny ripoff of super mario brothers nes I love it
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1 year ago, Joffery bozo
Bad game
This game is so good it is a game like many games u play the game :)
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2 years ago, BlueYoshitoytime
Amazing game
This game is difficult but really fun totally reccomend
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