T Life (T-Mobile Tuesdays)

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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for T Life (T-Mobile Tuesdays)

4.78 out of 5
447.2K Ratings
2 years ago, bigspender@Shoprite
Tuesday is the new Friday
Most people that work Monday through Friday, think Friday is the best day. We all know Monday, you’re beat …Thursday could be payday or at least the day before payday or at least every other week. Wednesday is hump day…but now a T-Mobile Tuesday is the best day! My whole family looks forward to seeing what’s on the Tuesday app and if I get busy and I forget to look, I’ll have one of my kids say hey look you get free socks or you get a beach blanket or you get free ice cream or 30% off retail or $25 to Goldbelly (An awesome online food service that brings you food from all over like you’re in New Jersey and you want Chicago Pizza you got it, you want to have that special steak they make out in Vegas you got it…do you want shoofly pie from Amish country, it’s at your door).Want some money off of gas, how about $.25 a gallon off from Shell. Yes it’s that great no other phone company does this, no way! It is the best part of T-Mobile …actually the price is great, the service is great, the coverage is great, this is just the cherry on top…of this weeks free ice cream cone. Former 25 year Verizon customer
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3 years ago, cinnamonsir
Very occasional gift cards, but not many perks actually work for me
I found out about this app after T-Mobile took over Sprint, so I could now use it. There are occasional giveaways like $5,000 or trips, but most weeks that section is just showing old winners and there isn’t even a new sweepstakes to enter. Most of the weekly coupons like a free sandwich/ice cream/etc are for restaurants or stores that aren’t even in my area, so those are pointless for me. They always show 10¢ off each gallon of gas every week, but I discovered you have to download another app for Shell and make an account just to get that one. Once I got notified about a $3 Starbucks gift card, but apparently they were limited so I didn’t even get one even though I’m a T-Mobile customer. This time I got a notification for a $3 Target gift card, and I went on the app right at 2 EST when it said to get it, and the app was stuck on a white screen and kept saying it was updating and that I need to refresh, but eventually it worked I think and hopefully I’ll be able to redeem it tomorrow like it says, but who knows. I did give 3 stars because there are occasionally instant-win games and I got a $5 Apple gift card when I first got the app, and hopefully I’ll get this Target one too, but overall a lot of the perks aren’t even relevant for me.
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1 year ago, lost T-Mobile customer
No customer service from T-Mobile Travel
This is not the T-MOBILE I know! If you have phone issues, you call T-Mobile and it gets fixed; even if it involves a third party like Apple or a sticky situation like harassment that requires an order of protection. I know first hand, I’ve been a customer for 23 years. Not the case with T-Mobile Tavel. Glitches in their systems do get updates, but the problems caused to customers by those glitches do not. I was told their system does not take car reservations less than 72 hours in advance and that reservations are confirmed via emails. Not so, their system moved the dates out a week and I never received an email to confirm, yet the car rental agency had my reservations….just for the wrong dates. That agency, Fox Car Rental was helpful, they had no car but hooked me up with a competitor and even got me a ride. When I went back to T-Mobile Travel 1. They never answered my email inquiry 2. Apparently, “leave your number and we’ll call you back you won’t loose your place in line,” doesn’t apply. And 3. Where it says on the T-Mobile Tuesday website changes will be handled by T-Mobile, well it’s not true you can’t change anything on the reservation which I confirmed by way of an email I never received. I have screen shots of the transaction I made on line and I’m on hold with them yet again getting nowhere. Time for AT&T.
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4 years ago, DBIG3
Free stuff is great...
Just an FYI for anyone looking at this for relevant, recent information, in the App Store this app shows an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. In the month of August 2020, there were 81 total reviews written for the app, and the average of those written reviews is 2.01 out of 5 stars. That might get you an indication of real user experience. I have had this app for about 2 months now, and although free stuff in general is a good thing, as mentioned before, some of the giveaways are useful, some aren’t really. New things are presented every week, and every week there’s an issue with one of the giveaways. One week it was food at Popeyes, only you had to order online, and to stop people from getting free food, individual Popeyes franchise owners turned off online ordering and many refused to honor the deal. I’ve run into issues and errors playing the games that are offered 4 of the 8 weeks I have had the app. Much of the “giveaways” that are offered are just standardized discounts for retail goods. Some are just an advertisement for travel booking companies (there’s no real offer to redeem, it’s just “save up to 40% on hotels by booking with...” from what I have heard, this used to be a really great feature to being a t-mobile customer. I haven’t gotten anything really beneficial out of it outside of a couple redbox 1 night rentals.
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6 years ago, ThisGuy473
Nothing good is offered anymore
When the app first released the items they offered every Tuesday were awesome enough to keep me excited for next Tuesday when the next bout of stuff would come. Now, as one reviewer said, it’s now nothing more than a t-mobile exclusive coupon app (which gives you about as much “free”, useful stuff as any other free, coupon app). The best thing they may have on there now is maybe a free movie from a random movie company. It’s nice when it’s consistent, if it gave consistent free movie rentals from a single provider, I might actually try and sign up, but it is not so currently. Today, I finally deleted the app after having downloaded it the day it was released. I remember when there used to be a free Wendy’s frosty every week. That was awesome. Now, they may have something awesome gets rolled out over two tuesdays (meaning, if you didn’t get it one Tuesday, then you should get it the other Tuesday), I would open the app on both those days and never receive anything. I have tried those staggered release freebies but never seem to be awarded one. T-mobile, you need to evaluate what made t-mobile Tuesday’s so awesome when it launched and compare it to now and fix it. If you do fix it, let us know, but don’t say you fixed it if you didn’t actually fix it.
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4 months ago, nyc gnuT
Stopped Working After They Changed to T-Life
The T-Mobile Tuesday app was great until they changed it to T-Life. The app stopped working and does not let you update to T-Life because Apple does not have all phones updated to OS16. Not only my phone, but also my mom’s phone that this app stopped working even though my mom’s phone is more advance than my phone. T-Mobile seemed to be ahead of people’s phone capability. This is why I say most companies are moving ahead faster than they can be sure the quality of their service is any good. T-Mobile and Metro are deteriorating in their services not only in this app but also in customer service because they no longer own any stores that are now all operated by third parties in NYC. Third party owners do not care about customer service, but are all about making money. They lie to customers claiming my phone does not work on T-Mobile network even though my phone works fine. They wanted me to buy new phones even when I just needed help to resolve simple issues that phone reps were able to resolve, while store reps charged for every little advice given. It is a shame that this app no longer works nor updates and there is no way to let them know other through this review. This is a reflection on what the company has become when it was once the best customer service phone company.
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5 years ago, Aurbvtfjsoxmfh
Used to be really great...
When we first joined t mobile, we were very impressed that they offered the freebies as a thanks for being a customer. However, after only a few months of actual good offers, they switched what they were offering, and now it’s usually either junk, or token discounts off of things we would never use or buy anyway. I was very disappointed that they changed it, because we added my husband on and talked several people into switching to T-Mobile because of this “going the extra mile” mentality that we thought the company had. We’re not on social media, so can now no longer participate in their games, since now the only way to do that is to allow them advertising via your media pages, and the things like $4 atom movie tickets are only good for the movie of T-Mobile’s choice, not mine, and the ones they choose aren’t ones I’d go see, even for four dollars. Why not give the customer the option to choose their own movie?? If a $4 movie ticket is being offered, what difference does it make which movie we choose? Anyway, the service has gotten so poor that half the time we don’t even bother to check it anymore. When we do, it’s a quick scroll down to realize nothing useful is being offered and we can’t participate in the games without social media, so there’s nothing unique anymore about being a T-Mobile customer.
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2 years ago, Sunny270
Rip off Travel and other rental offers !
I have used this app for years now and they have steadily declined in value of their offers and not to Mention the worthless scam they run with 3rd party travel agencies that operate like some one working out of a garage and they label it as concierge when there is nothing concierge about the agency they work with. I searched that agency and found zero offices for it..it’s a sham front agency so don’t take their travel or car rental services or anything they don’t belong in for that matter given they are a mobile service provider and trying to supplement their income by these unreliable and trust less agencies of service. Also if you know they once offered 10 cents with shell which would become 15 cents with your existing gold status with shell however now they are cutting corners and offering 5 cents per gallon in reality and advertising as if they still offer 10 cents when the other 5 cents are your own good status privileges you get by default for joining shell so they false advertise it as if they offer 10 cents which is untrue and you note that when you click on their 10 cent banner ad in the app. Overall this is not worth it for mere dollar or two savings when the risks of getting ripped offer are higher and all in their favor. DONT GET PLAYED ! Dump this app and move on !
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3 weeks ago, Kplan23
Bud Light, Target?
Different situations with similar results. T-mobile developers just trashed a good portion of T-mobile’s loyal customers by excluding iPhone 7 or lower and any iPhone running an iOS lower than 16 from accessing T-mobile Tuesday, now found in T LIFE. Verizon & AT&T will have long lines when they offer ex T-mobile customers an incentive to switch carriers. To the genius who thought up this scam to force customers to buy new iPhones for the sake of offers that are nothing like they used to be, why not leave the old T-mobile Tuesday app in the App Store as a stand alone app for those who can’t afford or have no need for expensive new iPhones or inflated contracts. This is nothing more than a way for T-mobile to force 5G on customers with no need for 5G and secondly to force a valueless trade in of your old iPhone for a profitable sale in a 3rd world country. I feel like I’m in that “Basket Of Deplorables”. The game hasn’t worked the since switching to T Life on an iPhone running iOS 16. All it does is ask for referrals for extra points. The game did work on an iPhone running iOS 15 last week. T-mobile is making me question moving all my lines to another carrier since the seem to be one of the big boys now and no longer provide the service that makes you feel comfortable and at good about your choice of carrier.
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4 years ago, DigitalDouche
T-Mobile Tuesday’s are Great!
I always loved the magazine subscriptions and branded T-Mobile items. Some deals are useful some aren’t. But either way it’s free and that’s nice especially when it’s not necessary for a phone company to give you free non phone deals. Anyways a previous review mentioned the lack of T-Mobile branded items as of late. I’m pretty sure that’s due to Covid and the fact that many regions were in shutdown so T-Mobile couldn’t have customers coming into the store. Anyways they have branded items again. Last week was a branded face mask. I’ve had T-Mobile for years not every week is a branded item. Also that previous review from another customer mentioned Verizon having local deals of some sort I can almost confirm those are taken from Groupon. So that’s kinda lame. Anyways the only coupon that often is anyways on the site of the coupon offered is Shutterfly. I really enjoy T-Mobile Tuesday’s. Happy T-Mobile Tuesday everyone!
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4 months ago, I'm done✌🏼
Older iPhone customers disregarded by this app
Since the new update to this app, it does not allow older iPhone devices to download to continue having access to TMobile Tuesday offers. For example, my iPhone 7+ is up to date at iOS 15.8.1. However, this app requires iOS 16.0. If I could afford a newer model phone I would have done so by now but it’s not at the top of my priority list. Life is life-ing and I have other major obligations. My issue with the app developer and the marketing team of T-Mobile is the lack of consideration for those of us who have older iPhones. At the least, they could have sent out a notification in advance to let us know the impact of the app update and/or at least expressed some type of acknowledgement that we still matter as customers also. Now my outlook is why should I stay with a company that shows me I don’t matter? Especially when I could actually switch to another WCP and pay less for a plan with multiple phone lines and be able to add a new phone as well. I don’t see a point to stick around if I can’t access the benefits that are supposed to come along with me being a TMobile customer. Someone dropped the ball on this issue to totally disregard a certain group of customers being taken in consideration. Really disappointed.
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1 year ago, smittycommity
T-Mobile Tuesday
We really are enjoying all the rewards the only thing is we wish there were more things we could actually use as opposed to the ones like the skydiving and stuff like that people don’t use those kinds of things maybe if possible put more groceries or products for everyday living since everyone’s in a tough time now struggling with gas prices and groceries it would be great to have help with those kinds of things As far as the offers now that I’ve had T-Mobile for a while now I’ve noticed all the offers (for the exception of a handful maybe) have been things most people would never use and they must know that I would think especially if they read just a fraction of the reviews they would know to change the “T-MOBILE TUESDAY” offers to maybe places or products everyone can actually use such as food places, kid places (like the catch air or a gaming place, or bowling etc.) idk just places maybe like Stone Mountain Park,Dave and Busters, anywhere in Atlanta, and different fast foods/restaurants just a thought
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1 year ago, pb jab
Do NOT use travel deals
In general, I can get a free smoothie here and there and it’s nice to randomly get $5 off something or a couple of pictures. So by all means the weekly stuff isn’t bad. But all of their claims about 30%ski tickets or 40% off car rentals or hotels or whatever it is…they usually give you like a %6 discount max. AND if you have problems the customer service is not accommodating at all, albeit at least they aren’t rude. But they are not great to work with. I read all the fine print for a rental car before I got it, I knew it was nonrefundable, but there was nothing at all that specified it couldn’t be changed or modified…and then AFTER I bought the reservation they sent in an email saying it couldn’t be changed…our flight got cancelled and there was literally nothing we could do but the customer service didn’t care one bit. How nice of them to sneak in that nonchangeable clause only after the fact. We’ve tried these types of packages a few times and have never had a great experience, it’s definitely not worth it.
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6 years ago, Lord TOM1
It’s free, but...
Let me start off by saying I used to love this app. There used to be great prizes, and spinning the wheel or whatever else was exciting. Even the small prizes like one free donut were good. Now that has all gone downhill. It’s great they’re still giving out free stuff, but if the purpose is to reward and entertain loyal customers, this app has become a bust. The minigames are gone, replaced by having to tweet things to enter a giveaway instead. Fun, free prizes are gone, replaced by discounts or BOGO offers. It used to feel like T-Mobile was seeking out the best sponsors to do the best giveaways they could. Now it feels like companies are using this app to get us to spend money with them. Despite my 1-Star review, I’m sure for some people this is a great app. I think that it should continue to exist and function, even in its current state. That being said, I get the feeling many people are disappointed in the turn this app took (myself included) and I wish it would go back to the way it was. I recommend everyone try this app out, maybe you’ll be one of the people who love it. However, if you’re disappointed by the “prizes” like me, just uninstall, it’s not even worth the storage space on your phone.
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2 years ago, LaurenLHS
Love getting thanked
I look forward to Tuesdays and looking into the T-Mobile get things. There were some offers that I really enjoy on a regular basis and some that I have not used yet. The only downside to getting thanked on Tuesdays is when they give free T-Mobile things like cups and blankets things with the T-Mobile logo on it. I find that when you go to the T-Mobile stores even as soon as they open up they will tell you that they do not have the items. I fine going to the smaller T-Mobile stores you’re more likely to get one of the free items. One person in a smaller store told me that she knows the amount that the largest store gets and there’s no way that they are out of the items in 15 minutes. She feels that they just save the items to give to their friends and family.
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8 months ago, Maxdan8
Beware if you make a car reservation on T Mobile travel. They have special wild card deals where the rental company gets to choose the type of car at the counter. Some of the descriptions say Wild Card Electric, others say Wild Card Automatic (not one word mentioning electric). Although my reservation was one that did not say electric, that’s what the rental agent said I rented. I have all the photos from my choices and reservation. Neither Dollar nor T Mobile was willing to listen to me, elevate to a manager I could speak to, or offer to get me into a gas vehicle even when I mentioned that this was a fraudulent bait and switch transaction. I had to take the time to learn every aspect about using an electric vehicle on my own vacation time. The rental agent could not even point out where the charging door was or how to open it. I was left to figure that out on my own. Never again T Mobile Travel or Dollar. Considering switching my cell service too at this point.
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1 year ago, Vinny Vine
Thanks for nothing
As a long-time subscriber, I've seen the ebbs and flows of T-Mobile's customer service and was initially excited about their T-Mobile Tuesday initiative. However, it's clear that T-Mobile has severely underinvested in the development and maintenance of their T-Mobile Tuesday app, leaving loyal customers, like myself, feeling more neglected than thanked. The app's interface is unimpressive, lacking intuitiveness and fluidity which, for a company priding itself on cutting-edge tech, is surprisingly outdated. The promised rewards often fail to deliver, as error messages and 'deal expired' notifications seem to be more frequent than actual usable offers. T-Mobile has missed an opportunity to genuinely thank its customers. Instead of providing value, this app is little more than a digital ghost town of unfulfilled promises and frustrating glitches. With the resources at their disposal, T-Mobile could and should do better. After all, gratitude, much like customer loyalty, should never be taken for granted.
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2 months ago, annoyedcustomera
This app is garbage
If I can give this app zero stars, I would. As someone who works in IT, this app needs to be re-designed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great concept to house the T-Mobile Tuesday coupons and the gateway management all in one. But I can definitely tell that there was zero user testing completed to ensure this app actually works before it’s launched. First of all, if you are going to combine the internet management portal into this one singular app. Make sure all the features are transitioned over. Half of the stuff I rely on the original internet management app is no longer there. DO SOME PROPER TESTING on each system. BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU, the app barely opens. Second, half of your buttons within the app doesn’t work. You can’t click login and even it does it doesn’t really. Try to reset the password, nope it errors out. Also the lack of notification during this transition besides the small pop up of “oh this is going away”. You should really work on testing the new app and ensure it works before transition it. Do a beta test, not just roll it out to the masses and hope for the best.
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2 months ago, LeChantier7
Geared towards new customers paying higher fees
When this app was first introduced to T-mobile customers, I was thrilled because they offered so many great things but as the weeks and months went by, their offers significantly changed and became limited to just customers with specific plans, completely eliminating the rest of the customers. For example, a year of AAA service can’t be activated by anyone on planned order than two years. Hilton honors is another “offer“ that’s limited to newer customers. That’s only a couple of the many things they offer that loyal customers can’t even take advantage of. Other offers include places that aren’t even in the same state therefore are completely useless. I hate to sound ungrateful for things that are just given, but it’s quite frustrating when they limit these things to their newer customers due to those customers paying significantly more than their older loyal customers. I used to post regularly on social media about how great T-mobile was but I think they received too much of that and let it get to their head.
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5 years ago, working cook
T-Mobile Tuesday Deals
We LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday! Maybe the offers can be based on locations or regions. We live in Los Angeles County and a lot of the deals are not applicable. For example pretzels, the closest vendor did not accept the deal, same for the Carls specials and when we found one that did, they only accepted it on the Tuesday (only one day) and between 3-5 even if the deal lasted for a week. Same for Kroegers. They've closed the Ralphs. ADunkin Donuts finally opened 8 miles from us so now we will use the offer if we are going to be in the area. We love the free t-mobile items but so do others. We tried to get the beanie but we were out of town andby the time we got to the closest store, they were out. So if you work, you need to go during your break or lunchtime because by the end of day, they are out! Overall, we love T-mobile Tuesday and we remind our friends especially when it is something we think they will enjoy. Great job by the team who puts this together!
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6 years ago, Essalei
Not a great rewards program
Super unhappy with this app!! I was very excited when I first got my service to have this feature along with it but it is very much of the same things every single week. A coupon for money off of a hotel is nice but very few companies participate so you essentially have to give up a quality room if you want $50 off of a night & there are only so many vacations you can take there should be something besides money off of a room every single week!!! Coupons for food movie rental items expire in 2-3 days which is super inconvenient, I have lost a lot of coupons because I can not get to the company in question in that two day time frame to use it. Not cool at all Wednesday May-23 TMobile Tuesday is at it again!! Yesterday (Tuesday May 22) I redeemed a coupon for bogo Ocean Spray juice bottles. Went to only participating store (7-11) to redeem and coupon said expired or use limit reached. I have not used the coupon. If you can not provide the products to every TMobile user you should not offer themselves the same coupon!!!!!! At this point there should be an option for zero stars for wasting people’s time.
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4 months ago, disappointed with restrictions
Unhappy with the new updated version…
Since the new update, I am no longer able to access this app. The new update requires a 16.0 and I am at 15.8.1. And because it requires you to 16.0 I am unable to update to the latest version with the phone that I currently have so I no longer have access to this app which is very unfair. All T-Mobile customer should be able to access the app no matter what without being restricted. I have always been able to access the app until you came out with the newest update. This is unfair to customers like myself that have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 25 years. I am very disappointed with the decision that was made to only allow access to T-Mobile customer that are able to update their phone to 16.0 or above and for those that are unable to because their phone will not allow them to are now excluded from having access to the app & the benefits that are offered through T-Mobile without having to purchase a newer phone…. VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER!!!! 😡
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6 years ago, artie.g
Love my T- Mobile
I have had Verizon as my first cell phone carrier way back when there where bag phones. Having them for years I wanted an I phone i could not get one on Verizon. I stayed loyal and didn’t switch until my sister gave me my first iPhone then went to AT&T had them for three iPhones was being overcharged I thought so tried sprint horrible. So decided to go back to AT&T went back with them tried a Samsung four note junk I kept dropping calls AT&T was no help so I bought out my contract and went back to Verizon had them for a year and a half knew I was being overcharged and switch to T-Mobile over a year ago fantastic customer service I’ve never had a problem with my phone and they’re always there to help me so T-Mobile Tuesdays is a plus thank you.
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3 years ago, Deputy Dogg
It’s just okay
This is a cool app...if you have any of the items they are giving away anywhere near you. For me, I get to use maybe one or two items once a year and that’s about it. Everything else is either no use to me or nowhere near me. You will see that most of the items are there over and over and over again. If you have a shell gas station or a Dunkin’ Donuts near you, you’re in luck. If you still print photos at Walgreen (who is still printing photos in the digital world,) you’re in luck. These two are in the app every week for years now. I’ve had the app for a few years now and there has been little change, other than making it harder for you to actually redeem the items. The one item that I absolutely love is the MLB video and audio subscription. Being a huge baseball fan this is the one item I use every year. Give it a try, maybe you will have enter luck than anyone else I know that uses it.
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2 years ago, Snn5
Same old but now less
When T-Mobile Tuesdays first started it was pretty cool. $.10 off a gallon of gas and every other week was a free item in the store. Free food usable coupons. Now you get five cents a gallon for gas and the rules are confusing making the entire idea non-competitive. It’s the same old car rental and hotel room coupons. Free food from time to time as long as you purchase something else and as long as you do it within that businesses app. Covid or not, there should be a way to get the same stuff we used to get in the store. Oh don’t forget about all the prizes that literally who knows if anybody ever actually wins. Ever since John left as CEO the entire thing has become a lot more like Verizon and AT&T. All this fake Wolk stuff T-Mobile‘s got going on and it’s just really offputting. Don’t forget about all of the over-the-top cheesy completely extra sincerity that each representative copies and paste or waste 10 minutes typing just to answer a simple question. I sincerely miss John Legere.
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3 years ago, MashaT22
Pre-Paid = No Perks!
Pre-paid customers are given access to everything in the Tuesday’s app. However, it seems very unfair that T-Mobile customers who are paying our bills upfront aren’t being given free Netflix and other such premium freebies that are offered to post-paid customers (who may or may not pay their bill on time). It seems backwards and unfair not to give customers who are paying up front access to the same perks — even if we just get those perks for x amount of time that we pay upfront. I attempted to ask for an explanation on Twitter and got radio silence. I’ve used T-Mobile since 2002 when they bought VoiceStream, mostly as a post-paid customer until a couple of years ago when I chose to move to pre-paid. I love T-Mobile, but it’s wrong to ignore a valid question. Also, how come Assurance Wireless customers aren’t being given any perks? Your company acquired Assurance when you bought Sprint. I believe Sprint customers get perks, and Assurance customers technically have Sprint accounts — that’s unfair too. Some Assurance customers have help from the government to pay for service, others pay out of pocket. Regardless, those who are eligible are able to choose carriers that participate in the government program. Please help everyone feel valued. Customers want to feel valued and appreciated. Please take this feedback and forward it to whomever makes such decisions at T-Mobile. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Justice V
T-Mobile has become the exactly what they vowed they wouldn’t
T-Mobile looked promising when they started their Jump plans a few years ago. They made some awesome decisions, made their customer support awesome, and then it’s like they stopped caring about customers and started focusing on politics. Promises they made fell through, and they don’t even care. This app is a prime example of what T-Mobile is now. I’ve been a customer for over a decade, my wife for probably two decades. Neither of us have ever won anything on this app. It’s became tiresome that every Tuesday when I open it, I get an ad thrown in my face about some political agenda that T-Mobile supports. Regardless of whether I agree with their political views, it’s a phone company and I wish they stick to just that… phones. Honor promises you made to customers, and stop ripping them off when new iPhones are released, with “super phone” excuse. Maybe actually give customers things when you provide an app that says “free stuff!”
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3 years ago, dehsheheh
T-Mobile Tuesdays review and recommendations
Don’t get me wrong, I save a lot on gas and I enjoy the little treats they give, however I would recommend Dunkin on the every week list like it used to be because that and the gas is the only thing I really use. However I understand that there may be certain circumstances to re-adding that but sometimes I still miss the Dunkin. I also wanted to add that if there is a chance you can give out gift cards for apps that are most commonly used, for instance roblox maybe it’s a bit too much to ask but my daughter absolutely loves the game and I don’t want to spend too much on gift cards / credit for that game, but I appreciate T-mobile for having these every Tuesday deals anyway, just wanted to leave a review and explain some thoughts I wanted to give in this app.
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4 years ago, No compilations
80% of the offers are complete junk, I get partnering with unknown online companies from a business standpoint but from a customer standpoint your marketing is pointless, I mean really free telehealth visits? Most if not all insurance already have it as free and many companies also are providing this. Furthermore what’s the point of offering things that can be redeemed, for example Burger King — you have to have an online order to redeem but not all Burger King participate in online orders. T-Mobile should really consider regionalization of offers and also need better commitment from participating companies we have been turned down so many times when trying to use their coupons in store and online. My family has deleted the app because for us there is no point of using.
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5 years ago, Gods Woman First
Revamp the length of time for deals and better deals
Most of the time the offers don’t appeal to me or my interests. The offers that are appealing to me expire before I can use them. You need to let them last for at least a week and/or up to a month. And how about giving a choice of movies to choose from. Not everyone is into Si-Fi. How about gasoline offers? Instead of you deciding what drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts you let the person decide what they want to drink. Not everyone drinks lattes. Some people prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’ Donuts. Last but not least some store freebies that don’t expire immediately. Give the option to accept on the app then decide when they can pick it up instead of being at the store first. Thank you BTW I love the sunglasses I got about a year ago
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2 years ago, seattle092
Always out ?
I run to my local T-Mobile store as soon as I grab an item off Tuesday T-Mobile and they are always out of the item…. But always want to know if I want to upgrade my plan, if I need to upgrade my phone! I just want the insulated lunch bag or water bottle! I’ve even drove 25 mins to the south store or across the bridge to west store, conveniently out! One location the employee had no idea what I was talking about…. I said the app ? Tuesday T-Mobile ??? Still didn’t know. I had to show him on my phone! Another employee said he didn’t know if they still had, might have a few left. He finds a box and brings out, the employees there all say what ??!! How cool!! They all wanted one !!! They all started to take one… meanwhile the employee I’m with is still asking me to upgrade my freaking phone… I said I’m happy with my plan, happy with my phone I just came in for the free item … hopefully to get one. Is that why the free items are always gone, employees get first dibs ?
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2 years ago, purplehatj
I like T-Mobile awards
T-Mobile works with various vendors to get discounts, free items, and chances to win major things like vacation packages and gets these items to applicable customers every week on Tuesdays. I am an applicable customer due to having the “55 years old & more Magenta Plan.” I do not know all the T-Mobile ‘Plans’ that are applicable. I have gotten free scarfs, free insulated tote bags, free donuts, free hamburgers, free coffees, and several discounted gasoline fills at Shell. So far this month, I could of gotten free pancakes, free streamed movies, discounted vacations, and discounted candies/chocolates - but I selected not to accept them. I could also have entered a contest this week to win a future trip to Legoland, but since I have no children or grandchildren, I selected not to enter.
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3 years ago, DJできません
Useful Rewards for Loyalty to a Great Telecommunications Corporation!
I could tell you how great T-Mobile is in being the innovative leader in the mobile telecommunications industry, but that’s not what this review is about — it’s about this app that provides easy access to the rewards for loyalty to the un-carrier! You’re reminded every Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening that you’re in good hands and that, in exchange for your trust, you’re given some sweet, sometimes useful rewards — such as discounted movie tickets, cents-off gasoline, exclusive travel discounts, free swag and more! The interface isn’t difficult to navigate through. Redemption features are no less than three taps away! The people responsible for this programme sure know how to keep customers happy!
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4 years ago, mamabearof6!
I love T-Mobile they are really good they’ve got great customer service and they are great at helping you with any problems that you may have and I haven’t seen anywhere that I do not have service and I have been everywhere like even up in the mountains I still have service I love T-Mobile and I love their extra incentives that they gave you like T-Mobile Tuesdays that is the greatest. And when you’re in the military or have been in the military they give you extra incentives you can get magenta which is really cool because you can get a Netflix through T-Mobile and they pay for it and they give you a discount plus if you get it to where your bill is taken straight from your bank account you also save money with that as well
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4 years ago, Jjc2099
Thank you
Thank you for the opportunity for various discounts and promotions. Although, many I am unable to get. For I start to work early and get out late. Discount items at the T-Mobile stores or givaways, I never get the opportunity to take advantage of. Because stores always run out by the time I get out. And if I call a store to see if I can get an exception, they always say it has to be for customers that come in. So, I settle for the gas, movie and other basic discounts which are still helpful. T-Mobile, should give long hour workers a chance of using their phone to lock in an item at the store. By texting a confirmation lock item at a store and that will give the worker a chance to pick up the item at the store at their leisure. Thank you T-Mobile
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5 years ago, whatwhatmybutt
I haven’t won... ever
I know a ton of people who love T-Mobile Tuesday’s because they’ve won a variety of things. But I haven’t. Not once. My friends win over and over and I get nothing. I have to wonder if it’s location tracking or employment analyzing. For instance, my friend who’s won the most works for a major entertainment company and so, T-Mobile maybe tracking this, looking at her location and employment and believe she has a ton of social media followers and a large social media influence. Thus, she wins more. Meanwhile little ol’ me, just being a mere librarian, probably has very little. Jokes on them though, because I run a major blog, have a ton of followers and constantly pay to promote my posts, especially if its to put a company on blast or tell them how great they’re doing. T-Mobile Tuesday’s are cool because some of the stuff is free, and that’s just neat. But I would love to win sometime. C’est la vie!
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4 years ago, CarolinaNinja
Waste of time
Everything they offer just gives them more money. You really get no deal. I just spend time updating the app because you had a new logo. What a waste of time. Most of the offers you don’t need or want in the first place. If you don’t check on Tuesday, you have to wait until next week. A free fitness app for only a month. The app will billing you after the trial period is over or most likely start pestering you with emails and text messages. $20 off a play kit subscription for children I have no children and again they will bill you or add you to email/text ads. Who wants to send a post card, when you can send a live video, picture or text someone. 20% off new chargers that are marked up already so you don’t really get a discount. Stop wasting my valuable time with these lame offers. And merging with Sprint, I left Sprint years ago for the terrible service, billing errors, and poor coverage. On the first sign that your quality starts to slip I am leaving T-Mobile.
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2 months ago, Angels LA
T-Mobile Tuesday not available for older phones
Unfair to change the iOS compatibility to 16.0 when you have current customers on 15.8.2 No discount provided, for no access to benefits paid for on monthly bill, and no one bothers to create the website access for us customers. A real let down from the company to not consider all the customers and only focus on customers with new phones to reap the full benefits. Shopping around for a company that considers all parameters and doesn’t leave their customers in the dark. Per the tech dept, no change to come, in fact he just discovered today that the app is not compatible with 12.0 iOS and higher like it said in his system but rather 16.0 iOS and higher as I kept explaining. Go ahead and listen to our call, so much for tech support. “No” should never be the answer to a customer when they are not being out of line or unrealistic. This is bad customer service, T-Mobile.
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3 years ago, AnneCelestePanda
Best company I’ve ever been with
I’ve been with T-mobile for over 3 years now and initially joined because of the military discount promotion they had. I had two phone lines (for my daughter and I) and it was ridiculously expensive with my other carrier. I didn’t expect much from them because I’ve heard mixed reviews. But, over 3 years later, and traveling across the country multiple times, I realized that their service is amazing. My family lives in NM and they thought that they needed Verizon to have good service. But when I would visit, my service at their house and in town was still great. Traveling never interrupted my service, and whenever I ran into trouble and needed a payment arrangement, their customer service reps are, still to this day, the most empathetic people that make my day better. The free merch they occasionally give out is also pretty cool lol I don’t use a lot of their free stuff, but gas discounts and occasional hotel/travel discounts are always amazing. Thank you T-mobile for continuously evolving and allowing me to have peace of mind that I’d never expected to get from a phone company!! ❤️❤️❤️
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2 months ago, Malia S#1
Very few usable offers - California home
I was excited to download this app as it was highly recommended by my thirtysomething New York/New Jersey daughter. We both love little Caesars pizza. So that’s the first thing I downloaded and we are very happy with our occasional benefit and the ongoing little breadstick perk has made me smile. Other than that every offer I want to try is connected with downloading another APP!!! Also many are not in the area. That’s OK Can’t cover everything every geography. But it would be nice not to have to download some another app with strings attached that I never will use again! That’s it, my main objection! Clutter & marketing strings! Three stars for too many strings and clutter on my phone. I’ll check it every Tuesday. I’ll read the fine print and maybe never use it again except for pizza.
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6 years ago, AlLy-K
Free stuff should be appreciated! Thanks tmobile
I’m not sure why everyone on the reviews are so upset. I don’t have a problem redeeming anything. The stuff I want I gladly accept the stuff I don’t want I pass on. Again this is ALL 100% free to customers. I’m so sorry to hear that all of these entitled customers aren’t getting what the specifically want each week. Here is my tip... PAY for it. Don’t complain about a hand out. They don’t have to do this. They could cancel it. Also the more we use atom the more atom will become available at more theaters. So... if it’s not available near you. Request it to be available at your nearest theaters. Don’t give T-Mobile a hard time because you choose to live nowhere near an applicable city.
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6 years ago, Getnmne
I love free Stuff But.....
Most of the Tmobile Tuesday stuff is stuff I don’t use. Every once in a while I get a gas credit or food credit. Try giving away stuff that really helps in this economy, like bill credits, gas cards, free upgrades on your phone plan,pedicures, $5 or $10 gift cards can at least buy lunch for most people. Free haircuts, manicures, massages.I pay a lot for my bill because I travel in and out of the country a lot. I want to feel like I am really valuable as a customer to Tmobile. I don’t want stuff I don’t use as a reward. Maybe take surveys in each account so everyone can chime in on what’s important to them. That is why you have only 3 stars from me. It’s ok but could be way better. Keep tweaking the program, Make your Tmobile Tuesdays stand out from all the other companies. I know you can do it Tmobile!!! I have faith in you. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.
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3 years ago, Nadiyyah Aziz
Unsatisfied Customer
The deals that are offered are almost always for a service that isn’t available in my area. The Burger King, Popeyes, fast food deals are available if you have those apps anyways and most times you have to download the app to access the deal. Which works in their favor because you download the app which uses your storage then the next thing you know T-Mobile/ Apple is trying g to sell you more storage. Nevertheless in addition to deals being unavailable in my area in order to win prizes you have to play these games that send subliminal messages and you’re only playing to be “entered” into the drawing for the prize. I saw a previous review where it says there’s ALWAYS branded material and that’s a LIE there branded material sometimes and when you get to the store they’re almost always out no matter how early you get there. Save yourselves some time and storage it’s not even worth downloding
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5 years ago, Ellie 💀💋
Never win anything
I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years now. When they first developed this app I joined in, it’s been since then that I haven’t EVER won a grand prize. And it seems like it’ll never happen either! How is it that I have seen the same names pop up as winners, and you can assume who they are just by the names as well. They haven’t had any good offerings as well. It’s always the same thing that no one uses. The best things they’ve had were the free movie tickets to whatever movie as well as the Dunkin’ Donuts card they gave. Other than that it isn’t something I even bother opening anymore. They need to update their “gifts” and actually give people chances to win. JUST NOW I did the “spin to win” for the American eagle gift card. It literally STOPPED right on the 500 yet it said I didn’t win because it wasn’t fully in the center of the 500. Like what? What possible sense does this make?
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4 years ago, HonestyEqualsModesty
Good app but fell off to me.
T-Mobile doesn’t have to do this at all so I appreciate them for doing this. I will say though when I first became a member it felt like there were more offers that fits everyone lifestyle as far as food deals and other stuff that’s more relatable but now I come back every week honestly just to try to win something but to be honest I’ll let you know now, your chances to win something are close to zero you really have to be lucky to win. But, other than that they do have good deals time to time, usually every week they can save you 25 cent off on gas a mile. So there are benefits that’s why I give this app 3 stars. But honestly this app has been pretty useless for me atleast the past few months(before COVID as well ofc) but that’s doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize more deals then me from this app. But yeah 3 stars for me
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6 years ago, 311!nick
Beyond believe I am disappointed. I’ve been a customer with T-Mobile for the better part of two decades now, this application came out not accessible plenty of pictures can never tell what they are can’t claim anything don’t know if I want to because being visually impaired or blind. Makes life more difficult T-Mobile you used to be able to make my life simpler now, don’t know what I should be getting for you from you for free. I’ve gotten plenty of free phones in my life through T-Mobile now I’ve purchased more phones with T-Mobile more applications more products and I still have not received anything don’t forget about your loyal customers of been with you for years. But you seem to be and this is why am disappointed. Are used to work for AT&T wireless are used to work for Verizon wireless are used to work for Sprint. I’ve never work for T-Mobile not sure if I want to. Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed. Disappointed
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5 years ago, BFK333
Can't complain about free...!
Okay so I'll still complain a bit... Firstly, it's awesome to have a program to get free stuff every week just for being a customer. The disappointing part is that it seems to be going downhill in terms of how exciting or useful the free stuff is. My favorite is definitely the gas discounts, least favorite or exciting being the equivalent of a coupon for Dunkin' Donuts or discounts on high-brow hotels/stores that nobody has heard of, etc. in terms of functionality, the app works just fine. No complaints there! Once again, free is free, so it's just nice when there are sweet deals/free random stuff that you'd never use or try if you didn't get an excuse to try it out, because I pay for my phone either way, so it's cool to sometimes get free stuff out of the deal!
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4 years ago, Rex Loddeus
Except on gas cents off,I have never entered for any Tuesday T-mobile appreciation and came out with a win even when there no contestants competing with me. Sadly I have called the T-mobile staffs on many occasions to express my concerns on the discount the T- mobile claim to give their customer on certain restaurants, the staffs either hang up on me after long waiting on phone or bluntly telling me they don’t know how it works. One of the T -mobile staffs succeeded expressing a height of ignorance in dismissing me about T-Mobiile Twitter saying that T-mobile is not on Twitter. As such is it that T- mobile are not organized with respect to what they are fronting themselves or is it that T- mobile is making a bogus advertisement since non of your staffs can assist in the said program ? I have been with T- mobile for countless years making payment on 3line and all expensive phones, yet it seems to me that T-mobile is yet understand customer’s courtesy and appreciation
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1 week ago, Festoons
Still can’t edit device names.
This new app is awful! There’s all this crazy stuff on there that I don’t want to buy from companies that are in partnership with T-Mobile. The only thing I want to do is manage my Internet account. T-Mobile isn’t part of my life. It’s just another vendor, and the smaller a vendor’s footprint can have in my life the better. Incredibly this new app still does not address a major security concern, the ability to name the devices on your network. Right now you probably have lots of devices that just have numbers and letters and don’t mean to gosh darn thing to you. If you can’t identify a device, you can’t identify if it should be on your network. UNSAFE! Hey T-Mobile: how about dropping all this ridiculous shopping frenzy games stuff that nobody cares about and just give everybody a five dollar monthly credit? I predict that next year at this time I will be with another carrier.
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2 years ago, BlondishSteveo
Make the T-Mobile Tuesday app great again
Hello person reading my review, This app used to be the bees knees. You could get coffee for free, movie tickets for free, and free T-Mobile gear. Now a days you get a percentage off on tickets on a site for concerts that are upcharged, gas for 10 cents cheaper if you jump through multiple hoops to attempt to get the cheaper gas, and some attempt to win a Lego land ticket. Don’t get me wrong T-Mobile is a great service and that by itself is a reason to join T-Mobile, but when I first joined T-Mobile, my friends would suggest T-Mobile to everyone just for the T-Mobile Tuesday app because it was that amazing. It’s definitely in a massively horrible state for what it was, but now it’s not my reason for being with T-Mobile. Maybe one day again we will have that amazing app back and not one with mini games where we enter our name in the chance to win 20$.
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