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User Reviews for T-Mobile DIGITS

1.59 out of 5
300 Ratings
6 months ago, n.d.m.
Significant Issues after last update
I have been using Digits for 4 years for my business line. There have been glitches here and there - I have to log out and back in or restart the app occasionally because it stops syncing, and the connection isn’t always reliable for phone calls - but it has been working well enough for the most part and I mostly use text. In the last few weeks, I have now had the app completely fail multiple times. I get a message that the app is having issues/not responding, and then when I try to log in or restart, I just get a screen that says ‘Fetching Data’ that never changes or loads, even after restarting my phone. I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times, and have lost all of my text messages and some of my contacts each time. If it doesn’t improve, I may have to switch companies.
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7 months ago, dsmith26
Don’t Count on It
I was looking for a dual SIM and a t mobile associate talked me into this app instead for my business line. WORST DECISION EVER. The app is unreliable, spotty, and never seems to work sending pics or vids. I get notifications half the time so I miss a lot of contacts. Additionally, I will see a notification sometimes that I received a message and when I open it, there are none. You also can’t route to addresses from a contact or copy paste. I have lost business using this and paid advertising with a phone number that’s useless. If you want to send cute messages to play pranks on your friends from an odd number it probably works for that but if you are tying to use it for actual work, don’t waste your time. ZERO stars
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7 months ago, ongdh ugdd
Not good
I thought this app was free to use? But I’ve been charged $15 since the day I had it. I see ads that it’s free for T-Mobile users. So I’m confused. When I first got it service was great. Lately it’s been horrible. Constantly signs me out. Some notifications never come through so I’ve lost some business because of that. Pictures take forever to down load. My sent text messages take forever to go through. Then when they do my clients are receiving multiple messages if the same thing. Calls are horrible. Can barely here my client on the other end Vic’s versa. Voice calls are extremely laggy. Can’t block any calls. The line revives many spam calls which is a waste of time. Not sure what updates there doing but there not working. There only making this app worse.
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3 weeks ago, John Lam
Numerous flaws and numerous complaints from numerous users
Beware you cannot receive texts from shortcode numbers and providers. Because owners must pay for shortcodes, spammers don’t use them, but legitimate service do, often to verify logins and accounts. For example, Google Voice verifies via shortcode, which T-mobile DIGITS refuses to process, so users cannot port directly to Google Voice. DIGITS breaches privacy by auto-uploading my entire primary contact database, then shares it with other devices added to the line; but then won't share contacts back to the original device. This won’t suffice as a household or family service, unless you plan to share your contacts. Alas subsidiary users can’t share in reverse from their device back to the account. The app also suffers many small flaws. It misformats text bounding boxes, wraps text beyond screen, hides the cursor under the keyboard so users cannot see typing nor select an insertion point. Argh, i give up. Please someone comment with a good way to port to Google Voice.
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5 months ago, A1READERR
Pretty solid app when it works but it overall unreliable because it randomly signs you out 👎
Pretty nice app but it keeps signing you out. This alone makes it very unreliable & Seriously inconvenient. I wish I wouldn’t have purchased a digits # in the first place if I knew that they’d just sign you out every couple of days. For comparison, once you sign onto iCloud, IG, TikTok, etc. they don’t just keep signing you out. You’re pretty much locked in until you sign out manually. It’s just ridiculous that they sign you out and make you go through a loop hole of signing back in.
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7 months ago, BudSmokerton
Not getting texts
After calling T-mobile and creating a ticket to get this fixed. I’m still not getting texts. I get text notifications, and if I click on the notification the text makes it into the text section within the app as it should , if the notification disappears before I have a chance to click on the notification the text never makes it into the app and it’s gone forever. So my temporary solution is to set my notifications to persistent so they don’t disappear, but the problem is, if someone else sends a text, the notification overwrites the previous notification and that previous text is gone forever. Way too many missed texts, I know you all have very smart engineers so please put them to work on this. This is happening on two different iPhones so it’s not device specific. Plus way more often then I would like, when I try to make a call it, It says connecting to digits not it never makes the call. I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it in order to make the call. This was a 5 star app to me at one time.
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11 months ago, SPullins
One of me absolute favorite and most used apps. Now for Some reason for aboutthe last month or so it’s been doing a lot of glitching for like the first 20-30 seconds of opening the app (opens to the txt msg page) anyways it’s been doing a bunch of flashing and distorting while it appears the msgs update/load to the most recent ones. but now today it has started closing out on me, but I’ve downloaded just downloaded the latest update so 🤞🏼, that fixes it….
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4 months ago, MattIn603
The app needs more standard features..
I have been using digits for my business line for a few years and there haven’t been really any improvements or changes in the app. I receive daily scam calls from the same numbers and there is no way to block them or report them as from the app. About to switch providers as there hasn’t been any solutions for this. The app also lets numbers ring through and only after the ringing has stopped it will change the number displayed to scam call.
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9 months ago, Lissecherry
Not reliable or timely
The concept is great but the app has not worked correctly since I downloaded it a month ago. The alerts are set to ON but I don’t ever get notified of messages coming. Instead, when I go to open it and then close it, I’ll get a notification, reopen it and see the latest new messages with time stamps that they came in a while ago. I can’t sit here opening the app over and over waiting for messages to show up. I want to be alerted. Also, half the messages I send have to be resent after it gives me a failed to send error. I can’t believe I’m paying for this app. It barely works.
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2 weeks ago, killerburst
Driving me crazy
Very erratic behavior. I had a period where I got no notifications at all (ring, banner, badge, etc) so I was missing calls and texts until I manually opened the app and saw a bunch of missed calls, voicemails and texts. All my notifications are active. I deleted and reinstalled a couple times. Now I get notifications, but the stupid badge won’t clear. The number just keeps increasing with every call. I cannot clear the badge. I want the badge there to tell me when I missed something, not a running total of every call ever received. This app used to work fine. Why did they mess with it?
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4 months ago, djdrew44
Used to be an amazing tool
It was such a convenient and easy way to manage multiple lines. Made me a big fan of T-Mobile. Since the last update, it has become completely unreliable. Missing messages from customers and friends constantly. Hope it’s addressed and corrected in the next update. Otherwise I will take my business line to Google phone.
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8 months ago, beach_dood
Version 2.8.1 ruined this once perfect app.
Prior to this version mentioned above this app. worked flawless and was my way to weed out those people or business I particularly didn’t care for much. Then this update or version ruined the app. First when you open the app. You have to stare at some guy at a coffee shop staring at his phone to boot up. After a minute then the app either crashes or opens with none of the phones numbers and info that I had for years on the app. All gone and deleted after this awful update or version. Don’t waste your time. For this crap app.
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4 months ago, Peg Magee
Good idea – too bad it doesn’t work
I have deleted and re-installed the app to my phone multiple times. Even when it does work, it’s not working correctly. I thought the purpose of this was to stop spam/scam calls from coming through so I’m not bothered by them. Unfortunately, at least right now, it’s letting everything come through and I have to manually bypass the calls. even when it’s supposedly “working“ calls will ring at least a couple of times before it’s redirected. It hasn’t even worked like that in months so now it’s totally worthless
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4 months ago, exop
Extremely Unstable
The sporadic connection issues caused sync issues, unable to see any new call logs or message logs. Message failed to send or receive. Agent helped reset the account, worked for a good month, then failed again, starting from a forced logged out, and when logged back in, the same issues recur. Aside of that, notification does not show preview, besides a text "phone notification" that does not indicate which phone it calls from and who the caller is. Also, there is no notification for messages.
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7 months ago, Yma1970
Didn’t think it was possible that it could get worse
Started out just fine, as a business owner new to the game I did not want to spend $1 million on a new phone, phone line, etc. TMobile digits line was touted as being an amazing product… Amazing like the garbage at the bottom of the garbage can on 120° day with a little water spread in? Absolutely, amazing like a rockstar that gets the job done and I don’t lose business because the line isn’t working? Not at all. then, waiting on hold, speaking with 52 million tech advisors altogether the same answer nothing
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9 months ago, sweetheat56
Terrible new update!
What are you guys doing with new updates? Now the app gives new a notice “connecting to DIGITS” when I try to use it, and it never connects. Calls are only sparsely coming thru. Incoming text images take a good deal of time to download, and new contacts take more time to load and sync. I’ve loved this app since it was created, and support has been responsive in the past, but the app has recently become so glitchy I’m afraid I may have to toss it and find an alternative. So sad.
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10 months ago, LaPana27
Basic app! Better than nothing!
This app is definitely better than nothing, but it leaves a lot to desire. I’m just surprised how basic and poorly functional it is, considering how advanced technology is now a ways. The app appearance is basic, and it’s annoying that it does not allow the user to change the background to black. The bright white background hurts my eyes at night. When I get a message notification, the app takes a minute to actually show the message because it’s trying to connect to a signal. It doesn’t allow users to react to comments in a text thread. It doesn’t allow to set “do not disturb schedules” so I don’t use it for fear I’ll forget to turn it off. Nonetheless, I do appreciate being able to have a second phone line on my one phone.
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4 weeks ago, SLip00682
Misleading site or tech support
Could never activate the digits line on this App or the website. Just said "Oops something went wrong, call Support". Well, I called and they said I can only activate it on a watch and can only use it on a watch, when their website says you can use it on any compatible device. 30 mins with support got nowhere other than frustration. Asked to cancel the line right there and then. Will be using some other service for my secondary phone line.
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7 months ago, Hello72679
This app is terrible
I was talked into using digits for a business line to keep costs down and have my business line connected to 1 phone. Initially it seemed to work, this was years ago, but I have spent more time this year talking to t-mobile on the phone about problems. No one fixes the problems and I’ve lost messages and clients reaching out. It’s absolutely maddening. Lately I will get a notification I have a message and when I go to look in the app there is no message
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6 months ago, $Broker
Useless App
TMobile should be ashamed to have an app like this. Like others have stated, you get notifications of texts (sometimes) but now they are not making it to the text inbox of the app. I’m also not getting any phone calls. It’s pretty much useless but they still charge you $10/mo. I’ve deleted, restarted called tech support (who are useless as well). Will be killing this service in the new year. I guess this is their way to get you to pay for a second line
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9 months ago, Lala_renee
Horrible.. What is going on??
Use to be a fine app. But now, it’s just horrible. Notifications/messages don’t come through. Unable to send message. Not receiving phone calls. Just keeps saying “connecting”. Have to continuously uninstall and reinstall and half the time it still doesn’t work. This is ridiculous. I pay my money for this app and expect way better. There are so many things wrong with this! Please address and fix the issues!
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2 months ago, l4phill1
Go with a different company
This service is awful and support is unable to help with the issues. We use this for our business and we’ve currently been locked out of the app for multiple days and support cannot fix the problem. We can’t access any of our business texts, calls, or voicemails. This is the second time this has happened. It’s pretty awful, especially since this is a paid service
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7 months ago, wherethereisawillthereisaway
Lost messages
I run my business from this phone. I've lost appointments because messages don't send and I don't receive messages in a timely manner. I switched over from another app that did the same thing, thinking this would be better because I also have T-Mobile. You guys need to get it together or you'll be losing this person as a customer too.
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10 months ago, -Corgi
Update Broke App
Please revert or fix the latest update! Everything was working fine before but now messages won’t load without completely starting the app, messages won’t arrive in order, and when messages do work the majority of them just show an attachment that’s loading forever instead of the message.
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9 months ago, Irishredhead667
I know this is free, but….
I know that this app is free, but nevertheless it is one of the worst I have ever used. Messages either don’t send or show in the preview but not in the actual app. Often, they appear out of order. Photographs, you are trying to send, are severely limited in size. Photos, that others send you, have a ridiculously low resolution. Come on come on, T-Mobile get it together - either fix this app or pull it off the App Store completely!
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6 months ago, Jhuohio
Trash !! Don’t waste your money or time!!!
You will never receive any text messages! I got this for only text and any of my texts get delivered! People text me and the app tells me someone texted me but when I go read the text there’s nothing there!! I contacted Tim mobile they said they did everything they could, they had their Engineers check it and was just a waste of time , money and frustration!!!! The app can’t deliver a single text messages!!!
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3 months ago, bre18,9
Doesn’t work well
We’ve been using this app for our BIZZ and it’s driving us crazy. We have to click the mesSAGES AGAIN TO RE send so they can send and we also can’t tell if people actually get it or we get incomplete messages . For calls the phone doesn’t ring until it says we missed the call .. we’re paying $10 for this service and it stinks . Ima have to cancel soon. Y’all need to do some updates to your system. 😣.
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4 months ago, Tallgrass Shannon
I use this app for my business phone and it’s fine when it works. However, it only works about 10% of the time no matter what I do. Lots of crashes and glitches, dropped calls, disappearing messages. Just utterly terrible.
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11 months ago, T-Mobile is garbage
Where did all the negetive reviews go
This app had thousands of bad reviews that are no longer here on the app. They must have rebranded it so that they could walk away from the bad reputation but unfortunately that doesn't fix the problem that this app never works. There are always bugs that need to be fixed. T-Mobile takes in millions from this app but doesnt fix the errors.
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6 days ago, Cappuccino Family
It’s almost there
So much potential. This is my main go to I keep my iPhone number for friends and family and I use my digits number as my main number 😎😎😎
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1 month ago, Earnest Scott
Wow this get bad sometimes
Can’t call out or receive calls sometimes. Tech support says to delete the app. I do that many times and restart the e phone. Clear data everything and it still won work. Then a few days later it works again. Using the lines for several businesses so this is terrible and unacceptable. Looking for other options now.
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6 months ago, JML123987
HUGE Disappointment
I’ve used this app to conduct business and now it has given my clients the impression that I am ignoring them or running away from my responsibilities. I am no longer receiving messages or phone calls. It’s a huge inconvenience and it had brought the moral of my company down. I’ve always prided myself on being responsive and now I’m everything but that because of this app.
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7 months ago, AnnieKist
Added a digits line so I could have a separate business phone number. It’s very glitchy. The contact names don’t show up for incoming calls. I’ve had text messages disappear and VM’s with no notifications. Half the time it gets stuck trying to connect and messages fail to send. Super frustrating to use and 100% not reliable as a business phone number 😞
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4 months ago, J3RNYMN
Unable to type password
After attempting to paste a password the paste is unsuccessful. I am then unable to type the password. Screen freezes; unable to click “Close”. The only time I can type in the password field is when the app first starts and even then I am unable to type the entire password before the app freezes.
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7 months ago, MCR$1
Save yourself a headache
Engineers will have to get back to me... I need this to work, I use it as a business number. I chose this as an additional line on my phone. No one can get a hold on me now until I can get access to my account. Unbelievable!! When it works, service is spotty service and I get notifications about messages, then when I check, the message is gone.
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7 months ago, benbelly
Terrible phone app
The buttons are tiny. Not responsive. The screen doesn’t dim when you hold the phone to your ear. The app apparently drops Bluetooth sometimes even though everything else is connected. For an app of such basic functionality with no real feature development this is really bad. Clearly no love for the product or its users in this app
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9 months ago, This app keeps getting worse.
The app keeps getting worse.
After the last full update, where you changed the logo, This app never works properly; it fails all the time, and I have to delete it and install it multiple times. The old one worked 100 times better. I lost an important message due to deleting the app. This app deserves less than one star.
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2 months ago, Bill5967
Horrible System, Bad Call Quality
Wow this is bad. T-Mobile charges $15 a month for a digits line that doesn’t work properly. Only works for Texts and sometimes doesn’t show you notifications. If you try and take a call it sounds ok for you, the the other side hears crackling and popping. Sometimes your voice doesn’t go through at all.
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6 months ago, _Anonymous_1992
Poor UI has the potential to be great.
The fact that you cannot mass edit contacts stored in the “digits cloud” is the most aggravating thing! Also T-Mobile customer support is basically useless when it comes to this service. If it’s not listed in the troubleshooting steps on the website don’t waste your time calling.
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7 months ago, BOSS® Joy
Now Not working Not block spam or anonymous or annoying caller
After updating stop working at all after take longer time waiting that app useless and misleading Don’t block unwanted caller as on iPhone option which Mack app useless as soon you use app all unwanted caller will come day and night T-Mobile want make you buy more service
Show more
9 months ago, anastasia567
What is happening!?
I own a grooming business and needed a business number. This app was working out great! But lately especially today, I can’t call my clients, I can’t send or receive messages. I don’t know what’s going on but this issue needs to be fixed asap. This app has been crashing for the last month.
Show more
6 months ago, Sagchic76
Everything the previous user is saying, especially getting a notification there is a message and only to being able to read in the notification tab and not in your inbox is frustrating
Show more
9 months ago, bronxxxdiva76
What happened to this app?!
Everything was working fine, all of the sudden in August my conversations were deleted, messages send out of order, there is an “undelivered” message for most messages sent, unable to use really. I am confusing everyone I have a written exchange with on here!! Ridiculous.
Show more
2 months ago, D3jlc
Don’t waste your time
This app is awful. Constantly crashing. Notifications received (with previews) for new messages that never appear in your text chat. I’ve deleted the app, updated, logged out, contacted “support”, nothing can be done to fix it. Delete the app and look elsewhere. Nothing but disappointment here.
Show more
6 months ago, HairlessBalls
Digits needs improvement
I can’t send someone a message unless I have them saved to my contacts is crazy!!! I use to be able to use with multiple phones now nothing an share my line with my daughter anymore
Show more
7 months ago, Andyspanda
Terrible, avoid getting this
This is got to be one of the worst apps I’ve used for a burner number. I can never send pictures receive pictures, I missed calls I missed text messages this app never notifies you it crashes, it’s not worth paying $10 a month of T-Mobile I’m canceling it.
Show more
9 months ago, JussAsking
Revert To Old Software!
Please revert the app to how it was before the “new” update. Now the calls are always dropping, the texts don’t send or receive (you have to constantly refresh yourself) and text messages keep getting an error message when sending so you have to resend it and wait.
Show more
1 month ago, The Worthless Protoplasm
I used digits as a second number for work. It worked okay for maybe a month. Now, every time the app is backgrounded, it will stop working when I go back into it, making me log in again. Obviously I can’t use this for anything critical so I’ve canceled the line. Don’t waste your time.
Show more
2 days ago, Autumnsdad03
Not connecting to the server
I hat happened to this app, it really used to be my go to app for my business. But with the recent update I don’t receive any text messages unless I open the app and refresh the messages. Really disappointed by this app recently, I have to find an alternative.
Show more
5 months ago, belyeuden
You will lose business
Worst app ever. Never get notifications, calls don’t come thru cannot send pics or invoices! So many glitches I don’t have all day to list but it’s horrible! Huge company that has the worst service on market and cannot even get an app right. Switching companies
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