T-Mobile MONEY: Better Banking

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8 months ago
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User Reviews for T-Mobile MONEY: Better Banking

4.85 out of 5
37.9K Ratings
12 months ago, Yella_boy
Highly recommend this account!!!
Was a little skeptical when I first signed up but this account is awesome! The 4% APY is AWESOME, and it’s really easy to obtain! You get 4% on any money in your checking account up to $3,000 and 2.5% on any money above the $3,000 after 10 qualifying purchases for the month! I use my card like I would any normal debit card, for gas, lunch, coffee, Gatorade’s at the convenient store, etc., and I usually qualify for the 4% APY within 4-5 days, and get 4% on my money for the rest of the month! The good news is if I for some reason don’t reach the 10 qualifying purchases within the month (which has never happened), i still get the 2.5 % APY on all my money! Savings is a flat and constant 2.5% APY so that’s really awesome! I was also worried about having access to ATM’s that wouldn’t charge me for making a withdrawal and when I say there are ATM’s everywhere, there are ATM’s EVERYWHERE! It’s also fairly easy to deposit cash into your account if you don’t mind getting out of your car, which I don’t mind tracking those extra steps in my fitness app on my phone and watch 😂! Overall this is a great account to have! Tons of perks! Everything is made to be as convenient as possible, and I love earning money on the money that I worked so hard to earn!
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2 years ago, Yeeeaya!!
Why was I hesitant? If you can get this interest why would you not??
Discovered this and thought only the Mr. could get the accounts because the cell accounts are in his name. But with my T-Mobile family plan number I too was qualified for the higher interest offer. Even just the 1% interest is crazy - why would anyone with a T-Mobile cell leave their money in a traditional bank to rot away for .01%?? I don’t know why but I hesitated and stuck with my Wells Fargo and chase accounts. But WF started charging because my new employer only lets me have one direct deposit. After the first fee I immediately opened the T-Mobile and closed the WF. Now chase charged me for not have $325 in my savings (it’s all in T-Mobile getting actual interest) so I closed that garbage account too. I send money out of my T-Mobile accounts via the zelle app no problem (I did have to first remove my cell number from being associated with my Chase zelle, I just swapped it for my email as the chase zelle contact). I easily get 10 debits per month. If T-Mobile decides to get rid of this interest rate, I’ll probably bounce again. But for now I don’t know why I even hesitated as long as I did.
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2 years ago, meisterwink
Really buggy, approach with caution
I’m a dedicated t-mobile service user, I was really amazed with the interest rate offering, but of course the rate is Actually based on transaction quotas and other caveats. Not likely that you will get the interest rate advertised. Also, doing a cash deposit required almost 4 dollars in fees. Do not base expectations on the marketing, you will be let down. When I tried to open the account neither the website nor app would work, repeated error messages of “try again later”, so I went to a brick-and-mortar and even then the agent said he was powerless to make the software work. Then, randomly, I received an email 2 days later that the account had actually opened and an ATM card sent out. That’s downright scary. I’ve tested the account now with small transfers, both have posted to my originating accounts and both have posted to the t-mobile account, but days have elapsed and the balance still appears as 0. Scary. Also, the service is not compatible with Zelle for digital transfers. The company does not appear to have a banking product that’s actually ready for public use. I’ve been on the phone with customer support more than a few times, which is of course offshore in the Philippines and getting competent and knowledgeable support has been very hit-or-miss. In summary: I expected the product to be better and more functional, I’m experimenting with several app based banking services, this one ranks unequivocally as the worst.
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2 years ago, Bunnyloveschucky
It’s a decent bank
Like honestly I’ve had issues with some banks like Chase is not that great so Wells Fargo sucked so I decided to try the T-Mobile money one being affected I have my T-Mobile account in order to be able to even do it I like the fact that it’s all digital like there’s no like real bank to do stuff at and the app works really well like their prompt there courteous their customer service is always been extremely helpful accidentally locked my Account and within the same day they were able to help me get back into it and everything is cool they’re very helpful they’re extremely friendly and I seriously can’t say more like I don’t think I’ll deal with any other bank as long as they’re a bank like they rock 4% interest on any amount in your account if you hit a certain amount of transactions to get your perk overdraft protection up to 50 bucks with no fee as long as you fix it by the end of that calendar month it’s awesome it’s so much better than everybody else
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4 years ago, Anthony G from Tucson
I would not recommend!!!
I deposited a $475 check on November 28th, received an email on the 30th it had been accepted. Today in Dec 2nd I get a secure message stating that my check is being held to till the 9th because they have confidential information that the check will not be paid. I proceeded to then call the customer service number listed and I was assisted or attempted to be assisted by Edwin. All Edwin kept doing was reading the same response to me “I’m sorry our secure team currently has an investigation and this is part of the process,This doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen from sometimes, thank you for using Tmobile”. I then asked to speak to a manager. I has then helped by a cold woman by the name of Lisa. I explained to her how important it was for me to get that money for rent as father of four, especially during a pandemic as were getting ready to go down into another quarantine. My rent is due in three days I was depending on that money and now I have to pay additional charges for each day I do not have rent after the fifth and I will not have that money until the ninth. She also gave the I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do, l with a fake smile response. So all in all I now have to wait 13 days to receive my money and I spoke with the person who wrote me the check and they said the funds have already been taken out of their account.... Thank T-mobile, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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4 years ago, Yera Vargas
Love my T-mobile money... so far .
I started my account with T-mobile money a little over a 1 week ago with $3000. I got $3.22 on interest today, 02-01. This is wayyyyy more of what I get with my other checking account that I have with my other bank. T-mobile money is paying 1% on the $3.22 interest I got today 😱!! . I am planning on keep depositing $200 each month, so I can meet that requirements and keep getting my 4% on my $3000, and 1% on anything over it. I know everybody’s situation is different, but this works well for us. This is money that I don’t really need, so I am no going to use it. There are banks out there that will give you bonuses for opening checking account with them. Some require a direct deposit, a minimum per month to avoid paying maintenance fees, and the account need to stay open for some time or you will have to pay a penalty for closing your account early. There are many ways to make extra money, but you need to do your homework and do some research first.
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4 years ago, wniebles
Too fussy over a mobile deposit
T-Mobile Money App from BankMobile rejected my check because while endorsing the back of a check I deposited I wrote “For Deposit Only” and left out “Mobile” out of the sentence, which according to them HAD TO BE SPELLED OUT “For Mobile Deposit Only”... c’mon people, I understand there have to be rules and regulations in place, and “a missing signature” would have been an understandable reason for rejection... but not the lack of the word “mobile”... I have been using Mobile Banking pretty much since it started allowing check deposits, and none of the banks I’ve dealt with ever rejected a check for not using specific wording. “For Deposit Only” of “For Electronic Deposit Only” or even leaving out the word “Only” has always worked... If it comes down to some logic... having an account in an online bank which promotes not needing brick and mortar locations it is implied that the deposits are “mobile” right? Leaving the word “Mobile” out of the endorsement of the check should not have been a reason for the bank to reject my deposit. SO, MY REVIEW: FIRST ATTEMPT TO MAKE A DEPOSIT WITH THIS PRODUCT: A TRAIN WRECK... A WASTE OF AN OTHERWISE PERFECTLY GOOD CHECK. /WN
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5 years ago, notYOURaverageMOM
Great needs some work
I love the card and the perks. Customer service that needs some work. The people are the most knowledgeable or they just don’t understand what you are asking. It took them about 45mins for the one guy to understand that I needed my pin reset because it was locked out. He had me rerouted to two different people trying to reset the pin to into my T-Mobile account..another time I asked how long does it take for a paper check to get deposited if I take a picture of it. She kept telling me about direct deposit... when I first got it the automated system was hard to understand but that has been fixed. So I do believe that these issues will get resolved. I do recommend this card people I know who have T-Mobile accounts. I love the overdraft protection it definitely has saved me a few times.. and I have never earned interest on anything so that is always really nice to see.. I have been with T-Mobile for almost 6 years and I have to say they do keep getting better and better, they have help me so much.. thank you T-Mobile for being a great company
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4 years ago, Davidjess22
Fatal flaw not fixed
They have not even tested their own app functions before releasing them on unsuspecting account holders to which they have fiduciary duty. I just now attempted 40 times to set an automatic recurring house payment where each date was rejected for being a weekend whether I changed the year, month, or day. They need to test the app and lighten up on the validation—make sure they have thought about each possible situation before blocking a transaction setting. A banking app is not allowed to have a fatal flaw, because it affects your finances and your life. The app warns you to deposit money the same day to bring your balance over $0, and asks if you are doing it now, but then provides no function to do that. All deposit methods given take several days to post. Good things: Smooth processes otherwise. Nice to have your banking in an app without having to register separately. $10 per month interest if you have T-Mobile service and keep $3000 deposited. T-Mobile also lets you have freebies in the T-Mobile Tuesday’s program. 0% interest on phones. And flat-rate unlimited data plans. A great Invitation to have a buffer. Not only do you get charged no over-draft fees, but also you rarely overdraft at all, because when you accept the invitation to have a buffer (or reservoir, or reserve), and keep $3000 in the account (or any smaller or larger amount), then you rarely have any accidental overdrafts.
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4 years ago, Batmansdad37
Why choose T-Money?
Do you like your bank, or at the very least, tolerate them? Especially with their novel size book of fees, high interest rates and very little return on YOUR money that they use to make windfall profits... Well, I’m here to give you some examples of my experience with T-Money. $50 protection overcharge security with no penalty! My other bank charged $35 for an overdraft and the customer service was far less than stellar. I also receive the 4% return on my account up to $4000. And when I had a mixup with one of my mobile deposits, the staff was kind, courteous and genuinely helpful in resolving it. These are just but a few perks I’ve received and appreciated since switching over. Because of the attentiveness they provided, I tell my family and friends every chance I get to switch over and enjoy their money instead of their fee/interest hungry banks that they currently do business with. Keep up the great work T-Money...
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5 years ago, jahqueens
Can’t log in.
The first time I download this app everything worked fine but it’s been downhill so far. It’s suppose to log me in with Face ID but that seems to never work. When it comes to sign in manually the floating keyboard doesn’t come up. I have to close and reopen the app over and over to get it to log me in and 9 out of 10 I still don’t get the floating keyboard popping up. I keep pressing the space to log in and it’s as though the screen is frozen just no response. However if I press the option for forget password and I don’t have a T-Mobile money account those options always work. This app is trash and as soon as it will allow me to log in I’ll probably take all my money out. The app is really bad. It’s by far the worst banking app I’ve ever used. What good is a mobile banking app if you’re unable to login to the account. Pathetic.
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2 years ago, AvoidTMobile
If it sounds too good to be true…Avoid T Mobile!!
I had mediocre hopes here. I never believe anyone that claims I will be paid up to 2 days early. Frankly, I don’t care to be paid early. What I do care about is being paid on time. Yet here I am, up at 4am (5 hours later than normal) now trying to figure out where my money is. So not only is the 2 days early a lie, but being paid on time is also a lie. Read the fine print here, and understand that the “365” service is a total lie! I now have to wait until 8am to speak to anyone that can help me. All the while, all of my auto payments will now bounce and have fines. After confirming with my company’s HR & payroll, the pay delay is 100% on T Mobile. While half my pay was in my Region account shortly after midnight, no one yet can seem to explain the missing check. So warning for all, if you actually need your check on pay day, go elsewhere. It’s not only not coming early here, but it is coming late. I will not only be closing the bank account, but I will now also be taking all 3 of my lines to AT&T. T Mobile is a scam of a company!
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5 years ago, DonaldM
Easy and simple process so far
It was easy to sign up as the info in my T-Mobile account is basically moved over so I really didn’t have to enter much. Just make sure you update your address with T-Mobile before you start, if it’s not correct. There’s a waiting period before your account is actually active. After signing up I waited about four hours or so then got an email that I was able to login and finish setting up my account. Took about 10 minutes to finish setting up and it does look like TouchID/FaceID can be enabled but I haven’t been able to use it yet. During setup the app became very sluggish and my phone started to heat up. I had to quit the app and reopen and it seems to be fine now. Logging in uses your T-Mobile credentials which is a bit of a security concern. If you’re sharing your password for some reason, might want to change your password and stop sharing. Linking to another account is easy and takes 2–3 days to complete since you have to confirm the amount of two small deposits to confirm you have access to the account before you start transferring money from it. One issue I had was my bank couldn’t find/confirm the routing number for T-Mobile Money. Later I’ll update with: When I get my card and how easy it is to activate How long it takes to transfer money to or from Address any issues or bugs
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2 years ago, ArielTien
Unable to move my money to external accounts
I was really excited when I first open an account at T-Mobile. I have been using T-Mobile for a long time and don’t have any issue with them before. This is a totally different story… I moved some money from BoA to T-Mobile after I opened my account. After 2 months, I wanted to move the money back to my original BoA and it failed. I thought it was a one time issue but I was wrong. Every time I initiated the transfer, the record would disappear after a day like nothing happened. I called the customer services and it took them 3 weeks to investigate my case. After I followed up with them, they could not give me an answer and simply told me to remove the external account and add it back again. I did it and it was another nightmare. After I followed their instructions, I could not add my external account back. Tried multiple times…all failed so I called the customer service again. This time they asked me to uninstall and reinstall the app, even restart my phone. They also said that they saw a list of accounts under my external account section but I couldn’t see any of it. After trying all the methods they asked me to and nothing worked, the customer service said there is nothing they can do…they told me to use the ATM which I already told them that I don’t prefer this method to withdraw my money. I was so frustrated and it has been like this for months. I just want to transfer my money smoothly and safely.
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3 years ago, Kitkat8588
100% best bank I’ve ever used!
This bank is absolutely the best I’ve ever used. It gives me help when I need it most during a time of struggle by not charging me ridiculous fees for every single thing. Example, we’ve got your back benefits, allow you to spend $50 over what you have in your account, free of charge. So if I am struggling with $0 in my account, and I have no gas, but I also have a bill to pay for say, $35. I can pay that bill, & still go spend $15 at a gas station in two seperate overdraft charges and t-mobile won’t charge me a dime over that $50 when I get a deposit into my account. & I can do that over and over and they have my back every time with no hidden fees! It’s been a life saver during these uncertain times!
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5 years ago, SeeMuse
Use this as a savings account
If you plan on using this like a regular debit card I do not recommend it. Again I DO NOT recommend! Depositing money into the account is a pain. So far it is taken almost 2 weeks for the money to transfer in from my other bank account. The worst part is that while it is transferring you do not have access to this money in either account! I am so glad I didn’t directly deposit my paycheck who knows how long that would have taken. Two weeks without access to my funds is ridiculous but if you’re trying to save money it’s actually a good thing. Just a warning for anybody who was thinking of using this as a second checking account like I was. They also give you an option to deposit money at stores like CVS and 7 eleven which might be faster (I’m not taking my chances though) but they charge a $4 convenience fee. So far using this card has been challenging however if you don’t need to use the card often just use it to save money this is a great option.
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2 years ago, Kevinx099
Great benefits but lack of support
T-Mobile Money has amazing benefits for an online bank. Even without the added benefits for being a T-Mobile customer you still get 1% on a checking account which is amazing. And if you are a T-Mobile customer you get 4% on the first 3k which is by far the best interest I’ve seen in any checking/savings account. The main issue I have with this account is that nowadays most services for budget tracking require access to your accounts and these services use a third party service like Plaid. The issue with the T-Mobile Money account is that it does not support Plaid. All other online banks have implemented Plaid support but this account still hasn’t done so since it released a few years ago. This is a needed feature that will make this account perfect, but until then it’s hard to convince people to make this one of their main accounts.
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3 years ago, lemurlomania
Fussy App and recent Infinite Loading Screens
The app has always been convenient for pulling up account information and keeping track of purchases, especially with the recent adding of push notifications. However, since yesterday or for a few days now, I keep encountering errors that force log me out—something along the lines of “object that relates to object can’t be found”—and I’ll lose my place in the app. That’s separate to simply switching to another app and then coming back, which I understand also has a very quick timeout compared to other banking apps. Today’s error is fatal tho, I cannot even access my account after logging in because the loading wheel spins forever with no change after at least 2 minutes. I still cannot access my account which is incredibly inconvenient given it’s the beginning of a new month and I have to keep track of this months bills I need to pay.
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3 years ago, Ruusa1
Average but 1% interest is good
I signed up for the 4% interest offer, which they’ve changed to only apply if you use the Debit card (previously it was based simply on depositing funds each month): irritatingly, they keep promoting this change as if they’ve done You the favor. No, it’s not a favor. I have no interest in using the debit card, it was very easy to earn the 4% before by simply making a deposit each month. Also, I wouldn’t trust them to cash checks - it’s best if you use your main checking account for that (for example, Chase, Bank of America, or whatever). I mobile banked a check from my other checking account and it was rejected for some odd reason. I noticed another reviewer specifying problems with check deposits too. Still, the 1% interest rate is good so I use it like a savings account instead of Marcus by Goldman Sachs which, at the time writing, is now paying 0.5% interest.
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5 years ago, Mom and daughter 1234
Great interest rate
I was very excited when T-mobile started this. Opening an account was very easy and I love earning 4% on my money. The problem is trying to deposit checks or money orders in your account. Its an absolute nightmare. When I first opened my account, I deposited 3 western union money orders with no problem. Now I have tried to deposit postal and western union money orders and they are always declined. I called customer service because this is very frustrating for someone who gets paid with money orders. They told me they are having a problem with their mobile check deposit system and that I should link my other checking account and just transfer the money. I do not want two checking accounts. What would be the sense of that? I then tried to link my Paypal account and that’s not working either! I’m almost ready to give up with this, the interest rate is not worth the aggravation.
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2 years ago, fdeedcteex💕🙄💕🙄
Love this account!
I reluctantly decided to start using T-Mobile Money for my new checking account and I was impressed when they immediately offered me the 4.0% APR but then after using my card for just 10 transactions I also unlocked the $50 Got Your Back overdraft coverage feature and I thought that it honestly wouldn’t work since I haven’t been offered overdraft service due to my credit score in a very long time but it worked for me and now it’s unlocked permanently! I don’t have to continue to make 10 purchases with my card every month, it was just automatically unlocked after the first 10! I love the app, easy to use and seems very secure to me! I will be sticking with T-Mobile Money!
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5 years ago, Gdundas73
This app is terrible and CSRs have no clue.
I tried to deposit a check with the mobile check deposit and it was declined immediately. Stated “ Deposit Declined.” This was the first time I tried to deposit this check. Called customer service and they were not helpful at all. All they could tell me was that the deposit was under review. I was asked to give them until the next morning to finish the check review. I waited until 11:00am to check my account. Still no money. Called customer service again. I was told that the check was still under review. CSR asked me to reinstall the app and deposit the check again. Still same problem. CSR told me that I would have to wait until the check was out of review. Couldn’t even tell me how long that was going to take. I have bills to pay and I can’t even get money into my account. I have just closed my account and I’m going back to PayPal for my banking needs. At least they can give me my money immediately without my check going through a review.
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5 years ago, Jb5144707!!!
Thank you, TMobile Money!
So, my friend recommended me this app and the first time he got his first interest it convinced me to sign up & use Tmobile Money as well & since I keep cash at home and it’s just been sitting there without an interest, why not put in the bank, right? It didn’t take me that long to sign up & I have never had a problem with the app. The first transfer took a long time but I didn’t mind. If you transfer money, it will takes 4-5 business days. Don’t get this bank if you’re a very impatient person or if you need to use the money right away. Anyway, It’s only been 3 mos since I’ve signed up and I already earned almost $20 interest. How great is that? I’ve been with Wells Fargo for 5 yrs and I’ve only earned not even a $5 interest.
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4 years ago, Anne Esteria
Terrible experience
I was sold on the higher APR and opened a T-Mobile Money account online and deposited 3 checks from my employer during the enrollment process. Funds weren’t initially available given that I had just opened the account and I’m aware common banking process requires that they hold funds until the checks have cleared. A week later, still no funds and I receive an email that my account is under investigation. The following week, my account is closed with NO explanation. I’m told by their rep that my funds will be returned to me in the form of a check within 7-10 days. 2 weeks later, still no check. I’m then told that the funds were returned and I could deposit the original checks. I head over to the issuing bank to verify I’m able to deposit the checks and they indicate the funds were withdrawn by T-Mobile. Ugh! This all started in Oct 2019 and it’s now Feb 2020 and I still have yet to receive my funds. I highly suggest you go with a traditional bank, it’s not worth the hassle.
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5 years ago, Latarisj
So much is wrong
First of all, there should most definitely be an actual specialist that can actually handle, get in touch with those that handle checks for deposits. I’m on my 5th time submitting a money order , the cash amount is coming in too light and I’ve tried everything. (For the life of me I don’t see why they can just use the money order number to verify the actual amount) The bright camera light should be optional, if you have a bright light against a white image it just might come out light. You should be able to at least email those handling the checks instead of them sending the same automated message over and over. And if you had problems with a certain brand of money orders. Display that so people aren’t going out wasting time and money. The customer service is nice, calling them specialist is REALLY pushing it. They can’t do anything 😒 I don’t know wth else I can do. This is beyond frustrating
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3 years ago, OkieBigfoot
Totally Terrific T-Mobile Money!!
It comes down to a simple matter of math: Where else in the country can you get 4% interest on balances less than $3,001? Answer? No where that I’m aware of! So TMM is a great place to park extra cash and arguably a great place to also use as your main account to pay bills - since while your money sits it’s earning a great interest rate as long as your discipline yourself to perform ten debit card transactions. That’s easy, in today’s no cash world. Since May of 2020? I’ve earned over a hundred bucks in interest. For most other interest earning accounts I would have earned very close to diddly squat!!! It’s my favorite “banking” account!
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5 years ago, Fiddling_Jesus
Great if you have direct deposit
I love almost everything about this account. The customer service is second to none, and the interest is incredible. Unfortunately my place of work does not do direct deposit, so I have to deposit through picture. Two paychecks in a row I have had to wait over a week to get my money. Being late on bills, having to pay late charges and returned payment charges is no fun. I’ve had to pay $200 in charges so far, and my current check still has not hit the account even though I deposited it Monday, so I’ll likely get another $50 late charge for my car payment, maybe another for the electric bill if the money doesn’t hit by the end of the day. If they would be better about depositing this way, like almost every other bank is, then it would easily be a 5 star account. Unfortunately it is far too unreliable for those without direct deposit, and can end up costing you far more than the interest is worth.
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9 months ago, Valayna
Customer service is hot garbage
I started using T-Mobile Money as soon as it came out. It was okay. Being a fintech user with superior fintech banks, it wasn’t anything super excited but it was better than most brick & mortar banks. Customer service was great at the time as T-Mobile used to be. Now, it seems that customer service via the secure messaging is done by a really bad AI bot. The fact that the messages are never signed by anyone is already a red flag. They chronically don’t seem to understand what I’m asking and give me incorrect responses to questions I didn’t ask. Like literally what I’m writing isn’t being read. Functionally, as time has gone on, transfers take longer, the verification deposits for external bank accounts never come through, and it’s just overall useless to me at this point. I was using it as my main bank because my regular one shut down. But now I’m part of Envelope Money which is a far superior fintech bank with easy budgeting tools and an envelope system. T-Mobile was being used as a backup bank but with the horrible customer service, I’m honestly about to close my account. Highly disappointing, especially as a long time T-Mobile user. This is not at all what I’ve come to expect from T-Mobile. Do better or shut it down.
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7 months ago, Cigarmonkey
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
More often than not when I try mobile deposit to deposit a check into my account it is rejected or delayed. With the most common reason being “we have confidential information this check may be fraudulent”. When asked to clarify how I get all these checks to deposit that “may be fraudulent “ the reply of course is well we can’t disclose that it’s confidential. Meaning we are going to hold your check for 3-5 days longer for no reason at all but it’s “confidential”. This happened once to when trying to deposit a check from my employer. A multi state healthcare corporation with thousands of employees. My other banking institutions including a local credit union deposit these funds immediately. Tmobile gets to play around with it making me wait for it to hit my account. Then trying to ask for answers is hopeless too. Just a bunch of robo type messages.
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3 years ago, GratefulGuy75
“Time Will Tell”
I’ve had 2 bank accounts at 2 different banks for about 8 months now! I’m having issues with both of them! I recently switched from MetroPCS to T-Mobile!!! (I know they are owned by the same entity-company) T-Mobile has some perks that Metro didn’t! So I checked them out and low and behold they have a bank of there own! So I started yet another account with a 3rd bank! I received my card in about a week and have not had one issue in 6 months! I love your commitment to your customers with little to no interaction! I love your company’s efficiency & excellence of satisfaction! Now my peace-of-mind and life runs smoothly again! Thank you!
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2 years ago, cj4482
Great account with some issues
It’s a great account for saving and purchases. However, the main caveat being mobile check deposit. So 225 is available the 2cnd business after deposit. However the remainder is only available after another 5 like it’s still the pony express going to physically clear the check. This is a quite long in todays banking world. Otherwise no issues but if you do even a few mobile check deposits keep this in mind. Also the system is very sensitive where it will reject a check if even the slightest mark is made on it and not perfect handwriting. Customer service can’t do anything about it, override or help with that. So you need a whole new check
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2 years ago, Tealie-o
T-Mobile Money Customer Service is TERRIBLE
Customer service gives what seems like completely automated responses and you can never get through to someone that will actually help you out (especially via messaging in the app). Also, T-Mobile claims to give you 4% interest back on $3k, but they don’t tell you that they will not only change the requirements for getting that 4%, but also cut off the date you have to make the minimum transactions by several days before the end of the month and the transactions won’t post for 2 days or more, so you likely won’t be getting 4% interest back on your $3k if you cut it close by any means. And there is NO tolerance or forgiveness for this. They don’t care about you as a customer at all, I’ve talked to many reps and only talked to people in Taiwan or similar that will give you a pre-written message to just about every concern.
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5 years ago, windrunner27
Only the best app out there.
I aggressively invest most of my money, and my ticket combo is to have my this earning the 4% APY (paid out monthly based on average daily) on my uninvested balances, (the checking account that this app provides) which I never have more than $3000 uninvested. Combined with Apple Card giving me great cash back on purchases means I’m earning on money I spend AND money I don’t. Customer support and ease of use is stellar, the card can be remotely locked and unlocked quickly and simply; tap of a button. I need this as a frequent wallet misplacer. I have yet to see anything close to this amount of APY on any balance anywhere for a checking or savings account. No annual fee. This app really is unparalleled.
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4 years ago, Mørgan T.
Would definitely recommend. For cellphone service, too!
Everyone I’ve spoken with has been very nice, understanding (with the current COVID-19 pandemic), and helpful. I had an identity theft scare and T-Mobile Money was fast to secure my account so that my money was protected, as well as my identity & SSN. I received my new debit card in about 5 days. One of the cool perks is if you meet the requirements, you get 4% interest on your balance, as well as the bank having your back -$50. If you have a rough two weeks, and need a few groceries before next payday, T-Mobile has your back...no overdraft fees, and no interest stacked on it. If you’re looking for a back that truly cares, give this one a try.
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3 years ago, Toddler 45
Really good (almost great) checking account
A fantastic interest rate, light requirements for earning said interest rate and easy integration with Apple Pay/Google Wallet all serve to make this a really solid mobile banking service. I just wish that they could integrate with Mint (the budgeting app/website from Intuit). I use Mint to track every other of my bank accounts and credit cards and I have never failed to connect any of them before T-mobile. Apparently they used to be able to connect to Mint, but some update about a year ago ended that. If they could fix that issue I would easily bump this up to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, leodelacroix
Simple to use but with some drawbacks
Very simple to use. However using the account does have a few drawbacks. They don't bother me since I'm using it as a place to hold money I plan on saving/investing. First drawback, transfers from external accounts take 4-5 days to process. For example, a transfer I did over the weekend will take till Wednesday/Thursday to process while a transfer in today won't post until the 18th/19th. In banking terms, that's essentially week. Why is it so hard to transfer cash from one account to another? Second, there isn't an option to deposit cash into the account at any of its ATMs. You can only withdraw money but never put money in. Perhaps that'll be a feature they add later. Let's hope so.
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4 years ago, Matisconciente
Early 2 day deposit, but need to put alerts on activities.
I’m a T Mobile wireless customer, since the inception of T-Mobile Money I opened an account because of the convenience to use to pay my wireless bill, it didn’t offer early direct deposit until recently which I didn’t used frequently. So, I decided to switch my Varo account for almost 2 years to my T-Mobile Money as my primary account over the summer to give a chance of the experience the early direct deposit which I got it yesterday, but it would be helpful to put alerts on every activity and transactions to better enhance the service.
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1 year ago, Manic Fox
Surprising and Enjoyable
I’ll be honest, when I first saw T-Mobile Money, I just thought it was suspicious to have an account that offered interest like a money market account with no withdrawal limits, no service fees, no minimum balance, and generally deposits ACH’s 2 days early? It all sounded too good to be true, but after dedicating to it and transferring over the bulk of my funds from other banks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this account and heavily recommend it to people! Yes it’s a shame there’s no proper physical location for quick deposits and withdrawals, but I haven’t had any issues thus far using the alternative deposit methods.
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5 years ago, Stuck Nana
I’m enjoying the fact that I do not have to go to a bank. I used to have Direct Deposit but after personal issues, i was not going to work , therefore I didn’t get paid so I wouldn’t get direct deposit so they closed my account. Now I’m too busy raising my 3 grand babies who have ADHD (All 3 of them). There is no way I will go into a bank with all 3 and I have minimal help. With that being said, there should be the option to deposit money at the ATMs that we can use to withdraw money or after depositing 1 or 2 checks (via mobile picture) we should not have to wait 3 days. We have bills and mortgage/rent to pay and they are not going to wait for your hold. But mostly my 4 stars are because of no deposit over ATM.
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5 years ago, mich59/736-574$
App doesn’t work
I like the concept of TMobile money. After taking some time off after having my daughter I decided to go back to work 2 days a week. T mobile money was the only bank available to me that would not charge me a monthly fee (I have less than $500 coming in) for putting my money into a checking account. One downfall is depositing cash, but that’s not an Issue for me- I literally just needed a free way of making my employment checks usable “cash” and not be charged. The app in the other hand is horrible. These last few days it doesn’t load (I had my phone sit for 10 mins waiting for it to load and nothing) and you can’t access the website through a phone- it tells you the website doesn’t work with mobile devices. Very inconvenient to have to call and type in all my information to get my balance. Please fix and my rating would go up.
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2 years ago, Charleslive00
great service and app
their benefits are great! There’s no hidden fees and the interest-rate is great! I have both a savings and checking account with them and the interface of the app is easy to transfer between both. Their customer support is superior and I’ve always been helped with what I needed in a timely manner. Like I said the layout of the app is great, everything is user-friendly and organized well. They have lots of free ATMs around the country and this is a hassle and stress free banking service. I use this for almost all the financial parts of my life. couldn’t recommend more!
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5 years ago, D. J. Djay Touch M. D.
Where is the accessibility???
I don't understand for the life of me why when developers make apps they do not turn on or think about people who are visually impaired, etc.! You would think these days that will be one of the first implementations of making an app in the App Store… SMH! I've heard a lot of good things about this app but I cannot access it because the voiceover accessibility functionality is not totally supported! Please fix this issue ASAP because I would like to utilize the service as well as countless others were like myself! And if you are another developer reading this post please do the same for your apps to because it makes no sense nowadays for this to not be a functionality that should be Implemented on all apps and even games as well as Services!
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3 years ago, Binky719
Closing my account!
I’ve used T-Mobile money for a couple of years now, however, recently, they let 2 transactions for the exact same amount to process within minutes of each other. As soon as I noticed it, I contacted them and opened a dispute. Seven days later, and I haven’t received my provisional credit! Per their guidelines, they have up to 10 days to issue it, but they had no problem in giving my money to an obviously fraudulent transaction ! As soon as this is cleared up, I am closing this account. It makes no sense to me WHY their fraud software did not pick up on it. These were not small transactions. I’ve had quicker results disputing Cash App transactions than I’m having with this so called bank! I do not recommend this place to anyone! Unless you have money to just throw away!
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3 years ago, Jenn3010
Not a good investment
Great at getting you hooked with the 4% return, after all the banks don’t even give you a 1% return on your money. It takes way too much time for transactions to show making it hard to keep track of things. I used the card to pay for a bill, they never sent the money causing a late fee which they obviously didn’t pay for. The rep from the customer service line said there was no such transaction although I kept telling her I could see the transaction on my mobile app. She said there was nothing that she could do and then I was more than welcome to send a screenshot via the text customer service option from the T-Mobile money app. How ridiculous! I pulled out all my money closed the account. Warning your money can go missing and they will not be of any service!
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2 years ago, HiroshimaSpirit
Pretty Sure There’s Been a Data Breach
T-Mobile Money is a great app that’s easy to use, with lots of benefits. The only shortcoming I can think of is that it has potentially allowed my personal information to be gathered by hackers. I’m on week two of usage, with a considerable (for me) balance in my accounts, and I received multiple unprompted login codes for the app, followed almost immediately by a notification from the credit bureaus that my phone number has been found on the dark web. Naturally, I’ve changed the password, but it’s rather disappointing that it has seemingly taken no time at all to be hacked while using this service, the only thing that I have changed regarding sensitive info recently. Hoping this isn’t the case, but if it is… I hope that T-Mobile’s cybersecurity gets a solid retooling.
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5 years ago, Kcc622159
A banking experience for millennials
Banking with t-mobile money feels very different from one of these old traditional banks like JPMorgan Chase or Bank of America. When using t-mobile money, you feel like the whole app experience is very informal, yet precisely engineered to be gratifying. This is in stark contrast to the more established banks, where everything feels more subdued and nuanced. It's like the difference between the extravagant and catchy nouveau riche and the reserved old money. Whether or not this is a good thing or not is entirely a matter of personal preference; the best short way to summarize it is perhaps that t-mobile money has a more millennial feel.
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5 years ago, MiaSu86
Quick and seamless bank account opening
Recently opened a T-mobile Money bank account for the 4%APY interest rate and overdraft protection. The app was great, eye catching colors and very seamless to open my bank account in minutes, fastest I’ve ever experienced from the privacy of my own home and own time without having to visit a bank branch. I’m looking forward to receiving my debit card so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous ATM service charges, they really add up when on a budget! I’m excited to use the app and get to learn about all its bells and whistles. So far so good and haven’t experienced any bugs.
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3 years ago, WillOrWon't
Pretty great—but options to unlock 4% would be better
I can’t complain about this account or service. I have used it since the beginning—when you needed a $200 monthly deposit to earn the top interest rate. I would rate this 5 stars if there was at least one more way to get the 4% bonus, preferably multiple ways. For example: 10 debit card transactions; OR $200 monthly increase in account balance; OR average daily balance of $5000; etc. As is I will keep using it, but there’s a bit of room for improvement while still giving the bank and t-mobile what they need to make this work.
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2 weeks ago, Scotty tucker
I joined a gym, big mistake. We all know theyre vultures and wont let u cancel. I tried to cancel. They kept charging me. Called tmobile for help and dispute ld charges. After a month, i had to push them to even get an update but They refused to back me up like what a real bank would and i lost hundreds of dollars in unauthorized gym payments that i demanded to be stopped! Its crazy. I liked them up until that. But if ur bank doesn’t have your back with your money - what really good are they!? Also, i don't even get paid in advance at all. My payment from 2 different places just comes as normal. Also, they have a savings account that only gives u a fraction APY, thats not cool cuz thats where we put our money to grow! Also, no americans there, all foreigner call center. Nobody cares about u.
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2 years ago, BITWTJC
Don’t trust them to hold your money. They don’t even know where your money is!
I had disputed some unauthorized transactions on my account. The disputes were ruled in my favor. They credited my funds back to my account. Then, with no notice, they closed my accounts. They told me they mailed a paper check to the address on file. I could have easily moved my funds to another account. But, no warning. Money gone. It has now been 8 days. I’m still awaiting my paper check. No one knows anything. No one will give me any support. Do yourself a favor and do your banking with another company. These guys don’t even know who the actual bank is that holds their customers money. I could have had my money 8 days ago. Makes no sense. Digital banking app, … Paper check? 🤨
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