T-Mobile Safe & Found

4.1 (3.2K)
149.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for T-Mobile Safe & Found

4.09 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
4 years ago, misskelly888
All around bad!
I have had every locator app sprint has had and this one by far has to be the worst one. Only accurate location given is me when I’m looking for my son. Every time I go to locate him it defaults to a location he hasn’t been in 4 months, hit locate now and always states can not be located. Have to go out of app then back in and try and hit just the map to find him and then it’s a 50/50 chance I will get a location anywhere near him. I have even had him with me with phone on fully charged, location on, and it stills tells me he can not be located. Going to delete app!!
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4 years ago, DesignerSeller
Waste of Money
I had the app on my son’s phone to use the specific location tracking. It is hidden and his phone is restricted (iPhone parental controls) so he cannot delete the app. I used the general location feature on my daughter’s and spouses phones. My son was able to turn off his location or goes in airplane mode even with iPhone restrictions on, which renders this app useless except for the general location finder. In June the general location finder could no longer locate my daughter or son’s phones and it changed the name of each family member within the app to my name because I am the account owner. Now when I look at the app it shows my name on all 4 phone lines and there is not a way to change this that I could find. Last week the general location stopped locating my spouses phone. I can still locate my spouse and daughter using the iPhone ‘find my phone’ so know their locations are on. Despite deleting and redone loading the app and deleting the phone lines and adding them back on the app, this app does not work at all. I am cancelling the app it is not worth the $10 per month when the only function is my own location, really? Plus, I feel a refund is owed for the past month the app didn’t work at all on my kid’s phones (message is unable to locate device). Waste of money and worst developed app I’ve ever used. Sprint needs to just terminate this app and stop ripping people off. I gave it 1 star because a 0 star rating was not available.
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5 years ago, zubaidah1
Same price but 1 major feature removed
I was super interested in this app when it was explained to me at the sprint store. Especially because this is my child’s first cell phone and I wanted to take precautions that they are using it appropriately. So the parental controls of website, app, and phone restrictions were perfect. Until 1 month after having the app the feature of phone/text restrictions were removed from the app but the website and sprint still used that as a selling feature of the app. Please restore that feature!!! It was such a great part of the app, to have the ability to restrict phone numbers ( ie political robo calls or 800 numbers) from calling by 10 year old child’s phone . Please update and include that back into the app!!!
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5 years ago, nycmusiclover2o19
Only as good as your network coverage
This is an update to my previous review. Today is April 4th. The last time this app tracked my daughters location was March 28. As I stated this app is useless if your network is weak. I am going to delete this as it is basically useless and not worth the additional charge. This app has so much potential. It should be a service provided free for sprint users. My monthly bill is already insane. Back to my review, I get notifications 30 minutes after the fact and this is due to the poor network coverage. I only get 2-3 bars on a good day in my neighborhood. You need to fix that ASAP. Imagine if my kid doesn’t make it home and I am not notified after 1 hour. If I can’t get my moneys worth than I will be moving on and singing like Taylor Swift we are never ever ever getting back together.
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4 years ago, AntonWhit
Disconnects every week
So I like the accuracy of the app when it’s time to track my son’s phone, however when I was being sold the app the lady told me “you don’t have to download the app just add your relative and you’ll be able to locate the phone” and I did it and it was impossible to locate it without downloading the app in his phone. Then every 3 days he gets notifications “safe and found has been using your location” and my son changed that option to “while using the app” so what’s the purpose to have this on his phone if he still disconnects the location permit and I have to start the process all over again. I add that he’s as “child” in my app so why can he make this changes. Just very frustrated with that.
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6 years ago, BethM34
This app is worthless. Being an iOS user I am unable to control anything. I also pay for 3 phones why do I have to pay to know my child is safe!!!!? This service is offered FREE by other providers. I can already do what most of your so called “ features “ are with an iOS phone. People want to be able to set limits for kids during school hours or bedtime hours and not manually but as a schedule you can set and forget. Life is far to busy to have to keep doing it manually. Also, the child can go in and do whatever they want to the app and change settings, turn off their location etc. This app is a complete waste and I am glad I’m only on day 2 of it being free for first month because I will be canceling it today. Make something useful and FREE! Protecting our children from predators and harm should not cost money!!!
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4 years ago, cgbdrb
Locations are way too general 😔
This app was introduced to me as the new and improved Family locator from Sprint. I have not been pleased with this app. I have truly needed this app to located a family member with sleep problem. When used most of the time it gives you a location in thousands of yards. You will never pinpoint their location with that type of accuracy. I hope that this review with help find the glitch that’s causing such low accuracy.
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4 years ago, babyyyyyygirllll
sad/ disappointed teenager
I’d like to say I hate this app and it’s an invasion of privacy Also I already have strict parents as it is and this just makes my life more hell I get no freedom and now my parents have my location and see what I’m doing on my phone I’d like to have everyone rate this app terribly because it ruins young teenage lives I will never be able to be happy as a teenager I never get to leave the house all I do is stay in my room and thanks to this app you’ve guys made it where I most definitely can not leave the house under no circumstances or have a social life without getting my phone locked I will say I do suffer from bad depression and I can already see this is gonna make it even worst please get this app taken down I just wanna be happy......
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5 years ago, RCA63
Don’t Bother
Finally gave up and deleted this app after paying for it for several months. Couldn’t get text invites to go through to my kids’ phones to activate them, couldn’t turn off the self-alerts (yes I know when my phone and I have left/returned to the house), and seeking help on the Safe & Found website on a regular internet browser brings up nothing but blank pages. All of this after an extensive chat session with Sprint support which yielded zero fixes, and instructions to call tech support (and sorry - but I don’t have a half-day or so to allocate for that, along with all the fixes and steps they’d suggest which may or may not improve things). Far easier (and free) to use iPhone location features and any other one of the many apps available that provide this capability.
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5 years ago, tex19tex
If you want to waste countless hours or your time trying to make this finicky app work over and over and over like a recurring bad dream, then by all means, get his app. Better yet, pay to watch your time slip away as you repeatedly try to reset everything every two days. This app will work intermittently about 20% of the time. Which means, of course, that it does not work at all. Trust me when I recommend that you stay far away from this horrible excuse for a parental control app. There are much betters apps that actually work. I cannot say enough bad about this app. It is totally unreliable, and it lacks many features even if the features it is supposed to have did work properly 100% of the time. One of the worst services I have ever paid for.
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6 years ago, Surge479
Much better than previous app, BUT...
This is app is great and has an updated look. However, it fails because you have to have the account holder enter passwords to change notification settings (within the app) to stop it from telling me every time I get to one of the safe areas for example. Additionally, the app does not do remote parental controls well. The app will block all or none on many of the controls, it is much better to just set up the parental controls on the device itself. Also, the app can have its parental control certificate deleted (in addition to uninstalling the app) to effectively remove any parental controls set.
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4 years ago, blp0304
I would have to say this app is doing the job so far. However, i would like to see the app act more like a “parental control” app. The feature of blocking apps and from down loading additional ones is great! However, i would like to be able to track the internet usage of my child, or block any potential inappropriate website that could be listed. Would this be an added feature? Website blockers? Better use of screen time set ups? Just seems like the app need to be a little more friendly for families since this is a “Sprint” app! Just curious! I’m going to give this a shot for the 30 day trial.
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5 years ago, Luckymomo3
We are new sprint customers. We left Verizon. I don’t have a complaint regarding coverage at all. We all have WiFi enabled. My husbands updates (he has a moto e-5) update about a half hour after he has arrived/ departed. The kids and I have iPhones the updates seem to happen I real time. My biggest irritation is that it constantly logs family members out of the app. I know my kids aren’t doing it on purpose.. I can track them in the “Find my iPhone app”. I was really hoping that this app would provide me the piece of mind I was looking for. I’ll give it a bit longer but may end up uninstalling and canceling the service. 👎🏻
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6 years ago, un happy as a sprint customer
Horrible app
This app is horrible why they removed sprint family locator is beyond me. We can not locate our kids because now they have to agree by clicking each time they are located and so if one of our children are hurt or being held against their will we won’t know they are safe or not because we can’t see their location nor get them help if they need it.. this was a horrible decision made by sprint and they should of kept the sprint family locator instead of trying out new things to make them look better when in reality this was not a good thing they did.. I think we should be able to have access to the old one which is sprint family locator and the settings be the same as before plain and simple
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5 years ago, bam050713
This app is terrible , my kids can go an change the settings , they should not have the option , the age restrictions are ridiculous and not only that I don’t have the way to turn the internet of from the phone , no way to schedule anything so basically I have to go and manually turn all the apps off which it doesn’t make any sense because Some of them are school related , the only thing you have is a GPS that already had before with my iPhone and on top of that I have to pay for this . It is really not worth the money . I’m on a trial balance so I didn’t loose any money just time . I need to find something more suitable for our family sprint doesn’t have it.
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5 years ago, helicoptor mom
City would be helpful
Hi I use to help Keep up with my husband who drives long distance. The previous app allowed a satellite view and also the state. It currently just gives the street. Then I have to search the address. Sometimes it’s hard to get in touch with him and knowing where he is and being able to locate gives my family security that he’s ok. I will say that the call now feature is great. I was becoming worried about him last week and I sent out the signal and he called me back. He had pulled over taking a break and didn’t hear the phones’ usual ring tone.
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5 years ago, bakingmom82
Great app
Great app!! Definitely tracks my children’s phone and I can shut their apps remotely from my phone. But I wish there was settings on this app that allows you to set time limits and bedtime so apps automatically turn off if they go over their usage time & when it’s bedtime. It would make things a lot easier especially if I am not physically with them to track their usage. Plus it would be awesome if this app was offered for free for sprint users instead of being having a charge every month.
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6 years ago, Jsant1242
Locations are a little off, i could be sitting at home and the map has me marked as several blocks away. However some of the features in the app are very useful, for example i can make my other families phones ring ( if they misplaced them and phone is on silent/ or vibrate). I can also place a schedule on my sons app limiting the time he can used them and blocking them completely when its bed time. So just work on the “ location” feature more so you can get 5 stars from me. As a back up just for tracking purposes i also use Life360, work well also.
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5 years ago, Dimples_BK
Great app so far but....
Great app so far but I have two phone # set as the child setting & they are getting notifications when the other leaves & enters a safety area. I disable the push notification option & press save but when I go back to edit their profiles it is turned back on. The children are complaining about receiving the constant notifications on their devices. If this is fixed the app gets 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Ca, Fl & Va RCP
Parental Controls are nonexistent
Apparently on the iOS version of this app you cannot set time restrictions for your children’s phones. I want to be able to do the following: 1. Block all WiFi and data usage during bedtime and school hours...and set these to be engaged on a weekly schedule. 2. Have the ability to “unlock” a restriction I have set due to whatever reason I choose, a Snow Day for example. PLEASE make these changes!!! Being iOS devices we can already do most of the other things this app call “features,” how about adding features we can’t already do? I had this ability on another carrier and it was great, it was a “set it and forget about it” until I needed to change or update it. Parents are far too busy to log in and block/unblock multiple times per day per child. I currently only have 2 “child” phones I need to manage and it’s too much to do. I don’t even want to think about what it would have been like a few years ago when I had 4 “child” phones to manage.
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6 years ago, SaBrKa
Not satisfied
The Safe and found will not locate my youngest daughter all of the time. She and I are the only ones that have an iPhone. I can locate myself anytime and all of my other family members except for my 16 year old. When it locates her it is normally from hours earlier or even the day before. She will is the main reason I switched to Safe and Found. Please let me know why this is happening as her phone is always on and charged so I should be able to locate her all of the time. I have been researching other options to locate my family members.
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6 years ago, Wcdavs
Can only locate myself
First, it did not offer me the option to have location only (as described here), it signed me up for the more expensive plan. I don’t want parental controls i want what I had with Sprint Family locator, the ability to locate my family members. I downloaded and installed, then followed the instructions to invite my family, who all in turn followed the instructions but the app won’t recognize my family members. There is nothing anywhere that helps to solve the problem and the people at Sprint said they know nothing about it. So far, Sprint has caused me to lose a great service in favor of something that doesn’t even work. I’m very unhappy.
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5 years ago, joemomma419
Was told we could track our daughter's location, have some control over her device... The thing goes 24 hours or more sometimes without being able to locate her device. It's a Monday right now, and it hasn't recognized her phone since Thursday. Going to have to uninstall and reinstall the app. Again. Not worth what they're charging, but we've kept it only because it is nice to be able to find our daughter (or more accurately, her phone), but it's getting ridiculous. As far as device control goes, it recognizes my daughter as an adult but will let me block my wife. Even after 3 uninstall and reinstalls. Fix the app.
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4 years ago, jabbaworld
Just being honest
I myself am a sprint customer that has no problem and trying out Sprint products. Yeah honestly if this device worked all the time it would be perfect but because I have to reboot the device at least every other day in order to make sure the data is being transmitted from the device to my phone. Because of this issue I have to be honest it doesn’t deserve a 5 star rating but a 3 star rating. But if Sprint resolve this issue of connectivity I would definitely give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, cmzri
Safe and found
After I use it 2 times, it freezes and will no longer open. I then have to delete it and reinstall it to get it to work 2 more times!! Done this at least 20 times now! This is insane. And when it does work, the location shown is miles away from the actual location!
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5 years ago, Chi P.
Fail and Bad because to start with, I spent hours and hours trying to connect family member’s phones and they cannot be located. I’ve tried everything. The only thing that works how it is supposed to be is the tracker. $2.50 for the tracker device. $5.00 for service fee which is all fine and I agreed to it. But, there’s a hidden fee (deceitful) for the use of the App of $6.99 a month every month (first month is Free to fool you). $6.99 a year is probably fine but $6.99 month for the App is too much, plus I was not informed when I commit and signed up for the other charges. They didn’t disclose about the App charges. Deceitful.
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4 years ago, Angie 8592
App bugging me
The app was recommended by sprint customer service. To many steps to locate our family members. One family member is located constantly in the same place. Even if not there! Really wish this issue gets fixed, soon. Family Locator app was better. Paying more for Safe and Found expect better service.
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5 years ago, joef1956
Not what it used to be
It seems with every upgrade and improvements I like this less and less. It gives me harder times to track people. It constantly tells family members they no longer are in the group and I have to send out another request for them to join. (Annoying) and now they have live tracking which the mention will eat at your battery life but they don’t give you a way to turn that off. I intend on calling them tomorrow and if they don’t have a way to turn it off I’ll be cancelling this service
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6 years ago, Madmama4
Has its good days
Some days it is on the ball and accuracy is amazing- otherwise it is lost more then my kid’s phones. The price is a bit high for a monthly charge, when iPhones do have finding features. I use it more to see when my kids leave something and how long it is taking them to get to various check points along the way. It would be a 5 if it was more economical and accurate.
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6 years ago, nicemank
Okay, one star is too harsh but...
So, credit to the the gps and mapping framework, but the tracking and time accuracy is laughable. Other people said it but we still tried it out... when we leave or arrive it usually states that it’s minutes, but sometime hours to update. Results in statements like “*Name here* arrived home at 10:30” when they left at 10:00 and so on. This could be bad for people with trust issues. And for $8 a month it deserves to be better. Still provides peace of mind about your loved ones, but there are better apps for that.
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5 years ago, BTSteveson
Blows away the find my friends app built in iOS. Superior location accuracy, and far more functionality. Ease of use is excellent. Love everything about this. Works like a charm. Outstanding!! Update: Location accuracy has been even better since this last update. Sprint is killing the competition where family safety apps are concerned.
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3 years ago, LashBossLady93
Logged out Constantly
I'm giving it a 3 star because I like the app a lot considering we have a autistic child and this keeps him safe. The only thing I don't like is that we are all constantly getting logged out of the app. I don't understand why.. please fix this as it gets annoying to somehow still receive notifications that "x person has left space place" or "x person has arrived at safe place" but not be logged into the app itself..
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6 years ago, frustradedStudent
Battery MONSTER!!!!
Everyone in my family complains how much it eats up their batteries and by the time they have to leave work and school there phones are dying- hence still unable to locate them when the phones dyed out. Notification come in 3-5 after actual arrival or later. Family locator was not fancy but it worked and did not drain the phones. There is no feature that is usable without having access to the other phones physically- find my iPhone and google are better at this then this app.
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6 years ago, MrsD51914
Overall Good But Stalls
This app is great for me and my husband. The only downfall is that it likes to stall at a particular location and doesn’t move for hours. And it does not always give precise exact location in the area we are in. I.E we can be in the same room and it’ll show us like one of us is across the street. Fix these issues and it’ll be 100% perfect.
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6 years ago, F-Gump
Should be free
Works about like what you would think a free app would. Kids can easily circumvent the block features plus you can’t make deleting the certificate locked so once that is deleted you are even more limited on what you can do. With the apple phone once you disable apps it also disabled the locating ability of the app, on the galaxy OS it still works. I do like the galaxy operation much better than the apple OS function. The galaxy OS allows individual app blocking and the apple is all or none with exception of call and text
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3 years ago, EternallyExhaustedMama
Find another app!
This is app is entirely useless. My husband and I are both disconnected at least once a week but don’t know when until we go to use the app. We have it set to where the kids have to ask to use the App Store so we can check what they’re downloading and that only works once in a blue moon, luckily they are young enough that they still let us know and aren’t trying to do anything sneaky. I got this app for free through a promotion and my heart goes out to the poor souls who’ve actually paid for this garbage. Find another app. Literally any other app.
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6 years ago, okgffdscg
Safe and found is terrible
Former SFL user. This app is terrible. It drains battery life because location services run in the background all the time. Every time you try to locate someone, it has to ask them to check in first. Location service on the iPhone is way better and you don’t pay extra for it. Don’t get this app.
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5 years ago, jtepa
Wish it were 5 Stars!
The restrictions work great with the apps and everything else. It does not work for blocking text or calls that are not on the whitelist. We pay the monthly rate for half of the services this thing provides!!! What about the other half that’s very important to my child’s safety and our security?! Lol do I need assistance?! No, how about fix the app to do what it’s supposed to do. We pay a monthly fee for an app that only does half of the job.
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4 years ago, Zayeff
App not locating the tracker!
I recently got a tracker when I purchased my new phone and I didn’t open them immediately but a few days ago since my daughter was going back to school I decided to open them and download the app everything worked fine for a few hours then all of a sudden the app was no longer tracking the tracker I have been calling and texting customer service everyday since and got no help! I’m trying to figure out why the app map is blurry why can’t it locate or ring my tracker is it the app or the tracker what is it?
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6 years ago, GrvlPit
Amazing app
Being able to get notified when my Kids leave and return has been a godsend. Having the boundaries for the locations (Work, Home, School) or anywhere else you see fit. Also, being able to block apps on their phones or tablets has been a huge help in ensuring their protection.
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1 year ago, Confused06
I was hoping there would be more to the restrictions.. it looks like I can only restrict what type of apps my daughter can download by age. I wanted to also be able to specifically pick what apps she can and can’t use. Also, I was hoping there was a feature that blocked which type of websites she can go on. Lastly, I was also hoping I could create some type of schedule for her phone usage. But I’m not seeing any of that.
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6 years ago, M2b1g
Good, but won’t locate when needed
I really like the new look and location accuracy, however it does not update location immediately and if I need to do a quick check it always says they can’t be located which defeats the purpose. I don’t need to know where they are every second of the day, but if I have a cause for worry I want to know that they can be found when I check like the old app. I’m not sure if it’s worth paying $6.99 when it only half works.
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4 years ago, softballgirl334
I have had this for close to a year and my parents allow me to do stuff without tracking me every second but a couple months ago it would take me out of our circle and it would take forever to get back into the circle but it works very well
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5 years ago, MerelyAGhost
Nice app for someone who constantly loses their keys. I am happy that the coolpad tracker uses 3G rather than just Bluetooth and WiFi. The only thing I wish the app did better was display the actual battery level of the tracker instead of just a battery bar. Also I wish I could turn off update intervals for it so it would potentially save more battery.
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6 years ago, 123justamom
If the person you want to find closes the app you can’t find them. They close the app because that is what everyone does to save battery life. If my family member is broken down on the side of the road or in the hospital they are not going to necessarily be able to click on the phone to update there location ( which is what you have to do if you closed the app) So all they have to say is “oops I closed the app” and they can go wherever the hell they want. Nothing “safe & found” with this service. Not worth a penny.
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1 year ago, Gatto203
My family has used this for about two years. In recent months, every other day the app « freezes » and I have to delete it and reinstall. We are all on Wi-Fi most of the time and yet it is delayed in locating our phones, sometimes by hours, sometimes by days. I am constantly having to send invitations to the same group of people to rejoin. This costs $9.99 month but is not even worth 99 cents. I’m deleting it and finding a reliable app.
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4 years ago, Dopey Doggy
Unsurprisingly Disappointed
Decided to get a couple Safe and Found trackers for our two dogs in case they ever get lost or we lose track of them. After spending several days with next-to-no help from Sprint technical support, I miraculously managed to get one of the two trackers to start blinking it’s green light, allowing me to pair it with the app. With a smile on my face and high hopes, I opened the app to be greeted with the lovely message of “Tracker 1 Not Responding.” And no, I couldn’t get the tracker to respond despite all of my efforts. Just get a Tile and save your sanity.
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3 years ago, t ikker98
Not working properly no live tracking and or update locations
I have address this so many times and it continues without working and or live tracking! Waste of money!
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6 years ago, BlessingsInLove
Not Happy
Within this application, I hope to have an option to distinguish, locate family members and follow family members. Also, share this phone’s location option should have the ability to distinguish share with parents or share with ALL family members. I don’t like the limitation of “share with all” or no one. Lastly, I hope to see more parental controls, e.g. ability to control incoming/ outgoing phone calls, texts messages, etc.
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3 years ago, dah604
Safe and Found
Love the APP when it works correctly which is about 75% of the time. It has a habit of kicking family members offline where they can no longer be tracked. That is the most frustrating part. Hopefully they will fix these bugs so if and when they do. I would give it 5 stars.
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