T. Rowe Price Personal®

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T. Rowe Price
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for T. Rowe Price Personal®

4.64 out of 5
22.6K Ratings
3 years ago, 0U8124US
Performance Numbers Reported Later
Compared with Fidelity, T. Rowe only updates the NAV and account values around 6-7 pm Eastern Time. Fidelity typically updates about 30-45 mins after market close. Morningstar and Marketwatch is often updated at least an hour before T. Rowe Price’s website and mobile app. Not sure how Fidelity has the ability to report / update 2 hours before T. Rowe. Many times, Capital Appreciation funds updates way late. Not sure why. Many someone has to count using an abacus.
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6 years ago, Mrmjhall
It’s okay
The app provides some features that make it easy to manage and shift contributions and show how those are currently allocated to you investment elections. However, it does not make research of investment options easy, especially if you want to compare side by side with other investment choices. It also does not provide a breakdown for an active 401k of how the money is growing. How much is from your own contributions vs. employer match vs. market change of the investment. Also does not provide MTD view of rate of return on your funds - Always have to wait until the month. Compare this app to Fidelity and the latter wins on all areas where this is lacking. Since my company uses this firm to manage 401k for us really don’t have much choice in apps...
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6 years ago, Ericisennock
Plenty of room for improvement
I have just started using this app and haven’t fully explored all of its features. HOWEVER, from what I have experienced in the app is the need for some updates. It is compatible with iPhone’s Touch ID but like many other people who like to stay current with Apple’s latest products, I am a little disappointed that this app doesn’t allow me to use Face ID but instead try and remember my password like a caveman. So, for starters, an update that allows the app to work with Face ID would be greatly appreciated. Thus far, it is my only complaint with the app.
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6 years ago, Pickerel Lake
Good overall performance, needs iPad optimization.
The information is great but the iPhone screen is a little small and the iPad keyboard is much faster and more accurate than my thumbs. Need iPad and iPhone optimized either with another app (if its there it’s hard to find) or the same app.
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2 years ago, Pulling My Hair Out!!!!!
Worst, Least Responsive Support
I have been an investor with TRP for many years starting during my years in the corporate world when our company used TRP to handle the employee investment plans. Always impressed with their service I went back to them after leaving the Corporate life and starting my own business. For the first few years I was happy with the customer service, but a few months ago I began to experience problems with the app on my iPhone. I immediately reported the problem to the Technical Support Group. They have failed miserably! Promise after Promise to resolve the problem have not been fulfilled. Time for me to take my business elsewhere.
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1 year ago, RC416
Crashes a lot, use the website instead of the app
I tend to just login to the mobile website rather than the app because the app doesn’t offer much. It gives you basic account info but that’s about it. The app needs to be developed further so it’s more flexible, offers more information, and is in line with what the mobile website is like. August 2022 Update - App is still basic but has a bug every time I use it and has to restart. May 2023 - App is still very slow, has bug issues when trying to get to statement page.
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4 years ago, SlugmanV2
Brokerage almost unusable
I realize that the brokerage is not part of T. Rowe Price, but someone needs to take responsibility for it. The only way to trade stocks from T. Rowe Price accounts is via their brokerage link. When trying to set up a trade, the small dialogues are difficult to select. Tap on stock symbol dialogue and it looks active, but it’s actually asking for number of shares!? I just can’t get a trade off in time to get filled. This is costing me money. Robinhood is has free trades and awesome, quick UI. Probably going to have to move my IRA, already moved a lot of my taxable account to Robinhood. Time for a reality check. T. Rowe is better than this!
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2 years ago, trp app is junk
Garbage app
T. Rowe Price still can’t get it right. The negative reviews of their app have a long history and I’m not usually one write a bad one. However, when I download the latest update, and the app won’t even load? Each time I open the app it asks me to download the newest version. No matter that I just did the update. T Rowe Price, the only reason I stay here is because my employer uses TRP for retirement services. Once I retire I’ll be moving to a service that can give me quick, easy and convenient access to my information. You need to fire the entire app\IT development leadership or consultant and start fresh.
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4 years ago, C-Luey
Love the app! My only complaint at the moment is the fact that whenever I sign in, I go through the (TSA) two-step authentication, which is what I enabled through the app. Lately, maybe the last month or so, it always comes back with failed or inaccurate login, but still allows me to sign in. The information that I provide is correct, as it is the pin sent to me, but it always says not valid and proceed to sign in. A little annoying, but the app works just fine after cleaning the message.
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6 years ago, DCRobbie
Nice app with room for improvement
From a high level perspective, pretty good app. Lacks, however basics like showing gains / losses by percent or dollar for a single fund or across all funds collectively. Access to research is good. Would be nice to be able to get quotes. One bug recently introduced needs to be fixed and that’s having to answer a security question at every login because the option to REGISTER the device isn’t working on my iPhone.
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3 years ago, scud farkas
App keeps crashing after latest update
Ive used this app for several years now & it has always worked well(aside from the erroneous 2-factor authentication that gets quite aggravating...& yes, ive turned it off but it continues to prompt). Since I did the most recent update, every time I attempt to open the app, it crashes! I see there are quite a few other reviews with similar problems. For me, this has been going on since roughly, around new years. Please fix this.....or its time for me to go somewhere else!
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1 year ago, ClassicYes
Almost perfect
Only issue I am having with the app is when I select ‘Activities’ from bottom menu, the cursor just spins and spins. I am unable to select any specific transaction, with the latest being the only one with info. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Note this is from my iPad Pro. Other than that, the app does what I need it to do.
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3 years ago, Calcruiser76543
Needs help
Do not open a brokerage account with these guys if you plan on making trades through this app. Hands down the worst brokerage platform out there. If you only need to use this app to check investment balances then it works great. I repeat, you do not want to depend on this app to make trades through brokerage. Nothing about it is straight forward. Annoying to use. Amazes me that they have let themselves fall so far behind. Such an easy fix.
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2 years ago, Winter Bagle
Ever since the first week…
Quite literally ever since the first week I downloaded the app I can only push the more menu option. If I click anywhere else on the app it crashes. Immediately. There’s nothing on their FAQ page about app crashing either? No app update that fixed this and it’s been over 3 months now. Granted, this review is biased because I’ve only ever had issues with this company. However, the lack of function in this app is ridiculous in its own right.
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3 years ago, curlytx
Gets worse with every update
Cant even logon anymore after this update…claims i use incorrect credentials, but they are correct.. since i can log into the www site before it was the initial “ an unexpected error has occurred “… but at least you could blow past that after dismissing it 5 times… i am on ios 15.1 and today was forced to update to the latest version of the app… cant you guys fix what seems to be basic login issues ? Smh…. Ive tried removing the app and reinstall, but no luck
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5 months ago, Ralisk
App crashes after log in
App worked fine, now it just shuts down after log in. Developer reached out via email asking to elaborate. I’d like to say I found a workaround that at least get me into the app to use it. The app loads, and just after the app loads the “portfolio” tab I am able to tap the tab next to portfolio called “activity.” I have been able to rapidly tap where the activity tab appears to get to that tab, I stay in that “Activity” tab for a few seconds then tap on “Portfolio” and the app works as intended. I am able to move around within the app issue free after this “workaround.” Hopefully they see this and helps others for the time being.
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5 years ago, $PixelGun3DMaster$
The App updates are awful
This used to be a good app. It isn’t anymore. The updates have taken away the bar graph that would tell you your year to date percentage for your portfolio, as well as 1 year, and since inception. This needs to be put back in. You can still see them for each individual item in the portfolio. They also took away the update button which would give you your current return. WE NEED TO KNOW THIS!!!! Fix the app to the way it was viewed a year ago. Stop taking things away!
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3 years ago, tgbr304
Good but some quirks
Face ID is broken in this app. If you change your password on the website, it retains the old password in the app and the app doesn’t provide a way to update the setting. You’d have to log in manually instead of resetting the Face ID from that point on. If you choose Face ID too many times, your account will get locked out.
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6 years ago, kulvik4366
Excellent information source
I love this app! It lets me check periodically (my choice) and see how all my investments are doing and if I need to make any changes. I love how it shows me how T.Rowe has helped me increase my investments and encouraged me that I’ve made the right choices. It helps me feel secure in my future!
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3 years ago, MRpub
Decent but login flaws
The app does a decent job providing account data but the login needs fixing. Any password change breaks the Face ID login and the problem can’t be corrected within the app; you have to delete and reinstall, which is ridiculous. Also, I get an inexplicable Request Failed error after every (successful) login.
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3 years ago, AndresACB
Annoying bug
I keep getting notifications that I have been logged out due to inactivity despite having closed the app from running in the background.
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5 years ago, Hatethisapp2
Does not work
I’ll like to test the app except because I can’t login .. like some other people reported. Problem is present for months and new version don’t fix the issue. I can still login through the website, works well at safari. Contacted support by email but they are unable to forward the message to the appropriate team, I just got a generic message suggesting me to contact support through phone . Follow up: 3 months since I reported the issue, apps still broken/does not work
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7 years ago, RariTavi
Bare minimum
While the app tells me the current value of my funds and how much it changes in the latest trading session, the historical graphs have never worked for me or my coworkers. It just says that there is not enough data. I would say 5 years should be enough. The app offers little more than that. Some basic information of funds and that's all. No reports or projections on ones performance, etc.
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4 months ago, Mjyinthehouse
Brokerage Stock Trades
When will you allow me to buy stocks via the app for the brokerage component of my TRP account? It is very frustrating not be able to buy stocks and ETFs on mobile. When will you allow dividend reinvestment for stocks and ETFs. All the brokerages have this service for their customers.
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7 years ago, Sambalama
This is one of the best financial apps I have used!! This is not a super limited version of their website like so many others are. You can view funds and returns, redistribute balances and change contributions, view returns since inception, and so much more.
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5 years ago, Geigeb
Getting worse.
I am surprised for a company valued at multiple millions and millions of dollars how un-user friendly, and un useful their app is. I enjoy the online site. But this app is hardly worth my time. TRP. If you are going to compete in today’s digital world with cell phones, you’ve got to get a team together that can come up with a better app. (Or at least go back to the previous version where we could do more with it).
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4 years ago, xrC3
Great App - Face ID Fix
Does everything I do with my account on line. Ease of navigation is excellent. If you change your password you’ll need to delete the app and reinstall to get face recognition to work again ... an Apple thing.
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3 weeks ago, Nickname not taken 654321
Completely unusable after they changed to “Modern” styling
On iPad, this application is completely broken, links do not work, numbers are truncated and hidden because the columns cannot be resized, and there is no application flow. I have no idea how this could have been released to public. The previous version of this app was barely workable and not even close to other broker applications. This is not a native iPad application but a wrapper around their traditional web app so when the styling changed in the web app it completely disregarded the fact that this has to run on iPad. I hope someone at TRowe price will actually try to use this iPad application and make it work again. As-is this does not work.
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4 years ago, Kaneohe64
The app has few functions and minimal information, compared to some of the other major fund families! You cannot research a fund by typing in its name....you have to scroll through the list of funds to find it. The ETFs cannot be found with this app and transactions are limited to exchanges between T Rowe funds. These are just a few of the shortcomings. Please bring this app up to date and give us more!🙏🏾
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4 years ago, Mahabr
Some needed updates
I like the recent updates on both the website and the app. Good job to all the developers. I have the following list of issues I’ve noted (I am marking this 1 Star to get attention on this review): * I use Wealthfront to track my overall wealth. Ever since I started using it, there has been an issue with flawlessly syncing t rowe and Wealthfront. I have not had this issue with any other investment profiles and would like this reviewed and hopefully corrected (shouldn’t take long) * I recommend and option to show how much of each 401k investment is pre-tax and how much is post-tax. Also, showing how much money came from a company match, similar to the website. I hope we can see these changes in the app/interface
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1 year ago, iPhoneWanderer
Challenge every time
This latest update requires a two factor authentication challenge every single time I open the app. This was not the case for the past several years when I would open the app. For this reason, the app now gets a one star review because I do not like this new feature. It may be for my safety, but the app has such limited functionality… There is no need for this.
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7 years ago, do the right thing!
Great customer service & easy to buy and sell
I have been investing with Trowe Price for over 22 years . I am completely satisfied. Easy to use website and great customer service & not to mention well-managed funds.
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7 months ago, Mechhh21
App doesn’t work
I’ve been able to get into my account on the app once & for the past two weeks there has been a system issue. How is it for two whole weeks nobody has fixed the issue? The whole reason I downloaded this app is so that I didn’t have to constantly go through the web browser & this just complicated the situation even more.
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5 years ago, EvbyMan
Currently broken
The current version of the app is broken. I got locked out after forgetting my password and even after calling the number provided and unlocking my account the app specifically will not allow me access. I can use the online browser portal just fine, but the app is useless. I even deleted and redownloaded the app. Completely unusable for me in its current state. When it is fixed i will edit my score.
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3 months ago, oBLEUU
App Crashes on IPhone
For the last few months the App is not usable on my phone, every time I try to login it instantly crashes. I’ve deleted and redownloaded multiple times and yet the same outcome. The Web browser is usable but why have an app if you can’t use it at all? I’ve seen multiple reviews with the same problem, the developers need to fix the issue ASAP!
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3 years ago, Walleygator
Need to see daily changes
Need to be able to see not only the overall change daily but also, the individual contributions as well as the employer match.
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6 years ago, J75828
Best Web Site
I use about four financial web sites. T Rowe Price has made it easy to check your investment and initiate a Sell transaction. They provide very immediate emails on my transactions. Please limit any “ improvements”.
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2 years ago, Concerned User 3748826
Subpar Experience for Seeing Performance Overtime
The app doesn’t make it easy to track performance over time. It shows daily changes, but I’m not seeing a way to breakdown performance all time, or for any intervals other than daily change. This seems like a pretty basic function, and I’m not sure why it’s absent.
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3 years ago, Randironi
Recent upgrade poorly designed
I had to update the T Rowe app today and the upgrade is not user friendly at all. To find out how much dividend/interest, I earned, separate from the daily change due to an increase/decrease in a stock, I had to navigate at least five screens. It used to show on the first screen. Why would T Rowe make using the app more cumbersome? I love T Rowe but hate the new “upgrade.”
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1 year ago, ladyabigailll
App won’t work
Every time I go to log in the app says the are experiencing technical difficulties. Think it’s a T. Rowe problem because the website is not working either. Kind of makes you nervous that they don’t even warn you when they are having problems. If they can’t keep a website running they need to invest some of their money into a better IT department.
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4 years ago, Ex Cityslicker in K of P, PA
FED Up With This App & Being asked to Change Password
This App keeps making me change my password to get in. I just changed it again yesterday and now it is telling me it is not working. When I go online to sign in with phone number it lets me in but then flashes that something went wrong. I’m done with this app. I’m moving my 401k out to TD Ameritrade this week. I would be embarrassed if I were TRowe. These kind of mistakes and problems are UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, MikeCGA66
A Great App!
I routinely use the app for all of my investment planning, analysis, and trading. It gives me all the information I need and it is easy to use. I like the graphics which make it easy to understand what I am seeing.
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2 years ago, SR22BC333
ALL the dead space and smaller font. Not awesome
The first 1/4 of the page is dead space and a free budget planning tool. And now the font for my total balance is shrunk so small I can barely read it. Why can’t apps just have relevant useful information on the landing page???
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4 years ago, jvthsyum
It’s Just Okay
I’m used to the user-friendly formats of the Capital One, Fidelity and Credit Karma apps and in comparison, this app is frustrating to use. I realize that T. Rowe Price is slightly different in terms of content but still, I wouldn’t recommend it. The desktop version is way better and easier to use.
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6 months ago, le collecteur
Technical Difficulties-Error Message on Login
Not sure what the problem is with the App? But it’s not allowing for a simple login in the last couple of months. On every login, an error message pops up (we are experiencing technical difficulties) and kicks you out and forces you to try again-usually allowed to login on the 2nd try or sometimes on the third try?
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3 years ago, CBW2011
Not great for 401k visibility
This app is not great for visibility into your 401k. Essentially, you can only see current point in time asset allocations and value. No trending, charts over time, or transactional data. I guess conceptually, it’s the same way the actual web portal frames any actual useful data into subframes it pulls out of a different system, except you can’t get to those from this app.
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6 years ago, Bevdf
Easy app to use
This app is extremely user friendly and the dashboard has all the pertinent information displayed and is easy to read and understand.
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7 years ago, TKmac68
Good app, bad math
The app gives me the view I want to see. Other then that it failed to wow me. There are clear calculation errors even considering all the assumptions. If I increase my contributions by $100 my over all return only goes up by $98. Somewhere in the formula there is an error, so they should just do away with that.
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5 months ago, kunsterguy
Experiencing Technical Difficulties
This is the message I receive when trying to access the app. It appears, from the reviews, that this has been reported at least a year ago. Can someone please fix this soon?
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10 months ago, Terrell322
Bad customer service/ App is slow
The app is slow, Domt recommend there account even if your jobs offers 401k. Terrible place to have your accounts. Customers services doesn’t even know what a rollover is and their suppose to be 401k specialist. Clearly they hire anybody and everybody they can to just pick a phone. Would recommend Fidelity or Merrill Lynch for any retirement needs.
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