Table Tennis Touch

4.3 (4.6K)
325.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Table Tennis Touch

4.26 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, CcKing0024
Good But....
This game has a ton of potential and brings a high level of excitement. However that potential and excitement is quickly tempered by gameplay hiccups that on the surface may seem petty. But those hiccups very quickly become major issues. What I am referring to is the bat or paddle as some may know. Like many games out there in the gaming world, a player is rewarded for their effort as the progress thru the various levels. This is no different. The game teaches the basics of proper gameplay and gradually becomes more difficult as you progress thru various levels. When you win a match you are rewarded with experience points which opens different games and practices. The more you play the better you become. But you will learn very quickly that the bat you play with is NOT going to help you much beyond the practice lvls. You will need to take time to practice the various returns, serves etc. This is where the type of bat comes in. Some are good for sheer speed, others for control and spin. But this isn’t easy to find. I earned several “upgraded” bats with high spin and control. The problem was that I had absolutely no idea how to use them. Finding where I could switch the bats took some time. That is the major issue. I would like an easier menu to navigate so I don’t have to spend so much time looking for the bat I wish to use. Don’t be fooled by the skins either... they do NOTHING for your overall control and spin. They are nothing more than flash.
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2 years ago, Fewtyre
Fun Ping-Pong Game with a couple flaws
Firstly, I don’t think that Ping Pong Fury really improved upon what it’s predecessor, Table Tennis from Yakutia, built up. Excluding the UI and graphics, I honestly preferred the former. The “Ping Pong Pass” is nowhere near the value of $5. A couple pods and some tacky skins? I don’t think it’s worth it. Next, some of the cosmetics and graphics within the game are downright uncompetitive. For example, the Chicken blade skin has two ping-pong ball sized eyes that make it excruciating the play against. It’s almost unfair that an opponent can use such a broken skin. In addition, the table in Tokyo needs a redesign. I’m not sure if it is based off of a real life design, but the white table-white ball combo makes no sense. At least add some red to the table? Or make the ball red in Tokyo? The bots in the game are so boring, and they usually have an overpowered bag so that their spin makes up for the boring gameplay. Overall, it’s a fun game. Download it if you enjoy ping pong and good graphics.
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5 years ago, Bullseye bulldog12
It’s ok...just ok
The game play is fun the “online” component only works on local WiFi so it’s not online which is the main reason I downloaded the game the real reason the game is so frustrating sometimes when you try to hit the ball it sometimes just fazed through the paddle and this is extremely present in the more skilled opponents in a quick play match vs more of the more highly skilled opponents the game used to be 5$ which is an absurd price for such an unpolished game but making the game free was a good change the story/career mode is boring after the first few tournaments I’ve read a couple of the reviews for the game and they made it so it was less skilled base which is fair enough but the game is so brutal with its first couple of tournaments you have to go through a practice stage before every tournament which is fair enough but after the first stage or club section the game really steps up and starts to punish you with the horrible controls the serving is a horrible process where you barely ever can hit an advanced serve and if you miss no second tries to attempt to correct the horrible mechanics the game is just flat out unpolished
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6 years ago, Konokopia
Fun, but...
The game plays fun, but I’ve noticed that no mater how hard I try, I can never hit it out of the table. I’ve been trying to commit an error on purpose to test this out, and the ball always stays in play. Which means that the player doesn’t really have full control over the direction of the ball. It’s only about timely hitting. That’s somewhat unsatisfying. Especially since the super realistic graphics imply that the game will be realistic to play. I play actual ping pong, and players, especially beginners, have a hard time keeping the ball in play. They either hit the net, or miss the table. Neither of these ever happens in this game. I assume that’s done on purpose to make the gameplay suitable for more people, but it would be nice to be able to switch to a more realistic mode, in which you have more actual control, even though it will be more difficult to learn that control. But, despite this, it’s still a fun, and a great looking, game.
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3 years ago, MindySueSatch
I just wish it was online
I love this game it’s the best it’s so entertaining very detailed and it’s one of the best games I have on my iPad and the graphics are really good and my cousin loves this game too and he inspired me to download it and I did and it was very fun so I totally recommend downloading this game it’s just that there is no online gaming my dad reallyWanted to get it but there is no online gaming so he didn’t so I think there should be online gaming where you press some kind of button and then you go in a tournament with our other random person and then it will track how good you are and then you go to a league and all those people in that league will be as good as you and if you get better you’ll get a higher league but if you get worse then you’ll get a little early
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4 years ago, avaricus
Wonderful gameplay but could be amazing
I enjoyed the game but with the following tweaks I would be actively recommending it. When playing this game I want: - to be able to choose my bat for every exercise, not just some. This frustrated me. - more variety in opponents playing styles. Skill and stamina aren’t enough, I’d like to see more variability in offense, defense, spin, etc, so I really have to adapt to new opponents. - the ability to spend my reputation (or match winnings) on bat upgrades. - visuals and stories for my opponents. I like building a narrative in my head when playing. - a secret bonus level after the world champs. Would add some needed mystique to the game. - controls that increase my likelihood of hitting the ball when it’s loving fast. Like other reviews I also felt like the ball passed by when I was certain my finger was in the right place, but I think it’s because when the ball is going fast you need lots of precision. This is frustrating, not challenging. Instead, if my shot isn’t quite perfect at high speed I should still be able to hit the ball, but my accuracy or speed of return should suffer. Give the game these tweaks and you’ll be on to an all-time winner. It’s so close! Thanks for your good work and attention to detail.
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3 years ago, MattW756
Fun but rigged
They can make the computer you play 100 percent impossible to score on so when you play someone best of 3 the same guy you can score and win on the next game they make the computer perfect and impossible. The shots that are good enough become not good enough. It’s hard to explain but it takes the fun out when you know that the computer is set to impossible. This could easily be fixed just make it consistent the bit that plays in game 1 of 3 be the same every game you play in the series. Now game 1 is the only game you have a chance at game 2&3 it’s impossible the bot literally teleports no matter where or how fast you can put the ball. I know it’s the way you want the game to play out but after the 100th time it made me delete the app without ever spending a dime a little better and not rigged ida spent some probably.
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4 years ago, Shania'sDad
Spin Spin Spin = Boring
I want to love this game, I really do. Graphics are terrific, could have a story of some kind for career but that is the small stuff. What kills this game for me is that once you are past initial tournament it turns into a spin dominated game and trying to do anything but put spin or counter spin on a shot is a complete waste of time and leads to a loss and failure. I played tournaments in my youth and not every player out there can spin like a world champion but you wouldn’t know that in this game. It just gets way to boring to rally until you accidentally swipe to low and lose the screen on iPad or another glitch is paddle sticks in place or the opponent hits in the net on and easy return after a long boring rally like even the computer ai got bored. There are lots of different play styles out there but obviously the developers are fans of spin, spin, spin.
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6 years ago, odell119
I love this game!
I am hooked on this game. It is so fun and it is a challenge. There are a few things that I think could be improved. First off, something is causing the game to lock up, just every once In awhile. I was having to start over on the career mode every time it locked up and was just about to delete the app, after the third time I was deep into the game and had to start over, when I figured out I can reset my Ipad while the game is locked up and I only lose what I am currently on instead of my whole career. The other thing is that some of the mini games are set up to where I slam the ball as hard as it will go and it’s almost looks like the opponent blinks and is there making it impossible to do a passing slam.…the whole challenge. I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, ......383838383
Ok so don’t get me wrong, sure it’s a very fun game but, what really kinda gets me annoyed is that you compete with the same person and also I keep winning all the time.😩 I would really love it ❤️if they could make it more harder to complete it. Also I don’t want to say to many adds but there’s a pretty good amount of them, basically it’s every time you complete a “level” it gives you a add.😩 I don’t want to seem like i don’t like the app but I don’t also love it that much, I like the app and it’s great to play if your bored. I would really hope if they upgrade the computers to make the game a little harder. Thank you for reading this long review! 👋
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2 years ago, ksudkd
Amazing game
i love the physics and the overall realism. The game is so well put together, I just cant stop playing it no matter what. The day i saw this app all i could play was this. To be honest my expectations were heavily exceeded. The way you get to put the spin, and speed and length of range on the ball is just so well put together! I absolutely loved this game everytime i played it. When it told me to rate it i felt that i should share my feelings with the amazing community! Although, I might rage from the all star AI, the game has no heavy flaws. In my opinion of course, Hope this helped. If your thinking on downloading the game feel free to have a new addicting game you cant put down!
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5 years ago, ShortStack916
best table tennis game
I’ve read some reviews about just negative negative negative come on how perfect can at really get it for being able to play on a little phone it’s held in our hands and it to mimic the actual game itself is amazing I myself would like to believe I’m a amateur to pro table tennis player in real life. In this game has got me in numerous my table tennis friends and love sure there’s a lot of things I could be fixed sure there’s a lot of things that don’t work but the overall is it can’t get much better than this except for I’m trying to figure out how to play my friend do we have to be on the same Wi-Fi or something
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3 years ago, jaseinatl
Greed sets in. Best ever despite the Ads
How can a developer ruin the best game ever? Greed. The ads must sure pay a lot on this game because now they are everywhere. Glad I got several hundred hours playing this amazing game before they got greedy and implemented their new ad policy. Sadly, it breaks your concentration takes you out of the game and ruins it. Now I can only play one game before an ad and then I’m sidetracked playing something else. Hope the 3 cents you made off me was worth it.
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5 years ago, FindingGoodApps
Outstanding. Fun. Addicting.
This game has become my favorite iPhone app and I have many. Beautiful realistic graphics, simple to play and navigate, clean and well organized. Most of all a completely realistic and authentic feeling of playing live table tennis. Even my strengths and weaknesses are the same here as in real life. I love this game and pull it out any chance I get. It’s especially great for shorts breaks during the day. The training sessions are absolutely fun and the tournaments offer a real life feel of nervousness and excitement. I love that I am playing in front of a live audience that applauds my wins! Outstanding work in development. And great fun to play!
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1 year ago, ded3912
Great game but huge gaps according to skill level for example the squares event that is very difficult and the medals seem out of reach on the international level also the spin that the computer is able to put on the ball seems pretty unrealistic seeing as the player is unable to match the amount of spin. Other than that and a few other things the game is near perfect physics wise. Also there should be a greater amount of options for paddles, great game keep it up oh last thing there should be more freebies sure you guys are in it for the money but freebies brings purchases haven’t you ever been to Costco on a Saturday,¡
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6 years ago, PhDAV
Let’s me play strategically!
I love this game. I have no trouble hitting the ball and I love being able to control the speed of the game based on my play style. I don’t understand how another reviewer said it was hard to hit. I play only on my iPad as I prefer the larger surface area. Maybe they are on their phone? I tried playing against a frien and he was on his phone. He had a hard time, BUT it was also his first time whereas, I had been playing for a week or two. I suggest giving yourself enough time to learn and get used to it, then write your review.
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7 years ago, Jrpsubway
This game has so much potential with the career and all the different game modes but the actual gameplay falls short of FREE GAMES. It is way to easy to miss the ball while trying to hit it. I've played table tennis quite a bit and you almost never miss the ball, what does happen in real table tennis is you miss the table, a feat that seems nearly impossible in this game as you can hit it as soft or as hard as you would like and it just goes straight to their side of the table. The gameplay should be reversed, easy to hit, hard to land. In the end it's more frustrating than it should be and enemy points feel like the games fault more than my own. Frustrating and Disappointing
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6 years ago, Sharp Samuray
Please fix IPhone X Gameplay
I want to be as objective as possible in rating this game. It is fun to a certain point. If you have an IphoneX and you advance in your career, it will slowly start to frustrate you because the speed of the game increases and you will not be able to play without constantly closing the app by accident. There is not enough space to return fast shots that change direction due to your opponents spin without touching the bottom of the screen and activating the home function. This is a real problem for IPhone X users and the developer needs to adress it.
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4 years ago, hdhdhduu jc
Good game but.........
So this game is awesome but I wish their was more modes. Campaign is good but it needs more then just grinding to get XP. The maps are cool but needs more locations. One thing though is when you hit the ball to the edge really hard there is like an invisible barrier that keeps the ball on the table. Their needs to be more realistic moves like maybe more serves we need to be able to spin the ball so it comes back to the player as a trick serve. This game is great but until these things are fixed I give this game a four star review.
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4 years ago, Galen Borkly
Pretty darn good!
I love this app. Its a genuinely fun game with awesome mechanics and physics. Sound design is... well exactly what you would expect from a game about ping pong. Which is great! My only complaint is, if youre going to have the option to watch ads for little extra things why not make every ad worth watching? Nobody likes being taken out of your game to watch an ad. So why not make it worth it to watch every single ad? At least then people would actually miss out on something if they skip it.
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5 years ago, litlboche
Racket Abuse?
This game is amazing and super addicting. I got all gold medals on every mini game, beat the championships, and got 33/34 awards. I can’t get the last award. Racket Abuse. It says you need to play and win with every bat in the range. I don’t know what that means. If you have to beat the championships with every bat then I am definitely not doing that as it’s probably impossible. I love this game, it’s super addicting and fun to play. I’m hoping that you will be able to help me with getting this last award.
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5 years ago, KatSquad 2.0
It’s Great
At first the ping pong is a little tricky to handle. But as you go on it gets easier. So as long as you don’t give up you will do good. I think still think there should be some improvements. There should be a mode were you can battle the bot. Also it was takes a long time for the multiplayer mode to load. If you know what I mean. Over all I think it’s a good game. I hope you developers can improve it more. To: Developers
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4 years ago, ?!?!?!!?!!!!??
Good game overall
This is a good game overall but there is a lot of problems like multiplayer doesn’t work(both devices are in the same network and none are on airplane mode), then theirs the advanced server for me it works 25/75, also the paddle work 50/50(the paddle dose hit the ball when it should’ve, and it doesn’t pull out all the time),and finally the point system, the opponent gets points when it shouldn’t have(they hit it way over the table without it bouncing on my side). But those are just the 4 major bugs for me there are a lot more.
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4 years ago, haultdude03
Make training challenges realistic
I love everything about the game except the training challenges. There not even realistic. For ect the tiny table where to reach gold you can only miss five in 999 second against AI that’s doesn’t miss crap. Also the points on the board is unrealistic not even possible maybe a few get it by luck. Almost makes not wanna play the game. I win against everyone in tournaments leagues ect but can’t even get bronze on the challenges.
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6 years ago, Bøôp
Multiplayer issues.
This is a great game, it's smooth and is quite easy to play. But it's hard to find people in multiplayer (Due to no one having this app in my local area), I just wanted to suggest adding a global multiplayer, so everyone will have a chance to play against other people. Though this is only a suggestion, I believe it would make the game a lot more enjoyable than it already is. Thank you.
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2 years ago, jamaliscol
Fun but annoying
I honestly love this game. You get a exiting game of table tennis, but there’s one thing that makes it “bad”. Most of the bots when you get enough reputation are almost impossible to beat, much less score a point on them, again, super annoying, and to make things worse, the mini games get significantly harder overtime, which could make you very angry. But after all that, I recommend this game
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4 years ago, Jonuhb
Barely even good
It was fine until the point where the bots were making shots that were near impossible to save yourself from. It would always hit the corner and if you hit it any sooner you wouldn’t get the point. And if you waited the ball would get out of reach, and if you tried it the bot got it.
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5 years ago, ChickenLeg2013
This game is awful
-10 stars, I personally have grinded this game for many hours and have completed so many challenges, but it’s impossible the AI can move everywhere on the screen and hitting the ball at just the right speed to make it impossible to hit. While playing I’ve also noticed the ball phasing through my paddle way to many times making me loose every time I play (it’s usually the only time I loose points). Don’t spend a dime of this game not worth until they fix bugs. Quick play is the same bot over and over that misses every time. Multiplayer does not exist because nobody plays the game. Overall trash👎
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3 years ago, nnnnnnnnnnnnn30nnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Best table tennis game.
I have been playing this for awhile and I’m in the international. I love how theirs a whole story from where you start off from a brand new table tennis player to where your a international table tennis player. I have seen their new game where it’s online but this game is just a lot funner and I just love the graphics and everything just seems so perfect.👍🏼
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3 years ago, Sjrogerslcsw
Decent game as long as you know the limitations
It’s an enjoyable game to start. After a few levels I find the paddles no longer respond to movement. Sometimes I’ve had to restart the phone, delete app and restore app and the issues remain the same. It would be helpful to have more tutorials or just have more games to rally or practice different shots. I wouldn’t recommend to play on a phone as the screen is too small.
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6 years ago, MaxWADDIS1013
I absolutely love it
This is the best mobile game I have played, hands down. I have been looking for a game like this forever and then I found this. Th controls, the visuals, sound effects, and the lobby music are all just amazing. The physics are very realistic, too. I love Wiff Waff the robot. And I like the cute tiny red creatures. I love everything about this game! Plus, there is little to no ads in this game.
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7 years ago, Demonhunter315
Great game
Great game really enjoy it. My one request that I don't even know if it's possible, but to turn off the ability to access control center while playing this. I've lost many points and even some games because of control center. I know I can do it system wide but I only want it off in this game. Mr. Developer man if this is possible please do it.
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7 years ago, Jazzboman
Almost a great game if not for one thing: Besides serve, its impossible to hit the ball off the table. This makes accuracy during rallies almost a non-factor. Why even make a game where you cant hit the ball off the table? It blows my mind. Response to dev. Too hard? Thats your rationale? You are obviously positioning yourself to appeal to people who dont have the patience to master a difficult game. You are sacrificing realism and quality to appease laziness. At least why not make an option for "hard" where ball can be hit off table? As jt is now, this isnt table tennis. Its pong. Change the name of the game.
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7 years ago, Troot51
Dangerously addictive
I am not a gamer by any means. I am 62 years old in fact. Old enough to remember epic ping pong games in a garage with buddies, family and neighborhood kids. This game has so much going for it, great graphics, sound effects and just enough of a challenge to keep you playing hour after hour. I would recommend it anyone. Great job developers !
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2 years ago, IOS genuis
Great but …
I love the game but with the swipe to close notch in the center the game constantly closes when swiping up in certain games in career mode. He game closes 6 or more times during a match. I wish there was a programming solution like relocating the swipe up to close on top rather than the bottom.
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6 years ago, itxdayl8
What apps should be....
Finally, a well thought out game that charges an appropriate price and doesn’t force you to watch ads... Game physics are good, variety of game play is great, graphics are good. A very well thought out game. Reminds me of the way the App Store used to be before the norm became bombarding us with ads or upgrades with poorly made mini games.... Great little game.
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1 year ago, Islandgurl777
Super Fun
I really enjoyed this game. It has been my go to when I am traveling on the plane. It is very addicting and I have played for hours. I am on the last series for International and the game is fast and my opposition is fierce. Balls come fast and then he drops it just past the net. Gotta be on your game to win. I recommend this game!
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5 years ago, silverbacksurfer
Ping pong poppin
I love table tennis (ping pong). Been playing on and off for around 30 years. This game is so freestyle that you can pick it up and play like you do on a real table almost immediately. And yet there is still room for improvement in the game. I guess the game can be better in small ways but they have got 90 to 95% right. This game is sooooooo good.
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2 years ago, NBA 2k mollbe
Amazing game but
There are a couple of weird stuff that happens like one time I got 1 point and right when he scored he got max points but and won the game when it was a amazing game starting off until he got the max points to win the game I saw the start of the game and I Knew something like this would happeneverything else is wonderful
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4 years ago, Airpod kid
It’s good, but...
I like the concept of the game I think if the creators of the game made small adjustments to it and add more think such as a fun little practice game mode overall the game is fun and I recommend buying this game though I like how there are barely any adds to the game witch is very nice if I could give it a 4.7 star I would thank you creators for spending your time and skills to creat this wonderful game!
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2 years ago, Ghosthunter9793
Pretty good, but
The only problem I have with the game is the extremely ugly profile blob thing, I think this horrid creature is hideous and I have had bouts of emotional distress when it stares at me. I have also been victim to sudden and overwhelming urges to spike the blob creature into the cement and stomp on it until it becomes one with Mother Earth. Other than that, the games pretty fun
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4 years ago, LordGabe
Love it but two feature I want...
I adore this game as much as I love ping pong and tennis. But I feel like this game could definitely be able to be played vertically with one hand. Also you should be able to play with friends that you can choose from typing their name through a online search.
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3 years ago, jjacks1111
Club championship
In the club level championship you win your way up the bracket. I have done so several times but never get past the first bracket because the game kicks me out and I have to reload it. I’m using an iPad Pro. If you read this and I’m doing something wrong please let me know because I really do like the game.
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5 years ago, sweet nick123
Needs a little work 😕
When I first downloaded this game I really loved it. but then it just started to get boring. I feel like this game needs more work before future downloading. first off, it takes forever to get things. secondly, sometimes the cpus just get too hard and make it really stressful. So please, just work on the game a little and I’ll really enjoy it.🙂👍
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7 years ago, Howdy M8
Paddle collecting
I love this game, it's amazingly fun and a lot more easy than table tennis in real life. (I play as a hobby) What would make this game more fun, is if the devs added the ability to earn currency by winning games, and purchase special bats from a market. The bats could be excellent at serves or weak at powershots, but you could find a bat that suits you, and maybe has a special ability. Great game!
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2 years ago, JAYJAYPORZING
The boss is IMPOSSIBLE
I get that the boss is supposed to be the HARDEST level to beat. But come on..The way he snaps back at the ball in less than a millisecond is unrealistic by any means! Even with the boost it’s impossible. I’ve beaten him in the first set a couple times, then after that it’s just impossible! This needs to me fixed so theirs at least some sort of chance, because it’s frustrating!
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4 years ago, doggyhaver
Although the beginning of the game is fun as you are progressing, at the very end the the international tournament your opponent is physically impossible to beat! I hate this game and hope no one ever down loads it! The last opponent it so weird! His bat can teleport to wherever you hit the ball so you can never beat him by hitting strategic shots! You just have to hope you can hit the ball back over the net but it never works! The game modes are kinda dumb as well. If i could give this game a zero star rating i would! Please don't download this dumb game! Thank you
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6 months ago, hafox
Absolutely love it
I’ve been playing this game, off and on, for a couple of years I think. It’s just plain fun. Parts of it are just too darned difficult for me to master but that doesn’t really keep you from continuing to play and enjoy the game.
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1 year ago, Merlin888
Super Fun
I love this game! There are so many intricate options. Wonderful play. Definitely can improve with practice which makes it rewarding. Very cute graphics. Tons of options! They really put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows! Thank you!
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3 years ago, VJ 009
Challenging and fun
I am really enjoying the game. It is simple and encourages you. At the same time, there are levels that are very difficult and challenges you to improve. If an online version of this game can be developed with reasonable rates for gear, it will be a great success.
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