Tag with Ryan

4.1 (12.5K)
280.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildworks, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tag with Ryan

4.11 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Cronation12
Kid loves but we need some changes please!
My son loves Ryan and he loves playing this game. My husband has to help him actually get the pizzas because otherwise he would never be able to buy anything. It’s way too hard for young kids to rack up hundreds and thousands of pizzas because they don’t show up that often. And the sun coins are only good for upgrading stuff you bought with pizzas, so they are kinda lame. We looooove that the boat floats in the water, we assumed it would just be for show so that was a really awesome surprise! The worst thing that might result in us not playing anymore is that tagging Gus only gets us the same 3 or 4 costumes. Please bring in some change. It’s not worth tagging him anymore. Also, and it might be an age thing, but my son keeps accidentally hitting the Continue button and wasting all the hard earned pizzas because he instinctively hits the button when it pops up and it’s not like a, choose Yes or No. You either hit the button and lose the pizzas, or you have to X out of the box, which isn’t as obvious. Or maybe continuing could be purchased with coins instead of pizzas?
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4 years ago, Rmb8725
Good game - some requests
We have been playing for a few months. By we, I mean my 6 year old son and me. I do enjoy it and he likes watching me play. We like the recent updates 👍🏼👍🏼. Some suggestions - 1) provide more details on the character info cards about the attractor they align with. Some are obvious, but others like Varsity Ryan or MercuRyan... Are there attractors for the costumes? We have so many attractors and not sure they have any value at this point. 2) add more costumes. There are sooooo many that we have the toys for and they aren’t options yet. 3) Mix up the characters when using attractors. I may use the pirate attractor and tag Cap’ N Ryan 3-4 times before something different ever shows if it even does. And Cap N Ryan is all the way leveled up. 5) once the costumes are all ‘leveled up’ the suns have no value. Provide an opportunity to exchange suns for keys and pizzas. 4) along with the key comment, have ways to get more keys. I have over 400 chests that I can’t open, although not that important because I don’t need more suns at this point (unless there are more costumes added or other options for things to do with suns).
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7 months ago, Curvy licious
I love this game and I love Ryan Worlds
The game is very creative and and I hope people out there will love this game because it’s hard to get people to play off all kinds of these games but you got me playing this game and I hope that my family will play and everybody else my favorite part of this game is like where are they have this cheeseburger car and I’m trying to learn it with pizzas and what or if you guys don’t understand what I’m talking about. It’s just like about the game and it’s like a five star rating for me. I love it and I watch Ryan’s brother is the best I hope everyone watch it they’re really nice. I’ve been watching Ryan’s world for it eight years I know it’s crazy right but I have a secret to tell you guys you’re going to want to play this game because it’s the bus but also there’s invisible Ryan and it’s the best you gotta play this game. If you don’t try it you’re never gonna know so just play this game. It’s gonna be very nice. I can feel it in my bones they’ll try it do the five star rating if you feel like it love your fans from a fan.
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4 years ago, brenduhguzmany123
Ok, me and my family LOVE Ryan’s world and we are huge supporters. My son has sooooo many of the Ryan toys it’s rediculous and soo many of the than shirts. BUT this game is upsetting and dissapointing. I HATE that we keep getting repeats of the Ryan costumes. Once or twice I get I mean, it helps boost the characters. But it’s been 3x in a row hat I get the SAME character every time I tag GUS. I feel every time should be a brand new character especially for putting time into your game. I feel like same as with tour surprise eggs..for the price you pay I feel you should give yourself supporters soo much more than you do. Especially because the toys make the kids soo excited the the quality and quantity should be better. I LOVE this brand and what you have created but I feel cheated. I really hope you’re planning on changing that and give more. If not, you might loose a supporter. Also, give the kids a feeling that they're playing for something...when my son keeps getting the same characters he says " I don't want to play anymore...I get same Ryan's and the amount of possible Ryan's keep growing BUT when they tag GUS it's the same Ryan's they've been getting over and over!!! Like, come on !!
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It’s an amazing game but it’s also disappointing
I love this game it’s so entertaining to me. It’s an amazing game.I love Ryan’s world. But some things are wrong…. Almost every time you tag Gus you get a new costume.. but you are most likely to get the same costume like 3 or 4 times in a row. It’s also frustrating bc pizzas don’t show up often, so it’s hard to get the vehicles. And the treasure chests don’t show up often either. And how can a child rank up 100 pizzas? Getting the pizzas are sometimes hard for the child to get bc of how fast Ryan runs. Those are some changes but I have more, on my other review that probably didn’t show up I said WHY ARE PIZZAS INVOLVED well I get it but, why pizzas? Bc in one of it vids which was who knows me better a few years ago he chose burgers.. this game was probably made before that vid.. but you could just watch it again.. and I’m positive he chose burgers… -me Ps. I don’t hate the game, I just don’t like some things about it.
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4 years ago, Lex❤️❤️❤️
One complaint
It’s an amazing game but my only complaint is that vehicles cost so much pizza it takes forever to get a new car but let’s not talk about the bad stuff, let’s talk about the good stuff! First of all it’s a great game you can play a game of tag with combo the panda and run a obstacle corse and then you can tag fuss and he will give you a new Ryan’s world costume and then it goes on forever until you die. There’s pizzas which is like money and you can use them when you die you can do it on the same level same time again or you can use it to buy vehicle’s. There’s also keys that you can watch a add to get or get the in a game of tag. And then you can open a treasure chest which might give you suns, pizza or a new Ryan’s world costume. Speaking of Ryan’s world costumes there’s them and you put them on and you can be styling in a game of tag. That’s so much for making this game it’s a really fun game and I hope one day you can fix my complaint By Lex❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, hernflo
Screen adjustments
My 4 year old son is stuck on this game and so am I but i have an Iphone 11 pro and i cant see how many suns or pizzas we have because its cut off. Maybe if we can have it adjust to different size screens would be great, also when we tag Gus the gator we get characters we already have. Could be more fun if we could get a different character then what we already have each time we tag Gus or get and egg. Also have more ways to get more characters. Maybe add more pizzas in runs or exchange suns for pizzas other than that the game itself is great.
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3 years ago, Beyondblessedmommax4
Ummm add more and change things around!
First off going round and round in circles is just straight up boring! My kids are bored, myself we are just BORED! I’ve played it for 2 days are am bored already! My kids love Ryan and we’re so excited for this game to come out but they are so disappointed! Second off.. combo laughing at Ryan when he trips is unacceptable! You don’t teach kids that!! Third you tag Gus and you get the same characters over and over again.. that is so frustrating and disappointing for kids makes them wanna give up after trying so hard!! At least give them pizzas or something as a reward!! This is ridiculous! All the money these people have you think they would do better and not be so selfish with this game! But nope highly disappointed & if you look at other reviews others are complaining too! This is so so sad! Poor kids don’t have very much to play anymore with characters they like from shows, and here we are with this one!
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10 months ago, GLD_Minecart
It’s cool, but I have to use pizza a lot!!!!
There should be when you press the screen when you die after you press the screen to get back to the main menu there should be a button if you died 10 seconds after you paid your pizza to revive so it should give you back your pizza that would be a good idea so basically like a refund to your pizza because I think that’s a good idea and it would be make the game less pizza uses just saying you could add that to get less people mad and more better ratings and having them not to spend a lot of money so I think you should do it developers. I’m calling up to you because I think you should do it. it’s a really good idea so just, make it less pizza uses because I really don’t like when I just lose my pizza and then I die. I lose what I paid for forever. And I’ll make someone people mad. I’m just saying.
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10 months ago, c2slover
Needs more countries
It’s a real good game but I wish there were more countries because they’re only 60 countries. How would you explore the whole world because when there’s 193 countries you gotta visit them all and it’s really good and the texture is in a really good game, but it just needs more countries like my favorite country Albania, my second favorite country Bhutan am I third north Macedonia they’re just not included in the game I want all 195 countries in the game and maybe even all the territory so that would equal 320 in total, so yeah, can you just add more countries except for just 60 it makes a game really boring and you always just finish it a lot of times can you guys add more countries please? P.S. I bet the game on aug 12th! I subscribed to Ryan’s world.
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3 years ago, Ilovecats🐈
I love it same with my brother
So me and my little brother have requests so first I want a beach area to run through he wants Ryan’s house to run through and also have like instead of a portal we can have Ryan’s front door open to go in like Ryan’s mom and dad opening it and then we want peck and alpha Lexa to be in the game too also my little brother wants to play as Gus and real Ryan like you can record Ryan running and record him jumping and moving side to side that would be so fun if you can do it please I’d love it thanks oh and also we want moe and please fix when you play as combo it says “keep going or combo will tag you” and “yum pizzas my favorite” can you change that please thanks ok that’s all tysm for making this game
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4 years ago, jvzzytsun
This game is impossible to win. not to mention that the power ups and pizza rewards are rarely rewarded meaning i would have to continuously purchase these things just for my son to enjoy the game. He really wants to play this game but i noticed that it was getting him way too frustrated. So i played it myself, thinking he was just being dramatic but no you guys should rethink it and try again. It's pointless. This is extremely disappointing because my son is a huge Ryan's World fan so I'm constantly buying the surprises, toys, apparel ,etc but the quality of the brand lately has been CHEAP. it's evident the family has become solely interested in making profit. Quickest way to lose your supporters smh do better. ❤️
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2 years ago, hdhdbdbdnxcxh
Really good games but They should add this😁
I really love the new update😁😁 with Emma and Kate and you know how are you pick Ryan and then combo talks and Ryan talks when he finds, so when he has pizza or when he does flips whoever made Ryan like actual Ryan if you see thisCan you please ask Emma and Kate to talk and add more skins like I don’t know but you should add dark tighten or Robo emma and kate detective emma and kate I mean add some movies and stuff I really love the game turn on some game me and my sister really loves it and I just don’t want to add some details that’s all and Ryan if you see this you are the best you tuber means I did it when you did toys reviews and stuff bye .by kendall ❤️
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3 years ago, GraysonGamerTV
Fun game but needs some work on the chest
I gave this game a three star because I have nine chests and it won’t let me open them because I don’t have any keys you should make a button will let you open the chest that you have you need and you also need to fix some of the glitches that happen like sometimes when I jump it doesn’t make me jump and the reason in the biggest reason why I gave you the three stars is because it’s annoys me there needs to be more stuff that you can buy with with songs like what’s the point of sons if you can only buy upgrades with them so you should also make the vehicles and the different Ryan outfit,s You can buy them with suns It would just make the game better so here’s my review
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5 years ago, Zekecheeks
We LOVE Ryan!
My son came across Ryan a few months ago and became obsessed. Saw that there was a game and downloaded it: my son is 5 and does pretty well except when it comes to Gus on the screen. We typically switch between levels because we noticed it takes an exuberant amount of time to finally reach Gus. Even for me who has a little more patience than a 5yo, I’m finding frustrating that I’ve been on Gus’s tail for about 10 levels and still can’t tag Gus!! We have used all of our suns to power up costumes, thinking it will help but it doesn’t. Can you fix the glitch or do an update? If my 5yo can’t catch Gus then there’s no point of having this app on my phone.
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3 years ago, BoymomLJJL
Love it but 1 problem
Hello creators, This is a GREAT game just 1 problem. There is a character named “Ridley Jones” and I think it was A update or something (I’m confused cause I play this game on an old iPad and used too sometimes I dont play on old iPads ) so I’d like you to remove “Ridley Jones” cause it’s WAY different then the Ryan characters. Me (and my brother) feel a bit weird having that character. The real story was that I was gonna download this game on a iPad. (the iPad I’m typing on) and I downloaded it BUT I saw “Ridley Jones” as soon As My brother went to the character selection, we saw “Ridley Jones” Moseley that’s it. Thank you guys for creating this game.
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4 years ago, AGB_1983
Straight-up scam
My son kept getting frustrated at not being able to advance further in the game so I tried to help him. Very disappointed to discover that it is actually impossible to advance past certain parts, at least under the physics that apply to the player and the design of the levels. There are sections where it is actually *not possible* to jump far enough (whether straight or sideways) to advance. When I was a kid, this was the tactic of arcade games to get you to pump quarters — but at least it was possible to win those games. Today it’s buying more pizza for no purpose at all. (Also, Gus doesn’t follow the same physics as the player, and it glitches when we catch him.) In-app purchase-driven games make me sad and disappointed in humanity generally, but it’s extra bad when you design a game that can’t even be played. Awful, shameful, pathetic.
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3 years ago, dommom9
Child loves the game but needs more options
My child loves this game he got 17 of the characters ( I think ) in the game. He would more in the game. He says he wants ( 1 . Halloween car , 2. Events you collect something while tagging ( I watch him sometimes play ) like candy corn during Halloween he could win stuff like this only in October. cars , people, pizza , keys , the Ryan’s road trip egg in it .( i think it’s the mega egg I don’t know? ) 3 . Cheaper Pizza like for $2 for 30 pizza’s. 4 . More tag with Ryan codes , I don’t like paying for stuff when my child is low on pizza’s and keys and that’s why I want more codes .
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2 years ago, bethany Rodriguez
To your biggest fans!
Hi we love your game. And by we, me and my younger sister. We play it often and it’s so fun and cool, it’s just like Ryan and Emma and Kate. But I do have some things to maybe cha the game. 1. Add Gus. Gus is a alligator and we see him but like we don’t play him, so maybe play him. 2. Do updates on the stars (suns). They COULD be stars and different. Who doesn’t want a little change. 3. You should make more videos and it’s so cool your teaching kids. Keep it on and remember to never give up. And it’s so great to finally write to you. Your biggest fans, Bethany and Elizabeth 😄
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5 years ago, mclensy
I love to watch Ryan when I have free time I’m eight too so I have a phone I downloaded it so exitedly opened it up it says stuff with Ryan’s and combos and Gus’s real voice which is awesome and you can unlock stuff too that’s cool and when I played it for the first time I found Gus and tagged him I did not know that that was gonna happen I like surprise’s which is cool I love this game I think you should keep it up I wanna be like you one day I can’t believe you have 19 million something subs that’s crazy you also have toys clothes towels and your own tv show it’s crazy i wanna be like you someday Ryan 😜😘
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3 years ago, ealeg2215
1) I continue to get the exact same character over and over again matter the attracted and no matter how many times I play 2) the cars are so over priced, It takes for ever to be able to purchase one much less have more than one to be able to play with and switch out 3) I have an iPhone 11 and the ENTIRE TOP area is cropped off, I can’t even see how many pizzas I have in total. The overall idea of the game is good + very kid friendly which I love, I just hate watching my son invest so much time and get so frustrated not being able to advance or get his “prize” for playing.. he keeps looking over the characters and gets frustrated he can’t get them all.
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2 years ago, sterlingj804
Ryan family does a great job with his products!
This game is so fun! I got it for my three year old, and she loves it! It’s truly a free game! They family, and gaming company they partnered with created a true experience for kids without ads being all over the game. Of course you can click on ads, to get things quicker, but you really don’t have too. You win cool costumes, and rides just from playing the game, and unlocking chest. I don’t even write reviews, but this is a fantastic, and truly free game! Going keep supporting!
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2 years ago, myawolf7
Amazing game but a few weird things that need to be fixed
I love this game it’s so fun. Though a few things I noticed is that when you are combo panda the audio “keep it up and combo won’t tag you!” Even though YOU ARE COMBO! It’s not frustrating but confusing. Another thing I noticed is that when you tag Gus as combo and when you get a skin it keeps combo the same . Though it would be nice to have more skins for other characters than Ryan. But overall this is probably the best game I’ve played!
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5 years ago, Hrithmus1112
Caution when buying add on’s
My son loves Ryan so I decided to download this app for him. He’s been playing and enjoying the game a lot so I decided to support the game by buying some add on’s. We purchased the “Double Suns forever” everything purchased successfully and I also have the purple check mark by the add on. Yet.....he gets no double suns. My son showed me so I played the game. When you get the double suns in the game it’s still on a timer. No settings or anything show this being active. I look everywhere. I even restored purchases and still the “Double suns” do not last “Forever”. This left a realllllly bad taste in my mouth. I hope this is maybe a bug they need to fix but I absolutely will not be buying more from this app.
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2 years ago, Exotic meow boy
You might not have noticed this
I don’t know if anybody knew this but tag with Ryan was released December 18, 2018 and since there is a game called animal dash that is exactly the same as Tag w/ Ryan so we don’t know who copied who but I figured that out because animal dash was released first so Tag w/ Ryan probably did copy animal dash and I know he is a kid but he has to come up with his own game he cannot just copy and other game that somebody came up with all by themselves not by copying and it makes sense because Ryan was not born at the time animal dash was released February 1, 1980 and since he’s only nine years old he could not have been born at that time or before that time but still it’s unfair to copy someone else’s game that they came up with.
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1 year ago, chap_sn
Dude remove this character
Okay so I love Ridley Jones shows but dude it’s so different i’m not used to it please remove that some kids don’t even know that please please remove it it’s so upsetting i hate the fact i know it but other kids don’t so don’t just add characters that you develop add Ryan characters you develop like Combo Panda just remove it or you might lose a couple supporters you almost lost me as a supporter it is just so upsetting so please please change that like look at your supporters.
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3 years ago, hello!28497
Hi just a something I wanted to say...
I was just scrolling down the reviews on this game for fun and reading the reviews and I noticed that a lot of people said that “Dash tag” is a copyrighted game and I don’t think it’s true bc the game "Dash Tag" and the game "Tag w/ Ryan” we’re maid by the same developer soooo, idk if it’s true but I’ll see. Btw tag w/ Ryan is a GREAT GAME! but I do have one concern, when I sometimes swipe side to side in game it takes me to the posited side and I crash or i sometimes cant jump and it’s kind of frustrating so I hope you guys can fix that.
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8 months ago, Shark1726
Another thing
I really really really want Gus. Gus is the main character I want. Something weird I want you to change. When you play as combo it says. Don’t stop running or combo will tag you. If you play as him it should be like this. Hey CoMbO CrEw watch out for Ryan. Make sure he doesn’t tag you. And if you play a different character then Ryan make the character have his own voice when telling you stuff. That’s what I want you don’t need to do it. If you do do it that’s what I really want.
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12 months ago, [I don’t know what to say]
Can you add these updates?
.1 the characters are cool and all, but can we have more characters than just Combo and Ryan? .2 can you raise the chances of a >teensy bit< up for seeing pizzas .3 can you make the spy hovercraft have a little bit more shields? It only has one shield and it’s 400 pizzas EXTRA: this is for the person that thinks that there’s something disappointing because it’s hard to get 100 pizzas. If you get flags they can give you pizzas!!!!!!!!!!! at least I think
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1 year ago, Tignut56
Can’t I have a million stars to rate?
RyanRyanRyanRyan! Man your game got me good. When I tried to program an app like that tag one, It came horrible! I literally did not know how to make an app. Well anyways, your app is great! I wish the ratings & reviews list said all the people gave this app a five star! But I literally wish you did not have to pay for so many pizzas, that will literally literally literally help me. And also literally literally wish that there were no ads. Bye!
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5 years ago, what is that gibberish
Best crossover game
Ryan is an YouTuber and he has toys and this game he’ll soon be the most popular kid or maybe he is already the most popular kid in the world but i realized some of the graphics are like animal jam and also some of the sound effects or maybe it is just made by the same created of animal jam also a few games were like this since your a popular kid and I’m not really I need some help getting popular but not as you just a little bit more popular so can someone help me with my channel a little bit?
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2 years ago, Put some more merges
I just caught Ryan in 4K.
So people keep saying that when they restart their devices, the progress isn’t saved, they lose their characters, and all they had to pay for. So they complained to Ryan and Ryan replied with “Maybe restart your device” (Not really, I forgot but I know he said something similar with the word restart) KEYWORD RESTART. So if they bought everything back, but they still complain they should fix that, Ryan would say restart the device. And correct me if somebody already made a theory about this. Ryan is a bad influence on kids >:( I hope everybody knows he scams and loses all his supporters! Also, he copied this off dash tag. Watch the video from dash tag, and you’ll see my point.
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3 years ago, SJ226
Rip-off: Can’t download progress on another device
I think it’s disgusting that a game marketed to young children makes it so that you can’t change devices (we got a new iPad) and retain the progress you had on the original device. There is a lot wrong with Ryan’s World toys in general, and this is probably the worst. Imagine a 6-year-old who is so proud when he “maxes out” a figure and gets a new one… and then just because he has a new device he has to start all over again. And the developers know this—it’s right there in the help section. I guess they should get kudos for not hiding it, but it’s an awful way to treat young children. Avoid this game if you ever plan to switch devices.
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3 years ago, lsug txtxhsfuyfcysyxf
Great game.
The game is really great, even though there are some things I don’t like, and that’s having to watch a add or spend pizzas! Ofc I have like 292 pizzas right now, but other ppl don’t! And now here are some weird things I noticed. With maybe Dark Titan or Lunchtime Ryan when you catch a character as them they have like a case of the skin your catchings color, and then there’s when you catch a skin as combo panda you don’t change to the skin you caught. Ofc it’s still a awesome game and my daughter watches Ryan’s toys review mostly everyday!
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2 years ago, Space adventure andy
Okey I’ve been with Ryan since Ryan’sToysReview and he was my idol, for instance it motivated me to buy toys he had, And I played Tag with Ryan since it only had like 10 characters,But now u add more, And I miss Ryan’sToysReview 😩 but just move up, don’t let ur dreams die, make them stay alive🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹. And for all u out there the same too, But Ryan’s world I just wish u could put the Ryan’sToysReview vids still on ur channel to make me feel like. 3yr old again( I watched Ryan’sToysReview when I was 3)
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4 years ago, Lexi tan
Fun for kids and adults
My kids have been playing this game and they love it. I even enjoy playing it! It’s fun to get the different Ryan costumes and open all the different prizes and work toward different goals. A tip for the developers though, I can’t see the number of pizzas we have on my iPhone. The image goes straight across, but my iPhone dips down at the top so we can’t see the amount of pizzas we have which is annoying. Can you please fix that in the next update? I have an iPhone 11.
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3 years ago, isosjdodnbxbc
Waste of money
Don’t waste your money buying any of the in app purchases! If the app gets deleted or you get a new phone you LOSE EVERY DOLLAR. I’m so grateful I got a new phone right after I had made my first purchase for my boy because those $10 went down the toilet. I bought him Gus and Combo and he got another little pirate character and then I got a new phone and realized I had to reinstall the app and there was no way to link my purchases. Please developers make this a game that can be linked to an account. Imagine if you were investing your stocks on your phone app and then getting a different phone and losing all the investment you made? That’s what this is like!
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4 years ago, Otessa13
Constantly freezing & having to restart
My 5 year old daughter & I have been playing tag with Ryan for a few weeks & she loves it. The last few days however, the game continually freezes when we click to watch video. This just started happening around the time new commercials started showing. It seems like once the ad for scoob was added it freezes & we just get a spinning pizza. We have to completely power down the iPad & iPhone that are both up to date. I would rate the app as a 5 but I have to now give it lower because continually restarting is annoying.
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8 months ago, Tillybeans2011
This is a great game but…
Ok this game is awesome and all but I think there is some things we need. 1. A more organized character selection. Maybe we need to have different tabs for different types of costumes for Ryan, Emma, and maybe even Kate. That bring me to number two. 2. Costumes for Emma and Kate. I like Emma and Kate but I think some costumes for Emma and Kate would be great and they would look so cute in costumes. Thanks for reading this and hopefully this is added to the game! PikachuPlayer20
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2 months ago, Roland42🏈
LOVE the game but ONE complaint
I love the the game and I appreciate that you guys made pizzas pop up more often. I’m a HUGE fan of Ryan’s world and the game but when I tag Gus I, most of the time I only get costumes I already have and I just need a few more costumes to have all of them. And I’ve seen the other reviews and they’re saying the same thing. So please, maybe make it so every time you tag Gus, you get a new costumes please everyone wants the same thing, not just me. Ps my name is also Ryan.
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4 years ago, mrsmaya
What a disappointment that my kids have spent so much money and time to unlock all the characters only to have Apple request us for an iOS update, then say that it cannot install the update and we needed to connect the iPad to iTunes on the PC. We did not even have a choice, turning the iPad off & on would not remove us from the screen so we plugged it onto iTunes and the only option was to restore device. So we did and when re-downloading all of our kid’s apps and restoring purchases on some. Tag with Ryan did not give my kids their costumes back, no progress no nothing. Multimillion dollar company and they can’t even let us keep our bought content? Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, slime reveiwer
Ok so...
This game is awesome for a toddler it keeps them occupied and it’s super easy to play and the visuals are cool it makes kids WANT to reach a goal. For Ryan his self (if he is reading this) keep working hard your really big and I know you will be very successful when your older. You encourage kids to imagine and you educate them with your science videos you get them exited to find out what the mystery is the theme song is catchy this is an awesome game and Ryan, you keep up the hard work
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4 years ago, download tjis game ASAP
No no no and yes
This game is absolutely horrible so this is why I rated it a one star ⭐️ because one time I was just playing the game and then I fell for no reason I thought 💭 probably was a glitch so I watched an add to get back to running so I watched it then it took me back to the home room I got mad 😡 plus there is a game called Dash tag it is the exact same game but it is so much better then tag with Ryan so ya that’s copyrighted so ya I don’t care about your money so please make it a better game and please read my rating thank you the game is fun just fix it a LOTTT Thx -Madyson Ps do not © other games it could get you in jail for like I don’t want to know how long so ya thanks anyway bye 👋 so ya ima be deleting this game and gettin dash tag bye
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4 years ago, enyo2012
I love it but.....
Okay I downloaded this game SUCH A WASTE OF TIME I screamed when I say this game I downloaded this game such a waste of time I LOVE watching Ryan’s family my favorite video was Ryan stealing electronics and doing something to make his dad wake up it was called don’t wake daddy okay back to the game it is so STUPID it glitches and kicks me out I’m like I HAVE TO WATCH A ADD! Ryan does not go that fast. I want you to make it so I can play it in the car and at the store but I CANT play it because you have to have WiFI
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3 years ago, magadoom
Great game two issues
My kid obviously loves the game. My issue with this game is the fact that if the app is removed, all your progress is gone forever including the Ryan characters you have collected in the app including those from codes. Second, unlike his tablet app, the app on the phone takes absolutely ages to collect items since you only get 1 point per pizza grabbed while on tablet you get 5 points per pizza grabbed, which takes forever to be able to purchase vehicles and other in game items.
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3 years ago, caluun
Is this a good update to you?
So can you make a update that there is different youtuber animals and try to tag them so like the cat I forgot the name and did you add the skin comba panda 1one so add the youtubers in so add the skin and to back round the app 1one is going to be lot of youtubers and add new cars and new maps maps for the run I want the Christmas so add Christmas trees snow and Santa and elf and all the youtubers so is that good when you add yes if no no so that’s it and I love this game and Ryan I Watch him and thx for the game
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4 years ago, labatorygonewrong
This game is horrible...
Apart from the glitches in this game, the fact this game straight up copied “Dash Tag” Is what really triggered me, First of all, the maps are the exact same as Dash tags’s maps the sound effects, the way you tag people, the power ups, etc it’s just believable how unoriginal this game is, maybe they change some colors around and items but there is a difference between inspiration and copying, this was a straight up copy. To the creators who made this game, if you do in up seeing this all I wanted to say is be more original and fix your game. I doubt you will see this but even if you do most likely you won’t care but, please fix the game.
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2 years ago, MasterTeq
Greedy Developers
This game used to be fun and gave you “pizzas” while running to earn new costumes and vehicles. You used to be able to earn 2-4 slices of pizza on an average run. Now the developers got greedy and make you pay for the pizzas. They still put them on the course, but it’s only 1 slice - and that if you can run the course for a long distance (15-20,000 meters). I’m not saying you should give the prizes away, but come on! You expect the kids playing this game to continue playing if the never earn anything without the parents having to pay for it? Shame… it was a fun game that I would play with my son.
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4 years ago, Auburnë
Ryan’s dad is hot
A~ I am 56 years old and this game is so much fun, and when I say fun I mean fun me and my grand kids (babies) will throw punches at each other to get to the phone just to play ryan’s game! I have spent hundreds of dollars on the 50,000 slices of pizza just to have more fun! I love ryan and his parents tbh his dad isn’t to bad looking that’s why I watch it! But I love all of his stuff I spend THOUSANDS of dollars on ryan’s stuff I LOVE HIM! Anyways this game is the best! 🐀🐲👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👄🦷👅👣
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5 years ago, hdhdhdjkgjgkdj
Money maker
A great game! However, terrible that you can not continue without money! Not good for a widow with a four year old son who likes to watch Ryan. The game here is money from parents. It’s not about the kid! They branded good; but unrealistic with the average family! Thanks! Thank gawd I came to my senses! He can do other games for free! The Ryan brand is out in my house. My son sent a letter and we never received a response! Nothing against Ryan! However, I can’t say much for his parents!
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