Talking Tom Gold Run

4.5 (525.5K)
395.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outfit7 Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Talking Tom Gold Run

4.52 out of 5
525.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Alexis bissett
Amazing 🎈
When I first started playing Tom Gold Run, I would’ve never thought I’d get this far into the game. This game’s currency is gold bars, to gain them, you press the big orange “GO”. Then, you will chase around a robber raccoon who is dropping the gold bars. The farther you get on your level, the faster your character goes, making it harder. Sometimes you might see something like a donut on your level. That just means an event is going on, and you can collect them, then you may go back to your current lot, and see what you can get with the amount of event items you collected. The bomb looking items come from chests, or if you get far enough into the level, the robber raccoon will stop for a little break and you are able to catch up, then you will pass a little blue barrier looking thing and it might give you a safe or a few bombs. The bombs are used to open diamond safes, or if you die on your level and don’t want to watch an ad, you can use them to go on in your level. Some of the lots include.. A beach house, an ordinary house, a city house, and a farm. There are more but I can’t think of them at the moment. I hope you enjoy the the game just as much as I do! Have a good day.
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2 years ago, Gcal user
The Best game
Well how I’ll start this review well I like how on the first round after a few rounds you get a free one and you get two get jealous you go to different rounds you pass through so many different things although I do think that the first level is kind of easy so I think they were there and they should change that and I feel like how you can like hammer the guy but the only problem is because we’re trying to what keeping the father away from stealing money the world basically stealing money when we get the money we use the money as zone so we’re basically stealing the money to and I like how you can like go into different things like the middle of the game you go onto water sometimes you can go on a skateboard it’s really cool and that’s really why I like the game so much it’s someplace and the last thing is that I just think that it should have more levels than just ending at a fun the phone isn’t that coolAnd what I don’t get is that so the cars can go to buses actually guava can go to versus too but the only thing we can’t go through buses and the races I just really fun and it’s really cool and that’s why I love Tom gold run so much thank you
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4 years ago, _.itmamas._
Great game
Talking Tom gold run is a amazing game because it has many challenges and really cool features and these ceos and owners of the game work hard on animations which I think is really cool because you need the gamer to be still be engaged and entertained and I think Talking Tom gold run does that perfectly but every game has a flaw and talking Tom has a minor problem with the characters I wasn’t really believing what I saw $99 for king Tom and I thought that that this was to much just for a character and then I kept looking and I saw many different powers now this problem doesn’t really take a point of because personally I wouldn’t spend money on a game except for robin but that’s another review overall I love talking Tom and I don’t really see a problem with it because I read the reviews and people kept saying how the advertisements was a problem not for me and I had this game almost a year and I saw this other review about how the advertisement was problem personally I don’t think that this was a problem because it expanses you to different game that you may like but I gave this game a 5/5 and all love ❤️ I love this game
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7 months ago, Epic_Ethan#3564
Awesome and addictive!
This has got to be my favorite endless runner I have ever played. The art style is great, the animation is smooth, and the music is bangin’. All the characters are super quirky and cute, and combining that with an intense auto-run feature is a great combination for a game. My favorite part about the music is that it retains a constant melody for every area, and it transitions between styles whenever you enter a new area. Whoever was the guitarist for the Hank’s Highway variant must have had a blast with it lol. Having to collect gold and diamonds to build your home in order to unlock new characters and areas to run through is a really cool thing that I haven’t seen in other auto-runners (other than the Talking Tom ones). It’s nice that the game is somewhat generous with diamonds as they are much rarer than gold bars. Special events, daily missions, and mid-run boss fights are what keep me coming back to this game. All the special characters are really well designed and it’s nice that you can unlock them from the special events so you don’t have to pay for them with money. If I had to pick my favorite Outfit7 game, it would undoubtedly be this. The game has a lot of replay value even after unlocking all the main stuff, and that’s what I like in video games. This game truly deserves a 5-star rating. Incredible game.
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11 months ago, Some1had2sayit
Ad invasion
Be prepared for insane amounts of pop up ads! Even just backing out of a menu screen causes an ad to trigger! Even if you say NO to watching an ad after you fail a level IT STILL LOADS THE AD JUST FOR QUITTING. Excessive excessive EXCESSIVE! Also, the game puts gold in impossible to reach places. They try to bait you into messing up. I find it annoying since 80% of the time the gold is placed in a way that keeps you safe. They’ll literally throw three times the gold on a high platform that’s just barely out of reach, and your inner greed monster will think it’s a sure bet because you’ve trusted the gold path before. Then whamm-o! Straight smack into the wall. Now you have to watch more ads to save yourself or watch ads to end the level or watch ads to try and double your money. They have two banner ads on the Home Screen. Not one. Two. You heard right. Don’t believe the five star reviews that kids write. They don’t know what a good game actually is. The game progress slows down considerably once things get more expensive because you’re still getting gold at the same rate as before. In the beginning it feels fast paced and fun. I could easily develop a game better than this. They fail at so many levels to make it genuinely fun. You can tell they worship money as primary and users as secondary
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1 year ago, ChairManufacturer1353
If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max, do not play this game.
Hi! As I said in the subject, if you have an iPhone 8, or XS (Max), I recommend that you do not play this game. If you’re an iPhone user and want to play this game, I recommend you go with the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 (Plus,) iPhone 7 (Plus) iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhones in the iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and SE series. All because this game is compatible with iOS 12 or later. I do not recommend playing this game on the standard iPhone 8, XS, or XS Max. 1st, you may be the raccoon running and it’s the other way around. 2nd, there might be overcharges for in- app purchases. For example, if a character is $3.99, it will be $4.99. And some undercharges too. For example, if something is $3.99, you will be charged to only pay $2.99, or there will be wrong charge. For instance, you did not buy anything, and they overcharged or undercharged you, even though you did not buy anything. Outfit7Limited, please release an update for this app that has bug fixes and issue solutions, and security, too. These are some issues you have to fix. I have an iPhone 11, so I can play. Thanks! Gracie
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4 years ago, uny corn
This game is fun but there is bugs and I do not like it and I cannot download anything
So about this game it is a little fun but it has bugs in it because when my friends try to play it has bugs too and there is no reason how to fix like your house which cost like $600 $300 or even like $6000 what is it like a overachieve house paying so so I would say that this stuff want to be so expensive because if anyone is reading this I would think that when we whenever we are playing golf for our houses with our gold will go to Waze and it will go to the maker which will make him a bunch of money and like we have to like sit like on our iPad playing and playing and playing it is not a big deal about whoever likes this but I want to say that my mom she doesn’t like it my dad doesn’t like it so who would like it whoever is this creator I would say that your game might have a little bugs in it but just write a comment for yourself because let us know if you’re just taking the money from the house is been exchanging it for real money because we want to know the truth because you know that this COVID-19 and might get over here because I want you guys to say safe and COVID-19 while until it’s done By emerge
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5 years ago, Stteeevvvveooooonnnnnn
Needs work!
Don’t get me wrong, this game is super fun to play. The whole concept of getting gold and gems to rebuild your home is excellent. However, there are numerous things that need fixed. First of all, the game crashes very frequently, usually after you finish a run. If that happens, all of the gold, dynamite, gems, and any quest that you may have completed during the duration of that run in deleted! Just recently, I completed a mission that took me a while, but then the game crashed, and I had to do it again. After that, it happened a second time! Extremely annoying, in my opinion. Also, getting gems is way too difficult. The best way to get them is in vaults. However, those only open every 6 hours, and sometimes, there are no gems inside! Or, you can spin a wheel to try to win some. However, you are forced to watch a minute long ad, and then given a 1/15 chance to win 2 gems whenever you need 55 to repair one aspect of the house. Another way to get gems is by doing daily missions, but with how often the game crashes, you will have to do the mission 7 times. This is the first review I have ever written. I feel that this game needs a lot of work done it in order to create a more enjoyable experience for the player.
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1 year ago, Awesome love fly my way 😍
This is game is GREAT, just one thing…(PLEASE READ)
First, I LOVE this game!! I’ve been playing it for 4 years. The quality it sooooooo good!!! I love the characters and all their homes!! The best thing, is that it’s not SUPER hard to get new characters and stuff. Where in some other games like Subway Surfers, it takes forever to get the characters and outfits I really want! The difficulty of this game is perfect 🤩 not too hard not too easy. The ONLY thing, is the holiday stuff. The game is ALWAYS decorated with Christmas, or Holloween for FOREVER!! For example, it was Lunar Year a month ago, and it’s still up. The music and everything (which gets super annoying after a while). If it’s up for a little bit sure, but 2 months??? That’s a little (WAY) too much. I don’t have problem with the Holiday thing, but if it’s too long, it just gets annoying. Please fix this!!! PLEASE!! Other then that, the game is perfect 👌🏼 don’t change a thing! Other then the Holiday stuff. Thanks for reading :)
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4 years ago, Dallin WM
Fun but many glitches
I really do love the game but there are some things that you need to fix A few things are the ads for the spinning wheel Half the time I will have to close out of the app and then I just go play rolling sky. Also there are too many ads in the game. I think it is fine to have ads,but don’t be one of those cheep rip off games that puts the smallest effort into the games and shoves as many ads in there as possible. Literally there’s an ad after every time I die. After a while it gets quite annoying and the game becomes boring Also after you finish ginger’s farm there is nothing to do but SPEND MONEY which I understand you need money but the game is never getting updated and your not going to gain players that way your going to lose them and make less money. And about the updates all you do is change the screen every month and change the event which will get old after you have all the skins. The game is only fun until you get everything. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I’ve spent money on it. This is why I’m giving it the 3 star rating that I am. I spent 10 minutes on this review and I hope you will take it into consideration and for the players of the game. I say don’t spend money on it and play yourself. Everything is way overpriced. A diamond vault is 5 dollars. Nobody realizes that when they get one. And there should be a Dynamite vault too that costs 100 diamonds and you’ll get from 200 to 500 dynamite
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4 years ago, cggggxgdjy5365
Dev Please add more content!!
So, I completely understand the game, but I’ve completed the game three times now and yet, still NO UPDATES.😞 It’s almost like the developers gave up on the game. It has a lot of potential. This bugs me because I am used to new content games, and I really like this game, yet I am forced to move on.😥 I have no problems with adds,🤗 because I completely understand that it’s a free game and you need money to keep it going,🤯 but some new content would be nice. Maybe add more outfits and a few new maps for younger players? My little cousin plays this game, but always dies within 5 minutes.😵 It really bugs me and maybe you could add an age wheel💯when you start out to determine your difficulty?⚠️ Just an idea. Please respond if you do update the game. Until then, I will have this game uninstalled. Anyways, thanks for reading my review.🤗Please mark as helpful👍 so the developers will read this. Thanks one last time.
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6 years ago, BashoDoesGame
After playing the game, I’ve decided how to rate this.
This game is great! It’s a perfect combination of some of the world’s most favored games, along with cuter animations, ADORABLE kittens (and other animals) and in a chibi-like style! On the cuteness factor, which is great for attracting little kids, this game would get an A+! But, as there are always pros in something, there are cons as well... I only mind the ads, when I had recently declined one. Otherwise, the ads are fine, I’ve accepted that they’re needed to keep these kinds of games running. That’s not what I want to get on about though, it’s the fact you need to collect diamonds in-order to advance. I understand the meanings, to make the game more difficult and all, but it should at least be on a Higher level than level 2. I’ve only played it for about...45 minutes, and so far I’m really enjoying this! I’m not saying you have to take my thoughts into the actually game, but just (if you can/do) read them, and decide for yourself!
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3 years ago, mermaid221
Five stars is the right review to put on talking Tom gold run
Hi, I love this game but I haven’t played it in a while when I cleared my phone I still kept this one on here because I knew I would play it again soon because the game is the BEST it’s not hard to do and I feel like it’s four any age above four I’m eight I downloaded it last year when I was eight my cat loves to watch me play when I do he try’s to catch my finger so if people gave this game a bad review they don’t know what there missing cause this is the BEST game ever of course I like other games on my phone and here’s and Idea I love horses and on the tree house one add maybe you can add a horse to the side of the tree house cause I’m obsessed with horses and cats and dogs you have dogs and cats but what about a horse next to the tree house when you update it other people will like it too I gave this five stars because I had too because I love the game so much please respond, ✌🏻 bye
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2 years ago, rhrnrkdidbrbekqdk
Tom is life.
Ever since I started playing Talking Tom Gold Run, my life has changed. My love life is now nonexistent, my parents don’t want to talk to me anymore, and even my dog doesn’t look at me the same, but it’s for the better. Talking Tom is all I preach now, all I love. Talking Tom is my life now. My high score is in the millions, and debt in the billions. My mom told me that I would have to pay rent to keep living in her house, but she didn’t accept gold from Talking Tom Gold Run. I’ve spent my life and all of my money on the game I love so dearly, known as Talking Tom Gold Run. I’ve even went to jail and now have a felony assault charge pending because someone dared question the Tom I hold dear. I love Talking Tom Golf Run. More than me, more than anything. The day I can’t play this game anymore, I don’t even want to think about what will happen. God help me when this game goes down.
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2 years ago, Reu neko (dragon cat)
Great but a few bugs
The game is great and all but it doesn’t make sense when the helmet power up gets rid of the liquid (lava and water)obstacles if you could adjust that so it looks more natural or maybe add an animation like the obstacles getting blown away once you collide with them and knocking the others in that vicinity away too. And another thing there is a glitch, sometimes when I swipe right my character goes left or up instead but for some reason it only does that when I absolutely need it to go right witch really annoys me but I’m blaming my very old phone also if we could have friends that would be great because my sister doesn’t have enough gems and I don’t have enough gold so maybe have like a trade thing that is like gold for gems or gems for dynamite. if you could fix those issues and/or add friends I would change my rating to five stars. Anyway thank you for your time👋
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5 years ago, band_nerd789
Fun game, ruined by ads
ETA: it seems like the devs have all but abandoned this game. There are no substantial updates, only a rotation of “events” (football/beach ball/soccer/rocket) every weekend. No new houses to build, no new characters to unlock (except the ones you have to pay for and I’m not paying $15 in real money for a reskinned character). What am I even continuing to collect gold and gems for? Probably going to delete this game. As many others have pointed out, this game is REALLY ad heavy. Not just voluntary ones, but the bait and switch where you decline the add to save your character and then have to watch an ad anyway...? Not cool. Also, some of the ads are defective - they either don’t load at all, or they load, then take you to the App Store and don’t let you close the window. So then I have to force quit and reopen the app. I just quit and reopened three times in the span of two minutes because of broken ads, and I haven’t even run yet today. Too much overhead for what should be an enjoyable game.
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2 years ago, mean unicorn
The game is kinda fun
I was playing the game normally and then my character glitches out and i died and i was very sad so i decided to get some gems and when i got the gems my ipad caught on fire and exploded, i have to write this review on my new ipad and i am so sad that my other ipad exploded because of your game you need to fix this glitch so that peoples ipads won’t blow up. I have another Incident when I was trying to buy a skin with my parents credit card and I did I press cancel but it’s still charged card and so I had to eat the card so that my parents going to get mad at me and it’s all because of your game immediately doing the transaction and I had to brake my iPad with a hammer because my parents would get so mad at me for spending $20 out of the credit card. this game is overall horrible I rated a zero star because they made my iPad explode and I had to eat a credit card and I had to go to the hospital because I have food poisoning in my belly. thank you so much for reading this (true story)
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5 years ago, ahahahahhahh
sorry for the caps. But when I try to play the game, an ad pops up. There’s barely any time to play. I’ve spent six whole minutes watching ads and very little game time. But the good thing is that the squirrel (or is it a raccoon) thingie doesnt attack you. 🥳 but, why does your planes ✈️ have to run out of battery juice so quickly? Anyways, your games are amazing. Also, why is Angela the only girl? Shouldn’t you add another girl? Maybe named Princess if it’s a dog or Mimi if it’s a cat? Well you can come up with other names. Well, have a good day (or night. It depends) and hopefully you read this and fix this. P.s. sorry I didn’t give you much detail. I like the undersea background it’s like the air background just underwater! Also I like the way the players (including me) can build houses. This is probably the most funnest racing game I had ever played. Well bye I have to get off. Again, have a good day. My hamster would like to say hello. (Or squeak.) Bye!
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4 years ago, Galaxy Stikbot 7000
Great game, but a small issue recently happened
So I love this game it is cool it is fun and like most runner games is quite wacky! But something with the new cowboy event The game has been taking long to load, to the point where it doesn’t even load anymore. And when Finally does load it takes me out the app to my home screen. It has gotten really annoying and I would just like to know how I could fix it. I don’t want to delete the app without worrying about my data being deleted as well. I do hope one of the devs see this so I can find a potential fix for this. Although love this game and highly recommend it to people how are into infinite runner games. I have had this app for A few years and have decided to finally write a review. But please I would like a fix for this loading bug. ~Thank You~
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6 years ago, Animal Luver🤓😝
Great but...
This game is really fun and amazing. I had it on another device, but it crashed and I lost all my progress, but that’s because the device was really old. My only problem is no matter what I do, I ALWAYS see an ad. Like I’ll run into something, and I won’t want to save my character. And so I don’t press the ad, but then when I am about to go back to the house, an ad pops up. I really didn’t want to see an ad, and if it gives me an ad, but doesn’t give me another chance, then I think that should be fixed. It really annoys me, I’m not sure about everyone else, but otherwise it’s a great game. I know you have been getting a lot about the ads, but they really should be fixed. I don’t want to be one of those people, so I’m just going to say, maybe put an option to buy out of the ads, or if they give you an ad after you refuse one, revive the character or give them a prize or something.
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6 years ago, minorelf
GREAT game, just lose the random ads
Fantastic gameplay, highly addicting. Five stars for that. Others have commented upgrades take too many gems and they make you wait for safes for those, so you can’t fly through to new stages all in a day or two, but I really don’t think it’s that bad. New stages are mainly just new scenery anyway, the gameplay is great even at stage one :) What loses it at least one star is it’s too ad-heavy. As with many other ad-supported games, you need to voluntarily watch a 30-second ad now and then for a boost of one sort or another, so you already watch a couple/few ads a day for those. That’s fair. But then most of the time you finish a run, or even just for pulling up an upgrade screen, they drop a RANDOM ad on you (involuntarily). That’s where the ads here go over the top. I think the voluntary watches for boosts should be quite enough; lose the random ones!
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7 years ago, awidman
I Love this game but there are some not so good things about this to like waiting two hours for a chest I think it should be only15 minutes so people can get to a different level quickly so people can get MORE people to play this game so you can get more People that love your game!!!! Next on Ginger it is very laggy and a lot of people can die quickly and can never get to the next level and people could STOP playing your game😭.next on the homes of everyone’s homes you need a lot of gems and that could take a long time because you need to wait two hours to get some and sometimes you don’t even get GEMS SO i think you SHOULD make it where you get at least 15 and more when you open a chest . I hope you read this and I hope you an fix what I have said and please do not get mad if you do not like what I have to say about this amazing game that I love soooooooooooo much 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😜😜😜😜
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3 years ago, Hi sissys
This is GREAT
So unlike subway surfers you don’t run away from the police or spray paint on trains and cars youGet to chase bad guys great for kids and build your house get diamonds get new characters but you shouldn’t buy the characters that are like $100 or $25 you should buy the ones that are like under five dollars if there is any I’ll go look later but I Love this game I read this a 10 out of 10 it’s so good and then I messenger you can go text stickers and it’s really really fun I love this game so much please download really cool and good The reason why I didn’t put five stars is because there’s too much ads but the ads work if you want to get something like the wooden vault because I do that like 1 million times it’s really fun and for the people who made this this game is probably going to get overrun by ads but still I really love this game. Bye comfy‘s
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3 years ago, Moonlightbeauty1
I have been playing this for so long and I love it so much and it’s like my favorite game I unlocked all of the lands I just didn’t build the last one (ginger’s farm) there is one confusing thing about this game and it is that I got a notification saying “dive in for the sea stars event!” I opened the app and there was no event there. I even did a run to see if the extra currency was there like there always is in events. Not there. I’m connected to the internet so that can’t be the problem. I think this is just a bug it has happened a couple times and it is ok but please check this in case there’s something wrong. Oh just a question : why are dynamite and diamonds so hard to get? I get diamond vaults in events but there’s no event right now except the fake sea stars one that you can’t play.
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4 years ago, sophbear11133
I LOVE THIS game but you could add thing.
Hi ! i’m going to tell you what I like about this app and what I don’t. what l like about this game is you get characters each level. l am 9 year’s old and l think this game is not hard but not easy because sometime you are trap in between trucks ( no fair even if you are far in the game). Also l mostly like this game more than l don’t ( my opinion) . I love the levels .By the way l am on the 8 th / 10 . If you don’t have this game and your like there only 10 level we’ll they are hard and there not exactly levels .Also l love the special events example :when it around the Christmas season you can collect candy cane .( l think it fun to collect them and earn money/fake What l don’t like about this game is that there is SO MANY ADDS BUT... not as much as some apps l have .Also why do you have to want 5 hour to Open the safes l am not saying l am lazy but thats a long time to wait just for 3 bags of stuff to help you Complete the level you are on .I have idea of things you could do to this app like ...more level ( like only 10 levels that not a lot ) and more idea. This is what l like about this app and what l don’t .this is my opinion but if you don’t have this add and you like what l said l would get this app or other Tom’ s games .
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7 years ago, As if you could know bae
Amazing game but ads are INSANE!
I would give this 5 stars but the ads are so bad, good bye 2 stars. I'll start with the good before the bad. This game is really fun and you don't just walk a pint trying not to get ran over, you are chasing a robber and actually do reach them sometimes and hit them for extra gold to upgrade your cool homes and the scenery changes after awhile with different mechanics as well. Now for the bad.. So the ads are my major complaint in all honesty. In this game you can get gold to do upgrades but sometimes your upgrades are free but you need to watch an ad for it, even if you have enough money for the actual gold purchase. Not only do they stick an ad virtually anywhere they can for you to watch at your own will, you'll get an add for clicking certain thing mysteriously and after you finish a play through along with them self promoting other games all the time. It's just excessive
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5 years ago, national motocross girl764
Great game, but...
I like the game and all, but 1 thing is that why doesn’t it have a second thing for Ben? It has 2 for all of the characters. I love the Hawaiian 🌺 hank character, which is the one that I’m on right know. Also, what’s up with the 6-hour until you can open vault thing???? I mean, the thing about the ads is pretty good. They are way better than a lot of other games, which means that there are a lot less ads than other games. I’m just going to bring the fact up, that hero dash is sooo boring , and there are a lot of ads. You can’t even save your friends. What’s up with that?? I’m really into the gold rush game, but still what’s up with having to wait 6 hours until you can open your🔓 vault? I also don’t like it that you have to have WiFi or internet, whatever you want to call it to race. Other than what I said, it’s a great game.
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5 years ago, the 4th grade bunny
Thank you ads you de best!🌚👍🤔🥰
OKOKOK. I was like one of the first people to get this game. I don’t know how old I was but i think it came out 3years ago. If I’m wrong Whatever just bare with me. BUT WHEN I SAW THIS APP I SAID, “oh what is this? Eh whatever I’m getting it has talking Tom in it.” 10 minutes later...”OH MY GOODNESS THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE BEST GAME’S EVER!!” So I played it for a while and then started reading and drawing and watching tv 📺. So I stopped. Then came back on and it when like this for a long time. Then one day...I was getting bored of drawing so I started to play a game. And an ad popped up. And it was for hero dash run thing with Tom. So people what did we learn today? That ads are HELPFUL and GET THIS APP! Oh and thank you for the people who made this app. And if you are still reading I appreciate it. And have a super de duper DAY.....or night bye!
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6 years ago, Maliak.12
Did not save my high score
Ok so i when i was playing it i ran into something and you know how it gives you the option to either use 5 or 10 dynamites to save yourself or watch a video to save yourself so i clicked video ( and by now my score was 511,459 yes i remember cause i was so proud of myself 😂) well i went to click the X button when i was done and i accidentally clicked on the ad instead and it kept me on talking tom gold run but the page just changed and there was an X on the bottom of the ad page and i clicked that but it did nothing. so then i waited a couple minutes for it to catch up, i thought it was just lagging a bit but then it exited me out of the game and when i clicked back on the app it did not save my high score
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2 years ago, Gravy reviews
Good game that I have been playing for years!
I would put 4 stars but after playing sub ways suffers I can’t also not to mention that half of the good skins are pay to win and the only way to get them for free is to get them out of a lucky card but that is easier said then done. The game play is copied after sub way suffers but that dose not mean that it is a entire rip off at least the concept isn’t, the game is about getting gems and gold to upgrade your house after the robber has robbed you and the races really keep my playing and finally the fact that you can upgrade every single chacter can keep someone playing even more. The sub areas that you head in are really cool look awesome give you a ton of gold and really fun to play in. The power ups although they are all ripped off of sub way suffers are really cool and fun to use as well.
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2 years ago, bb dawson
Warning!! do not spin The wheel or don’t do races very often!!
OK this game is good if you go over and see a reward chest thingy and if you go and tap it oh my Lord oh my gosh you will see a Jackpot but oh my Lord when you spin the wheel you spin it oh my gosh you think it’s awesome but it’s terrible when you land on it you only get 3+3 amount of rewards, that’s only six. you spin it again you get the exact same thing. here is the good part and also a bad part let’s start off with the good part OK you run very satisfying crashes are kind of funny that’s cool but then when you get to the racing part the computer generated opponents will beat you when you get some annoying crashes so the worst part is definitely the wheel some rewards are good but mostly there are rip off rewards OK you can get this app for free but warning do not spin the wheel!
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4 years ago, ricardocisneros2
I love this game! No problems. My brother was VERY used to playing this game. Even my friend was VERY used at playing that game at school. I mean, how FUN is that?? I would love to play this every single day, even when I’m stressed And of course, I love cats. I never had one, and this game is just the perfect game I can play. Plus, I always wished I could be rich. AND when I sAw this little flipin’ shiny gold, I was like “HOLY SHOOT MONEYYYYYYY!!!” So Quickly than lightning, I just clicked the get button like very very fast. I EVEN LOOOVE RUNNING! It makes me strong, so fresh, aw, imagine that! Don’t make changes, just leave it like that. (You can change the like the four seasons. Fall, winter, summer, spring. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful 🌈 day! Thanks for making this game. ☺️
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3 years ago, rupelieums
Love the game but a few things I’d change!!
I think the game is really fun!!!! The only thing I have an issue with is that when you finish the game and you build all the houses, nothing happens which is very disappointing because I have spent a while building the houses. I think the whole game is great but I also think there should be someway of capturing the thief. Like I could get a score of 3 million but yet I can’t beat the guy stealing gold. One more suggestion of something is that maybe when your in the sky and the raccoon person is in the vehicle thing then maybe you can jump because it’s sort of frustrating when I die from that when I can’t just jump over the boxes. Thank you for your time. I hope you take some of these into consideration.
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2 years ago, TBWH
This game is the best!
I have had lots of trouble finding a game I like but now I just know it that this game is fit for me! My favorite feature is we hen you past something hard you can get diamonds and those help you build your present house which helps you to get you to a new and even better house. Another amazing part about this game is that if you work hard enough and get enough coin you can get a different outfit that helps you from dying some times. If I didn’t have this game I do not know what I would be doing in my free time. This game is highly suggested from me and hope everyone else has the same feeling as me. To those who helped make this congrats. You deserve it!
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5 years ago, tarebare07
Talking Tom Gold Run
I think it is a good game and there are even things like different houses and stuff that you can unlock with the things you earn. So it is not like all you get to do is run with the different obstacles. Also, there are different worlds to go into on your run. That way it can change your surroundings instead of just being stuck in one. You can unlock more of those worlds by completing the missions on your house and leveling up to a different house. But if you like the house that you were in, that’s definitely fine. You still get to keep the other house. You also don’t NEED to do the house leveling up things, it is just a little extra thing Incase you do. So, I would recommend this game for sure.
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4 years ago, whyareallthenamestaken:(
Decent game!
The game is great, but ads are annoying. Why does an ad play EVERY SINGLE TIME you finish a run. Other than that I really love this game. I think it’s unfair that it takes so long to open a vault knowing how many gems you need. And sometimes the vaults don’t even HAVE gems! AHHHHHH 😂 right now I am on ben’s place and it’s great! I always love doing the events but the sad part is it only takes 2 hours to complete on average. Wish I wasn’t good at the game so I could do the events for a longer time. Ok imma stop ranting and actually rate the game. So the animations are pretty good but a little laggy sometimes. I don’t get why there isn’t a second one for Ben (like gingers farm or Angela’s night out) that’s upsetting. But yea I love this game keep up the good work developers 👍
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3 years ago, lol🧍🏻‍♂️
Recommend but there’s one issue
Recommend this app 150% the only issue that I’m having with the game is every time I do the spin wheel prize I never ever ever get the jackpot I’ve sat here and spent as many times as I possibly could watched a bunch of ads and I just couldn’t get the jackpot it kept going over it and then go from one to the side the second issue I have is it takes a lot of diamonds(15. Diamonds)To upgrade the house and it’s really really hard to get diamonds and you don’t get really that many opportunities to get diamonds so I was wondering if maybe you could put more obstacles in there to get the diamonds but otherwise it’s a great amazing game it’s fun to pass the time with I recommend 150%
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5 years ago, noodle~
A VERY weird bug in the game actually, 2!!
Howdy! So I was playing this game and I found a weird bug. You know how your character catches up to the thief? Yeah, so I got to that part. You also go up in the air right? Mhm. So I beat the air and ground part, but there was an obstacle that was still rolling in the air. It didn’t pass me yet. Since the obstacle was so sudden, Hank, the character that I was playing, got hit! I had a really good highscore, so I had to watch an ad, since I didn’t have much dynamite. After that, Hank got his parachute out and landed on the ground. I had the thief in my sight so I glanced at it while dodging obstacles with Hank. The thief was GLIDING. What the heck?? Long story short, he started gliding. I also started lagging, and P.S, when I died, the thief stopped parachuting and laughed. P.P.S WHAT IN TARNATION JUST HAPPENED?????
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12 months ago, minecraftman2319
I think subway sufers is better
I think subway surfers is better because you can get more skins. You also can get things on the run. Like a mystery box. I didn’t see any of those in the game. I still love the game and you did a really good job on the game but I just like subway surfers better than this. Also one other thing. I like this game 1 because you can race other people from all over the world and 2 you get to build homes I still have the game and I’ve had it for about 2 years and I love the game. I’ve had subway surfers twice that long. I am giving the game a four star rating because you guys did good and have one of my favorite games. I love to hangout with friends so can you make a friend thing in the game cuz that would be nice. I want to be able to have friends in the game that I can race or talk to. Also you could make some more skins that you can unlock and some you have to buy. Also do you ever catch the criminal that you chase that drops all the gold you pick up, or did you make it endless like in subway sufers. You guys did great on the game and I hope you get more five star ratings
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7 years ago, majelljj
The best game in planet earth ❤️
You guise have worked so hard on this game and all thanks to you I am not board when I get home from school you have inspired me to make a game just like it but no copywrite that would not get me anywhere but jail 😞 with is horrible to have a life in jail for 5 years or less or more you guys are the best game makers I have ever seen in my hole life and that is a long time if you ask me so props to you guys your game is also kid friendly and cute it can help a child with movement of the fingers witch can devolved allot of bone growth with your thumbs and pointer finger that is a great and fun way to learn and grow your fingers my 4month dog Evian likes watching me play this amazing game TALKING TOM GOLD RUN 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😛😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍❤️💕🤩
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1 year ago, jhgffdjgggglj
Really, really good game!
This game is super fun. I really love it and I’ve already beaten it but I still dedicate so much time to it that my high score is 9,271,350. (I have no idea how or when I got that score.) But this game is great, and like that other review I read, this game is better than subway surfers. But I do have an idea for a power up, where it’s like the plane and it’s exclusive to Cyber Angela and Hyper Tom, but instead of a plane or a ship etc. it could be like their back paws are like a Jetpack. It’s just kind of an idea I had just now, so you don’t have to do it. But I do love how you have to stop Roy Rakoon from taking all the gold! It’s a fun concept and I love the game a lot.
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5 years ago, 🐶❤️⭐️
It’s Pretty Good... Except for 1 Thing
This is one of the best running games I’ve ever played. My sisters love it as well. I love the concept of the game. I love how you can upgrade homes, upgrade power-ups, and change your character. For the most part, it’s an amazing game. In the game, you can watch ads to get rewards, but I was playing the game just now, and I watched, like, 5 ads! What did I get? Barely anything. Here’s what I got after I watched each ad: 1. I watched an ad in order to revive myself. 2. After that, I bumped into something again, so I watched another ad. 3. I bumped into something else, like, 5 seconds after I watched the 2nd ad. None of the times I tried to revive myself was really worth it. 4. I clicked on a treasure chest that you have to watch an ad for. I watched the ad, hoping to spin the wheel, but I didn’t even get to spin the wheel. 5. I tried again to spin the wheel, and that time, it let me spin the wheel. I got 3 helmet upgrades. Probably the worst thing on the wheel. Not only that, but it landed right next to what I really wanted. If you can make the ads more worth watching, maybe I’ll consider giving this app 5 stars.
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5 years ago, ladylaxxer28
Great game! Some suggestions!
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I play this everyday and I think that all the updates are so creative. I’ve been playing since September and keep coming back to see what’s new! Even though I love this game, I do have some creative ideas on how you can make it even better! I think it would be cool if you made your next world an underwater world with submarines, coral, fish, and sharks! Also, you could make an Easter version for when Easter comes. You could add eggs and dress all the characters in bunny or chick costumes and you could make special power ups! That’s all I have, I love playing this game and I hope you take my ideas into consideration when coming out with your next update!
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2 years ago, Bluedawna
Very good but I have suggestions
This game is really good, but there are some things I would like to be added! No. 1; More levels! I would love it if you would update the levels. I’ve leveled up all the levels, and I have a ton of extra gold that I can’t use! I am leveling up the character’s now, but I would love more levels! Please add more. No. 2; The races. Okay, the races are fun. But, if you could, can you add a race with friends option? It would make the game more interactive. And it would get your more players. Those are my basic reasons this game could improve, but overall this game is amazing! This game is fun, so you should download it!
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4 years ago, greedy owners that want money
To many ad’s and greedy for money
The game it’s self is good but u get a ad every second like if u lose it says watch a ad to continue but if u don’t do that u gets a ad anyway and if u got something to upgrade your house for gold when your don’t with that and go back to try again it gives u another ad and also there so greedy for money they have 80% of the characters cost money and most of them are 10$ up and all of them don’t do anything it’s like if u bought a bike 200$ bucks that dosent even work so I won’t buy this game unless u want to get a ad every second or have 80% of skin cost money don’t get it so I think the owner of this game is really greedy for money Also PS don’t get your kid this game I’m 11 so I know what I’m doing but don’t get this game for under 9 year olds bc they will most likely but the 100$ skin and u know the rest so don’t get your kid this Thank u.
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3 years ago, SpapierShark
Spy’s on you
I played this game since I was a kid and loved it. It is so fun. The only things though is the game isn’t long. It took me a couple weeks of playing to finish the game. And the other downside is the ads they don’t really bother me but sometimes I can’t handle it. One more flaw is the game spy’s on you. I don’t have full proff but I think I do. If you have an apple phone then you know you are not having people “spying” on you. Because right when you open the app after downloading you get a notification from apple and not the game. So I got a notification to use my camera. Don’t know anywhere in the game where you will need to use your camera. Weird right? I personally would say get the app but if you don’t want to be spyed on just don’t get it. But other than that it is a average game.
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2 years ago, orange stickman
Good game but
Hey outfit7 this game is so much fun so much childhood days! I just love talking Tom and other games this is the coolest but there’s one problem of Tom gold and run I play this game for 2 years ago I played this on my old tablet and then 4 months later my mom gives me a cellar Wi-Fi tablet I was happy my old iPad doesn’t have a cellar Wi-Fi cuz it’s white so I decided to get my previous game in my other tablet but the game wont let me go to the previous game so I was confused my Apple account is in my old tablet and my new cellar tablet I tried going to settings and there’s nothing so I need help with this game I need my old previous game in here so pls fix this game
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5 years ago, 🦜🌞🙏🏼🥞👌🏻
I love this game you get so many cartoons and settings it is awesome and I love to play this game I can not tell you how into it I am all I do is literally play this game I how we get to race other people and settings but what I do not like is we almost have to pay for everything it is crazy but besides that I love the game I am so happy that I got this game I bet in the future or right now I will never never ever regret getting this game you have so many settings and cartoons I can not believe it is awesome to think that you have this game because it feels like you should pay money for it because of the great quality and this my review slash opinion slash what I think about this game bye bye.
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6 years ago, Kddddw
Obviously the best game out there! I always thought that Subway Surfers was the best running game, due to the fact I’ve been playing it since I was 3yo😭 See I couldn’t download Subway Surfers on the phone I currently have, so I decided to randomly look for other games. I saw Talking Tom Gold Run and it looked prettyyyyy cool👍🏾 So I downloaded it and I don’t regret it! It’s more than just running.......... 1st of all you’re chasing a robber/thief as Tom. 2nd of all you can attack the robber lol. 3rd of all you can build many things using your gold on different levels. And there are different scenes/cool levels! I mean there is sooo much more but I definitely recommend Talking Tom Gold Rush👏🏾👏🏾
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7 years ago, Bon1vivant
The challenges and goals
When ever I do the challenges with goals and I get one right the next day I come to do another and my progress is deleted I have to start the first day goal again it is very annoying and all of the diamonds are very hard to get you have to pay real money to get them! But it is a very fun game and the gold is easy to get there should be diamonds in the run put a lot of diamonds and a lot of gold in the run then just raise the price of the houses parts and there are not a lot of levels I got to the last level and finished the house I am board now there needs to be more levels like maybe a unicorn rainbow level or a dragon dark level just throwing out ideas they need them anyways it is a really fun and addictive game that I love to play but not the best game fix it!!
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