TalkingParents: Co-Parent App

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Monitored Communications LLC
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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TalkingParents: Co-Parent App

4.41 out of 5
27.4K Ratings
4 years ago, JNFrost
Love being able to have a conversation with my ex and be able to have proof of what all was said to where it is not only easily accessible, but also admissible in court. Love the fact that none of the messages can be deleted or edited. It time stamps when you or they posted comments then time stamps when the other read it. So there is no saying that you never told me this or I never got that message. The calendar is amazing also. Not only to be able to keep up with appointments for the kids, but it time stamps everything as well. So now when my ex adds that doctors appt the night before I can now provide proof that they aren’t giving me enough heads up to be able to attend the appt. Only thing I would change is when requesting a record, I don’t always need every single conversation. Maybe just the first and third threads that were posted in. Also the calendar you shouldn’t be able to delete events. Instead just edit them saying cancelled or something like that. I have messed with the journal part of it as of yet. But I’ve only been fully using it for a little over a week. Highly recommend this for anyone who has gone through separation that involves children. Just so that you can always protect yourself.
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3 years ago, Lupita8369
Great app
I wish there was a way to limit the use of the person by telephone number instead of email. My sons father let his girlfriend download the app on her cellphone and now they both harass me. I never know who I’m talking to. Some days it’s her and some days it’s him. But they are both always attacking me. It’s mentally exhausting. I’ve stopped checking my messages, and he’s accused me with the court of ignoring him. So now that I have proof that the girlfriend has the app on her phone, I’ve notified the court so they know why I’ve chosen to ignore their constant harassment and why I’ve chosen my mental health over their constant arguments and fights with me. I don’t know what to do now as far as communication goes since I cannot tell who is reaching out to me. I get anxiety attacks just seeing the notifications. Amazing that people can find anything to use as a weapon to harass and disturb your mental health. Until there’s a way for the girlfriend to be blocked, I will not be using any of these apps but this app was great and I have nothing but great things to say about it. So thank you to the developers. Hope you can fix it to make it be allowed one phone number downloadable rather than email. Thank you
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5 months ago, Max ypl
Ruined by high prices and one little punctuation mark
Anyone who uses this app is probably not doing so by their own choice. They are most likely ordered to do so through the court system. I understand charging for premium services, and I am aware that you can login in your browser and use the service for free. However, I have seen the prices skyrocket over the past five years that I’ve been using the app, and other than some useless “premium” features, there’s really no reason to do so. They have a captive audience, they know it, and they stand to make double the amount of money because there’s two people that are forced to use this app if they want any sort of record to take back to court. The other extremely frustrating feature of this app is that whenever you get a new notification, it says “New Message!”with an exclamation point. I don’t know about you, but I’m not excited to get a new message from my coparent, as it usually is something negative. If anything, can you please remove the stupid exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Joker1870_x
Great app to expensive
this is a great app, I am annoyed on how the app demands payment from both parents to use the premium features such as video call recorder. That is $50 a month (25x2). The recorder is a great feature especially when one parent tends to be hostile and you need proof - hence why I am paying… Now I know how the couple I purchase my first home felt, when I low ball them on a deal because I knew that they were mandated to sell and I was the only buyer at the time. I needed a deal, they needed to sell… This app is amazing. I think the gov should subsidize the payments for families that really need it - for example anyone who has child support through the state where parent that owes claimed not working and yet they consistently cancel prescheduled video calls because they are working or say can’t talk right now I am making money…. But not pay a dime towards child support. Given my toxic baby mama I can’t list 100s of reason why this app is amazing… Bottom line - lower your monthly premium payments or here is an idea ?????…. Offer a settings where one can pass the bill on to other given we on this app because one parent can’t control themself… You want to video call and I need to record it for my protection. So you paying that bill… get it. Have the toxic parent pay feature!
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4 years ago, extremely frustrated customers
we have been using this app since February 2019. In the beginning it was fine and we had no issues. But when they changed it from being $4.99 a month for the basic (which included app access) to being $5.99-$9.99 to have app access, we have had a problem EVERY month! We get charged the subscription and then 2-3 days later we get kicked out of the app and told we don’t have app access with our plan, it take 2 days to get anyone to email us back, after they review our bank charges, we get app access back. Then the next month SAME DANG THING! So frustrated with it, makes me wish I hadn’t requested the judge to order this as the only means of communication. My attorney had recommended we use this app because the other party liked to lie and say she didn’t send stuff, even though I still had the text. Or she would call 15-20 times a day and say nothing, deny it was her but the phone records proved it was them. It’s a big mess but sometimes I would rather deal with that than to keep paying for something that keeps messing up.
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2 years ago, growingfamily
There is zero monitoring.
There is zero monitoring on what each parent says to one another. Your abuser /“co-parent” is allowed to still call names, badger, harass, bully and abuse you. The only possible way to maybe stop them, and this isn’t a guarantee is if you pay thousands of dollars , time off work and time out of your own busy life with your children again to take them back to court where a judge gets a botched version of the reality of what you deal with by your abuser on almost a day to day basis on talking parents. This is put on by attorneys that are paid to twist, turn, stretch and exaggerate every single thing. Then have a judge put stricter boundaries of communication on the two of you. Keeping ALL forms of communication on talking parents. It didn’t change a thing the first. It’s not going to change the second time. So your back to square one being badgered, harassed, bullied and abused by the narcissistic parent. Talking Parents does absolutely nothing to help a high conflict “co-parenting situation. Talking Parents Does zero to keep high conflict/ abusive parents accountable every time they write a message.
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4 years ago, enjoytalikngnow
Communication comes easy now
When I committed to communication with my separated spouse only through TalkingParents all games and name calling and bitter attitudes stopped in a day. Communication improved and we accomplished in a week agreements it had taken over a year and a half to make. Fewer conversions are necessary now and the free exchange of children is happening. We are working on a joint settlement custody agreement and no one is seeking an advantage now. The agreement is nearly ready to submit to court. While we have not said it aloud, I mused that if things go this well should we even divorce? I almost started communicating again through text messages but I resisted it and continue only through the TalkingParents app because it keeps us honest and respectful knowing the courts will have full access to our conversations and we don’t want to appear petty.
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3 years ago, Bigpapa303
Life saver
First this was recommended by my attorney due to my ex and I can not communicate with out it leading to a fight. In the last 2 years of using it it has protected me and my ex. It keeps us in check knowing these cannot be altered or deleted. Also each message that is sent will tag when the other person reads it. So no games or last min games can be played. All communication goes through talking parent and a permanent record is created. After reading some of the reviews. Some advice!!! If your at the point of using this app or any similar co parenting app. Block the the other person phone, emails, friends, family. All communication goes through talking parent. This way there is no issues. It’s recorded for life. The judge will have no issues. As long as there is away to communicate that’s all that matters.
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2 years ago, Leopardfam
Worth it
UPDATE: Sign up was super glitchy and messed up on my iPad Pro, causing me to have to change my password and head in for another round of glitches, leaving me locked out but not telling me so. I gave up for several days in frustration and tried other apps, but found them disappointing. Finally came back to this one, and haven’t had a problem since. Developer super sweet and responsive, I just can’t remember enough details to help them. App is expensive, but worth it. Something about the structure is making my conversations with my ex much better. I did specifically ask him to be kind and friendly on the app, as it can lead to sort of cold and functional responses - but cold and functional would be a dream compared to the situations some people are in.
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3 years ago, Nikitten87
I want to love it!
I love many of the features but my court order specifically states that I need to cover the cost of the app in order for them to require the other parent to use it. I assumed you paid for it and BOTH parents could use it but I clearly misunderstood. BOTH parents need to purchase their own subscription and there’s no way to combine the cost of both. Now I have to risk my financial information being on the very sneaky and greedy other parent’s phone. I am sick thinking about it.
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5 years ago, ElCocodrillo
I have custody with a narcissist and this helps keep track of all communication. He tends to lie and say he wasn’t made aware of things and this app helps me prove that he was. Nothing can be deleted and it’s so easy to find something you need. All you need to do is type in a key word and it brings up all the threads relating to it. So much easier than reading through tons of texts and emails. I cannot make my ex respond, or respond in they way I would like, but if we need to go back to court, I have proof of his lack of response and controlling responses. I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with “co-parenting “ with an ex. They may not like it, but it will help you keep your sanity and maybe cut down on the nastiness.
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5 years ago, Dick1405
Works OK
This app seems to work ok. I paid for the premium access so I can use the app on my phone. More often than not, the app will crash whenever I try to attach a picture or video. I have even made the extra attempt to shorten a video down to just 4 seconds. After a few attempts I can usually get a picture to send but after almost a month I've never been able to send a video. I'm really trying to do whatever I can to stay on his mom's good side by making sure she doesn't miss out on anything he's doing. Obviously not a huge deal but since I'm technically not allowed to text her phone number, it'd be nice to be able to send videos as well as pictures without so much hassle. It's also a bit frustrating that the red notification symbol doesn't disappear even after viewing the message.
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2 years ago, runr02
Unfair pricing for non-custodial parent
Unfair pricing for the non custodial parent who must pay premium to initiate calls. The custodial parent can get away with paying $15 less by asking the non custodial parent to call back to avoid having to initiate calls. Then custodial parent opts not to call the kids during the few days (maybe a weekend) they are with other parent. Please revise your costs so that it’s equal for both parents (and $25 for both parents is excessive). I will be asking my attorney to request this app dropped simply because of cost. Department of Children and families should create an app if we are gonna be charged these ridiculous prices as they have a payment system. Then on top of that they are limited to 120 minutes. So if the parent goes over those minutes they have to pay more. Calls over the internet, really? Are we back in 1998 buying minutes? Not even Netflix $9.99.
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6 years ago, the innocent victim
Wont fix crazy
You are being forced to use this app because you are a decent human being and your spouse has turned crazy or is being extremely immature. This app won’t fix your spouse but will help prove they are crazy and immature. It’s an expensive alternative to text messaging. One Benefit is you can see when your spouse reads your message, they get an alert and an email. So when they don’t read a message for 24 hours you know they are are being a child and ignoring you. Another benefit is that you can get a pdf of your conversation. Unfortunately your spouses evil lawyer will instead carefully select screenshots of the conversation and send them to your children’s lawyer to try to make you look bad. Fortunately you can send the lawyer the entire conversation and let him know that he is being misled.
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4 years ago, Captn angry
This is the only way I’ll talk to my ex, it keeps her outbursts to a minimum. It worked great until they added the call record feature. After that it repeatedly crashed when it did open. It stopped sending notifications to my phone and every message I posted had resulted in the app completely crashing every time. Supports solution was to uninstall an download it again. Get your updates corrected and make sure your servers and the endpoint can actually handle the features you’re adding. It’s a good thing this keeps the plaintiff under control or you would no longer have my monthly service fee. Also, if I want to download a conversation please make it so I can select the tab that it is organized into instead of your current method. I want to organize the document by the conversation, sorting through every single message is tedious and time consuming.
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4 years ago, Brett OnAsches
Yearly payment plan is gone
The system works pretty good. However the developers decided to take advantage of our situations some being court ordered and change it to a monthly subscription. This raises the price pretty significantly and also they got rid of the payment in full for the year, looks like we’re stuck with a monthly subscription fee which I am totally against doing. Some of us are on limited income and have to pay child support and alimony and are already hurt In the pockets. Totally unfair for people who have already been using the app. Yeah I know the website is free, unfortunately I’m sure a large percentage of us don’t carry computers around with us while we’re at work and the other parent needs to contact us with important updates. I would not recommend this app to anyone at this point. And I will be contacting our court to have the designated app switched to another.
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3 years ago, 2x_Daddy
I have been using Talking Parents for over two years. It’s simple and straightforward but there were some major flaws I had to live with due to the court order. When I reached out to TP’s support to make some suggestions, I never got a response. My issues with the app: 1) No app password option. Really? This was hugely problematic because my kids use my phone and guess what happened? Yep, my 8 year old daughter read pages and pages of conflict between her mom and dad. It’s so simple and why not give the customer the option. 2). Calendar is basically useless since you can enter recurring events which would be really handy when entering the repetitious custody schedule 3). There are ton of other glitches and UX issues. Fortunately, our new co-parenting therapist asked us to move to Our Family Wizard, literally today. All my headaches are now gone.
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2 years ago, Canis lupus arctos
Force to Upgrade for Video Call
This was court ordered for which I would rather my money go towards my child than waste on a platform my ex uses to harass me. I went to settings to accept video calls from the other parent and the site automatically takes you to sign up for a 30 day trial or to purchase a subscription; you have to choose one before you are able to receive video calls. It does state that free users are allowed to receive free video calls, but again you have to choose between the trail or the paid version before you can. We never used this feature because of that issue and opt for continuing to FaceTime instead. This platform is very deceiving and money hungry which takes advantage of people’s situations. Thankfully I don’t have to use this website very often.
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3 months ago, pelizabethhight
I love that this app holds both parents accountable I love that nothing can be deleted or taken back I also love that it shows when everything is read or edited, this relives a lot of pressure of feeling forced to respond back, showing read notifications at least lets the other parent know it was received, this limits a lot of communication which in our case is great seeing as it can be complicated almost all of the time. This keeps the genuine parents protected and lest the courts see true colors of those who paint murals over their mistakes.
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6 years ago, riliam
Good app
This helps the ex-wife and I to talk in a civilized manner. I like that I can she when she read a message, this way I know if she got it and is just mulling things over or whatever. I would like to have a little flexibility to change color or look of the app. Also, I’m not sure this app have the same level or quality of encryption as WhatsApp or messenger. The last thing I would like is for the app to sound when I do get a message. I don’t like that the only notification is the window I have on my screen or the number next to the app. If my sons mother is trying to send me a massage that my kid is sick, I want to know now. Not at some random point I look at my phone and see a notification.
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8 months ago, Jorgie Cee
Great App
This app is pretty great. There is no longer false narratives or a constant need to explain anything with this app. Finally I don’t feel the need to prove what I’ve been trying to tell a judge, it’s all coming out on this app. Full transparency of everything. I would definitely recommend. The price is a bit steep at $20+ dollars a month to unlock all the features but it’s totally worth it. No more lying from the other parent on how video calls go or fabricating things she claims my child says. Overall, worth every dollar!
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5 months ago, Rachel married a pedo
This app is pointless. There is literally no point if someone messages you and says something ignorant screenshot it print out the picture this app cost me seven dollars a month for no reason and they try to say well. You can get the entire conversation printed out I don’t want the entire conversation printed out I want what my ex says wrong which I have already won and used in court just by screenshot, there is no point in this app the woman above me who says great app and she gets anxiety this that the other she’s just some woman that wants to live off a man and use him for his moneythis app is literally pointless. It’s a text message app that cost money when you could just use your regular text message and if they said something you don’t like screenshot it.
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7 months ago, LatteLover9
Awful application with constant crashing
This app takes forever to load. It constantly takes over 30 minutes to send one message. If I sign out it literally takes an hour to sign back in. You are better off deleting the app, re-downloading it, and writing a one star review so they fix this glitch of the forever turning “thinking” wheel the app does as you open it your phone will power off the screen and you’re still not signed in! I feel bad for anyone who has a scheduled time call because it take ten mins to even connect. It def makes you have to take a deep breathe because you were stressed out trying to get on! Wish it just worked because overall its a great accountability concept! Thank you
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5 years ago, CSchlundt
Good functions but could use improvements
My family has used this app for 3.5 years coparenting with my husbands extremely difficult ex. While I do love that we can obtain certified transcript copies and use them in court, which we’ve done on multiple occasions, I wish there was a “tone meter” and a function to help with finances - keeping track of amount and payments, etc. While I’m so thankful we can use these transcripts in the courtroom, a tone meter will help alleviate a lot of the back and forth: we deal with an excess of degradation and derogatory comments and have to continuously go to the judge with it because she finds her language and comments acceptable.
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3 years ago, scalasi
Ok app
I really like this app. When it comes to the messages, it great that everything is time stamped. Even when the other co-parent views the message. That’s a great feature. This way there’s no saying that “oh I didn’t get the message”. It’s nice to be able to upload images to send the other co-parent. The calendar is a great feature too. What I don’t like is there is a fee to have the app in your phone. You can get free access to it on-line only. That’s an inconvenience. Some of us cannot afford the fee and hardly use it but have to because of the other co-parent. I wish that would change-the fee. Or at least make the fee less per month.
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4 years ago, Dazed & Confused80
Doesn’t Allow multiple accounts
When I 1st started using this application, you could have multiple accounts using different emails and passwords of course, although you had to pay for both subscriptions you could log out and log in very easy. Now for some reason that does not work anymore and you’ll just get error messages yet they’ll still charge you for both subscriptions. Then if you try to contact Support they don’t know the issue, aren’t helpful and just blame it on Apple subscriptions without trying to resolve your issues. Hopefully no one needs this application to talk to two different people because you’ll be very disappointed and stuck. To the developers please fix this issues ASAP.
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6 months ago, Kali Goddess
App not connecting to internet via WiFi or Data
When I try to open the app I get a error screen stating that I’m not connected to the internet. I tried using wireless internet connection, and that would not work with either the app or the website. I tried using my data, the app is still showing the error message about it not connecting to the internet, but the website worked. On the error screen I tried tapping the refresh button however it didn’t work. I turned my phone off, then back on. Same issue. Please fix this issue asap. I can only use the website with data. I can’t use the app at all, and I can’t use the website with internet.
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2 months ago, Anonymous Papa
“In the dark” : A review of Talking Parents App
The app functions well and is highly intuitive BUT . Compared to the other parenting apps they overcharge significantly with complex subscription clauses . LASTLY catering to parents that are single and limited income you charge more than most. That’s insulting and disrespectful to your own customers. The attorneys chose this app. Deceptively enough if I rated this app below a 3 STAR none of you would have the opportunity to see it because they would remove it or bump it all the way to the bottom. These are the type of practices that this company implements.
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6 years ago, Hot Tanya
This app is blah!
Looked up this company as a referral from my Family Law Attorney to be able to communicate with the Father of my children. The service online is free unless you need something in much more detail then then there’s a fee. The downloadable app only works if you pay a Monthly subscription fee of $5.00. Now I now it’s only $5.00 but if it’s supposed to be a free then it should be I myself only use it to text/email you can’t attach any pictures and you can’t make phone calls through the app. So in reality you’re just better off using regular text or email or just down load a free txt app that also keeps track of any messages between parties. It’s hard enough to be a single parent trying to raise two kids.
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7 months ago, Leidi cool
Overall Talking Parents has been a good way of communicating co-parenting concerns through messaging and now that I e purchase the plan, video or voice conferences. What I like most about this app portal is the recording that stays in place for evidence of misunderstandings. The reason I gave it a 4star is because it was a bit difficult connecting initially to the video voice component at first. Other than these I enjoy the calendar in place to plan for future activities
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4 months ago, Zardoz40
This app should be mandatory for all parents in the system. Who can afford it. Being on disability $9.95 a month impacts me. However, I feel I can text my daughter’s mother and gave it seven if needed. I can ask for things that she previously denied me. Like my daughter’s health insurance card. She doesn’t swear at me. She doesn’t abuse me mentally through the app either. As I am a survivor of a domestic abuse relationship with her I feel I have protection against her.
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6 years ago, Momma Bear of Twins
Answer to prayers 🙌🏻
This app got me off the hamster wheel I’d been running on with my Ex through our 18 month super dysfunctional custody case of trying to keep track of all the different texts and emails he’d send saying one thing in one thread and another thing in other threads, ignoring me,deleting the threads I tried taking to trial & the list goes on. Using this service solves ALL those issues and more. It’s AMAZING, it’s the solution I so badly needed, it’s affordable & it’s easy to use. THANK YOU. Thank you SO FREAKING MUCH.
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6 years ago, xray_chic
Excellent to reduce abusive behavior
Before I got the court to order my ex to use this app only I received abusive phone calls from my ex, even abusive text messages. He knew nothing was solid in court. Now, no more abuse. He is cordial even. We have to stay in contact due to child custody. So there is no way to stay away from communicating with him. Now I don’t have to be yelled at or called names. No manipulation. It is wonderful. I can get back to having a life. So I wanted to say thank you. This app saved me.
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6 years ago, loving_dad91
Supposed to be free according to TCSC
According to the courts this was supposed to be a free app as a way for parents to be able to communicate. So I create my account and wait for the other parent to sign up. Upon the sign ups being finished, I open the app to be told I HAVE TO UPGRADE TO A PREMIUM ACCOUNT in order to use the app. Doesn’t give you a choice in the matter. $5 per month, .05 cents to get a text notification, and then they automatically charge you when you get below $1.00. This app is a joke and very unfair. You want to charge someone for your services charge the courts instead of the parents. Not everyone wanted to use the app. Some are forced to do it.
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3 years ago, RAEerickson
Rip Off
I’ve been paying for a subscription to this app for years ever since it was ordered by the judge. Recently the subscription plan has changed due to the developer. It now costs over twice as much but you still also have to pay for the old subscription as well in order to keep your account and all your convos. So it costs nearly triple what it used to. Despite the fact that we all know single parents have it HARDER these days post Covid. Shame on the lazy bums behind this app collecting tons of $ from hard working parents & not delivering a premium level service to match. If this wasn’t court ordered, I’d never use it.
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1 year ago, anberlinchick16
Nothing but issues with app itself
The reason one would need an app like this is because there is a volatile situation in the first place. This app is creating more issues. I’m getting blamed for the app randomly crashing and ending the calls. It will log you out often and without notice. For as expensive as it is you would think that it would work better. Also many issues with the call quality. I absolutely hate it but it’s the only means we have to communicate with my children’s bio parent that documents and protects me for the most part
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1 year ago, Why not2?
It’s just ok
I like having a record of the communication with my ex. However, when we established this method of communicating thru the court there would be notifications of a new message, just like a regular text. It’s been well over a year that this feature has failed to work properly. Even after several updates. It’s disheartening to pay this much for an app that doesn’t work as it should. I can’t change the method without getting lawyers involved, so I have to stick with this faulty method.
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4 years ago, Tesia Washington
LOVE IT, I was told of the app by my Therapist and Friend. Brought it up in mediation He agreed to in front of Court appointed People and my attorney Finally...And He has no excuses now for repeated calls to Harass me. Now his excuse is this not Communicating as Parents this is not Co- Parenting properly. I beg to differ, It’s me Having my sanity and my life back, my control back. And someone can read and see what’s being said and the lies being told. I Can’t Thank You enough for this APP. CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST IS HELL!!
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8 months ago, wrongwaydave74
Is this really $9.99 per month? Every month? This is a little crazy isn’t it. We couldn’t even shop around for a cheaper option because it was court ordered, so $9.99 per month for the foreseeable future and we can’t even invite our lawyers into the conversation but have to buy the PDF file of the conversation. Is there any other way to charge parents for more?
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3 years ago, I am dRASTIC
Two Different Prices
I just downloaded the app. Though I feel it will serve its purpose and it’s something I need, I don’t understand why you promote a $5.99 price plan and as soon as purchase, it’s actually $9.99. It’s misleading. And unless I failed to read the details properly, which I’ll take fault for, it’s not very clear what the differences are, especially since you don’t immediately offer a $9.99 plan on your site. Either way, I’ll be using this and can return with more feedback soon. Would love to hear from the developer on this.
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2 years ago, CheyHernan_1
Why charge for app when you get the same things on the website?
Why do you charge for all plans on the app when the website is free and includes so much already? This is the only outlet that courts accept as proof for messaging purposes, so why make it more complicated to have the app? As all apps that have plans do, there are options. Free or pay for extra. The website is free and you show the free plan in the app yet not available in the app? Doesn’t make sense. Then you up-charge for premium and standard plans that include the free site plan. Stupid. You should be allowed to pick the free plan on the app to use.
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2 weeks ago, břī
Love it 🤍
This was the best decision I ever made getting this app. The ready to download transcript have allowed me to have evidence to make harrassment charges and also evidence ready to go to court. It helps they are transcripts so the conversation is not cut apart. Everything is able to be logged in one placed. This app allowed me to keep my sons father accountable for his behavior to law enforcement. This has been quite a burden off my shoulders.
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2 years ago, 123RABO
Your app is a joke
This app is an absolute joke !!!! It’s just simply another way the government to spy on you and for you to slowly take away your rights and freedoms as a United States citizen and a free thinking parent. It’s a shame that we even see ads for your site ~ aren’t you the government ~ why do you need ads for your this service ~ How and why is there even an ad budget ~ It’s also pretty ridiculous Your Minute structure ~ You know very well your structure is built for your profit and not actually building relationships and communication. This site is just another primary example of how No Branch of the United States Government has absolutely no validity to it WHAT SO EVER ! The Greatest Con of Man aka The United States Government has finally been exposed!!! And any and all parties involved in any government position should and needs to step down removed themselves for failing, lying, and killing the American People !!! How’s that for your honest review !!! GFY !!!
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4 years ago, Badong17
Few things I’d add
I downloaded the app to see what features it had. I think the recorded calls, etc are all great features. I chose to move on to another app, because this one only allows communication between two people. The app I chose to go to allows other parties to be added in for communication - step parents, other care givers - which I think is important. Eventually parents move on and find a significant other, being able to add them in is something I find as a must for these apps.
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2 years ago, No thanks to Vigo
Phone calls
I would give this app a higher rating but the phone call connection was absolutely terrible. We tried re-connecting about 3 times - each time it would freeze and cut out. Otherwise, I really like that everything is documented. Message bing works really well. I’ve been having issues setting up the payment piece - reached out to the app customer service a few days ago but haven’t heard anything back yet.
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3 years ago, ebay 8/1/2017
Okay but double sided
It nice to have time date etc not to be erased but I will say when the judge (in my area) looks it over he will still only use parts of the conversation so unsure what the point of having a unedited conversation if the judge order use of it but does not all of the conversation into court. So it really a waste of money on my end just because edited conversation via text or unused conversation via judge it the same thing. App is okay but in my case a waist of money
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5 years ago, samichebib
Horrible server
How the heck does this messenger app have 4.5 stars? Latency is severe, the server is slow, notifications are not always accurate. Sometimes the little red notification dot doesn’t go away for several hours. Other times, I have to log out of the app completely to refresh my messages, and even then I will still get a “server error.” For $5/month, you are not performing as efficiently as Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp, or Viber. This is a court mandated computer application, so I would encourage you to increase your efficiency and correct the latency issues.
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6 months ago, Johnny545554
Many Better Options than this App
As a practicing attorney, I like to check these apps out for my clients. In my opinion this app is subpar at best when compared to others. Too many bugs to list, is not user friendly, and constantly freezes or you have to log back in all the time. Biggest red flag for me is that they do not allow you to ever delete your account. Which means they can keep your data and information. There are many ways to keep records of your conversations and still delete your profile. Not a fan of this App.
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8 months ago, KCue
Useful but expensive
This app is useful if you pay for the basic feature which is 9.99 a month. When accounting for the amount of communication done within the app for the amount paid, it doesn’t equate. Price adjustment would do wonders. A good product but would love for them to also considers its audience (already distressed parents who have most likely been ordered to use the app in hopes of better communication/record keeping).
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5 years ago, Darlene Claire
Thank Goodness!
I was having a really difficult time… And I still am with communicating. My soon to be ex-husband was being extremely challenging with basic respectful communication with regard to our children. I had wanted to use this app in the past but I could never get him to agree. Finally, we are using the app. It gives me a sense of security knowing there is a record of our conversations. I like the features like Calendar and Journal.
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