Tangem - Crypto wallet

4.8 (3.3K)
205.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tangem AG
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tangem - Crypto wallet

4.85 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Natehardman
Love Tangem
Tangem has made managing my assets so easy. For one thing, I don’t have to worry about having enough space on a usb drive (Ledger) to store everything I want in that wallet. I don’t have to worry about all of the passwords now either. I have the 3 pack so I can keep a card at home and I put the others in a safe place away from my home in case of a fire. I can’t say enough good about them. My friends are going to them or starting with Tangem if new to crypto. Read up on them and look at reviews to see if it’s a good solution for your needs. For my needs it’s been really nice.
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2 months ago, rythums with gym
So much for “best support ever”
Tangem Wallet Review Cons: Limited customer support: Tangem does not currently offer 24/7 customer support, despite what some screenshots might suggest. This can be frustrating if you encounter issues and need assistance outside of business hours. Inaccurate balance display: I experienced a significant discrepancy (over 95%) between the balance displayed in Tangem and the actual balance in my Ledger wallet. This could be a cause for concern and requires further investigation by Tangem. Cryptos that I own are ALL stablecoins! Influencer Bias: It's important to consider that some influencer reviews may be biased due to sponsorships or affiliate programs. It's always wise to do your own research before making a purchase. Overall: While Tangem offers a unique physical wallet solution for cryptocurrency storage, the limited customer support and potential for inaccurate balance display are significant drawbacks. I would recommend waiting until these issues are addressed before considering Tangem for your cryptocurrency needs. Additional Considerations: Tangem's website should clarify the limitations of their customer support channels. More transparency is needed regarding potential discrepancies between Tangem's displayed balance and the actual wallet balance.
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12 months ago, Crypto Chiquillo
Tangem cards does not scan!
This has been the worse hardware wallet i have bought. Right out of the box, the 3 cards did not scan. How am i suppose to do quick trades in crypto if i have to pray for the card to scan or not?!? These cards are either defective or tangem needs to to promote good cards. Also the customer support is not helpful at all. I have requested to get new replacements or my money back and no response. I would not recommend this to any of my crypto friends.
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3 months ago, izzlepizzle1
*This Wallet Is Broken* Does not work with Solana
Solana right now is the fifth largest crypto and this wallet is broken in regards to working with it. I bought this wallet a week ago after three days all my Solana and Solana related assets you cannot swap and you cannot get off this wallet. And this company will lie to you. They will say oh it’s because Solana network congestion. It’s a total lie I can perform transactions and swap Solana and Solana based assets on every other exchange and multiple hardware wallets. Many crypto investors that have their assets on this wallet right now are losing tons of money because they no longer have the ability to exchange trade or swap Solana and Solana alt coins. I’m telling you right now stay away from this wallet you will lose a lot of money and the company will respond with deceptive explanations.
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1 year ago, giggins
Excellent idea but with a minor annoyance.
This is an excellent idea, especially if your new to cold storing your crypto. It’s simple to setup, manage and no difficult seed phrases to remember. I have one minor complaint, and that is having a token across multiple chains. The app adds a duplicate of the token for every chain you enable, giving you a long list you have to scroll through just to find the right chain. It’d be preferable if it had just one instance of the token then maybe a drop down that showed all the chains for the token you have enabled, rather then duplicating them for each chain.
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6 months ago, The Bronzer
Couldn’t get it set up
Tried setting up the two pack I bought by using the second one as a backup but when I got to the finalize the backup portion it asked me to scan the primary card but it would never finalize it after many attempts. Backed out and tried with the other card cause it said if I backed out I would have to start over but now it says there is a wallet attached to both cards. Still waiting to hear back from customer support. Makes me feel really scared to put any significant amount of crypto on this. I was excited to use this wallet because all the reviews I read said it’s really simple. Now I’m out the $50 i paid for it guess it could have been worse.
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6 months ago, MrMuysik
Love this wallet
Just got my 3 card set and I must say Im in love with its simplicity and sleek design. UI is ver good just would love to see more tokens added like ICP/ InternetComputer , also like EGLD / Elrond , MultiverseX. Would like to see them also on there own chains. Also would love to see in the mobile app to add Dapps accessibility like other wallets in the market as well as native staking. Minor/major upgrades but I know the Tangem team is working on it. Thank you and really love my Tangem Wallet
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8 months ago, Wil-e-cat
Making it better.
Like the new upgrades allowing sorting by balance and dark mode. Would like to see networks retract and expand associated tokens to make it easier to access individual assets from other networks without having to scroll all the way down the list. Still don't know why app companies put the total balance on the left instead of in the middle. I tried purchasing through the app and it was straight forward no problems. Keep innovating. Peace ✌🏼️ GW
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3 weeks ago, Why18485848
Love Tangem!
It’s great for high level investing and even beginner level. Super easy to navigate, transfer, etc. It has a very simple and straightforward design which allows you to easily tell what is “up” and what is “down”. The setup of the cards is very undemanding and takes almost no time at all. I also love that it gives you three cards in case you lose one. Overall great app and currency system.
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2 years ago, misterawesome60
Could be cooler.
I love this wallet! I love the simplicity of the design and how it looks like a credit card. But, there are some shortcomings on the wallet. I really wish that there was a built in NFT viewer, as I hate having to use external viewers to see my NFTs. Also, it would be awesome if you could add Nano (XNO) to the wallet. Along with Banano on the Nano chain. I really love the customer support from the company as well! Edit: Wow, quick response. See what I mean, this customer support rocks!
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1 year ago, Check "Six"
So far it’s pretty awesome!!
First off shipping was fast as heck!! Ordered it on the 19th of May, received it on the 24th!! App is straight forward, simple and the setup of the cards was very fast and easy. Transfers were very fast from old wallet to the new. Only gripe is there is no where to save addresses. 😢 I hope this will be addressed besides going to explorer to find previous transactions.
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6 months ago, myd0j0
Great idea, poor execution
First, I appreciate the update allowing an existing mnemonic phrase wallet to be imported. As it is an existing wallet, I am shocked that I can’t see my Cardano. I can see it if I send the cardano to the address provided by tandem wallet, but not if it was there previously sent by another wallet. Seriously? Why would you be using custom derivation paths on existing wallets? Speaking of Cardano, I challenge the wallet connect error claiming the chain isn’t supported by wallet connect. A simple google search will begin to explain the number of dapps that have been given wallet connect integration grants. Maybe instead of a Tangem ring you could provide a functional wallet.
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3 months ago, iSly_One
No seed? Not your keys…
So, I have the Tangem 1.0 three card set. I have all three cards. I have assets in the wallet, full access to cards and app. However, I have no way of moving any of my Solana assets out of the wallet. The app says the transactions are signed and sent to the block chain. Nothing happens. Block explorer shows no transactions, wallet balance remains the same. I repeat the send 50 times by now, no change. Reinstall the app, same result. THIS is why people should ALWAYS truly self custody their keys. Without a seed phrase, l've lost access to my funds, because an app stopped working correctly and apparently no support or answers.
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3 months ago, scammysite
Tangem review
This wallet’s functional reliability is lacking big time. I am often encountering screen freezing when trying to look at my portfolio. It updates prices of assets borderline extremely slow. Due to the lack of functionality, I was unable to access my crypto bc the app was not working properly. It would often heat my phone up to where it’s too hot to even hold or it will freeze or fail to update latest pricing. What is the point of this if I can’t sell, transfer, swap my crypto in the middle of a bull run???!
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6 months ago, Grif1123
No Added Networks?
For anyone that knows a little about advanced features in crypto wallets. you’ll know adding a custom token or network isn’t too complicated. Tangem supports cbETH on a few chains but ‘not’ Base network itself. I sent cbETH to my Tangem 0x address only to find it’s not a supported network. Hence deducting one star. This is a good wallet but the settings are maybe more restrictive than I’d like. Please, add support for Base so I can retrieve those tokens?
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4 months ago, Blockdagdaddy
Best wallet hands down
Tangem is absolutely amazing ! It simplifies my trading and investing drastically. Never needs to be charged ! You can add almost any token with ease, swap any coin for any other coin and every network. No need to send funds back to a sketchy exchange to sell and take profits. Fees are acceptable, what more can you ask for ?? I LOVE MY TANGEM I have 5 sets and counting. Thank you Tangem !!
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4 months ago, Mystranderson
So far so good.
Initial purchase, package came open with stickers that had been picked off. Contacted Tangem three times over a couple months before they were willing to replace. Tantrum repeatedly said their product “should be good”. The replacement card is the card I ended up using. I am pleased with the ease of use. Missing some coins such as Algo. I would purchase again.
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4 months ago, MD20241
Tangem Review
This is a great wallet! It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to plug it in like other wallets like the Ledger or D’CENT. You just need the card and the phone app. It’s very smooth and easy to use. I told my friend about it and he researched it and then decided to buy it as well. It’s very affordable compared to other wallets as well.
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11 months ago, Ζ `Ε Φ Υ Ρ Ο Σ
..all in all it’s good..
.. what I don’t like..: first of all on your website it is marked Swiss based that leaves the impression that it’s coming from Switzerland 🇨🇭 but it’s produced in china and shipped from china. .. the other thing that I don’t like is, to waste so much of the screen by having 40% covered with the Tangem Card. Couldn’t you replace it with a circle that indicates the %ge of the hodling-coins❓ Like exodus does it for example and some others. Some color options of the background would be awesome and give the app some atmosphere. Now the design is very pale. The functioning of the app is definitely sound. All the blockchains we can use.. definitely awesome.. I have most of the hardware wallets and Tangem is definitely one of the best, if not the best..🤩👍🏼🔥✅
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3 months ago, FreenasUser
Swap feature did not work
Tried to swap from DAI to USDC and the swap feature through 1inch didn’t work. The app sent an approval transaction to 1Inch for a fraction of the amount I was trying to swap. This meant the swap could never go through and I had to pay the fee for the approval, so the end result was I lost money and no swap was performed. I’m working with support, but so far they have only given boilerplate responses and not addressed the issue. If they can actually resolve the issue I will raise the rating.
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6 months ago, Atreus2k
Great app but NFC cards don’t work on iPhone 15 pro with latest iOS
Great app but NFC cards don’t work on iPhone 15 pro with latest iOS. I would give this 5 stars if it actually worked! Been waiting for an update so I can use my useless cards. I wanted the 2.0 cards so I could use a seed phrase because I didn’t like the idea of not having access to the funds if the cards got destroyed for the 1.0 version. I’m going to have to use an older iPhone to finish setup since the new cards can’t complete setup on an iPhone 15 pro! Please fix this ASAP !!
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7 months ago, Ver7!
Wallet works good
Hello this wallet is good, just a suggestion that after a Cryptocurrency is sent to my wallet, it does not refresh the Cryptocurrency account balance on the app, but i have to re open the app for the current Cryptocurrency balance to be updated, if you can please fix, thank you.
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4 months ago, Safe but expensive
Some issues with facial recognition
I have had some issues logging in. Some issues with transfers when I didn’t have enough ETH to transfer the wallet gives me some technical statement and says nothing like UNI does; add some ETH. That seems to be a simple fix and much more user friendly. Otherwise Tangem is the best cold storage wallet in my opinion.
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3 months ago, Kim3.0
Need Customer Service!
Hello! I will change my star rating once I get a customer service response. (You have no chat line “temporarily?” …I sent an email about 4 days ago...but no response yet.) Help! I have a probably stupid question, but I need to be sure. When I transfer crypto to my primary card do I need to ignore my backup cards or do I “add” the asset info to the backup cards too. Or if I lose the primary card will the app be able to then make the asset amount info to my backup card. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Satoshi fan
App review
Amazing ! Everything works perfectly just I still can’t swap Mubi and VET with other pairs I would love to have chance to swap all coins ! In ledger I can and that’s the only thing keeping me away from moving everything to Tangem All other features are perfect
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3 weeks ago, Cybewinder76
Best crypto wallet so far
Setting up the Tangem wallet is easier than anything I used before. It’s safe, no KYC verification and literally 5 minutes to set up and start sending/receiving crypto. Without a doubt the best option available for novice users like myself.
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4 months ago, MNMIKE420
No more paper
Bitcoin is the future and you want me to write my private keys on a sheet of paper? Not with Tangem. This wallet is by far the best on the market in terms of security and usability. No more pen and paper. In app swaps/exchanges. 90% of assets are supported and new assets are added daily. The question now is what’s in your wallet?
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3 months ago, natedawgthaOG
The Only Cold Wallet I’ve Ever Used
I never used a cold wallet before because they always seem so difficult to use but this one is the best mobile friendly cold wallet .. got it set up easily and now I’m happy to know my crypto is safer than ever
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2 months ago, Coocooclock22
It’s ok
50% of the time when I open the app it won’t load the balances of my crypto and it continually shows zero balance. I have to close the app and reopen it and even then, it doesn’t always show a balance. Very very frustrating. It’s not my Internet because everything else with the Internet is working just fine. I’m ordering a Ledger wallet and switching over.
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3 months ago, Lucas J iOS
Cant even get a wallet
Ordered a wallet 10 days ago and never got a response. They had no problem taking my money though. Decided to eat the loss and tried to order another card off the app and it just gets stuck spinning. Tried to contact support multiple times and havent gotten a response. Could I get some support please? So far this has been the worst experience of any cold storage solution I have used.
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2 months ago, Zero 12345
Mr. G.
First time user and found after searching for a hardware the Tangem was for me. Found it easy to use after watching how to set up. I did watch twice but it all worked out fine. I recommend this cold storage.
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1 month ago, dixonizm
Super simple to use.
This is a good cold wallet if you want to move crypto in the short term, because it is easy to use, and you can have the card handy in your wallet the moment you want to move crypto.
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2 years ago, AG215215
I like it but…
What if the app gets pulled from the App Store or the company goes out of business? I’m completely relying on the app. There’s no way to open my wallet anywhere else. No app and no crypto? That’s the only problem far as I can tell. It works great and it’s easy to use
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3 months ago, mmik77
Great Cold Storage
Very secure, simple and easy to use. No need to solve complex puzzles or remember a whole string of words or phrases. The bottom line is it just works, easily and effectively. Have recommended it highly to a number of fellow crypto investors.
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4 months ago, Darring99076
Customer Service
Ita great to have the efficiency. Family can have a just in case card. But it’s rare to find true honest 24hr return help customer service. Ease of use is a major plus.
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3 months ago, JohnnyB239
Amazing App however…
This is truly an amazing crypto app and concept. Cannot fault this app except for 1 thing. It lacks the ability for multi wallet support, meaning you can only have 1 eth, 1 btc, etc. where other competitors you can have multiple of the same pair.
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2 months ago, hunt8755375
First time user
It worked it was simply. I now feel I under cold wallets. Go slow use small amounts to learn even if Coinbase rips you off on fees. Transfer back and forth a few times before you move large amounts. Send 2-3 testing.
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4 months ago, Genisis1-romans11:36
Easy but shady
The wallet and the app is relatively secure and very easy to setup and use but the swap function is a bit shady because the price quoted is always great price but after execution you paid more and get a lot less exchange. Stay away from swap! Never had an executed price near the quoted price . You always lose money. Too bad Tangem would have been the best.
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4 months ago, MisterLem
Self Custody Is the Only Way
I’ve been using Tangem for about six months now and I haven’t had a single problem. Mt. Gox, Celsius, FTX… the list goes on and on that prove you simply cannot trust a custodian. So custody yourself and this is one great solution.
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4 months ago, IRISHMCD44
Must own!!!
This is a must for anyone who own crypto. Straightforward and intuitive to use. Once it can interact with apps so that you can stake from your wallet while maintaining custody this will be the complete package.
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4 months ago, goldentine
Tx history link Error
There’s an error with the recent update on BCH wallets when tapping explore transaction history. It Links to a 404 error on blockchair Doesn’t happen on other coins tracked by blockchair
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1 month ago, Earth-heart
Easy cold storage
I am not of this young generation and the fascination and dependency onTechnology. Yet , if you don’t get on the bus you can’t get off the stop. For me easy set up and so far Flawless application.
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4 months ago, HalonOverdrive
One month review
I enjoy the ease and security of your products. Recommend hourly daily weekly and monthly Tangem balance changes for quick decisions. Thank you
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4 months ago, inanetTroll
Outstanding service and security
I am so happy I am keeping my Kaspa and other cryptos spread between many cold tangem wallets with no seed phrases. Just hard cards. Feels great knowing my hard earned crypto is safe and secure.
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3 months ago, mjanca
Easy setup
I have tried several hardware wallets, this one is my favorite. Haven’t found a reason to switch. Check to see if it will hold your favorite tokens. It holds many, but not all.
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3 months ago, Utgringo
Pretty goo but bad customer service
Solana chain wouldn’t load on my app and prompted me to reset my wallet. I reached out and they basically said it was user error and I should reset the wallet….. witch would require me to send out all my crypto, costing me a bunch of fees. They didn’t offer any other alternatives.
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4 months ago, Crypto Phinatic
Best cold storage
I’ve tried a lot of wallets and I’ll just say, Get a Tangem! It’s the future of cold storage wallets available today. Easy to set up and use and app that works perfectly.
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11 months ago, _mjh22_
TARA network support
Love the wallet! I hold TARA and while it is available for storage on Tangem, only the erc-20 network is supported for transfer in. Any chance to get TARA network support? My exchanges do not support Erc-20 for withdrawing TARA, only the TARA network. Thanks!
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4 months ago, Crypto Maven
Best Cold Wallet Ever
The Tangem Wallet is by far the most user-friendly cold storage wallet I have ever owned…and I own several others. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to safeguard their crypto assets.
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4 months ago, Josh spry
Best one I’ve had so far
It’s secure and easy to use. You can swap coins easily too. I got two cards, I’ve had it for 6 months and so far is great. My favorite.
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