Tank Hero

4.7 (1.3K)
16 MB
Age rating
Current version
Clapfoot Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for Tank Hero

4.67 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 months ago, sksyhansuxhd
It changed my life for the better!
Tank Hero became a transformative experience in my life, shaping my perspective and resilience in unforeseen ways. Much like Hellen Keller's determination to overcome obstacles, Tank Hero instilled in me a sense of perseverance amid challenges. Anne Frank's courage to face adversity resonated with me through the game's demanding levels, teaching me to navigate difficult situations with grace and fortitude. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message of justice and equality echoed in my approach to strategic planning and decision-making within the game. Similar to Rosa Parks' defiance, Tank Hero taught me to stand firm and push boundaries. The tactical prowess of Shaun from Fallout 4 and the conquests of Genghis Khan inspired my strategic thinking and adaptability, enhancing my ability to strategize effectively within the game and in life. Tank Hero thus became a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, instilling timeless lessons from historical figures that continue to shape my outlook on challenges and victories alike.
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5 years ago, kid102017
Better then tank trouble. WAY Better....
This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played and the best tank game I’ve ever played. From now on, I’m done with tank trouble. This game is good for doing something when your bored, it works in places that don’t have WiFi at all, the music is fantastic, and it never gets old!! I think I have more reasons why this game is awesome, but just can’t really think about because there’s so much. Well.. this game is really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really Awesome!!! And I hope there’s a update!
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6 years ago, Aajammaster
I REALLY like the game BUT.........
There are a few problems like the following: bad graphics( by the way I’m not really a stickler for good graphics so this doesn’t really bother me and it’s not a problem, what I mean is bad map looks and the tanks have very little detail, but the game functions perfectly), controls can be a bit wonky like when you’re moving, you’re tank would just stop when there was nothing stoping it, the hit boxes are REALLY messed up, a bullet could go right by you and visibly not hit you, but still destroy you, the largest problem with the game is.......... The amount of levels, there are 3 worlds, each with 40 levels which seems like a lot, but you really have to think, your paying money for a game with only 120 levels with only a good 30-40 levels that are actually a good challenge. After all these criticisms the game is still amazing and if developers fixed all these problems, it would be a way more popular game with more 5⭐️ reviews.
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4 years ago, Lindamodu
Awesome but...
This game is similar to the Laser wars one you guys made but for some reason I can’t find it to download it. It was my all time play favorite game but now I can’t find it and play it! Please I’m begging you bring it back I’m using an iPad and I remember I played the game on this iPad and the game was a master pierce I used to love fighting the bosses but now 😭😭 it’s gone and I can’t download it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK
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4 years ago, shakenbottle
Great game
Great!! The funky thing is that the controls are weird and sometimes get in the way, but I have never see a game make it easier so I’ll give it 5 stars. I’m not one to spend money on games but this ones worth it. Back in the day it was 3 bucks but I would still buy it for that. It’s awesome
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5 years ago, Solitary Brujo
Never gets old
I have been playing this game for many years. I go back to it again and again and again. I can blow through the entire campaign with gold stars in a couple hours but it is fun every time! I never tire of this absolutely perfect game.
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2 years ago, this game is nostalgic
This game is W
I remember this game and i bought again and it brings back so many memories and this game is still fun and working well. I honestly think they should make an update and it will be more fun.
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7 years ago, monstertank64
Awesome Tank game!
The control setups are awesome especially the ability to steer the turret. You start with the basic cannon and as you progress get special upgrades depending on the level. I can see this game having a sequel. This game goes great with Heavy Metal. This a great buy!
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5 years ago, Coach Lincecum
1st rate battle game
The game is easy to figure out and is comfortable to use when moving the tank around and firing. As you advance in each ‘world’ the level of difficulty increases which keeps the game interesting and challenging.
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1 year ago, Pophoto98
I’ve been playing this for almost a decade, simply the best. Simple and concise with good sharp plain graphics nothing trying to be fancy. So glad it’s still available in the App Store.
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4 months ago, V12i0n
Great game
Awesome game with easy controls and well designed and thought out levels I wish they would add onto this game it really has a lot of potential
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4 years ago, m.sweetwyne
Tough game
This game is to be honest too tough to play on my phone. After you get up to about level four it becomes almost impossible to beat it. Is that bad? Not necessarily it means it’s just too tough for me. I do like to have a chance to win sometimes. I think you need to be a much younger or more nimble person.
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4 years ago, j546998
Not worth the money
After about level four the opposing tanks get advanced weapons. You don’t seem to get them. Very frustrating. Do yourself a favor. Find a better game to play where the programmers weren’t trying to create impossible tasks. Too many games out there to waste your time here. Just move on.
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1 year ago, Flaco Pwa
Brings back good memories
I used to play this game years back it’s good to see it’s still kicking though I did enjoy its laser tank variant more I’m happy that the series isn’t dead
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5 years ago, vonzipper65
Solid Game!
Finally, a solid arcade game without endless commercials and in-app purchases. Reminiscent of Combat from Atari back in the 80’s. Challenging enough to continue to be interesting! A fun game I’ll keep this game on my phone for s long time!
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1 year ago, 20davidj14
Great game!
Came across this game while looking for a ww2 game to play. It’s super fun and addicting. Well worth the 99 cents! Only thing to add is I wish it was full screen for my 12 mini.
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3 years ago, Dmk_Beast
Needs multiplayer pay me dividends
No internet needed, bomb for when bored. Needs multiplayer pay me dividends
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2 years ago, please fix the controls😞
Awesome game
It’s really fun that you have to pay attention and make sure you don’t get hit
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11 months ago, Warewolf23
Best tank game I’ve ever played
I’ve been playing this since I was 5 years old
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6 years ago, kk100
Does what it says very elegantly!
It’s simple and addictive! Controls are smooth and the victories satisfying. Gets very challenging quickly. Nice job!
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6 years ago, Bizzare Apollo
Mediocre and not worth a dollar.
Like the title says, this game is definitely not worth a buck. There’s barely any features to the game, you can’t even aim the direction you are shooting your middles at, it’s really just by luck, I’ve seen better graphics and a free game. This game should be free not a dollar.
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7 years ago, InkyMyCat
Thank you
Thank you for the IOS 11 upgrade. Now I can enjoy the game when ever I decide to upgrade to 11
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5 years ago, deepsix2
My childhood
This game was part of my childhood I would play this game, get stuck, beat it and I would have so much fun
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5 years ago, The Organist
Fun arcade tank action.
Best tank game on iTunes! The developers keep the game updated with new versions of iOS. It’s great having a good game that continues to work.
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6 years ago, Dp6826
Good classical graphics and a very good game but I would recommend you to make a longer campaign and you can play it all day and you should make a multiplayer mode PLEAS the e...😶😶
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6 years ago, nicki592
More levels would be nice
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5 years ago, Banshee^42
Shooting tanks
This tank game is great. I love the level and all but one thing, shooting. I would definitely add a 2nd D pad to aim and shoot. Maybe aim and release the d pad to shoot? I don’t know, just an idea. Or add the option for this in the settings
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3 years ago, te2001
Excellent game but sound does not work on iPad
The game is fun, with the right degree of challenges. But I am using an iPad and there is no sound.
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5 years ago, JakeDrums15
Basically a Wii tanks knock off, but fun
This concept it’s totally ripped from the Wii tanks game, but it does have some new interesting game mechanics which I appreciate. Overall it’s pretty fun.
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5 years ago, Kaden Cash
It's a really fun game, but...
the controls are pretty bad and the graphics are awful please fix these things
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5 years ago, jbro746
I LOVE the game!
But your Tank Hero: Laser Wars is better. The problem is that laser Wars is not compatible with iOS 11 or 12. Please fix that.
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5 years ago, Best Gs
Worth it but I think the game needs more levels
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4 years ago, Shane-420
It’s tankerific
One of my best go to games!! Loved it in the wii and I I’m loving it even more on mobile!! Thanks for the great game!!
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6 years ago, Youdontgettoknowmyname1
Awesome but
I beat the game in a week, super fun just not enough levels
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7 years ago, Caybodaybo
Great controls
Game plays and feels just like tanks on Wii... enjoying it
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5 years ago, moisturizor
I bought it thinking it wouldn’t have ads since I’m unlocking the full version...
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3 years ago, Cliff Gymboy
Good game
I was playing a mini game on super Mario party 8 and was reminded that this game existed... awesome game, good throwback
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6 years ago, pitzop
Fast .. makes you pay attention ..
Hard. Fun..
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1 year ago, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
Laser tank
Can you bring back the Laser Tank Hero game
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4 years ago, Flounder 8972
Lot of fun
Great basic fun game to kill time
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9 months ago, Musket 38
Fun game but
The controls are frustrating. Need more positive tank movement controls.
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5 years ago, yer grandma
Good game
It’s good but they should degenerate add power ups and different tanks
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5 years ago, chac2213
Sooo how much do ya play this
I play it everyday and this game is the best game ever
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5 years ago, Scientist 007
Great Fast Paced Game
A great fast game if you want to have some fun.
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3 years ago, deft qwerty
Best I phone game hands down
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4 years ago, davey0078966
Works on 14.2 and
Still a lot of fun
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5 years ago, Sillyfez
No ads great game brings good memories
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5 years ago, Realist38
How I love it
I just like tank hero because I can destroy tanks and it is really fun
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5 years ago, Java49
Simple yet fun
Great game for passing the time
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4 years ago, Herrstoff
Used to love this...
Great fun but hasn’t been updated to iOS 14.2
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