Tap of War - Widget Game

4.1 (1.3K)
9.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Daniel Storm
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.1 or later
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User Reviews for Tap of War - Widget Game

4.12 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Monkey wings
I like the game but I do have one problem it’s confusing when your tapping and the other color takes over the screen and wins. If you don’t understand so if your playing blue and you win the red one will be on the screen and it will say winner. So if you can fix it then please fix it soon
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3 years ago, KittenWafflesWithSyrup
It’s supposed to be opposite
It’s a tug of war game, say you are red and you are tapping faster than blue. Blue would come closer to you since you tap faster therefore you win. But if you are blue and you are going faster than red then red would come towards you and fill the screen. Everyone here is thinking it’s a glitch and when you tap your color that color should be filling the screen but that’s not how tug of war goes. I don’t know why everyone is confused 😂
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2 years ago, raventigersquirrel
Glitch in the game
It’s a fun game, but it’s switched. If you’re playing with blue on your side, you win by filling up the screen with red. And when you’re playing with red on your side, you win by filling up the screen with blue. It’s really confusing and it’s kind of annoying to have to explain this to someone every time I play with them. The game would be much more enjoyable if this could be fixed.
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4 years ago, Couldnt figure out a nIck nAme
Fun but could fix one thing
I like playing this game with my friends to waste some time however, when you tap your side it moves your opponents forward! Could you possibly change the way you win ?
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1 year ago, Dewad7
Confusing to new people
When you win it looks like the other person does, please flip the colors to where when you tap, your color goes towards them.
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3 years ago, Turtlepony14
Distraught disappointed and dismayed
My friend thought she won but actually I won, 12/10 would recommend
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4 years ago, YSLEuphoria
Great idea but needs a fix
When u tap, the opponents color takes over the screen and it says win, can u change this so it does it the other way.
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3 years ago, Kolton Hancock
This is rlly fun but one problem is that what ever side u tap on the other side fills the screen so the color ur tapping will spread but otherwise the game is wonderful!
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2 years ago, nickijohns4
Amazing game
I play it when I am bored there are literally no ads I play it with like everyone thanks for this game
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2 years ago, badness and karen
I’m not sure what to think
I think it would be a good idea but like I don’t see how it makes sense. If I’m tapping more and I tug the other side over wouldn't that mean I won not the person who tapped slower??? Please explain
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4 years ago, jekakc kssmbxjzsk
People are stupid. the person who taps more, has a smaller side becuase they have more of the hypothetical rope. Think of it as literal tug of war. whoever is winning, the closer the little flag in the middle is to you.
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3 years ago, asshoool
yup, y’all rly are dumb
the app is great and minimalist and there’s nothing wrong w it. the title is called tug of war for a reason, you’re supposed to tap and pull your opponent towards you aka make them flood the screen and go past the middle. it’s tug of war!!! think about it real hard before leaving a nonsensical review
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3 years ago, simple and entertaining
Good game
Very simple I play it with my kids and it’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t confuse me
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2 months ago, yourgymnast
Great app!
So fun!! Something interesting and competitive to do when bored
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3 years ago, Yes124757($)856
It’s extremely hard to play against yourself (idk who would tho)
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3 years ago, theSinghrr
y’all are dumb
i see so many people saying that “the opposite color takes over when your tapping faster” that’s how you win. in this were tug of war, the middle line would be the flag, as you pull that flag comes close to you, that’s why the opposite color is coming towards you.
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2 years ago, unspeakable0899
I’ll give you an a for effort
If you are on the blue side and you keep tapping on the blue slide like you do you’ll lose you don’t tap over the other persons hand that just doesn’t make sense fix it
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3 years ago, channelhaitang
Super dope game
I have never lost i just continue to destroy teachers and friends
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1 year ago, miaa21345678899
Pritty fun
I not a lot of adds but gets boring
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2 years ago, Tico lolo_6090
Luv spam
I tap and I win all the time! It’s like flipping a water bottle
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1 year ago, Dreweykins
Fun tapping war game!
It’s one of the best tapping war games on your iPhone!
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1 year ago, SabawNgKanin
Omgggg this game is so great
Me and my friends have so much fun it do be slappin 🤝
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2 years ago, Frick you homescapes
This game is quite confusing, because when you tap more than the other person (say you’re red) it says that blue wins.
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3 years ago, ohhi18035
Good practice if u know what i mean
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4 months ago, THIS_GAME_IF_FUN
Fun game.
A fun game to challenge your friends to!
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7 months ago, rklite
This app is trash
For some reason you tap for your color coming towards you, idk you can have fun with it I guess but it’s weird
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1 year ago, pyronado_
Which way
When you tap on the red side the blue side grows Doesn’t make any sense why do I have to reach across my phone it’s such a stupid way of doing it
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3 years ago, agentto
y’all here from tiktok?
what up
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3 years ago, poppsy noiuoiouoii
It’s funner when you have more people. It’s kind boring too. 😞😞😞
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3 years ago, Edroy123
It’s so easy
Very easy
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2 years ago, verified_apple_user
Whats the point of this if the winner and loser settings are flipped! That’s literally what’s happening. When one side clicks more, the end result shows the opposite side as the winner
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3 years ago, why is my nams taken
I played by myself and every time I clicked just one it says that the other Color wins
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2 years ago, amoung us black balls
It sucked my big black juicy among us balls
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2 years ago, one foul
I went through too many rounds just to realize that tapping made your opponent win L game
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3 years ago, NynjaVanysh
You tap to lose….
When you tap your color gets smaller….
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2 years ago, Dave12345678912345
I don’t like it
I thought I was winning but instead I ended up losing. Add more clear instructions.
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3 years ago, mjmann118
Not that fun
U just tap. But if u play games that u need to click a lot then this will help u 😐
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3 years ago, turtle_657
I hate this
I was happy and excited but then when you press your side the opponents side takes over. I suggest not to get this app :(
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2 years ago, remixrivaldomeh
Tap wars
I like it
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3 years ago, gamerboy2291
This game is good because ur mom
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4 years ago, rocket 900000000
Fix it
You just tap back your side and nobody can win
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1 year ago, lily termini
i love this game
everytime i play this game i kidnap 2 children
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2 years ago, 225054444
Good for me and my brother
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3 years ago, Stop making this
Ok so me and my friends were board so i got this app but u beed to change the way u win as whoever taps less wins so don’t waste your time
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3 years ago, Jordan Zito
Great I love it it’s literal tug of war
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2 years ago, LingPerson
Use a massage gun to dominate your opponents.
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7 months ago, Lon veros
Tap on a dougy, Mr Michael Sanchez. He is such a pookie
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3 years ago, Itssteamerbtw
This game is ok
It’s a fun way to kill time but WHY are the controls inverted
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4 years ago, chaeunwoolover
I don’t understand this game
It is kinda confusing
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3 years ago, Chaparrita_13_13
This game is so confusing
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