Tapcheck: On-Demand Earnings

4.7 (14.9K)
99.9 MB
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Current version
Tapcheck Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tapcheck: On-Demand Earnings

4.71 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
11 months ago, Id awfarm
Great App
This is such an easy process to get a payroll advance when you need it ! I was skeptical at first but once I used it I loved it! Loving on a bi-weekly paycheck is hard to manage sometime and my husband is paid monthly . Tapcheck is set up so you can get part of your earnings when you need it and it’s been a life saver more than once for us to be able to get funds on those off weeks when we needed it! There’s a small fee but if you go to an atm you usually pay a fee so for those of you griping about the fee this company is supplying a service that some really need and they have to make their payday too ! I think the service charge is very reasonable ! Great App Great Service !
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2 weeks ago, Darpurple
Tap Check is a good option for an employer to offer where as living paycheck to paycheck can be frustrating but with Tap Check you are able to manage getting through to your next paycheck. However, if you are not careful in managing your funds when you tap into your paycheck when it is time to get paid your paycheck will be lower than a full paycheck which can harm you in paying your bills so you have to watch out in how much you take out. Overall it’s a great resource to have!
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2 years ago, Scorpiongurl77
Great App So Far
This app has been great so far. I signed up through my employer and I haven’t had any real issues. The minor issues that I did have were handled immediately by the wonderful customer service reps. Their response time is quick and they are very helpful and courteous. It has helped me a lot being able to access part of my paychecks early when needed, because times have been a little tough. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for an early payday feature.
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2 years ago, Jewels_1231🌺
Convenient Service
Not really fond of the transaction fee but they have came to my rescue in more ways than one! It’s highly convenient and there always available to answer any questions you may have. The Tapcheck reps are really helpful! The only downfall to Tapcheck is again the fee and I think it would be a lot more convenient if the actual agents could manually sync your time! If that makes sense!
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1 year ago, tracy kieffer
Funds stoped coming through
The fun stuff coming through and I had a horrible time getting any one to help for a whole day and in the evening I finally got a hold of someone. Beside the fact I could barely understand her she lied and said it would be fixed within the hour. It never was and it’s the weekend and I can’t get a hold of anyone. Extremely poor poor customer service. I know she could’ve fixed it while I was on the line with her because I’ve had this happen before and the guy fixed it while we were on the phone. So she was either too lazy to do the work or just didn’t care and actually it was both I believe
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5 months ago, AshleyGomez7
Too many problems
Like someone else’s review, my account worked without problems for weeks. The past week in a new period with days worked- my balance hasn’t been updated and my hours for the pay period says 0. Like someone else said, no problems for a while, then Tapcheck won’t let you log in even while using wifi saying “request timed out” or “no connection”. There is a load button to update your hours, that doesn’t work and never has. I filed a support ticket or what they call it, nobody has reached out or fixed what my app says is the problem, my account needs “resyncing”, whatever that means. Good app for a while, ultimately turns frustrating and useless.
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10 months ago, ....?.!.$.&&:
Customer support
Horrible! There’s no way I can find to talk with a live person on the phone it’s just through messaging, and when asking specific questions about something that was said to take 24 hours but is now going on almost 5 days the only response I get is “your in good hands” I haven’t even been able to get started with the app because no one is getting in touch and it just keeps getting swept under the rug! There is no support given from customer support and that’s not exactly convenient for those who are needing it. I’m Sure the app a great but costumer service could use some upgrade…
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3 years ago, SW1SH3R
I can draw more from my bank with a lower fee from my overdraft protection than I can this site I make over $400 a week my first day borrowing money I was already 90% through my pay week it let me borrow $100 I was like ok cool I needed $200 but I’ll just borrow the rest tomorrow but nope it allowed me to only borrow $75 I’m like wow really so that same day it offered me to borrow the other $25 so I did not they we’re trying to make $8 off of a $100 not including the other $4 from the first hundred so I was like ok I’ll just wait till tomorrow and borrow an additional $75 nope offered me $33 I do not recommend maybe if your getting your haircut at dollar tree or your getting coffee at McDonald’s other than that this app is a joke!
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1 year ago, Cristina G88
Great Service
Tap check has really helped me out a lot! It truly is a great service. The customer service is wonderful!! James always goes above and beyond and always does what he can. He truly is amazing!! He is always willing to help me no matter how many times I bother him lol. Also I have always got great customer service from Ash and Sherry! Thanks! Definitely a recommend service to use!
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2 years ago, Bhoover93
Helpful customer support and friendly staff!
Customer support is super helpful and the staff is very friendly. The app is streamlined and self explanatory which is helpful, the only problem is when uploading your drivers license as a form of verification it will freeze and keep loading and there doesn’t seem to be an active solution for it, but other than that great app!
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2 weeks ago, themememashine
Good but one problem
This app is good and it works, however, on my iPhone it automatically updates itself. Great! But there is always a message for weeks "we have a new update, please install" so that makes it confusing! Get rid of that message if the app is updated for iPhone users. Trust me you did not fix that at all.
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4 months ago, Dublicorice
So much better than any other borrowing source
Easy to use interface and set up account access in minutes for an instant/next day transfer. I also like how you can look ahead at your projected gross pay you’re borrowing against. Rates are low and reasonable. Very satisfied so far with this app and glad my employer offers it!!
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2 years ago, SMT0811
Great service!
Their customer service team goes above and beyond in order to get you your money as quickly and possible!! They are always so polite while they sync your time and get you your money thay you have earned! It’s super simple to get your money much faster than payday! Thanks, Tapcheck for the work y’all do and the efficiency in which y’all do it! 🥰
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1 year ago, Peace in Him
Tap Check
I gave a two because right our the gate they were calculating wrong and funds were not available to me. Also they charge $4every time I withdraw. It was very hard to get any help over the number that they gave me to contact them. The chat text was impossible to get the information. I need it and the response. I need it I’m just having a difficult time dealing with them, but it has only been a month and I may omit that I might not be navigating it right, so I’m going to give it a little longer
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2 months ago, SUDEPSucks
That was quick
I received an email from my employer about this app and literally had $200 of my paycheck in my account in less than 5 minutes from opening the email. Super quick, no waiting or having to be tracked like there is with Earnin. This app is by far the best earn as you work type app I’ve ever used.
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12 months ago, LoveChild29
Very dissatisfied
This play is full of crap! one of the worst ones I’ve used to date you have to wait forever for your money customer service never answers the phone and they charge you like 5 $ each time you take out your own check I absolutely hate this app if I can give no stars I would !
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3 years ago, TWilkerson03
Good Concept
The whole setup is perfect, you get a little bit of your check before payday. However, my payroll never updates the next day like it’s supposed to. When I be needing money the most, it’s just not available. They have great customer service though, and a quick text conversation can get it sorted out. It’s still inconvenient that it’s not there to begin with though.
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1 week ago, Ranger 1One
Update request
Whenever I attempt signing in with facial recognition I receive a message to update to latest version, but it appears I already am because no other versions available. I’ve even attempted uninstalling then reinstalling the app with the same issue and it’s happening on multiple devices but besides that it’s working pretty ok & convenient.
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3 years ago, brookedunn91
Love it !!!
Very easy to use app! Help is there when needed! This app helps out so much having early access to my finds to keep up with bills, or just everyday life expenses! You do get charged to pull out the funds, but the benefits are worth it . I really do recommend to everyone. It’s like your borrowing from yourself !
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5 months ago, Elaguinaga
This would be great if it actually worked! First the ID process is difficult to say the least, took me over 30 minutes for the app to accept my ID pic only to get rejected and now I have been waiting for two weeks for my “support ticket” to get addressed so I can actually use the app. Meanwhile I have been denied access to the app account I took so much time setting up🤨 If you’re in need of a pay day advance look elsewhere because this app will only frustrate you and leave you without the cash you’re in need of!!
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1 year ago, Suga49
Having to chat, send a message two -3 times a week gets to be a problem when you’ve clicked in and out and your having to ask to reset the system 48 h hours after your shift so you can see your updated hours is an issue I thought things would have gotten better thus new year but things still looks the same with having to get hours updated
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2 years ago, npkrich4l
App is trash 🗑️
The app don’t even let you sign up completely. I’ve tried 3 times , 3 different days and it freezes everytime I take a photo of my id and that’s sketchy. Feel like it’s just another way to get your information stolen by random people
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1 year ago, Tapcheck
More and more fees.
I don’t think we should have to pay 5$ for a transfer fee as I have many other cards and set ups where I don’t have to pay to transfer my money, especially the money I worked for. It doesn’t feel right and it would be nice to be able to transfer our funds for no cost, if anything, not $5 per transaction anyways.
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3 months ago, MyMyAhmedHardy
Fast process
This is my first time using Tapcheck and I really like it because you get your money in about 30 minutes and it’s easy to use and understand.. customer service is very helpful also.
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3 weeks ago, unsatisfied in Denver
No support
When are you going to fix the issue with being able to get support?? You cannot get any or ask any question through the app. The “bot” just says “cannot understand, try rephrasing the question.” Last time I submitted an inquiry, I received no response until I was finally (after 6 days of waiting) able to use the service, then got an email “oh looks like things worked out, thanks for using Tapcheck”. Absolutely no customer support.
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4 weeks ago, DutchezLane
Why is this app so problematic
I can never get customer service not even the phone number and when I go through the app to use it, it gives me the runaround I gotta keep tapping to reload a conversation that won’t go through my balance is 16 who works 8 hour to get 16 to reflect on my account. You guys got too many bug issues that needs addressing I always say if this was a true emergency we would be jammed because you app doesn’t alway deliver the way it supposed to
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1 month ago, JessicaS342
Worst service for employers
Please use something different. OnShift/Payactive, DailyPay, anything. They have horrible customer service. It takes days to get a response from them. YOU may work the same hours daily but TAPCHECK pays you whatever they feel like day to day. All of their customer service responses are automated. Even when they escalate matters, you need to start completely over only to get the same automated responses. I’ve unfortunately been a tapcheck user for over a year
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3 months ago, Ty money24
My money
I like this app but it could be set up to where we can borrow all of our money. 100 dollars isn’t enough to pay my bills. At least let us get half of our paycheck. The money is there. You know that the money is there so why not let us get it. We worked for it. Getting paid every 3 weeks isn’t fun. Bills don’t stop coming.
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5 months ago, Lena Cabell
Be aware Look at your check stubs
They have been taking double and triple every pay more than what I took daily. I took $174 they took $486 I took $145 they took $288 I took $179 they took $286. I have been calling two weeks straight Monday thru Friday and all they keep telling me is there are expedited the issue and get back to me when they are done investigating. Investigating what they acknowledge they see what I actually took and they see they took more so why I haven’t received my money.
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1 month ago, imamhim
Ridiculously slow
Thirst couple of weeks were amazing, now my pay is taking 2-3 days. Only updates 1 time a day and not even after the shift, b4 the shift which means i have to wait till the morning the next day to get the funds from working the previous day. I worked Sunday and since it didn’t want to update I wasn’t able to take out before the pay period ended smdh
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9 months ago, On demand earnings!!
so this app is good it lets you take a certain percentage of you’re money which is nice to have on demand earnings for places you get paid bi weekly! Super hard to get a hold of over the phone tho like very hit or miss but they are good about email communication foreshore! Love it 😊
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5 years ago, Kate5051
This app is a lifesaver!
Easy to use app. Got everything set up pretty quickly. Was able to get my money a few days before my regular payday. My car broke down and I need cash immediately to fix it. Great alternative to doing a cash advance place. So thankful for this app.
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1 year ago, Snookaj
Great Company
They have not failed me yet been using them for about 2 year’s through my job! I definitely recommend this service! Who can’t use money before their paycheck and excellent customer service!!
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2 months ago, feefeepeewee
Alway keep a log an watch paystubs
I have had problems with trying to get answers to how I can take 170$ out of my check but they say I took 484$ an the first he sec time I took 140 an it says I took 404$ somthing don’t add up an when I call to get answers no one answers or I get told they will investigate an get back to me an that’s been since March an I want answers an I want my money. It’s not hard to understand. Kass!
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6 months ago, 🤬…..
I can never open the app it just keeps spinning. I am not understanding why I have so many problems and the few times it opened up my available balance wasn’t updated.
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1 year ago, EZurinsky21
Life Saver
This is such a great feature to have, especially when you’re in a pinch. I’ve never had any issues with my funds being deposited, or with the actual app itself.
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1 year ago, calientediva75
App is terrible
This app is terrible. I haven’t been able to log in for several weeks. Keep telling me invalid credentials. I have changed the password several thinking it would work, but still no. I also reach out to them through the app and they told me I had to call another number in which they gave me. But yet with that number never can get through. I’m starting to think this app is a scam. Maybe I should report it to BBB
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2 years ago, Tranquility hippie
It never worked
Most useless app I ever got. It never worked. I did the request steps for customer service, and all I got back was two form emails saying “hit reply,” but there was no other content in them. The emails were as useless as the app unfortunately. It’s a good concept, but the app doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for anyone else I know, either. This could be the biggest app ever if they could get it to actually do what it says.
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2 years ago, B_L16
Very convenient when you need quick money. Great customer service skills. James and chatted via the app and he was very nice and fast. Would definitely recommend this if your employer is enrolled in this program.
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2 years ago, Aleta Gentry
I like the fact that you can receive your wages daily if needed for whatever. Also the fact that it’s not a loan and you’re using a portion of what you’ve earned to take care of things as needed.
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4 weeks ago, awolallie
Pretty great
It’s nice so far, I don’t like having to pay $5 each time I want my funds but I still pay it and do it. Enjoyable to have my money early so I’ll pay extra to get it that’s fine with me :D
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1 year ago, Bre8976
Thank God for TapCheck!
I needed money right away after just starting a new job and waiting 2 weeks to be paid and TapCheck allowed me to get $100 within 30 minutes delivered right to my debit card..Thank you TapCheck!!🥰🤗
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2 years ago, Tapcheck Is Great!
App is Amazing!!!
I was a bit skeptical at first about using this app, It made no sense to use it but when I first tried it, I realized how much of a life saver it could be in those “desperate” moments. I’m thankful my employer is working with Tapcheck to help us employees.
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5 months ago, whitecrispyy
Slow ui
There’s a ton of loading screens, for seemingly no reason apparently. And very random as well. It’ll load until you restart the app and then sometimes you’ll have to restart multiple times, besides that, it’s a pretty good app. Does what it’s supposed to, and finds your payroll even if it’s your fist day
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1 year ago, Scoobsdou
Bad customer service no help
I used the transfer command to get a next day transfer and had to wait over 48 hours (and still counting) to not receive something I was suppose to get next day. I have emailed support but within the last 17 hours no one has replied. Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting much help and if I do I still had to go pay the same transactions fee while waiting twice as long.
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2 years ago, OluwaNbePelumi
I am loving it. Many thanks Tapcheck
There’s no other better way of taking care urgent needs like Tapcheck. Stress Free, no hazel, total Peace Of Mind, no interest. Nobody needs to know my business. The day I learned about Tapcheck was one of my exciting day. Many thanks TAPCHECK very smart idea…
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2 years ago, ℂᎯᏆℋᎽ
I agree, great help response's. But I thought Mayb it was on my Company’s end since the day b4 funds aren’t available. But I learned to realize how much $ I’ll need for the wk b4 & do it then. But TC has saved me NSFD’s many times HORAY for this opportunity that’s available.
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11 months ago, TacoKougar
Easy to use
Such an easy app to use. I’m in it less than 30 seconds and have my deposit within minutes. It’s saved me more times than I can count.
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1 year ago, KayGoddess@21
I’ve downloaded the app off the flyer posted at my job and have set everything up but still haven’t been able to access funds or fully understand exactly how to activate the process to receive funds. I’ve reached out many times and still haven’t gotten a result or clarity on understanding the full function and benefits of this app
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2 years ago, lielocoh
Such a great app they have amazing customer service
I called customer service to help me with something at the app , i got a great directions to solve the problem! Highly recommend to use tapcheck.
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