Taptap Send: Money Transfer

4.7 (17.3K)
94.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Taptap Send, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Taptap Send: Money Transfer

4.7 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
11 months ago, jonasblue
No issues at all if you read correctly
I’m having so much fun using this app as it is super easy to follow and use. I understand that there are a lot of regulations when it comes to sending money abroad so I try to read carefully before I sign or accept agreements. I also made sure that all other important details aren’t being asked for. I understand the security and privacy policy of the app because I READ IT TWICE. I’ve used it 5x now and I didn’t have any issues at all. The best part of this app aside from ZERO FEES is the HIGH CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE!!! I am not worried at all. If anything changes I will update my review. For anyone who wants to use it. Make sure you read and understand everything.
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10 months ago, Nanev87
Unfinished app and careless customer service
Taptap send is an unfinished project and they are very careless of customers. Do not send your money through here!!! Initially I thought they will send money only to mobile money account but no, they will transaction to any phone number even if the user to not have an active mobile money account. I initiate a transaction base on the understanding that the transaction will not go through if the user doesn’t have an active mobile money account Mistake (unfinished app). With fess hours that the receiver told me that they can access the funds, I tried to cancel but again another issue here (customer do not have ability to cancel a transaction even within one minute of completion). I check the cancellation request process and contacted via email, WhatsApp and even call. Over a week of my request the transaction is still not canceled and they will give the same status of my request being escalated to their partner in Cameroon pending response (unprofessional and careless) they have not been able to set real expectations on when I will have my money back so this can take months!!! This money was for my mom health emergency and I can’t having back on time for her bills and médecines. Please do not use this app to send your money it will at your own risk, because they will not be able to assist you in case of issues with your transaction. Zero customer service!! Run with your money !!!
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2 years ago, Catasofo
Too Creepy
I find this app very creepy. You start off setting up your account and they ask for few personal information and they ask for more information little by little. By the time you know it, they would’ve collected your entire life and if you want to change anything, then you’d have to contact support. That’s where the trouble begins. You can’t get anyone to talk to and they then make it almost impossible to remove your personal information or close the account. Unless you want give every personal information, even your whole life, be very careful. Too invasive and creepy, to say the least. By the time you finish setting up, you feel like you were seeking employment with the FBI. They take everything you’ve lived for and then turn around and say that they have to closed your account. I’ve used PayPal, xoom and never a problem and PayPal itself for over 10 years and no problem with my ID but these folks claim there’s a problem and yet they can’t tell me because of government regulations as if the government is afraid of me. Creepy folks!!! Please run far and don’t follow their very creepy approach. Next time they will ask for your parking ticket, airline boarding pass, and maybe utility bill as well as your X-ray photos
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1 year ago, Jgbfbdgg
if i could give this zero stars i would!!! absolutely horrible customer service!! i used the app twice, the first time things went smoothly but the money was delivered kind of late, however it was delivered indeed. the second time i used it the app said the money was delivered but my receiver did not receive the money at all, i got in touch with the costumer service and this one guy named Faisal was very helpful and reassuring the first time but after that whenever i called i got connected to a random operator (if i got connected at all, used to be put on hold for very long periods of times and would have to call back again and again) who would just say they are investigating the case and nothing more. i sent in all of the needed documents but yet it has been weeks and there still was no update in my case, nor was i given a refund and nor did the money reach the receiver at all - where my money went? only God knows! deleted the app and never downloading it or recommending it to anyone ever again, the customer service was especially very VERY disappointing! (other than faisal, he was a good guy, even talked to me in urdu aka my native language and genuinely seemed like he had an interest in my worries, thank you Faisal!)
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2 years ago, shakil 12$
Bad service
I verified my account weeks before! Afterwards i been doing transactions with no problem. However 2 days ago i tried to transfer, then a message popped up saying “my account is suspended”. Thus i reached out to customer service. I emailed 2/3 times, messaged 1 time, called 2/3 times. Didn’t receive anything. After i called and finally thei received the call and one person said he will ask the other team. Well i waited and received and email saying my account is closed. Then i called again and asked for clarification, one of the female agent she said she will ask another team again, afterwards I received email saying they can’t provide reason nor they will open my account!!! I humblly requested for clarification again as I didn’t provide any false information during my transaction. But i received an email from them copy pasted the old email. Which is frustrating and unethical! Idk what to do! I need to transfer money abroad very urgent!!! Edited: after the developer responded, i called them again and the customer service agent said “ do whatever you want to do” like what type of response is this??? i know they are being to ignorant which developers may not care! But this will cause them badly by the time!!!
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2 years ago, DE ARK
Has some significant Issues
They send a receipt via email that contains the entirety of the receiver’s account info in plain text. For a financial entity, that’s not a good look and makes me shudder thinking of all the info we handed over for the privelge of using the service. Luckily, I believe this should be a fairly easy fix. Secondly, there’s no cancel button in the app for any transaction that’s taking too long to complete. According to their own policy you’re supposed to email support within 30mins to request for cancellation and I can attest that all you get after sending that email is a generic automated response. I’ve had a transfer pending for over 24 hours before getting a “delivered” notification. Except my beneficiary didn’t receive the money. It took several vexing calls and e-mail messages over almost 4 weeks to get my money refunded. They have some pretty good rates but that comes at the expense of your peace of mind in my opinion. A simple cancel button would win back some of my shattered trust. Until then, If you’re a risk taker and do decide to use the app, GOOD LUCK, you might actually need it.
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1 year ago, HDia1
Very bad experience
I opened my account back in November! I used it for two months with no issues. Five days ago I received a message from my bank saying my account was overdraft. I saw three transactions on my account that we are related to TapTap send. I called the customer service to ask them if they have any issues with the system, and the answer was no we have no issues and asked me to contact my bank. My bank solved the issue for me, canceled my debit card and gave me my money back. A few hours later, I tried to use the app to send money overseas, and that was when I realized my account has been suspended. I called customer service and emailed them, but I only got one answer from them. The answer was your account has been suspended for security, and there is no way to reopen it or open a new account. They didn’t even provide me with any informations. I’ve never heard in my life that if your account was suspended or closed for security that you cannot re-open it or open a new account. I’ll stick to WesternUnion. They are way better and they have a better customer service.
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4 months ago, Wannie-Ana
Hacked Account Resulting To Wiped Bank Accounts
Hello My account was hacked and transactions were made 4 of them in total which I did not make. I am writing to ask that those transactions be canceled and I get my reimbursement. but I am met with an email saying my account is suspended and closed without a follow-up on the fraudulent activity that occurred on my account. I have spoken with representatives and none have been able to trace the culprits who did this; I have always referred your app to people around due to the no-charge fees and urgency of fund disbursing but now this case can not be handled appropriately, this looks bad on your customer service It’s been months now and nothing has been done. I am strongly advising anyone against getting this app because when your account is wiped out, nothing is done to reassure the hackers are caught. And no they do not actively fight against fraud because I was a victim and I have screenshots of my account being hacked and money removed with no form of actively working towards finding the culprits or refunding or even canceling the fraudulent transactions.
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12 months ago, Ch.A.M
Scam and horrible customer service
I use WU for last 13 years and it works great but they give you little less then current conversion rate, I guess that’s how they make money. When I found out about this app it sounded too good to be true. Taptap offers better conversion rate then any other app and transaction is free of any charge. As soon as I made my account and tried sending $100 to and from the accounts I have been using without any problem for at least last 7 years, Taptap suspended my account and told me to contact customer service. When I did they told me my account was suspended because of security reasons. When I asked what was the problem and how can it be fixed they told me that they can’t share but issue cannot be resolved and I can’t make a new account either. I kept asking why and they kept telling me security reasons and can’t share the details. My account is there and they have all my info but I can’t delete it and Taptap refuse to offer any solution. I wish I would have listened to all the negative reviews here. WORST APP I DOWNLOADED
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1 month ago, Im Loving It!! Yeah!!
Worst App Ever
This is the worst app ever! Of my account is not getting suspended for no aparent reason it’s not processing my transactions or taking days to submit a payment through. When they suspended my app the first time I called, they checked, could only tell me it was suspended, and said someone will send an email. They sent an email with the exact same thing the person on the phone said with no resolution. I waited 4 days and called again, they gave me the same answer and that it’s being reviewed. After a week and a half they finally reactivated my account but when I tried sending money to my family the transaction failed. I changed the amount as requested and the transaction still failed. This is the issue that I’ve had the entire time using this rediculous app. I WOULD NOT recommend anyone use the app. It’s trash. I have found another app with 0 issues that I’m able to use effortlessly without all of the hassle. Haven’t had to call or message an unreliable customer service team yet!
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1 year ago, Dhaka7
Horrible Customer Service
App has issues. Seems like it was published without going through quality check. Money transfer business has a lot of legal restrictions but the app doesn’t keep up with it. My first transfer went flawless. But the second one, after 36 hours it was canceled- disappointing since the recipient needed the money urgently. I had a recipient’s information stored but now I lost it too. So I have to enter everything again. Sent text in WhatsApp group got reply after 12/13 hours. Instead of taking responsibility it just a blame game. I did not upload the ID and when I said that ID was never asked for it. They tried to tell me that it did. Which actually asked after the cancellation. Any way they could’ve just say- SORRY something went wrong on our side PLEASE renter the recipient information and we will make sure it goes th this time. But never was a SORRY or PLEASE even one time instead - you NEED to or you HAVE to etc etc.
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4 months ago, SitFankaloza
I loved this App!
I really loved this app and the convenience of it, recommended it to many of my friends and family. But sorry to say I feel that greed took charge. First I was able to transfer up to $2000 in one transaction with a fee of $10. Now there are different fee amount to different $$ amounts transferred and the limit is only $1500 which I don’t understand. The fee for a $1500 is $20 and I can make 2 transfers for that amount for a charge of $40 but can’t make one transfer is $1600 in one transaction. Make it make Sense. So many people are constantly using this app to help other ppl in the Middle East, sorry but I can’t understand the changes and the hike of fees. At least keep the same fees for costumers who use your app religiously, as appreciation and good customer service. I really dislike the greed.
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2 years ago, @SAAM$
Just ok but not very good
The app itself is not great. Saw it on facebook, but it had a lot of issues… I kept getting flagged for fraud for no reason, and even just adding a new account is a hassle. I tried to contact their support but even they didn’t help. Thankfully the director Saad was available to help me, and he walked me through it, and even helped solve problems ahead of time. I would give the app 2 stars because it does work smoothly.. WHEN it works. Most of the time it’s too buggy to actually get anything done. I still wanted to leave 5 stars to reflect my appreciation for Saad, if you are lucky enough to speak with him directly he will go above and beyond!
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2 months ago, prosenjitmandal
Best Money Transfer App in the market
For over seven years, I’ve been transferring money from the USA to Bangladesh, navigating through a myriad of services including Zoom, Sendwave, Wise, Western Union, Remitly, and several others. Among these, TapTap stands out for its unparalleled speed and the most competitive exchange rates I’ve encountered. Loving it so far. Furthermore, integrating a mobile phone reload feature would solidify TapTap as my exclusive choice for international transactions. Such an addition would cater to all my needs within a single platform, eliminating the need to juggle between apps. Looking for to have this feature.
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5 months ago, Queencapella Wellness Empire.
Criminal activity is going on with this app
Everyone please be very careful with this Africa apps. They have bad and unreliable investigations who does not know anything. They are bunch of high school dropouts working here. I had a name change and needed to update my name on file and my account. They requested my legal documents for change of name which I sent. Just the same way I did with all my USA banks and PayPal without any headaches. Now I am doing the same with this crap apps. After they collected your legal documents they will block you and lied that your account is closed for security reasons. Guys be very careful because these might be the same people who uses people information to scam people. Please how would you request my legal information and blocked me. Please Do not use this app. I will also post them in all social media platforms so people will be careful to avoid them asap.
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10 months ago, Hajia Fatimah Ola
Very fast and convenient
I lost my bank token and this has helped me a great deal to transfer to my people back home and also make it easy for me to send money to my workers back home. It seamless and always me to do as much transactions as i desire. Only ask for my ID amd thats no big deal. Its necessary and i love the app. Very fast and money hit the account immediately. I now introduce the app to my friends here in the US who has one or 2 project doing back at home. Taptap is the best and the rate are good too. With TapTap. I almost complete my project back home without stress of going to the bank to transfer
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10 months ago, wigwe
Money will not appear in minutes as claimed!
Except you are willing to go through the hassle of customer service don’t rely on this app to effect your transfer within 24hours. They hold your money for over 24hours. It’s my first time and I’m definitely deleting app once I get my money back. It’s so frustrating that I have to wait till Monday before they can resolve as I transacted on friday. My family needed the cash urgently! Of what use is it by Monday? Right now my money is hanging! Yet the app says it has been delivered to recipient.
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2 months ago, DaniXoXo3
Poor Customer Service
When I first downloaded the app, it was to send money to my home country that I am visiting soon. The app never requested any identification or pictures of me, which I thought it would. Anyways, I tried to send money and it got canceled. I contacted customer service twice and told them that the app never verified my identification, and that I did not know how to verify it. I was told someone would email me. I waited a week for an email. Just to be told that my account was permanently suspended. I never was asked for verification of identity and it took a whole week to get this email. I would have provided my identification and I was ready to provide it each time I called. I received no help in the end. The customer service is bad and extremely slow, and I was not listened to.
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1 year ago, yound_iva
I hate writing a review but I am frustrated and irritated. I made a transaction (2k) on the 5th of April today is April 11 and I still don’t have my money, it has been escalated multiple times and still nothing I sent my statements and everything they asked for since the 6th and 7th and now I am being told to wait another 7 business days to get my money back or be credited. I was told it has been escalated but I would like to state publicly that if anything happens as the fund is for a hospital bill (we all know how the health care system is in Nigeria) I will be holding this company accountable. I am scared to even use this service again for fear of experiencing the same thing. Don’t download if you are thinking of it, download at your own risk or if it’s not funds that are needed immediately.
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8 months ago, Saimon101
WORSE: Transaction pending since 1 week.
I wish I could give them minus rating. Unfortunately I can’t. This app does not have good realtion with its partners in other countries like Nepal. I have sent money to Nepal thinking it has no transfer fee but it is taking more than a week and still pending. I called them 3/4 times and everytime they say sorry for inconvinence but we can’t help you until our partner in Nepal cancels it. We send money to family whenever they need it but the transaction gets pending for more than a week then what is the meaning of sending ? Worse service ever I have experienced. It is better to use moneygram or World remit or Western Union even if they charge 0.99$ per transaction but at least they are trustworthy and quick in resolving the issue but this app is too WORSE.
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1 year ago, babuar
Poor Service
So you don’t want to have this app as your main money sending app. You need to use this as a last last resort. Even if you haven’t had an issue yet using this app, they will eventually surprise you and give you a bogus reason why your transaction is stalled in the “pending” state. I talked to the mildly rude lady at customer service service and she said the reason was because it was a “large” amount. I was sending less than a thousand dollars. I usually send more than that! The app said the reason my transaction was stuck as pending was because the system was down in the receiving county. Two conflicting excuses. So again use this app as the last last last resort if you need your money delivered safely and on time if you have an emergency.
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3 years ago, Nxtà
Bad Experience
I had an emergency call to send money to my bro who’s critically sick. In Ghana, you need to drop money before you are attended to. I unfortunately used tap tap send 3 days down the lane, the funds have still not been delivered. I find it funny when two of their support team were telling me two different stories until I raised a concern about why they were telling me different stories. Then they merged my support. All the times lines given to me have been exhausted. Yet funds have not been delivered. I had to send another fund using Send Wave immediately and it was received. Don’t be deceived by their mouth watering rates. Couple with very unprofessional support teams who edit the same template to answer different questions. This is a very bitter experience for me.
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12 months ago, Profug
Reading other reviews, I feel I’m using a different app or maybe it has improved since I started using it. I’m happy I came to know it. For the records, I use it to send money to my Nigeria bank account before disbursing to other bank accounts. I have used it multiple times, and each time, the delivery time was less than a minute. I have not had any reason to contact the customer service, so I wouldn’t be in the position to relay their response. Overall, I appreciate what this app is doing
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8 months ago, Naijawife_uzo
Only one complaint!
I’ve been using for a few months now and I absolutely love love this app. I can use $ and my recipient will receive in their own currency - straight to their own account. No need to go to the bank and pick up $ and then go exchange, trying to find a good rate. The exchange rate is very competitive. MY ONLY COMPLAINT is that I wish I could get some type of alert when the exchange rate changes in either direction. Especially a significant or monumental change.
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2 weeks ago, romerro.
Horrific experience! Don't use this app!
Ugh, I'm still fuming about my appalling experience with TapTap Send! I signed up last year, eager to try their service after hearing great things. But my first transfer of $20 was a total disaster! It didn't go through, and to add insult to injury, my account was instantly blocked, and I was labeled "suspicious" without any explanation. It's been over a year since I've been trying to get answers from their customer support, but all I get is radio silence or vague responses. It's infuriating! I feel utterly discriminated against, and I warn everyone I know to steer clear of this app. TapTap Send has lost all credibility in my eyes. Their lack of transparency and horrible customer service have left a sour taste in my mouth. Avoid them at all costs!
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1 year ago, Mcleanmclean
This app will store your information and use it for themselves!!!!!! THEY ARE BIG BIG BIGGGG SCAMMERS AND THEY LIE AT THE DROP OF A DIME. THEY CLOSED my account because I filed a dispute because the person I sent money too scammed me and I never received my product. I call to try to speak to a supervisor about my funds and they are very rude, and they lie and say anything to get you off of the phone. They only have two agents that answer the phone each time, one guy by the name of “Sharoon” and a lady by the name of “Laiba” !!! These people seem to HATE Americans and are not truthful at all. BEWARE of these companies!!! They willer you send money for free buy what they are really doing is collecting your information for their own benefit and using it !!!!!! I’m going to sue this company and warn EVERYONE about them !!!!!
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1 year ago, Meowmeow05
Scam app
This is scam app be careful when used on may 16 I used this app to send money to my friend in viet nam. After I click send the app was charge my money in my bank. But the problem that my friend has not received the money because it still pending for a long time. Then I called them for help the answer is very unclear and try to answer not involved to my questions. After that I was text them for those questions but it still the same, and now I don’t know where my money and my friend still has not receive money, and they just tell my to wait for long time and doesn’t want give me back my money. Now I lost my money and on app just show pending… do not have any update about it, I want my money back!!!
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3 months ago, D1127gh
Awful experience with this app
I opened an account through a friend’s recommendation and honestly was a lost of time. My identity got verified twice, however the transfer was pending. When I called customer service it was very difficult to understand the situation, the agent was no so sure about the information she was providing. She told me everything was right on my end and the transfers will succeed. Then I saw in my profile that the account was suspended so I contact customer support through WhatsApp and the service was very poor. An agent called Maureen told me the account was suspended and won’t ever be able to re open it or use the app again, no explanation given, just that. So awful experience with this.
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1 month ago, 233rasta
Fast and Easy to Use!
I think what I like the most about this app is its simplicity. Few simple steps (touches) and my money is on its way. I earn a little here and there when I refer friends too so it’s not been a bad deal at all. I hope in future the app will have versions in a larger variety of languages (other than the mainstream ones currently available). Like Swahili maybe? Now that would be a game changer! I’m very happy overall!
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2 months ago, Xola24
Money pending past 24 hours
Read the reviews because I didn’t before I started using TapTap!!!! I’ve used many money transfer methods over several years but this is the first time I sent funds which were meant to be for an emergency and almost 30+ hours later the funds are still pending!!! Had to use other means to send more money to the person. The kicker is, there’s no option to cancel the transfer even when it’s their issue! I called customer service and they were of no help, the guy actually sounded exasperated that I kept asking questions!!! This smells very fishy in so many ways!!! Will be very careful using them in the future! I’m livid!!!!
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3 months ago, yousucksgamedevs
Very well organized app
It was easy to transfer money abroad to loved ones. App remembered my entries so that I don’t need to type those same information again and again. Asked few question but it wasn’t that intensive. After you set up your account, follow each instruction and there you go. No fees and you get the best bank rates available among other money transferring apps. Thumbs up to TapTap.
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11 months ago, Whatjacobsees
DUMBEST app I’ve ever used! They permanently suspended my account and didn’t even give me a reason!
Absolute terrible service. For some reason a transaction I was trying to make didn’t go through. I contacted customer support and after back and forth emails over a couple days their answer was pretty much “We’ve disabled your account for reasons we’re not allowed to explain to you”. What kind of joke is that??? Now I can’t transfer money over to a friend of mine and can’t ever use my account again! And nobody ever explained what I did wrong! Absolutely ridiculous app and customer service. I’d rather pay the extra transfer fee via my bank than use this joke of an app
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4 days ago, Kukuja Custom
Avoid using Taptap
I am deeply concerned about the recent transaction issues with TapTap. For the past few months, I have been consistently sending money to the same account without any problems. Usually, I simply resend the funds, and everything works smoothly. However, the transaction I made on May 27, 2024, did not reach the intended recipient. While my initial transactions with TapTap were seamless, this recent experience suggests otherwise. When sending larger amounts, the reliability seems to falter. Based on this experience, I cannot recommend TapTap for significant transactions. They need to address and resolve these issues promptly. User Taptap is scam be careful.
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2 years ago, Toure L
I heard good things about this app before downloading it, in fact because of word-of-mouth I found the app. I went through the tidy process of setting up my account and provided all my sensitive informations. To my big surprise, after submitting my very first transfer of just $35 I received a message saying that my account has been closed due to security concerns. Some other reviewers posted the same things, but I thought those were just isolated incidents. I sent an email to the support team just to be told the same thing: account closed due to security concerns. I decided to call to speak to person who told me that she was going to send a request to the security department and ask for another review. And if they reverse that decision they will reactivate my account and inform me via email. 24 hrs later, NOTHING!! What a waste of time! Are they in money transfer business or just collecting and harvesting sensitive personal informations? DO NOT WASTE OR TIME! BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!
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1 year ago, Just-myself
It’s ok
It’s nice app, the best thing about it’s free, no fees over your transactions. As any other money transfer app, it’s normal that they need to confirm your identity so don’t feel suspicious. Just they need to make sure users are not suffering from delays during first transaction, it took me 3 days so that they send my money after several calls i made with no attention from them, but after things are better.
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9 months ago, Savreilly
Makes no sense
I literally downloaded tap tap send to send money to my boyfriend in another country. Within five minutes of downloading it and entering all the information about myself (including my ID) I was banned from using the account. I thought maybe it was because my card labeled it as suspicious activity and locked my card. So I proceeded to unlock my card and call the customer service to have my account be unsuspended and they said I was no longer allowed to use Taptap send as I was a security threat and they cannot answer any questions. Within 15 minutes of trying this app I was suspended?! How does that make sense?!
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4 months ago, Wilbe…
It takes forever to send your money
I used a couple of different apps for more than a year until a friend introduced me to TapTapSend. Granted, they had better rates at the time I gave it a trial but I quickly noticed that I ended up calling their support line every time I sent money because it takes forever to have your money sent. In a world where there are emergencies and families depending on you, it’s difficult not to have money reach them in seconds. If you are sending monies over emergencies, TTS is definitely not the app to use for sending and receiving monies quickly. You’re better off with other apps.
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4 months ago, Wannie-Ana
My Account Was Hacked Jan 2024, dont save your card details on file ever
Despite my account being hacked and proof sent to taptap customer service, i got suspended. and nothing was or has been done to find the culprits who did this. Constant transactions were made even while i was on the phone with a customer rep crying and asking them to block and cancel any transactions going because i was hacked. weeks later, a rep emailed me, setting the blame on me that it was my fault i got hacked indirectly. even if you if ignore this post, please dont auto save your debit card or bank card on this app. i was hacked just in Jan 2024 and my account was wiped out.
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2 weeks ago, dr.ed.8
App Feature Suggestion
I would love to a field in the app where I can specify a brief description or summary for sending money to someone. This would go a long way to help with future referencing and tracking some transactions made using the app and for what purposes. For now, this is the only thing that is lacking in my opinion, everything else looks great.
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11 months ago, shakim124
Takes long
The app hasn’t been working for me, it only worked the first time. I sent money and now it’s been over a day and the money hasn’t arrived at the recipients account and it was urgent. The money has already been deducted on my account and it just says the transfer is still in progress till now. I have emailed the support team but no one has responded. It’s really frustrating because the money i sent was urgent now I’m stuck because i can’t even cancelled. I’d just delete the app once the money has been returned or been sent. I can’t use this app anymore. It’s not something you can depend easily.
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1 year ago, frakotom
Super convenient !!!
Overall, this is super convenient and easy to use. Few things should be added to improve though. 1) Need a « Cancel » button, sometimes transaction takes forever. 2) there was a checkbox at the end of the flow asking whether you want to pay Pay fees for the recipient and that one is now gone. Put it back please.
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8 months ago, PatrickC379
Horrible Service
I set up my account to send some money. I made two transactions. The first one went through no problem. The second one they said they wanted a bunch of personal info. Social Security, picture of my drivers license and verification of my face. I thought it was weird to ask for after already sending money the first time but I complied. After about half an hour they sent me a message saying they finished verifying my account and I tried to send money again. It was then that they suspended my account no questions asked. I tried to reach out to restore my account but they said that it was suspended indefinitely (just say my account was banned) and absolutely refused to clarify or escalate the issue to a supervisor. It really weird case especially since my mom recommended the app and had no issues whatsoever. Instead of giving them all your personal information and getting banned try a different app.
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4 months ago, Nanadithdave
So far, since I used Taptap send I haven’t get any issue at all. What I like about this app is, very user friendly, highest conversion rate from USD to Philippine Peso. Which is very helpful for us OFW working abroad. Thank you so much Taptap Send. Highly recommended 👍👍👍 Hoping for an ontime sending process just like others. I understand that you have to process the money transaction by your business partner.
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10 months ago, Amyblink
Perfect and Easy
I can say a lot but I love this app. I love their customer service and how they were prompt to resolve my issue compared to AFRIEX- this AFRIEX app is nothing but a bunch of incompetent people whom after 2months, they still never resolved my issue and so I had to go to Taptap. Please if you have the AFRIEX app. Delete it and come to TAP TAP and have peace of MIND sending money home to your family. They receive it INSTANTLY.
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4 years ago, Denny Jongsma
TapTap in USA
Hello, my relatives in Europe suggested this app as a mode they use transfer money back to our Homeland to our family and it’s reliable and accessible . I downloaded abs found that it’s not effective in USA , please with all due respect , kindly bring your service to the USA , so that we can also manage to send money to Africa . If perhaps you can start with some few states gradually . It would be helpful , but consider FL at first 😊. Thank you .
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5 months ago, 1924Jimmy
Cancelled my account
I got a friend who is in need of some money. She introduced me to this app, and though I was skeptical of it, I gave my information so therefore I can help her out. Long story short went to send the money and they canceled my account. They did not take my money, but I was not able to send the money to a friend in need. When I call customer service and explain my situation, they told me that my account was canceled and that no one’s there could help me with the situation. Long story short, I would not recommend this app to anyone. Literally the worst experience, I’ve had in my 53 years
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11 months ago, Alberto Balili Jr
The worst remittance company
The very first time I used this company was good but after I made many transactions to send money they asked me for the copy of my bank statement which is not acceptable for me to provide them. The taptap tried to break the bank secrecy law. Taptap is the only remittance company asking for bank statements copy while they are aware of the bank secrecy law. From now on, I will not use taptap to send money for my relatives and friends. There are still many remittance companies out there that do not meddle in personal bank statements. You are evil Taptap! I thought I could trust you but I am totally wrong! You disappointed me!
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10 months ago, A girl from Madagascar
Good service without fee
I am using TapTap Send since 2022 and I really appreciate it. There is no fee and the money arrives very fast. The drawback though, you need to be very sure about the phone number you are sending money too. I lost $10 because I wrote 1 wrong digit. My tip: Send the minimum amount first and confirm the recipient received the payment. Then send the full amount.
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5 months ago, Rhich Sevyen
Worst App
At first I found this app useful but after some months I realized this is the worst app ever I have made a transfer of 100 euros to Ghana the money has been deducted from my account but yet still the recipient haven’t received the money yet when I check on the app I can see the transaction is pending for almost 3 days now still the transaction is pending there is no option to cancel the transaction when I call their agent too they will tell me to wait and it will come and even them has no option to cancel the transfer unless the transaction fails by itself
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1 year ago, karenknowles
Efficient and Secured
So far I have been using this app for over 6 months now, it’s reliable and efficient, secured and with a very fair rate compared to their apps I have used. Money gets delivered within a few minutes. No shadiness and they refund my money back in Not more than three days, in case my transaction was unsuccessful. I can easily get to an agent for support or help. I would recommend this app, it is a good one👍🏾.
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