Tarot Card Reading - Astrology

4.6 (12.9K)
272.3 MB
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Touchzing Media
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tarot Card Reading - Astrology

4.61 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
5 years ago, witchytiff13
Soooo accurate
I’ve had this app on my phones for 5 years and it has never let me down. Whenever I’m too lazy or out and I can’t get my tarot deck out I just go on this app. I get such an accurate amazing reading! 5 years ago when I first got the app I got a reading from it. I read my past present and future spread. I don’t remember what my past or present said but my future was the “death” card. Most of the time when someone pulls a death card it is not talking about actual death but in this strange case it did. I didn’t go to school one day on random out of a random week of school. This kid in my class that sat behind me passed out in karate class the day I was gone. He fell down on the matt and my teacher called the ambulance. 2 days later he died and it was on my local news and I saw. I was like omg my app predicted this it’s soooo accurate. Believe me or not but I approve this app it’s amazing!
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1 year ago, Starheir Ekd
Accurate, SO helpful
So many of we intuitive types who read accurately for others sometimes struggle to get enough distance to read well for ourselves. The yes/no reading is such a blessing to me. When an update removed it from sight and I couldn’t find it, I wrote the developers and found the next best app I could find. The next best is no way near as specific, uncannily accurate and helpful. I am SO #grateful they returned the yes/no reading to this app. I do my due diligence - fact finding, research, logic, desire. Make a decision and check it out with the yes/no reading here. A sure help for years now. Always keep this option on this app please! Thank you.
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11 months ago, Pixidis
Wonderful App
Thank you for creating such a tool! This app is fun to use, and for the most, fairly accurate. I like that you can chose different spreads for different questions, and the daily card pic is fun. This morning I think it read my mind😂 All in all, I am enjoying the app and thank you developers for creating it. I recommend this app for anyone who enjoys the Tarot.
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3 years ago, GeminiFoxLover18
Uhm i dont know if this is related or not,
So like, the moment a downloaded this app everything was fine. But after agreeing to the terms of service i started getting a lot of random notifications on my calendar (aka iphones calendar virus) which i have picture proof of it too, which really caused me to panic. It literally wouldnt stop, i dont know if it was a coincidence or not but still, i wanted to say it. I ended up deleting the app and unsubsribing to those calendar things (even though i never subscribed) to finally stop getting notifications. All in all, i cant really rate the app since everything happened and i had no chance to do a reading. anyways, if anyone sees this, take caution and stay safe out there <333
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2 years ago, TheBabaian
I like the way the ap used to be more
It’s still a cool app with it’s new design, but lost a lot. I don’t like it anywhere near as much. Probably going to find a new tarot app. A great deal changed since they redesigned the whole thing. Not anywhere near as fun and I’ve had this app a loooong time. Bye bye for now, good luck and I hope you can make this app more like the traditional one it was when you first made the app. I bet a great deal of people would agree with me. I know my friends feel similar. I’m the lat of my friend circle to pick a new tarot app instead of this one. Sad because I’ve had it for such a long time.
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4 months ago, Grega789
Couldn’t be more wrong
I’m sure most of the good reviews are fake. I got one wrong card after another. And even on that section where you select 3 surprising cards at once, the readings followed by one stating I was going to face health problems. The card right below said I was in good health and should expect lots of energy coming my way. Also I’ve been dating a guy who is completely in love with me (me not so much). We know when someone has fallen hard for us. So I wanted to know if I should keep seeing him. The card I got said that my partner had eyes for someone else and is only passing time with me.
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4 years ago, Sofiasux
Seems really accurate!
I’m not a huge believer in things like this but my readings seemed so accurate! For example, my question was if I’ll end up with the guy I’m currently talking to and I picked “the lovers” cards! I also asked if I’d be successful in the future, and my card talked about success and how I’ll be more successful than I expected. It was really weird! Really cool though :)
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2 years ago, 😚🤪🤩😔🤬
Very Grateful for this App!
This is my go to App every time I have a question! Their answers are very clear and easy to understand. I can’t thank the people behind who made this app enough, thank you for making someone’s life easy again! ❤️🙏🌏
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2 years ago, faeiria
App is always accurate. Love it. Just s little aggravated with the new design. I think the traditional one was much better. Just my opinion but otherwise this app is amazing and accurate
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2 weeks ago, NdiaaDiorr
Well I was trying to get pregnant and kept calculating when I’m ovulating then this app told me to stop trying and it’ll happen basically!!!! And boom here I am 7 weeks pregnant ! Very accurate on everything and I mean EVERYTHING!
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3 years ago, Lake Chapala Mike
App review
My wife has been using this for a long time and I decided to load it on my iPhone and I am very happy with the results and now I can do it myself thanks Mike
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1 year ago, FrutaFlor
New spreads added
The new version is similar look to the original one, but with many new card spreads.
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6 years ago, KeraJen
Great but..
It's great and accurate most of the time, however when I pick a reading with more than one card, some of the texts appears off screen and I can't read it. I really enjoy this app, so I hope this problem gets fixed.
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3 years ago, alliem2224
Happiness turned to disappointment
I used to use this app all the time. I always had to watch an ad and then I could close it down and use the app. Now I am not able to close the ads. I just end up watching ad after ad for other apps and am not able to ever get to a point that enables me to use the app. Looks like I will be deleting this today.
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3 years ago, ghghhihihi
This app is so good I don’t really do things like this but my goodness i feel like it knows me it’s so accurate it’s scary I definitely recommend this
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4 years ago, hailsai
Good one
Very good to have this app on my phone whenever I feel to ask a question I go to this app instead of depending on people it gives me right answers what I need.
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7 months ago, morraie
I’ve always been skeptical on anything pertaining to paranormal or cards . I came across this site and honestly it’s always spot on for me
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2 years ago, .50$
Try not to be insecure
I guess I am insecure about my friend I fear he keeping secrets but I’d like what you guys have said like I did not understand but thank you
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4 years ago, Snuggles0224
I enjoy having this app; the cards make sense. Even if they are not correct, I feel like it gives me hope and gives me a relief in a way.
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5 years ago, Brandel1313
WAS a fun app till stopped working
Use to love this... now it stopped even opening! I see a few other reviews saying the same thing... fix the app!!!!
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5 years ago, Bivon
Reading for the day
It helps when you want to make a decision and feel good about it
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5 years ago, Squanchhhh
Oddly enough the readings really hit home with me. Obviously I hadn’t expected much from a free app but the readings had me raising my eyebrows a few times. I’m satisfied with this app. The ads are annoying but not anything I can’t handle.
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6 years ago, Barb Manzella
Often quite accurate and dependable for any answers you need. Use it often for help in decision making. The descriptions are very close to being a horoscope.
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4 years ago, GoodFortune99
Love tarot
Would love for you to add a two card spread to pick between two different options.
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2 years ago, Jjsmithsareawesome
App wont open
I love this app but currently it just force quits whenever I try to open it. Please fix so I can continue using this great app.
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4 years ago, misha 4/22
Frequently helpful
I’m so impressed with how accurate this site can be. Especially the, Celtic cross. I also like the health reading. Even without advanced knowledge it is helpful. I highly recommend. I have used this app and loved it until lately. Just one continuous commercial. I know you need to make money. But I cannot reccomend this anymore.!
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2 years ago, Orcowgirl
Since update this app is teribble
I had this app for awhile and liked the simplicity and ease of doing different type of readings IE: career love life or yes or no question. Since the update it’s cumbersome and not as user friendly and all the readings I used have been removed. I deleted the app very disappointed.
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5 years ago, normalfan
Little known fact
Sometimes you need a little fun and good advice and you know what they say, “Cards never lie!”
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1 year ago, Queenbeast
Updates and ads
I’ve had this app for over 10 years and I’ve seen the updates and number of ad increase. I don’t like it anymore. Besides the readings are not accurate anymore.
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8 months ago, tommy t bear
Best tarot app
This truly is the best tarot app on the web. It’s easy to use, the translation is very simple and written well.
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3 months ago, Hehehehe45454545
Love app
Love this app easy to use and the reading I get are pretty accurate.
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2 years ago, Jo Annn
New app
Much prefer the earlier version of this deck. This is so far removed from traditional tarot that it may only be enjoyed by youngsters. No spiritual bent or explanation of the cards themselves. Practically worthless to me.
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5 years ago, MysticBraden
Coming from a psychic
I’m a psychic. I can say. This app is legit and works like a charm. My only complain is that the cards never shuffle, they are always in the same place.
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4 years ago, slim698&
Awesome app
First question I thought of was dead on I can’t wait to see what else this app has to say.
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3 years ago, booboo1469
I love this app. If you ask a real question you will receive a honest truthful answer
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9 months ago, TarotTech
Tarot Nudges at your fingertips
Easy to use for quick insight and perspective.
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11 months ago, yea_mi_gold1
Thumbs up 👍
I recommend this app, it's really amazing I'm enjoying it, look the way it's talking to me directly as if it's my guiding angel 😇
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4 years ago, stephy3b
Fun for family
No matter what they say you can always use some of these reminders in your life.
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2 years ago, mhudson65
My life is never that positive
The reading is that I got were very positive. My life is not that positive. I used another app and it was right on, causing me to doubt the readings of this one.
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4 days ago, Jillywitch
My favorite!
One of the best!! I’ve used and relied on for a few years now!! Very accurate!!
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3 years ago, Nana2005
Best Tarot Reading I have seen.
Had this App for years, it is the Best on the market. Please keep it going. NanaMama
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6 years ago, xwayer
Love this
This is so right on. I have had great answers to the questions I ask.
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4 years ago, Wordsddd2576
Completely reaching totally inaccurate. Like badly embarrassingly inaccurate... I tried. I really did. It’s rare for me to feel completely disconnected to every single reading on one of these apps But, most relevantly, from a factual stand point, the automated assumptions were ALL just completely incorrect.
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1 year ago, bxbyhalesss
Very Truth-Telling
This app really shows me my true thoughts in words and explains to me what is the truth. I love this appppppp
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2 weeks ago, JanieBishop
Good, minus commercials
I like this app, I find it to be interestingly accurate I really don’t like the ads
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2 years ago, janemellenklukas
Lots of freebies and a fun app Entertaining and interesting and worth my time for sure !
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4 years ago, tiredofads!!!
Fake readings
I allready know readings only work with real ppl but I was bored and put this app to the test I’m pregnant I asked the deck was I pregnant it said no lmaooo meanwhile I have a real tarot lady I talk to over the phone or in person I know is real she told me I was pregnant before I found out so waste of time don’t download Issa scam
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2 years ago, Cookie🤙
It’s pretty useful and cool just don’t like the ads 😂
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4 years ago, Whiskey's Journey
This is amazing
It's so accurate! I normally don't do reviews but this is so amazing! It hits spot on!
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4 years ago, CJWolf62
Loved this app until new upgrade
Love this app. However now I can’t get a daily horoscope.
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