Tasker by TaskRabbit

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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Tasker by TaskRabbit

3.42 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Bullyang Sonyeon
The app is good to make money but it is a bit dated. The inability to set yourself a one time schedule availability is a tad annoying. Having to set up it day to day is just too much. Sometimes I don’t even want to use the app because of the process. If there were a setting to just set a full availability for the week would be nice so if someone needs something for a certain date it can be set up as optional in the calandre for me to approve if the client and I agree. Turning on and off same day I’d also kind of annoying because some days when you’re free, you just simply forget to do it. The app would be 1000x better if we could just set our available day/times up one time and it just stays as that until we change it due to some life event or change of daily routine. Most schedules should be the same, example; I’d set Monday-Friday as available from 5 P.M. to 11 P.M., Saturday as all day and Sunday as off. I would then only adjust if something comes up during those time frames but at least won’t have to set it every time to get work.
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3 years ago, Rayjay415
Life changing
I started off part time as i aM a union construction worker, i went from assembling ikea furniture, to mounting tvs and shelves, now im doing home repairs, minor plumbing and buying a work van, in 2 months i made almost 20k,, i had this app on my phone for almost 3 years before i started using it. Start off low, pay your dues theu will raise your prices for you! Be honest with customers, give good service and they will rebook you through TR.. i charge $80 an hout for mounting, and i get plenty of work in NYc, i plan to do this full time, you have to save money to pay taxes , save your reciepts , record your miles, learn new skills, plumbing jobs pay up to $180 an hour with 2 hour minimum, its not rare for me to make $700 a day, start low, move up slow and this app has amazing customer service, gets you into the entrepreneurial mindset, i hope it doesnt change, i am very satisfied,, electrical jobs pay easily $75 an hour,, you can make this a full time career in months, This is a game changer , i use all the other lead generating platforms but 95% of my work comes from TR.. god bless the CEO and staff, its not unheard of making 200k annually, just google it and youll see you can do this!! Stay focused and start gronding itll pay off fast! Trust me
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3 years ago, Pineapplechiefs
App works just fine
I was definitely hesitant in July when I first signed up after reading quite a few of these reviews, but the app has been operating smoothly for me for about 2 months now. I think most of these reviews are coming down to lack of technological knowledge. The big issue I’ve seen is with the background check, and my roommate happened to have this issue when they signed up as well. They go by their middle name, so they put their middle name as their first name on the background check. This caused a delay of having to reach out to TaskRabbit every few days for over a month just to adjust the legal first name on the background check. That part was definitely annoying. Having said that, if the information was filled out properly, the check would have gone through in a few days like mine was. For the app itself which is what these reviews are supposed to be for, I’ve only seen a single glitch and it was patched in a week. For those with issues, delete the app, close out all apps running in your background, perform a soft reset on your iPhone, and re-download the app. This should solve the majority of issues for people if you have a legitimate issue with the app.
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2 years ago, Vlad_usa
Company that scams people
It's not just a job, it's a career. For a long time you work and get clients and good reviews and that's when you get normal money, the company simply deletes your account. Without explaining the reasons, without understanding, emails and communication ends with the fact that - sorry, we cannot restore your account. There is a feeling that they are cheating your clients, and you are simply removed. Four emails were written before they refunded me the money that was on the account. Almost a month without a word about my money, only after they agreed to give my earned money. There is no reason why they do this, they also do not explain anything. This is not a company, this is a scam against ordinary people. You can risk working, but like me, you will most likely be banned too when you have enough clients. My account was deleted 10 days before Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then New Year's, but they don't care, I was just deceived and this happens all the time in this organization. UPD: Now I read other reviews with similar cases. They respond to your review like this - We apologize if you give us a chance we will reconsider your problem. But in fact, they do nothing, they just automatically answer and that's it. It's funny and at the same time terrible how such a company is allowed to work with people and the law does not react to it in any way. Such actions can break a person's life and no one is responsible for this.
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1 year ago, biyca
No support and respect to taskers
My client gave me 1 star. I explained my position to TaskRabbit and wrote three letters and even after that they refused to support me, despite 40 other ratings and correspondence with the client. They refused to help me and simply ignored my opinion and position. After I spoke with the client, he wrote to support that this was a mistake and that the review should be removed. Support wrote that they will remove the review and it will no longer be visible after updating the application. And what do you think? I updated the app, but this review is still there. I wrote to support, they did not apologize, did not say they were sorry, they JUST GAVE EXACTLY THE SAME ANSWER as in the last letter. This is complete disrespect. Do not work here, find other ways to earn money, here you will be humiliated and will never be respected. The company makes money from you, but does not even think about helping those who make them have money. TaskRabbit need to change your policy towards Taskers, you need to start respecting and protecting your Taskers. And I’m sure, that they will just answer me “we apologise for this situation” but wouldn’t do anything to fix this situation. You can read a lot reviews here that taskers asking for help, and they get “we apologise”, but they never help. Stop lying, stop apologising, just be honest and help Taskers. Stop spending millions on your marketing, start working on your support
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1 year ago, CcantgetrightT40831
Better than Handy/Angi by a long shot but fix the glitches!
Not about to rave about how great TR is out of fear of creating more competition for myself 🤫 cons: Still trying to adjust to the fact that I’m not able to see what jobs are available and select them myself. Clients get to book me based off of my profile picture, which is slightly concerning, but atleast that part is working to my advantage! LoL Ive been having to turn more jobs down than Im able to accept. I’m not making as much money as I did with Handy but I’m also not being completely taken advantage of and subjected to fraudulent chargebacks and crazy penalties either so MAJOR PLUS! Only reason I’m giving it 4 out of 5 is due to the glitches- particularly when attempting to view analytics, it walks me thru a little menu and then once I hit “Got it!” it freezes on a blank analytics page that doesn’t allow for me to proceed or go back. App ceases to respond and forces me to close out and restart. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled like 3 or 4 times attempting to resolve the issue and ran the update today but the problem still persists. I’m still a fan! Best $25 I’ve ever spent.
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1 year ago, Ender69
$6,000 down to $600 a month. 😬
Was a good app. Now you can’t make any money. Being in a community of elite Tasker’s we have found that we can’t find work on this app anymore. They have a dumb algorithm that seems like it came from a dating app. It’s very broken. Ikea broke what was a good app when they bought the app. They now take 35 percent of your earnings. It was 15 percent which was fine. 10-15 percent is a standard referral fee in the contracting world. They got rid of transparency for taskers, and clients hate the app now. Literally the first question clients ask me when I show up to the job now is can we get off of Taskrabbit. They hate taskrabbit. They are charging too much. Which has caused both clients and taskers to move on to other sources of work. No one can pay bills with $600 a month. Not in Austin anyway. Oh and trying to contact the useless support team is a waste of time as all they do is tell you how there is nothing they can do. The support team is trash. Copy and paste is all they can do. Oh the shameless advertising of scam health insurance and loan companies is appalling corporate behavior that is trying to take advantage of Tasker’s. Ikea is completely out of touch with what they bought. It’s like if Yelp tried to control the businesses that get reviewed on their website. It’s crazy. They don’t know what they are doing.
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3 months ago, temi.kelani
Good app, could be better. See full review for pros and cons and ideas for the future
Pros: - they don’t charge you to talk to clients - they don’t make you reserve slots like Uber eats or other gig based apps - you work when you want to work …… Cons: - they ding you when a client cancels or the don’t respond before the deadline, every job request that doesn’t end in an invoice moves you down the recommendation ladder - you cannot respond to a review ………..Feature request: - data data data - it would be nice to know what time (early morning or late night) clients book jobs in your city - it would be nice to know how many bookings come from each city zone per month - it would be nice to add a flat rate for some services like charging per tv mounted or moving by bedroom size etc. hourly rates don’t fit all jobs - it would be nice to offer discounts - change the pricing structure: It might be nice to charge the Taskers for these features instead of the clients that way you have Taskers who are actually professionals and are getting booked stay on the app and not just any person who is broke come on and cut prices. Make it a true two sided marketplace, Taskers pay a fixed price monthly for the features and visibility and marketing promotion you’re doing and you charge maybe 3% of their revenue
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1 year ago, random Tasker dude
Garbage app by a company that functions like a clueless startup.
This company is not new, therefore neither is their app, yet it acts like a startup with little to no support. Aside from the bugs that never seem to get fixed - especially the chat function of the app, which continually fails, produces errors, and doesn’t even have a text field large enough to compose a meaningful message to a customer - there are some basic design flaws that are continually ignored. First and foremost: you’re not given the ability to draw up separate service areas or select separate available dates for separate task categories. This is like if they didn’t let people select different rates for different categories. There’s no way to turn off your availability in a certain task category for specific days, therefore you have to be available for ALL or NONE of the categories that you offer service in, which means you inevitably have to turn people down for tasks on days that you were trying to leave open for other higher-paying tasks. As a result of this, even though having completed over 200 tasks (with over 150 of them being in the same category) about 75% of other Taskers in my area come up in customers’ searches before I do. This is extremely lame.
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5 months ago, Mars78787
Application failure due to the addition of new categories with broken service prices.
The application is falling to the bottom, the people who manage the development of the application are doing everything not to provide quality service to people, they are introducing retail to the "furniture assembly category" unnecessary category "IKEA furniture assembly" thereby taking away work from taskers who have been building their reputation for years as the average price in this category of $15-16/hour, this means that people who have been building their portfolio for years... are just now looking for alternative ways of earning. Thus, beginners who pay $15-16/hour do not earn anything because the average duration of the task is 1-2 hours, while the average journey time to another customer is 40 minutes. These executors displace experienced executors of tasks by giving low-quality service to clients. I have several friends who work in this application, which have more than 1000 reviews, and now they cannot find a job at all after the fragmented categories and the reduction of the market price for the same service, only under a different wrapper.
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3 years ago, Paige3181
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! They have you do jobs that you pay for a service out of pocket and wait days if not weeks to get paid back. If someone is cheating the system they wait days to have them “update their payment information “ instead of get you paid while they deal with the client., If you work super hard and the person decides they don’t want to pay you they can lie and leave you a bad review and not pay you for your time! I worked 5 hours outside in the Tucson summer sun putting 4 pieces of patio furniture together that was poorly made and half of the pieces required that I reach in and screw the Allen wrench and hold the nut without being able to see it and some how I was the one who wasn’t efficient?! He couldn’t put it together and neither could his adult some and wife but now the greedy person won’t pay me for my time and effort. Unbelievable. Oh and if you tell someone you are not willing to do something that will require you to pay, it is held against you. I paid $200 worth of out of pocket tasks and didn’t get that back for weeks leaving me nearly broke with 2 mouths to feed. Yeah I strongly suggest that you stay away from the app and the company.
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3 months ago, Tim-Time$
User Review
Hello! Today I updated to the latest version, but the payment history doesn’t reflect this change. Additionally, there seem to be restrictions in work zones on the maps, which are unclear. Even if these restrictions are reduced, there will still be individuals who won’t be able to meet them. However, by limiting the coverage area, you severely impact the earnings of both the Masters and the platform itself. Furthermore, there’s no option to decline an application if the client specifies tasks outside the scope, like hanging a TV on the wall under “assemble furniture,” which negatively affects my search ranking when refused. It’s unclear what improvements the programmers are focusing on. As a full-time Taskrabbit worker (6 days a week, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm), I haven’t noticed any improvements. I have a suggestion: consider creating a “focus group” comprising Masters who have been with the platform for over a year to gather feedback on program flaws. After all, Masters serve as daily testers of your platform. Regards!
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4 months ago, Minormajor
Great app but extremely disloyal
I would have so many good things to say about what TR provides in value with networking and opportunities. However, all of those positives are overshadowed by the power of false/negative reports clients are allowed to submit on the platform. The TR support shows little interest in being supportive to the Taskers, and when a Client leaves a defamatory/fraudulent review, TR immediately suspends the Taskers account. They will do as much as they can to say you did something that violates the TOS, and can/will deactivate your account with little proof of any wrong doing. The TR support and Policies Team show zero understanding towards situations that can get complicated professionally, and they will always find a way to fault the Tasker. I have been a Tasker for 2 years, across the country. And 1 fraudulent, inaccurate and malicious report from a clients partner resulted in a deactivation that, as I expressed in my responses to the Policy Team, will drastically affect my income and ability to survive. It is hard for me to recommend an app that shows this level of disloyalty to the back bone of the success of their platform. 1/5 stars is a drastic understatement for the problems this has caused me.
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3 weeks ago, bash_error
Always something negative happening with the app
From map area selection to the most current problem… adding schedule to be hired. Why did the confirmation tab disappear and lock you out of everything? So you must close the app? Don’t get me wrong there plenty of worse work apps, but this isn’t great either. Other than that, work isn’t as available unless you add 12 hrs of open availability. As a solo dad of a toddler it’s almost impossible to get hired and can not depend on this app for consistency. That being said… There’s plenty of worse apps also. This is probably the better of the worst. Between inconsistent app dependability, charging clients way too much fees (resulting in lack of work), too much flexibility for clients scheduling (they want you to be available all the time, after to establish connection, then to adjust time), it’s a mix bag. Is it worth it? I think so……… You will sooner or later earn what you paid into. But only a handful of 100% dedicated people (I mean the ones I talked to have literally marked 16-18 hrs of availability) can make a living off of it. It is not the most effective option for casual/limited time earners.
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3 years ago, Geo-Logic
Great app for laborers and handymen
The biggest downfall of capitalism is that the labor force is under-valued. No one is ‘unskilled’ that is just a myth perpetuated by the upper class to justify keeping wages low. This app is the opposite; you pick your availability, you pick your jobs. If you can lift things, move things, paint, landscape anything, you can get paid top dollar for it using Tasker/Task Rabbit. The hirer pays the fees and as long as you can garner good reviews (or even just complete Tasks) you can only make more. And if you live near any affluent urban or suburban areas and are fully available...you WILL be busy. I’m only a handful of Tasks in but it already seems like if you become a reliable Tasker you can earn an hourly rate well beyond what any ‘unskilled’ laborer would make elsewhere. Highly recommend even if you have a job, in fact especially if you do, because the more resources you can provide yourself the more you can charge for your services.
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2 years ago, Lmckenzie
Unfair to Taskers, Great For Customers
If you value your business and hard work, maybe consider using another app like Thumbtack. TaskRabbit allows customers to leave unfair and/or inaccurate reviews, and DOES NOT allow Taskers to respond. So, if someone rates you poorly and leaves a bad review, the Tasker has no way to address it and defend themselves. TaskRabbit does not allow Taskers to reply to the reviews, as other apps do. This means a customer can destroy a Tasker’s reputation, and the Tasker simply has to deal with it. TaskRabbit will not take it down, dispute it, or engage in any kind of conflict resolution. Ironically, this harms TaskRabbit too, because if clients aren’t booking TaskRabbit doesn’t get paid either. The app is severely lacking in some essential areas that would modernize the platform and prevent improper use of the app. For example, customers have found a way to scam the app, and TaskRabbit still has not rectified the issue. I won’t detail it here, but it’s a pretty effective scam and word has gotten out. For some reason TaskRabbit doesn’t seem to care. TaskRabbit was the leader in this space but is quickly falling behind other apps that are more modern and more fair to the Taskers. Slowly but surely everyone with a skill set will leave to higher pastures if a fix is not made soon.
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4 years ago, Tina 1209
Great app
Great app. I don’t love that it reflects poorly when you have to forfeit a task but I also understand you can’t have taskers consistently cancel. I unfortunately had to turn down a same day task .. I didn’t realize till after I had turned down the task that I could have changed the date. The client was willing. I didn’t realize the chat would be disabled once I canceled and I was unable to reach the client. I felt bad because she was so kind and really needed the job done. I do wish we could see a clients profile. With trying to keep things contactless and providing estimates with out seeing the job it puts more importance on knowing who your working with. I like to chat with the clients prior to get a feel. But it would be nice to know if they have used taskers for other job. At least if you saw they had 3 other completed jobs it would provid more confidence that your waking into a safe environment.
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2 years ago, jamyoc
Horrible customer service.
I contacted task rabbit through their chat. I asked them to fix an unfair glitch. Task rabbit has not replied to my concern. I was doing a task for a client. The same client added a different task while I was in the middle of doing the first task for him. I didn’t reply within the hour and got a bad metric rating because of it. It was with the same client. I talked with the client, and he and I cleared up the the issue without any problems. I let task rabbit know that it is all on chat between the client and myself as proof, and still no fix. This unfair treatment has hurt my Tasker status. I haven’t received one task since. I am going to cancel my status with task rabbit and I highly recommend you don’t use this crappy company. Replied to task rabbit email. It was a computer generated reply. I tried to clear up this issue. They have a drop down that has no solution to my problem. And since I haven’t been able to reach a human I am keeping the one star rating. Their algorithm has too many unfair glitches. Bad company, don’t use.
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1 year ago, Traphouse Steffie
Already a misleading disappointment
One of my friends recommended this app, when I was telling him that I wanted to find writing and editing jobs. After signing up and listing that I was in Houston, they literally limit you to three types of jobs in Houston and do not allow you to search their site for more jobs, which makes me think that they are definitely incompetent in their market research. The only jobs that were supposedly available were cleaning, mounting furniture, and small repairs, and moving. I am a writer and a communications specialist. There was nothing on those types of jobs or website or graphics or videography, or anything else to do with content creation, nor the personal assistant opportunity that I first saw in the Task version. I was really looking forward to listing my flexibility towards many areas, and yet they still have the nerve to ask for a $25 registration fee. The only good outcome is I definitely won’t be having to pay that while wondering if it’s worth it. What a waste of hope.
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4 years ago, Jaysmiggs
Life changing
I have been a tasker for coming up on two years but only really got serious about it in June. Since then my life has taken a 180. I was able to get my family a second car, move into a home I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise, and have much more confidence in things I do day to day. It was NOT an overnight transition. There is a steep learning curve honestly. However, if you stick with it and always put your best foot forward, the rabbit WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU lol. I’ve been blessed with so many unique clients and opportunities have presented themselves as a result. I know many are freaked about their background check. TR HAS NEVER STOLEN FROM ME. I have got more accolades in my short time doing this than I ever got in 18 years of call center. Please review glass door and understand right now with the coronavirus EVERYTHING is slow
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3 years ago, yasha_e
It’s not business.
Customer scheduled appointment at 12pm for furniture assembly, at that day he called and asked to reschedule and I rescheduled the job same time next day. I had to move other customers a bit to fit him to my schedule. The day he called me 30 min before the job saying he can’t do it today. I drove 30 miles to his house. I asked him to cancel the job, he said he will. He didn’t. I texted support, explained everything. Customer doesn’t respond on chat. I called the customer again, he said he would cancel. 12:30 I canceled it on my side as I was told to do by support. Soon after I’m getting a note that they will not compensate my time because there is no written arrangement made. So I drove 50 miles loop and waisted 2 hours with no pay. I contacted support and they did nothing, you can’t call them their line doesn’t work, person in chat careless. They connected me with client. The was scheduled. I’m getting only neglect. That’s why you are never a contractor, you are paying commission for nothing.
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2 years ago, Nota playa
Negative changes
I’ve been on the TaskRabbit app since 2019. It literally changed my life in a positive way. I’ve met and worked with great people through this app… But since the latest update, the request for job has significantly dropped. I’m not even getting hired same day jobs. I’m barely getting booked for task with an open availability & I changed my prices and map to accommodate the slow season. A client even reach out to me asking me if I still work on the app b/c they can not find me. It’s been extremely frustrating and nerve racking with this latest update. I’ll soon be forced to look for another source of income/work. Word is the new ceo is making changes to benefit new Taskers & low prices. I heard many complaints from Uber drivers about the support they get, looks like TaskRabbit is next. 😔
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3 years ago, VandelayA
Company is scamming
They hold your $ for months and never let you work - which is illegal. I applied, paid the $25 and was approved eventually. Couldn’t log in later due to errors bc of claimed inactivity so they had me make a new account. Paid the $25 again and they claimed the background check process was backed up... conveniently after taking your $. I had to call/email over a dozen times over *2 entire months* to get an answer. Then they said oh sorry we’re not accepting new Taskers right now. But said they were when I applied, so bc of their screw up I was “too late”. Still going back and forth with them. Keep in mind I originally tried to use this app over 6 months ago. They took my $ twice & held it up only to find some excuse why I can’t use the app. Insane. EDIT: If you guys are so concerned & take this to heart then do the right thing & allow me BACK in as I was before I was told to start over, jerked around for over 2 months then told I’m at the end of the line to wait for when they “reopen” it up to people.
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3 years ago, Marxus-O
Great !
Highly recommended, especially in this crazy economy and covid world we live in now. I’ve built a nice income stream based on honest, hard work. But having clients that truly appreciate your work and give you great reviews is something that I almost never got working in the corporate economy. My only recommendation is for Taskrabbit to improve the chat and notifications. It’s not intuitive, when you get a notification from a client you have to search through all of your jobs to see who is reaching out and it might only be a TR message. It would be nice to have a chat thread section where ALL notifications show up. Similar to messenger or something like that. But keep it going. I like working for myself and TR makes it possible and profitable.
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3 years ago, xSupernovax
App Login
I have yet to use the app and I’ve made two accounts with different emails and am unable to sign-in to either. I keep getting a 429 message on the app on my phone. I talked with customer support trying to solve this issue but keep getting redirected to do the same thing or my queue space keeps timing out due to waiting and I automatically get sent to the back of the line. I was really looking forward to the app but it’s been quite a frustrating start-up so far. And yes, I’ve tried both on laptop and phone while clicking both “Already have an account” or “Get Started”. My TaskRabbit account works fine though, however when I just signed in, SOMEONE ELSE’S PHOTO is on my profile picture. Literally have only had this account for an hour and idk if there’s a security issue or what but idk this person and it’s not looking too good at the moment. I’m sure the intention behind it was awesome and truly it’s a really good idea for an app, however, these things (security and login) and key if it wants to survive.
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3 years ago, Prime thread
My 2 year experience as an Elite Tasker
I will keep this simple: It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you are a professional that their platform would normally endorse under the title of “Elite”, the support team will not help you. If you have any opportunity whatsoever to handle a client opportunity outside the platform, you should take that route if possible at any time! I have been penalized due to software bugs affecting metrics, a time where my phone broke and I was unable to contact a new client during a 3 hour period, misunderstandings, and client-sides mistakes. Do not expect help from Taskrabbit HQ. Just wait 30-60 days until you can have your elite rating back. There is no reliable option available to you as a tasker. The app is extraordinarily glitchy for us taskers to use. If a message takes a long time to allow you to send, it’s because you have to sometimes wait about 40 seconds before the send button will become responsive. The app will lock up during time sensitive times, and you’ll just have to deal with it. I suggest refreshing the app or restarting your phone. No, you cannot use a computer to communicate with clients. No, you cannot set schedules with your computer. Yes, when penalized, Taskrabbit support will tell you to use your computer when your phone is broken. Don’t ask me why.
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2 years ago, terrybee187
User Unfriendly but lots of Jobs
Found it user unfriendly and complicated to connect with clients. If we’re available all day there should be an option to choose all day or all week instead of clicking each individual 45 min block for an entire week. Also shouldn’t be forced to accept a job before being able to chat with a potential client, I’d like to know more about what the job entails and where the location is before I commit for safety reasons and planning transportation. Then when I forfeit the task the chat disables which is unfortunate because I would want to re-schedule with clients but kept losing the chat. There shouldn’t be a steep learning curve if there doesn’t have to be one. Other than that I get a lot of hits for jobs but it’s too complicated to actually work them.
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4 years ago, Alero A
Great but suggestion
I’m literally a baby Tasker. I started last month and would have gotten 3 tasks in a week. However, was only able to complete one. The other 2 cancelled and one client specifically said they could not see a completed background check. I communicated that I should have one on file but he insisted I share some other social profile with him for verification processes. After the second cancellation, I reached out to support to make sure that my background check was on file for the clients to see. Though, support said I had completed a task and that I was fine. I ended the chat still not a 100% sure if my background check is easily accessible and visible to prospect clients. So my suggestion would be please notify talkers with an actual notification that hey your background check is completed and is viable to clients. Overall awesome avenue to make extra income already have 2 tasks lined up for the week. Thanks!!!! Update Thanks for the prompt response note taken And I’m glad you advised against sharing any details. I actually had already done that so I hope I don’t become a victim but, overall I still think it’s a great app for making extra income. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, mcmitchin
Everytime theres an update, it removes helpful task info
Last time there was an update, they removed the visibility of reviewed cancelled tasks. After i asked for that feature back because it literally lowers the number of calls to their call center, they added the feature back so you can see how it was reviewed. Recently, they removed the time/date of the task in almost every screen. I can only see the time/date of the task in the "tasks" tab. If i tap to see "task details" its not there. If im in the chat, its not there. Yet, support told me its good practice to confirm "see you at *time* on *date*" in the chat. So now in order to make sure i reference the correct time and date, i have to go back twice, through 2 different screens. Please put the time and date in the task details again and in the header of the chat window! Stop making the app more difficult to use! Its super frustrating. Why remove helpful info and make it inconvenient for taskers?
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1 year ago, molynn1980
Good overall, BUT…
My only real complaint is anytime a clients charge fails it takes way longer than their policy states to get paid out. I have had this happen several times, each time I went through the steps, hit the button to request payment and after waiting the 4-8 business days got nothing. Every time I have had to contact customer service to be compensated. As of today, February 19, 2023, I am still waiting on payment for a client whose card failed on January 6, and I have requested payment 4 times. Hopefully after contacting a real person it will be addressed. That is my only real issue with the company, app, and customer service. Other than that it’s been a blessing I was able to quit my full-time job and work my schedule around my kids.
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2 years ago, Tasker1kp
Great app, room for improvement
I love the app and how much flexibility is built-in to list my availability in schedule and task types. One of the things I have an issue with is for same-day tasks: even if I respond in the chat to inquire for a project, the app does not allow me to confirm the task until the client responds, but yet it reflects poorly on me as a Tasker as if I did not respond in time and my account gets paused. A possible solution could be to send clients a notification/reminder that I’ve sent a message and they need to respond in order for me to confirm the task — or to remove the requirement of having both sides send a chat in order to confirm a task. I love the app and plan to continue as a Tasker! It could be helpful to include a feedback center in the app to offer user suggestions like this.
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2 years ago, TheWholeThruth
I have worked with TASK RABBIT for a while now. I have over 150 reviews, 143 5 star reviews. I just worked reframing and painting 15 windows and 2 doors. I put in my invoice as usual and they tell me that because of the amount it will take longer. It has been a week now. Work has been done and I have not been paid. The client is ready and willing to pay, we speak daily actually. One person told me that the card was declined, not true. Now they are saying it has been escalated to the payments team. My work wasn't escalated to the payments team, I worked that house for hours money, blood and sweat went into this work. It was not easy, for someone to tell me basically that we arent going to pay you just yet. I will NEVER accept another job from you all. The people out here working are the reason any of you get paid. I hope you guys read this. We Dont Need Task Rabbit. It needs us. I just want to be paid for the work I did. SAVE YOURSELF DONT USE THIS APP
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2 years ago, tahnoya
scam they take you’re money
They have you pay to use the platform after you sign up (which they should let you know it’s not free to use the app before having you do all that work) anyway I pay the money then they run a background check and if you fail you can’t use the app which is why they shouldn’t charge you a non refundable price to use the platform if they aren’t going to allow you to use it it’s not worth the investment because even if you do pass the test they don’t really have customer which means you don’t either they don’t have ANY jobs coming in available so you won’t be making you’re money back. I say it’s a scam because they do what scammers do and they tell you you’re paying for something and gives you nothing in return so you’re just giving away you’re money for no reason do not use this app because it’s not free and you won’t be using the app since there isn’t ever any jobs available
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3 years ago, CharMFChris
Glitchy & Unsafe
I've gotten tons of tasks and I'm making quite a bit of money through TaskRabbit! But I do have quite a bit of complaints about this app. This app is very very glitchy. Every time I try to update my availability calendar, the app crashes. It also just crashes at random times. As far as I know, it's impossible to view clients' profiles. There should be an option to view ratings the client has received. My BIGGEST complaint by far is that I've only used this app for less than a week and I already have run into a huge safety concern. A client named Michael B. tried hiring me for a cleaning job at his house, then started being very uncomfortably flirty with me in our messages. I cancelled his task request, then a day later this same man requested my services again, hoping I wouldn't remember that interaction with him. I'm concerned that he, and probably other people like him, are using this app to try to lure young women to his house. I contacted customer support about it and they made sure he couldn't request my services anymore through his account. But this isn't enough..... this guy needs to be completely banned from TaskRabbit and not allowed to make any new accounts. I'm worried for other young women in the Kansas City area who might get a task request from him. Please be safe out there
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1 month ago, Fighting to make a payment
It’s a $25 Fee to sign up
I haven’t work for this company or had any real experience working for this company, But the fact that it doesn’t state that you have to purchase before you give your information is discerning. You don’t find this out till you give them all your information. I believe this by far, gives you an idea of what your getting yourself into. I read a lot of the reviews, and doing work and not getting paid is not right and after paying a upfront fee this company should be responsible for there customers not paying. And you should be able to set your price if the work is much more than the customer signed up for.. mileage should also be awarded to workers who deal with a customer that counsel. And customer should receive a discount if the person that’s hired don’t do there job or counsels. This would have been great for me, but I got turned off before I could even get started 😮‍💨
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1 year ago, heylilmamalemmewhisper
Could be much better
First off the app itself is buggy and needs work . Second off I believe people should be able to make at least 25$ before paying a 25$ fee to register as it took 2 months for me to even get a task . So 25$ down for two months and wasted energy cool. Secondly there is not any support for gaskets . Thirdly sometimes when you complete a task you will not even get paid or you’ll get paid a fraction of what payment is offered by Tasker . Finally , they allow people to scam you , take your services , then appeal the services so that you cannot be paid for it , they will say you didn’t come or didn’t do the task then they get the task done for free. There should be a system in place to prevent scamming if you are going to have people pay you in order to make a wage for themselves . Overall pretty trash app, there are many others out there offering the same idea as this app but better executed all around .
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2 years ago, CedarSol
Best handyman app
This is a really useful app for beginning business owners! It does take some time to gain enough customers, and of course the analytics don’t exactly reflect reality, but again this is useful. For example, it’s not exactly good etiquette to have a customer schedule same day for much of the industry I am working it. Personal customers appreciate having a phone/text exchange for agreeing on a date and time. If you so happen have multiple events coordinate at once, sometimes you must forfeit other jobs. In short, don’t try using too many apps for getting work as they may cause conflicts with each other. In my opinion, this is the best app for handymen starting off their own company. Other apps are dull or scams at worst! Just hang in there with this one.
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1 month ago, Marhamat193
Customer service answers you whenever they want
Before big update on this App Custumer service was answer you in a moment, now they answer you after several hours or day, (I have a Screenshots and Screen recording videos about this) i live In Los Angeles If im texting to customer service after 1pm they say ; Our live Support Team is currently offline and we’ll be back online tomorrow from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm BST. And when customer service answers you After 1-2Am middle of night which is You sleeping. Then you talking with support team member They say ; I'm afraid I'm not the best person to assist you with this concern. I wanted to let you know that I am assisting our UK users and I don't have the right tools to resolve this issue. Really? You saying me this after I wait to hours? And then They Say this; Your message has been sent to our Support Team! You will receive a response from the next available teammate, and they’ll be able to see everything you’ve shared here so far. And when you Share everything that you wanted ask or help, when customer service Member answer you They just says this; says: It seems you may have stepped away. If you still need assistance, please continue to chat with us on this conversation thread. Really?? how you can say this you should see my question there you answering me after 1 AM.
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1 year ago, krissheehy
Support Team is awful. Fees are huge
Every time I make legitimate attempts to be professional and provide documentation of things I believe could benefit me later the support team is completely unwilling to hear me and help me deal with customer troubles. This has been really difficult especially surrounding cancellation fees. It’s not worth my time to make this middle man corporation money and have no support despite me funding them. I really can’t express how poorly the support team handles things. At the end of the conversations I always feel unheard, defeated, and worst of all unappreciated. This app also charges hidden fees to your customers. I billed a customer $100 and they had to pay $156. Customers end up looking at you sideways if you mention how much your charging. I cannot see the fee’s on my end either so I can’t even warn a customer that my quoted price may not reflect what they pay. It’s just shady. I don’t recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Не задачливый пользователь
I have been working for over a year. maybe 2-3% of not fair reviews from me, but I don't want to waste time challenging. support service, always helped when needed. I could give 4 stars. only for the fact that the client can just leave a bad review, just because there is no way to do what he wants. for example, hang a swing in an old building from the ceiling using one hook. and it was also necessary to repair the damaged blinds, there were not enough parts in the kit. but the client didn't like it. the client can simply leave the assessment without a description, which is sometimes not fair. I must describe why I am not satisfied with the client. Sometimes there is simply no time for it. I would like to take this into account.
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4 years ago, MericanJimmy
Hippity hip
I joined the rabbit over two years ago in my market is pretty slow especially in the beginning but it started to pick up any other good thing is you know you can do it wherever you are it’s not restricted to one location. I have done every app out there as far as self-employment goes and by far the most supportive as far as help the best paying because you can make your own hourly rate is task rabbit nobody touches their capabilities I’m so grateful for this app for not treating us workers that do all the actual work for the brand like crap. Because for the most part every other app out there, the carrot, flex is the worst, handy (worst experience ever working ). THANK YOU Task Rabbit for actually appreciating those of us doing most the work;)
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12 months ago, The maxx12
Not great, not as bad as it was
This app is ALWAYS having a glitch in one form or another. Current glitch for me is a recurring customer now shows on my calendar for a 24 hr gig, when it's only 4 hrs booked. The work around is that I don't schedule him anymore. I just show up on the day we have then create an invoice and submit that day. I'm Elite status and my issues are always handled or I get a response quickly. I have only encountered one annoying customer which I cancelled because she kept adding non cleaning related requests. One tarnished my 5 star status because she wanted me to work 45 min for free and I wouldn't. I told TR to block both people and they did. Some clients are SHADY. They'll book weekly recurring to get the big discount then cancel the gig. TR SHOULD NOT allow anyone to book recurring until after the first gig is complete. For the most part all my clients are great. The key is communication. If you communicate well and often you can get a feel for the client's personality. One lady wrote me back in all caps telling me I'd be liable for this and that in a 5 paragraph diatribe. I cancelled the gig. There needs to be more options for cancelling, like, "not a good fit." Instead of, "I LACK tools."
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6 months ago, Games legit
Terrible customer service!!!
I picked up few projects from the app and a 4th client refused to pay after we clean a disaster and didn’t even up charge her for it and not only that we also found bags of drugs at the unit that I reported to agents on the phone. The client said that I brought someone with me to get out of payment, so I got suspend despite the facts of reports and how we went above and beyond. After resolving issues another customer representative contacted me telling my white suite professional picture was not professional enough because I was looking to the side. I went online and saw plenty similar pictures but they had a different agenda they needed to keep my account on hold and no matter how much I tried to change the photo they refused to accept it. Eventually they just took my profile off. This is a complete violation and harassment. They should be closed down! Terrible costumer service!
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1 year ago, Svetlana Dubkova
Elite taskers have been removed from the algorithm
I used to get tasks almost every day. I ranked #1 in client searches sorted by percentage of positive reviews and recommended often, with glowing reviews. I haven’t received a single less than five star review this year. And yet, Taskrabbit has removed me from the algorithm almost entirely. I no longer show up in client searches, let alone at #1. Even when sorting by “percentage of positive reviews.” Tasks have decreased significantly. I haven’t received a single personal assistant task in MONTHS. All because they want to control my hourly rate. Unbelievable. We’re not employees, we’re independent contractors. As a platform connecting independent contractors and clients, act as intended and rank the independent contractors by their reviews and consistency on the platform. Trying to control your independent contractors rates sounds like a coming class action lawsuit to me
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2 years ago, John Dawayne
Robotic, Unresponsive, Lack of Due Diligence
I paid their $25 application fee in late January of 2022, and finished setting up my profile, about 2-4 hours of work. I put in two email complaints via their true website, and one complaint sent through the app, once a week over the last three weeks, all of which have been completely ignored other than the robots directing you to look at the forums. Long story short, they are breaking the law in the state of Ohio by making employees pay to become an employee, highly frowned upon here and I’m sure in other states they employ people in. I explained in one email that it is common practice to “garnish” wages from the paychecks of an employee for their personal expenses the employer helped cover, but to require those fees up front is illegal. No replies to ANY of my responses from this skeleton crew they may have working customer service. No emails at all. It is to the point I am demanding my money back as I paid them over FOUR weeks ago and they have still not gotten my account activated because of the Background and Identity check, which I was born and raised in the USA as the majority of the two generations of Germans before me, and have a clean record as far a background check. If you need a job, look elsewhere. They are careless about your needs as a new Tasker.
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1 year ago, fisherman4life
Good but needs some work
Decent way to make good side income. My main issue comes from customers intentionally misleading the Tasker as to what needs to be done. This happens to me a lot specifically with the ikea furniture assembly, customer will put that only one item needs to be assembled. Upon arrival to the job, I find that the item in the description is not even the one needing to be assembled and there are usually many other items that were not included in the task description. This leads to an awkward situation between Tasker and customer. At minimum the customer should be required to submit photos (not the stock item from the website) of the actual item they have on hand so that taskers can come better equipped with proper tools if needed and not waste time for both parties.
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3 months ago, Tae_C
Algorithm/booking issues
I have over 400 five star reviews and would get booked most of the time. Ever since the time they integrated IKEA furniture assembly in, I don’t get no bookings. (It’s been about 1.5 years) They have messed with the algorithm I don’t see why I would not show up on the highest part of the list. I even lowered my rates below there green level of suggested rate and to see if I would get booked. Which I didn’t get booked… I have contacted support about this multiple times and they say it’s base on seasons but I can’t believe I wouldn’t even get booked even when I put my rate below threshold going rate and having over 400 five star reviews… There’s definitely a algorithm issue which need to be fixed… Someone in the Developer side needs to fix this.. Send a link from support about seasons changing doesn’t not fix the problem…
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3 years ago, Sad ghhd
I was a tasker for almost 6 years, the first 4 of which I was considered an Elite tasker. Since the last election cycle I was never Elite. Not that Elite matters. But here’s an example of the business model. I received numerous requests for services I didn’t provide. They didn’t figure out how to route those business requests into a category for conversion of the business. In the meantime the requests can end up counting against the individual contractors. So they apparently don’t care about the bottom line, customer satisfaction, independent contractors businesses. From the BBB reviews, and over 6 years of tasking. I know how it was, how it is, and how it should be. Something is very wrong since the company was sold. The amount of reviews on BBB should really give a pretty clear idea. After 6 years, they wanted me to be re-educated on how to use their platform. Yea, No, horrendous company should move to another country.
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5 months ago, Dylan Howes
Ripped off once again.
Task rabbit does not care about you as a worker. They have no problem with letting people hire you and work your behind off just to let them not pay you. Scammers. They tried to say they sent payment then refuse to respond to my questions for almost 2 weeks only to find out the customer no longer felt like paying. Everything was going just fine for the first 3 months but I guarantee if they did this to me, they will have no problem doing it to everyone else. Not to mention they are already making a fortune off our labor. If I could hire a lawyer to fight this I would. A new update. I once again have been ripped off for 140$ because I was told to go buy some baked goods for a customer then they decided they didn’t want to pay for it and i get zero reimbursement. Now I have to go break every window on the clients home to send the message.
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11 months ago, Pfleckl
Do not join
I’m a teacher who used to work years of landscaping and thought I could make some extra cash during the summer months. I am new to Tasker and now realize that if you were not on this app years ago you will never receive work. You are not able to see available jobs in your area, you simply mark a schedule of availability. Then the clients select from an array of Taskers who they’d like to complete the job. Why would anyone give a brand new Tasker a chance, since I have zero ratings, when there are Taskers with years of rating. I’ve completed all of the tips and tricks to make me “more marketable”, even listing previous employers and works I’ve completed. Yet, I have had ZERO messages in 2 months with my availability being set from 6am - 5pm every day. Straight up SCAM for 25$. You’d have better luck putting fliers on posts over this joke of an app.
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